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Alex Bashner Project #1 Postmortem I personally found this assignment to be a frustrating task at first, but in the end I truly began to enjoy writing my script. My first dilemma was my initial storyline. I thought it sounded really interesting when I came up with the plot, but as the storyline progressed I realized it sounded like an awful Mary-Kate & Ashley movie. After I came to the realization that my script was a failure, I began to brainstorm new ideas. I brainstormed for an hour and then realized it was official, I had writers block. Two days later, and I was determined to write a good script. I took the easy way out and called my mother for advice. My mom told me to “write about something that [I] know.” What she meant by this was write about a personal experience. I misinterpreted her advice and I didn’t write about something personal, but I did write about something I knew. I love history, mostly because I am fascinated by different time periods, so writing about the 1800s made it fun for me. I decided that I should incorporate components that would keep me interested while writing my script like fear, anxiety, a miracle, and a near death experience. Once I had actually come up with a storyline, the writing became fun. The assignment was finally enjoyable! The second step in my project was the Treatment. The treatment came second nature to me because I visualized my script in the process of writing it. My final task was to choose a title. I chose “Lavender Bridge” because that was the bridge that my main character, Francis, was hanged on. Francis’s survival off Lavender Bridge is the basis of the storyline to my script, so I felt that it was only appropriate to name my script

“Lavender Bridge�. Overall I thought this assignment was a great learning experience, and I feel accomplished knowing that I am capable of writing a script.


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