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A publication supporting the rights, safety and freedom of all motorcyclists through education and not legislation. FEBRUARY 2011



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Legislative Session Begins

With the 2011 State and Congressional Legislative Sessions beginning, our main focus needs to be on what Bills it is we are going to be running this year and what it is we need to address at the Federal level as well. And it is. But, along with our main focus, we also are taking time to be supportive and giving of ourselves, and our prayers, to all of those involved in the horrible tragedy in Tucson. Congresswoman “Gabby” Giffords is a true friend of motorcyclists everywhere. We wish her the very best in her recovery from a gun-

shot wound to her head. As an Arizona State Rep and then a State Senator, Gabby always supported the Motorcycle Lobby Teams efforts and legislation throughout her stay in these positions. Gabby also attended our Motorcycle Freedom Rally as a guest speaker and held a town hall meeting for motorcyclists in District 8 Tucson area, while running for Congress, to share her goals and plans with all of us during her campaign. But even more importantly, after Gabby was elected to Congress, she along with a Congressman from Texas, started the first ever ‘Motorcycle Caucus’ in Washington, working closely with our MRF Lobbyist Jeff Hennie, to make things better for motorcyclists at the federal level. My last reports on 2011 legislation being introduced, talked about us running a Bill to close the HIPPA Loophole. Background information as to the purpose of that bill is that as part of the 1996 Kennedy-Kassebaum Bill, insurance companies were no longer able to discriminate, denying coverage to persons based on their choice of activities or mode of transportation (i.e. motorcycle). However for the past 10 years or more, Congress has been trying to pass a Bill to 'close the loophole' that insur-

ance companies can use, which is denial of claim settlement, based on the 'Source of Injury' (i.e. motorcycle and other activities). With Congress's failure to do so, many states have been 'closing the HIPPA loophole' at the state level. Senator Nelson has agreed to sponsor our Bill. Our Bill will have a Reference Title: insurance; unfair discrimination; motorcycles We will be adding a ‘definition’ under ‘Unfair discrimination definitions’ that states: - “A health care insurer shall not deny health care coverage to any individual based solely on that individual’s casual or nonprofessional participation in the activity of motorcycling.” We will be adding a ‘paragraph’ under ‘Unfair claim settlement practices’ that states: - “Denying medical benefits under health care coverage to any covered individual based solely on that individual’s casual or nonprofessional participation in the activity of motorcycling.”

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Mission Statement We will lobby and educate the government and the general public to promote motorcycling in a safe and positive image. We will endeavor to enlist the cooperation and participation of all organizations and individuals who share a similar interest in preserving our American tradition of

FREEDOM. We will involve ourselves in fund raising to achieve our goal.

State Board Meeting Minutes January 2, 2011 Board members in attendance: Rick Henry (East Valley), Bill Hensler (High Country), Bill Baxter ( Mohave), Eric Hampton (Phoenix-Shadow Mountain), Sean Pinder (Southern Arizona), and Bev Sanchez (proxy for Yavapai). Call to order: Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence led by Joe Ferrucci. Evidence provided to the board to allow Bev Sanchez to serve as proxy for Yavapai Chapter. ABATE of AZ By-Laws: 3.03 ORGANIZATION: The Board of Directors shall, by majority vote, elect a Chair of the Board of Directors. At all meetings of the Board of Directors the Chair or, if absent, an interim chosen by a majority of the Directors present, shall preside. A secretary shall be present at all Board of Directors meetings. Bev Sanchez made a motion to nominate Bill Hensler. Bill declined to accept the nomination. Rick Henry made a motion to nominate Eric Hampton. Eric Hampton accepted the nomination. Sean Pinder 2nd the motion. Motion carried and Eric Hampton is the Chairman of the Board for the 2011-2012 ABATE Board of Directors. Reports: Secretary’s Meeting Minutes from November were read to the board. No changes were made to the minutes. Bill Hensler made a motion to accept the secretary’s meeting minutes. Bill Baxter 2nd. Minutes from November were approved. Treasurer’s Report- Joel Jackson announced last quarter for 2010 was sent to board and state officers. No report for January. Bill Hensler made a motion to accept Treasurer’s Report. Bev Sanchez 2nd. Motion carried Lobbyist Report- written and presented by Bobbi Hartmann as follows: HIPPA - Seeing as how the Federal Bill to close the HIPPA loophole on 'Source of Injury' insurance claims has not passed the Congress in more than 10 years, the MRF has asked that the states do what they can, to pass this legislation at the State level. After obtaining a copy of the Federal Bills language and what Colorado passed a few years back, the lobby team met with Senator John Nelson and his staff, in regards to obtaining his support and possible sponsorship of the HIPPA Bill. The staff, who now understands the Bill language needed, will be doing more research, counseling with Legislative Council and will be getting back to us shortly with a 'draft folder'. Senator Nelson, whose

record of successful Bills speaks for itself, has worked with us and supported our efforts for many years. The folder is complete and Senator Nelson’s office with have the finished product ready to drop as a BILL by the first week of session. Distracted Driving - As reported in November, we have decided not to do a straight 'Ban Texting Bill', and are seriously looking at Maine’s Distracted Driving language instead. The decision was made by the entire lobby team, due to the problems we heard that other states were having with 'texting bans', while at the MRF Meeting of the Minds Conference in September. In talking with Jeff Hennie, MRF's Federal Lobbyist, we found that he highly suggested a more inclusive Bill, similar to Maine's Distracted Driving statute. After obtaining their language and working with their lobbyist to understand all of Maine's related statutes, we've put together the proposed language for a Bill to do the same. We've been talking to some of our legislators on this 'Potential' Bill and had a meeting with Representative Farley on December 17th. As you can imagine, there is much more to do, prior to making final decisions on this type of legislation. We will need to get more background information and facts, and then review that with Rep Farley and others, before moving forward. At this time, we are setting up a stakeholder meeting with DPS and Highway Patrol, and are now looking at language that Rep Farley introduced last year. Emissions - The lobbyist had another meeting scheduled with ADEQ on December 15th. As reported some time ago, the EPA and ADEQ were finalizing additional information requested and are moving forward as planned. As I've

continued page 3 How to Reach Us 602-867-9829 For Advertising Rates Email Eric at Or Mail Your Ads to: MasterLink, ABATE of Arizona 7509 N. 12th St, #200 Phoenix, AZ, 85020 MasterLink Advertising Rates: Size Monthly Quarterly Yearly Business Card Size (3-1/2”w x 2”h): $20.00 $60.00 $200.00 1/8 Page (5-1/8”w x 4”h) $50.00 $150.00 $500.00 1/4 Page (5-1/2”w x 8”h) $70.00 $210.00 $700.00 1/2 Page (10-1/4”w x 8”h) $100.00 $300.00 $1,000.00 Full Page (10-1/4”w x 16”h) $200.00 $600.00 $2,000.00 Full Color Back Page (10-1/4”w x 16”h) $400.00 $950.00 $3,300.00

State Officer Meeting Minutes January 2, 2011 Officers present: Margie Ferrucci, Connie Johnson, Joel Jackson, Joe Ferrucci, Ron Kool, Bobbi Hartmann, and Eric Hampton. Call to order: Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence led by Joe Ferrucci Reports: Secretary minutes from December. Motion made by Joel Jackson to waive reading of prior meeting minutes. Joe Ferrucci 2nd Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report- Joel Jackson reported since there was no statement as this was only the second day of the month there was no report to give. Last quarter of 2010 was sent to the board and state officers. Membership- Ron Kool advised he had updated the membership sheets.

in the P&P’s. Joe Ferrucci 2nd. Motion carried. Ron Kool showed how laminated cards would look. Redbone advised Avery had a software program for cards but Ron stated he had problems with the programming. Margie suggested we price the difference between embossed and not embossed business cards. We are not looking at laminating the card. Proposed changes to ABATE of AZ P&P’s per Eric Hampton as follows: Page 20, add eighth paragraph: The Designated and Authorized Lobbyists shall keep a log of their visits to the State Capitol and this log shall consist of dates, mileage driven, person(s) with whom they met, issue(s) discussed and a brief summary of what was accomplished. This log shall be presented to the Board of Directors at all of the quarterly Board meetings. This was left for the Board of Directors meeting.

Safety Officer- Vacant P.A.C. Officer- Vacant Lobbyist Report – written and presented by Bobbi Hartmann: See the report in full within the State Board Meeting Minutes on this page. Run/Event Coordinator- Margie Ferrucci announced communiqués are beginning to be sent for “Too Broke for Sturgis” which is July 22-24, 2011 at Mormon Lake, Arizona. Merchandising OfficerRon Kool stated his research found 1000 key chains would cost $708.70. Pricing was considered too high; Nothing being ordered yet. OLD BUSINESS Regarding State Safety and State PAC officers, according to the bylaws of A.B.A.T.E. of Arizona Inc. 6.03 Vacancies; Special Elections (a) “Any vacancy occurring in any office of the Corporation may be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors, subject to the provisions of Sections 3.01 and 8.02 of these Bylaws.” Prepare for Officers Training Session scheduled for January 8, 2011 at the AIAC 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Page 9, add between 6th & 7th paragraph: The Board of Directors shall assume control of ABATE of AZ’s Sustaining State Motorcycle Rights Organization (SSMRO) vote for ratification of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) State Representative. This was left for the Board of Directors meeting. Sat. Jan. 15th - Star Valley, AZ Barbara Hensler Life Celebration Location: Star Valley Moose Lodge 4211 E. Hwy 260 Star Valley, AZ 85541 Start Time: 12:00 noon. In case you did not know Barbie passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago. She and Billie were very active in MMA and ABATE and anything that had anything to do with motorcycle rights. Barbie will be deeply missed. Also please do not forget you can donate to Billy to assist in taking Barbie's remains back to Pennsylvania next year at any Wells Fargo bank account #9475826401. Connie made a motion for Ron Kool to set up a packet of tshirts for the raffle being held. Joel Jackson 2nd. Motion carried. OPEN DISCUSSION

NEW BUSINESS JANUARY – State Safety - Form Motorcycle Safety Awareness (MSA) Committee with MMA. This is now a chapter event. Joel Jackson made a motion to leave as a critical timeframe

Next state meeting: February 6, 2011, 11:30 a.m. at AIAC. Motion to adjourn by Joel Jackson. Second by Joe Ferrucci. Meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.



URGENT UPDATE: Motorcycle Day at the Dome (MDATD) URGENT - Due to a Conflict with barricades on 17th Avenue, the date of the MDATD has been changed to Tuesday February 22nd.

grounds, Senate lawn. All volunteer organizations/workers and clubs should be on sight by 9:30am.

The purpose of the Motorcycle Day at the Dome (MDATD) is to meet, greet and converse with your District Legislators and discuss various issues facing Motorcyclists today. Representatives from various Motorcycle organizations and Legislators will attend the Annual Motorcycle Day at the Dome.

A barricaded area is reserved for bike parking on 17th Ave between Washington and Jefferson, the full length of the Capitol grounds itself. Any delivery vehicles will have to enter the area from the Washington side. We have notified TV stations for media coverage.

This event is sponsored by MMA and ABATE of Arizona and the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC). The date is Tuesday February 22nd from 11:30am-1pm on the Capitol

Your lobbyists cannot do this alone and we are asking for your help to make this another great year with our Legislation. We are asking that each of you invite as many of your motorcyclist friends as you

Please mark your calendars. "All Bikers Welcome".

can to participate in this important event.

along with their picture and email address

PLEASE CALL or EMAIL your 2 Representatives and 1 Senator yourself, and give them a personal invitation to join you for lunch. Set up an appointment with them to meet in their office before or after lunch if you have the time.

CLICK on "Complete Contact Information" under their picture, for more info and phone

If you’re not sure who your Legislative person is you can obtain their name and contact information by going to the following website:

We will have a sheet with the Legislative bills that we are running for this year at this time on site and at the Sign-In Table. For further information on the event, go to the or

GOTO ENTER your ZIPCODE on the left

GO BACK two pages and do the same for the other two

The Motorcycle Day at the Dome Committee (MDATD)

SCROLL DOWN - to "State Legislative" CLICK on Their Name for an info page

Sponsored by MMA, ABATE and ACMC.

State Board Meeting Minutes (continued) continually reported, the ADEQ and MAG have been working closely with the lobby team, from the beginning. All of us are still looking at this coming to a close by the first quarter of 2011.

Mohave: William Baxter Phoenix-Shadow Mountain :Eric Hampton Southern Arizona: Sean Pinder

Lane Splitting - As reported throughout the year in 2010, there were some major issues with this legislation. Although it passed through the House and Senate, the Governor vetoed it. The number one reason she did, was that neither ADOT nor DPS supported or were in favor of this Bill. One of the biggest arguments was there wasn't enough support for this type of legislation and no support for what it would take to run a test for a year in Maricopa County only. This does not mean that we wouldn't look at this issue again, if these factors were to change. Motorcycle Day At The Dome - MDATD for 2011 is Tuesday 2/22/11 at the State Capitol. There will be more information to follow in the near future. Bobbi asked the board to take the political agenda back to the chapters and get the memberships agendas and report back to the board in April. She stated the sharing of information between states is helpful.

Yavapai: Joyce Rutherford Research concerning PayPal. Eric, Sean and Rick will provide more information at the April meeting. Three bids to be brought back to the board. 1st and 2nd criteria and bids from the Masterlink will be presented in April. Margie made a suggestion the VicePresident be the liaison for the webmaster. This was tabled at this time. Eric made a recommendation to move the web hosting account. Rick made a motion to make an emergency change to a webmaster to not exceed $1,000. Sean seconded. Motion carried. Motion was made to take a break at 2:22 p.m. by Rick. 2nd by Bev. Motion carried. Meeting reconvened at 2:32 p.m. by Chairman Eric Hampton. New Business

State President’s Report by Margie Ferucci as Ross not present. Margie wants the board to take back the facts to the chapters and thanked them for taking these board positions. Eric Hampton advised there is an MRF library that advises language that has and has not worked in the past and we are all here for a unified reason of supporting motorcyclists’ rights. Old Business The board still has not received the Phoenix-Shadow Mountain Chapter budget. Results of election of 2011-2012 Board of Directors from following: East Valley: Rick Henry High Country: Bill Hensler

MRF Rep from Minnesota, Todd Riba sent new language being made by MRF. We are in a holding pattern until the MRF determines the changes to their by-laws. Bill Baxter made a motion we table the MRF rep until the April meeting. Rick 2nd. Motion carried. Discussion and possible action of verbiage and process for Lobbyist succession and possible volunteer to apply/challenge of appointed positions. There was a conflict between by-laws and P&P’s concerning authorized compared to designated lobbyist. No conflict was found. Rick will bring more information on this issue at the April board meeting. Bill Baxter made a motion to drop the open letter of why ABATE is a member of ACMC. Rick 2nd. Motion carried unanimously.

