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Dogs are very intelligent and so easy to learn. You just need a lot of patience with them and they will eventually learn what you are trying to teach them. The German shepherd is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Training a dog with this breed will not be that difficult at all. However you need to know that German shepherds need to be trained no matter what. It is because untrained dogs like that type can become very hazardous. You just need to know some tips for German shepherd training to keep you started. Listed are the tips for German shepherd training: 1. Start with obedience training. This needs to be strong obedience training for the dog. The first thing dogs need to learn is how to obey their owner. They need to know that you are the boss now. Some untrained dogs will always treat you as the follower instead of the other way around. Make sure that you make your dog get this. 2. Teach them with the basic skills at first. Teach them how to sit, lie down, come, stay, heel, leave, etc. this will be the first tricks your dog needs to learn. 3. German shepherd dogs are very dominant. They are strong dogs with such intelligence. While you train him, you first to show him that he needs to follow your rules before he takes over you. Dogs will not know this at first because they just see you as their playmates. Teach your dog to obey you at all times for you to gain that respect. 4. Try not to punish your dog if he does not obey you at first. It might take time before he actually gives you that needed respect so you need to be patient. Punishing your dog will not make him obey you more. It will only lead to some violent reactions which can lead into hurting you. 5. Starting with his puppy months, you can keep him tied on his leash. That will make you take him for a walk in the park or just in the neighborhood. Be sure that he won't drag you down too fast. You need to be the one leading the way. 6. Give your dog a firm "no!" each time he does an unpleasant behavior. Make him know that you are mad without having to punish him. 7. One of the best tips for German shepherd training is to help them socialize with others. Start this during their young age. If they get scared and panic over seeing other people, do not be bothered. This is actually normal for them. Just be consistent in taking them for walks or maybe taking him with you for some gatherings. 8. German shepherds are working dogs. It needs to have a job. They are sometimes used to

guard the house, herd the geese and sheep, or even carrying things for you. Their jobs are what make them happy the most. Try to train them to do their tasks so that they will always have something to do and they will fell more special.

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==== ==== Click Here To Discover How To Stop Your German Shepherd`s Behavior Problems For Good: ==== ====

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