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C V. EXPERIENCE CERN Geneve -Switzerland 2016

Concept designer intern. Challenge Based innovation program. A multidisciplinary course aiming human-driven needs.

Technicon Design Múnich - Ger many 2017

Transportation designer intern. Summen internship. First interaction with full car design process. Developing basic tasks suporting design and modeling design teams.

Hello! I’m Federico Abascal, a transportation designer focused on innovation and concept ideation. Recently graduated from IED Barcelona and looking to kickstart my carreer in the transportation world.

Drop - Design for innovation Barcelona - Spain 2017

Willing to learn and grow within a company that shares a vision of user centered design and a focus in advance design.

Design Intern. Focus on brand analysis, ideation and proposal development related with automotive industry.



IED BARCELONA Barcelona - Spain

Spanish - Native English - Advanced Italian - Medium


Transportation Design -


Centered on vehicles innovation, concepts, and problem-solving.

+34 606 737 956

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INDEX. The Abyss Personal project - Concept Yatch Faraday Future- FF71 Personal Vehicle - Two W heels project Tesla - T1 Concept LeMans 2030 SEAT NOVA Concept vehicle - Vision 100 years Lamborghini ERA Super sport ne w luxur y concept - 2040 Mazda Yatch Vision 2030 Concept Yatch

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ABYSS P e rso n al P ro je ct

CONCEPT YACHT Society is changing fast, and so is the way we work. But our environment isn’t always in synch with our professional needs. Companies want options, movement, and novelty. Can we create an optimal workspace that goes beyond routine and compromises? The answer is at sea. Since the dawn of time, maritime routes have been the key to power and development, thus it only makes sense to bring business back to it. Now, using an out of order fishing boat as a base, we must create an immersive workspace that will expand the horizon of team working, allow a company to perform at its best all the while being on the move, and enjoying the advantages of living the Mediterranean way.

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Mediterranean sea. 2M Companies Launched annually

450 M Annual Economic value generated

150 M people Involved in service sector


No enough connection and synergy

Lack of outdoors interaction

Fixed offices

Don’t follow trend of “FOCUS+CHILL” workspace

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CONCEP T. Connection thought the sea. Using the benefits of the environment, to achieve the deep focus and the open relaxation.

SOLUTION. A daily traveling workspace, targeting small to medium companies, offering a new way of working.

Above sea

under sea

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One of the challenges of the project was to stay within the measurements of the original boat (NW Cruiser 39), while fitting its new purpose and sinking it down in order to offer the underwater experience and the panoramic view at the same time (underwater and above water Abyss concept). The final outcome is a sleek design that respects its origins.

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TECH SPECS. LOA: 38’10” LWL:37’7” BE A M:12 ’ 3” DR A F T:3’10 ” DISPL .:33321.80L B

A daily traveling workspace, targeting small to medium companies or teams within a company, offering a new way of working. The boat will sail around a predetermined circuit of relevant cities in the Mediterranean basin, making journeys of up to two nights in a row and stopping at ports for maintenance and supplies.

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ABYSS. The inspiration for the exterior design come from dynamic curves and mystery, reminiscent of marine life from the depths. An important reoccurring part in the interior and the exterior is the duality and contrast between warm and cold materials, organic and artificial.

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DANA. Central command, navigator assistant and, sometimes, a friend. Dana is the main brain of the boat helping the passengers in all their activities. The outer core of the interior spaces and the chairs are made of white corian. The working stations are lined with lacquered olive tree wood. Ocre accent colour of the boat, present both inside and outside.

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T H E E L E VAT O R S . Connections between exterior and interior . The way to easely switch from full focus mode, to an open and chill terrace to relax, make a call or light a cigarette.

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The heart of the boat. It contains FOUR personal worstations fully equipped, with holographic screen and wearables ready to connect

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T H E N E ST. Need a break? Group call? The nest is your place. DANA can follow you outside to host the conferance. The nest is also a space for relaxation, private talks, and continue with your work.

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This project was developed in collaboration with Guillermo Colomer Goenaga for one of the most innovatives brands: Faraday Future. The goal was to reinvent 2 wheel vehicles and the way they travel inside a city.

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A N A L Y S I S.






CITY Max speed 50 Tr a f f i c ja m s Tr a n s p or t c o m b i n a t i o n

MILLENNIALS 2 5 K m /d a y Single travelers 23 mins traveling

First the analysis started with the value that we can add to the brand, considering the target market and environment. After we selected the millennials, we studied them and their interests.

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ABOUT US. Driving in the city is not as pleasant as it sounds. Full of bumps, stop lights, speed limits, and aggressive drivers. New generations don’t want to deal with this in their short travels. They just want to relax, listen to music, text some friends, read a book, or simply scroll through social media.

PH By Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov and Nina Geometrieva.

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SOLUTION. “Instead of attempting to retrofit existing products and outmoded practices to the task at hand, we face it head on with original concepts and new technologies.”

Mission Statement NEW EX PER IENCE The attempt was to take out the unnecessary urban driving and all of the stress that comes with it. By providing the comfort of a couch and a home-like experience, we generated a new typology, along with a new way of moving around the city, enjoying the pleasures of traveling.