Nominations for State Safety Coordinator and State Political Action Coordinator presented to the board. Bill Baxter made a motion to nominate Jean Cooper as State Safety Coordinator. Bev Sanchez 2nd. Motion carried. Bev Sanchez made a motion to nominate Tim O’Reilly as State PAC. Bill Hensler 2nd. Motion carried. Jean Cooper is the new State Safety Coordinator and Tim O’Reilly is the State PAC Officer. Follow up on 'Discrimination Committee' to assist Lobbyists, from November board meeting. Bobbi Hartmann passed out the report to the board members. She asked the board to take this issue back to their respective chapters for further discussion. Discussion followed. Bev Sanchez made a motion to drop the discrimination committee. Rick Henry 2nd. Motion carried. Proposed changes to ABATE of AZ P&P’s as follows: Page 20, add eighth paragraph: The Designated and Authorized Lobbyists shall keep a log of their visits to the State Capitol and this log shall consist of dates, mileage driven, person(s) with whom they met, issue(s) discussed and a brief summary of what was accomplished. This log shall be presented to the Board of Directors at all of the quarterly Board meetings. Discussion followed with Bill Baxter suggesting Bobbi present her receipts at the quarterly board meetings. Bill Baxter made a motion not to change the wording in the current P&P’s. Bev Sanchez 2nd. One opposition. Motion carried. Page 9, add between 6th & 7th paragraph: The Board of Directors shall assume control of ABATE of AZ’s Sustaining State Motorcycle Rights Organization (SSMRO) vote for ratification of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) State Representative. Sean Pinder made a motion to add this wording to the P&P’s. Bill Baxter 2nd. Motion carried with no opposition. JANUARY – State Safety - Form Motorcycle Safety Awareness (MSA)

Committee with MMA. This is a chapter function but will be left in as a reminder to the State Safety Officer to advise each chapter. Margie will contact Jean regarding this issue. JANUARY – State/Board Officers – Hold Chapter Officer Training Session(s) as required. This year will be January 8, 2011 at AIAC from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. Lunch will be served. Sat. Jan. 15th - Star Valley, AZ Barbara Hensler Life Celebration Location: Star Valley Moose Lodge 4211 E. Hwy 260 Star Valley, AZ 85541 Start Time: 12:00 noon. In case you did not know Barbie passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago. She and Billie were very active in MMA and ABATE and anything that had anything to do with motorcycle rights. Barbie will be deeply missed. Also please do not forget you can donate to Billy to assist in taking Barbie's remains back to Pennsylvania next year at any Wells Fargo bank account #9475826401 Sean Pinder would like to see a set time for BOD Meetings due to the distance some of the board members have to travel. Possibly 1:00 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. Bill Hensler made a motion to make the board meetings a 1:00 p.m. meeting time. Rick Henry 2nd. Motion carried. Open Discussion Sean Pinder has a volunteer available for public service announcements. Bill Hensler inquired about lifetime membership for business members which ABATE does not offer. Margie Ferrucci informed the board there will be business cards with no lamination as discussed at the state officers’ meeting. April 3, 2011 will be the next scheduled board meeting at the AIAC at 1:00 p.m. Motion made to adjourn by Rick Henry. 2nd by Bev Sanchez. Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.



Chapter Reports East Valley Chapter Howdy Arizona! We are enjoying the nice winter weather, as most of you are. We had a good meeting in December, with a pot luck afterwards... man, can our gals and guys cook. Then some of us from the chapter took a ride to Greasewood Flats. Great day for a ride, we ended up out all afternoon. East Valley made a showing at the little girls funeral in Tucson Thursday, along with a few hundred bikes from all over. No problems with the Phelps protesters, it was a huge turnout of people there to pay respects AND protect the family. As we move into the new year, I want to remind all of you to be careful riding... too many car driver pay no attention while on the road. Too many of us are getting hit, we need to watch our backs. Have a great 2011..... Rick Henry East Valley Chapter

High Country Chapter Hello brothers and sisters I am writing this report as of January 15th, 2011, my final day to turn this article in. So, here is my report! So, here I am, sitting here writing this report, thanking God and my brothers and sisters and everyone else that showed their support! It was all about our Barbie doll and our support for our brother Billy! I want to thank everyone who showed up and supported our brother Billy. It made me HONORED to be an ABATE and a MMA member!!! I was so pleased, as I am sure Billy was, of the beautiful job that Kristen and Carol

(our former secretary) did! I was also proud to see how many friends she has! I would like too say to Billy WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Also here was our new State Chairman Eric Hampton. Congratulations my brother ! CHICKNBONE H.C.C.Coordinator

Mohave Chapter The first meeting of the year was great. We had several newer members present, we were glad to see them. We are planning an event in May to remember "Coyote" details are being worked out. We will finalize location and event at our next meeting. We will be attending the Sweet Heart Run in Lake Havasu on Januray 29th. This event is put on by our business sponser Desert Lightning. The weather is always great and the event has outgrown the Local Chuy's and is ending up at the Hampton Inn in Lake Havasu City. I want to extend a big thanks to Cathiez Leathers in Bullhead City for the outstanding support and help during the gun raffle. They truly make this a fun and enjoyable time for everyone. Our Next meeting is on February 13th at 12 noon at the VFW in Golden Valley Rodney Rich Coordinator Mohave County Chapter

Phoenix/Shadow Mountain Chapter Happy New Year! Welcome new officers! What a great meeting we had for the first one of the year! We had some new faces at this months meeting and hopefully we will see more of you at February 13ths meeting. Don’t forget there will be an after meeting ride we are heading north, details to follow! We are expecting great weather so grab the one you love and go for an afternoon

ride in the beautiful Arizona desert. There were just a handful of us that rode to Greasewood Flats after January meeting, what a great day it was for a short ride.

are posted there, browse through the albums add pic’s if you have them!

It is never too early for this reminder “Too Broke for Sturgis” is the weekend of July 22-24, 2011 at Mormon Lake, Arizona. Sign-up sheets will be available for security, registration, safety, and the bike show which Phoenix-Shadow Mountain chapter is responsible for. This is the 20th anniversary of “Too Broke” and you know it will be a good one. If you have never made it to “Too Broke” mark it on your calendars this year will be a party you won’t want to miss!!

Casey Yates Communication Officer Phoenix-Shadow Mountain ABATE

Our new safety officer Mike Falcone reminded everyone to check the air in your tires and check your tires for wear and tear. PAC report by Tim O’Reilly. Tim advised “Motorcycle Day at the Dome” date is February 22, 2011 at the state capitol. The hours are 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This is being sponsored by ACMC, MMA, and ABATE. Tim advised there will be a Defender Program and passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteers he can call when he needs help with the call-to-action. The more volunteers we have the more calls can be made more quickly.

Until next month, Ride on…

Southern Arizona Chapter I hope you all had a very happy holiday season and enjoyed your Christmas and New Year. For the most part it’s been pretty quiet in the Chapter, no meeting in December, except Dawn had a White Elephant party at the Wildcat House. It was the second annual and a dozen or folks turned up with some strange, and some very nice gifts to exchange. She reports the party was a lot of fun. Thanks for taking your time to get this party together Dawn. We have scheduled our first road cleaning party (I guess you can call it that) on February 19th. Ron will lead the group from Wilmot and I-10 at 9 a.m. and we’ll get started at Buddy’s Bar about 10 for the cleanup. Rich will have lunch for the crew and remember, the more the merrier and the quicker we get done. Please put the date on your calendar.

Eric Hampton- Phoenix-Shadow Mountain Board Rep announced he was named chairman at the State Board of Directors meeting held January 2, 2011. He gave a report to the membership of what happened at the board meeting.

Motorcycle Day at the Dome is going to be February 22nd. That’s where we all get together with our Arizona congressional folks and have lunch on the Capitol lawn. It’s an important time to get together with your representatives and senator to discuss whatever you want to discuss. Of course, we want to push our motorcycle rights but you’ll find the congressmen and women very willing to discuss what’s going on in your area. One important thing is to personally write your representatives and senator and invite them to lunch – on you! We should show up no later than 10 am and you will be getting emails from our MDATD leaders on where to park. This event grows every year and we want it to get even better in 2011.

Next chapter meeting will be February 13, 2011.

See you at the next meeting and remember to

Another reminder, the meeting reminders will now be on the Wednesday BEFORE the meeting. Watch your email for upcoming events and reminders. Check out our FACEBOOK – Phoenix-Shadow Mountain ABATE Chapter, all events and more

Ride Hard Rich Montgomery, Secretary

Coordinator Jimmy Page discussed that Phoenix-Shadow Mountain Chapter was not a sustaining member of the MRF. Margie Ferrucci made a motion for Phoenix-Shadow Mountain pay $100 to become a sustaining member of the MRF. This was voted on and our chapter is becoming a member of the MRF. If you are a screen printer or know of someone who is we will be taking formal bids for our chapter t-shirts.

Yavapai Chapter NO REPORT



Lobbyist Report (continued) We are currently in the process of getting state legislators to sign onto our Bill as sponsors or co-sponsors, prior to Senator Nelson’s office dropping it in the hopper, where it will be assigned a Bill # and its committees. Once we have a Bill #, you can follow the progress of this Bill, through the state legislature, using the directions at the end of this article. A second Bill the Motorcycle Lobby Team is still working on, is in regards to Distracted Driving. The lobby team has put together language to introduce to Rep Jerry Weiers, who may be a potential sponsor of this Bill. We will be letting everyone know, as soon as these decisions are made. To sign up on the ABATE of Arizona mailing list, to which these updates are sent, please go to CLICK on “SIGNUP” on the left side of the homepage.

Coast to Coast

You Too Can Follow These Bills Through The Legislative Session: LOGON TO -

NCOM BIKER NEWSBYTES Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish, National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

ENTER THE BILL# - into the search box – top right corner of home page


CLICK ON - “Show the Bill Overview” - to see sponsors, committees assigned, voting summaries for each House/Senate committee it goes before, as well as the floor votes. Everything that happens to the BILL is recorded here.

In what has been described as a national tragedy, a deranged gunman opened fire during a public meeting with constituents by Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords outside a Tucson supermarket on January 8 that left six dead and more than a dozen injured including the state rep who was critically injured with a bullet wound to the head.

CLICK ON - “Show Fact Sheet” - to see the Fact Sheet or explanation of the BILL as written by Staff (once there is one).

Giffords, 40, rides motorcycles and married an astronaut at a wedding where everything had to be biodegradable. She is a centrist three-term Democrat who champions gun rights, lists fiscal discipline as one of her top issues and was reelected in a conservative district when Republicans took control of the House.

CLICK ON - "Show Versions" - to see the Contents of the BILL itself. HTML version is a nicer view, but PDF version is better for print Bobbi Hartmann

As always, ABATE of Arizona officers/members will be kept up-to-date with legislative updates, explanations on where to go to get additional information on legislation that we are running and how to follow our bills through the legislative process.

the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus with Republican Walt Jones of North Carolina.

ABATE Designated Lobbyist

Before entering politics she ran the family tire business, which was founded by her grandfather in 1949. Perhaps growing up in an auto-focused family led to her love of motorcycles. She is a co-chair of

In 2009 Rep. Giffords taped a video message encouraging people to ride their motorcycles to work, saying that she likes to ride motorcycles, but also likes that they leave a smaller carbon footprint than cars. She also sided with motorcycle riders who favor state legislation to ride helmet-free, as she does. Though early reports suggested Giffords was fatally shot, she miraculously survived being shot point-blank through the brain and her doctors are optimistic about her chances of recovery. The thoughts and prayers of America’s motorcycling community are with her and the other victims of this tragic assault. NEW YEAR, NEW LAWS The New Year rang in several new laws across the country affecting the motorcycle riding community, including the onerous new California anti-noise law that requires EPA-labeling for motorcycle

continued page 14

Join A.B.A.T.E. What Is ABATE? ABATE Of Arizona, Inc. is a non-profit motorcycle rights organization that is dedicated to freedom of the road for all motorcyclists. ABATE is a volunteer organization that fights discriminatory legislation aimed towards the motorcycling community. ABATE's position is that all motorcycle riders have the right to choose not only the machine that they ride, but also the riding gear that they choose to wear or not to wear, (i.e. leathers, gloves, boots and helmets.) ABATE promotes rider education for all motorcycle riders and motorcycle awareness for all automobile drivers. ABATE needs the support of all motorcyclists.

Arizona Motorcycle Rights Organizations Need Your Help!

along with an events section to inform you of *Do you like emission testing your motor- up-coming motorcycle runs and events. cycle? The Motorcycle Rights Organizations in *Do you like the choice to wear a helmet or Arizona are run by volunteers. Anyone that not? does volunteer gives their time freely to fight the fight. Please help us to pass on our ability *Do you like noise ordinances? to ride free. *Do you like the ability to modify your motorcycle?

Benefits Of Membership

*Do you know that there are dollars available for motorcycle safety and awareness? Please help the Motorcycle Rights Organizations in Arizona to prevent our Governments from restricting our ability to ride free. With your help, we can eliminate the emission testing of motorcycles in Arizona, fight our National-level battles with the EPA and NHTSA, and effectively watchdog the Arizona Legislators who, on a yearly basis, have entertained the idea of introducing a mandatory helmet law in our state. You can help by joining in the fight. The cost is only Twenty-five Dollars a year. Although you are not under any obligation to volunteer your time, any time you choose to give to our cause is always appreciated. With your membership you not only help our cause, but you will receive our newsletter as well. "The MasterLink" contains local happenings and national motorcycling news

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Individuals ·ABATE membership card ·ABATE patch on first year ·Year pins thereafter ·One year subscription to the MasterLink newsletter ·Lifetime members get all that without the hassle of renewing Business ·Two annual memberships ·Business card size advertisement and alphabetical listing in the MasterLink for the length of your membership. Circulated throughout Arizona ·Benefit of a run stop or event participation to support your business ·Addition of your business listing on our web site with a link to your business

Or turn in your membership application to an officer of the chapter of your choice. East Valley

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ABATE OF ARIZONA LOCAL CHAPTERS A.B.A.T.E. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS FOR 2011 - 2012 Chairman..............................Eric Hampton East Valley………………….Rick “Animal” Henry High Country........................Billy Hensler Mohave……………………..Bill Baxter Phx / Shadow Mountain…...Eric Hampton Southern AZ.........................Sean Pinder Yavapai……………………..Joyce Rutherford Quarterly Board meetings are held on the first Sunday in January, April, July and October at 1:00pm @ the AZ American-Italian Club, 7509 N. 12th St, Phoenix. Please make sure your Chapter has representation.

