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Tale 1 – A Gothic Tale by Elsa Sitbon ...................... 3 Tale 2 – The Terrible Ghost by Claudia Medeiros ........ 7 Tale 3 – A Strange Death by Marion Schmitt ............ 10 Tale 4 – A Gothic Tale by Anna-Louise Brun ........... 14 Tale 5 – I Frankenstein by Olivier Depagne .............. 19 Tale 6 – Awaking by Anna Xiberras ....................... 23 Tale 7 – Enchnted House by Balasi Vermeulen .......... 35 Tale 8 – Gothic Tale by Alexandra Yschard .............. 38 Tale 9 – Gothic Tale by Lara ................................ 51 Tale 10 – Her Name was Sarah ! by Chloé Ktorza...... 55 Tale 11 – Gothic Tale by Hugo Buena Pastor .............63 Tale 12 – She was Hélène Doug by Clara Messih ........ 69 Tale 13 – The Jealous Witch by Julia Seitz ............. 74 Tale 14 – Josh the Unlucky by Victor Nouvel ............ 81 Tale 14 – Dirty like a Pig by Ilana Sidoun ............... 84 2

Tale 1 – A Gothic Tale by Elsa Sitbon

A gothic tale by Elsa Sitbon

Once upon a time , in the 19th century in Transylvania, the story of an ordinary girl called Barbara. She was twelve years old and lived in a lost village in the North of Transylvania. This little gloomy village was famous for many murders. Actually in spite of her normal personnality, Barbara had supernatural powers.Her parents did not know about them . She was very pretty : she had long brown hair and big piercing green eyes . Her nails were very long and sharp.


She had a secret that she did not want to reveal to her parents. She had a very peculiar behaviour in the evening when the moon was full . Her life was a nightmare and her heavy secret was a burden for her.

Barbara changed into a werewolf which haunted the dark streets of her little village. She turned into an awful monster during her changing process. Her teeth became bigger and bigger and blood was running out of her protuberant eyes. She turned into a hairy, plump and dark werewolf. Moreover her parents did not want her to go out at night because they knew that there was a mysterious and frightening creature at night.During the full moon on October 21th 1844 , she went to her neighbours’ field and drank the blood of the sheep. 4

All this frightended the inhabitants of the village. She could prevent her from drinking blood ,otherwise she would die .Nobody recognized her and the neighbours asked her if she felt good .She answered that she felt good but terribly exhausted.Days after days, she became stranger .One day of full moon , her parents followed her and discovered the truth . They could not believe it but unforutnately it was real. They saw her killing the neighbours’ sheep with her sharp teeth and with her green eyes that they knew by heart .After that, she confessed her secret to her parents. They told her « Why didn’t you tell us your secret before ?». She answered « I thought that werewolves were not accepted in the village and I was scared of being rejected ».The next day, she 5

became a normal girl and the neighbours did not realize that the sheep were missing because Barbara’s parents had bought sheeps to replace the deceased. Then everything became as usual and Barbara’s secret was hidden in her family for a long time .Nobody knew abou it and life went on …….Until the next full moon



Tale 2 – The Terrible Ghost by Claudia Medeiros

The terrible ghost

Once upon a time in a town far away in Australia, the family Anderson lost one of their relatives. Her name was Angelica Anderson, she was Veronica's aunt and she died drawn in a lake near their holiday house. Veronica was a teenager, she had green eyes and long black hair, she was always nice with people but she didn't really like this town she thought the village was haunted by some ghosts. One day, she went to the lake alone because she wanted to run away when she heard a voice, and she had already heard that voice before. It was of course Angelica's voice! She didn't know what the voice said exactly but she was asking for help. She turned around to see if anyone was here but she could only hear the uncanny wind. She ran in the forest to come back home and told her parents her story but they didn't believe her and they thought it was because she was shocked 7

by Angelica's death “Angelica's body is in the cemetery of Melbourne, tomorrow we will go here to prove you that she's dead”.

Veronica couldn't sleep that night, she felt observed by spirits but she fell asleep one hour after. This morning, it was raining. Veronica woke up at 6:00 am because if they go to Melbourne one hour later, they will arrive at 1:00 pm “We are arrived kids” expressed her parents. All the family will know the truth. They entered in the cemetery. It was really cold, they searched the tomb with the description “Miss Angelica Marguerite Anderson” but they couldn't find it. “We have looked for her tomb for three hours, she isn't here, she’s still alive!” shouted Veronica. Her parents started to believe her as they didn't find Angelica's tomb. They went back home. A big black raven was waiting at their house and he said that the place was not safe. 8

– “Did I hear the raven talking? – Maybe the raven knows where Angelica is” But the raven couldn't stop repeating that the place was not safe. They heard a heavy scream, it came from the forest so they took the car. Indeed, the scream came from the lake. They saw red snakes with evil eyes out of the lake and they caught Jacob, Veronica's brother by the feet “HELP, HELP” announced Jacob but it was too late.

They lost Jacob under their eyes and then the snakes were gone. Veronica was about to cry but they saw a strange shape in the air who looked like Angelica. Claudia Medeiros 4°1


Tale 3 – A Strange Death by Marion Schmitt

A strange death – By Marion Schmitt

It was eight o'clock in the morning. It was the start of the school year to the Black middle school of London. Ashley was a new pupil, she had just moved to this area.

Fourteen-year-old, she was in fourth year of high school. She liked reading books, particularly story of vampire… She wasn’t really sporty. She was blond hair with blue eyes and medium-sized. She had neither sister nor brother and lived alone with her mother, Mary. His father died when she was only 6 years old. But she never knew how his father died…

The girl entered her classroom and sat in the second row in front of his professor M. Doyle. A girl sat down next to Ashley and she asked her what was her name. - Ashley she says, “and you?” - My name is Sidney. Are you new in this school? - Yes I have just moved to London. I was living before in Boston, in the United States. "


Sydney had brown air with beautiful blue eyes. She does not like reading books but loved sport such as tennis or golf. She had 2 brothers and her parents were recently divorced.

Very rapidly, the girls became best friends.

A week later, they were seated near each other when, M. Doyle began his course. After two hours of French and one hour and a half of Math, this was lunchtime. Ashley went back home for the lunch. Her house was a little bit particular, it was a large manor. When she arrived, her mother was still not there but she arrived a few minutes later from the work (she was working in a consulting company).

After a good afternoon at school, Ashley came back home and while she did homework, she heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. She asked if it was her mother but nobody answered. Believing that the noise resulted from its imagination. Ashley continued her homework. Half an hour later, she heard a door closed! She was scared and went down slowly, she looked around the manor but found nobody.

Two weeks later, Ashley was in the course of science when the director made an announcement and says that a friend called Paul had died yesterday and asked one minute of silence. The director did not give more explanations. 11

In the evening, when she came back home with Sidney, they mentioned the death of Paul to Mary who was shocked. Later at night, after Sidney decided to go back home, Mary went in the room of Mary to spoke with her: “ I want to tell what happened to your dad. He is not dead, he has disappeared,” She told Ashley that his father disappeared when a vampire bit him in the neck in front of her in the forest. Her husband disappeared and now she has found him again, his name is Patrick Doyle!

From Paul's death, every week, a new pupil of the middle school disappeared; the police was everywhere but was unable to found the culprit.

Ashley had invited Sydney to sleep, they heard steps. They took out the head of the room, it was dark, and the noise moved closer to them then get away. A door opened then a shout. They were terrorized. The next day, when the girls went into her Mum’s room, they saw the bite on her neck. She was dead! Directly, they called the police and told them all they know about Patrick Doyle.

The police decided to arrest Patrick Doyle. But two days after, he escaped from the jail… 12

The funeral of Mary took place at night one week after her death. Ashley was very sad. During the funeral, she saw that M. Doyle was staying behind a grave. Ashley was very scared! She decided to go to the police. But, at the end the funeral, when she was remaining alone in front of the grave to say goodbye to her mother for the last time, the grave moved and his mother went out of her grave. Her mother jumped out the grave and with the assistance of Patrick, bites Ashley to the neck.

