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In memory of my wonderful friend and companion, Cookie (1976-1986). David Nielsen Jacksonville, FL In memory of my wonderful friend and companion, Sandy (1990-2000). David Nielsen Jacksonville, FL In memory of my uncle, Howard Sinnamon. David Hanwell Schwenksville, PA In loving memory of Miss Kitty. When life became a burden here, your love meant everything. I’m sorry you became ill and I had to let you go. And now, without your love, what do I do with the burden of your loss? I’ll remember you fondly, ‘til I draw my last breath. Raymond Nash Westminster, MD In honor of Lancelot, Robyn, Cody, Mufasa, Soleil, and Remy. Lauren Bloom Springfield, VA On behalf of Robert Turbin and Carol Vernon, with respect for your generosity and compassion. Amey and Richard Garber San Francisco, CA

Honoring Loved Ones You can honor or memorialize a companion animal or animal lover by making a donation in his or her name. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated. A tribute accompanied by a gift of $50.00 or more will be published in the AV Magazine. At your request, we will also notify the family of the individual you have remembered. All donations are used to continue AAVS’s mission of ending the use of animals in biomedical research, product testing, and education.

On behalf of Mischa and Cucumber, who made a donation to fight animal testing. Aren’t they good little pets? Jacquie Gregor Hyannis, MA On behalf of all animals who unwillingly gave their lives for a science exercise in cutting. Joyce Phillips Thurmont, MD In memory of Alvin J. Iverson. Ingrid Iverson-Jackson Algonquin, IL In memory of du Jour. Lawrence Levy Salford, PA In honor of my mom, Elizabeth Schulze. Gregg Schulze San Francisco, CA On behalf of the many dogs and cats still needing forever homes. Anne Barasch Minnetonka, MN In honor of Sue Leary and Rob Cardillo. Yvonne Kirk Philadelphia, PA In memory of Carolyn. Jody Hanson Concord, CA

In memory of Xandy, Teddy, Scarlet, Charlie, Mamsie, Buster, and Andy. Carla Marone Brookfield, WI On behalf of Rich and Katie Goetz. Working to create an awareness of, and a respect for all living things—including innocent animals—is a goal in my life. I love you both and I am proud to do this in your names. Aletha Harlow Waldport, OR In memory of Jennie Coates. We will always love you. Carlota Chartier Revere, MA In memory of Al Kellner. Patricia Altendorfer Apple Valley, MN In memory of Shawnee, Cheyanne, Sydney, Dante, and Molly. Dianne Douglas Phoenix, AZ In memory of Apollo the chimpanzee. Bruce Wagman Stinson Beach, CA In loving memory of Babycakes, our retired racing greyhound—sweet, sweet girl. Ann and Bob Schiff Kalamazoo, MI

In memory of my dog Buffin. Ivy Arnold Kent, WA In memory of Coco. Desmond Hosford New York, NY In memory of my parents, Florence and Joseph Mandell. Risa Mandell Philadelphia, PA In memory of ‘Saint’ Otis, beloved Saint Bernard dog of Amy Swano. Kristen Quigley Denver, CO On behalf of Nerone. Virginia Carabelli Kailua, HI In memory of Spencer, Fonzie, Barklee, and PeeWee. Lisbeth Garratt Boulder, CO In honor of all the bunnies and all animals who suffer. Catherine Elliott South Salem, NY In memory of Panda Precious Wuest, who passed away in March 2010. No animals should EVER be allowed to be used for cruel experiments and subjected to horrific inhumane procedures. Marcia Wuest Seattle, WA

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AV Magazine Issue 2 2011  

AAVS & Advocacy A Decade in Review

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