A.B.A.T.E. State Officers For 2011 President………..............……Ross Rutherford Vice President.....……………Margie Ferrucci Secretary……………………Connie Johnson Treasurer…………………….Joel Jackson Membership…………………Ron Kool Run/Events………………….Margie Ferrucci Safety Coordinator………….Jean Cooper Sergeant-at-Arms……………Joe Ferrucci P.A.C………………………...Tim O’Reilly Communications…………….Vacant ABATE Products……………Ron Kool MasterLink Editor................ Eric Hampton Web Site Webmaster..............Sean Pinder and Mailing address 7509 N. 12th St, #200, Phoenix, AZ 85020. State Officers meetings are held the 1st Sunday of every month, 11:30 am at the AZ American Italian Club, 7509 N. 12th Street Phoenix, AZ.- OR in conjunction with the quarterly BOD meeting.

East Valley Chapter c/o Jeff Gorall, PO Box 20433 Mesa AZ. 85277 Coordinator............................Joe Ferrucci Vice Coordinator...................Jack Batty Secretary................................Jess Method Treasurer................................Jess Method Membership...........................Rick Henry Run Coordinator....................Jack Batty Safety Coordinator.................Joe & Jim Silk Sgt. At Arms.......................... Robert Vasquez P.A.C......................................Jeff Gorall Communications....................Alex Gorall Merchandise........................... Whole Chapter

East Valley Chapter meetings are held the fourth Sunday of the month at 11:00, At the Mesa Tri city Eagles Club. 2314 E. APACHE BLVD Tempe Az. 85281.

High Country Chapter 209A E. Juniper St. Payson AZ 85541 Coordinator............................Jim “Chicken Bone” Mazzone Vice Coordinator...................Billy Hensler Secretary................................Kristen Blakeslee Treasurer...............................Debbie Fickel Membership...........................Becca (Vine) Holyoak Run Coordinator....................Jonathan Lucero Safety Coordinator.................Steve Leonard Sgt. At Arms.........................Ed “Hollywood” Holyoak P.A.C.....................................Johnathan Lucero Communications....................Billy Hensler Merchandise..........................Kristen Blakeslee

High Country Chapter meetings are held on the 3rd Sat. at 10 a.m. at The Moose Lodge in Star Valley. Contact: chicknbone@live .com or 928970-1134

Mohave Chapter 4195 Hwy 68 C-197 Golden Valley, AZ. 86413 Coordinator...........................Rodney Rich Vice Coordinator...................Tom Anderson Secretary................................Suzanne Anderson Treasurer................................Lani Jones Membership..........................Donald Russell Run Committee....................Vacant Safety Coordinator................Vacant Sgt. At Arms.........................Billy Baxter P.A.C.....................................Rodney Rich Merchandise..........................Trudy Rich Communications...................Vacant

Mohave County Chapter meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of the month at noon at V.F.W. Post 2555, 6068 Supai Dr.(off N. Colorado) Golden Valley, Az. Call Rodney Rich at 928-757-9711 or e-mail At

Phoenix-Shadow Mountain Chapter P.O. Box 54041 Phoenix, AZ 85078-4041 Coordinator...........................Jim Page Vice Coordinator....................Sandy Hassinger Secretary................................Connie Johnson Treasurer................................Carole O'Reilly Membership...........................Mikki Aaronson Run Coordinator....................Darin Yates Safety Coordinator.................Mike Falcone Sgt. At Arms..........................Victor Grady P.A.C......................................Tim O’Reilly Communications....................Casey Yates Merchandise...........................Vacant

Southern Arizona Chapter 1339 N. Golden Palomino Pl. Tucson, AZ 85715 Coordinator............................Ron Kool Vice Coordinator....................Jim DeYoung Secretary................................Rich Montgomery Treasurer................................Dawn Detelj Membership...........................Ron Kool Run Coordinator....................Ken Lamb Safety Coordinator.................Jimmy Clark Sgt. At Arms.........................Jim Butsback P.A.C......................................Sean Pinder Communications....................Vacant Merchandise...........................Dawn Detelj

ADDRESS CHANGE The email address for submitting items to the Masterlink has changed. We have some bored little kid on the other side of the planet spamming the hell out of us.

The Southern Arizona Chapter will meet the fourth Sunday. We will gather at the Kettle Restaurant, 748 W. 22nd St, Tucson. Breakfast will be available at 8:30 a.m. with the meeting beginning at 10 a.m. FMI contact Ron Kool by phone at 520-203-2323 or email

The new address for submitting pictures, run flyers, etc is now:

Yavapai Chapter P.O. Box 3377 Prescott, AZ 86302 Coordinator............................ Rich Kocar Vice Coordinator....................David “Doc” Pratt Secretary................................ Mark “2 Toke” Stabolito Treasurer................................ Paul "Wizbang" Pendergast Membership........................... Patrica Fitzgerald Run Coordinator......................“Longhair James” Venegas Safety Coordinator..................Bonnie “BJ” Reithmayer Sgt. At Arms...........................JD Fillingim P.A.C...................................... Lynda Marie “Handi” Barnett Communications.................... Mike “Dawolf” Ruddell Merchandise...........................Vacant

EDITOR’S NOTE: If any of the Officers are listed here incorrectly, please send corrections to: I will be sure everything is accurate for the next Issue and on the web site.

Yavapai Chapter Meets 2nd Sunday, 11:00 AM; The Taj Mahal Restaurant, 124 N. Montezuma St. Prescott, AZ 86301. FMI contact Rich Kocar 928-771-9293 or email

Shadow Mountain meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11am at the AZ American Italian Club, 7509 N. 12th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020. FMI contact Pete Mackinnon at 602-315-6950 or email


Too Broke for Sturgis Update Hi everyone, It seems like Too Broke For Sturgis is right around the corner. This year we plan on keeping you informed as we get closer and closer. This year is our 20th anniversary and it hopes to be the best ever. We will keep you informed on what's happening with our planning as we move forward. The first update I have for you is, if you have been camping across the street from the main gate in the past years, this year you will not be able to. The Forestry Department has installed permanent signs informing the public that there is NO camping there any longer. I believe it has always been that way but never enforced. They say that the property over there will is suffering from all the campers, not just us but everyone. So they have put up signs to inform everyone that there is no camping allowed over there. From what I've been told, if you camp over there they will probably come by and give you a warning, if you don't move they will ticket you. But no fears, we still have plenty of room within the main event

site. I know that change is hard sometimes, but ABATE has no control over this change, nor does Morman Lake Lodge. On another note, we will be setting up an RV inside the main gate at the beginning of the RV section where there will be an emergency contact person. The RV will be clearly marked with signage stating "Security". If there are any problems throughout the night of after hours, please come to that RV and let us know. So when that karaoke guy starts singing in the middle of the night just come get us and we will quickly solve the problem. Well that's all I have at this time, but keep watching for more information as we get closer to the event. I hope to see you all there again this year and hopefully you will bring all your friends. Till next time, ride safe! Margie F State Run/Events Coordinator ABATE of AZ 602.AbateAZ (222.8328)


Valentines Day Party SATURDAY FEBRUARY 12, 2011 7:OO TILL THE FUN ENDS The Goat Head Saloon, 1423 S Country Club Dr Mesa, AZ 85210, 480-464-8030



Donation request is still only $5.00 per person (ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT EAST VALLEY A.B.A.T.E.) M/C PARKING - DOOR PRIZES - 50/50 chili cook-off contest winner = $50.00

Discounted rooms available at Mesa Motel-6 (North) 480-834-0066

FMI Call Jess at 480-839-9369 or Alex at 480-528-9379



ABATE of Arizona Business Members AAA Always on Time Locks & Security Prescott Valley 928-775-5772

Joeta’s Leather Mesa 480-827-1868

All Clene Carpet Cleaners Payson 928-468-1358

Kitty For Tax Camp Vercde 928-567-0224

Amon Builders Payson 928-474-0689

Kohlhase Insurance 480-832-8370

Big Sky Motorcycles Tucson 520-886-7388

The Law Office of Alfred McDonald Tucson 520-884-5201

Biker’s Bay Tucson 520-745-4529

La Gitana Cantina Arivaca 520-398-0810

Biker Babes and Beyond Cottonwood 928-649-5995

Law Office of Al McDonald Tucson 520-884-5201

Biker Information Guide Phoenix 602-843-8907

Law Offices of Richard A. Cruz Phoenix 480-628-1511

Brown & Little, P.L.C., Attorneys at Law 480-299-2093

Law Tigers 888-529-8443

Buchanan Construction, LLC 928-978-3291

Mother Road HD Kingman 928-757-1166

Buffalo Bar & Grill Payson 928-474-3900

North Health Center Scottsdale 480-657-9202

Cactus Flats Tonto Basin 928-479-2233

Old West Insurance Phoenix 602-722-6800


Performance Specialists Kingman 928-692-6601

Cathiez Leather Bullhead City 928-758-6592

Petersen Johnson Accident & Injury Law Phoenix 602-650-1200

Cleopatra Hill Jerome 928-634-6701

Punkin Center Bar Tonto Basin 928-479-2627

Continence Center of America, Inc. Phoenix, AZ (623) 977-1212

Red Garter Bar & Grill Tucson 520-325-0483

Desert Lightning Motorcycle Apparel Lake Havasu 928-505-2453

Red Hot Threads Cave Creek 480-945-3458

Doreen’s Backstreet Bar & Grill Chino Valley 928-636-0309

Renegade Classics Biker Outlet Tucson 520-647-9312

Eagle Rider of Sedona Sedona 866-392-0747

Rim Liquor Payson 928-472-2200

Famous Sam’s Payson 928-468-0407

Sportsman's Chalet Strawberry 928-476-2411

Gila County Chopper Strawberry 480-789-2933

The Butcher Hook Tonto Basin 928-479-2226

GraphicsGraphics Web Design & Development Phoenix 602-595-4740

The Hog Pit Smoke House Tucson 520-722-4302

High Country Chapter

* Include physical symptoms in your journal. * Keep track of missed work and social opportunities. * If you are not at fault and received a traffic citation, fight it. Hire a lawyer if you must. * If the other party or their insurer will not pay for your damages, consider hiring a lawyer to prosecute your claim. I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to call us at ABATE Legal Services if you have any questions. I wish you and your girlfriend a full and speedy recovery.

A: There are a number of things you should do before too much time goes by. These are normally things that the staff at ABATE Legal Services will do for you, but if you want to wait before making that decision, here the steps to take.

SELLING OVERSEAS Q: My name is Jack Yahle and I reside in Dayton, Ohio. I am a Life member of AMA and have been riding since 1960. I am selling my 2004 BMW R1200CLC, and have advertised on the net on all the BMW web sites. I recently received a EMail from a gentleman from the United Kingdom. He asked that I provide him with some additional specifics, as well as photos of the bike. After meeting his requests, he replied that the bike was exactly what he was looking for. (The R1200 series of BMW's are not plentiful in England.) He agreed to pay my asking price of $8,000 US and said he would pay for the shipping to the United Kingdom. I would arrange for the shipping and he would include the price in his check to me. ABATE members that I

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Mail remittance to: Motorcycle Riders Foundation, 236 Massachusetts Ave NE, Suite 510, Washington, DC  s0HONE  &AX   )NTERNETWWWMRFORG%MAILMRFOFlCE MRFORG

* Don’t give a recorded statement to the insurance company. * Get the police report. This will name witnesses and will give the reporting officer’s version of what happened. * Identify witnesses. Get contact information. * Take color photos of the accident scene (skid marks, sight obstructions, “No Passing� signs or stripes, traffic signs, etc.). Note posted speed limits. * Take color photos of property damage – of both parties’ damaged property, if you can. * Take color photos of personal injuries. Do not be shy or modest. * Keep a journal (some use a calendar) of medical care: prescriptions, therapy, Xrays, doctor visits.

City, State, Zip




Yavapai Chapter Meets 2nd Sunday, 11:00 AM; The Taj Mahal Restaurant, 124 N. Montezuma St. Prescott, AZ 86301. FMI contact Rich Kocar 928-771-9293 or email

MOTORCYCLE VERSUS TRACTOR - WHO WINS? Q: My girlfriend and I were recently involved in an accident with a piece of farm equipment that was operating on the roadway. We were both injured, but I’m not sure if I want to hire a lawyer at this point. What can I do to protect myself while I decide what I need to do?

Walt’s Lock and Safe Phoenix 623-780-0490

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Yavapai Chapter


Jakes Corner Bar Payson 928-474-0679

Join and Support Motorcycle Riders Foundation‌ REGISTER, VOTE, AND RIDE!

The Southern Arizona Chapter will meet the fourth Sunday. We will gather at the Kettle Restaurant, 748 W. 22nd St, Tucson. Breakfast will be available at 8:30 a.m. with the meeting beginning at 10 a.m. FMI contact Ron Kool by phone at 520-203-2323 or email

Ask Our Lawyer

Wild West Junction Williams 928-635-4512

It’s time you did something more to protect your rights!

Southern Arizona Chapter

Mohave Chapter Mohave County Chapter meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of the month 12:00 noon at: the VFW in Golden Valley AZ Call Rodney Rich at 928-757-9711 or email

The Maverick Saloon Phoenix 602-943-5680

ABATE of Arizona

Phoenix / Shadow Mountain Chapter Shadow Mountain meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11am at the AZ American Italian Club, 7509 N. 12th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020. FMI contact Pete Mackinnon at 602-315-6950 or email

High Country Chapter meetings are held on the 3rd Sat. at 10 a.m. at The Moose Lodge in Star Valley. Contact: chicknbone@live .com or 928970-1134

Are you a member of a state motorcyclist’s rights organization? Yes No If yes, name ____________________________________

Hardtailz Biker Outlet Chino Valley 928-642-4562

East Valley Chapter East Valley Chapter meetings are held the fourth Sunday of the month at 11:00, At the Mesa Tri city Eagles Club. 2314 E. APACHE BLVD Tempe Az. 85281.


Gyro Tym Phoenix 480-497-6896

ABATE of Arizona Chapter Meeting Times and Locations



PAC Report Jefferson. Bike parking will be on the street in front of the Capitol, we will have volunteers directing you where to park. Ample parking is available on both sides of the street and down the middle of the street. If you plan to attend please contact your State Senator and both Representatives by phone or email. When contacting their office, you will most probably speak to a member of their staff. Introduce yourself, and tell them you would like to extend a personal invitation for them to join you for lunch at Motorcycle Day at the Dome.