Now, everyone in the family had become a vampire‌


Tale 4 – A Gothic Tale by Anna-Louise Brun

A GOTHIC TALE BY ANNA-LOUISE -« Matt,did you finished you baggage ? »ask my mother, -« Yes mum ! »I replied. - «Okay,the dinner is ready in 10 minutes ! » So, I took a shower and after I came for ate with my parents. I sit next to them and we talk about baseball,memories,ect... Before the dessert my mom take a serious tone and told me that she send me in a boarding school for my own good. I said that's it was okay but it was not at all.When i finished to eat I came to my room and prepared everything for school. The next morning, I arrived in front of the boarding school. It was an old castle far from the city. In the back they were the wood and a creepy cemetery in it.This school made me feel insecure. They accompanied me to my class. The teatcher placed me next to a beautifull girl called Jessica.After the class I went to my locker and saw a boy who was hiting by a big guy who is in my class called Tristan. I stoped them. The boys thanks me and I asked he's name and answer a little : « Michael, what about you ? » 14

« I'm Liam » . So we stayed and ate together and I proposed to him to be in the same room to sleep because the provisor told me that I must have a companion in my room, and he said yes.The days passed and I started to be close to michael and jessica. One day I finally decided to invite Jessica, I prepared everything for.I found her and i asked : «Can you meet me at 9:00 pm at the meeting room ? » - « Is it a date ? » she asked me - « Only if you want ». She smiled and tell me that she will come. I was in the meeting room waiting for Jessica,I was literally impatient and watching my watch every 30 seconds ! I got a text from her saying she's coming,and when she was in front of me. I was so chocked,she was really perfect. I told her everythings I was thinking of her dress and her hair but I was like.. talking too much.. then I told her to wait for a minute,I went took my guitarre. She was looking at me with her beautiful eyes. Then I start to sing to her a beautiful song that I wrote,I called 15

the song by her name. At the end of my song,she was smiling and so thankful,.. It was the best time of my life and we was waiting for somethings to happen but she just put her hands on my check,then she approched her face to mine. A second later,we was kissing. It was my first and best kiss. I ask her to be my girlfriends and she said YES! I was so happy! But weeks later she started to be really weird,she past all her time on the wood,and with a mysterious boys called Isaac. I told Michael about this and he seems to be really worried. And so was I. I finally decided to tell Jessica about this,I told her how much I was jealous and she told me she was sorry and she won't talk to Isaac again. Weird isn't it? Well,I didn't saw her the next day,and I'm not the only one,her mother is now at the police station. Nobody saw her since she talked to me,I was so worried. Nobody saw Isaac since this day too. But hopefuly Michael was there to help me during this. A million question was on my head: Was she dead? Did Isaac killed her? Where else she can be? What happen during the last 3 week? Was it because of our discussion last day? 16

It was the first time that I really liked a girl,so why would I give up on her? I definely won't. So today,it's been a mounth that she left,it's the full moon. We waited all the day for go on the wood. Yes I was scared. But for her,I'll do everything. So yes with Michael we searched her,it was so late. We first heard some scary sound,it was so dark and the only things to shine us was my phone. My phone who turn off,and I was sure the second before,he was at 89 of batterie. Eveythings happen so fast! We first saw a shadow,who came closer and closer to us. I don't know why,but we didn't moove. Maybe we was to scared to do anything? But I took my gun on my hand. I just turn my head for a second and I heard my friends scream!! At this moment my phone turn on. And I saw my friend, he was in was in the hand of an enormous wolf (he was not totally like a normal wolf he was up and he walk like a human ), he was big and tall at the same time, he was so scary. He had red eyes, red like the blood and he was dark. The wolf was full of fury ,he etract the head of Michael. He was torturing and killing my friend when I started to shout in front of this horrible scenes. The wolf see me and throws the body 17

of my friends on the ground and run after me. I fire a ball, a second, a third and a fourth he was so close to me and I dit a fifth and he finished by falling.But strangely the wolf's body start to shrink. The body became a human and I see Jessica's body. She was dead. She was the wolf. She was a werewolf. I kill my own gilrfriend and she killed my only firend.I was broken. I take my gun and let him on her body and the police will think at a suicide. After the ÂŤ suicide Âť and the murderer of Michael and Jessica, my mum immediately change me to another school. Again. One year after I search news about my last school and there's still murderer. Is it Isaac ? I don't know but I don't want to think about this anymore. My mum now give me medicaments and I go to the psychiatrist.



Tale 5 – I Frankenstein by Olivier Depagne

I Frankenstein – By Olivier Depagne

The doctor Frankenstein was a doctor and one day, he create a monster about 8 pieces of different cadavers, but he make a mistake….The monster killed his wife, so the doctor decide to follow this creature, his creature, in the mountains. The creature was immunised about cold, not the doctor… Chapter 1 - Demons and Gargoyles At the death of the doctor Frankenstein his creature said “It’s my creator, he needs a tomb”. After buried his master, black people appeared. “Who are you” ask the creature. The answered to come with us. And after he


refuse, black people came to light: they were demons and scream with a horrible voice, that he leave us no choice! The monster defend himself but couldn’t do last, no matter at how he try. And at that moment, stone creature come, without any reason and defend the monster. The stone creatures, defeat the demons and turn over the creature, who asked “”Why? Who are you?”: “Other demons”. The stone creatures said that were gargoyles. Chapter 2 - Questions The creature was asking to the gargoyles what they want, the said to protect you from the demons who want the notes of Viktor Frankenstein for create life to dead body. It was of course a plan to create an army of


ZOMBIES, so they choose to unite for fight the zombie army and the demons. And they came back to the cemetery and they saw demons picking up corpses so the rush to the demons and attacked. They were all dead their blood and guts were lying on the battlefield, then the storm roared, the creature and the gargoyles have succeeded.

Chapter 3 - Revelations After the battle, the creature and gargoyles decided to leave this massacre. The gargoyles asked the monster why Viktor Frankenstein created you ? The creature said she did not know why. After this adventure the


monster felt a certain complicity between the gargoyles. But he wanted to be alone and the let the gargoyles. After he said: “I, the hero of the zombie battle” “I, the creature of a mad doctor” “I, the one who will defend, the poorest” “I, FRANKENSTEIN THE END


Tale 6 – Awaking by Anna Xiberras A gothic(short)novel:Awaking. By Anna Xiberras

Intro. It was something with the Hargenor's Manor. Not the kind of thing everyone would have notice in the first place, but still, it was something. Something slightly different from all the other places of Normandie. What was it? Oh well, just the fact that the castle owners -who, in despite of the modern interior setting, was actually extremly old. Older than the Christ probably-were-and that,for a very long time- quite young. But most of all, they were extremly british. Actually, they were so british that no-one had ever noticed they were immortal as well. And when I say they were immortal it is just my own way to say they were the oldest and greatest vampire family of France. Immortal sounds better than “blood suckers” am I not right about this point? As I was saying , the Kesley family was as immortal as the stupidity, ans as dangerous as your grand mum's dog. But,and careful with that, my little mortals readers: The Kesleys were also extremly generous, and nice; with people they found worthy of any interest of course. 23

And obviously, one day, they found that Ted Levine-22-was as interresting as he could be, and an really great person. Then they decided, that the safest way to keep this “personn of interest” close to themselves, was to save him from his death. Death, wich should have come on a sunny monday of march, on the Oscar's nominations day, to be precise, because he would have taken a bullet in the chest trying to save his close friend, Emma Ribane. But that, is another story. So let's see what was his reaction when, one day, he woke up in the oldest castle of Normandie-of the world actually- and how he came to speak with Marilyn Monroe. But once again, that will come later in the story. So let's begin shall we? End of the intro. Part 1: Only braves left alive. The noise of a bullet. Someone falling. Dying. Who was it? Pain. Guilt. Someone close. It was hard to remember. Then something else happened. Something terrible. BANG! A short part of memory. “Big girls don't cry”, where did it come from? Random memory. 24

