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German shepherds are beautiful dogs and are very popular, and there is a reason for that. They are an easily-trained, all-around versatile dog. There great for obedience, agility and protection. When training your German shepherd be the boss of your dog kindly but firmly from the start and you will have a happy obedient dog who respects you. Simple training should be part of its daily life so the dog grows up knowing what is required of it and there will be no need for corrective treatment or punishment later you must be able to change the tone of your voice between giving commands so your German shepherd dog knows when it is being praised or corrected and say as few words as possible when giving commands, you can talk as much as you like to your German shepherd dog the rest of the time but when training keep to the same few words and nothing else. Always start with the dogs name to get its attention followed by a one word command.see that the command is carried out then praise your dog. It is essential that your German shepherd dog comes when it is called so it is never too early to start a response to this command do keep to one word come not come here, said in a firm but kind voice that tells dogs you mean it. not in a weak way that asks if it feels like it. This is easily done by calling its name when its already on its way to you but the real test will come when there are other distractions about but the more you fix this response at an early age the more likely you are to have an obedient dog if you are ignored never chase the dog call it and the go the opposite way remember not to panic and always master these commands at home at an early age before your dog is let outdoors. Sit is another command that can be taught at an early age. your German shepherd will probably sit down to look up at you especially when expecting its food and this is the time to teach the sit, with a tit bit held in your hand out of the dogs reach say the dogs name then the command sit not sit down you may have to apply gentle pressure on the hind quarters to start with and be quick enough to stop the German shepherd puppy jumping up but it will soon learn what you want and this is a very useful command see that your dog enjoys obeying this command tell it to sit at odd times when it is running loose or a short way away from you and then gradually increase the distance making sure to praise it each time German shepherds like routine so it is important to try and make sure that the training of your dog is carried out by one person.

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==== ==== Click Here To Discover How To Stop Your German Shepherd`s Behavior Problems For Good: ==== ====

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