Hello to all of my Brothers and Sisters; First I want to extend my heartfelt wishes to Representative Gabrielle Giffords, and her family, and wish her a speedy recovery. For those of you who are not familiar with Gabby she is also a motorcyclist. She has been helpful to ABATE by giving support to us here in Arizona concerning motorcycle issues in the past. Here it is February already, and Motorcycle Day at the Dome is fast approaching. Everyone, please keep Tuesday, Feb.22,2011 open so you may attend. ABATE of Arizona, Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, and Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona will be hosting this years’ event. It will be from 11:30AM to 1:30PM, at your State Capitol. The event is located on 17th Ave. between Washington and

As the Senators and Representatives arrive they will be greeted by one of the event volunteers and asked to sign in, and given a lunch ticket. All legislators will be seated under the big tent by their district number. Volunteers will assist them to their district table that will be signified by the Legislators corresponding district number. After lunch anyone interested can go upstairs to the gallery to observe the afternoon session of the House or Senate. You will have an opportunity to view your State Legislators work and possibly vote on the floor bills. Anyone who attends will be asked to sign in at registration. There will be a sheet available with legislative bills that the

Lobbyists are running for this year. This sheet will give information as to the Bill number and description of the Bill. This will give you some talking points with your Legislator while having lunch. The following are items of interest that the lobbyists will be trying to get Legislators to Sponsor and submit to run as a Bill this year. As of right now, there has not been a bill number assigned. (1) Distracted Driving, (2) Close the loophole on HIPPA at the State level, rather than wait for the Federal Government . The State of Colorado was successful in passing a similar bill a few years ago which mirrors the Federal HIPPA Bill. Additionally when speaking to all your legislators, be sure to tell them your displeasure of their sweep of the Motorcycle Safety Fund last year and ask them not to do any additional sweeps of the fund this year. I am looking forward to seeing a large turnout from our members this year. Remember this is NOT a closed event. Please bring other motorcyclists with you . Until next month Ride Safe and Ride Smart Tim O’Reilly

State Safety Report Veterans Administration Health Care System and am still a nurse, but now I consult. I joined ABATE, Phoenix Chapter after attending several meetings to check the group out. I was innocently sitting at one of my first meetings after joining in 1995, when the Coordinator, Puff, said, “you like you can take notes, and you’re our new secretary.” And here I am today, still writing.

I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast since I was a kid. Anytime one of my older brother’s friends came over on their bikes, I begged a ride. Someone left a small bike at our house when I was 15 and I rode straight into the side of my mother’s car. What a beginning! I got my first motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license in 1971 and have been riding my own bike pretty much since then. I didn’t take a rider skills course until I moved to Arizona in 1990.

In 2006, I was chosen by Governor Janet Napolitano to join the Governor’s Advisory Council on Motorcycle Safety. During the three years I was on the Council, Arizona received Federal Grant money for the first time to add to the already budgeted state funds to promote motorcycle safety. The money was spent to promote motorcycle awareness and safety throughout the state through the traditional billboard postings, radio and TV public service announcements, tickers on websites, newspaper advertisements, materials for the Motorcycle Awareness Program (MAP) sponsored by ABATE, posters, key chains, T-shirts, bus stop mini-billboards, community motorcycle safety awareness programs throughout the state. We worked to promote rider skills courses and every locale. The Council also worked with ASU students to perform statistical analysis of motorcycle crashes and injuries in the state.

I’ve been a Registered Nurse since I975 and the majority of my clinical practice was in Critical Care and Emergency Rooms. In 2007, I retired from the

Through the greater understanding gained by membership on the Council, I realized that we must continue our efforts to improve rider safety through promotion

My name is Jean Cooper. I was recently selected to fill the vacant State Safety Officer position. Many of you know me, but probably just as many have no idea who I am and may wonder what qualifies me to enter into this important position. So here is some of my history…….

of rider skills courses and motorist awareness programs like MAP. As we know, all the skill in the world cannot always prevent a crash. I learned about Accident Scene Management, Inc (ASMI) years ago by hearing a presentation by Slider Gilmore and became a certified instructor in 2008. I believe that while we may not be able to prevent crashes, we can promote greater survivability of crash victims through the skills learned at an ASMI course. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month in Arizona. For several years now, the Governor has signed a proclamation designating May as the month to increase awareness of motorcycles sharing the roads. ABATE has always presented programs during that month. This year the events/programs will be planned by individual ABATE Chapters. Your Chapter Safety Officer is there to help your Chapter plan an event. So, all that to say, thank you for choosing me to serve our motorcycle community as ABATE State Safety Officer. I plan to work closely with the Chapter Safety Officers to build a strong program for motorcycle safety. TC of PhoenixShadow Mountain Chapter has been doing a great job writing the monthly safety article for the Masterlink. He plans continue. So, watch for our coordinated safety efforts as time goes on. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Safety is everyone’s concern. Jean



Calendar - Courtesy of Kirk & Lady Jewells at February Feb 1 {Tue} - TUCSON, AZ* BRANDING IRON NORTH BIKE NIGHT the 1ST TUESDAY – Event time: 7pm Event Location: 2660 W. Ruthrauff Road, Tucson, AZ. Description: Sponsored by Frog Promotions – Get’s you a Prince of a Deal. DON’T MISS OUT. It’s FANTASTIC! Check out the Bike Show, Wet T-shirt contest, Vendors, and a Live Band. The Party Starts at 7pm. Come Join Frog for Bike night the first Tuesday of each month at 2660 W. Ruthrauff Road. For more info: 520.293.7300. Feb 1 {Tues} – ORO VALLEY, AZ* Bike Nite at The LOOP! Event Time: Starts at Dusk. Event Location: 10180 N. Oracle Rd. in Oro Valley, AZ. (520-878-0222) Description: Presented by The LOOP, Taste of Chicago. Come and enjoy the only Bike Night in Oro Valley. The Loop, Taste of Chicago is where you want to be on the first and third Tuesday of each month! Come in and enjoy our Bike Nite menu featuring Biker Babe Brats, Harley Hoagies, Pan Head Pizza and Road Rash Ravioli. AWESOME drink specials all night long! Biker-Only parking on the north side of The LOOP. Bike wash when weather looks great. Enjoy sports on one of our many HD TVs around the bar, or chill on the patio (smoker friendly) with an ice-cold beverage. Win The LOOP Gift Certificates. "Best V-Twin" in Show Certificate awarded at every event! Don't miss the fun, food and friendships only at The LOOP. Bike Nite starts at Dusk. The LOOP is located at 10180 N. Oracle Rd. in Oro Valley, AZ. (520-8780222). For more information please visit their website Feb 2 {WED} – TUCSON, AZ* Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders Bike Nite Event time: Every other Wednesday night starting at 6:00 pm ( 2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/16 etc.) Event Location: Barrio Brewing Company, 800 East 16th St. in Tucson, AZ Description: Presented by Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders. Gathering of folks with an interest in vintage/classic motorcycles of all years, makes and models (yes- even scooters) You need not own or ride a motorcycle to have a good time here. We meet every other Wednesday night

starting at 6:00 pm at Barrio Brewing Company. Enjoy great bikes, great food and great beers in the company of kindred spirits. We have no rules, no dues, and no leaders, just a common interest (and a T-shirt) that binds us. Barrio Brewing Company, 800 E 16th St. in Tucson, AZ. For more information please email Feb 3 {THURS} - SIERRA VISTA, AZ* BIG BAD BIKE NIGHT AT RENDEZVOUS – Event time: 6PM Event Location: Rendezvous Nightclub (520-458-2902) Description: Presented by Harley Davidson of Sierra Vista. All riders and colors are welcome to Rendezvous' Big Bad Bike Night on the 1st Thursday of every month! We block off the parking lot for you to show off your bike and we have 2 for 1 drink specials and giveaways all night long. The best bike night in Southern Arizona only at Rendezvous! 6:00 pm at Rendezvous Nightclub (520-458-2902) Feb 3 {THURS} - PHOENIX, AZ* VETERANS STAND DOWN February 4th, 2011, the Veterans Memorial Coliseum is the place to come as the community gives back to homeless veterans through Stand Down Arizona, the annual event that provides outreach and support for homeless United States Veterans in the Valley of the Sun. Feb 5 {Sat} – CHANDLER, AZ* Chandler Harley-Davidson Hosts “FREE BREAKFAST” Event Location: 6895 West Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85226 (480-496-6800) Event Time: 11AM until Breakfast is all gone Description: Members of the Foothills HOG Chapter will be serving up their signature ‘Biker Breakfast’ from 11AM until its all gone. Take a break and come enjoy a pancake or two. At Chandler Harley-Davidson there’s always good $ales to be had inside and outside where the Hogs gather - there’s good food and good conversations, too. Feb 5 {Sat} – ARLINGTON, AZ* The Desert Rose Bar Hosts11th ANNUAL CHILI COOK OFF Event Location: Desert Rose Bar & Grill located at 18300 S. Old U.S.

Highway 80 Arlington, AZ 85322 (623-3860789) Description: 11th Annual Chili Cook Off Presented by Desert Rose Bar Cash Prizes for all categories, live music, meet the lovely ladies of Miller Lite, & the Super Sexy Jager Girls, tons of giveaways. Proceeds to benefit the Susan G. Koman Foundation...Think Pink! Broadcasting live 93.3 KDKB DJ Ruby Cheeks Vendors: Contact Jim McLaughlin 623-693-1409 last year there was 2,800 Bikers.. For more information see Website: or E-mail: FEB 5 {SAT} - TONOPAH, AZ*TMF Presents their 10th Annual Chili Lover’s CookOFF! Event Time: 11:30AM - 4PM Event Location: Tin Top Bar & Grill located at 37900 West Salome Highway, Tonopah, AZ. (Interstate 10 West to Exit 98, Turn Left to Traffic Light at Salome Highway). Description: Please join the TMF Social Club for their 10th Annual Chili Cook-Off on February 5th, from 11:30AM to 4PM held at the Tin Top Bar & Grill in Tonopah, AZ. Entry fee is $10 per Adult, Children 17 and under free. Chili Entrants pay $5.00 per entry per category. Other activities include, live Music by the Buckeye Band 9-2-1, Chili tasting, Cash Prizes, and Vendors. A Portion of the proceeds raised go to Michael’s Garden. To enter your prize winning chili call Terrye 623-8265293 by January 31, 2011. Vendors please call Judge at 623-266-7657. Hope to see you all there.. FEB 6 {Sun} – TUCSON, AZ * IRONWOOD Cycle Hosts “Club Caffeine” Event Time: 7:30-9:30AM Event Location: Ironwood Cycle at 329 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ Description: Well, it's a New Year and time to get "Club Caffeine", the first Sunday of each month on your calendar. You're invited to come by Ironwood Cycle Sunday morning between 7:30am and 9:30am for free coffee and pastries...Get your Sunday morning started right.. Everyone is Welcome.. We hope to see you there. 7:30am. At Ironwood Cycle 329 E. Grant Road in Tucson, AZ (520-396-3507). For more information call the shop or email

Feb 8 {TUE} – TUCSON, AZ* Los Vatos & Buffalo Wild Wings CoHosts Hot Tuesday Biker Night Event Time: 6pm – 11pm Event Location:1390 W. Irvington Rd. Tucson, AZ. Description: Presented by Los Vatos MC. Bike Night 2nd Tuesday of every month starting at 6pm. Live Music, Vendors, Food and Drink Specials, Door Prizes. Benefiting various charities. FEB 12 {Sat} – TUCSON, AZ* Chuy's Bike Night and Car Show on Valencia Event Time: 6PM – 9PM Event Location: Chuy’s on Valencia 1825 W. Valencia Rd. Tucson, AZ. Description: Bike Night and Car Show at Chuy's on Valencia every 2nd Saturday starting at 6:00 pm. 50/50, Raffles, Door Prizes, Food & Drink Specials. Feb 12 {Sat} - MESA, AZ* Chester’s Harley-Davidson Hosts Party on the Patio Event Time: 11am-2pm Event Location: Chester’s H-D, 922 South Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210 Description: : Party on the Patio every Saturday at Chester's Harley-Davidson. Free BBQ & live music plus different specials & themes every Saturday. Don't miss out! Chester’s H-D, 922 South Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210 (480) 894-0404 FEB 12 {SAT} – MESA , AZ * PHOENIXBIKERS.COM Sponsors Pool Tournament at Chester ’s Harley-Davidson Event time: 12PM Event location: 922 S. Country Club Drive , Mesa AZ. Description: 2nd Saturday of each Month. Free to participate. Tournament starts at 12noon. Top 2 winners receive Chester gift certificates. Come meet Kirk Johnson, owner of Phoenix Bikers and celebrated web design Master. 922 S. Country Club Drive , Mesa AZ Call Kirk 602-363-5386 or Chester's H-D 480-8940404 or FEB 12 {SAT} – NEW RIVER , AZ * MMA FREEDOM BEACH PARTY Description: Starts at noon. Live music by "Brotherhood Of Blues" and "Sarah Styles" $10.00 per person includes Free lunch, Free bike show Tattoo contest 50/50 and door prizes and our Famous Hawaiian shirt contest. Please come out and join us at the Roadrunner in New river AZ. For more infor-



