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Right in the old breadbasket. As the world leader in getting the job done, we’re a proud partner of agricultural aviators who help farms large and small fertilize crops, control insects and eliminate weeds. Together, we’re producing maximum crop yields from fewer acres, keeping tractors off wet fields to prevent topsoil runoff, and spraying for pests and diseases three times faster than any other form of application can. The result is 71 million acres of U.S. cropland that’s protected, productive and helping to feed the world. All of which makes Ag Aviation the next best thing to sliced bread. To learn more about Thrush Aircraft, and how our airplanes can help you and your operation be the best they can be, visit us online, or call Eric Rojek at 229.789.0437.

Built the best, to fly the best. 2E

Thrush Aircraft

booths 111 and 125

A Message from Thrush Aircraft NAAA show time is right around the corner and all of

In this regard, we’re excited to be putting our new

production. The

us here at Thrush are looking forward to seeing you

510AS advanced flight simulator into service, and to

710P is a cherished

in Savannah next month. As you may know, Savannah

be using an outstanding course curriculum designed

workhorse among

suffered the wrath of Hurricane Irma in September

by Textron’s TRU Simulations – the same folks who

operators worldwide,

– and the city is continuing to work hard on getting

craft the training programs for Cessna’s Citation line of

and deliveries of new

things back to normal. The NAAA Convention is a

business jets. What’s more, we’ll be supplementing our

ones have already been

major part of that effort. So if ever there was a year

simulator-based courses with flight training in a new

made in South America and

for you to come to the show, this would be it – and we

dual cockpit Thrush 510P, which has been assigned full-

year, with more here in the U.S. expected to follow.

can tell you for certain that the local hotels and other

time to our Training Center here in Albany. Combined,

businesses will certainly appreciate the support.

this program will be second to none – and the first of

Of course, building and supporting great airplanes,

its kind for the agricultural aviation industry.

conducting the industry’s most advanced training

Here at Thrush, we managed to escape any major

Australia this

programs, and delivering a brand new firefighter means

damage from the storm, and are very blessed to be

Also with pilot safety in

nothing if we don’t have pilots – and to this end we are

able to say it has been another good year. Our sales



continuing our dedication to bringing more qualified

have continued to be strong and, more important,

announce the new Garmin

folks into the industry and helping them get their start.

our customer satisfaction numbers have continued to

G5 attitude indicator will

climb. We are once again finishing the season with no

now be delivered as standard

This year, in concert with NAAA, GE Aviation and

white tails in inventory. And, with some outstanding

equipment onboard every

BASF, we launched the Ag Wings of Tomorrow

new initiatives being readied for rollout in the coming

new Thrush beginning in

scholarship program – which will award four $5,000

months, 2018 is already shaping up to be every bit

2018. The G5 will be an

scholarships and one $2,500 scholarships to interested

as exciting. Of course, none of this would be possible

excellent tool for helping our operators improve their

pilots who want to make ag aviation a career. Details

without the continued support of our customers, and

situational awareness every time they fly – and one

and an application can be found at –and

we are truly grateful for it.

more example of the importance we place on building

we would urge you to share this news with any young

the safest aircraft in the industry.

pilot whom you feel has potential.

their safety first – and we continue to look for ways

On the aircraft program side, we’re proud to share news

That’s a bunch of information in a short amount of space,

to not only improve the capabilities of the aircraft

that the Georgia Department of Forestry will be taking

and we hope you’ll stop by our booth at NAAA 2017

we build, but also the operational practices of the

delivery of the first of two 510G Switchback firefighting

to learn more. Or more important, to simply say hello.

pilots who fly them.

aircraft in November. You may already know that the



Speaking of customers, at Thrush, we have always put

Switchback is truly revolutionary, as it allows operators

Because while new programs, new equipment, and

to switch configurations from ag spraying to firefighting

improved support are certainly great to talk about – we

in less than twenty minutes. This not only enables rapid

never forget it’s our customers who make this business

response times, but also opens new revenue channels

work – and that building relationships is truly the best

to operators who are wildfire attack qualified. If you

part of our job. Thank you – for your business, your

haven’t seen the new 510G Switchback in action, come

friendship, and for your support. And most important

visit us at the factory for a flight demonstration.

of all, for the job you do every day. We’re proud to be alongside you, and we look forward to seeing

And while you’re here, have a look at the largest member

you in Savannah.

of our family – the Thrush 710P – which is now back in

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Bill Lavender

See ya in Georgia!

From the Cockpit


It happens every year, a golden (no pun intended)

has once again donated a new PT6A-34AG engine.

many interesting and attention-holding speakers and

opportunity to better yourself as an ag-pilot and

Air Tractor has kicked in a Hartzell 3-blade propeller.

live, interacting events. One speaker will be U.S. Army

ag-operator at the National Agricultural Aviation

APS-USAIG is sponsoring an Upset Prevention and

Apache helicopter captain and pilot, Shannon Huffman,

Association’s Ag Aviation Expo. This year it will be

Recovery Training Course. There will be five hours of

the first woman to fill that position (page 64). Her talk

held in the City of Charm, Savannah, Georgia on

dual flight instruction, or scenic ride flights, in a T-6

will be during Monday’s Kickoff Breakfast. During

December 4-7 for the fourth time since 2010. Those

donated by Arysta LifeScience. And, if you like hunting,

Tuesday’s General Sessions, there will be NAAA’s Shark

who have attended NAAA conventions at Savannah

Thrush Aircraft has donated a Georgia quail hunt with

Tank and an insurance mock trial focused on a vineyard

know what a great experience it can be. Those who

a Remington 1100LT sporting semi-automatic shotgun.

claim. And, of course, you don’t want to miss Thursday

have not yet, you owe it to yourself to find out what all

All of these items can be bid upon in person and new

night’s Farewell Banquet for a celebratory evening

the excitement is about!

this year, on-line during the event!

recognizing the numerous awards given on behalf of the recipients’ efforts in agricultural aviation.

Although the Westin and Hyatt hotels are sold out for

Besides all the wonderful ag-aircraft on display, your

various evenings during convention week, there are

favorite vendors will be hawking their wares. Most

There is a whole lot more information about NAAA’s Ag

still other hotels available. You can find registration

will have demo units that will give you a hands-on

Aviation Expo within the pages of this edition of AgAir

information on page 39 and at

experience. Of course, there will be convention special

Update’s NAAA Show Guide in its 25th annual edition!

hotel. Just to give you an idea how popular Savannah

deals where you can save lots of dollars with an “at

Just read and turn the pages to learn more about what

ag aviation conventions are, already more hotel room

convention” purchase.

each exhibitor has in store for you. There will be so

nights are booked than were in Long Beach at last year’s 50th anniversary convention.

many and time so short, you will want to be sure you But, the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo is not all about

get to the ones that interest you the most from reading

the exhibit hall. There will be numerous training and

AAU’s Show Guide.

Can you imagine walking through an exhibit hall (map

educational sessions (page 52). Almost 30 hours of

page 84) with 156 exhibitors registered (as of this

CEUs (page 49) that many states are recognizing. For

For even more details about the convention, you can

writing)? With 13 ag-aircraft on display, there’s bound

new and low-time ag-pilots, you don’t want to miss

visit NAAA’s website at

to be more than one that will hold your undivided

the Compaass Rose sessions and Thursday’s “Ask the

You can also register while online there.

attention. Of special note will be a fully restored S2

Expert” Speed Mentoring Session.

Snow bringing to light the history of Snow Aeronautical

Don’t forget, AgAir Update’s Open House and Hangar

that today is Air Tractor. Many ag-pilots have never had

I have only touched on some of the highlights of

Party will be held Friday night before the convention

the distinct honor and “pleasure” to fly this magnificent,

this year’s NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Savannah in

starts (December 1) in Perry, Georgia (KPXE). This

at the time, ag-plane. And, I’m sure there’ll be plenty

December. Furthermore… as always, there’s the Kick-Off

is our fourth party and every year it grows. Weather

of us old timers in attendance who have more time in

Breakfast and new this year, Pedaling for PAASS (page

permitting, you will be able to see a preview of the

spinoff aircraft designs from the S2 than we care to tell.

30), a fundraiser for the program. PAASS is celebrating

ag-aircraft that will be on display at the convention.

its 20th year. The Support Committee is hosting a

You may even see some demo flights. There will be

Other ag-aircraft on display will include The Beast,

fundraiser for a 2018 Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV; got

free food, music, adult beverages, drivers from and to

an R-1340 powered, fully functioning Stearman

an extra $100 to buy one of only 350 tickets? The

your hotel and of course, boiled peanuts! Be sure you

sprayer. Isolair will have a helicopter outfitted with the

Kickoff Breakfast sponsored by BASF, does exactly that

register to attend. More info at

company’s helicopter spray equipment. Ag-Nav will

and kicks off the convention Monday morning. Bayer


have a Robinson R66 turbine helicopter outfitted with a

CropScience’s Welcome Reception is Monday night. A

Ag-Nav GPS unit. Turbine Conversions is bringing Jeff

Live Auction Reception is Tuesday night sponsored by

Also, please be sure to stop by AgAir Update’s booth,

Chorman’s turbine Ag-Cat and Sky Tractor Supply will

Syngenta. The Pratt & Whitney Reception is Tuesday

445 . We always like to meet and greet all attendees and

have a 1975 Ag-Cat serial number 1B, the first B-model

night and the Farewell Reception sponsored by Hardy

talk ag-aviation. See ya in Georgia in December!

built and the aircraft will be for sale, as well. Eleven of

Aviation Insurance and Excellence in Ag Aviation

the aircraft will be in the exhibit hall with two on the

Banquet sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection is

outside in Bryan Square between the convention center

Thursday night, as well as many private functions, all

and the Westin Hotel.

giving great opportunities to network and socialized.

One of the highlights of the exhibit hall is the auction

Besides the fantastic exhibit hall and the exciting events

(page 82) held on Tuesday. Pratt & Whitney Canada

taking place during the week of December 4-7, there will


Andrew Moore, NAAA Executive Director, and Dominique Youakim, NAAA President

From the NAAA

Y’all are welcome at the 2017 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Savannah! On behalf of the National Agricultural Aviation

PT6, radial, GE Aviation and TPE331 engines, and

Throughout the week, there will be no shortage of

Association, we would like to invite all AgAir Update

safety and federal aviation regulations, just to name a

opportunities to network and make new acquaintances.

readers to the 2017 Ag Aviation Expo. This is the

few. Sessions from aircraft manufacturers Air Tractor

From the Dec. 4 Welcome Reception to the Dec. 7

fourth time since 2010 the Hostess City of the South

and Thrush, as well as several company sessions, also

Farewell Reception, you’ll be able to attend a different

has hosted the world’s largest agricultural aviation expo,

are being offered.

reception nearly every night.

people of Savannah will bend over backwards to make

The PAASS presenters—our roving safety instructors—

Finally, we encourage you to make plants to attend the

NAAA attendees and exhibitors feel welcome.

will moderate Compaass Rose, an information-sharing

Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet Dec. 7, where we

and in true Southern hospitality fashion, we know the

session geared toward low-time and prospective ag

will honor a slate of distinguished awardees for their

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran operator, a fledgling

pilots on Dec. 3 and Dec. 6. NAAREF also will host

impressive contributions to the industry. One of this

ag pilot or an allied supplier to the industry, you won’t

the “Ask the Expert” Speed Mentoring Session on

year’s award recipients is none other than AgAir Update’s

find a better place than NAAA’s Ag Aviation Expo to

Dec. 7. This fast-paced orientation session for new

Graham Lavender, who will be receiving NAAA’s 2017

help you achieve your personal goals and business

and prospective ag pilots consists of a series of speed

Related Industry Award. Here’s one more reason to

objectives. With nearly 30 hours of educational

mentoring rounds led by experienced operators and

attend the Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet: Bill

programming, a full trade show floor and an expected

pilots, insurance representatives and ag schools. We also

Lavender, AgAir Update’s publisher, is being inducted

1,600 aerial application professionals, you’ll be in good

highly recommend the NAAREF Safety Session Dec. 7

into the National Agricultural Aviation Hall of Fame!

company when you join us in Savannah.

no matter what your level of experience is as an aerial applicator. An FAA expert representative will lead a

If you plan to come in early, we encourage you to swing

We are pleased to present Shannon Huffman Polson, an

discussion on managing safety by dissecting all areas in

by Perry, Ga., on Dec. 1 for AgAir Update’s Open House

author, speaker and veteran Army helicopter pilot, as

an ag aviation operation to ensure pilot, employee and

and Hangar Party. We appreciate Bill and Graham’s

the keynote speaker at our opening Kickoff Breakfast.

environmental protection.

willingness to roll out the welcome mat for NAAA and

Polson is one of the first women to fly Apache attack

our guests. Their pre-convention soirée epitomizes the

helicopters in the U.S. Army, where she served on four

The Aerial Application Technology Research Session,

Southern hospitality that will be on display all week

continents, leading two flight platoons and commanding

which follows the Kickoff Breakfast, is the R&D portion

long in Savannah. If you can make it to Perry, don’t

a line company in Korea. She authored the memoir

of the convention. Industry researchers will cover a

forget to gobble up a couple of handfuls of boiled

“North of Hope” and a book of essays. She also writes

number of “new” tools and information ready to use as

peanuts while you’re there.

about leadership and grit on her blog, The Grit Project.

part of your everyday operations. Full descriptions are

Grit is an essential characteristic of aerial applicators,

available at Several states

Download the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo App to stay

and Polson is looking forward to sharing her message

are granting CEUs for this session.

up to date onsite. The app features the full schedule

of leadership, grit and managing change with attendees.

of events, a list of available CEUs, auction items, an For specific solutions for your business look no further

interactive NAAA Trade Show floor map and more! It’s

The 2017 General Session on Dec. 5 will feature an

than NAAA’s trade show Dec. 5-6. The world’s largest

your one-stop shop for everything you need to know

Insurance Mock Trial and NAAA’s very own Shark

agricultural aviation trade show brings buyers and

onsite. Learn more at

Tank, highlighting some of the precision application

sellers of aerial application-related products, supplies

technologies available for use in agricultural aviation.

and services together under one roof. Visit with

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find

Modeled after the ABC TV show, NAAA has selected

150+ exhibiting companies and view 13 aircraft on

at the 2017 Ag Aviation Expo. There is much more

experienced ag aviation operators to play the role of

display, including a restored S-2A aircraft, built by the

information within these pages and on NAAA’s website

“Sharks,” who will question representatives of several

late Leland Snow.

at Please join us for what promises to

precision ag companies about how their technology

be an unforgettable week!

works and how it might benefit an agricultural

Don’t miss the fun of the Live Auction, which happens

aviation business.

to be our biggest fundraiser. Along with a new PT6A-

Register for NAAA’s 2017 Ag Aviation Expo using the

34AG engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada and a

registration form found in this Show Guide or go to

Several educational sessions are on tap throughout

three-blade Hartzell Propeller from Air Tractor, several Register by Nov. 4 for the prices listed.

the week, including the Aerial Application Technology

other great items are up for bid. Visit

Beginning Nov. 5 and onsite, registration fees will be

Research Session and programming focused on low-

auctions for a list of all the auction items. The action

$50 more per registration.

level obstacles, crop protection products, helicopters,

gets underway at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 5.