Everything was white. No. Everything was blank. Voices. And then he woke up. But he wasn't breathing. Scared, he tried to open his eyes. When he did so, he felt it were burning as if some kind of pyromane as passed by. Despite of that, he tried to sit up. He had absolutly no idea of where he was, ans somehow, felt quite insecure about the idea of being in an unknow-and possibly dangerous-place. He didn't felt in need of air, wich he found surprising because he had always thougt that breathing was leaving. Finaly, his eyes began to work again. He was going to see where he was sitting at. But before that, he wanted to check if he was truly alive, or at least, if he wasn't just having a bad dream. He touched his left arm with his right hand, and found himself shivering when he felt it. Cold. Great big cold.His arms, his whole body actually, was as cold as an iceberg. Suddently, feeling a great strength growing in him, he tried to get up. He fell hard on the cold again, floor of this unknown place. He groaned and tried to get up once again. 25

He almost fell again,but finally succeded by holding himself to a chiseled, stone table. He must had been lying on it this whole time. What time? He tried to remember while looking around the place. The table he previously was on, was itself at the center of a large and cosy room. Behind him, there were two purple and warm chairs, and a circular table, borded with gold. At his right a small and curved window wich allowed to pass a gloom and quite scary light. At his left, another window, same type and same light. And in front of him, a wooden door. But nothing was helping his memory. He started walking around the room, his legs and back hurting him in a new and very painfull way. He heard something. Footsteps. Far. Someone was climbing the stairs behin the wooden door. He felt suddenly weakered and terribly afraid. He came to one window ans tried to figure out where he was. He stucked his forehead against the dirty glass, and looked as far as he could. But all he could see was water. He was on an island. Then he thougt about the structure of the building. Trapped in a bloody tower in an unknow island. -This is just absolutly peechy, Ted spoke up. 26

At the sametime he felt someone opening the door, and enter in. END PART 1 PART 2: “Where the sun is shining everyday!”

Ted quickly turned back as he heard someone coming in. -Good afternoon,he heard a feminine voice say. He didn't replied first. Totally out of his mind. The voice belonged to a blond, young women with the most white and smoothed skin he had ever seen. She seemed to be around 21 and was quite tall. But the most queer and amazing thing about this particular person, was her eyes. A shining yellow “orangé”, as Ted could not tell where were her pupils. He finnaly spoke up a small “hi”, and found his throat as dry as the Sahara. As the girl was approaching, he put his hand on his throat, trying to show there was something weird with it. She gave him a little blackboard with a black pen and the tended him her hand, asking him to follow her. -So, you must have a lot in your mind, I guess, she said as they passed the door. 27

Ted had realized her hand was as cold as his, probably. -But don't worry, she said, I 'm taking you to my parent's. They'll explain you everything. He wrotes “Ok”, on his blackboard, and showed it to her. She smiled and said that,by the way, her name was Leliana. He wrote his name was Ted and that it was nice to meet her. -Nice to meet you too Ted, she kindly replied. END PART 2 PART 3: It taste like strawberry. They finally arrived in a giant hall, but as soon as they came in it, they got out of the room. They were now in a garden. A really large and big garden. Larger than 5 football lands. THE garden. -Jasmine! Leliana shouted as she stopped in front of a perled, white


A maid soon came with a black bottle of something, but, because it was black it wasn't possible to see what was into the bottle itself. Jasmine gave it to Leliana, who thanked her. Jasmine also salude Ted, who wrote a “nice to meet you” on his blackboard. 28

She smiled and then left, coming back to the big manor. A big ans really impressive manor. Leliana took back Ted's blackboard and pen, and put them on the table. Then she gave him the bottle ans asked him to drink. -You'll feel better after, she said in a kind, but sure tone. He didn't smelled the beverage but directly drunk it. It was strange, but … it was good. He knew this taste but couldn't remember what it was. He finished the bottle. He indeed felt much better. -Thanks a lot, he said, glad to hear the sound of his own voice again. -You are welcome, she smiled, and put the empty bottle on the table as well. -Come on now, she said, we need to find my parent's, they must be somewhere around here. They started to walk, and he asked her where was the island the manor was on. She replied it was just few kilometres from Normandie, but that, no one really knew the exact emplacement. -Oh, here, she exclaimed. Mum! She called. END PART 3. PART 4: There will be no: “ Goodbye Marilyn.” 29

Leliana's mum really looked like her daughter. She had blond hair as well, and the same type of face, but we could see her eyes were darker, and that she was older. She probably was around... 36? Ted found that weird, but didn't mind. The woman was now just in front of them. She also had sunglasses, but she putted it down, and wore a black hat. -Leliana, how are you dear? She then returned, saw Ted and made a large smile. -Well, you must be Ted... She is what mortals will call a medium. Oh, and here i'm using my telepathic powers to talk to you. Now we're bounded so you should be able to talk to me this way as well. Ted responded by a claiming yes to Leliana's mum who started to apologize because she had no idea of where her husband as, and then said her name was Jessica. She took off her hat and put it on a table behind her. Ted would have sworn he had already saw her a couple of times. But where? -Did you enjoyed your drink? She asked him. Ted replied by the positive and asked her what it was. -Blood, my dear, she responded. Of course, Ted thougt. So, was he ‌ ? -Does this mean... 30

-Of course my dear, you indeed are a vampire. You are very clever dear. You will make a great immortal! She said with such a glee, that Ted surprised himself being happy about his condition. Jessica smirked. -So, while we are waiting for the love of my life, would you like to hear a story? She asked very chearfully. Say no!he heard Leliana told him in his head. -Sure, why not, he responded. He heard Leliana won, and asked himself how a story could be that awfull, or boring. So, Jessica started to tell Ted, how her and Dawn ( her husband) had met for the first time. It was... well, she couldn't remember when it was exactly, but she knew, that they were both already immortals. Dawn, made himself call : Dantus Clavicus, and was one of Romulus men's. Romulus was ruling Rome at this time, and it seemed he had quite a bad caracter. So, one day, because of Romulus, Dawn and other men were sent to kidnap some sabine's girls. But, as Dawn was then trying to kidnap Jessica ( her name was Jessilas), she repealed him by relatung the most boring senator's speech he had ever heard. Realising, that they were both immortal and genious, they madly fell in love. -Wow, Ted said, that's magnificent Jessica! 31

They heard a wouch! , and Ted gasped in surprise. Jessica had a giant colgate smile as an men hand lended on her soulder, while Leliana just made a desabused smile. -Hi dad, she said, I thought your teleportation crise was over ? -Good morning dear, replied a tall and even paler man with black and strait hairs. He gave Ted a hand-shake. -And you must be Ted I presume, nice to finally meet you. I am Dawn, master of the place. You of course already met my wife and my lovely daughter. Ted shook his head. -But you must know us ( my love and I) under other name. -Oh really?Ted asked. They said yes, that they were very famous in all the world, but always under other names. -You see, Jessica said, to give you an exemple, I was once queen of Egypt... -When I was emperor of Rome, Dawn completed. They then explained that, one day a men named Jules, who had became really important, had tried to seduce Jessica (She defended herself by saying it was only for buisness, and that he called her Cleopatre). So , Dawn ( but everyone called him Marc Antoine at this time) assassinated him. Dawn seemed really proud about it and said that for him, the 32

funniest was to know that by this time, everyone thought his son had killed him(Jules). -But it was me! He laughed. -Truly, asked Ted surprised, so you two have done many things during your … immortality. -Yes my dear, said Jessica, one time we even caused a civil war. During the Antiquity. -Wait, you don't mean you were … Jessica replied that, “of course my dear”, she sure was Helene, ans that she loved that name. -I hated my name, Dawn remembered. -And you were...started Ted. -Paris, yes, he growled. What a stupid name. Then Jessica said her favorite moment was when she was an actrice. Once again, Dawn explained, he had to kill the president of the U.S.A, because he was ( yes it had always been the main reason for Dawn to kill particular mens) trying to seduce Jessica. -I told him to let his dirty hands away, he defended himself, they never listen.