Calendar - Courtesy of Kirk & Lady Jewells at mation call: Cindy 623-695-5659 Feb 12 {SAT} – BULLHEAD CITY, AZ* Desert Road Riders M/C Host 5th Annual “WE CARE RUN” Event Time: Leaving at 11:45AM Event Location: Leaving from O’Leary’s Pub Hwy 95, Bullhead City, AZ. Description: Things to bring: 1 Stuffed Animal, a warm Heart and a Big Smile. Poker hands are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00, Proceeds to benefit local retirement homes within the Bullhead City Community. For more information call 928-279-8896 or email desertroadridersmc @ Feb 15 {Tues} - TUCSON, AZ* BIKE NIGHT AT FOX N’ HOUND WITH ARIZONA VICTORY AND KIIM FM – Description: Presented by Arizona Victory and KIIM-FM. Join us for Bike Night at the Fox and Hound on La Cholla every 3rd Tuesday of the month starting at 6pm for great specials, Dyno runs and bike games, door prizes and best of all win -- CASH PRIZES. Meet up at Arizona Victory Tucson, Kickstands up at 5:30pm. Arrive 6pm. Arizona Victory 1102 N. Anita Ave. Tucson, AZ 520-770-9500 Fox and Hound 7625 N. La Cholla Blvd. Tucson. For additional information please call 520.575.1980 or visit Feb 15 {Tues} – ORO VALLEY, AZ* Bike Nite at The LOOP! Event Time: Starts at Dusk. Event Location: 10180 N. Oracle Rd. in Oro Valley, AZ. (520-878-0222) Description: Presented by The LOOP, Taste of Chicago. Come and enjoy the only Bike Night in Oro Valley. The Loop, Taste of Chicago is where you want to be on the first and third Tuesday of each month! Come in and enjoy our Bike Nite menu featuring Biker Babe Brats, Harley Hoagies, Pan Head Pizza and Road Rash Ravioli. AWESOME drink specials all night long! Biker-Only parking on the north side of The LOOP. Bike wash when weather looks great. Enjoy sports on one of our many HD TVs around the bar, or chill on the patio (smoker friendly) with an ice-cold beverage. Win The LOOP Gift Certificates. "Best V-Twin" in Show Certificate awarded at every event! Don't miss the fun, food and friendships only at The LOOP. Bike Nite starts at Dusk. The LOOP is located at 10180 N. Oracle Rd. in Oro Valley, AZ. (520-8780222). For more information please visit their website Feb 16 {WED} – TUCSON, AZ* Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders Bike NiteEvent time: Every other Wednesday night starting at 6:00 pm (2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/16 etc.) Event Location: Barrio Brewing Company, 800 East 16th St. in Tucson, AZ Description: Presented by Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders. Gathering of folks with an interest in vintage/classic motorcycles of all years, makes and models (yes- even scooters) You need not

own or ride a motorcycle to have a good time here. We meet every other Wednesday night starting at 6:00 pm at Barrio Brewing Company. Enjoy great bikes, great food and great beers in the company of kindred spirits. We have no rules, no dues, and no leaders, just a common interest (and a T-shirt) that binds us. Barrio Brewing Company, 800 E 16th St. in Tucson, AZ. For more information please email FEB 17 {THUR} – TUCSON, AZ* HARLEY –DAVIDSON of TUCSON and THE HOG PIT SMOKEHOUSE BAR & GRILL Present BIKE NIGHT – Event Time: Starts at 6pm Event Location: The Hog Pit Smokehouse Bar & Grill– 6910 E. Tanque Verde Road, Tucson, AZ Description: The Hog Pit Smokehouse Bar & Grill and HarleyDavidson of Tucson presents their monthly bike night, starting at 6 pm – 6910 E. Tanque Verde Road. There will be special bike parking (east parking lot), various vendors and plenty of giveaways. Try their Slow and Low smoked BBQ, original BBQ sauces and ribs; all made in-house by Chef John Mertes. Food and bar specials. The Hog Pit/HarleyDavidson Bike Night is the third Thursday of each month. Come early to avoid traffic problems. Free admission. For more info: 520.722.4302 or FEB 18-20 {Fri – Sun} - CAVE CREEK, AZ* HIDEAWAY’S AZ CUSTOM BUILDERS SHOWCASE – Description: This is one of the most favored annual events at the Hideaway! A weekend full of the baddest bikes in the southwest, who could resist? AZ's premier builders will be at the Hideaway all weekend to showcase their creations along with live music, vendors, giveaways, & much more! For more information Check out FEB 19 {Sat} – CHANDLER, AZ* Chandler Harley-Davidson Host “Biker Trash Chili” Event Location: 6895 West Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85226 (480-496-6800) Event Time: 11AM until the Chili is all gone Description: Members of the Black Sheep MM will be serving up their signature ‘Biker Trash Chili’ from 11AM until its all gone. Take a break and come enjoy a bowl or two. At Chandler Harley-Davidson there’s always good $teals to be had inside and outside where bikers gather there’s good conversation and good food, too. FEB 19 {Sat} – PHOENIX, AZ*American Legion Riders – Post 5 Host Ride for Maverick Event Time: 8:00 am Event Location: 3927 W Southern Avenue, in Phoenix AZEvent Description: Post 5 American Legion Ride for Maverick (son of American Legion Auxiliary Member from Post 134) 15 Year old Boy needing open heart surgery for bacteria infected Heart Condition

called Endocarditis February 19th, 2011 Starts and Ends @ Post 5 ...3927 W Southern Avenue, Phoenix, AZ Registration 8:00 – 10:00 am $15.00 for Rider - $20.00 with Passenger - Donation Requested Free Poker Hand & Food !!! 50/50 Drawing and Raffles !!! Stops include Post 61, New Founders of Freedom shop in Glendale, the Desert Rose Bar, Post 2 in Tempe, and then back to Post 5. For more information: Please read this in Mavericks own words: “My name is Maverick Callaway and my mother is an American Legion Auxiliary member of Post 134. I am 15 years old and I love to snowboard, play baseball, and go camping. I don’t do those things anymore because I have a heart condition called Endocarditis, which means I have bacteria growing in my heart. It has attached to my heart valves so now they don’t work very well. I am not allowed to do anything that will accelerate my heart, and risk stroke or a piece of bacteria breaking off in the blood and traveling to another organ, shutting it down. I can’t go to school, or go out in public and risk catching a secondary infection. Many Doctor’s have been working since the beginning of August to control the vegetation growing in my heart. I am going to have surgery to replace my valves and try to remove the attached bacteria destroying my heart.” FEB 20 {Sun} - FLORENCE, AZ* 28TH ANNUAL FLORENCE PRISON RUN – Description: Ride a Harley, go to Prison. Live Rock N' Roll, Large Booths, 21 & older (NO MINORS). Run pins to first 1,500 riders. Come on out and show your Red & White Support. Hot, Fun Times and Cool Bikes. Held at the Charles Withrow Rodeo Grounds 11608 Hwy 79, four miles south of Florence, AZ. Starts at 11:00 am, admission is $20.00. For more info: or Maxx at 520-820-6966. FEB 20 {SUN} - PHOENIX, AZ* BIKERS SOAR FOR WILDLIFE - Event time: Registration is 8:00 to 9:30 Event location: Starts at Arrowhead Harley-Davidson, Peoria Description: The "Biker's Soar for Wildlife" ride is to benefit the animals at the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center in Phoenix. Registration is 8:00 to 9:30 at Arrowhead Harley-Davidson, Peoria. Come hungry and enjoy a great breakfast from Mi Familia. The ride will end at Pioneer Living History Village where you will enjoy a great lunch, music by Faded Jeans, raffle prizes and special auction gifts. And of course you will get to see some of the animals you are riding for at the end of the ride. Pre-registration is $25.00 for rider and $30.00 for rider and passenger. If you are interested in riding, being a vendor or just want more information, please call Sandy at 623-587-0139, email Sharon at or visit the website at or Facebook at

center. Feb 23 {WED} – PHOENIX , AZ * 2011 Motorcycle Day at the Dome Event Time: 11:30AM-1PM Event Location: Capitol grounds, Arizona House & Senate Lawn 1700 W. Washington St. Phoenix 85007 Description: 2011 Motorcycle Day at the Dome: This event is sponsored by MMA and ABATE of Arizona and ACMC with volunteer organizations and motorcycle clubs. A barricaded area, reserved for motorcycle parking will be on 17th Ave between Washington and Jefferson, the full length of the Capitol grounds itself. Please mark your calendars. "All Bikers Welcome"! See you there! ~The MDATD Committee FMI: Bobbi Hartmann Email: FEB 24 {THURS} TUCSON, AZ* Firelite Lounge Hosts Bike Night Event time: 7pm. Description: Our monthly Bike Night is the fourth Thursday of every month. Trophies for best bikes, drink specials. Vendors are welcome, no set up fees. Extended premises! 7pm. Firelite Lounge Located at 2413 W Wetmore Rd. in Tucson, AZ. For more information Please call 520-888-1578 or email Feb 26 {Sat} - TUCSON, AZ* BIKE NIGHT AT THE TERRITORIAL BAR & GRILL – Description: Join us for the bike night party on the last Saturday of every month. Monthly features include vendors, live music, special motorcycle parking, drink specials and interesting bartenders. 3727 Palo Verde Rd Tucson AZ. For more info: 520.514.9035. “If you don’t stand behind our troops, stand in front of them”. Feb 26 {Sat} - PHOENIX, AZ* 2nd Annual AZ Freedom Ride Event time: Registration will take place from 10:00am-Noon. Kickstands Up no later than Noon! Event location: Starts at Westgate Mall and Ends at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill in Mesa. Description: 2nd Annual AZ Freedom Ride that will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The Freedom Ride is a motorcycle poker run that will start in the West Valley at Westgate Mall and it will end with a reception at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill in Mesa. All proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. On Site Registration will take place from 10:00amNoon. Kickstands Up no later than Noon! A BBQ Lunch will be provided at 3rd Stop! Last Poker Hand needs to be at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill at 5:00pm. Freedom Ride Reception is open to the public and there is no cover charge! There will be High Hand and Low Hand Winners, Prize Giveaways, Live Music, Meet and Greet the Wounded Warriors, Specials and Much More! Come join the fun!!! Sign-up today for PreSale Registration!! For more information see website:

ABATE of ARIZONA All Bikes... All Riders. ABATE Works for You!

barbie hensler’s memorial Barbie’s Celebration of Life Memorial was held Saturday, January 15th at the Moose Lodge in Star Valley. I would guess that there were around 100 folks there to pay their respects to Barbie and to Billy. There were a lot of tears and there were a lot of laughs, fond remembrances of our dear friend. Thanks go out to all the motorcyclists in Arizona who were a part of Barbie’s life and continue their support of Billy. Ride free Barbie - say “Hello” to all of our friends who already ride free in the wind with you. Eric Hampton Masterlink Editor

2011 officer training

greasewood flats after the Phx/SM meeting



Ask Our Lawyer (continued) have talked to have warned that there are a lot of scams going on and that the financial arrangements should be more secure. I’m not sure what I need to do. Do you have any thoughts? The deeper I get into this deal, the worse it seems. I suggested a wire transfer and the buyer wants to send a Registered Bank Check. I sent him some quotes from stateside shippers, at first he agreed to one, however later he said that he had a friend in London that was in the business. I have just finished E-Mailing him to forget about this deal. A: You’re right to be concerned. There are a lot of ways this kind of deal can go bad. As you’ve identified, making sure the payment is good is one of the biggest problems. I think you need the funds in hand prior to shipping. This means you cash the check and make sure it clears before you even think about sending the bike. Your remedies are few if the buyer is up to no good. I had the experience of a Canadian who had some parts that I wanted to buy. Things were well until he rejected my suggested shipper and said he had a friend. Sound familiar?

your bike "buffed" out as John Candy use to say. Not enough damages are at stake to get hard core about litigating with the state's responsibility for the damages caused by its omission. What do you do? SMALL CLAIMS COURT IS THE ANSWER. Here is how you go about it. 1. Get on the internet and find the nearest small claims court in your area. Go visit the court and talk with the clerk as to how you file a complaint against the state. Usually forms you need can be found on the internet or the court will have them if you can't get them on the internet. Make sure the court can handle the amount of your losses. Get the clerk's name and direct number in case you need to call and ask more questions. Good luck on getting the clerk's number. But you get the idea – get to know the court's staff and ask for help. They can give you tips as to what the judge expects. Try going to the court late in the afternoon or on their slow days so the court staff will have time to talk and teach. Most will oblige.

Small Claims Courts and How They Can Work for You

2. After you file your complaint, the court will set your case for an initial hearing. This is to see if the other side will show up. If they don’t show, the court will default the other side, which means you will get a judgment. There is no chance that the state will be a no-show, so you might trying talking with state about skipping the initial hearing and getting a firm trial date. That will also be a good opportunity to discuss settlement. Offer to show the state your photos of the road defect and give them the name and numbers of your witness(es) who support your claim. Give them a copy of your repair bills/estimates. Tell them what you will take to settle your case, but remember to calculate your loss of use and expenses related to getting your bike repaired – in other words give them a complete list of your damages. Check your state as to any special notice requirements required by the state before you can file your claim. These are on the internet.

Classic situation is this: you are riding down the highway from heaven that turns into the highway from hell. Despite due diligence you miss the uneven black top, ( RoadHazard.Org has sent the state notice) your ride takes exception and dumps you. You escape without injury, but it is going to cost you $1500 to get

3. Remember this procedure should work with most claims within jurisdiction of the court. Small Claims courts by definition are limited in the dollar size of the cases they handle. Check with your court as to that amount and the nature of your claim before deciding if this court will work for you.

Jack responded to our conversation with some additional information: I certainly hope my story benefits other readers. I was a little suspicious early on, based on some of the e-mail I received from this guy. At first it sounded like I was talking to an actual Englishman by his manner of speaking (using British English terms like lorries, etc.). Later, it was as if I were speaking to a different person. I am glad that the deal was nixed! There were just too many indicators of potential problems, such as wanting to use his friend’s shipping company, and not agreeing to a wire transfer. Thanks for your assistance, Rod. YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF

4. If your case goes to trial, do not panic. Remember that you are telling the story of how you were damaged and why the defendant is responsible. Start your story at the beginning and go chronologically to end. Before you go to court, practice your story before your family and friends. Document everything. The rules of small claim courts are relaxed so that regular folks can present their claims. Do not be intimidated – this is your court and is designed to work for you. 5. Let us know what and how you did. We would like to write about you. Of course, if you have questions during the process, call us. Good luck asserting your rights. A CAUTIONARY TALE FROM A GOOD FRIEND – LIFE AFTER LOSS OF A LEG On September 20, 2003 I was struck by a drunk driver while riding my motorcycle. It was reported as a head-on collision as my left hand and handlebar hit the driver’s side head light area. The crash bar of my Road King wrapped around my left leg and smashed my foot against the motor. After spinning on the right side of the bike, hitting a road sign, and being thrown about thirty yards, I slowly began to take inventory of my injuries. My left hand was pretty well busted up, but I could wiggle my fingers, and I had a compound fracture in my left leg. After seven surgeries in ten days, my doctor advised me we needed to amputate below my left knee. Not wanting to anguish about it, we did the amputation that day September 30, 2003. So it was done. Reality began to set in shortly after and I will never forget the look on the faces of those who visited me, it was sympathy. From that point forward I hated the word sympathetic as it has the word pathetic in it. My father and I have a thing about tears and never showing them. I only allowed myself to cry about five minutes a day about this mess in the days following the amputation. I decided I wasn’t going to dwell on it, at 42 yrs. old I had plenty of life to experience ahead of me. In the months preceding this accident, I had filed for divorce. The job I had did have disability insurance, which I had to

pay for, but after child support and health insurance payments, I was left with about $650 a month and a $1000 mortgage. I lost my home the next spring. I used to say, “I lost my wife, my leg, my home, and my Harley, but I miss my Harley the most”. I worked hard to get back to walking with the help of a prosthetic leg and was walking by Christmas, 2003. I managed to take my first ride after the accident in the spring of 2004, through a friend loaning me his Harley (Rod Taylor, Abate Legal Services). Now that’s a true friend! In August of 2004, I went back to work. I drive an 18 wheeler and so many times throughout the process I felt alone, unwanted, and unattractive. What I learned about patience, “It’s always there waiting for you!” I had filed a lawsuit against the guy who hit me, but his minimal coverage didn’t even cover the medical bills. A couple of years later I found myself getting infections in the knee of my amputated leg, which required additional surgery in 2008. My dad passed this same year. When I returned to work after healing from my surgery, there was no work to be found. Many people say I inspire them because of my attitude and outlook, which could be characterized as exceptionally optimistic. In 2010 I married the most beautiful woman and we are fortunate to enjoy pure love. I also got a new nickname, “Stump”. I would like to end this story with a few thoughts. “Life is something to experience, not achieve. It is about the relationships we create and nurture, not about money and stuff. I feel very blessed. I experience many freedoms in the USA and have never gone a day wanting for food. Love is the greatest experience of all.” First and foremost, Prayer Works! May you be blessed today, because God loves you. Jim Wampler, ABATE of Indiana member P.S. Never ride faster than your Guardian Angel can fly! Ride Safe and Free, Rod Taylor ABATE LEGAL SERVICES

