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Dogs, Cats, and Education A Timeline of Achievements from “Dying to Learn”

April 27, 2009 Animalearn releases “Dying to Learn: Exposing the supply and use of dogs and cats in higher education.” This same day, the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners in Michigan votes to end its long-standing contract with R&R Research, a random source Class B dealer that has been cited several times for violating animal welfare laws. AAVS had previously supplied local animal advocates and every member of the Board with information about R&R, which was obtained while conducting the “Dying to Learn” report investigation.

May 2009 The National Academy of Sciences releases a report finding that animals from random source Class B dealers are not necessary for federally-funded research. Months before this announcement, AAVS submitted information regarding random source Class B dealers and their history of repeatedly violating welfare laws, as reported in Animalearn’s “Dying to Learn.” As a university cited for purchasing dogs and cats from animal dealers in “Dying to Learn,” Animalearn celebrates the University of Cincinnati’s announcement that it will no longer purchase purpose-bred animals for classroom use.

July 2009 Animalearn was invited to speak at the annual Taking Action for Animals conference in Virginia, and participated on a panel entitled “Sound Strategy: A Key to Ending the Use of Animals in Labs.” The “Dying to Learn” report was showcased as a case study on how to construct a successful campaign to help end vivisection.

November 2009 At the request of a campus student group, Animalearn gave a presentation on “Dying to Learn,” alternatives, and how to incorporate them into the college curriculum at Michigan State University, which was exposed as a user of a large number of animals obtained from animal dealers. Animalearn spoke to students, administration, and Animal Care Committee members.

March 2010 Thanks in part to information supplied by Animalearn, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine announces an end to its terminal dog labs, effective September 2010.

March 26, 2010 After months of political wrangling, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed legislation removing the requirement that animals from pounds must be turned over for use in research. AAVS had previously provided grassroots groups and the sponsor of the Utah legislation with documentation of pound seizure in the state, as well as the “Dying to Learn” report. Pounds later end this practice entirely.

December 2010 August - September 2009 Animalearn presents findings from its “Dying to Learn” report to a global audience at the 7th World Congress on Alternatives in Rome.

Recognizing the importance of information reported and discussed in “Dying to Learn,” an abbreviated version of the report is published in ALTEX, a science journal.

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