PART 5: The end of the story and the beginning of something long( no but seriously you have no idea of how long the eternity can be) <Two hours later> 33

-So we ended up fainting or own death. -What a mess, Dawn remembered. -I still don't understand why everyone find that story so romantic! It was fine really, but we had more fun as emperor's! -It's all because of â&#x20AC;Ś -SHAKESPARE! They both exclaimed at the same time. -He didn't understand our romance at all...Jessica complained. -You are so right, dear, her husband agreed. They both excused and said they were going to take a walk. They left, leaving Ted and their daughter. A certain werewolf gardener passed by. As I said them hi, only Leliana said hello as well. I guess Ted was chocked. More by Leliana's parent's than by me I think.

Finnaly, Ted remembered where he had saw them. He turned to Leliana. -I didn't thought David and Victoria Beckam had such an history. Leliana smiled. -You'd be surprised. I smiled as I entered into the hall of the oldest manor of the world. Knowing it was the beginning of something â&#x20AC;Ś eternal. THE END ? 34

Tale 7 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Enchnted House by Balasi Vermeulen

Enchanted House


It was 4 p.m,Frank received an e-mail,he was invited with her schoolmates and his mathematics teacher to a castle nicer a small and sinister town.The castle belonged a noble witch only one descendent is alive Chapter 1:The voyage


Next morning Frank prepare his suitcase and he said â&#x20AC;&#x153;Goodbyeâ&#x20AC;?to his parents,then he gets to the bus where his colleages were waiting. Chapter 2:The arrived When they reached the castle it was night and the howling of the wolves can be heard in the distance,there a strange man received they ,the man had long nails,pale skin,yellow and pointy teeth and white hair,also he wore a cape, and a vest with matching pants .Then they enter in the castle and saw that was decoded with old paintings,the long corridors had stuffed animals of all kinds.Later the men served us the diner and we went to the bed. Chapter 3:The end


When he woke up to the bathroom he heard footsteps in the main room,so he went to investigate,when he arrived he saw the stuffed animals but they weren't in different position and he got scared and went back running to bed but he could not sleep.Next morning Frank he woke up and went breakfast but George,Barack,Hillary were missing so he went find they in her rooms and their had blood,he had scare and returned to room but there wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t any one and started to call his friends but no one answered,after a while he heard a noise in the last room of the corridor,he opened the door and saw a tall and thin men,it was the men who received he and her friends,the men showed in a direction and Frank saw the bodies of his friends. Balasi Vermeulen 4è2


Tale 8 – Gothic Tale by Alexandra Yschard

Gothic tale The weekend of my fourteenth birthday , my best friend Lena and I went to an amusement park after which we dreamed to go. We did a lot of things, there were a good feeling among us. While we were hading so mutch fun we were greing around we saw a strange man looking at us… I saw a strange mansion that we didn’t notice before, it was among a little forest on a side of the park.

On the roof some kind of bats were banging and heads out off. On the top of the house some gargoyles were about to come to life. “oh look , the ghost train” , I was so happy! In the newspaper they have talked a lot about it, so scary!! 38

Lena said “oh yeah, but look, nobody is there, something must be wrong !” - “wait, I’m going inside”. When I came back , I told her , everything was fine , it was open. She was surprised. We arrived in the entrance of the house. A men came to us , it seemed I already knew him. “so girls do you want to go in? Are you brave? Any way, you can’t go out” We laughed but it seemed it was not really a joke… We just got in , it was large , we could have been three or four to sit there. The strange man said in a furious voice : Goodbye… He laught and disappear. I decided to don’t say anything because Lena seemed happy. The mansion was really big, huge!! Then everything stopped. We just got up , the train continued. We saw a black door , we went to it. On the 39

door was written “The Twilight Zone” and me I thought “COOL” ! When we opened the door , we got back in the park but it was night! We were really surprised and began to shake , we go in at 2pm 30 and it was dark outside 20 minutes after. The park was abandoned , closed , we were alone… Someone was watching us . the way out was not the secure anymore , now in front of us was a cemetery .

We decided to go back to find somebody in a store to help us. We finally got to an inn , The Lake Hostel , it looked charming , we got in and then we heard a scream. We went towards it , we opened a door and 40

saw a young girl , ow age , a men was standing in front of her with a knife , he had an demon face . When he saw us , he turned himself as a wolf and jumped threw an broken windows. The girl turn around. She was about to say something but I stopped her , I run to her , I sat down on the wood chair and I took her arm , blood was going down her shoulder . “oh my god , your bleeding!” The girl was in choke. She looked at my hand and cried. After she came down she told us she did the same attraction that we did a week before. She was with her father , and when they got out , they were also all alone. They got hostel and one day , the father left seeking for somebody and he never came back. “the man who was holding the knife was the same that the one we saw at the entrance of the ghost-train ,I said , I recognize him”. The girl named Denise had also recognize him. Tonight he had broken a window and try to kill her but she had move and was wounded to she shoulder. Lena and I found a room in the hostel , 41

there was two bed , a little window, the door was closed with the key : nobody could get in. Denise had the same room just in frount of us. Two minutes after we were in our room Denise came in. She ask us to stay for the night. “of course!!” we said. How could she sleep alone after being attacked a moment before? We felt stupid , we didn’t ask her to come with us before! At night , I woke up many times , not because I was very tired but of the noises coming from nowhere. The first time I heard like somebody was in the stairs. I was under my sheets and was too scare to move. The second time I noticed that the curtairs had moved , I thought maybe one of the girls had open them and forgot to close. I was about to close them , when I saw two red eyes looking at me!


Then a men face appeared , he was looking at me in a strange way, then he laugh , he open the mouth and blood was running out of it . He put his hand in front of him. The window was broken , he took my arm and pulled it , I screamed , I cried , I had no more strength , but then two hands were on my shoulders and held me back. He released me , the girls had save me , I was crying like crazy and I wanted this night mare to stop , I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go on like this ! Then I went to sleep in my tears. In the morning , when I woke up, I felt a very big hurt at my wrist: it was bigger , I had scarfs , I was moved thinking about


this terrible night! I went to the kitchen , the girls were already there. They stop talking and they look at me sadly. I sat next to her . Lena told me : “are you okay? You really scared us yesterday night , it was horrible!” I answered : “I know…” My arm was still hurting I wanted to change subject at all costs. Denise said to we quietly: “on day time, the man never comes , he his afraid of the sun. we will go to find a way out.” I souted : “ a way out??!! There is one???? -Yes, she said , but … Lena cut the conversation. “chut ... Yesterday when you were sleeping , we got a message from the man…” Denise said : “ we know there is an exit , but we won’t get ou unless we give something in return.” “you mean , give money or something?” -“yes, we think so” said Lena. –“when will we get out?” -“In about an hour” said Denise. 44

We need to take some things and go.” We did a list: a knife , a lamp ,water , bread and we got out in the park . As before , the park was empty with the sun shining , we were not afraid and we were three!! We were holding each other . my wrist still hurt. As we were walking a tall guy , very slim , with bad looking , came to us. He scared us! He took Denise hand , she was scared. He was shocking and he said things really wird , then he sat down and cried. Denise was overstressed.