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Air Tractor

Booth 725, 823,911

Air Tractor AT-802 marks 25-year anniversary at NAAA Ag Aviation Expo 2017 Air Tractor is marking the 25th anniversary of its largest production airplane, the AT-802 series at Ag Aviation Expo 2017. In the 8,100 sq. ft. Air Tractor exhibit area, trade show attendees can view an AT802A and an AT-802F -- two big airplanes that have made their mark on agricultural aviation and wildfire fighting. Air Tractor’s newest airplane, the 502XP is also returning, as well as a variety of other Air Tractor product offerings and innovative technologies arrayed across booths 725, 823 and 911. Introduced in 1992, the AT-802 has since become the undisputed heavyweight of high production aerial application and initial attack aerial firefighting, with an 800-gallon payload and 16,000 lb. gross weight. Its efficiency, productivity and reliability have also ushered the airplane into a wide range of specialized

Air Tractor marks the 25th anniversary of the AT-802, with more than 730 working around the world in a variety of applications.

jobs. According to Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch, the 802 series has found work in a variety of niche markets, including oil spill dispersal and cleanup, bulk fuel hauling in Northern Canada and Alaska, flying

in many ways far superior to the traditional aircraft

parts can be easily repainted in the field with commonly

counter-narcotics missions in South America, forest

chromated pre-treatment and spray primer process. Air

used aircraft paints and spray systems.”

fire reclamation and timber protection, and most

Tractor is the first U.S. aerospace manufacturer to move

recently as a military light strike and reconnaissance

to an e-coat primer system for aluminum parts.

aircraft. “The AT-802 has proven to be quite a useful

A fully functional small-scale electrocoat system will be on display at the Air Tractor booth. Attendees can see

and reliable platform. It’s powerful, productive and

“E-coat process provides a better, longer-lasting

production samples and cut-aways on static displays of

has great flying and handling qualities. That’s why

product to Air Tractor owners,” says Air Tractor Vice

e-coated aluminum parts. Says Hirsch, “The new Air

more than 730 of them have been produced and

President of Operations Rick Turner. He reports the

Tractor e-coat system is yet another example of our

continue to be sold.”

completely automated e-coat process provides a

commitment to continuous improvement so that our

uniform, consistent coating throughout the part, even

aircraft provide even better value and performance for

Next year, there will be something brand new beneath

in holes, slots and inside tubes. “Given the potentially

our customers around the world.”

the bright yellow and blue airplane paint scheme. In

corrosive environment that ag aircraft work in, we

2018, all Air Tractor airplanes will feature aluminum

believe there will be fewer panels to replace, re-coat or

Elsewhere in the Air Tractor exhibit are several new

skin panels and many other aluminum parts protected

repaint, meaning less maintenance costs in the long run

items from Air Tractor. The Air Tractor XFLOW

with a revolutionary new electrocoated primer that is

for the life of the airplane. What’s more, electrocoated

ram air filter, to be available in 2018, is a suspended oil filtration system designed specifically for AT502 series airplanes working in environments with

Air Tractor’s first-in-industry electrocoat system sets a revolutionary new standard for aircraft aluminum parts corrosion protection.

ultrafine particulates. Air Tractor’s avionics shop has a functional AT-802F instrument panel on display that is an example of factory-installed and tested avionics packages available to customers. A new factory option, the Kawak throttle quadrant, will also be on display. Air Tractor has brought a history-making airplane to Ag Aviation Expo. Visitors to NAAA booth #401 can see a restored Snow S-2A. It is among the first commercial Snow aircraft built by Snow Aeronautical following Leland Snow’s move to Olney, Texas in 1958. For more information about Air Tractor and its products, dealer network and support services, visit





AirTRActor U N D I S P U T E D H E AV Y W E I G H T



Legends aren’t born. They’re made. They’re a product of blood, sweat, and ambition, forged from a conviction to produce amazing things from hard work and high expectations. Legends never settle for just “good enough”. The AT-802 is just that. The biggest, best and most versatile ag plane the world has ever seen. After 25 years, it’s still the champ.

SINCE 1992


AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Aviation Specialties Unlimited

Booth 257

See what you’ve never seen before, fly a consistent schedule with night vision Many aerial applicator pilots have flown at night for

For operators that have never flown at night, NVGs

long, productive work hours and rest hours will reduce

years, but now with night vision goggles (NVGs),

can maximize safety and profitability, and provide a

pilot fatigue and produce healthy bank accounts.

pilots are seeing more than ever before, maximizing

more consistent operating schedule. Nighttime is an

productivity, and enjoying constant flying schedules.

optimal time to spray because temperatures drop and

What is required to fly with NVGs? To safely fly with

winds die down, which results in less evaporation and

NVGs the FAA requires a pilot to be equipped with

Aerial applicators flying with NVGs have a clear field

drift ensuring applications get where they need to

aviation-rated NVGs, Night Vision Imaging System

of vision to include telephone poles, wires, power

be. It also protects the population from unnecessary

(NVIS) compatible lighting and pilot training. ASU

lines, trees, fences, mountain ridges, unimproved or

exposure which safeguards your business and can

can provide everything to get NVG operations up

unlit runways. They also have full un-aided peripheral

eliminate cranky calls. With honey bees foraging in

and running and turn night into day just as they

vision which maximizes situational awareness. NVGs

the daylight hours and returning to their hives at

have for more than 6,000 pilots and crews over the

intensify light more than 6000 times from sources

night, aerial application is done at night to prevent

last 20 years.

that may be undetectable to the naked eye like

mortality to the bees. Meet current NVG AG operators, have a beer on

starlight, moonlight, city lights from hundreds of miles away, as well as aircraft lights. The NVGs aided view

Adopting a nighttime schedule may seem daunting

us, and get your questions answered at NAAA

turns night into near day like conditions that increase

at first, but the long-term benefits outway the initial

Ag Aviation Expo, Thursday, December 7, 2:45 -

operational capabilities and application accuracy. NVG

costs and adjustment to operations. At night operators

4:15, room CC105

pilots are now operating confidently in areas where

don’t have to lose productive hours due to heat, wind,

they previously flew unaided risking their lives, in

traffic, and field workers. Flying NVGs maximizes

areas often deemed “off limits” due to the lack of

the utility of equipment and crew by spraying long,

visual light reference.

consistent hours and getting more reliable rest. The


AeroFlow Inc

Booth 738

AFS check valves, the choice of applicators AFS check valves continue to be the check valve of choice for discerning aerial applicators who are concerned about making their operation leak and drip free. Two models, standard and on-off, allow operators to configure spray booms for quick, easy gallonage change. The internal screen filters particles to eliminate the cause of check valve leaks. Join the long list of satisfied customers and start spraying with confidence. AeroFlow Systems will be in booth 738 in Savannah, come by and say hello.

AeroFlow Systems 800-833-2013

574-862-1908 • Fax 574-862-4669 Plugged spray tips causing you problems? …then change to AFS check valves. The only check valve that will stop the leaking, dripping an plugging.

Standard Check Valve

On-Off Check Valve



Export Experts Authorized Turbine Brave Conversion • Transland • Covington Engines • Ag Nav • Turbine Conversions • Single Point Fueling

• Agrinautics Pumps & Valves • Wag • Cascade Conversions • TracMap

And So Much More… Frankie Williams - President — Paul Pearson - Parts & Maintenance — Stephanie Williams - Exports —

223 Airport Road, Americus, GA 31709 Phone: 229-924-2813 Toll Free 866-924-2813 Fax: 229-924-4356

AeroFlow Systems

800-833-2013 574-862-1908 Fax 574-862-4669


AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Dallas Airmotive

Booth 805

AgAirUpdate NAAA Show Guide - 1/2 Page 2 Column 4.27”w x 11.50”h






AgRight: Decades of PT6A-AG experience and the industry’s most thorough light overhaul AgRight, powered by Dallas Airmotive, leverages the expertise of one of the world’s foremost independent providers of turbine engine repair and overhaul services. When we tackle a light overhaul for your Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-AG, we draw on 80 years of engine service experience and 50 years of PT6A expertise. Since 1964, when we became the first authorized independent PT6A service center, we have repaired and overhauled thousands of P&WC engines.

Industry-leading warranty •

3 Years/1,500 Hours*

Expandable Coverage

Dallas Airmotive offers the ag operator the longest warranty in the industry. The AgRight Light Overhaul & Warranty Program provides comprehensive coverage for workmanship performed. It is the only program with an automatic warranty renewal policy for the entire engine if we perform your next scheduled hot section inspection. Ask for a copy of our warranty policy for further details. *1,750 hours for the -34AG; 1,800 hours for -21AG, -27AG, -28AG

PT6A regional turbine centers If it has to do with a PT6A-AG engine, we know about it. In fact,

Five Regional Turbine Centers (RTC) offer quick-turn repair and inspection and can

we’re experts. We were there right from the start, providing

dispatch field technicians to troubleshoot or for engine removal and reinstallation. Our

factory-authorized service on the PT6 family of engines almost

Charlotte RTC also offers quick-turn light overhaul services.

from the day they were first produced more than 50 years ago. And we’ve been a PT6 repair and overhaul leader ever since. Today our commitment is stronger than ever, with a dedicated PT6 repair and overhaul facility at Dallas Love Field and five

Charlotte, North Carolina – Stanly County Airport, 704.983.7991

Phoenix, Arizona – Deer Valley Airport, 623.824.7961

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Washington County Airport, 724.206.2320

St. Louis, Missouri – Spirit of St. Louis Airport, 636.537.9955

West Palm Beach, Florida – 561.734.0121

PT6A-AG Regional Turbine Centers to ensure fast, convenient service. Contact us today for all your PT6A-AG needs.

PT6A capabilities •

Complete PT6A-AG Repair & Overhaul Capabilities

Fuel nozzle cleaning and inspection - Same-day flow check for your nozzles

OEM-Authorized for All PT6A-AG Models

Accessory Gearbox Inspection and Repair

Field service support

P&WC authorized (DDOF)

Engine Modules and Accessories

Power Section Inspection and Repair

Light Overhaul and Module Overhaul programs

Hot Section Inspection

FOD, MIO, full-service engine repair

Five Regional Repair Centers

Industry-Leading Warranty

Hot section inspection – all models

Hot section component repair

Fly-in facilities

Videoscope inspection

Engine change (R&R)

Power section repair

- Over-torque

- Lightning strike

- Sudden stoppage Contact Dallas Airmotive and ask for AgRight service at 636.537.9955 For field support and OEM-authorized service to keep your engine and your operation running smoothly, contact Dallas Airmotive. Tel 636.537.9955 • •


or email us at

AgAir Turbines

Booth 357 & 456

Affordable and quality service

Booth #331 & #333

Ag Air Turbines, Inc. of Midvale, Idaho, specializes in the repair and maintenance of the TPE331 line of engines. Ag Air Turbines is operated by Robert Baker, who is committed to North America’s agricultural aviation industry. Robert has spent the majority of his career in the ag industry, both as a pilot and as the owner of Ag Air • 800-325-0885

Turbines. Robert has a passion for the industry and its dedicated members, and strives to offer the highest quality of service at a fair price in order to keep his customers productive and profitable.

Visit Ag Air Turbines at booth 357 and 456 in Savannah Please visit the Ag Air Turbines crew at Convention in Savannah, Georgia.














ely to

AgAirAd_resized_rev_C9511.indd 1



ROBERT BAKER 2245 Airport Rd., P.O. Box 155 Midvale, Idaho 83645 Phone: (208) 229-8340 • Fax: (208) 355-1114


t oud o be d Pr

booth 357 and 456 during the NAAA

26/08/13 1:23 PM

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Lane Aviation

Booth 816

Celebrating over 70 years Lane Aviation, Inc. is excited to be celebrating its 73rd year in business. Our company prides itself on maintaining ethical business practices that translate into integrity for every facet of Lane Aviation. We believe this honesty is what has gained the trust of so many valued customers and allowed us to become the leading Air Tractor distributor for sales, service, and support. Lane Aviation’s association with agricultural application began with George Lane and Leland Snow in College Station, TX in 1957; Leland was demonstrating the S-2A. George gave Leland a deposit on one of the first five built! Shortly thereafter, Lane Aviation became a dealer for Snow Aircraft. Therefore, when Leland Snow developed Air Tractor, Lane Aviation’s business relationship with Snow was already well established. In 1974, Lane Aviation was selected as the first Air Tractor dealer and has since sold more than anyone else in the world. Lane Aviation has always been a family-run company.

(L-R) Brothers Mark and Grant Lane and Logan Lane, son of Grant.

George’s sons are both still actively involved in the This includes annual and periodic

farmers and ranchers in nearby areas, we not only know

Lane Aviation, and Mark Lane as Chief Pilot in the

inspections, major airframe repairs, and engine

how to best respond to ag operators’ needs, but it also

agricultural operations department.

Grant has now

exchanges. The ability to perform up to and including

helps us to understand what it means to be AOG. Lane

brought a third generation to the business, and with

Hot Section Inspections, as well as great business

Aviation works diligently to make sure our customers

it, a fresh perspective. Grant’s son, Logan Lane, is a

relationships with dedicated engine shops, keeps the

get their required parts as quickly as possible. Whether

commercially rated pilot with experience ranging

customer well taken care of. With Air Tractor factory

a customer is two towns over or on another continent,

from Air Tractors to cabin class aircraft. Relying on

training and FAA-certified A&P and IA mechanics, the

Lane Aviation has the experience and expertise to get

Grant’s life-long experience in the ag aviation business,

highest quality work can always be assured.

them back up in the air.

on Grant’s highly personalized customer service skills.

Also located at Lane Air Park is the fully stocked

Lane Aviation, Inc. will be proudly exhibiting at NAAA’s

Whether a customer is upgrading their Air Tractor

parts department of Lane Aviation.

Not only is it

Ag Aviation Expo in Savannah, GA, December 4-7. We

fleet, making a transition to Air Tractors, or moving to

essential to have parts on hand to facilitate repairs

invite everyone to stop by booth #816 for free draft

a turbine powered aircraft, Grant is there to offer help

made in the maintenance shop, but it’s paramount to

beer and good Texas conversation. Be sure to ask about

and advice along the way.

have an extensive inventory readily available to ship to

our special convention sale prices for our industry-

our customers.

leading Lane brakes and fans. The Lane brake and fan


Grant Lane serves as the President of


Logan is learning how customers have come to count

combination for spray pumps has been proven to be as

Lane Aviation operates from its own airport in Rosenberg, TX (T54).