Coast to Coast (continued) exhausts on bikes built after 2012. Other less volatile laws also took effect on January 1st, including another California law that requires would-be motorcyclists under 21 to complete an approved safety course before an applicant can receive an instruction permit to learn to ride. California lawmakers also passed a law to curb motorcycle thefts by outlawing possession of so-called “pigtails” which are homemade ignitions that allow a crook to start a motorcycle in as little as 20 seconds. Previously, burglary tools for the purpose of breaking into or stealing a vehicle other than a motorcycle were prohibited. Several states have recently enacted legislation requiring the completion of a motorcycle training course before being issued a motorcycle license endorsement, and this year Connecticut and North Carolina join the growing list of states tightening restrictions on motorcycle licensure for newbie riders. In Oregon, a new training requirement went into effect

to mandate safety classes for new motorcyclists under the age of 30, and the law will expand over the next few years to include all new riders regardless of age. Already in the works for 2011, state legislatures are considering new laws to ban passengers under 8 years old in Virginia (House Bill 1850), allow Sunday motorcycle sales in Indiana (Senate Bill 108), and calls for a helmet law in Kentucky (House Bill 163). In Nebraska, Legislative Bill 62 has been filed to allow adult riders to opt out of the state’s mandatory helmet law with the completion of an approved motorcycle safety course. EUROPE TO MANDATE ABS FOR MOTORCYCLES A European Union Commission has presented its proposal for new framework regulation for motorcycles. It plans to mandate anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for motorcycles with more than 125cc displacement from 2017 onwards.

Although the first anti-lock braking system was installed on a motorcycle in 1988, only 16% of all newly manufactured motorcycles in Europe were equipped with ABS, and by comparison car manufacturers have made ABS standard equipment since 2004 which has contributed to a 49% overall decline in fatal car accidents in the EU. Experts regard anti-lock braking as a huge boost to safety. For example, a benefit analysis conducted for the European Commission calculates that the proposed regulation would reduce the number of fatal motorcycle accidents by more than 5,000 over a 10-year period. A study presented by Vagverket, the Swedish highways authority, in October 2009 showed that 38% of all motorcycle accidents involving personal injury and 48% of all serious and fatal accidents, could have been prevented with ABS. This active safety system allows motorcyclists to brake safely in critical situations without locking the wheels, and thus

without having to fear an inevitable fall. Braking distance is also significantly reduced. The proposal is currently passing through the EU legislative procedure but will likely be adopted next year. The regulation will come into effect from 2017. In the U.S., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has considered requiring ABS on new motorcycles sold in America, and will likely take up the issue in the near future. ECONOMIC UPTICK HAS AMERICANS BUYING LEISURE PRODUCTS AGAIN People are buying expensive leisure products again, after they held back during the recession. A new report from Milwaukee’s Robert W. Baird and

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Back To Broke reprinted from This is a blog detailing a motorcycle trip around the world starting August 15th 2009 and ending September 2010. All told I plan to visit about 40 countries and in the process ride somewhere in between 40 and 50 thousand miles. Continued... Mexican Hat, Utah Spent the last few days making our way from Bonneville to Mexican Hat and generally soaking up Utah, its a magic place, far and away my favorite place in the USA. In 2 days we've gone from White Salt Flats to red canyons with every color in between and at times the place just takes your breath away. The bikes are behaving themselves thankfully and the weather has been gorgeous.

We spent quite a bit of time on Indian reservations, truly depressing places; closest thing to shanty towns as you get in the states I think.


Bought a pepsi today in a garage and the native american chap who served me wouldn't have been more unfriendly if it was General Custer who just strolled in.

Flagstaff Arizona

Tomorrow we go to Flagstaff via Monument valley and from there down to phoenix where we'll clear the decks and figure out our next steps. The original plan was to be in Mexico by the 9th of September, we'll be doing well to cross by the 17th...... When you consider were 10 days into the trip, and already 8 days behind our original plan....which as a by the by is exactly equal to the total amount of contingency days we built into the whole of this first leg of the trip, namely LA to just goes to show that between the two of us we couldn't organize a piss up in a

We'll get better....soon..... I hope. The big fella

Last night we stayed in Mexican hat and had some swinging steaks, which is basically where the grill swings back and forward over the flames...cooked about 10 feet away from you....not bad...served with lettuce and beans. Its cooked by a cowboy whose shirt is buttoned down to the navel who looked a distant stranger to a bar of soap or any form of running water for that matter. Theres a couple of things which belong on a place beside a 12ounze New York strip cooked painstakingly over a flaming swinging barbecue, beans and lettuce aren't on the list.....otherwise it was nice in a novelty sort of way. Give me the outback special washed down with a 22ounce fosters in a frosted glass.... mmmmmm.... now thats good eatin!

This morning we set off in the direction of Monument Valley, an awesome spectacle. One of the things thats far more noticeable than monument valley is that the vast majority of the tourists are from Europe. It really roared at you...everywhere you looked and in all the voices you overheard....there wasn't an american to be seen. From there we've rolled down to flagstaff...our last crossing of route 66, from here we'll head down to phoenix and get any kit were missing before heading into Mexico. As i settled down to watch a bit of american TV I was able to watch 3 movies in parallel with all the adds. The most noticeable thing about american TV (apart from all the adds) is that you can see almost every manner of violence and mutilation, but every swear word is completely dubbed, zero nuditiy....not a bit of it......not even one boob...something

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Coast to Coast (continued) Company said motorcycle sales fell by half during the downturn, and ATV sales were just 30% of what they used to be. But Baird analyst Craig Kennison says many consumers now have a brighter outlook, in spite of high unemployment and a housing market that continues to be depressed. He said inventories for new leisure items are low, and there’s a strong demand for used goods. Kennison said Milwaukee’s HarleyDavidson Motor Co. slashed its production during the recession - and that drove up the prices for used bikes. But now, he says more folks are buying new Harleys with the help of trade-ins. And while it’s hard to prove, Kennison expects the same trend for cars, RV’s, and other big ticket items. He also said consumers are more confident about their personal wealth, especially after the Bush tax cuts were extended. Had Congress not acted this month, Kennison said it might have been a disaster for discretionary spending. SURVEY SAYS; AGE UP, QUALITY DOWN Bikers are getting older and they spend more at a motorcycle dealership they are happy with, according to a new ownership survey recently released by J.D. Power and Associates. J.D. Power's 13th annual U.S. Motorcycle Competitive Information Study also reveals that motorcycle quality has dipped to 2008 levels, with 152 problems reported per 100 motorcycles (PPM) -- an increase of 29 PPM. One half of owners surveyed reported that most of those problems (44%) are engine related, and the study suggests that gearshift problems, clutch chatter, and insufficient engine power have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction. The study cites a few no-brainers, like the fact that "Sales volumes and revenue of ancillary goods and services tend to be considerably higher -- by an average of $957 -- at motorcycle dealerships that provide a highly satisfying experience vs. dealerships that do not." But the causal relationship between customer satisfaction and dollars spent is less

ominous than their findings that the average rider age has risen from 40 to 49 since 2001, "an indication that many owners may soon exit the market"... combined with the study’s findings that firsttime motorcycle buyers are on the decline, makes it all the more imperative that the motorcycle industry seeks to capture the interest of younger riders who might consider buying their first bike. FEWER BUSINESSES SELLING MOTORCYCLES, PARTS & ACCESSORIES There are 10,428 retail outlets in the United States that conduct business related to motorcycles, scooters or ATVs, down by more than 25% from 13,973 such businesses in 2009, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. These were the principle findings of the MIC 2010 Retail Outlet Audit, a summary of which the council sent to its members this week. The audit was completed in December 2010. The report broke down the total by the number of retailers that sell new majorbrand vehicles -- 5,134, or 49.2% -- and the number of retailers not selling new vehicles, but specializing in parts, accessories, apparel, used vehicles or service: 5,294, or 50.8%. The MIC conducted its research by collecting information from all the manufacturers above, as well as from the trade magazines Dealernews and Motorcycle Product News. Because the study’s sources vary from year to year, the MIC warns that comparisons with previous years are subject to “considerable error.” The report further indicates that 58.8% of the new vehicle retail outlets carry only one of the 13 major brands. Slightly less than one-fifth are dual-line outlets, and 21.9% carry three or more of the major brands. The total number of franchises distributed among the 5,134 new vehicle outlets declined 5.6% to 9,182 from 9,731 in 2009. NO BONES ABOUT IT Most “experts” agree that riding motorcycles helps you to FEEL younger, but can riding actually make your body healthier and more youthful?

A recent Medical College of Georgia study found that; "A daily dose of whole body vibration may help reduce the usual bone density loss that occurs with age," on top of improving muscle strength and promoting weight loss... so it would appear that pulsating power from a motorcycle engine and the rumble of the open road will help aging bones get stronger. The extrapolation isn't entirely farfetched, and may lead to a healthy new excuse to ride; “Honey, I’m taking my exer-cycle for a workout.” WEIRD NEWS: CANADIAN BIKERS OUTRAGED OVER GOVERNMENT SPYING Motorcycle operators in Quebec are outraged that the province’s automobile insurance board hired a private PR firm “to spy on us” and gather information about the group. The insurance board decided to monitor the group of motorcyclists earlier this year after learning that a coalition of angry owners had been formed to fight huge insurance rate hikes. The public relations firm National was granted a contract to investigate the activities of the Front Commun Motocycliste, which had set up kiosks at a Quebec City motorcycle show. “They give the impression of being organized, documented and especially very motivated,” the firm stated in its two-page report after observing the group at the bike show. The report stated that the motorcycle owners were “dynamic and aggressive in their approach” with visitors.

protest groups were being formed,” according to a spokeswoman for the automobile insurance board, Audrey Chaput. “We granted a contract to the firm National to go out and listen to what the groups were saying and to feel the pulse of the movement.” Motorcycle owners have protested vigorously against insurance rate increases that have doubled since 2007 for owners of average-size motorcycles and more than quadrupled for owners of high-powered motorcycles considered more hazardous by the insurance board. 2011 NCOM CONVENTION IN ALBUQURQUE Mark your calendar now for the 26th annual NCOM Convention, to be held Mother’s Day weekend, May 5-8, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque located at 330 Tijeras Ave NW in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This annual gathering will draw bikers’ rights activists from across the country to discuss topics of concern to all riders, so reserve your room now for the special NCOM rate of $80.00 by calling (800) 233-1234. Airport/Hotel transportation is available. Registration fees for the NCOM Convention are $75 including the Silver Spoke Awards Banquet on Saturday night, or $40 for the Convention only. All motorcyclists are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meetings, seminars and group discussions will focus on legislative efforts and litigation techniques to benefit our right to ride and Freedom of the Road. To pre-register, call the National Coalition of Motorcyclists at (800) 5255355 or visit

Members of the group were appalled to learn that the government would pay a private firm to monitor their activities. “We are outraged, flabbergasted and scandalized to learn that taxpayers’ money was used to spy on us. We are average taxpayers. We aren’t al-Qaeda,” said Éric Lessard, spokesman for the group. “The government is showing complete contempt for motorcycle owners.”

QUOTABLE QUOTE: “Political tags such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”

The board denied spying on the group, telling the Globe and Mail newspaper that “There was a lot of anger and we knew

Robert Anson Heinlein (1907-1988) American author and science fiction writer



The ABATE Membership Contest The Membership Contest ended November 30.

Next year’s contest will begin on January 1, 2011

First place went to Bob Welton who won a life membership valued at $350.

We can get rid of the accident reporting box. No one calls and I haven’t had time to pursue any incidents.

Second place was Donald K. Russel who won a one year membership extension. Third place was Don Johnson who won a t-shirt.

Ron Kool Tucson AZ 85712 Cell 520-203-2323 ABATE of Arizona, State Membership Officer

News From the MRF 11NR02 - MRF News Release Washington Update FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 06 January 2011 Contact: Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs Washington Update Washington, D.C. was flush with newbies yesterday, as both the House and Senate swore in the newest Members of Congress. With smiles on everyones faces, you know someone had to be up to no good. This time it was the House Republican Conference. They held their closed door meeting to discuss the new rules changes for the 112th Congress, something the majority does every two years. The House Republican leadership proposed a key change to the way the Highway Trust Fund is protected from

borrowing or spending any money on non-transportation projects. This protection makes perfect sense because the fund is generated from a federal fuel tax, so it is money generated by road users, for road users. Republicans defeated an amendment to the rules package offered by Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH), which would have preserved the linkage between incoming trust fund revenues and future federal investments. Under the LaTourette proposal the existing "point of order" protection against legislation that reduced investment below the supportable levels would have been retained, but any member would be allowed the opportunity to cut highway and transit investment through an amendment on the House floor. The LaTourette Amendment was voted on by secret ballot. As such, the votes of each Republican will not be made public and it is unclear at this time if the final vote tally will be released.



News From the MRF (continued) While today's developments are an obvious setback for the entire transportation community, the new rules package does not determine the outcome of subsequent legislation, nor does it require investment cuts. The new rule, however, certainly strengthens the hand of the House Appropriations Committee in setting highway and transit investment levels, irrespective of Highway Trust Fund revenues. House Republicans have been clear that they will be pursuing significant cuts in domestic discretionary spending and the defeat of the LaTourette Amendment signals that this could include highway and public transportation investment.