–“Denise come , this man is crazy , come quickly.” Denise after a while , cried also , so mutch she couldn’t stop. – 45

“Denise I know your scared but , we will not end like him don’t worry…” -“ No , no it’s impossible … Oh my god!! Lena start to cry because she was mooved. Denise stood up , she looked at me in the eyes and she said :”it’s my father…” and she wept again. She was talking slowly , she had not recognize him at first , but after she saw his jacket she knew it was him : now he was dead… I noticed then that , he had very long nails and hairy hands. I try to hug a little Denise with Lena to calm her down and told her that, but she said he never had long nails , no hairy hands! -“maybe your dad had been bite by some wolf and he became one “ said Lena. Denise asked “ why he didn’t became a real wolf , why he was dead and why we hadn’t seem one before ?” -“ he must have been dead because he was starving, turning crazy and the man


testerday had turned in a wolf so we saw one!â&#x20AC;? Lena ask us to get out quickly . Denise was so sad to leave her father , but there was nothing she could do know! Denise saw a little house , maybe a way out . she went to the door , and shooted. We joined her , a man was on the ceiling , watching us and said to come in , and disappeared! We found ourselves in alarge hall: it was very old. In the middle , there was a long corridor. We went throw it. It was very dark. On the sides , there was knights in costumes with swords. I would not like to see them alive just in frount of me. Then , three doors appeared. The three doors had inscriptions : -nightmares -potions -torture 47

We all took one door . Denise took the door with the potions , Lena took the door with the torture and me , I took the door with the nightmares. I was in a room , it was dark… I felt something like water on my hands. I tasted it , that was like … blood!! I walked painfully. Animals climbed on me! I screamed , I pushed them but they remained on me. Breathless i put my hand on the wall. The wall was soft , not very smooth and wet. Suddenly the lightning behind me illuminated the way. I could see the wall was actually some flesh! I began to run , but I don’t know where I had to go. I fell to the ground. There were many small animals on the floor: some ants , some chis , all!!! I got up and run again . I fell again. But this time in a big hole. It was a tunnel without end… there were lightning all around me. I cried , help!! A terrible laugh gave me a headache.


Then , I landed in a room : she was very bright. The man came… “here you are!” he told me. “I waited for you!” -“really?” I asked paralyzed. –“yes , I had a question for you… would you be willing to give everything to get out of here?” -“to the point where I am … yes I could…” -“good! Thanks you , you can get out.” I ran to the door, I opened …. There were Denise … she had a strange face , I told her. She replied it was because of the potions she had to drink. I noticed , I was not better… we smiled. Then , a door appeared. “Lena!!” I said , “she must be there!” we ran to the door , we were outside , in the entrance of the park! “we succeeded!!” yelled Denise. We jumped in all directions. Then Denise tell me “but where is Lena??” 49

-“I , I don’t know…” then I told her the question that the men asked me in the room. She looked at me terrified “ We paid…”

THE END Gothic tale from Alexandra Yschard Anglais euro 4°1


Tale 9 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gothic Tale by Lara

Gothic Tale by Lara

Some years ago, around New-York in Brooklyn a young girl called June lost her parents when she was 8. Jennifer was a lonely girl hurt by her life. She had black eyes and blond hair, really clever but nobody wanted to be her friends always sad and depressive, to forget the past she wrote songs from time to time. One night she decided to go to the cemetery with her book's song for got some inspirations and to remember her parents' .


The cemetery was at 20 miles to her house but this night changed her life... At 8.00pm she heard some steps and noises, she felt a spirit near to her so she decided to quit the cemetery. The next day it was cloudy and she was in her room but the song's book was not here! She certainly forgot it in the cemetery yesterday... Afraid she leaved her house to go at the cemetery. Arrived she founded her book so she opened it and a uncanny thing was written inside: She read : “ one day we will be reunited again my dear ... ” Shocked she threw the book and she started to cry, she thought somebody was doing a joke or something else. A girl was in the cemetery and she told to June something: “I saw why you cry, It's horrible but stay strong we will find the culpable” June was a little happier because she found a friend finally! 52

Her name was Claudie Brooks and she introduced her husband Luke brooks, very nice people she thought, but Luke said to her that he knows the death of her parent's she was surprised how can he knew that! The days passed and Luke was different, he started to be really mean always in the cemetery when she was too..

One day Claudie and June found Luke body's dead , the blood was running down on his chest, a letter was torn and the letters said: The night when you heard steps noises it was me the people who wrote the bad message on your books all the things was did by me because Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m the best friend of the 53

evil and I like when people like you felt badâ&#x20AC;? The two girl were really sad by this letters and we heard the noise of the wind like if it was the soul of Luke going to the hell.


Tale 10 – Her Name was Sarah ! by Chloé Ktorza

Her name was Sarah ! It was a stormy night of summer 1869 in Wildwood. My father was doing the accounts in the mansion when he received a telegram who said that a young woman with her maid was at the entrance. My father already informs me of her stay in our bed and breakfast , the Vamper’s hostel .We came the welcome her and I saw the prettiest woman I ever seen . Her natural beauty was in perfect harmony with her charm . We were surprised by the thunder and lighting when she said “Hello ! I’m Sarah Woods and you are ?” with playfulness . I was stricken by her awesome beauty and she knew that . My brother answered immediately that his name was Kevin with gaiety .Apparently Sarah’s charm didn’t touch just me . So I replied to her that I was David Vampers and that I was the manager’s son ; I asked her if she want some help and my brother and I lead her to the annex .


The next morning , I brought her the breakfast and we started to talk about the life in the New Orlean and about the reason of it stay at Mystic Falls and everything else when Kevin arrived in the room and told us if we wanted to do a ride on horseback . I was looking at her when an expression of rejoicing appeared on her face . I answered that I take that for a yes . Then we prepared for this and started the ride in the wood .Hot summer air cools itself when we entered the wood same as the atmosphere became melancholy .We were walking in the wood when a branch clung to my jacket and when tried to remove it , I bled . When Sarah looked at me , her angelic face turned into that of the devil . Her look became dark and she tried to hid herself when she told that she would like to come back home â&#x20AC;Ś


Sarah’s reaction intrigue me . Maybe she was just afraid of blood but her demonic air made me thinking of somethings more … stranger . Tonight was the debutant ball .I was doing my cleaning when I found a note from Sarah :” I hope you will be honored to be my cavalier tonight “ . I was happy , really happy but … Sarah’s just now reaction worried me . I came to the annex to pick Sarah a 6:30 pm. She was beautiful even more then the first time then I see her . She wore a bright white dress with a diamond jewelry . When earlier in the morning , she told me that she was 23 years old I was bewildered , she look like she was 17 . On the path of the ballroom , I was thinking that my brother will be sad because Sarah chose me so I told to Sarah if we can be discreet and she completely understood .


Arrived to the ball , we passed a really good evening , we danced , we ate ( or rather I ate because the young woman didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t eat at all ),we talked with all the people of the city and I presented Sarah to them . While she was to the toilet , I was talking to my father when we heard a scream . Every body rushed to the corpse : it was a young woman not as beautiful as Sarah but she was pretty . She was covered of blood with 58

two little holes in the neck . The policemen arrived and they asked the invites of the ball . I found Sarah and I asked her about the crime she said she didn’t see anythings but I have made her observed that she had a red stain in the corner of the mouth probably some strawberries … We came back to the mansion , upset . I escorted her to the annex and she kiss me . Then she told me “Good by mister Vampers “. I was openmouthed . She repeated as captivating me “ Or maybe you want to enter …”

I woke up next morning . I didn’t remember anything of that night . The only thing I remember is that I enter into the room and that it . Maybe it’s the alcohol …but I saw on my wrist a hurt… 59

A few weeks passed , and many weird things happened like animals attack or or discovery of corps drained of their blood . I spent every days from the ball with Sarah , I never loved a woman like I loved her . She was so radiant and we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t imagine that she lost their parents a few month ago . She was also very mysterious ; Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s maybe why she was different to the other girl . The only flat it was that she was very close to my brother too . But one night , my brother and I were walking in the woods when we find a young boy , dead . He was covered of blood . Under his arms was the scarf of Sarah spotted of blood . I wanted to ignored that but it was evident , Sarah was the murderer of all the dead people ! All that murder started when she arrived ! I was disappointed and furious , and a little scared . I was in love of a butcher ! I had to talk to her so I went to the annex .


