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Inspired by the playing card guards of the Queen of Hearts, it stands at 72 inches with a width of 37 inches and a depth of 13 inches. It is made from maple wood, with a mahogany Cheshire Cat resting on top of it.

The design of Wonderland incorporated mushrooms, so for the feel of a peculiar place, I present the mushroom chair. 20 inches high, 18 inches in diameter and made from soft leather with a wooden frame.

Inspired by the mushrooms of Wonderland, this couch complements the mushroom chair. It is 18 inches high and 90 inches in wide.

The table is a whimsical piece and it includes the Caterpillar sitting on mushrooms, the Mad Hatters hat, a raven and the oraculum with the famous riddle on it, to make a miniature Wonderland. The handles to open the drawers are clocks to symbolize the white rabbit. It is 30inches high, 30 inches deep and 60 inches wide. It is made from light colored maple wood. I have included two designs, the only difference being the hats.

The tilting hats make this version more quirky.

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Alina Bhatia

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