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Timesheet Management In Microsoft Project Server This information may be used for payroll, client billing, and increasingly for project costing, estimation, tracking and management. Nonetheless, this is where Microsoft Project Server and its Timesheet Management feature has a role. This feature in MS Project Server helps you to create and keep a tab on the timesheet of your project, thus making it easier for you to manage the timesheet of your work smoothly. It enables you to easily track the time you spend on a project's tasks, and the progress of those tasks towards completion. You can also enter time spent on administrative tasks, like vacation, travel, training, and sick leave. Timesheet Management Features of Microsoft Project Server Hosting Create and Edit Timesheet Surrogate Timesheet (create on behalf of someone) Import tasks (with actual values) from project or create your own task entries Mark timesheet rows as billable for your invoicing needs Forward to Timesheet Manager or others for review Approve/Reject Timesheets. Merge timesheets received from team members to easily create a team timesheet Lock timesheet to block further edits Link to other objects like tasks, issues etc. How to set up time reporting in Project Server? Set up time reporting periods: Time reporting periods are used on both the My Tasks and the My Timesheets pages, and must be set up before either page can be used. Configure timesheet line classifications: Timesheet line classifications are used to provide detail about project tasks. Configure timesheet settings and defaults: Timesheets can be configured in a number of ways that apply business rules to how users are allowed to track time. This is where you can turn on single entry mode. lustra

Configure administrative time categories: By default, Project Web App provides three administrative time categories: Sick, Vacation, and Administrative. Your organization may have specific categories that meet your needs. Configure task settings and display: Task progress updates can be configured in several ways to meet your organization's needs. So get hold of this timesheet management feature of Microsoft Office Project Server to lower costs and increase the productivity and health of the company! What more, grab the best Application hosting solutions, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint from Apps4Rent that too at cheaper rates!

Timesheet Management In Microsoft Project Server  
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