We have faced these challenges before and rest assured, we will continue to fight for the motorcyclists. Thank you again.

Despite the outcome of today's vote, Rep. LaTourette deserves the sincere appreciation of the entire transportation construction industry. Attempting to change a largely internal and leadershipdriven process to protect the Highway Trust Fund shows his great leadership and support for federal transportation investment. House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chairman Mica (R-Fla.) also deserves our thanks as he supported and helped defend the LaTourette Amendment.


Special thanks goes out to MRF members and state motorcycle rights groups who aggressively weighed in on this issue over the last few days. While the outcome was not what we wanted, you can be certain your voice was heard, as many members of the House reported being inundated with calls from constituents. If anything, this situation reinforces the need to continue communicating with Congress

NTSB The NTSB has been quiet about motorcycles since adding the call for state helmet law to their "top ten most wanted list". The NTSB has no regulatory or enforcement abilities. Just the powers to make lists and try to recommend that the recipients of their advice, take it. The MRF will keep you updated on the NTSB and all actions affecting the motorcyclists of America.

11NR05 - MRF News Release - MRF Board of Directors Seats Newly Elected Directors FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 14 January 2011

of the Minds conference, Cindy Hodges, MRF Member Representative, elected by a mail vote open to all MRF members, and Dave Dwyer, Sustaining State Motorcycle Rights Organization Representative, elected by a mail vote by our Sustaining State Motorcyclist Rights Organizations. All three ran un-opposed for a two year term. At our September BOD meeting elections were held for President, Treasurer, Directors of State Reps Program, Membership and PAC. Candidates for these positions were nominated and voted on by all sitting BOD members with the exception of the President and the person, or persons, running for that position. The incumbents were re-elected to fill two year terms. For 2011 we will be starting the election cycle once again with the following persons/positions up for election; VicePresident; Jay Jackson, Secretary; Paulette Korte, Conference and Events;

Carol Downs, Rider Education; Jay Jackson, Communications; Eric Hampton, MRF Reps Rep; Graydon Wheeler, Member Rep; Wayne Wierson and SSMRO Rep; Larry Nielson. Details on the election process will be in the May/June and July/August issues of the MRF Reports. Commenting of the recent elections MRF President Kirk "Hardtail" Willard said "having now worked with this current Board of Directors I can state with confidence that we have assembled a fine group of dedicated motorcyclists from around the country who are working tirelessly on behalf of the motorcyclists of this nation to preserve our freedom and associated lifestyle and have observed first hand and certainly appreciate their efforts, contributions, expertise, leadership, and sacrifices they make day in and day out on behalf of the MRF, the State Motorcycle Rights Organizations, and motorcyclists they represent."

Contact: Dave Dwyer, Election Committee Chairman MRF Board of Directors Seats Newly Elected Directors At our January Motorcycle Riders Foundation Board of Directors meeting, a motion was made, seconded, and carried to seat the three Board members elected by their constituencies since the close of the MRF Board meeting just prior to the Meeting of the Minds in September 2010. Those members are; Jim "Legs" Korte, MRF State Reps Representative, elected by the MRF State Reps at their meeting during the Meeting

House Roster Name Andy Tobin Majority Leader Karen Fann Tom Chabin Albert Hale Doris Goodale Nancy McLain Judy Burges Jack W. Harper Chester Crandell Brenda Barton Amanda A. Reeve Carl Seel Heather Carter David Burnell Smith Michelle Ugenti John Kavanagh Rick Gray Debbie Lesko Majority Whip Jim Weiers Kimberly Yee Eric Meyer Kate Brophy McGee Steve B. Montenegro Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Weiers Anna Tovar Richard Miranda Debbie McCune Davis Chad Campbell Minority Leader Lela Alston Katie Hobbs Ruben Gallego Catherine H. Miranda P. Ben Arredondo Eddie Ableser Cecil P. Ash Steve Court Kirk D. Adams Speaker of the House Justin Olson Jeff Dial Bob Robson Tom Forese Javan "J.D." Mesnard Eddie Farnsworth Steve Urie John Fillmore Frank Pratt Russ Jones Lynne Pancrazi David W. Stevens Peggy Judd Terri Proud Vic Williams Sally Ann Gonzales Macario Saldate IV Bruce Wheeler Steve Farley Assistant Minority Leader Matt Heinz Minority Whip Daniel Patterson Ted Vogt David M. Gowan Sr.


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Phone (602) 926-5172

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308 318 334 310 303 220 113 338 124 306 111 330 345 335 114 316 222

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Fax (602) 417-3085 417-3001 417-3002 417-3160 417-3103 417-3003 417-3104 417-3154 417-3105 417-3010 417-3048 417-3006 417-3107 417-3150 417-3155 417-3108 417-3225 417-3109

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Senate Roster Name Paula Aboud Minority Whip Sylvia Allen President Pro Tempore Frank Antenori Nancy Barto Andy Biggs Scott Bundgaard Majority Leader Olivia Cajero Bedford Rich Crandall Adam Driggs Steve Gallardo Ron Gould Linda Gray Gail Griffin Jack Jackson Jr. Lori Klein Leah Landrum Taylor Assistant Minority Leader Linda Lopez John McComish Al Melvin Robert Meza Rick Murphy John Nelson Russell Pearce President Steve Pierce Majority Whip Michele Reagan David Schapira Minority Leader Don Shooter Kyrsten Sinema Steve Smith Steve Yarbrough


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MASTERLINK FEBRUARY 2011 ATTENTION - ALL RIDERS: =======================

It has come to our attention that business establishments in Arizona may still be discriminating against motorcyclists. Please carry copies of this form with you at all times. Discrimination can range from a sign stating "No Colors" or "No Motorcycle Parking" or "No Motorcycle Attire" etc., to simply being asked to leave a place of business, just because you are on a motorcycle or because of your riding apparel. If anything like this happens to you, PLEASE fill out this form in its entirety and send it to the address noted. Your lobbyists cannot get sponsorship for "equal access" legislation, without evidence of this type of discrimination. Documentation of Discrimination DATE: ______________

Business Phone _______________

NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT: __________________________________ BUSINESS PHONE (with area code): __________________________________ BUSINESS - FULL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ NAME / POSITION OF PERSON ENFORCING POLICY: ________________ ________________________________________________________ WRITTEN STATEMENT OF DISCRIMINATION (use back if needed): _____ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ YOUR NAME (please print): ______________________________________ YOUR PHONE (with area code): __________________________________ YOUR SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________ *** INCLUDE ANY PICTURES OF DISCRIMINATING SIGNS POSTED *** Mail To: Ray Fitzgerald 1634 West Pine Cone Way Prescott, Arizona 86303

Rider Ed Courses in AZ To Print a Copy, Go To: Locations Zip County Email Phone Site Website City Motorcycle Rider View PHOENIX 85012 MARICOPA Click Here (623) 979-1839 Training RIDE SMART M/C View PHOENIX 85023 MARICOPA Click Here (623) 877-5425 TRAINING T.E.A.M. Arizona View GILBERT 85233 MARICOPA Click Here (480) 998-9888 Chandler/Gilbert GILBERT PUBLIC View GILBERT 85234 MARICOPA (480) 894-0404 SCHOOLS (PARKING LOT) T.E.A.M. Arizona View SCOTTSDALE 85260 MARICOPA Click Here (480) 998-9888 Scottsdale CHANDLER View TEMPE 85283 MARICOPA (480) 496-6800 HARLEYDAVIDSON T.E.A.M. Arizona View GLENDALE 85302 MARICOPA Click Here (623) 939-9888 Glendale DEER VALLEY View GLENDALE 85308 MARICOPA (623) 247-5542 HIGH SCHOOL LUKE AIR FORCE LUKE AFB 85309 MARICOPA (623) 975-6264 BASE Motorcycle Rider View PEORIA 85345 MARICOPA Click Here (623) 979-1839 Training VEHICLE SAFETY View YUMA 85367 YUMA Click Here (928) 376-7489 INSTITUE FT T.E.A.M. Arizona 85613 COCHISE Click Here (520) 733-9888 View HUACHUCA Sierra Vista Pima Community TUCSON 85707 PIMA (520) 206-3981 View College T.E.A.M. Arizona TUCSON 85714 PIMA Click Here (520) 733-9888 View Tucson RIDE NAZ -View BELLEMONT 86015 COCONINO (928) 443-0111 FLAGSTAFF Ride Northern PRESCOTT 86301 YAVAPAI Click Here (928) 443-0111 View Arizona - Prescott T.E.A.M. Arizona PRESCOTT 86301 YAVAPAI Click Here (928) 771-2500 View Prescott MOHAVE View KINGMAN 86401 MOHAVE (928) 757-0825 COMMUNITY COLLEGE MOHAVE LAKE View (928) 505-3321 COMMUNITY HAVASU 86403 MOHAVE COLLEGE CITY MOHAVE JB'S 86440 MOHAVE Click Here (866) 668-6462 View VALLEY RESTAURANT

Comfort Suites • Ogden Utah 2250 South 1200 West, Ogden, Utah 84401 • 801-621-2545 ——————————————————————————————————

Call 801-621-2545 for room reservations. Room rate: $82.00 Rooms must be reserved by May 10, 2011 Seminar Cost: (before May 10, 2011): MRF members $60, Non-MRF members $70; (after May May 10, 2011): MRF members $70, Non-MRF members $80 Registrations are accepted through the MRF website at Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover accepted, or by mail: MRF, 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 510, Washington, DC 20002. Questions? Call the MRF at 202-546-0983.




Back To Broke (continued) wrong there!..... its almost as wrong as serving a steak with warm lettuce. Anyway.... Take care... The big fella Phoenix....Again! We collected the bikes from Victory BMW yesterday evening, a better bunch of lads you couldnt hope to meet..... muchas gracias Amigo's ..... you guys rule all. After a bunch of catching up with folks I know in phoenix We got underway this morning headed for Tombstone. Andy Flanagan, whose been ferrying us around phoenix helping us replace damaged or missing kit for the trip has come down with us for the ride....and as i write i'm digesting a seriously good buffalo burger.... and a 6 pack of Coors.... Ribbit On the south side of Tucson we pulled into the Plane Graveyard....the stats on this place are just out the door. 4700 planes.... 2500 acres of land .....and these aren't little girly planes.... they're huge. It started as a result of the cold war thawing, when Reagan and Gorbachov started to downsize the military. The Americans put there stuff here to decommision it and the soviets did the same and both use satalite photos to check on each others implementation of the arms reduction. B52 bombers, Stealth fighters, jumbo jets, helicopters, you name it....its there... a great afternoon. One of the planes was used by Nasa for something or can see it in the picture above... how that yoke ever took off I'll never know... looks like a Sperm whale with wings. One thing to note that had me shitting bricks for a couple of seconds, the diesel pump in Ireland is black, and the unleaded petrol is green.... in the states its the other way round... only the guy behind the counter didnt turn on the pump i'd now be litterally "sucking diesel" out of my tank.....I copped on at the last second and switched I pumped the gas into the bike I wondered to myself... now

Oisin... just how f***ed would you bike be if you pumped her full of diesel and then went off riding down the road.... This evening we ended up in Boot hill, was there in 1997 and it was a good day out...all very authentic...but the touristy folks have been up to mischief since then and its been butchered....its looks all nice and pretty. We talked about it this evening between gulps of beers...and we reckoned that when it comes to the Western type stuff they should just try and prevent it decaying any further....its supposed to look all roughed up....not try and change it into something they think people want to see. It is what it is... thats the attraction... So we've altered the plan a little, were going to stay an extra day in tombstone and do some touristy stuff...and then cut out to Douglas on Friday. The main reason being Mexican independance day, it would have been great to be there for it...but seeing as were behind schedule it didnt make sense to be crossing into the country trying to get somewhere to stay in the busiest few days of the year. So its friday....really... I mean it....seriously! Only one other bone of contention.... if you finish of an email....some people use X's to designate a kiss.... and O's to designate a hug.... seems like the Americans dont use this convention..... so we went back and forward about the meaning of a single X..... or XX.....or XXX....or the absolutely outrageous Castlemaine XXXX.....anyway it all means very different things in the states versus Ireland.... and its great to know us bikers talk about such manly things! :-) The big fella Oisin Tombstone Spent most of last night and today just ambling around Tombstone, and had a pretty good day. First port of call was the

bird cage theatre, which used to be a brothel of sorts. The hottie above was reputed to be Wyatt Earps 3rd wife, but they found out more recently she was a mexican girl and nobodys that sure if she was his wife or not. The photo was only released when he died in 1912.

First things first we left tombstone at about 8am and headed south for Douglas, a shortish run of about 50 miles. We arrived at about 9am. We both tottered off into the border offices to clear customs and get our driving permits when one of the girls tried to process my application.

Everytime up until this point I've seen pictures of women from the late 19th century... I've always remarked... "Jaysus.. the women back then were plain as water"...but this particular hot tamale..... She'd get it... no wonder Wyatt was hanging around these parts.

She told me that I already had imported a bike, and couldnt import another without first cancelling it. The bike to which she is referring is pictured above, and is the bike I did the PanAM on last year. I forgot to clear the bike when I left Mexico....actually to be truthful at the time I was having a shit time in Mexico, recently having been robbed in Oaxaca and vividly remember saying to myself... never going back to that shithole!....dont get me wrong... I love Mexico..but was in a bad mood on the day.

Walking around the town theres lots of paid extras all dressed up as Doc Holiday, or Wyatt Earp or just cowboys in general and theres lots of interesting stuff to see as long was you dont want to go back any further than 1880 your all set. The town itself does seem to be struggling for tourists, like the airplance boneyard yesterday this part of the world is just a little off the beaten path for the "regular american tourist" and as is becoming a bit of a theme the tourists seemed to be mainly from Europe. Andy headed off back to Phoenix this morning and this time tomorrow we'll be in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. Everyone we talk to is telling us either about drug related border problems, how a bad hurricane went through there and maybe the roads might be washed out, that the border with Guatemala is a total f*** story at the moment......'ll be something to look forward to.... take it easy... Oisin Green Valley near Tucson Today was a f*** story plane and simple. The only part that went according to plan was the getting up out of the bed....and from that moment..... its been a minger.

