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How to Make Money With Network Marketing A lot of people today hear the terms "network marketing" and they shudder. Network marketing has gotten a bad reputation because a lot of people mistakenly believe that instantly means scam. The truth is that network marketing is not a scam, it is not any different than any business model. In order to make money with it, you need to be able to sell what you are selling, and have a lot of customers doing it. But people get caught up in network marketing pitches because they think it is money that happens fast. When it comes to programs like, a lot of people refer to it as the Zeek Rewards scam, because they thought they were going to make money fast on it. Not understanding how network marketing really works is going to lead to this mentality. Here we will talk about how to understand network marketing in a way that will enable you to make money with network marketing using as an example. We live in a day and age where money is tight for everybody. So nobody wants to have a business pitch slammed down their throat as the next best thing to solve all of their problems. This is the last way you should try selling your network marketing. If you offer yourself as a credible source with a good product that your customers already want though, making money in network marketing is very easy. That's the trick, to find the people that already want what you have to offer. This makes it very easy to understand network marketing. In network marketing, you are selling products, and also recruiting people. Many people mistakenly go into a business such as and start recruiting people first, and selling the product, penny auctions, second. This is the wrong way to go about it. When you think of auction sites such as eBay, most people that are doing well there started off as users of the website. This is how you organize your network marketing business, find people that want what you are offering, and give them a free sample. Once they have tried it, they will be more interested in becoming business owners themselves, as they will already have invested themselves or their personal time trying your product. The way to succeed in network marketing then, particularly with programs like, is to have your potential clients try the product first with a free sample. Think about it, weren't you more likely to buy the crackers you sampled at the grocery store after you already tried them? The same works with Zeek and other network marketing programs like it. What you want to do in order to make money from it, and avoid learning why some people refer to it as the Zeek Rewards scam, is to offer free samples, or free bids to the auctions, and grow your affiliate base from your customers, rather than trying to turn new affiliates into your customers.

There is no such thing as a Zeek Rewards scam, or scams in network marketing. There is such a thing as not understanding network marketing and giving up before you are able to make money off of it. With programs like, you decide how and when you make money, it's that simple.

How to Make Money With Network Marketing  
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