I rang to the door , I waited few minute and I look at the full moon . We could heard the bayings of distant wolves . I was anxious .She opened the door and she asked me if I wanted to enter but I replied that I prefer rest in front of the door . Then I told that we found , my brother and I her scarf near a corps spotted of blood ; I saw her expression on her face , that air that I saw in the wood weeks ago . I was tetanized . I took a sharp piece of wood as a threat and she said that it wasn’t what I was thinking about and that I had to calm down so I put my weapon on the floor and she tell me “ David you must believe me and don’t push me out ! Promise me ! “ .


I answered that I promise her to didn’t tell it to people and she explained to that she was … a VAMPIRE !! I was shocked and I ran home but she caught me and looked me in the eyes “ You mustn’t tell it to anyone , you promise me “ . But I didn’t have to promise that to her for I didn’t say that . It was like she witched me . Then she kissed me and told me that she always loved me . She bit me and said that she wanted to be with me forever and never be alone anymore . Then , in same time of the scream of the raven , she broke my neck . How could I trust her and what did she mean when she told me that she wanted to be with me forever ? I was dead !! Was that “forever”?? But I discovered that when I woke up later , bloodthirsty . To follow …

Chloé Ktorza . 62

Tale 11 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gothic Tale by Hugo Buena Pastor

Tuesday, October 21th. Dear diary, I arrived by carriage; I am ready for this week because I am on holydays. The house is magnificent next to a big wood but also, immense. I wonder why it was so inexpensive. I met Mr Lovewood my neighbour, he helped me to tidy up my cardboards and before leaving he told me that this evening it will be the full moon.

Wednesday, October 22th

Dear diary,


This night I was not able to sleep, wolves didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stop roaring. Mr Lovewood had given me a good advice, because somebody died trying to push away the animal that roamed around his house. Examining tracks we noticed that the tracks of the wolf were bigger than that of a normal wolf. Mr Lovewood came to see me and I asked " is it the first dead man? ", he told me that it had been two months since there was no victims. He left at seventeen o'clock.

Thursday,october 23th

Dear diary, I wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t able to sleep with what passed this evening thus I chose to visit the house of the dead man, I found imprints of wolves, I know that there is a strong population of wolves in the forest, but imprints were much bigger than normal and in addition it seemed to walk with two legs. I went to the village, to ask the city major if he knew people who would supposedly have seen the animal. He answered me " yes, there is somebody who would have seen the beast we do not believe him too much because he became a little bit crazy " He said thank you and I asked him where he lives, and I left. 64

As the night went fallen I brought in, and I began imagining the animal then I fell asleep.

Friday,october 24th

Dear diary I had seen the old man, he welcomed me very well, but when he spoke to me about the animal, I had seen at once the fear in his eyes. Then I asked him what he had been able to see so terrifying, he answered me " it was the terrifying animal which walked on two legs as a man, which had sharp claws and head of wolf. Having left the house of Mr Smith (yes it is his name), I went to the library to look for information on this creature mid man and mid wolf, and this is what I found "The Werewolf, is a man who transforms himself during full moon into a creature mid-man and mid wolf, but when the moon is red its strength multiplies tenfold, the only way of killing a werewolf is to fire him a silver bullet in the heartâ&#x20AC;?. As it was already dark I returned and fell asleep on the sofa.

Saturday, October 25th


Dear diary, I got up, I took a bath, I hurried to go to the hunting store, to buy a rifle and traps and silver bullets to kill the werewolf. My strategy is simple to put traps everywhere around the wood, then when the animal will be trapped I shall fire him a bullet in the heart to finish it with his Calvary. Having bought the traps I came to say hello to my neighbour to ask him if he knew where I could put my traps, he said to me that he will come to help me tomorrow because that it was already late and I had to come back at home. When I returned home I started imagining places where I could put my traps, then I fell asleep. Sunday, October 25th

Dear diary, I got up at about 8:00 am. I had breakfast, then I picked up Mr Lovewood. Then he said me: "you know, it is necessary to place the traps where we know it passed ", I told him that I agreed with him. As we had no idea where from was its territory thus we surrounded the village of tenths of traps. Then we went to tell to the population that this evening they mustnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t had to go out and that they had to lock themselves. I said " Mr Lovewood, we have to be here at nightfall ", but 66

before I went away he told me " you know William you could call me Sean ", and I agreed. We arrived at the moment when the moon went out, even not 10 seconds later we heard not one but two roarings. Sean and I had not imagined that there were two werewolves there. We decided to remain grouped, suddenly both of them arrived on each side. I had no time to think and I fired it a bullet in the heart, and I turned around to see how Sean was with the other animal. And then I saw the beast on the body of my friend, at this moment the I went furious, then I fired a bullet which touched the leg. The animal which felt the silver bullet ran away towards the forest, thus I went away to pursue the animal. The forest is immense, I saw nothing more than three meters, I had a very beautiful view of the moon. I said to myself that I had to stay on my guard because the animal is watching me, I felt him. Then suddenly I saw it jumping on me, and I triggered when it was above me.


Monday, October 26th

Dear diary, When I got up it was already the day, and I saw that the werewolves were City â&#x20AC;&#x201C;major and Mr Smith. I had to return home to take a shower, and to pack my suitcase because I must be in London Tomorrow. Before taking the train I had to attend the burial of Sean, little but very moving. I said my farewells and then I took the train .


Tale 12 – She was Hélène Doug by Clara Messih

She was Hélène Doug Hélène Doug was a girl with brown hair and a weird big mouse. She was the servant of Dracula. I say “was” because Dracula bit her. He did that because Hélène told to the guests that Dracula was a vampire. She said it cause she hated him, so Dracula decide to tell the guests that it wasn’t true so they couldn’t be afraid and bit her. Her story starts here : It was in Dracula’s house, she was looking for a “job”. Dracula told her that she could be his servant but what he ignore was that Hélène Doug was her second sister and that she knew that he was a vampire and Dracula ignore that Hélène was a vampire too. She was looking for Dracula all this years and when she found him she hated him already and that is because he knew that he had another sister and he never looked for her. During two years, Hélène was Dracula’s servant but one day when her brother had guests in his house, she was sick 69

of seing her brother everyday and not tell him the true so she decide to tell to the guest that Dracula was a vampire. When the guests asked him if it was true, Dracula was so pissed that he had to bit and kill his sister and tell to his guests that she was crazy and lied to them saying that she leaved the house because she feeled bad for saying this lie. Dracula killed Hélène without knowing that she was his sister….

They were Jane Mane and Carla

Jane Mane was the cousin of Dracula. She was a very very very mean person. She was a blond girl with a big and larg nose. She lived in Dracula’s house and play the nice girl with him but she’s not nice at all. She is rude and yell at the guests every time. Here is her story : Jane Mane lived in Dracula’s house since she’s born. When she grew up, zJane felled in love with her cousin (weird…). She wanted to say it to him but she couldn’t because he will kick her out of his house. One day when 70

Dracula invited his sister to diner, her name is Carla. Jane was here. She hated Dracula’s sister because she was always saying nice things to her brother and Jane was in love with him so she didn’t like that and Dracula ignored it.. One day when Dracula went to the street to buy some food, he left Jane and his sister Carla alone in the house. Jane wanted to kill Carla, so she went to her room and Carla was lying on the bed because she had a stomachake. Jane proposed her to go in the living room and take some water. When they were down stairs, Jane gave Carla a poison drink. She drinked it and five minutes later she had a heart attack and layed down on the floor and… died… Jane was so happy but she was doing the innocent, she went next to Carla and did like if she was crying. When Dracula came back home he saw his sister lying down on the floor with her eyes closed and that’s when he noticed that her sister was dead… He didn’t knew yet that Jane killed his sister.

