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An interview to Henry Patterson

Helo Mikel

Helo Henry Patterson

Realizada por sus alumnos del desdoble de 3ºA/B

Student: Hello Henry! Can we ask you some questions? Henry: Hello! Of course! Student: Where were you born? Henry: I was born in a village called Prudhoe, near Newcastle, in England. Student: How old are you? Henry: Very old …I’m 60. Student: When is your birthday? Henry: In November. Student: Why did you come to Spain? Henry: I came to Spain because my wife wanted to return here.

Student: Was your wife born here? Henry: Yes, my wife was born in Pamplona. Student: Where did you meet her? Henry: In England. Student: Have you got any children? Henry: Yes, a daughter and she is 16. Student: How long have you been in Spain? Henry: I have lived in Spain for 21 years. Student: Always in Pamplona? Henry: No, first I lived in Bilbao and then I came here. Student: When you arrived in Spain was it difficult to adapt? Henry: No, it wasn’t difficult at all, even driving on the wrong side of the road was easy. Student: Do you like Spain? Henry: Yes, I do. Student: How many differences are there between English and Spanish people? Henry: There aren’t many differences. Student: In your opinion, what‘s the best thing in Spain? Henry: The weather. Student: And in England? Student: My family. Student: How did you learn Spanish? Henry: I learnt Spanish a long time ago in a school, in England and I’m still learning it. Student: How many languages do you speak?

Henry: I only speak English, because my Spanish isn’t good. Student: You are an English teacher but, have you got another profession? Henry: Yes, I’m an electronics engineer. Student: And how long have you worked as English teacher? Henry: This is my 7th year in this job Student: And how did you get in this job? Henry: By going to Pamplona’s Education Department Student: Are there more males or females teachers in your country? Henry: There are more female teachers than male teachers. Student: How many children are there more or less in an England class? Henry: There is more or less the same number of students in a class in England. Student: At what age do English children go to High School? Henry: When they are 11. Student: Did you fail any exam? Which marks did you get? Henry: At first one or two every week. But then, I always got good marks. Student: Is the Secondary School public in England? Henry: Yes, it is, but we call them State School. Student: Are there Spanish lessons in English Schools? Henry: Yes, there are, but only in some State Schools. Student: Do you miss your country? Henry: Not at all. Student: What‘s the best place in the world for you? Henry: Spain. Student: On holidays, do you go to your country?

Henry: No, I don’t. Student: Did you go back to England in these 21 years? Henry: Yes, because my sister was getting married. Student: What’s your religion? Henry: I’m catholic. Student: Are most of English people catholic? Henry: No, they aren’t. Student: What’s your favourite film? Henry: Fried Green Tomatoes Student: What type of music do you like? Henry: All types of music. Student: And your favourite food? Henry: Salad. Student: And your favourite football team? Henry: I don’t like football. Student: What about your favourite sport? Henry: Swimming Student: Do you know a joke? Henry: Yes, of course. Then I will tell you one… Student: Thank you very much, Henry…

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