The maintenance facility is

Lane Aviation has maintained its own spraying

capable of handling nearly every type of Air Tractor

operation since 1948. With one AT-802A serving the


rugged and reliable as they come. See y’all in Savannah!

George Young & Jonathan Young Collinston Air Service Oak Ridge, LA

Christopher McQuary & Phil McQuary Lake Washington Flying Service Glen Allan, MS

Jim Risher Ag Concepts, Inc. Morgan City, MS

Reed Keahey, Drew Keahey & Zach Keahey Keahey Flying Service Columbia, LA

Jacob Henson & Kyle Wood Pro Agri Spraying Service Ropesville, TX

Will Hood, Ike Brunetti & Cody Flint Shelby Air Service Shelby, MS

Terry and Jill Jordan Jordan Air Hugoton, KS

“Wow!” “Fast!” “Flies Great!”

Scott Olphant, Jayden Cahoj, Larry Smith, Colby Caple, Tanner Wiens Tri-Rotor Spray and Chemical Ulysses, KS

Kelly Peeler Peeler Aviation Services Yahoo City, MS

Grant Schwartz & Bert Bruton Bruton Aerial Spraying Garden City, TX


Lane Aviation, Inc.

281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX • P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas • 77471

“Specializing in Turbine and Piston Air Tractors”

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide



City of Southern Charm December 4–7, 2017


Hotel Details

All rates are for single/double • Westin Savannah Harbor – $139/night + taxes • Hyatt Regency Savannah – $135/night + taxes • Savannah Marriott Riverfront – $132/night + taxes

• • • • •

Kickoff Breakfast & Speaker, Shannon Huffman Polson, U.S. Army Apache Helicopter Captain, Pilot & Author, The Grit Project Powerhouse Programming Lineup – 20+ hours of educational concurrent/company-sponsored sessions and Monday’s Aerial Application Technology Research Session Compaass Rose and “Ask the Expert” Speed Mentoring sessions – two programs designed specifically for new and low-time ag pilots and anyone exploring the industry Trade Show and Networking Opportunities – Visit with the expected 160 exhibitors and 1,600 attendees Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet – Honor the best and brightest in the industry at the Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet Support Committee Events – If you’re a spouse or support staff, join in the Support Committee’s fun programming For NAAA Ag Aviation Expo-related questions and if you’re interested in exhibiting at or sponsoring the 2017 Ag Aviation Expo, please contact Lindsay Barber at or (202) 546-5722.

Booking details available at SAVANNAH, GA

2017 AGAVIATION EXPO National Agricultural Aviation Association


2017 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo — Schedule SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2017 Morning 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 12 - 6 p.m. 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. 4:45 - 6:30 p.m. 4:45 - 6:30 p.m. 6 - 7 p.m.

Aircraft Arrive CD Aviation - TPE331 Engine Maintenance Training Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 Seminar Canadian AAA Board Meeting Support Committee Meeting—All NAAA Support members are asked to attend. PAASS PDC Meeting Registration NAAA Board Meeting Compaass Rose Session—Session for attendees with five years or less experience or an interest in the industry. Sponsored by Farm Air AG-NAV Session (further details to be provided) Operation S.A.F.E. Analysts Meeting

MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2017 7 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Registration 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Exhibitor Setup 8 - 9:45 a.m. Kickoff Breakfast - Westin, Sponsored by BASF 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Aerial Application Technology Research Session 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Support Committee Savannah Riverboat Cruise. RSVP required. Sponsored by GarrCo Products RSVP to Kathy Diehl at 1 - 2:30 p.m. Educational Sessions - FAA/Security Session - SATLOC Session - Radial Engines Session 2:45 - 4:15 p.m. Educational Sessions - UAV/Low Level Obstacles Session - AgSync Session - TPE 331 Session 4:30 - 6 p.m. Educational Sessions - PT6 Session - Chemical Session - AG-NAV Session: Improving Obstacle Awareness and Alert for Pilot Safety 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Welcome Reception Sponsored by Bayer CropScience

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2017 7 - 8:30 a.m. 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 8 - 11:30 a.m. 8:45 - 9:30 a.m. 9:45 - 11:45 a.m. 12 - 5:30 p.m. 5:30 - 7 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

Transland Breakfast & Seminar - Westin Registration Exhibitor Setup NAAA Business Meeting Sponsored by Syngenta & AIG NAAA General Session NAAA Trade Show. Live Auction & Reception Reception sponsored by Syngenta Pratt & Whitney Canada Reception - Westin

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Registration 7 - 10:30 a.m. PAASS Presenter’s Breakfast (PAASS Presenters Only). 8 - 9:30 a.m. Educational Sessions - Helicopter Session, Sponsored by Simplex - GE Aviation Session - Chem-Man Session 8 - 10 a.m. USDA Aerial Imaging Workshop 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Allied Industry Meeting All Allied members and exhibitors invited 8:30 - 12 noon Support Committee Event Meet & Greet: 8:30 - 10 a.m. Athena Project Presentation: 10 a.m. - Noon 9:45 - 10:15 a.m. Educational Sessions (30 min. sessions) - Simplex Session - DuPont Crop Protection Session - Air Repair Session 9:30 - 11 a.m. State/Regional Directors Meeting 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. NAAA Trade Show. 12 - 1 p.m. Past President’s Meeting 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. NAAREF Board Meeting 2 - 3 p.m. Silent Auction Staggered Closing 4:30 - 8 p.m. Exhibitor Teardown 4 - 5:30 p.m. Educational Sessions - Compaass Rose Session - APS Brakes Session - Insero: GPS for Ag Pilots - Pratt & Whitney Canada Session

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2017 8 - 10 a.m. Aircraft Removed, Final Freight Move Out 8 a.m. - 12 noon Registration 8:45 - 10:15 a.m. Thrush Aircraft Session 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. Air Tractor Session 1:15 - 2:30 p.m. NAAREF Safety Session Sponsored by Lane Aviation 2:45 - 4:15 p.m. Educational Sessions - “Ask the Expert” Speed Mentoring Session Sponsored by Davidson Solid Rock Insurance and Weber Aviation Insurance - Aviation Specialties Unlimited Session - Aviation Safety Equipment, Myths and Reality, by Michael Rutledge 5:15 p.m. Farewell Reception - Westin Sponsored by Hardy Aviation Insurance 5:45 p.m. Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet - Westin Sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Kimmel Aviation Insurance Company

Booth 613

Small town service and the best rates Kimmel Aviation Insurance arose from a need to write hard-to-find and much

Very few companies would insure ag aircraft back in the early 1970s, so Dorothy

needed insurance on cropdusters in 1972. The insurance side of the business started

Kimmel made it her mission to find that coverage for their customers. From its

very pragmatically as customers were coming to the Kimmel Aviation Ag Aircraft

humble beginnings, the insurance part of the business grew and formally incorporated

dealership to trade in their $500 converted Super Cubs and Stearmans for the more

Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency, Inc. in 1979. Over the years, Dorothy Kimmel

productive and shiny new Cessna Ag Wagons and Ag Trucks. The $20,000 price

has received numerous industry awards including, but not limited to MAAA

tag and the ever evolving regulatory environment in the early 1970s mandated that

Outstanding Service Award – 1975, MAAA President’s Award – 1985, WMAAA

all certified applicators must carry a minimum liability insurance policy or a bond

President, 15 years WMAAA Director to the WNAAA, WNAAA Vice Pres. 1991,

of $10,000. Cessna Finance also wanted to make sure their loans were protected.

WNAAA President 1992, Lee Abide Award – 1998, Arkansas (AAAA) Distinguished service award 2006, MAAA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award – 2006. In addition, Dorothy also served on

Leave your insurance worries on the ground.

numerous committees and served both the NAAA and MAAA for each of her 45+ years as a member of both organizations. Her most outstanding achievement was to raise a family of four boys, all who entered the ag aviation field and chose career paths closely related to ag aviation. Although Dorothy is still active in the agency, her youngest son, Frank Kimmel, took over the day to day operations of Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency in 2004. Frank brings with him 14,000 hours of flying experience including 8000+ as an ag pilot. Frank also has his own pedigree of accomplishments including , 1992 John Horne Memorial Safety award (NAAA), Novartis Leadership training delegate – 1998, NAAA Related Service Award – 2008, Arkansas (AAAA) Outstanding Service Award 2008, and the MAAA Allied Industry Associate of the year 2010.

Trust Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency to find the best rates and customized coverage for your agricultural aviation operation. We have nationwide reach with small town service...when you call, we answer. So don’t worry when you’re in the air; Kimmel has you covered.

In addition to the ag association awards, Frank was elected by his aviation insurance peers to serve on the Aviation Insurance Association (AIA) Board of Directors in 2005. He served as the Director of the Domestic Agents and Brokers Division


until he was elected Vice President of the AIA in 2009 and then AIA President for 2011 – 2012. As you can see, it is true when their ads say, “When you need a respected voice to work for you, “The Kimmel’s

442 Airport Road, Greenwood, MS 38930 •


Have You Covered”!”

Valley Air Crafts

Booth 907

Valley Air Crafts rolls out new parts ordering system After three decades serving Central Valley ag operators—

parts,” Schoenau says. “It assures that their message

ten as a factory-authorized Air Tractor dealer and service

gets to us. Of course they can still call us, too.”

Robinson helicopters. At the company’s 8,000-square-foot hangar/

center—Valley Air Crafts of Tulare, California has earned

Valley Air Crafts sells and services the full line

maintenance and parts facility, five maintenance

its reputation as the go-to resource for aerial applicators

of Air Tractor aircraft from facilities at Mefford Field

technicians and two parts specialists provide the

throughout California’s verdant Central Valley. “Ag

Airport, just outside Tulare. Tulare is about an hour’s

responsive service and support that Valley Air Crafts’

operators here in the Valley know us and rely on us,” says

drive between Fresno and Bakersfield in the southern

customers count on to keep flying and working.

owner Mike Schoenau.

Central Valley.

“At Valley Air Crafts,” said company president

To be even more responsive to customers, a

In addition to selling and supporting Air

Mike Schoenau, “our customers have come to expect

new feature on the Valley Air Crafts website, www.

Tractor agricultural and firefighting aircraft, Valley Air

a high level of working knowledge, expertise, and, now offers ag operators a

Crafts offers maintenance, repairs, and replacement

professionalism. And whether they need service,

convenient way to order parts with an email request.

parts for other brands of agricultural spray aircraft,

parts, or another Air Tractor, we are going to make

“We hope our customers will try this new way to order

as well as commercial and private aircraft and

sure they get it.”

We’re your full-service authorized Air Tractor dealer selling and supporting the complete line of Air Tractor agricultural and firefighting aircraft. Let us help you get the right Air Tractor for your operation, equipped and set up just like you want it.

ONE CALL GETS IT ALL 559-686-7401 Central California’s One-Stop Solution MEFFORD FIELD - TULARE , CA AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


General Session

NAAA Shark Tank and Insurance Mock Trial Hammerheads in the General Session?

an electronically controlled solenoid valve. This valve

Wes worked at Boeing on various defense programs

For the first time ever, there will be sharks at NAAA’s

can be used to vary the nozzle flow rate in response

including Air Force One. His career progressed

Ag Aviation Expo! As part of the General Session,

to aircraft speed changes, meaning the pressure would

through the F16 and F35 programs at Lockheed Martin

NAAA will be putting on its very own Shark Tank

stay constant. Having an electronically controlled

Aeronautics as a hydro-mechanical Systems Engineer.

show, highlighting some of the precision application

valve on each nozzle also allows for multiple boom

He also worked in Business Development for various

technologies available for use in agricultural aviation.

configurations, all available from the cockpit

aerospace companies. He started his own company

The NAAA has selected experienced ag aviation

and developed the Yield Defender Unmanned Aerial

operators to play the role of sharks, who will question

Bruce Woodcock with Aventech, who will explain

representatives of several precision ag companies about

how their AIMMS system can measure weather

how their technology works and how it might benefit

conditions in flight to keep your application on target.

Air Tractor, Inc. acquired his company and the Yield

an agricultural aviation business.

The AIMMS-20 and AIMMS-30 can both be used to

Defender program in 2016, and Wes is currently

System for use in agriculture.

measure wind speed and direction, temperature, and

employed by Air Tractor as Vice-President, Unmanned

Our Sharks include Damon Reabe of Dairyland Aviation

humidity. By checking the temperatures at different

Aerial Systems.

in Waupun, WI; Mike Schiffer of Al’s Spraying Service

heights, the presence of an inversion can be determined.

in Ovid, MI and Rod Thomas of Thomas Helicopters

Weather data is displayed real time, used with spray

AVENTECH RESEARCH: Bruce Woodcock is the

in Gooding, ID.

drift models, and can be stored for later analysis and

Director of Advanced Products Engineering and co-

record keeping.

founder of Aventech Research Inc., a high-tech company

Wes Hall with Air Tractor will be in the tank to spar

which develops and manufactures instrumentation

with our sharks about how their Yield Defender UAS

Come watch our NAAA sharks and their prey circle

focusing on the aerial application, airborne research,

can be used to gather critical crop data. The drone is

the waters to pacify them as they discuss these exciting

airborne remote sensing and military Unmanned

designed to specifically meet the needs of agriculture

technologies, and see if any of them might have a place

Aerial Vehicle (UAV) markets. Bruce obtained a

and can be used for field scouting and conducting a

in your operation.

Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering Physics

precision analysis of grower’s crops, including drought

from McMaster University (1984) followed by post-

assessment. It is a quad multi-rotor drone, and includes

Insurance Mock Trial

graduate work in the field of Aerospace Engineering

a near infrared camera for taking high resolution

The second part of the NAAA General Session will

at the University of Toronto. While there he obtained

images showing crop health, and software for both total

feature the law firm of Anderson & Riddle, LLP will

a Master of Applied Science degree in 1987. Before

flight management and post flight image processing

present a mock trial at this year’s convention. The

fully completing his post-doctoral work Bruce co-

and analysis.

attorneys at Anderson & Riddle have been representing

founded Aventech Research Inc. with Stephen Foster

aerial applicators in all types of matters for over 20

in 1995. Over the past 22 years he has been involved

Mike Thurman with AgJunction-Satloc will be talking

years. Founding partner Geff Anderson handled his

with developing three generations of AIMMS (Aircraft

about how to make and use prescription maps to

first drift claim in 1993; associate attorney Andrea


achieve more targeted applications, putting the right

Palmer joined the firm in 2013. The firm has supported

technology, the AvSTAR (Aventech Satellite Tracking

amount in the right place. Their MapStar software

NAAA and several other aerial applicator professional

and Reporting) system, and more recently Air Data and

supports variable rate applications and prescription

organizations for more than 15 years.

Inertial Attitude Systems for military Unmanned Aerial

maps. It can be used before an application to map




Systems (UAS).

fields, pre-plan the route, and create a prescription map

The mock trial will present a direct and cross

for a field with targeted rates for different sections of

examination of a pilot and an expert witness in

CAPSTAN AG: Ken Giles is the inventor of pulse width

the field depending on the amount of agronomic input

an aerial drift case. Please join us for a lively and

modulation for agricultural sprayers and has worked in

needed. It can also be used after an application is made

educational presentation.

the technology since 1987.

to analyze application and flight data.

