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AAUG Insurance Company Ltd

The Rise of the Internet and the fall of the Health Insurance Middle Man Day after day, website after website, the Internet is changing the way we all do business. From providing easier access to goods and services to helping companies reach larger audience than ever before, it would seem that the Internet has made the way we do business better for everyone. Well, maybe not everyone. The health insurance industry is, at its core, essentially broken down into three categories. You have, first and foremost, the insured. Second, the insurer. And last, the agents that connect those two together. The roles of both the insured and insurer are fairly obvious. One needs insurance and the other provides it. But with the third group, insurance agents, it can sometimes be a little less clear.

What Do Health Insurance Agents Do? Health insurance agents, or brokers, provide their clients looking for insurance with professional advice on the types of insurance they need and at what limits to purchase. Once they meet with their clients and gather additional information, they can then obtain quotes and provide their clients with the options. In short, they serve as the eyes, ears, and mouth for both the insured and insurer.

Penny Zervigon, Senior Vice President Operations of The American Assurance Underwriters Group (AAUG) explains the relationship further. "As a health insurance company, insurance agents are the lifeline to our customers. Our agents provide a personal connection with our clientele."

Technology vs. Health Insurance Agents However, technology has advanced and given birth to new ways for health insurance companies to interact with their clients. Agents that were once depended on to collect all of the information on a potential client are now starting to be phased out by online services that essentially function in the same capacity as an agent would. Potential clients can input their information into a system and within moments, they can be shown all of the options a health insurance company could offer them. "Health insurance is a complex product," continued Mrs. Zervigon. "That's why it's important that AAUG agents are able to bring a personal touch to the products in the marketplace. Clients have questions and our agents are in the best position to answer them quickly and correctly."

AAUG Insurance Company on the Forefront But not all is lost for health insurance agents. Innovative companies like AAUG are working diligently to maintain a fair balance between technology, agents, and their clients. In the coming months, AAUG will be enhancing their administrative platform to assist agents in the sale of health insurance by providing a faster approach to the filing of applications. "We're confident in this new approach and look forward to continuing to provide the best and most innovative service available." Visit for more information -

Aaug Insurance Company Ltd  

American Assurance Underwriters Group(AAUG) an insurance company offers credit life insurance and expats life and health insurance. AAUG is...

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