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Discovery Series A project base aim at discovering the world creating social impact through the visibility of empowering, developing, and awareness.

About The approach to visit 10 developing countries through AIESEC Volunteer Exchange program which was designed to focus directly on social issues creating avenues by initiating programs that will focus on driving a sustainable change in the world.

The idea is to collaborate with umbrella corporation like UNDP and other high scaling organization working in align with the Millennium Development Goals set to accomplish at 2015 to collaborate action in reaching the goals set.

The Vision

Everyday, Everybody driving toward achieving the change in the world by 2015.

The ORBIT model ‌explains the existence of Discover Series

Why How What

To educate on the current global issue using the millennium Development Goals as tool to communicate by creating peer educators in local and international environment. Collaborate with the Local Committees of the 10 countries to deliver learning and positive impact with support of participating organizations. Inter - quality learning program, diverse knowledge approach, and participation.

The Millennium Development Goals ..are Human Development Goals

Adopted by world leaders in the year 2000 and set to be achieved by 2015

• • •

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger - ½ proportion of people living on <$1 a day - ½ proportion of people who suffer from hunger Achieve universal primary education - Ensure boys and girls complete primary schooling Promote gender equality and women’s empowerment - Girls and boys have equal access to all levels of education Reduce child mortality - Reduce <5 mortality by 2/3

• •

Improve maternal health - Reduce maternal mortality by 3/4 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other major diseases - Halt and reverse spread of HIV/AIDS - Halt and reverse spread of Malaria and Tuberculosis Ensure environmental sustainability - Integrate sustainable development into country policies - To stop the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources - Halve the proportion of people unable to reach or afford safe drinking water Develop a global partnership for development

Operation LEADERSHIP movement to 10 countries using GLOCAL Initiative

Global Process

Local Implementation


The concept of GLOCAL is to process key player participating in enabling joint collaboration: 1. Insert the participating local committees 2. State joint memo of understanding. 3. Initiate program issue, timeline, and description (whether or not the UNDP program standard can incorporate according to country â&#x20AC;&#x201C; local reality. 4. Engage learning.

Discovery Series is focused on TWO main Issue According to the Millennium Development Goals



Every country GLOBALLY is affected


Stage 1

There are 2 program stages for the focus area. 1.

Get 3 minutes video people living below $1 (at least 10 people) Questions: i. What is your situation? ii. Why are you living in this situation? iii. How do you see yourself going on out this situation?


Gather written testimonies of their lives.

Stage 2

This process intensely for 3 weeks getting all the video and testimony materials



There will be an event that will showcase few of the stories and testimonies based on the interviewee approval to broadcast. There will be Poverty Simulation Workshop for various participants

The poverty simulation experience is designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month. It is a simulation, not a game. The object is to sensitize participants to the realities faced by lowincome people.

HIV/AIDs Making HIV/AIDS education effective & Active Learning Target: School Student, Young People. Effective AIDS education encourages young people to participate and engage with the information that is being presented to them by offering them the opportunity to apply it.

Group-work and role-play are particularly important methods in which students might discover the practical aspects of the information they are given. These methods also allow pupils an opportunity to practice and build skills


Engage your Local Committee

1. Sign up by officially sending a mail for participation. 2. Exchange of Memorandum of Understanding. 3. Insert your Local Committee in the website.

More Information:

Visit Discovery Series portal:

Contact: Abayomi Ogundipe (MCVP ICX & Project 2010 -2011) Email: Skype: ogundipe.abayomi.baba Facebook:

Engage your Local Committee  

Sign up for participation

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