Before that, he worked

in orchard spraying, cotton spraying and electrostatic NAAA General Session Sponsored by Syngenta and AIG.

Ken Giles with Capstan Ag will discuss how pulse

spraying. He grew up on a dairy farm in Georgia, was a 4-H’er and a Boy Scout and attended the University of

width modulation (PWM) technology can be used to

Speaker Bios

Georgia and Clemson University, where he received his

control a wide variety of things on your spray system.


Ph.D. He is a co-founder of Capstan Ag Systems, Inc.

PWM replaces the check valve on each nozzle with

up in the small farming community of Elmwood, Illinois

and also Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of

and developed an interest in aviation thanks to a life-

Biological & Agricultural Engineering at the University

long friend and neighbor who shared a similar interest.

of California, Davis.

He obtained his A&P license prior to undergraduate

the field of agricultural spraying and is a Fellow in

studies at Southern Illinois University, and his pastime

the American Society of Agricultural and Biological

endeavors pertaining to cars and motorcycles led to

Engineers. He is an instrument-rated, commercial pilot

his perpetual interest the aerospace industry, with

and enjoys running, biking and flying a 206 Stationair.

an emphasis on composites and systems research and development.


He holds over 30 patents in

United Turbine

Booth 761

PT6 engine state of the art facility Founded in 1991, and now part of Continental® Motors Group, United Turbine experienced and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to PT6 owners and operators. With a customer base including governments, large fleets and private owners, United Turbine is the service center of choice for those seeking high value at a competitive price. Based in Miami, FL, close to the international airport, in a 33,000-sq. feet state of the art facility, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, including overhauls, repairs, fuel nozzle exchange and inspections, and hot section inspections. United Turbine is renowned for its quick turnaround time and workmanship excellence. Relying on this excellence, United Turbine offers an industry leading warranty of seven years (or TBO, whichever comes first) on overhauls. Helicopter owners and operators can also rely on United Turbine for any work on PT6 Twin-Pac’s. United Turbine is certified as a repair station by the FAA, EASA, and the INCA and Maldives Civil Aviation authorities. Additionally, United Turbine maintains a correlated test cell on-site (regularly inspected and certified by P&WC), keeps a large inventory of PT6 parts in stock, and offers quick turnaround fuel nozzle inspections. Also available, a loaner/lease program (select engine models) allows for continued revenue generating operations

GLOBALLY TRUSTED EXPERTISE IN PT6 ENGINES UNITED TURBINE From our base in Miami, FL, United Turbine operates an engine and accessory, repair and overhaul facility for PT6 engines. We have been a leader in this field since 1991, and in 2002 opened a purpose-built facility to expand our capabilities. This has been approved by the FAA, EASA, Venezuela’s civil aviation authority INAC, and the government of the Maldives. United Turbine offers an industry-leading overhaul warranty of 7 years or TBO. We use a process-focused system with extensive overhaul capacity, and we operate a loaner/lease program for selected models. Exchange engines and a large parts inventory are also available. A CONTINENTAL MOTORS SERVICES COMPANY

WWW.CONTINENTALMOTORS.AERO TEL: (305) 885-3900 ©2017 Continental Motors. All rights reserved.

CM_UT_all_languages_223x139,4.indd 1

12/10/2017 AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide



NorthStar Aviation

Booth 311, 313

North Star Aviation offers a wide variety of service Located in Ulysses, Kansas, North Star Aviation is your full maintenance facility offering top quality services. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable and high quality aircraft maintenance for our customers. All of our mechanics are FAA A&P certified, two of which are A&P I/A certified. North Star Aviation is owned and operated by Steve and Samantha Rice. We maintain a large fleet of turbine powered Thrush and Air Tractor aircraft. We offer a wide variety of services on airframe and powerplant including, annual inspection, Eddy

performance. Let us handle all of your Thrush needs.

booth #311 for a new system quote or to discuss

Current inspection, hot section inspection, gear box

Stop by our booth #311 to discuss what a Thrush

your repair needs.

inspection, 100 hour, nozzle cleaning and flowing,

can do for you!

aircraft recovery and refurbishment.

Maintaining a large inventory of Thrush, Air Tractor, In addition to our quality maintenance services, we

SATLOC and Transland parts, we are able to get

North Star Aviation is a Thrush Aircraft full service

are a SATLOC sales and services dealer. Our repair

our customers back in the air quickly. Stop by our

dealer. Thrush offers a range of aerial application

facility is capable of handling all of your SATLOC

booth #311 to meet Kelly, the parts manager at North

aircraft to fit any size and type of operation. Thrush

needs. We have a large inventory of loaner systems

Star. We strive to be a one stop shop for all your ag

is known for structural durability and excellent

to keep you in the air. Give us a call or stop by our

aircraft needs.



Booth 459

This year Davidon is focusing on keeping your spray in the field with DRP-955

Booth #331 & #333

DRP-955 is a highly efficient adjuvant. Its proprietary ingredients make it an all-in-one adjuvant for the aerial and ground applicator. DRP-955 acts as an anti-evaporant to reduce spray drift. This places more chemical on target, thereby increasing deposition. Due to this and DRP-955’s UV protection and bonding ability, the application is more effective. It also works as a penetrator, spreader and sticker. • 800-325-0885

Studies at the University of Georgia have indicated a 20% increase in deposition when using DRP-955. Several universities including, The University of Arkansas, Michigan State University all reported similar results. Real world testimonies from pilots claim no longer is spray deposition on the windscreen, a problem during return spray passes. DRP-955 comes in 2.5-gallon plastic containers. Also it is a true solution adjuvant that stays mixed. It will not clog nozzles nor will it turn into a clabber-like mix, even if it is overdosed. DRP-955 is a reasonably priced solution to drift. With so many other advantages, it is well worth the money. Please stop by our booth and enter to win a free case.

Aviation Insurance Specialist  Business

 RotoR CRaft

 PleasuRe

 sPoRt CRaft

 CommeRCial

 sPeCial Risk

 WoRkman’s ComP

 ag aviation



DAVIDON In Business Since 1992 Manufacturing Booms and Nozzles Dealer for Transland DRP-955 - Best Weapon Against Drift Spray System Consultants

Gerald andrews don Peters

800-844-7105 Tel: 334-793-9802 • Fax: 334-793-5490 P.O. Drawer 6727 Dothan, Alabama 36302

5660 Calhoun Road | Unadilla, GA 31091 P. 229-645-3605 | F. 229-645-3880 |

“We Want and Appreciate Your Business We’re Working To Earn It”

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet

Congratulations to the 2016 award recipients The 50th Annual NAAA Convention & Exposition

culminated with the Farewell/Awards Banquet. It was a celebratory evening befitting the numerous

Spraying Service, Plainfield, WI •

awardees recognized for their efforts on behalf of agricultural aviation. Hosted by emcees Rod Thomas

Agrinaut Award – Jeff Reabe – Reabe

and Eric Klindt, the awards ceremony honored the

William O. Marsh Safety Award – Perry

Allied Industry Award (chosen by the Allied

Hofer, Doland Aerial Spraying, Doland, SD, and

Committee) – Lindsay Barber, NAAA staff

Maria Dopp, Beldenville, WI

Delta Air Lines “Puffer” Award – Jared Storm, Storm Aeronautics, Wahoo, NE

Awards Nomination & Ceremony

Evans-Christopher Operation S.A.F.E.

Join us on Thursday, Dec. 7 at 5:45 p.m. in Savannah

“cream of the crop” among agricultural aviation. Please

Award (chosen by the NAAREF Operation

as we honor exceptional individuals who go above and

join us in once again congratulating the recipients

S.A.F.E. Committee – Bob Wolf, Wolf Consulting

beyond, often with little fanfare. We just need you to

of the 2016 NAAA Awards for their service to their

& Research LLC, Mahomet, IL

tell us who they are. At the banquet, the industry will

John Robert Horne Memorial Award – Doug

also recognize the outgoing NAAA officers and the

Bontrager, Nick’s Flying Service, Wolcottville, IN

convention will conclude with 2017 NAAA President

Larsen-Miller Community Service

Dominique Youakim passing the gavel to the incoming

Award – Jake Kraft, Air Kraft Spraying Inc.,

2018 President.

accomplishments of nine individuals that represent the

industry, their association and their communities.

Pitlick, Star-Flex, Onida, SD •

• •

Timber Lake, SD •

The Opal and Bill Binnion Award

The deadline to submit nominations for the 2017

(chosen by the Support Committee)—Gaylon

NAAA Awards is Sept. 8, 2017. Nomination forms and

Stamps, Panhandle, TX

additional details are available on the NAAA website

Outstanding Service Award – Jane Barber

Show Your Badge Discounts

Welcome to Savannah!

Present your conference badge or film perks pass at these participating businesses

Savannah Heritage Tours, LLC: 10% off

to receive special discounts not available to the general public. Enjoy your

“Midnight Garden” tour

Savannah getaway!

Webb Military Museum: $1 off entry fee



Salt Table: 10% discount

The Bayou Cafe: Free basket of

The Ancient Olive: 10% off purchase

Southern Fried Pickles

Swizzle and Shake: 10% off selected items’

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Spanky’s River Street: $5 off orders of $20 or more

King Enterprise Businesses’s, LLC: 10% off selected items

Tubbys Seafood River Street: $5 off orders of $20 or more

Savannah Rae’s Gourmet Popcorn: 10% off purchase’

Fiddlers Crab House: $5 off orders of $20 or more

Lowcountry Gourmet Foods: 10% off all food purchases

Dubs,a public house:$5 off orders of $20 or more

Savannah Wine Cellar: 10% off selected items and tastings

Sushi Zen: 15% off of food only

Tanger Outlets, Savannah: Free coupon book

Flirt with Dessert: 10% off of the full purchase price

Fine Things Under $20: 20% off regularly-priced merchandise

Lizzy’s Tequila Bar& Grill: 10% off dine-in The Warehouse Bar & Grille: 10% off dine-in

Tours and Attractions:

The Shrimp Factory: 10% off dine-in

Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts: 15% off purchases/walking tours

River House Seafood: 10% off dine-in

Old Town Trolley of Savannah: $4 off tour ticket per adult’

Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub: 10% off food and alcohol per check

The Savannah Theatre: $5 discount on ticket to any show’

B Matthews Eatery: 10% off food

TrekSavannah: 10% discount on group scavenger hunts.

Café M: 10% discount on all beverages and food’

Savannah Ghost Show: 2-for-1 tickets for 7:30 p.m. walking tour’

Belford’s Savannah: Free appetizer with entree’

Afterlife Tours: $20 per ticket. Capturing Savannah: 10% off any photography walk tour’


Oatland Island Wildlife Center: $2 off regular adult price

Dancing Dogs Yoga: 20% off all services•

6th Sense World Historic Ghost & Cemetery Tours: 25% off tickets”

fit46: 1/2 off regular class drop-in rate

Segway of Savannah: $5 off per ticket

Southern Sugaring- The Hair Removal Salon: $15 off sugaring”

Savannah Taste Experience Food Tours: 10%off any food tour

Spa Bleu: 5% off services/retail: free Organic Aromatherapy


Southeastern Aircraft Sales

Booth 834, 836

Serving agricultural aviation for 65 years

Authorized distributor for Air Tractor, Southeastern Aircraft Sales offers new and used aircraft, parts and service. Now in our 65th year, our reputation has been built on honesty and integrity. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your company.


Aircraft Sales & Service, Inc. Fort Pierce, Florida

Our 65th year serving agricultural aviation Sales • Service • Parts


Office 772-461-8924 • Fax 772-461-9050 AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide



Booths 523, 525, 622 & 624

7½” manual gate box now STC’d! Visit the Transland booth to check out the full functioning displays for the 7½’ Gate Box with the Transland Controller. We are very pleased to announce the 7½” manual gate box is now STC’d for Air Tractor 602’s, 802’s and Thrush 510 aircraft. Also check out the full functioning Wingman display unit. Learn how the wingman saves time and money by actuating the hopper door and equalizing the load, all from the cockpit! Don’t miss our drawing for one of several Transland Flight bags. These were a big hit last year in Long Beach! This bag can be a back pack or duffle with room for important papers, clothing, or other gear and still fit a full size helmet as well! Register at our booth and you could be a winner!

Join us for the annual Transland Breakfast Seminar

all manufacturers looking to adapt our products to fit

featuring Damon Reabe of Dairyland Aviation. Damon

the needs of their customers. Our latest collaboration

has developed for his business aerial cover crop seeding

project is coming to a close and we are open for new

services, cover crop consulting services and cover

possibilities. With great effort from the Transland team

crop seed sales since 2010. He regularly consults with

the past three years this new system is near release.

growers, NRCS agents, County land conservation

The Switchback system allows operators to quickly and

Discover what is new in our product line for booms.

departments, Agronomists, and independent crop

easily switch from ag work to fire work within a small

We know so many of our customers love that all of

consultants making suggestions for seed selection,

window of time, utilizing their aircraft to help in the

our Stainless Steel booms come with a standard bleed

rates, planting timing and termination of cover crops.

ever increasing danger of wildfires. There will be more

line built inside the boom. We have applied the same

Damon will be sharing his insights and ideas for best

information at the show!

ingenuity to our new Aluminum boom line, available to

practice from an operator’s perspective. Breakfast starts

order from dealers now. Visit the booth to see a sample

Tuesday December 5th at 7am in the Grand Ballroom

All of us at Transland want to thank our dealers and

with a cut out showing the bleed line inside. While at

C at the Westin Hotel.

their loyal customers for the opportunity to serve and

the booth ask about the benefits of using the Transland

create for this remarkable industry. We look forward to

Meterate for cover crop and low poundage work. We will

Transland is always looking for ways to improve

have a Meterate with controller available for viewing.

existing product lines and we are happy to work with

seeing all at this year’s NAAA convention in Savannah.

Wine Glasses 14.99 each

$ Booth #331 & #333 • 800-325-0885 24E


49.99 set of 4


M A R K E T P L A C E 478-987-2250

Dispersing Quality! 7 ½” Gate

Manual or Hydraulic

“This controller is the easiest one that I have used. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone that want’s simplicity as well as being able to do a rate of 10 pound to 500 pound to the acre while setting in the seat of plane.” — Mike Hall, East Prairie, MO

Manual Now STC’d

Touchscreen Computer Controller

Contact your Transland dealer AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Aviation Products Systems

Booth 429

APS® “Black Steel®” The Proven Original – Precision at an Affordable Price High performance starts with the right parts, and APS® has been manufacturing “BlackSteel®” brake discs and metallic and semi-metallic brake linings for more than two decades to achieve this high standard. APS® offers the ultimate in braking performance.

