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Social Media: connecting to the world

Friday, December 16, 11

+ Social Media 

Its services will help our organization

It will engage and involve our audience

It will spread our cause and mission

Friday, December 16, 11


Social media will provide our organization with beneficial tools 

Community engagement

Organized sites that easy to use for both the company and audience

Information on events and company updates

Creating new innovations for our audience and staff

Communication with other companies/affiliates, and our clients

An easier way to manage and monitor our audience

Friday, December 16, 11


Popular cites that are appealing and frequented by the public 





Friday, December 16, 11

+ Facebook 

More than 300 million active users

More than 15,000 websites, devices and applications have been implemented

More than 65 million active users accessing Facebook through their phones

More than 10 million users become fans of pages

More than 70 translations

More than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries

The fastest growing demographic in those 25 years old and older

Friday, December 16, 11

+ Twitter 

Around 18 million users

About 3 million twitter messages per day

Around 200 thousand users per week

Friday, December 16, 11

+ YouTube 

70 million videos

200 thousand videos have been published

Over 100 million videos viewed per day

Friday, December 16, 11

+ Linkedin 

45 million users

Average age is 41

50 % of linkedin is used for business and companies

Friday, December 16, 11

+ What will our websites offer/ and what the audience can expect 

Participating in discussion

Sharing articles, facts, videos, and announcements

Sharing our work and stories in creative ways

Addressing issues and questions promptly

Developing relationships

Friday, December 16, 11

+ Social media today has become a great gateway for companies to reach the audience 

Valuable information organized

Fast and easy to use content

Different online vehicles and media outlets to appropriately present our organization

Monitoring and engaging in transparent and immediate responses

Connections to organizations, media, and news

Providing support and help

Getting people involved

Friday, December 16, 11

+ Sources 

Friday, December 16, 11

media press  

media campaign for class

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