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Keeping crew costs low and competency high

One of the major challenges facing the marine industry is to recruit and retain people with relevant competence and experience. Crew costs are also one of the highest operational costs for a shipping line. Many shipping lines therefore consider the outsourcing of specialist functions such as electrical plant maintenance as an essential part of their strategy.

ABB offers two major ways to help ship operators reduce these costs – remote diagnostic services and marine academies. Remote diagnostic services The root causes of most technical problems on board a vessel are often very clear. However, identifying them can be a difficult and complex process due to lack of data consistency or poor quality of available information. ABB’s remote diagnostic services – or RDS - monitors, measures and alerts to faults from vessel thruster systems, motors, drives, switchgear, circuit breakers through to protection relays, instrumentation and automation systems. RDS comprises a remote connection, diagnostic solutions and service agreements. The remote connection links up a vessel’s engineers at sea with a qualified ABB service engineer, located onshore, who can monitor, analyse and troubleshoot.

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are technical crew as well as other marine professionals. The technical crew is divided into electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, thereby highlighting the courses’ focus on technology.

Safety courses for marine high voltage systems and Azipod confined spaces are also offered. The contents are in accordance with accepted international standards, rules and regulations. ABB has also developed an electronic Maintenance Support Tool (eMST), a novel concept that enables just-in-time access to highly focused e-learning material. It delivers instructions for daily crew maintenance tasks. A key component in our RDS solution for the marine industry is DriveMonitor™, a dedicated monitoring and diagnostics platform for collection, storage and analysis of data from individual components, sub-systems and complete system solutions.

The high quality data provided by RDS greatly reduces the time required to identify and correct the source of the problem, resulting in higher vessel uptime. The system is completely modular to allow expansion from monitoring and diagnosis of a few critical components or subsystems, to a full multi-disciplinary diagnostic system for the vessel’s power plant and electric propulsion system. Although RDS has very advanced functions it is straightforward to implement and user-friendly. Service agreements are configured to suit individual customer needs. The agreement can cover: – Troubleshooting - on demand connection by an ABB service engineer – Prevention - in addition to the above, an ABB service engineer periodically connects to the remote system, performs a detailed health-check and advises corrective measures – Continuous - in addition to the above, critical alarms and process statuses are relayed to an ABB service centre from where counter-measures can be launched immediately.

Challenge – Recruit and retain people with relevant competence and experience. Solution – Remote diagnostic services – or RDS - monitor, measures and alerts to faults from vessel thrusters and power and automation systems. – Marine academies provide training in all aspects of operation of ship electrical systems Benefits – Cut costs and time to identify faults – Maintain crew skills in critical areas

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Marine academies Having a highly trained crew is a good way to reduce operational costs. Training remains a priority throughout the marine sector and having a high level of crew competency can ensure efficient and safe vessel operations. At its marine academies in Singapore and Finland, ABB offers courses tailored towards particular vessel types. The courses are DNV approved and are ideal for technical crew, deck crew and other marine professionals. The training course portfolio is designed to cover general, safety and advanced system training. The target groups

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ABB Service - Marine: Keeping crew costs low and competency high factfile/April 2012

The general courses introduce the ABB onboard system as a whole, tailored according to customer installation. The advanced courses focus on one sub-system at a time.

Controlling crew costs  
Controlling crew costs  

Keeping crew costs low and competency high