HIGH PERFORMANCE STARTS WITH THE RIGHT PARTS APS has designed a high quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. A true blend of strength and durability. CNC machined from a rigid one piece design these brakes are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give it the appearance, with our name proudly engraved on the side; APS offers the ultimate in braking performance. ®

What they have done is design a high quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. These discs are CNC machined from a rigid one piece forging and are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give it the “BlackSteel®” appearance, corrosion resistance, and longer life, these brake discs also proudly display the “BlackSteel®” name engraved on the side. Manufacturing APS® “BlackSteel®” brake discs is their passion… Perfection is their standard. Stop by to speak with the “BlackSteel®” experts at Booth #429 to learn more.


Contact us for a list of our distributors 618.797.3140

APS® brake products are a truly innovative product at a cost effective price and worth your time to explore. Check it out at


A.E.R.O. Aviation Hose Shop

Booth 530

A.E.R.O. Hose Shop Returns to NAAA The A.E.R.O. Hose Shop is making their return to NAAA once again this year. In addition to being the industry-leading aircraft supplier for fuel, oil and hydraulic hoses, they also offer hundreds of kits for most aircraft makes and models, a hose duplication program matched by no other, bulk hose and fittings, AOG service, and large warbird and helicopter hoses. This year at NAAA, the A.E.R.O. Hose Shop will be offering a great money-saving opportunity by running a 50% off list price special on hose kits. Attendees can stop and see the A.E.R.O. Hose Shop at booth #530 to receive a coupon with details and information pertaining to the 2017 NAAA hose kit special. Make sure to add the A.E.R.O. Hose Shop (Booth #530) to your list of must see vendors at the 2017 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo this year. For detailed information, visit our website at or contact an A.E.R.O. Hose Shop representative at: •

1.800.362.3044 ext. 293

3701 Highway 162 Granite City, IL 62040


Auger Dan

Booth 103

Auger uger DAn An’s s rucks Trucks Stainless steel auger systems for loading ag aircraft Electronic height adjustable clear sock for dry material delivery Anti-dribble valve


• • •

Phone: Home: 870-972-8056 • Cell: 870-919-2317

The unquestioned leader in loader systems. First choice of the most successful operators. Not the cheapest - simply the finest.

P.O. Box 19094 Jonesboro, AR 72403 View our video on YouTube:

Eagle Vistas

Booth 455

Eagle Vistas: standardized ag pilot training at our agricultural aviation academy! “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a structure is only as strong as its foundation” At Eagle Vistas we live by these phrases and take them very seriously. Our students pass a written, oral and checkride evaluation before they are issued our agricultural aviation pilot certificate of completion. For new pilots, we help forge each link in their aviation “chain” directed specifically toward being a safe agricultural pilot, not an airline pilot. For existing pilots, we examine each link in the “chain” to ensure that they are strong enough, or we repair them if necessary for safe operations in the field of aerial application. You will never have students teaching students here. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. Due diligence is important when choosing an agricultural aviation training program! There are differences in programs! Feel free to contact our students or the operators that they work for and ask about us. We can take you from 0 time with your private pilot to agricultural pilot. If you already have a private or commercial pilot license we can give you ag pilot training. Additionally, we offer an optional Instrument rating in a Tailwheel aircraft and affordable Tailwheel rentals for time building. Turbine Transition in a Dual Cockpit Thrush is now available by appointment. We are located in Arcadia, FL. We can train year round in Florida! We have convenient Airports nearby, some with discount fares. Ask us for details. NEW: Call us for limited training dates in Malden, MO. Start your career with the best foundation to build on! Come by booth #455 to meet owners Randy and Beverly Berry, our instructors and staff.

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide



80 Booth


ah 20

Turbine Transition Training

ann in Sav

Now Availab le

Air Tractor 504

Battlefords Airspary

Booth 802

Professional agricultural pilot training Battlefords Airspray is owned and operated by Fran de Kock. Fran is a well-known, respected ag pilot and CFI with 37 years of experience. He demonstrates his dedication to the betterment of the ag industry by providing the best possible training for students.

Professional Agricultural Pilot Training Gippsland GA 200

Battlefords Airspray offers private, commercial, initial agricultural and turbine transition pilot training. Also offered is recurrent piston and turbine ag checkouts. The ag training fleet consists of two Air Tractor AT-504s and three Gippsland GA200s. All five are “side by side”, dual controlled ag aircraft. Fran feels it is very important to have the instructor right there beside the student – able to demonstrate techniques, answer questions and monitor progress. All ag instructors are “experienced” ag pilots! All ag training aircraft are fully outfitted with SATLOC GPS, flow control, booms and

All our training planes: -feature dual controls, side by side cockpit configuration -are equipped with SATLOC GPS and Flow Control Systems Also available: Private and Commercial Training, Pilot Assessments for Operators


North Battleford Saskatchewan, Canada

Phone 306-445-3099

nozzles, and state of the art communications equipment. The AT-504 has proven after six seasons to be an excellent turbine spray aircraft trainer. It allows Battlefords Airspray to introduce the world of turbine ag flying to pilots with varying levels of experience. The GA200 has proven to be the ultimate initial ag pilot training aircraft. Reality training at its VERY BEST!

WE OFFER: • 100hr., 300hr., Annual, and Hot Section Inspections • Aircraft Painting

Aircraft maintenance facility specializing in Air Tractors and other aircraft.

• Aero LED reseller • Rebuild wrecks • Refurbish aircraft from the ground up • Transland authorized dealer Call us for your Satloc and Transland needs

Aaron Keahey, Manager Office: 870-857-3744 Cell: 870-450-8443 62 Airport Rd. Corning, AR. 72422

Owner Brent Carpenter 28E

TAE Aviation North America

Booth 432

TAE gives TPE331 operators new service & repair option in North America North American operators of Honeywell’s turboprop – the TPE331 – can now look “down under” for quality maintenance, repair and overhaul services for their engines in the U.S. Honeywell channel Partner, TAE, Australia’s largest maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and engineering company, is working closely with U.S.based partners to service and support the TPE331 engine. TAE is a Honeywell authorized service center with more than 25 years of experience working on the TPE331. By partnering with other authorized MRO service providers in the U.S., the company is creating a highly efficient service network that can respond to customers’ needs as efficiently as a local provider. In addition, TAE offers competitive pricing to North American customers and manages and covers the cost of freight requirements to stay price-competitive. The company already provides MRO services to customers located in America, Europe, Asia and Africa in addition to being Australia’s preeminent TPE331 service provider. Work on the TPE331 engine is completed at TAE’s state-of-the-art engine maintenance facility, which was opened in 2012. It includes an advanced 2,500 HP turboprop engine test facility with Australia’s only Honeywell-correlated, multi-engine dynamometer-equipped test cell. Every engine leaving the shop goes through a rigorous test regimen, giving operators peace of mind that their engine will meet requirements when it’s back on the wing. The repair facility keeps a large inventory of Honeywell-authorized parts,

Superior performance from your TPE331 engine As your Honeywell Authorized Service Center, TAE Aerospace delivers the service and support Ag operators need to maintain a safe, reliable and efficient TPE331 engine fleet. To start a conversation about better performance from your TPE331 engine, contact Mario Chavez – your local TAE Aerospace representative.

maintains an engine rental pool and employs a skilled workforce with more than 200

Call +1 (706) 993 0898 or email

years of combined Honeywell engine experience.

Or see us online at

TAE is known for providing commercial and military gas-turbine engine operators with the best availability and reliability, fastest turn-times, highest quality workmanship and a great customer service experience. For more information about TAE, please contact Mario Chavez, North American Regional Sales Manager at 706.993.0898


Booth 427

Unsurpassed in quality and engineering Since the founding of Agrinautics in 1958, our main goal has been to produce spray


system components that are unsurpassed in quality and engineering. All casting

Tuffcoat components are tool steel strong

components of our spray pumps, valves and strainers are still manufactured on site

Non-stick surface for quick clean-out

at Agrinautics. This gives us absolute quality control of every component until it is assembled and sent out the door. The company also carries an FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (“PMA”).We know how your valuable time is spent cleaning


and maintaining equipment. This is why we offer all our products protected with


a hard anodized “Tuffcoating”. This combination process elevates the surface of the product to tool steel hardness while the “PTFE” smooth outer coating adds the benefit of a quick and easy clean-up. We have a commitment to providing ultimate customer satisfaction. We back-up all of our assemblies with the industry’s best warranty of 2-years / 800 hours. If you have any questions or any special application

FAA/PMA approved 435-586-1200 • 1215 N. Airport Road • Cedar City, UT 84721

needs, please call us at 435-586-1200.

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


New PAASS Fundraiser

Pedaling for PAASS Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of PAASS by

one of the carts is $100. Beverages are not included

event and to secure your spot, send an email. Please

joining eight of our PAASS Presenters for Pedaling

with this donation. If you know who’s cart you want

note that if you commit to a spot on a cart, you must

for PAASS, a fundraiser for the ag aviation industry’s

to be on, please let us know in your email. If you want

donate to PAASS even if you don’t show up. If you

premier educational safety program. Pedaling for

to participate but don’t care which cart, we’ll pick a

want to learn more about what a peddle cart, visit www.

PAASS utilizes pedaling carts, controlled by an

PAASS Presenter for you! Come celebrate 20 years of the

independent, professional driver that will direct pedaling participants throughout historic Savannah and perhaps

world’s premiere agricultural aviation safety program For more information on the Pedaling for PAASS

with this fun and first time event!

a local imbibing establishment or two. The event will begin on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The carts will be launched starting at 5:00 pm, with 15 minute intervals between each cart and will last about two hours. All you need to bring is a to-go cup for onboard beverage consumption, comfortable shoes, your photo ID, and a method of payment for your beverages at the local



imbibing establishments. Tours start on the south

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

side of the river and those details will be provided to riders who sign up. The PAASS Presenters below will be leading peddle carts and they are looking for riders. Send an email to now to secure your spot on their cart, but you had better hurry – spaces are

Craig Bair Matt Hovdenes Leif Isaacson Eric Klindt Darrin Pluhar Rick Richter Gaylon Stamps Rod Thomas – not available; full cart

filling up quickly! The minimum donation for riding on

Matt Hovdenes Moore’s Aerial Applicators (Mike Rivenbark) DuPont Crop Protection Andrew Moore Louisiana AAA Aerinova Aerial (Dominique Youakim) Regal Aviation (Rusty Wissmiller) Wilbur-Ellis Air Tractor (Rick Turner)

DataSmart Software

Booth 945

DataSmart team keeps growing It’s been another year of growth for the DataSmart team. The Chem-Man software has really taken off and we’ve made some tremendous enhancements to the functionality of our products. We’ve made improvements to our maps and added a lot of customization features throughout the software. Our team has grown and we are working really hard to continue the great service that our customers have come to expect. We’ve also entered into some excited partnerships with great companies like Agrian, which are

photo by: Terry Barber

helping to open up the door to new markets.

“Chem-Man Online is the best software on the market”

What’s next for Chem-Man? We are really excited about some variable rate features

Innovative solutions for your billing, mapping, and application needs.

do business. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at john.farris@

Find out what the buzz is about. 870-238-9222 Find us on Facebook.


that we have been piloting. We expect this to be a “game-changer” in the way that we or

Turbine Conversions

Booths 411, 617

Power to your business What do you need to make your business more

the market and is available for all makes and models

micro-fine to granulated material accurately. We will


of Ag aircraft.

have a working system complete with our exclusive

TCL has specialized in helping Ag

Aviation businesses become productive, accurate

GateKeeperTM Technology in our booth.

and profitability with innovative designs for over 30

The Variable Rate Rotary Gate is a great tool to

years. With 30 STC products from complete turbine

expand your offerings to your customers. It allows your

All of us at Turbine Conversions, Ltd are looking

conversion packages to seeding gates and fueling

aircraft to apply from a little as 2# to 20#/acre from

forward to seeing you in Savannah!

system, Turbine Conversions, Ltd has something for every Ag Aviation business. Our specialty is adding “Power to your Business”. TCL offers Pratt & Whitney and GE turbine engine conversions for Thrush, Dromader, Air Tractor and Ag Cats. TCL is an authorized dealer for new Pratt & Whitney PT6A - 21 and GE H75 engines. We are excited to share with you in Savanah Chorman Spraying, LLC’s Turbo Cat featuring installation by Downstown Aero Crop Service, Inc. This is a great opportunity to see our work up close. TCL Single Point Fueling System is the best on the market and will definitely make your time on the ground minimal and increase the safety for you and your ground personnel. It is the only STC system on

Turbine Conversions, Ltd

The Aviation Innovation Specialists

Turbo Cat TM Pratt &Whitney Conversion

GE H75 Thrush Conversion

Single Point Fueling SystemTM

THRUSH - Reinforced Wing Leading Edge

Variable Rate Rotary Gate

M-18 Parts & Tool Rental

Lockable Full Swivel Tail Wheel for Ag Cat & Thrush 616-837-9428


AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


ASI Jet Sales

Booths 205, 304


ASI Jet Sales – AG Division is an Authorized Thrush Aircraft Dealer, Service Center,

Tel: 952.941.6255

experience and we have been a Thrush dealer since 2009! Over the past eight years

and Parts distributor. Our sales team has over 40 years of combined aircraft sales we have helped hundreds of operators purchase, sell and maintain their aircraft to the highest standards! ASI is proud to be an Authorized GE Service Center for the GE-H80 turbine engine and for Dallas Airmotive on the Pratt and Whitney PT6 Turbine Engine. We also have plenty of experience with Honeywell (Garrett) TPE-331 engines too! Our factory trained technicians specialize in doing wing lower spar cap AD replacement/ compliance, airframe skin fabrication, and other major airframe repairs.

We are

also capable of doing GPS installations, airframe option improvements, scheduled maintenance, warranty servicing, light paint refurbishment, and much more on a wide array of agricultural and general aviation aircraft!

Centrally located at KHCD airport in Hutchinson, Minnesota. ASI Jet Sales - AG Division is an Authorized Thrush Aircraft Dealer (All Models) and Service Center with over 30 years of aircraft sales and service experience! Whether it is new or used, ASI Jet will provide friendly, fast, and courteous service to help with your next aircraft purchase. We are here to work for YOU, Give us a call!

PA irparts referred

Chosen for value and service

AG Aircraft parts in stock! Discounts ranging from 25% to 85% off!

New surplus aircraft parts in stock for: Cessna, Piper, AG Cat G164A/B-600 and many others, fixed and rotor wing! • • • • • • • •

Airframe parts Accessories and parts Dispersal system parts Wheels, brakes and parts Propellers, blades and parts Spark plugs, filters of all kinds Engine parts, piston and turbine Hardware: AN, MS, NAS

Free online h! rc Inventory Sea

800-433-0814 Toll free, U.S. & Canada

Need parts? We keep a large inventory of parts in stock and use our many connections throughout the industry to save you time and money. We have the capability to drop ship to your location or wherever you need parts in order to keep you flying! We are also an Authorized Dealer/Installation center for the KAWAK throttle quadrant. Our job is to get you back in the air so you can do yours! Come by Booth #205 and see how we can help you!