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F F 71. 7 for the status of the product as a luxury single seat and 1 for being the first of its kind. The FF71 is a game changer, a safe provider, and a nice space to travel. Like being at home.

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The circle, movement, containment and protection were the keys of the first exterior investigation. Combining them with the futuristic and edgy DNA of the brand.

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B A N N E T Geometric coat

Konstantin Kofta Design

Tai Geng Design - Eleven

The main focus was to design from the inside to the outside. We reorganized the parts of the vehicle, took into consideration the new needs and the typology proposed, and centered the morphology in the comfort and creating an outstanding edgy look.

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C ONC E P T. The concept behind the new typology aims to be “a more relaxed way to travel�, generating a little swing for the curves with a tilting system that provides, comfort, safety, and lots of fun.









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MATERIALS. 1. ABS/Polycarbonate Combined with D30

2. Graphene Optimized Tire Rubber

3. Magnesium OLED Screen Inside

4. Engine Pack Duo Engine + Lithium Battery

5. Carbon Fiber Light and Strong cover

6. AgNPs Leather Synthetic leather + Silver nanoparticles

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CHARGER. The system combines a public and a private part for parking, charging and updating. With a mother spot at home and different parking locations distributed throughout the city.

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THE INTERIOR. Also, after the vehicle leaves you at your destination, it searches for the most convenient parking spot where it can charge and wait for your call to go pick you up.

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at HOME. The base spot at home not only charges the vehicle, it also updates itself to bring you a new and better system instantly when it’s released. This means that compared to a regular motorcycle, your FF71 is getting better every day.

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The mythical LeMans race in 2030 brings a new electric competitor with technology based on wind advantages that creates energy and more acceleration. Racing is one of the most competitive scenes in the sports world that combines the highest technology, experimentation, testing and applications. Pushing the boundaries and erasing all the human limits for the sake of glory and victory. Tesla is not only one of the most important automotive brands in the market, is one of the brand-new gates for innovation and entrepreneurship spirit that the automotive field needs. And that’s why the T1 was born

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A NA LYSIS. Our team was formed by an inspired group of 5 transportation design students from IED Barcelona, all banded together to reach a goal we had in common: our ambition to develop much more than just a racing car, we wanted to solve problems within transportation design.




Since 1923 LeMans has been more than just racing, developing the finest tecnologies and bringing them to the streets. 70% to 77% Full Throttle


Le sarthe track Regeneration points


NEW Le sarthe track NEW Regeneration points

6 Km Muslanne straight. Take advantage of the speed to generate energy.

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EVOLUTION. PATH We started with the main idea of protection and efficiency, putting the center cabin with freestanding wheels. The main body extends itself, finishing in the holder of the powerful turbine that in addition to the turbines in the wheels, will provide the energy to race.

AERODYNAMICS Focusing on the aerodynamics, all the components of the car have an accelerated and dynamic look, evenly distributed to redirect the air to the intakes.

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INTAKES The more air enters the wheel turbines, the more energy they recovers. This is highly efficient as Le Mans provides around 77% full throttle per lap.

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MATERIALS. 1. Graphene Optimized Tire Rubber

2. Magnesium 3D Printed high stregth

3. Titanium Hydraulic pistons and screws

4. Tungsten Needle bearing

5. Carbon Aerogel 3D Printed turbine - Gorlov shape

6. Polysoprene Nano programmable - Rain tight







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GORLOV SYSTEM. The Gorlov turbine variant accepts wind from any angle making it more efficient. The main turbine, in addition to the four independent eolic wheel systems sustain the first aeolian racer for the 24hs of Le Mans.

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DAS SYSTEM. “Dynamic Axis System” means the vehicle can turn from the center of both axes, giving the advantage to turn curves faster and more effectively than others. As both of the axes turn, this causes a reduction in the wheelbase and a more agile result in the curves.

POWER > 1000 Kw (4 x 250 Kw)

TOP SPEED 410 Km/h

WEIGHT <900 Kg

TORQUE > 1770 Lb - FT BATTERY CAPACITY High Density 70 Km/h

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This is my greatest madness. SEAT NOVA project aims to change the perception of the transportation industry. It tries to break the protocols and parameters that the market has. A fresh start, the dead of a star and the rise of a new era. A supernova.

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A NA LYSIS. 2117 2117. 100 years from today. The blending between humans and machine changed the game in 2055. Cities were redesigned. Spaces were reassigned. Basic banalities were banished in the cities allowing a true interaction between the spaces, the objects, and the humans.

March 15th, 2117, the sun still shining, birds keep singing and blood keep running through our veins— or at least in the ones that weren’t replaced by a bionic prosthesis. Still, new ideas in the transportation industry are on demand.


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The final body responds to a free movement, a central cabin, and a clean exterior.


INSIDE The main idea is to generate two different travels: One mental and one physical. The connection though your SEAT wearable will guarantee the immersion of your human part into the digital one.

