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INTRODUCTION The University of Madeira Students’ Union aims to represent students of our University, support their civic, physical, cultural and scientific education and provide them the best possible studying conditions. To accomplish this mission the Union promotes several sport, musical and cultural activities, involving different target groups: children, youth, adult and elderly people.


The Students’ Union has already a huge acquaintance with volunteering practice, that has been being experienced since 1991 and always focuses on the unity of the academic community, especially students in need. On that account, we are, through the EVS, trying to find new volunteers that could become a part of our projects and would have an opportunity to learn about Madeira’s history, culture and Portuguese language.




PROJECT SHORT DESCRIPTION With the objective of raising awareness of the historical patrimony of Funchal, the University of Madeira Students’ Union (AAUMa) develops several types of guided tours throughout several landmarks of the city like the Jesuits’ College of Funchal, the Old Town, the City Hall of Funchal and, in the near future, to the Municipal Theatre. These tours allow everyone to get to know the history of Funchal and the role of the volunteers is to support the historical research and to prepare the visits, essentially taking all the stories out of the paper and creating a metaphysical tie between the Funchal of the past and the present.



PROJECT DETAILED DESCRIPTION The University of Madeira Students’ Union (AAUMa) develops, since 2012, guided tours in several landmarks of the city of Funchal. These are divided in four types: quick tours, guided visits, autonomous circuits and educational visits. This project, through an extensive ongoing investigation, offers to local people and visitors that come to Funchal, an opportunity to learn real histories of different parts of the city, enhancing the acquaintance of the importance of Funchal’s heritage. Also, through the educational visits, all schools of Madeira have a free opportunity to know these historical buildings and to visit exhibitions inside the Jesuits’ College, thus fulfilling one of AAUMa’s main goals, which is to give equal opportunities to less favoured classes. The project started in the Jesuits’ College of Funchal, in 2012, in 2014 expanded to the Old Town and to the City Hall of Funchal and, in the near future, to the Municipal Theatre. Volunteers will work in these monuments, accompanying the visitors and explaining the histories of the landmarks, streets and buildings, while also studying and broadening the knowledge needed to fulfill their duties. They will also be a part of the other components of the project, namely the entrepreneurship and social components, through the donations and revenues of these projects, which are used to help several other projects that serve the students of the University of Madeira. The volunteers will also take part in the ongoing investigation, which is essential to the continuous development of the several projects, by working out new stories from the unknown history of Funchal. All the activities will be carried out in cooperation with other workers and volunteers from AAUMa, already engaged in the process.





VOLUNTEERS ACTIVITIES The volunteers will participate in all phases of preparation and realization of the guided visits for every kind of visitors, from tourists to schools, always with the supervision of several members of the Union that will support the volunteer throughout all the stages of the tasks, by teaching and giving all the necessary information required to execute the activities. The volunteers will also support any other activities that are in any way related to the project, like translation of documents, cultural activities or helping with the promotion of the attractions, among other tasks.

IMPACT The volunteers will obtain several skills, competences and knowledge, useful for their personal and professional development. They will also have the opportunity to learn a new language and become familiar to culture and environment of the hosting country.






PROJECT ENVIRONMENT The Madeira Archipelago is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,000 km from the European mainland and 500 km from the African coast. The archipelago consists of two inhabited islands (Madeira and Porto Santo) and two groups of uninhabited islands (Ilhas Salvagens and Desert Islands), which are natural reserves. The Madeira Archipelago has about 260,000 inhabitants and the currency is euro. The archipelago is a Portuguese territory endowed with political and administrative autonomy, provided by the Government of Portugal, under the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. It is an integral part of the European Union, with the status of an ultra-peripheral region. There is only one university with about 4,000 students, and wide domain of studies that includes multiple bachelor’s and master’s degrees and asserting itself as a major center of the region’s development. The University is located in the capital of Madeira Island, Funchal. Our Students’ Union is the representative structure of the students of the University of Madeira. The volunteers will execute their activities in the monuments which AAUMa is responsi-

ble for the guided tours. They will start in the Jesuits’ College of Funchal and, after some time, move on to the other places, like the City Hall of Funchal or to the History Tellers, which visits several landmarks in the old town of Funchal. In the near future, the volunteers will also be prepared to do the guided tours to the Municipal Theater of Funchal. The Jesuits’ College of Funchal was founded by royal charter of D. Sebastião in 1569. The Jesuits’ College of Funchal influenced considerably, throughout the centuries, lives of the inhabitants of Madeira Island. For more than 400 years, it served a number of tenants, from British invaders to the University of Madeira, coming to serve as a military facility and a number of schools. Despite its military applications, it has always kept a close relationship with education. Portrayed as “one of the most remarkable buildings that exist in the island” by historian and professor of the University of Madeira, Rui Carita, the Jesuits’ College of Funchal is the stage of a cultural and scientific awareness project lead by the Students’ Union, destined for, both, local residents and visitors of the region.


ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION The Students’ Union of the University of Madeira (AAUMa) is a representative structure for students of the University of Madeira. It is a private, nonprofit institution, ruled by its own internal statutes as well as by applicable legislation. Recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, it is registered in the National Registry of Youth Unions in the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth. It has also been honoured by the local Government of Madeira as an Institution of Public Utility, as a recognition of the merits of its ongoing mission. The Union has a huge acquaintance of volunteering practice, appealing to the spirit of solidarity of the academic community through social projects for young people in need, and encouraging activities that have connection with important issues of today, thereby contributing for construction of responsible citizens.



ACCOMODATION The volunteers will stay in the University Residence, located in the historical center of Funchal, inaugurated in 2009. It offers modern and comfortable environment. The residence has over 31 double rooms and 45 triple rooms with free WiFi connection and private bathrooms.

LANGUAGE LEARNING The University of Madeira has already implemented several courses for foreign students that allow them learning Portuguese language. The volunteers will be enrolled in one of these courses according to their level of Portuguese These classes are very important activities in their weekly schedule.

TRANSPORT The distance between the residence and the working place is just 15 minutes away (by foot). For long distance journeys Madeira has a transport system that connects all the points of interest on the island. The Madeira Island Airport operates mainly flights to Lisbon and Porto, but it has also direct flights to and from several different European destinations.



CONTACTS To apply to our project please contact your Sending Organization. Although, feel free to contact us to get more information about the project: E-mail: Phone Number: +351 291 70 50 60






Madeira Island project for EVS.

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