Preferred Airparts

Serving operators worldwide Preferred Airparts, of Kidron, Ohio, has been serving aircraft operators and maintenance facilities worldwide since 1982. Their present stock includes over 14 million new parts for J-3s to jets. Preferred has many parts for ag operators including Cessna and Piper airframe parts. They have a large inventory of new Grumman/Schweizer G164A/B-600 spares including structural members, sheet metal, landing gears, firewall forward for the R-1340, dispersal system components and more. New parts are sold from 25% to 85% off list. The company also has new, used and overhauled Continental and Lycoming engine parts at 50-65% discount. Turbine engine parts are a growing segment of Preferred Airparts’ business. Their ever-expanding stock is serving operators of P&W PT6A, Allison/Rolls Royce 250 and other turbine and jet engines for parts, consumables and rotables. Wheels, brakes, and parts for many aircraft are a strong point at Preferred, along with light units and repair parts of all kinds. They have a wide selection of consumables including air, oil, and vacuum filters, spark plugs, and other items for piston and turbine aircraft including ag. Preferred is now a distributer of Donaldson air filters and JP Aero Plastics windshields and windows. They stock many popular Champion oil filters and Gill batteries to help you fill your order. You can check stock on Preferred’s web site,, or call,

Tel. 330-698-0280 - Fax. 330-698-3164

fax or e-mail the sales team a list of your parts requirements. Anyone with inventories

We Buy Worldwide! Inventories of new parts for almost anything.

contact Preferred for an offer. Contact info, phone 800-433-0814 US & Canada, 330-

of new parts to sell, anywhere in the world and “for nearly anything that flies”, can 698-0280 Intl, Fax 330-698-3164,


Junge Control

For more than 35 years, Junge Control, Inc. has pioneered,

purchasing and installing the technology is quick and easy. For

engineered, developed and marketed state-of-the-art product

those needing help designing a system for a unique application,

blending and measuring technologies designed to maximize

Junge engineering specialists are experienced in developing

operating efficiency in a variety of industries that require

systems for nearly any type of operation.

high levels of precision, speed, repeatability, reliability, and accountability, including ag retail, feed and fertilizer, turf and

For more information about Junge Control and Junge precision

ornamental, fuel and chemical industries.

measuring and blending equipment, visit www.jungecontrol. com or call 1.319.365.0686.

Junge’s industry-leading JungeWay system is the ideal weighing and measuring technology for ag retailers and aerial applicators who require a fast, highly-accurate and simple product blending system. Because it compensates for changing product densities, it is the most accurate ag blending system in the industry, eliminating the need for separate meters for multiple products. JungeWorks software allows even the most demanding precision product blending formulations to be automated using easy-to-use, highly intuitive software specifically designed for Junge equipment. Because Junge offers a new, unique “all-in-one” blend system,




• Reduced Turning Time • Shorter Takeoff Rolls

A Simple Solution

Junge Control

for fast, easy and accurate precision blending.

• Improved Aileron Authority • Lower Stall Speed

Junge Systems for filling planes are: faster more accurate simple to operate and legal for trade.

Micro VG Kits Available for: Air Tractor: AT-300, AT-301, AT-302,

AT-400, AT-400A, AT-401, AT-401A, AT-401B, AT-402, AT-402A, AT-402B, AT-501, AT-502, AT-502A, AT-502B, AT-504 Thrush: S2R, S2R-T11, S2R-T15, S2R-T34, S2RHG-T34, S2R-T45, S2R-T65, S2RHG-T65, S2R-R1340, S2R-R1820, S2R-R3S, S2R-G1, S2R-G5, S2R-G6, S2R-G10, S2R-H80 (510G) Cessna Models: 188B, A188B, T188C Dromader : PZL M18, M18A, M18B Piper Brave: PA-36-285, PA-36-300, PA-36-375 Weatherly: 201, 201A, 201B, 201C, 620, 620A, 620B

s in Visit u 4 53 Booth

(800) 677-2370

4000 Airport Road, Suite D Anacortes, Washington 98221 (360) 293-8082 FAX (360) 293-5499

319.365.0686 Vortex Generator Technology

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide 14722_JungeAd_AgAir_2016.indd 1


10/8/15 11:46 AM

CD Aviation



CD Aviation Services announces customer loyalty program


* ƃ


Booth 435

Around the clock On-Site Field Service to the Ag Aviation Industry

CD Aviation Services has recently implemented a customer loyalty program. This program is unique because it follows the aircraft’s engine. Each engine logbook will have a certificate placed in the beginning that offers benefits to the current operator of the engine for maintaining the engine at CD Aviation Services. The benefits include incentives and discounts for the current owner of the engine. The CD Aviation Services Customer Loyalty program provides many advantages for the current and future operators of the engine. Since CD Aviation has performed the maintenance on the engine, the operator with realize quicker and better service solutions in the future. CD Aviation Services provides professional turbine engine maintenance and 24/7 AOG support through its convenient locations in the United States, Canada and Europe. Its


multiple facilities and field service teams allow it to provide an economical maintenance solution to customers worldwide.


Booth 951

Exclusively designed Fire Boss LLC is proud to represent the “Fire Boss” water scooping system that has been exclusively designed for the Air Tractor AT-802. Fire Boss LLC is part of the Wipaire group of companies based in South St. Paul, Minnesota. Wipaire is the largest manufacturer of aircraft floats in the world, having built floats for various aircraft types ranging from 2-seat Piper Cubs up to the 21-seat Viking Twin Otter. The Fire boss system combines several airframe modifications, aircraft performance enhancers, and a pair of 10000 series amphibious water scooping floats that enables the AT-802 Single Engine Air Tanker to scoop up to 800 gallons in about 15 seconds. Over 80 Fire Boss systems are currently in operation throughout the world.

Powered by a 1600 HP Pratt & Whitney Engine

Fire Boss LLC also offers a stall improvement array for Air Tractor 802 landplanes. This modification offers lower stall speeds, improved control in slow flight and extra aileron authority to handle windy and gusty conditions. Visit us here at NAAA in booth 951 to order yours today, or visit or call 651-209-7191 after the show is over.

Over 80 Operating Worldwide Australia Montenegro

Spain CanadaArgentina Macedonia United States 651.209.7191 1700 Henry Avenue — Fleming Field South, St. Paul, MN 55075


S&T Aircraft Accessories

Booth 337

Your accessory shop with an increasing inventory to better serve you Another birthday, one more year. Our 34th year to be exact, and another national convention. We are always looking forward to seeing everybody. We are still increasing our inventory to better serve you and for those who want their own accessories overhauled, we make every effort to have a short turnaround time. We continue to stock the following accessories for radial engines: starters, magnetos, fuel pumps, carburetors, tach generators, hydraulic pumps, generators, voltage regulators, reverse current relays, prop governors, auxiliary pumps and motors. We also stock the following accessories for turbine engines: starter-generators, reverse current relays, tach generators, fuel pumps, voltage regulators and auxiliary pump and motors. For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards. To learn more about us, visit our website.

S. & T. Aircraft Accessories, Inc. "Full Engine Accessory Line" FAA Approved Repair Station No. CC2R737K

Large stock of overhauled/certified engine accessories for radial and turbine engines. We can exchange same day, or overhaul your accessory in a short turn-around time.

Generators Magnetos

Starters Fuel Pumps Carburetors

Tach Generators Hydraulic Pumps

Vacuum Pumps Prop Governors

Voltage Regulators Starter-Generators Reverse Current Relays Aux. Boost Motors

Call Us Today For all yoUr aCCessory Needs OVERHAUL or EXCHANGE 310 FM 483 • New Braunfels, Texas 78130 Email: Web:

Tel 830-625-7923 • Fax 830-625-4138

As always we look forward to seeing you at the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Savannah, Georgia. Please stop by booth 337 and visit us.

AgAviation School

Booth 335

Offers training on a working farm and ag aviation business

LEARN TO BE AN AG PILOT IN 4 TO 6 WEEKS! Call Now To Start Your Career Kiman Kingsley: 417-452-3831 email:

Our ag aviation program consists of 40 hours of flight time. The 40 hour flight course consist of 15 hours of flight training in a Cessna 170 and 25 hours of flight training in one of our six Pawnees. All flight training is done by an experienced ag pilot. There are two requirements before entering this program; you must have your private pilot’s license and your tailwheel endorsement. While in the Ag Aviation School you can stay in the free student dorm room, have local access to grocery stores, free internet and a restaurant on cite. What makes our aviation program stand out from others is that we offer training on a 3,000-acre working farm and crop dusting business. We now offer a continuing education program for those who want to own/operate their own business in ag spraying, which would include; selling you a plane, maintenance on the plane , and mentoring from Kiman Kinsgley while you build your business.

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Prime Turbine

Booth 946

Prime Turbines offers more: PT6A engine overhaul! Dallas Pittsburgh Phoenix

Prime Turbines (Prime) offers a revolutionary brand of PT6A engine overhaul services.

PT6A Repair & Overhaul

Explore the alternatives… call Prime Turbines.

Engine overhaul complements Prime’s strong list of capabilities, allowing them to offer operators a comprehensive assortment of services for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A Engine Series. Prime’s revolutionary brand of PT6A engine overhaul offers operators a variety of


options and build specifications to customize the Repair & Overhaul (R&O) process. Being an independent FAA authorized overhaul facility allows Prime the freedom and opportunity to remain aligned with the interests and objectives most important to the operator. Prime Turbines offers engine services operators need for today’s everchanging environment. In challenging economic times like these, aircraft operators turn to experienced, proven shops they can count on to provide top quality service at a fair and affordable price. And with tighter budgetary constraints and greater demands for justification placed on aircraft and engine maintenance, operators need creative ideas to control cost while maintaining quality and reliability.



Prime Turbines is FAA & EASA certified, specializing in PWC PT6A Engine R&O services, along with hot section recertification, engine performance testing, power section and gas generator repair, fuel nozzle overhaul/exchange, and bleed valve overhaul/exchange service. The company is also an authorized distributor of FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (“PMA”) parts for PT6 hot sections. Learn more at www.

Kansas Aviation of Independance Booth 554

Kansas Aviation adds PT6 Woodward fuel control units to capabilities list Kansas Aviation has added overhaul and repair capabilities for the PT6 Woodward Fuel Control Units to their extensive capabilities list. Kansas Aviation founded in 1992 is a world class leader in aircraft engine accessory overhaul and repair specializing in oil, air and fuel related engine accessories for the PT6A, PT6T, JT15D, PW100, PW150, PW300, PW901, CF34, CF700, CJ610, and RR250 engines. With over one thousand unique part numbers on our capabilities list, we overhaul tens of thousands of units per year. Our focus is on providing friendly, fast and flexible service of the highest quality to all customers.


Apply early. Higher yield later. Liking the payoff. You’ve committed to doing all you can to increase your yields and grow your bottom line. Like using Stratego® YLD fungicide at early season. • Reduces your treatment costs • Provides unbeatable disease control for healthier fields • Increases yields by 7 bu/A, on average • Early season application delivers a consistent return on investment You’re ready to profit from this season with Stratego YLD fungicide.

Learn More at

©2015 Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Always read and follow label instructions. Bayer (reg’d), the Bayer Cross (reg’d), Healthy Fields. Higher Yields.™ and Stratego® are trademarks of Bayer. Stratego YLD is not registered in all states. For additional product information call toll-free 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit our website at CR0615STRYLDA217V00R0 A-27648-10

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Universal Turbine Parts

PT6 Engines ready for immediate shipment

Booth 810

We get you flying faster

6 ea


TSO 0(6)

4 ea


TSO 0(3), TSN 29

1 ea


TSN 2849

5 ea


TSO 0(3), 239, 384,

12 ea


TSO 0(6), 826, 2631, 2660, 3090(2), 3729

all FAA and EASA Certified, repaired and overhauled to the highest quality

4 ea


TSO 0(2), 1916, 2997

stations in the world, so you always receive the highest quality engines and parts

UTP is the premier independent supplier of PT6 turbine engines worldwide; standards. We provide exchanges and sales on a wide variety of engine models and on serviceable turbine engine parts. We work with the best known repair at the lowest possible cost. We are ASA-100 and AS9120 certified, so you can be

We also buy PT6, JT15D, PW100 & PW500 ENGINES in any condition.

Call Stacy Hollis - Engine Sales Phone: (334) 315-3517 | Fax: (334) 361-0290 |


assured that our processes and documentation meet your requirements. No one gets you flying faster than UTP, so give us a call or stop by our booth, 810 in Savannah.

Storm Aeronautics

Savannah Hotel Info

Booth 441

Storm Shield “Hits” the market with strong interest The most vulnerable point of the cockpit for a drone/bird strike

not be included since it has a single piece wind shield. All

is the center wind shield, directly in front of the pilot’s face

Thrush models will also be included. The Storm Shield™ has

and chest. Our goal at Storm Aeronautics was to bring current

the same dimensions as the factory (Air Tractor) wind shields

We look forward to seeing you

glass technology to ag aviation, and that is what we set out to

and is 3/8 inch thick. Installation procedures for the Storm

in Savannah for the 51st Annual

do.  After a year of research and design we were ready to test

Shield™ will be similar to the existing maintenance manuals.

NAAA Convention! All events

our prototypes at the National Institute for Aviation Research

The commercial jet industry has long tried to have the latest

will take place at Savannah

(NIAR) lab in Wichita, KS. We had four pieces of glass tested

technology in cockpit protection for their pilots. Ag aviation

International Trade & Convention

against an OEM Air Tractor wind shield. The results were

hasn’t kept up the pace and the existing wind shields installed

Center and the Westin, located

tremendous, as the fourth sample (ironically the one we thought

in new ag aircraft are 1970’s technology. Now we have the

directly next door to the

would perform the worst) did the best. The Storm Shield ™

Storm Shield ™, the latest advancement in drone/bird strike

convention center. The Marriott

withstood 240 in-lb of energy before breaking. The Air Tractor

protection technology.

and Hyatt are located in the heart

window showed damage at the lowest setting of 30 in-lb. The

of Savannah’s main shopping,

engineers concluded that the Storm Shield™ is 8 times stronger

Storm Aeronautics continues to focus on Ag Cat parts and

tourist and entertainment areas.

than the factory Air Tractor window. Not only is the Storm

rebuilds as well. Currently we have several projects going on at

Getting across the river is quick

Shield ™ stronger, it also has greater clarity, which will work

our new facility in David City, Nebraska and are in the process

and easy! The Belles Ferry provides

better in lower light conditions such as spraying at dawn, dusk,

of rebuilding a 500 gallon C model Ag Cat that will be put up

free water transportation from

or night. The glass also has better scratch resistance and is

for sale. We truly are “Everything Ag Cat and More”. So, if you

the Hyatt and Marriott to the

chemical resistant.

are looking for wire cutters for an Air Tractor, Storm Shield for

Convention Center/Westin. Shuttle

a Thrush or Air Tractor, tail springs for a Weatherly or Piper

Bus service will also be available

The STC covers all Air Tractor models that have a center wind

during convention hours.

shield, which would be the 400-800 series. The 504 would

Brave, or anything for an Ag Cat, give us a call.

