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How to make money online from home with Google and why you may reconsider As the uncertainty of the job market increases, work conditions worsen, and people find out that the company they have been working for isnt as loyal as they once thought, more and more people are starting to look for ways to make money online from home. Google is one of the more attractive ways for people to start an online business because it is as simple as starting a blog or website and then putting Google ads on it and getting paid from the Google Adsense program. Recently, Jeff Sherwood, a 7 year veteran in the online marketing world, sat down to speak with Examiner about how people can get started making money online with Google and why they might want to think about going a different route. When Jeff first got started with internet marketing he was a freshman in college who wanted to help his fellow students. His passion for helping people grew into him learning every aspect of the online world and helping others as well as himself earn a decent income along the way. He credits Google for helping him earn his first dollar online. I came across an advertisement one day while I was trying to figure out how to build a website, Jeff recollects about how he got started making money with Google. I dont remember the exact wording of the ad but it was for a product that taught people how to make money by putting ads for Google on your website. At that point, Jeff jumped in and started learning everything he could about making money advertising for Google. He found out that it was a lot harder than the advertisement led him to believe it would be, but he decided to stick with it until he learned how to make a residual income. The internet has changed a lot since 2008 but Jeff says the basic principles are still the same. Things have changed dramatically since I first started with online marketing 7 years ago, Jeff said. Back when I first started, Google didnt own YouTube and the only way to make money online with Google was to place ads on your website. Now YouTube users can also make money from Google when they opt to place Adsense ads in their videos. Jeff tells Examiner that it is very challenging to make money with the Google Adsense program. To start with, a new online marketer must learn how to build a website. Next, the person has to be able to create content for their website that will make people want to read what they have written. Then, the website owner needs to be able to drive traffic to that website. Jeff says, In order to have any success with making money through the Google Adsense program, a blog/website owner would have to be able to continuously drive thousands of visitors to their site. This person also needs to be able to drive the traffic to their site for free, because if they are paying for visitors, then the money they are making through the Google Adsense program will only offset the cost of the traffic or even worse, the cost of traffic will be higher than the earnings a person makes through Adsense. So, the long and short of making money online from home with Google can be very challenging for anyone who is just getting started with Internet Marketing. Jeff has found multiple ways to make money on the internet since his adventures with the Google Adsense program. He has done network marketing, direct sales, and affiliate marketing primarily but now he dedicating his time to helping others get started making money from home online. Jeff is currently building a team using the iPas2 system. His hopes are that he will find people who are serious about making money from home and who are open-minded enough to learn the things it takes to be successful online. He is also working on a brand new blog to give helpful tips to those

who are interested in making money online.

If you are truly interested in making money online from home using Google, then you now know what it is going to take. It is going to take a lot of learning to be able to create a website. Then you are going to have to get traffic to that website by spending a lot of time writing compelling content that people want to read. Finally, you will have to get a lot of traffic to that website in order to make a decent income from the Adsense program. It might be worth it to skip the learning curve and take a look at what Jeff Sherwood has going on with the iPas2 system.

How to make money online from home with Google and why you may reconsider  
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