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Features 6 Coming Home to Faroese

Why learn the language of a remote archipelago? Miranda Metheny explains why she learned Faroese and how it added immeasurable richness to her summer on the islands – and her life.

1 6 Danish and Faroese: A Biography

The primary language of a country is not always easily decided upon; sometimes, two languages compete for dominance. In the Faroe Islands, historically under Danish rule, the languages of Danish and Faroese have been been in this situation for centuries.

38 Revisited - The Faroe Islands

The is a reprint of a chapter from "An American in Iceland", when the author visted Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Orkney Islands, and the Shetland Islands in 1874.

52 The Grind: Why the Faroese Hunt Whales

Whale hunting, called grindadráp, is an important part of the lifestyle of the Faroe Islands. For some, it is also very controversial. We take a look at the discussion from the perspective of two Faroe Islanders.

Departments 05 Letter From The Editor 2 0 At the Cinema - Ludo 22 Basic Guide to Faroese

Cover: The village of Norðragøta is a

fine example of the typical Faroese village, situated on a narrow shelf of almost-flat land between the mountains and the sea. The sea; the beach and the harbour; the turf-roofed church and houses old and new; the infield; the outfield; the cliffs; the mountaintop fog; the sky — are all stacked like layers of coloured sand in a jar.

26 Celebrations - The Faroese Festival Summer 46 Word on the Streets - Famous Faroe Islanders 49 Where Are You? 58 The Scottish Princess

60 Faroese Ballads (Kvæði)

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