All hotel reservations should be made through Visit Savannah. Call 912-644-6465 (office is open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.). Reference NAAA when you call. Do not call the hotels directly. Any reservation changes should also be made by calling this number. Westin - $139/night + taxes One Resort Drive, Savannah, GA 31421 | Block Deadline: Nov. 10th Cancellation Deadline: Rooms must be cancelled by Nov. 1. In the past, people have booked multiple rooms and cancelled them at the last minute, leaving several rooms open at the Westin. Hyatt Regency -


LOOK INTO THE NEW STORM SHIELD™ The Storm Shield™ is the latest advancement in bird/drone strike protection technology for general aviation. The Storm Shield™ is: • 8 Times Stronger than Factory (OEM) Air Tractor Windshield. Impact tested at National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) lab at Wichita State University • Scratch Resistant with Greater Clarity • Advancing Safety for the Aviation Industry


$135/night + taxes. Two West Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401 | Block Deadline: Nov. 8 Marriott - $ 132/night + taxes 100 General McIntosh Boulevard, Savannah, GA 31401 | Block Deadline: Nov. 10

We have received FAA approval STC #SA01845WI. This new technology is NOW AVAILABLE for all Air Tractor and Thrush aircraft (Center Windshield). Call now to place your order.

3370 MN Road, David City, NE 68632 • 402-367-3213 • AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide



Booths 707-715

The new GUIA Platinum how it will optimize your work flow This year, AG-NAV INC. is excited to introduce

Making your next job more connected: The

All models will be on display at Booth #707-

its newest guidance system, the AGNAV GUIA

Guia Platinum has a built in Wi-Fi and 3G module,

715 right now!

PLATINUM. This system is designed like no other

which allows your customers or contractors to send

navigation system, with no operational costs. With

files directly to your system. It also allows you to send

The NAV SYSTEM - The Linux operating system

the LINUX based operating system and latest

emails and spray data from your system directly to

has no license fee, and is virus free for the AG-NAV

technologies in computer and data communications,

your customers or contractors when your job is done.

GUIA, allows pilots to navigate through menus

this navigation system is truly the top of its class.

with ease. Successful in agricultural, forestry,

Providing our clients with the technology to make

geophysics, mosquito control and many other

their jobs easier, safer, and more precise is what we are excited to offer this season.

Come by Booth #707-715 and the AG-NAV team will be happy

Making your next job easier: Navigation is easier than ever before with our resistive touch screen and remote 5-way switch. The intuitive screen, combined with our online help, allows you to select the right command and configuration for your navigation needs. Making your next job safer: Fly with peace of mind, knowing that our obstacle and power line warnings are there with you. Use FAA’s obstacle files,

to show you all of our products and innovations! Ask us about the Electric Module Flow Control and the Dual Granular Module Flow Control

or make your own file to ensure the safest flight.

airborne applications. No data cards, no PCMCIA, no memory cards to carry or lose, the Nav system hard drive stores years of data and to download, just a plain USB key will do the trick. With the AG-NAV GUIA, your data stays in the hard drive until you decide otherwise. The FLIGHTMASTER and Accuair are designed to meet mosquito control aerial application specific requirements in the battle against field infestation and forest pest control respectively. On-board weather station provides real-time information on wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. Providing the pilot with

Making your next job more accurate: The Guia

The SPRAYVIEWW software has been very

swath, directional guidance and other navigational

Platinum has auto booms technology, which turns

successful in helping our clients interface applied

information required to carry out precise offset drift

spray on and off automatically. No more worries

data to Google Earth KMZ and KML maps. Data

aerial applications.

about when to turn spray on and off. No more worries

conversion makes it compatible with other GIS

about spraying over exclusion zones.

software. Upgrades are FREE forever!

Making your next job more effective: The Guia

The Auto ON/OFF BOOMS. No need to say more

rates by automatically adjusting its flow. The simple

Platinum is compatible with our optional flow and

- you fly the aircraft, we do the spraying! Our fully

and easy installation process guarantees that the AG-

gate control devices. This ensures that you apply the

automatic on/off valve reacts in a fraction of a second

FLOW is ready to use right after installation, right

amount you want no matter what speed you’re flying.

to the map’s information. This allows the pilot to fly

when you need it. The AG-FLOW is also capable of

the lines and maintain the guidance line accuracy.

variable rate application. The AG-FLOW1 is the only

Making your next job more comfortable: The

This makes the Nav system fully automatic along

one you need for automatic flow control, working as

Guia Platinum has 8.4” super bright screen which

with our automatic AG-FLOW control and Agnav

a standalone unit the system performs same as the

can display a moving map with Line up or North

guidance systems.

Ag-Flow but no need for a guidance system. If you

The AG-FLOW and AG-FLOW1 automatic flow control systems designed to ensure steady application

up depending on your preference. Georeferenced

have a Guia Silver or a navigation system from other

If you

The SMART BAR (Large & Small), BRIGHT BAR

manufacturers or don’t have a navigation system,

work at night, just press a button to change the

(Large & Small), PILOT INDICATOR hardware

the Agflow1 is the perfect choice for you. Data is

display from day time mode to night time mode. Or,

suits the requirements for fixed wing aircraft and

recorded at all times and can be easily viewed with

use the optional NVG navigation screen for a true

helicopters. Light weight and aerodynamically

the free Navvieww or licensed Sprayvieww software.

night vision usability.

designed to fit any type of aerial application aircraft.

topographic map background is available.



Training- Offering on-site and web-based. Platinum- State-of-the-art technology that covers all bases. Customer Service- Unparalleled in the aviation industry. Flow Controllers compatible with Fixed wings- Hatfield and Transland. Helicopters- Isolair, Simplex and Apollo.

Guia Platinum

Welcome to Ag-Nav Inc., home of the Platinum Navigation and Guia systems; the proven line of Standalone and Integrated Flow Controllers; and now, the next generation of UAV / UAS platforms for crop imagery and crop health mapping. Since its inception 23 years ago, Ag-Nav has dedicated itself to working with pilots to design the world’s leading Navigation systems for Agriculture, Mosquito Control, Animal Control and other applications. From basic to advanced Navigation, Ag-Nav has the ground covered with a range of systems that put you in control in the cockpit. With Platinum, there is no need for USB’s – simply send maps and results wirelessly from your office to cockpit and back – so that you can quickly add new fields to your flights for the day or report your results right from the cockpit to the office. FOR OUR COMPLETE PRODUCT LIST, VISIT AGNAV.COM/NAVIGATION-SYSTEMS/ Take your job to the next level – Take total control Ag-Nav - The leading name in GPS navigation systems When you buy an Ag-Nav product, you have for over 20 years. Be able to complete your job with the best tech support in the industry waiting confidence and expertice with an Ag-Nav system. for you -24/7, 365 and in 9 languages

W W W. A G N A V. C O M

1 (800) 99-AGNAV GENERAL@AGNAV.COM 1 (705) 734-0909

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AgriSmart Information System

Booths 406-410

Product preview from AgriSmart Information Systems LLC Flight Plan Online brings together some of the best

also include sensitive area alerts, field worker alerts,

also acts as your electronic system of record keeping,

technologies to give you a better way to communicate

and adjacent crop identification to let you assess the

allowing you to generate a formal application report

with your customers and manage your business so you

level of risk. You can see all outstanding jobs on a map

any time to document regulatory compliance. Flight

can focus on spraying more acres.

screen to filter those jobs into the most efficient batches

Plan Online communicates wirelessly with the newer

for spraying. You can easily schedule job batches with

guidance systems and is compatible with Android and

You and your pilots will be able to spend more productive

common products and geographic proximity. Flight

iOS devices, enabling you to operate paperless.

time in the air and less time doing paperwork. Your

Plan Online generates all the information needed by the

customers will appreciate the professional and accurate

pilot, including loading sheets, individual job maps, and

Our customers tell us that Flight Plan Online makes

mapping that Flight Plan Online provides as well as its

master maps that give an overview of all field locations.

their lives better, takes stress out of the cockpit,

ease of use. They will welcome the ability to track the progress of their job orders with no phone calls.

makes them more efficient internally and brings better You can easily upload shape files to your guidance

communication to their customers. Bottom line, Flight

system to make the most of the guidance technology

Plan Online will help you earn more revenue and

The most powerful component of Flight Plan Online

that is already in your plane. After spraying you can

maximize your profits by making the most efficient use

is the ability to process job orders using a centralized

record actual application information and if desired,

of your resources.

online system. This allows you or your customers to

download the data from your guidance system to include

submit accurate jobs orders with georeferenced field

as-sprayed imagery. You can then generate invoices

For more information on Flight Plan Online visit their

maps. As job orders come in you can review them for

from the job details already captured in the process,

website at or give them a call at

accuracy and formally accept the work. Job orders can

even on the same day you spray! Flight Plan Online

800-890-6945. See them at Booth #406 at the show!

��:iFlight Plan Online


Key Features:

Easy to use Proven Reliability Professional Accurate Mapping iOS and Android Device Compatibility Powerful Scheduling Tools Sensitive Area Identification Adjacent Crops Identification As-Applied Maps Fast, Easy Invoicing Inventory Management

• :;;;Agr1 •••:A �S mart


Flight Plan Online is a registered trademark of AgriSmart Information Systems LLC.



A better way to communicate with your customers and manage your business so you can focus on spraying more acres.

Key Benefits:

Increase Efficiency Reduce Risk Take Stress Out of the Cockpit Strengthen Customer Loyalty Maximize Your Business Opportunities Make the Most of Your Guidance Systems

See for yourself why our customers are excited to be using Flight Plan Online.

Contact us for a free, no obligation demonstration.

(800) 890-6945 \. m G

Rocky Mountain Propeller

Booth 855

Safety and quality are trademarks


Rocky Mountain Propellers, Inc. is an FAA/EASA approved repair facility and is an acknowledged leader for quality servicing of propellers, piston governors and PT-6 governors. Rocky Mountain Propellers services Dowty, Hartzell, McCauley, MT, Ontic, Sensenich and Woodward products and is a distributor for Goodrich De-Ice and Rapco products. Our technicians are factory trained by the propeller manufacturers so you receive the very best servicing for your aircraft. Propeller hubs and associated pitch change components are inspected using state-ofthe-art non-destructive test methods. Inspection procedures utilized include magnetic particle, fluorescent dye-penetrate and Eddy Current. All machining and re-plating processes required by SBs and ADs are completed in-house to minimize downtime.

• hartzeLL • mccaULey • DoWty • SenSenIch • mt propeLLer • rapco DIStrIbUtor • WooDWarD • pISton • pt6a

• Large Inventory • Same Day ShIppIng • UncompromISeD QUaLIty • competItIve prIceS • WorLD cLaSS Warranty • Factory traIneD technIcIanS

Safety and quality workmanship are the trademarks of Rocky Mountain Propellers. Our staff of highly trained technicians is equipped to serve the aviators of the Rocky Mountain Region and throughout the world. Our services come with a world-class warranty.

2865 aIrport DrIve erIe, co 80516

Faa/eaSa crS Fr6r545n Fax: 303-665-7164

Rocky Mountain Propellers, Inc. is centrally located north of Denver, Colorado. Customers throughout the Rocky Mountain region and the world can rely on prompt and courteous service whether they ship articles in, or fly directly to the facility. With our 21,600 sq. ft. facility with heated hangar, we offer safe, secure indoor storage of aircraft. We strive to serve the aviation industry in a timely manner with a high level of performance, precision and safety. Specialists in propeller and governor overhaul since




➤ PT6A Engine Sales and Service ➤ PT6A Parts Sales ➤ PT6A Engine MRO Services

AOG 24 hr Field Service: ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Engine Removal and Installation Troubleshooting Hot Section Maintenance Borescope Inspection ITT, Torque Calibration

Chip Kemper, President • 305-825-2001

Air TrAcTor SAleS & Service Booth #331 & #333

Your Northwest Air Tractor Dealer 800-736-7654 Fax 208-745-6672 • 800-325-0885

Office 208-745-7654

136 N. Yellowstone Hwy. • Rigby, Idaho 83442

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FliteTek International

Booth 548

NetGPS: The first fully NetWorked GPS guidance system FliteTek International introduces the VeriFly GPS

The ease of installation, learning, and how easy it is

reviewing completion data, invoicing and reporting.

product line, including the NetGPS guidance system,

to use. The system scales from providing basic field

Getting job files to the NetGPS guidance system

NetOFFICE, powered by AgSync Air, and live aircraft

guidance, to importing fields via USB, connects easily

is automated for immediate work retrieval. Gone

tracking and diagnostics with NetTRACKER.

to Dropbox and AgSync Air to allow automated data

are the days of emailing or using thumb drives to

flow between the aircraft and the back office.

send files to the aircraft. Now the system does it for



you. Just click the button on the NetGPS device

NetTRACKER together eliminate the need for manual





and you are ready to fly. This not only saves you

file transfer from office to aircraft and make the task of application a simple 4 step process. All you need to do is order, schedule, fly and complete the data. No paperwork, no thumbdrives, no miscommunication. A seamless system automatically sending the work so you don’t have to. The NetGPS technology enables wireless connectivity for sharing work orders, asset location, as-applied, and order completion information unlike any other system.

NetGPS guidance system, Net OFFICE and NetTRACKER together eliminate the need for manual file transfer from office to aircraft

time but reduces user error by letting the system transfer all the work. Once the job is finished, the guidance system automatically sends all completion data including flight path back into AgSync for review and invoicing. NetTRACKER gives you the advantage of real time coverage and asset tracking unlike anything you’ve seen. Watch on screen exactly where the flightpaths are as they are happening. Locate your

Pilots will appreciate the simplicity of the NetGPS

asset and all the flight information. After the work

guidance system from every angle. The first aerial

NetOFFICE gives you all the power and ease of the

is completed you have access to playback the entire

guidance system designed around a removable tablet.

AgSync Air program for creating orders, scheduling,

flightpath on screen.



Booth 546

AgSync Air, specifically created for aerial applicators, to save you time, money and get you paid quickly AgSync Air gives you peace of mind knowing that the fields your customer ordered

AgriSite - Users can create new fields, orders, and annotations in the field without the

are accurate and applied in the most efficient manner possible. AgSync Air goes

need of an internet connection. New this year is the Worker in Field alert. You can be

beyond ordering, dispatching, and invoicing. The platform enables order sharing,

notified when field worker enters the field with the worker in field annotation. Users

real time alerts, order integration with ag retail point of sale and agronomy systems.

can manually activate as they enter or the app can pick up location and let AgSync

With AgSync Air your operations have the potential to save $200,000 per season*.

know someone is in the field once they enter designated area. Scouts and agronomists will benefit from the ability to navigate to fields, log geo-referenced field observations,

Operator PRO – Give your pilots and ground crew the power they need to get work

record field notes, and capture pictures, with an upgrade to AgriSite IPM.

done faster! Applicators and loaders can have complete visibility of all their work orders online and offline.