Anyway back to the tale, without the bike or the permit, there was no way they were issuing me with another. So for 4 hours with the aid of a fantastic border gaurd I tried to prove to them that I had left the country with the bike, and could they make an exception. At about 1pm, some 4 hours after getting there they said ok, we've talked to a guy "Jose Antonio Casas" (made me wish I'd a triple barrel name) or maybe I do... Oisin Ratfeatures Hughes! :-)...... ) and if you go to Nogales, which is south of Tuscon he will be able to help you... map included below... no doubt you'll note and appreciate the increase in IT skills! :-) So when we got to Nogales, which by the way is where all the number 2 goes when you flush the toilet, nobody spoke any Englidy at the all I got was...I need to go to KM 21 into mexico. Thats where the customs office is apparently. At this stage it was 4:30.... so we had 2 options.... either go to mexico to KM 21, which sounds suspiciously like the sort of place where they castrate Irishmen, and make german's eat the resultant bratwurst,

continued page 21






M. LESTER Founder, Aid to Injured Motorcyclists



Visit us on the web at

We are endorsed by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and more than 1,000 motorcycle groups throughout the United States and Canada, and serve as Legal Counsel for the Confederation of Clubs.



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Back To Broke (continued) so we said f*** it...lets get a motel .. try again tomorrow. So that leaves us with the following problems 1) Will the aforementioned Jose Antonio Casas be working on Saturday?...only he knows my plight... only he can save the quest 2) What if I get there and they tell me to f*** off back in the general direction I came from 3) How many times is too many to have a hand shandy about a black and white photo? Seriously though....were in deep a minimum we could be stuck till Monday....the only solution the border guys are offering is to ship the bike back here....and as they say in Ireland when circumcision is suggested.... F*** That! Over and out... The big fella Hermosillo Mexico really crap internet really quick update... Made it into mexico...currently in Hermosillo and just heading off for copper canyon in Chihuahua. The motorbike permit .... well...decided not to get it. The way I looked at it ...if I went and met Jose antonio Casas (aka Zorro) and he said no I couldnt have one... when then I would have been completely screwed and would'nt have been able to travel in Mexico. The checkpoint is just after customs on the road out of nogales. So what I said I'd do is see if I could get through the checkpoint without the permit...maybe they wont check... if i get caught...well the only thing they'll do is sent me back to get it. But if i had tried to get it and failed and then was caught well its trip over. So I brass necked it and got through.... never doubt the lack of attention to detail of government workers! If I'm snared I'm completely bollixed..... however this trip is about getting to where we have to matter what..... I guess I just moved into the no matter what space. Over and out from Mexico Oisin Cuauhtemoc We left Hermosillo at 7am this morning, it seems like 2 days ago. We rode out towards copper canyon headed for Cuauhtemoc (don't try and say if your eating your breakfast). All told we ended up riding about 350 miles but because the route took us over the mountains it was a full 12 hours before we arrived. The road to Cuauhtemoc is called the "Mountain Road", kind of stepping all over the point I made in the first paragraph..... and for 10 of the 12 hours we were flung left and right as this huge ribbon of tarmac snakes its way through the mountains. Allow me a crude interlude, I was moving my ass so much on the bike today to swing the bike left and right that my butt crack now extends from the back of my neck to my navel. We got stopped along the way for an "inspection" by the army which was painless enough, however my sphincter was

twitching that the first words out of these lads mouths would be"Permit", to which I would have countered with...."Its a long story... do you by chance happen to know Jose Antonio Casas?" They wouldn't let us take any pictures of them, huge paranoia with lots of ongoing problems with the drug cartels. Further along the road Helmar got stung again by a nasty beast, we reckoned it an African attack fly, its only reason to live is to attack, apparently they were trained by Chuck Norris but escaped and since then have been wreaking havoc on motorcyclists. On a serious note Helmar's finger is the color of a beetroot, monitor closely. I didn't bring any water with me today, thought I get the opportunity to pick some up along the way, needless to say 4 hours in stifling heat passed without a place to get a drink. My mouth was so dry my tongue was glued onto the roof of my mouth, dryer than a camels heel. When I eventually found a place I downed back to back a liter of water, a pepsi, a gatorade, and 2 cans of 7up. Helmar looked at me like I was throwing it all into a black bucket. As I'm writing the thunder is banging away outside, same as yesterday afternoon in Hermosillo, and the ambient noise is up about 20decibels. Be it screaming dogs, cats, unbelievably loud cars and trucks, car alarms, people just hanging outside your door for a chinwag... peace and quiet is a thing of the past. The Mexican people have just been fantastic, they are simply a fantastic bunch. Neither of us has had any adverse affects with the food just yet, although I'm sure it will come.

that they are selling something, that is to say they are trying to make a living selling handcrafts. The Indians have been the big losers with all the border violence, tourist numbers are way down and as a result theres no one buying any of their goods. I just can't say no to the Indian kids selling all the bracelets and necklaces and ended up buying 20bucks worth of stuff which I've no room for on the bike.....but it made the kids day so made me feel pretty good. I remember having a couple of arguments with folks about giving charity..... about whether it was a good thing to give money to kids who are begging. Well the argument goes you shouldn't give it to them as it only encourages them to beg further..... well when its a kid of about 3, with a runny nose coughing and spluttering begging surely its the right thing to help the poor lad? What are you going to do.... walk by him and say "Sorry, not going to give you anything" .....thinking to yourself..."by the way its for your own good.... now out of my way, i'm off to the buffet to stuff my face" Anyway my 2cents is .... give him a few bucks ya tight f***....and have a few less cookies or one less beer.... Me and Helmar are the only tourists in the town, we haven't seen anyone who looks like they are from anywhere else other than Mexico....we went out for a couple of beers tonight...and couldn't help remarking o each other..... "Where the hell is everyone?" Anyway, Mexico has been superb so far... weather, roads, places to stay, unbelievably friendly people... all great.... apologies for the social commentary.

mal that can see the wind? Over and out... The big fella More Copper Canyon Twice today we passed large convoys of masked soldiers, pretty scary stuff, everyone of them was carrying a pump action shotgun or some other serious looking weapon. Only reason I'm including it is to look tough and brave... :-)......and it'll give you a couple of told you so nuggets when were "I told ya you shouldn't have been riding through Mexico". To be honest if I'd read those stories I probably wouldn't have come this way....but were here best to make he most of it. You can see the pictures of the copper canyon above... really really nice, and absolutely nobody there, not even one tourist. Just me and Helmar..... giving it loads. We tried to ride around it to see if we could get a better vantage point...not much joy. This area if they ever get the violence sorted out will become a Mecca for motorcycles, last 2 days have been some of the best riding I've ever done. Today we start making our way over to the Atlantic coast, will take us a couple of days to get there, theres a lot of coastline but not a lot of places to stay so we'll be a good bit more south before we dipping the spawgs (feet) into the Ocean. Thanks for all the comments...much appreciated Over and out... Oisin to be continued...

Tomorrow its copper Canyon, reputed to be deeper than the grand canyon...... Ps... Did you know a pig is the only aniTalk soon Oisin Creel Mexico and Copper Canyon We drove today to Creel today, which is the gateway to go and see Copper Canyon one of the premier tourist locations in northern Mexico. Its been about 400 miles at this stage of wonderful bending and twisting mountain roads, we really have been spoilt rotten. The weather has also been just incredible. So far Mexico is exceeding our expectations by a long way, hope the video above gives you some idea of what its like. YouTube whipped off the music... copyright infringement... let it play till the credits role.... The whole countryside is ablaze with yellow flowers, for literally hundreds and hundreds of miles its been the dominant color. We stopped along the way at one of the many shrines you see to the Virgin Mary along the road, all of the candles lit by someone earlier in the day. On lots of the very dangerous bends there is a painting of the Madonna on the wall, I guess to prevent people crashing into it. Creel itself is a very poor town. Its the first time we saw indigenous Mexican Indians today, and they are poorer than church mice, your heart cant but go out to them. You find yourself getting very frustrated and sad that people have to live like this. The one thing I will say about them is

Important Phone Numbers Aid to Injured Motorcyclists - A.I.M. - (800) 521-2425 24-Hr. Legal Assistance for all accidents

Aid to Incarcerated Motorcyclists A.I.M. - (800) 235-2424 24-Hr. Legal Criminal Defense

National Legislative Hot Line - (800) 300-NCOM 24-Hr. Motorcycle Legislative Alerts

National Coalition of Motorcyclists NCOM- (800) 525-5355 Fighting for Bikers Rights

Confederation of Clubs. - (800) 531-2424 Motorcycle Clubs Fighting Against Discrimination

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Washington D.C. Office (202) 546-0983



Business Member Spotlight Business name Red Garter Saloon Contact Matt Walden Address 3143 E Speedway, Tucson Phone 520-325-0483 Website How long have you been in business? 42 years What is your business? Bar and Grill Have you always been at this location? Since 1993 Hours of operation? Mon thru Sun 11am to 2am How many employees? 18 Do you ride? If so, what? 2006 Road King Additional information you’d like readers to know: Best burgers and salads. Coldest beer in town. $2 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 8 pool tables. Indoor smoking pool room. Heated outdoor patio. 100” big screen tv. 8 HD tvs. Free WIFI. Available for your parties or events. Both pool and darts leagues.

T.C.’s Safety Article By TC Fulgham Well folks we made it though January but it was a hell of a month . Let's hope February will be better . February is the month to think about your loved ones and spend that little extra on candy and flowers for your hunny. Now with that said I want to talk about riding attire. I see the confused look on faces out there but I will tie this in ,but you got to wait for it lol. Riding attire, I believe, should be a personal choice ,but if you’re going for a short hop to the store with a tshirt, cargo shorts, and flip flops don't complain about all the pain if you go down . Asphalt and Gravel DO NOT have the word M E R C Y in their vocabulary . They do not even know the meaning of the word . Road Rash is best described as if you have a belt sander with 80 grit paper and you turn it on and hold it firmly to any part of your body that is handy . Now unless you happen to be full blown S&M practitioner, this does not sound like fun .

I , for one , do not wish to have my body contoured by 67th Ave to the point I need to stop at Autozone for some flesh tone bondo to smooth the rough spot out . I always wear Heavy boots , thick Levis , in the winter I wear a jacket ,and gloves . Spring I may start out with my jacket but layer so I don't overheat . In the late spring and summer if it is a short hop I may only wear a tshirt but I do have my vest on . Not only to promote my local MRO's but as Back protection just in case. I have found arms heal faster then backs do . If I'm on a long ride in the months of heat in Arizona, I wear a light or white colored long sleeve shirt to cut the wind burn down as much as possible . I also wear a light pair of gloves to protect my hands from the same wind . Head gear in the winter time consists of skull cap , beanie , eye protection , and if it is cold enough, I use face protection . Summer months I use a skullcap and second headband to absorb sweat so I can get some relief from the heat with evaporation. I also wear sunscreen on all exposed skin . The first time you sunburn

your scalp you won't forget a head cover again . One more thing , even if it isn't attire, I always have water with me . You can dehydrate in the winter time as well as the summer . Cold air will dry your skin and cause your body to try and push water up to heal it . That means you lose water where you need it more and so you become dehydrated . Now on to a sore subject , Helmets . If you choose to wear one , and thankfully we live it a state that lets you make that choice, they can increase temp to your brain area . Even vented ones can do this, so make sure you drink lots of water and take breaks inside or at least under some shade with your helmet off to let your head cool down. In the winter time, if you wear a full face helmet, make sure the face shield is clean and use an antifog on the inside to keep your breath from causing loss of vision due to the screen fogging up .

triple digits are not that far away . As we all know, the Metro area of Arizona only has 2 seasons . Summer and Summer is coming . We need to start planning those summer trips accordingly to allow for rest stops and make sure we have cool places to stop for the night . Now, I bet you’re still wondering how this ties in with February as the month of love, well do you really want to tell your loved one that you can't take them out for the 14th because you got stupid and wore my shorts to the store when that guy on the phone pulled out in front of you and you had to lay it down and by the way can you change the wraping on my leg cause your back hurts to much to bend over and change it . I didn't think so . Till next time . Ride Free , Ride Safe , Ride Wise , and Ride with caution . Lets all meet back here next month so I can vent some more at ya . TC

Speaking of summer , we have already hit mid 70's in January and who knows about February yet which means , Wait for it ,

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M/C APPAREL BUSINESS FOR SALE Everything you need to set up and sell at the next motorcycle event. Merchandise including leather jackets, vests, gloves, chaps, head gear, DOT helmets, accessories, jewelry, shirts; long sleeve,short sleeve,tanks, and much more…. Included for your set up and events, wireless credit card machine ,tent, grid wall, gas generator, clothing racks, tables, and lights. All leather items are in bins and on hangers ready for display. I will also give you contact information for wholesalers to re-order more inventory. Contact me for total inventory list. This business was well known and respected in the Tucson area for two years (Tucson’s Finest). We were at mostly all the events in the Tucson area. The wholesale value on this business is $18,000, retail value $35,000. PRICED TO SELL AT $16,000 OBO. Call or email me for more details, 520 904-3212,

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2-1/2" Santee® 50 caliber pipes exhaust for Harley 1986-2006 softail 84-06 Loud Loud pipes.. deep throaty base lets everyone know your there. Lightly used and in excellent condition. Retail on this set is 479.00 dollars. Pipes are stacked low and feature full-radius heat shields embossed with Santee's® distinctive logo. These pipe sets are the best combination of performance and looks with a 1-3/4"-diameter inner pipe and a 2-1/2" outer cover. Chrome billet end caps with integral baffles are included. Pipes are Chrome and have no dings or scratches they are in excellent condition... even the inner 1 and 3/4 pipe has little bluing... I just wanted to add this since i have had many questions as to the condition of the pipes.. Price: $150.00 James Osborne 623-692-5597

1988 Custom Always garaged, bought new. New Mustang seat for two; bags; stretch tanks; highway pegs; windshield; new tires & belt & lots more. Black. Call Ron at 928-775-5772. $5,800.00

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Interstate Enclosed Cargo Trailer 2005 24',

2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide- 6,240 miles-lowering kit-travel package-AM/FM/WB/CD- 6 speed-Dark Blue Pearl-Corbin Solo and Stock Seat- asking $17,000. e-mail serious inquiries to:

(96" wide and 80" between fender wells) bought new in Washington state. White with stainless steel and aluminum siding. Inside is painted gray with red stripe, cabinets and counter, 8 floor tie downs, wall tie downs installed, overhead light, 2 roof vents, all led lights outside, double lock back drop door/ramp, rubber torsion suspension, spare tire, only driven 2,000 miles, always stored inside, mint condition. Does have Washington plates.

$7,500.00. Contact John 1-(253) 312-4504, Chino Valley, AZ

1920 E University, # 102, Tempe, Az . 85281

The Masterlink - February 2011  

The February 2011 edition of the ABATE of Arizona newsletter, The Masterlink.

The Masterlink - February 2011  

The February 2011 edition of the ABATE of Arizona newsletter, The Masterlink.