She was Jane… The next month… 71

A month later, Dracula and his cousin Jane were the only one in the house. Dracula knew now the true… Here is the story : One month later, Dracula and Jane were alone in the house. Jane was thinking of what she did to Carla, and for the first time of her entire life she was feeling bad… She wanted and didn’t wanted to tell Dracula the true, she wanted because she feeled very bad about it, cause she knew that her cousin and Carla loved each other. BUT, she didn’t wanted to because she didn’t knew what Dracula will do to her.. Obviously she thought that he will bit her but she knew that he will do something meaner. She didn’t knew what to do, and she think the hole day and started thinking that telling Dracula the true was a good idea. So she went down the kitchen and start saying to his cousin the beginning of the scene.. When she said “I gave her something to drink and she didn’t feel good after” Dracula stoped her and knew already very fast that Jane Mane killed his sister. He didn’t knew what to think about it. So he yelled at her, run after her, took a big knife, run faster and killed her 72

in the back with his knife… Dracula lived alone in his house for the rest of his days…. He was so disappointed of what he learned that he couldn’t invited nobody else in his house…



Tale 13 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Jealous Witch by Julia Seitz

The Jealous Witch In the Middle Ages, in the thirteens century, a princess called Elisebeth, she was beautiful ans kind, she has got long blond hair and she was tall . She was living with her parents named George ans Dianna, the King and the Queen pf Farfaraway. Elisabeth was going to marry Prince Harry. He was handsome, tall, he had got short brown hair, he was brave and respectful.


In Farfaraway, the weather was always cloudy or raining and cold and there was a forest, Rarfaraway Forest, who lived, in a haunted house, a cruel witch called Cruella.

She was little, she had got short black hair, she was alaways dressed in black. She was sneaky, disgusting and jealous of Elisabeth beacause Elisabeth was perfect. Cruella wanted to kill Elisabeth and take her beauty and become One day, she went to the Castle and saw Elisabeth in the garden, she put a pell on her.


Elisabeth was weird during twenty seconds. Then her hair became black as well as her dress. Cruella had to run to the forest because Harry arrived to see her fiancée. Elisabeth was nasty and said something bizar : Cruella sais she needed me - Who is Cruella ? asked Harry. - Cruella told me she needed me and my beauty. - ELISABETH !!!! Are you ok ? - Cruella said I must meet her tonight in the forest… - Elisabeth ?! Elisabeth bacame normal again and shouted to Harry : What ?! -

You are weird Why ? You talked about Cruella. Who is she ? I don’t know, I need drink something. Ok, I will come with you.

During said : I PRINCESS powerful

this time, Cruella was happy and will bacame Elisabeth ! A !!! I will be beautiful and ! I will kill her parents ans 76

become Queen of Farfaraway ! AH !AH !AH !AH ! Tonight Elisabeth will become a witch qns she is going to die because witch are burned !! And me I am going to be a princess, a mean princess ! At midnight, Elisabeth went to the forest to meet up Cruella. When Cruella saw her, qshe put another spell on her. Elisabeth ! - Yes. - Take my hand. - Okâ&#x20AC;Ś Cruella opened Elisabethâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hand and drunk her blood. She became Elisabeth and Elisabeth became Cruella. Outside, there are storms. Elisabeth regainsed her spirits and saw her black hair, she had got a hat and she was screaming : Why I am like that ? Elisabeth was scared. - You are like that because you are a witch ! - Why ? 77

- Because ! I have put a spell on you ! I took your body and you took mine, I also give you some powers. - But you have powers too ? - Yes of course ! - Why you to that ? - I am going to kill your parents and I am going to marry Harry and kill him to get all his money and become Queen of Farfaraway !! AH ! And you will help me ! - No ! Elisabeth became sneaky and hideous. She wasn’t beautiful and kind anymore. In the same time, at the Castle, Dianna and George talked with Harry about Elisabeth : She told me Cruella called her. - Who is Cruella ? asked the Queen. - I don’t know but your daugther was weird and she retorted me she had to go in the forest. - Why ? - She didn’t tell me why but after she became herself again. - You need to help her and we need your help. Said the King. - I will do my possible All of sudder, they were coming, the weather changed : the sky was black, it was raining and cold. 78

The Queen was shouting : Who are you ? Why my daughter is here ? - Mum ! She put a spell on me ! said Cruella transformed in Elisabeth. Prince Harry didn’t believe her because he rembered her under spell and what she said : Don’t believe her ! It’s Cruella ! The witch ! You know when Elisabeth told me Cruella needed her help, her beauty, she had to go to the forest to see Cruella. No you are all wrong ! I am Elisabeth ! - Ok, how old are you ? - Twenty two… ? Said Cruella not sure. - No ! Elisabeth had twenty five ! You are Cruella ! Cruella turned into a witch again and Elisabeth became herself again. You see ! said Harry to Dianna and George. The Queen and the King thanked the prince. It’s not finished ! Screaming Cruella. She tried to kill Elisabeth’s parents. Harry protected them and he took Cruella’s magic wand.


The spell was definitely broken and Elisabeth ran to her parents and gave a hug and kissed Harry. Two days later, Cruella was bruned in the cimetery of the kingdom. There was fog and all the kingdom was frozen. One month later, Elisabeth and Harry got married. But Cruellaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daughter was furious and kept a close eye on themfor avanged the dead of her mum. If she will suceedâ&#x20AC;Ś The following in the next episode.


Tale 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Josh the Unlucky by Victor Nouvel

JOSH THE UNLUCKY This story took place in the usa colorado a little boy named josh lived a quiet life with his friends , his parents and His famillie but unfortunately he had a bad idea to opened the door that leads to the attic .

He took a step and then two and he could not help but open any chests and he put the attic upside down He found figurines wood , Models of aircraft and a lots of very interesting thing for a boy of seven years old. But he had the misfortune to approach and open the chest. A huge spider with huge eyes mandibles covered with saliva and corp giant and his huge hairy leg with ugly hair are in the chest Josh had not had 81

time to shout that the spider had already bitten, Josh shocked ranks the attic and went into his room as if nothing had happened and as if he had forgotten everything .

Unfortunately this indifference was not time , one day Josh was not sleeping and he discovered that the night he become a Spider Josh try to kill the spiders but the spiders avoided or cash pain but never dyed .The spiders and josh WAS two different people . The spiders WAS ugly and very nasty but Josh WAS kind . The night Josh can not control the spiders and the spiders killed innocent people.One day the spider went into a restaurant and killed 30 people and it becamed public enemy number 1.The head of the spider was a set price of 1million$.Josh doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want attract problem and he decided to left in the north of 82

England in a old castles but the spider did not stop his murders Josh took a very important decision he had to kill him .

Josh was too curious and especially unlucky is name.


Tale 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dirty like a Pig by Ilana Sidoun

My Gothic Tale: Dirty like a Pig A horror story by Ilana Sidoun

Chapter I : Hell

I woke up in the woods. I couldn't remember anything of what happened to me, or how I got here. A pouding headache in my head started to make me feel nausious. These woods seemed deep and dark, as the leaves on the trees were so thick, they didn't let the light through. Or was it night ? I can't remember at all. I recall I woke up on the floor, on wet soil. I felt a chilling breeze, going through my silky black hair, making the leaves rustle as the wind whistled softly. I got up, hardly, as my legs were numb. I brushed the dust off of my jeans, and looked at my clothes, my tank top was filthy, but my sweater was neat. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, and started walking. I looked around me, to notice a path, going in deeper and deeper into the woods. I followed it. Passing more and more trees. Feeling them eyeballing me, feeling 84

