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Driver & Load Management Made Simple Cloud-based driver and load location that saves you money and drives customer satisfaction M an ag e yo u r loa ds through the Cl o u d with myGe oTra ck ing™ If you have ever-changing number of loads and drivers to manage on behalf of your Private, USPS and Government clients, you need to know where they are and how their loads are doing in order to meet your contract obligations. But this can be a real challenge when using contract drivers and companies that can’t provide you with realtime location and load status information. The cloud-based myGeoTracking service from Abaqus solves that for you by locating and reporting any existing cell phone* to let you quickly and easily manage driver and load location and meet contract compliance requirements. The USPS-certified myGeoTracking “bizUSPS” location solution lets you manage all Private and US Government contract “trips” from a trip management dashboard, and use a trip wizard tool to easily setup additional trips that can be dynamically assigned to a driver and initiated through an autotracking program. The service does not require special GPS devices, smartphones or software. 530 University Ave Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA 415-578-3337

“The myGeoTracking service from

Abaqus not only helped us save our US Government contracts and cut our costs by tens of thousands of dollars, it’s also allowing us to expand and get additional contracts and new business.” -Piedmont Logistics-

K e y B e ne f i t s • Locate Drivers With No GPS Costs Use existing phones to locate drivers and loads, quickly and affordably

• Meet Government & USPS Contract Location Needs - Solution is USPS TLP certified, assuring location contract compliance and customer satisfaction • Improve Customer Service - Give your customers peace of mind through on-demand and scheduled location updates, and ensure their jobs are completed efficiently • Location-Enhanced SMS - Stay in touch with drivers and get real-time status updates via location-enhanced Enterprise Messaging from your desktop

Ma n a ge your loads through the Cl o ud wi t h m y G e o T rac ki ng ™


Powerful driver & trip management tools, rules, and contract compliance tools


Custom reporting helps maximize driver efficiency and safety


Map driver & load location, see route history and geo-fences


Communicate job status with locationenhanced SMS


Managers can manage loads over iPhone, Android and RIM phones

THE CLOUD-BASED MYGEOTRACKING SOLUTION MAKES IT EASY TO MANAGE LOAD LOCATION & MEET CONTRACT NEEDS WITHOUT EXPENSIVE GPS DEVICES The myGeoTracking “bizUSPS” fleet management solution from Abaqus leverages a powerful location platform and US carrier relations to deliver real-time location of cell phones and other mobile devices, including dedicated telematics devices. Abaqus also provides custom engineering services to integrate location and telematics data into any business process. The location platform is USPS TLS certified and interfaces with a carrier’s network to query the location of a device through the cellular network and generate a general position using either Cell ID (located within the service area of a cell tower) or a precise location using GPS inside the device (all cell phones sold in the US have GPS built in). A fleet manager uses the intuitive web-based myGeoTracking service to create “trips” to comply with contract needs, set-up location and event rules, map their loads and drivers, communicate with drivers via location-enhanced SMS (for such things as load or job status, alerts, dispatch instructions and roadside assistance), manage accounts and generate reports that help identify ways to improve efficiency. Easy to implement. Easy to use. Contact us today to see how myGeoTracking can help your business. 530 University Ave Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA 415-578-3337

LOCATE your loads and drivers when you need to COMPLY with USPS, Government and Private contract location reporting requirements DISPATCH & ALERT your drivers about new jobs, road conditions and key events CUSTOMERS BENEFIT from knowing where their loads are, and so do you REPORTING to verify pick-up and delivery * Service not supported on pre-paid Phone accounts

USPS Compliant Fleet Management – Load Management Made Simple by myGeoTracking  
USPS Compliant Fleet Management – Load Management Made Simple by myGeoTracking  

myGeoTracking’s cloud based USPS compliant fleet management solutions help you manage mobile resources better and help achieve complete cust...