SabrinaGarrasi - catalog Abstract painting

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The exterior body of the NOVA is made with a parametric textile, capable of being folded and is flexible where necessary. To get into the journey the NOVA detects your presence and literally opens to you. NOVAs are circulating in the city in close mode, waiting for the call of a user. Taking him from point A to B and out of his digital part, to get immersed into his deepest human self.

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As we said, the vehicles focus on the mental comfort immersing the passenger in a meditation state, instead of attempting to re address the physical one. In addition, the vehicles fold itself when its empty to optimise the space while it travels around the city, searching for the passenger in need. Converting the center sphere of movement in a ring, maintaining the free movement of the form.

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EQUIPMENT CABIN The basic structure of the vehicle includes, from inside to outside, the center cabin that its hold magnetically. Next to it, the equipment that involves the batteries, electric engines, and gyroscopes that maintain the cabin safe and the vehicle center. And outside the full cover. A parametric fabric that is directly connected to the user, allowing it to personalize and reflect his/her emotions and feelings in it.

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Design a vehicle (at least 2030 – 2035) able to be paired with a second object, also meant to be designed. The 2 products should share the same “soul” and the same market orientation (free time, fun to drive, sport utility, super-luxury niche, etc...). CONCEPT THEMES Demonstration of Success - Successful living Technology as a new functionality Technology change the people, People change the world Echoes of the past integrated without Retro Design Unmistakably exquisite personality Copulative design DESIGN THEMES Non-conventional design Clear language of its forms Proportions out of the ordinary Purist style and passion for details

/A b a s c a l /

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URBAN ATHLETE. The Urban athlete concept guided the look and feel of the Project. An underground style, revel, furious, edgy and solid, but dynamic athletic and stylized body. Sounds challenging. Doesn’t it?

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Today - Elec.engine EXTERIOR


2040 - Adaptable body

A NEW BODY FOR A NEW SOUL Flexible future - Flexible exterior

FA BR IC BODY The philosophy of ERA is to be flexible. Think flexibly, act flexibly. Context over dogma.

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SOLUTION. Taking nowadays fractal edgy DNA from Lamborghini and move it in the same filed but to the complete opposite position, the extreme geometrical edgy purity, was the morphological input for the project.

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t h e B ODY. ERA like a visionary model. With intention to pose questions. First of all. Why do we need a rigid exterior? Does it always have to stay in the same form? Or can it be there for different purposes as we need it? In reality, safety or protection benefits can be controlled with the vehicle’s skeleton, without the need for rigid coverage. Which would allow using the skin for aesthetic, aerodynamic, functional, etc. and not as a packaging.

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THE SKIN. Moving away from a metallic exterior to a flexible alternative, offers multiple mobility benefits to adapt to all types of needs. Among others, makes a lighter body which generates less consumption in electric vehicles.

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STAT E M E N T. ERA is not just about a volume, or its fabric. ERA talks about a methodology of thought that observes the problems in a different way. Talk about letting the materials express and trying to put the productive impediments aside.

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ELECTRIC LOOK. Maintaining brand identity features, the goal was to provide a new electric feeling for the upcoming brand segment.

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HEAR ME ROAR. It was proposed to generate an original and natural sound of the vehicle. Air pressure was the key factor. Reducing the friction and generating a more aerodynamic profile, a frontal access was made to currents through into two rear “turbines”. The section of these two causes a new characteristic roar. In this way at higher acceleration, more sound, which combustion engine.

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The necklace will be the second object, a unique piece sold together with the vehicle. The main objective of the object is to extend and elevate your presence between others.

Future Luxury

B . E . // C O N N E C T

20 40 B.E.

Blending Extension

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BLENDING EXTENTION Now you can take part of the car with you. Be one with your ERA. Want a key? You don’t need it… You are the key.

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CONNECTION B.E. allows to generate a complete new experience related to access. The vehicle, after opening in its center, slightly ejects the passenger by placing him or her standing in the front of the vehicle, similar to a coronation process.

The user arrives at the destination standing on his vehicle at a very low speed in self-driven mode

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MODEL The model was completely done by myself in the workshop. Some pieces were milled, others were 3D printed. Then sanding, primer, sanding, primer, sanding, and so on. The key ingredient was patience, lot of love and more sanding.

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Create a new Concept Vision for Mazda Yacht, carrying the brand values and its essence. Specs 59 fts Recreation vehicle Outstanding design

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This project started with the proposal of making an outstanding design in a 59 ft shell, for the Mazda car company in a 2 week period. The main inspiration was through the movement, the dynamism, the elegance, and the purity.

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TECH SPECS. The boat has a wide back entrance, connecting to an open lower space where visitors can enjoy some drinks and the amazing view through the whole glass body. Cards table is located in the center of the ship, with a full digital workspace directing the movement through cameras.

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EMOTIONS. The objective of this vehicle is to be a trigger. Activate emotions. Create and guide a VISION, the MAZDA yacht line for the future.

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DYNAMIC SCULPTURE. The Mazda identity is seen in the vivid reflection of the Mazda Yacht. The soul in movement and the KODO DESIGN are projected onto its essence. Their presences and absences. Empty and full. What it shows and what it hides. The whites and the blacks make up a whole in this sculpture in movement.

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- Thank you -

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