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Our Future is a new innovation program based on educating young student about current global trends and varieties of useful information to enhance their learning, skills and development. The program will be facilitated by young talented international student from various 110 countries of the world that AIESEC is currently present to deliver the core training and learning in secondary institutions. Vision | Our Future: To engage every young student to lead themselves. Objective | Our Future: 1. To enable the young student involved in the program to develop emissaries, peer educators and champions around brainstorming sessions and engagement in ideas for sustainable solutions. 2. To develop their mind for future opportunities on how to set their short term and long term goals. 3. To provide youthful skill according to young student preferences, basically giving individual assessment evaluation to monitor their strength and weaknesses. 4. To provide young student information about the current global trend in various categories based on ICT, Global economy, MDG goals, sustainable future and ability driving skill to sustain growing with the current trend. The big picture | Our Future: We believe the future has a strong foundational background and ethics is the main stream processed. Our Future program will give the qualitative learning to young individuals through our international participant in helping to build a dream independently. The picture is to enable every young talent lead themselves through understanding the decision making process. Who are participating | Our Future: The program involves: AIESEC Local Committee in Poland – Collate secondary school segmentation and introduce the program to each secondary institute for student to participate. Secondary Institutions – Since our target is directly focusing on young talent, secondary institutions (schools) will collaborate cooperation to enable a direct communication to reach out to a large quantity of young student. Measure of success | Our Future: During series of workshop and event, student will under-go continuous evaluation to track their level of knowledge based on the following assessment evaluation. 1. Self report measures 2. Direct observation 3. Checklist and rating scale.

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Our Future  

Development program for Polish secondary school student