my presence. A small rock was in the path, and I tripped over it... That's when I heard it. I heard footsteps. Someone was walking at my pace, mimicking my walk, but when I tripped, he lost rythm. My eyes wouldn't blink anymore... I could only think of him following me. I didn't dare to look back, or stop. So I continued my walk, cautious, afraid of what may occur. Then, that presence behind me said: - "I see you" whispering in my ear, over my shoulder those three words in a soft, yet threatening voice. I turned back in a rush, scared, praying for my life. He wasn't there... In fact, nothing was there. The presence had vanished. Was I going insane ? I couldn't tell. I turned back, slowly, making sure nothing was there. I started walking, and I suddenly stopped. I was in front of a beautiful lit house, came out of nowhere: A staircase going onto the patio, with a "Welcome home" mat in front of the door. Tulips in pots under the window, with pretty white curtains hung behind it. I was thinking whereas this was or wasn't a trap. But I guess I didn't think that question through enough. I walked up on the patio, and stretched my arm out to open the door, the floor cracked open, and made me fall into total darkness. I fell onto hard ground, wet and dirty. There was a horrible stench of death in the room, going up my 85

nose... It was making me feel dizzy, as if I wanted to throw up. I looked up, to see from what height I fell, and strangely, could not see from where I came from. The roof was intact; there was no way I could've been mistaken. I did fall, and I did end up here. From where had I arrived ? All these questions remained unanswered. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see a small table across the room. I started walking towards it… And I noticed quickly my feet were paddling in thick liquid. I could feel its warmth, up to my ankles, making little noises as I was walking. “Splitch, Splatch, Splitch, Splatch” and I wasn’t even wondering to myself what that liquid was. As I kept walking I started noticing objects on the table. I eventually arrived in front of the table. There was a flashlight. I flicked the switch to turn it on. A chance, there was batteries. On the table, there was also a note:

Written on a dirty paper, with blood letters. I couldn’t understand, I was speechless. In fact I literally 86

couldn’t speak. And, not thinking it through, trembling, I pointed my flashlight towards the ground, following the instruction on the note, just to have a frightening sight…blood. That thick and hot liquid, that almost brought comfort to me… was blood. And then, I realized something. The blood was getting hotter and hotter, it was boiling. I looked around the room for an exit, as I felt the room getting narrower and narrower, the walls weren’t flat and hard but curved and squishy, I was running from side to sides of the room, pushing the walls back, looking around, feeling butterflies in my stomach… That’s when it hit me: A stomach. That’s what this was. The blood was acid. And I was going to be squished and squeezed into mear faeces. Then, I started looking on the floor for an exit, and found a trap door. Unfortunatly, it was shut. I couldn’t open it. I started kicking it with all my might, as the blood was boiling, making my bare skin red and hot, thinking about whoever was watching me, I held my breath to prevent from screaming of pain. My life was in danger, I kicked the door once more, and the trap door finally opened. I got down the quickest I could, going down along with the boiled blood.


Chapter II: Labyrinth

I ended up in a room that seemed like a storage room. It was dark and messy, lit very lightly by only a worn out lamp. There was dust everywhere. Cobwebs here and there, the floor was soaked with drenched papers, impossible to be read. A few closed grey cabinets, mops and brooms, with a bucket on one side of the room, and two benches on another. There was as well a staircase at the very opposite of the room. Then I noticed something. My clothes… They weren’t at all wet, nor were my feet stained with red. Even stranger, the blood that one was, wasn’t anymore. Nothing was stained, and the trap door that was on the ceiling had disappeared. As if to say “No going back”. I sat down on one of the benches; they were very used and uncomfortable. I was thinking to myself, if I had dreamed, if it were hallucinations. I couldn’t put my mind to it, no. It was impossible. The realism of it couldn’t have made it fake. I was thinking in my head, wondering what was coming for me next. And then I start to hear squeaks and screeches, and screams and squeals, of many tormented animals, all suffering… I looked around, and realize they come from one of the cabinets. I opened all the cabinets one by one… All empty. When 88

the last one presents himself to my eyes. I try to open it, without success, wondering how it was locked, I inspected it… No keyhole, no code, no screws, no nails, nothing. But then I hear a “click” and a cabinet closes. I go over to that one, forgetting about the one that wouldn’t open. I swing it open quickly, and a bucket tips over drenching me in soap and other cleaning liquids. Then another “click” except that time, a cabinet swung open. The last cabinet; the one that wouldn’t open. I walked up to it once more, and looked at what’s inside. A tape recorder. I play it, and hear the animal noises… And the sound of them being hit, tortured. And then at the end, the sound of a pig, squealing in the microphone and saying I hear you, in a deadly tone. I had shivers and chills, I felt alone, yet always watched. I walked up to the staircase, and followed it until the top. I ended up into what smelled like sewers, it was dirty and disgusting, it was absolutely repulsive. It was absolutely dark, and you could hear the tippy tap of mice running around. I continued walking, into total darkness. I walked always forward. And then, I remembered I had a flashlight. It was so idiotic of me to have forgotten, yet I was grateful to have it. I turned it on and… I screamed in terror. I fell on the ground, and pushed it all back, all there was. Death. All around me, death. 89

I was walking on the bodies of dead creatures; I was surrounded by human and animal flesh, surrounded by the corpses of many creatures. The stench that disgusted me was blood and death… So disturbing, on so many levels… Yet I felt the urge to move forward and to continue my way, further into this hell, to maybe reach a light, perhaps reach an exit, though my hopes weren’t too high… Helped with my flashlight, I continued my path forward, not questioning the other paths going on the sides, turning around corners, leading to dead ends. No, I just continued forward. After a difficult walk around corpses, tripping on bones, and going around carcass I reached a dead end. Nothing was at the end of this one way… Then throughout the maze I heard, an echo coming from far away, a pig squealing and someone coming for me. He was saying he could smell me… I didn’t understand how with all that stench he could 90

possibly… The soap… The cleaning liquids… Everything reeked of disgust, and I smelled good… I started running. I started running so fast, after a bare minute I needed to stop to catch my breath… I was running from dead end to dead end. I was trapped in between walls, a bed of death under my feet, and different ways and corridors all around… I could hear the pig squeals getting closer and closer to me. I desesperately sat down, knowing my death was near. I cried and thought of my death - “I’m going to die like all these people before me” I cried, looking around. “I’m not worth any more than them. They might’ve been more important than you… Look at you, a weeping baby, complaining about the stench of others because she smells so good…” and the, like a light in the darkest soul, I had an idea. I covered myself in sewage water, blood, rubbed my skin with flesh, bones and rest of corpses. The smell of flowers and cleaned was removed slowly with the stench of death and obstruction. I noticed the squealing vanished… After a last squeal, the final echo of the pig vibrated the whole room, making my ears ring. I could feel my heart pouding… I was sweating, and my palms were soaked. I just laughed hysterically; I was happy to be alive. I got up, and started joyfully walking, to the opposite of where I heard the pig for the last time. 91

Chapter III: Death I walked for minutes, hours, even days maybe, in that maze, trying to find the exit. I didn’t care. I was happy to live. I ran, screamed, laughed. I was relieved. I got hungry, tired, exhausted and thirsty… I started eating the animal bodies for hunger and started drinking their blood for hydration… I needed the energy. It tasted awful, and needed getting used to, but it was the only thing I had got, and I took it gratefully. I at one point, arrived to an exit… or was it ? It was a round hole in one of the walls, in perfect white. Around all that was stained and dirty of red and filth, it stood out… It was pretty. I ran in it, I didn’t even think through what was on the other side. Just like commiting suicide. You jump in, not knowing what awaits you. I ended up in a room, that looked like purgatory… All white. Nothing else. If I had to describe purgatory this would be it. I sat down. And waited. I don’t know what I was waiting for, but I did. I waited.


I continued waiting…The stress was getting up to my head… I was starting to go crazy… I thought the best solution was to go back… but it vanished… The whole to the labyrinth vanished. “No going back”… Never going back... So I started panicking, and then it came, as if to say, do not worry… Out of the white. I cannot speak anymore… Or think… But his smile… Stays carved in my mind… And the sound he made… A squeal like no kind. He walked to me… And touched my hair… He looked at me, and my last memories are his smile… And what he said… 93

“I touched you” he whispered softly. “Now let me taste you…”

The End



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