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Importance of African Shea Butter

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Introduction African shea butter is derived from the shea nut tree which grows in tropical rainforest of West Africa. It is heavily used in cosmetics as a lotion or moisturizer. It contains a huge amount of buttery substance.

Important facts

Shea butter is generally of two types, east and west African. East African shea butter is unrefined and the latter is refined. Unrefined shea butter is much better than the refined one.

Cosmetic use

Made with regard to UV sunlight Moisturizers Soothing It keeps skin youthful and smooth It can be useful for soothing and finally as prior aging.

Benefits Makes your skin soft and smooth Protection against sun-burn and UV rays Perfect sealant for hair Able to remove all dirt from scalp and body Doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives

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Importance of African Shea Butter  

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