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OUR 2013  GOAL  =  $5,920   We’re  trying  to  raise…  

$1,320 +   $1,400   +   $3,200  

…for a  set  of  new  team     warm-­‐up  jackets  and  pants  

…to hire  a  play-­‐by-­‐play   announcer  for  our  games  

… to  travel  and  compete   on  the  East  Coast  this  Fall  

What your  donaKon  can  accomplish…  


…will get  one  of   our  athletes  at  new   warm-­‐up  jacket  for     this  season  


… will  get  one  of   our  athletes  a   warm-­‐up  jacket   and  pants  

$100   $1,000    

… will  pay  for  a     play-­‐by-­‐play     analysis  of  one  of     our  live  streamed     home  games    

… will  pay  for  a  bus   for  our  team  to  travel   to  an  away  game     this  season  

To the  Friends  and  Family  of  Oberlin  FH,   As  another  fantasCc  academic  year  wraps  up   here  at  Oberlin,  I  write  to  ask  for  your   support  for  our  upcoming  2013  season.     Over  the  last  year,  our  Oberlin  field  hockey   family  has  been  growing  and  developing  in   some  new  and  exciCng  ways.    For  the  first   Cme  since  2006,  we  defeated  rival  Kenyon   College,  1-­‐0.    This  year,  the  team  has  worked   hard  to  bring  in  one  of  the  largest  recruiCng   classes  in  Oberlin  Field  Hockey’s  recent   history.    These  successes  were  made   possible  by  the  support  of  you,  our  greatest   fans.  We  hope  you  will  consider  being  a  part   of  our  growth  in  2013  as  well!      Checks  can  be  made  out  /  sent  to:     Oberlin  College  Field  Hockey   Philips  Gymnasium   200  Woodland  Street   Oberlin,  OH  44074   …  or  donate  online  at…  

QuesCons? Please  get  in  touch…     Anna  Baeth   Head  Field  Hockey  Coach   P:  (440)  775-­‐8511   E:  

OCFH Post Card  
OCFH Post Card  

April 2013