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myGeoTracking Lowers Logistics Costs FURNITURE COMPANY CASE STUDY Company Profile A bespoke Furniture maker in New Jersey, USA with 10 warehouses in Eastern USA. The Company uses in-house staff and contract staff to deliver furnitures to customers across the country. Over 600 Customer deliveries are made per month. myGeoTracking solution automates the entire process of personnel location tracking, customer pick-up / drop-off record keeping and real time alerts from the field for a responsive customer service operation.

myGeoTracking from Abaqus, Inc., provides a carrier grade, cloud-based location & messaging platform which enables highquality, low-cost solutions for mobile workforce management, mobile asset tracking and geo-tagged smart messaging on any mobile device.

Business Challenge Furniture company staff install the myGeoTracking app on their smartphones. Company's Dispatcher sets up a daily tracking schedule and provisions a set of customer delivery addresses in the myGeoTracking system (can be updated every morning). The myGeoTracking system starts tracking the employees in the morning to automatically log the start of shift when employees arrive at the warehouse. As they start delivering the furnitures, the system automatically logs arrivals and departure from customer addresses . The system triggers real time alerts the dispatcher on each customer-site arrival and when the delivery is completed. The system also warns the dispatcher when a delivery team member stops outside the delivery address for more than 20minutes. This is used to ensure on-time delivery and any unknown breakdowns in the day to day to operations. The myGeoTracking app also triggers automatic detection and alerts in case the employee forgets to start the app on their phone every morning OR if the app stops due to battery or network connection issues. This setup ensures solid QoS without burdening the day to day operations and IT overhead for the Furniture Company.

Business Solution At the end of the day, a total tally of customer site visits, employee shift logs and miles driven is sent as a report to the back office. The report is then used for payroll and overall delivery logistics improvement. The entire solution is achieved with a remotely configured system on the web and a zero-touch app on the user’s phone requiring no interaction with the end user and no IT overhead in the back office.

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myGeoTracking Lowers Logistics Costs for Furniture Co  

The furniture co. staff install the myGeoTracking app on their smartphones. The co. Dispatcher sets up a daily tracking schedule and provisi...

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