*Workforce Optimization: Automated the load maps, papers and scheduling files on computer. Airplane services are $2-3K an hour.

New this year is the logging of flight swaths right from the app. The swaths can be

Saved 3 hours in prep work. Increased revenue per season: 20 days x 1 planes x 3

viewed in the app and also previewed and used in as-applied data inside AgSync. No

hours x 2500 per hour = $150K

more needing to upload flight data from controller. Along with the integrated loading

Dispatch: Decrease workforce by 1 person. Annual savings $25-$30k

calculator, for creating load calculations right in the app and the ability to change

Streamlined invoicing process: Saves pilot fatigue, errors on paperwork and overtime

and edit products on orders in the app, Operator Pro is a powerful tool

hours. Annual savings: 8 hours x 20 days x 1 pilots = $25k

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


DynaNav Systems

Booths 527, 626

Looking forward Just like our ad, our team is busy working on new

Looking forward, our DynaFlight GPS system was

innovations, integrations and product development.

originally designed and continued to maintain the

As well, our product support, 24 hours a day, seven

architecture to be a true HUD (Heads Up Display).

days a week, our team of engineers, innovators, aerial

That being said the technology to do this at a

applicators and partner agricultural and technology

reasonable price is in the process of being developed.

companies are constantly creating solutions for the

Needless to say, there is a book of challenges to meet

aerial Ag Industry.

the criteria of a true HUD system in the aerial ag aircraft. Being committed for 20 years to this project,

As we are exclusively an aviation technology

we have slowly eliminated the challenges and believe

company, we are able to keep our focus on the

that our upcoming HUD solution will meet or exceed

complete picture from the pilot and operators’

the needs of the ag pilot.

as well as the DynaFlight guidance display with

perspective to their customers’ needs in aerial

the DynaGrip user interface. The system will be

agriculture application technology. Simple solutions

With our new generation Vektor MAX system

lightweight and extremely simple to install and will

such as our solid state DynaPressure Boom Pressure


have all the features offered by both systems.

and GPS marking instrument bring reliability to the

the globe, we are now merging the traditional

pilot and as well as the accuracy of the GPS data that

DynaFlight system with the Vektor MAX technology

Seeing is believing, so we hope to see you at the

is being stored. Also, our DynaFlow flow control has

to create the DynaFlight III GPS Guidance system.

trade shows during this winter to experience all the

this pressure sensor technology built in and supplied

This DynaFlight III system will have the integrated

advantages of the DynaNav technology solutions for

as part of the system.

touchscreen computer with the Vektor style interface

the aerial agriculture industry.


Spreading The Wings of Insurance Protection to Ag Aircraft Owners and Pilots




Apollo Spray Systems For R44 & R22 Helicopters

Now STC’d by ANAC Brazil for R22 Helicopters! Aviation Insurance Coverage Customized for Ag Aircraft Owners and Operators

Falcon Insurance is one of the largest independently owned insurance specialists in the country. Our professional staff has decades of experience in aviation insurance, and we are uniquely qualified to provide insurance protection for agricultural aircraft owners and pilots. We are dedicated to providing you with insurance coverage and service that sets the standard for the industry.



Call for same day quotes and coverage or visit our website. Austin: 800-370-0557 Dallas: 800-880-0801 Houston: 800-880-8822 Kerrville: 800-880-4545 Lakeland: 800-881-9688 Scottsdale: 800-880-3597 St. Louis: 800-880-8644

PO Box 291388, Kerrville, TX 78029

The only R44 spray system certified in the Normal Category 50 pounds lighter than any other R44 spray system Efficient to operate, Easy and fast installation and removal Certifications: (R44) FAA, Canada, EASA, Brazil and China (R22) FAA, Canada, and now Brazil Systems are in stock Toll-free 1-800-326-1534 Tel. (440) 632-5136 Fax (440) 632-1685

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Garrco Products

Booth 806

Field results show it pays to take Control™ by Dennis Gardisser, WRK of Arkansas,

“Best material I’ve ever used.”

It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but every once in a while I come upon

“Very easy to mix and load.”

something that is worth repeating. I’m sure many of you have heard the 80-10-10 story

“The material that I used to get on the windshield is gone.”

that I tell when it comes to drift reduction products: 80 percent of the time nothing

“Where can I get some Control™ ?”

happens, 10 percent of the time the result is worse, and 10 percent of the time there

When one starts hearing these types of comments, there may be more to the

is a definite improvement. Laboratory results may be better, but actual field experience

performance than just good lab results. I was visiting a couple of different operators

has been pretty close to this.

during the season and overheard conversations where they were either going to borrow

For years, Arkansas S.A.F.E. clinics have included one day of field evaluations

some Control™ from someone else’s pallet until their shipment came in or another

of drift potential. These evaluations have included a variety of different equipment

operator was coming to borrow some from there. This alone may tell the true story

setups and operating variables and typically include the favored drift reduction

on performance.

additives for the area. The data has been quite sporadic and probably a reflection of

Mixing and compatibility are one of the major issues with any drift reduction

the variety of setups, weather conditions, mixing procedures, and operating variables.

additive. John Garr and I met with an Arkansas aerial applicator on a very cold

With all that said, there have been a few products that consistently show a positive

morning to evaluate several different tank mixes. John has some new products under

response. Control™ from GarrCo Products, Inc., has been one of the products that has

development and the mix results on those are another story, but we tried every way we

consistently shown a reduction in drift potential.

could think of to cause mix problems with Control™ without success. Control™ mixed

A replicated field study was conducted a few years ago to look at 19 different

very easily under all scenarios, even with almost ice-cold water!

drift control additives and water using two aircraft. The aircraft were selected to give

I have had any number of operators ask me which drift control products are

two separate speed scenarios, at 115 and 150 mph. This study appears on

best. I’m not so sure there is a best product. Remember there are many application

I encourage you to obtain a copy of that report and see how your favorite product

variables. I would recommend that operators select a product that consistently shows

performed. Control™ was one of the top performing products in this study.

positive results. Also, additives alone are not the complete answer, although properly

The key to consistency can also hinge back to how well products perform under

utilized, they may provide an extra margin of safety. Operators should use every tool

real field situations. Arkansas had many operators utilizing Control™ as a drift control

possible to avoid drift, and proper equipment setup and operation will always play a

additive. Some of the comments I hear are:

dominant role.

CONTROL DUO LS™ provides two great products – CONTROL WM™ deposition aid/drift mitigation adjuvant and a unique NIS in one easy-to-use package.

BENEFITS ■ Contains a unique, highly effective NIS blend that enhances pesticide uptake while not increasing the number of fine droplets as most NIS and oils do. ■ Contains CONTROL WM™ proven in many research and field trials to be superior at mitigating drift and increasing deposition.

Without CONTROL™

■ Multiple independent trials demonstrate a 2X higher retention of the spray solution on plant surfaces. ■ Significantly lowers evaporation of the spray droplet ■ Satisfies most label requirements for surfactant and drift adjuvant. Its higher ratio of polymer to surfactant is designed for aerial application at a low cost.

With CONTROL™ John Garr 561-379-6251 Email:


CEU Information

2017 CEU opportunities Each year NAAA submits information about its Aerial


categories: Agriculture Plant: 6 credits; Forest Pest

Application Technology Research Session presentations

Maximum credits available: category 1: 5; category

Control: 6 credits; Aquatic Pest Control: 8 credits; Right

to the Executive Director/Secretary of each state/

11: 10; RT: 4. Click here to see the number of credits

of Way: 6 credits; Mosquito Control: 6 credits. You must

regional agricultural aviation association. They in turn

approved for each session.

attend each day of the convention to receive credit.

licensing bodies and let us know what parts of the


New Hampshire

NAAA Convention will be allowed CEUs.

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

approved for: 2 hours in 1A, Agriculture Plant category.

approved for: 2 credits, commercial and private applicator.

NAAA convention approved for: 10 credits in Animal


New Jersey

Pest Control (Category AA).

Mon. Dec. 4 approved for: general: 3 hours; 1 hour in

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

categories: 1A, 10, 11, 12.; Tues. Dec. 5 approved for:

approved for: area 10 (demonstration & research): 4


general: 3 hours; 1 hour in categories 1A, 10, 11, 12.;

units; area 11 (aerial): 4 units; CORE: 1 unit.

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

Wed. Dec. 6 approved for: general: 3 hours; 1 hour in

approved for: 1.5 hours in category A- aerial pest control

categories 1A, 10, 11, 12.; Thurs. Dec. 7 approved for:

North Carolina

equipment and application techniques.

general: 3 hours; 1 hour in categories 1A, 10, 11, 12.

NAAA Convention Approved for: 1 credit in each of



Since the NAAA convention is taking place in Georgia,

NAAA Convention approved for: in General Standards


Connecticut applicators in attendance will receive

(GS), Agricultural Pest Control (1), Demonstration

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

equivalent Connecticut pesticide CEUs based on

& Research (10) and Aerial Pesticide Applicator (11).

approved for: 2 hours in commercial category 1.;

Georgia approval. Georgia has approved the convention

Participants must attend at least 7 hours of instruction

Chemical Session approved for: 1.5 hours in commercial

for the following categories: Agriculture Plant: 6 credits;

to receive recertification credit.

category 1. ;NAAREF Safety Session approved for: 1

must provide this information to their respective state


the following categories: A, B, D, G, H, I, K, M, N, O, X.

hour in commercial core category.

Forest Pest Control: 6 credits; Aquatic Pest Control: 8 credits; Right of Way: 6 credits; Mosquito Control: 6


credits. You must attend each day of the convention to

Aerial Application Technology Research Session


receive credit.

approved for: 11 credits; Chemical Educational Session

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

approved for: 2 credits; Transland Breakfast and

approved for: 2 CEUs in both categories A and 10.


Seminar approved for: 1 credit; NAAA General Session

Mon. Dec. 4 approved for: PA- core or private applicator:

approved for: 1 credit

South Dakota NAAA Convention Approved for: categories G, 1A, 1B,

2 credits; 1A- ag plant: 2 credits; Tues. Dec. 5 approved for: PA- core or private applicator: 1 credit; 1A- ag plant:


1C. ; Note: you must sign-in and sign out on Dec. 4, 5, 6

1 credit;Wed. Dec. 6 approved for: PA- core or private

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

and 7 to receive these credits.

applicator: 2 credits; 1A- ag plant: 2 credits;

approved for: 1A (agricultural - plant), 2 (agricultural


- forest), 8 (agricultural - public health), 13


(agricultural - aerial).

Utah does not approve any out-of-state events for

Aerial Application Technology Research Session Approved for: 2 CEUs- aerial application category.

CEUs, but will accept CEUs awarded by another state.


Please e-mail Frank Taylor, at if

Mon. Dec. 4 approved for: 4 credits, categories 1A, AE,

you want to receive CEUs for Utah.


Comm CORE, Priv CORE; Tues. Dec. 5 approved for:

NAAA Convention approved for: Category 21: 6 credits.

4 credits, categories 1A, AE, Comm CORE, Priv CORE;

West Virginia

Category 23: 6 credits. Category 26: 6 credits. Category

Wed. Dec. 6 approved for: 4 credits, categories 1A, AE,

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

27: 6 credits. Category 41: 6 credits.

Comm CORE, Priv CORE; Thurs. Dec 7 approved for:

approved for 4 credits in each of the following

* You must attend Convention from Dec. 5 to Dec. 8

4 credit, categories 1A, AE, Comm CORE, Priv CORE

categories: 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 13D, 13E.



Aerial Application Technology Research Session

Sun. Dec. 3: approved for 1.5 CEUs (Compass

approved for: 6 credits, category 21- aerial.

Rose Session).; Mon. Dec. 4: approved for 5 CEUs

to receive all training credits for Georgia. If you do not attend each day, you may receive fewer or zero credits.

Idaho FAA/ Security Session approved for: 1 credit ; UAV

(Technology Research Session & afternoon education

Session approved for: 1 credit; Note: If an applicator


sessions).; Tues. Dec. 5: approved for 2 CEUs (NAAA

attends both the FAA/ Security and UAV Sessions,

Since the NAAA convention is taking place in Georgia,

General Session).; Wed. Dec. 6: approved for 4.5 CEUs

Idaho will add an extra half credit to each session for

Nevada applicators in attendance will receive equivalent

(Morning & afternoon educational sessions).; Thurs.

3 credits total.

Nevada pesticide CEUs based on Georgia approval.

Dec. 7: approved for 2 CEUs (NAAREF Safety Session

Georgia has approved the convention for the following

& afternoon education session).

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


GE Aviation

Booth 325

Top 5 reasons – Looking at GE’s H Series engines The GE H Series turboprop family combines enhanced performance and operability


No Fuel Nozzles: Featuring an internal fuel slinger ring and no external fuel

with maintenance simplicity to deliver rugged, reliable power for a range of applications.

nozzles, the H Series engine is free from recurrent fuel nozzle inspection and

GE is incorporating sophisticated technologies into the H Series to advance a legacy of

replacement. Free from spending time and money on fuel nozzle removal, flow

reliable power for turboprop aircraft.

checks and cleaning, H Series operators can focus on being more productive. 5.

No Hot Section: In addition to the internal fuel slinger, the H Series engine

Top five reasons to choose GE’s H Series turboprop engines:

features higher temperature materials in the engine combustor and high pressure


With its simplified scheduled maintenance

turbine. As a result, the H Series engine has no required Hot Section Inspection

regimen and rugged design, the H Series engine is ideally suited to the intense

(HSI) and no hardware replacement at the overhaul mid-point. For operators it

demands of ag aviation. The H Series features recurrent 300 hour and 900 hour

means the engine remains on -wing until the overhaul.

Minimal Routine Maintenance:

inspections and low levels of consumables, allowing operators to spend fewer 2.

resources on maintenance and be more productive, during their busy season.

The Bottom Line

Sustained Power on Hot Days: With the H Series engines, operators have more

The H Series engine offers more capability, lower maintenance and lower operating

sustained power on hot days and higher elevations. The H80 turboprop is flat

costs than any other comparable engine. This means that operators will benefit from

rated for takeoff at 800 SHP (sea level) up to 105oF. This allows for full load

less time in the hangar absorbing cost and more time in the air generating revenue.

takeoffs on hot days, helping Thrush 510G operators to maintain their productivity 3.

throughout the hot summer months.

GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet

Fuel Burn Advantage: Ag operators with experience in multiple aircraft report

and turboprop engines, components and integrated systems for commercial, military,

that H80 engines burn less fuel than other engines under similar conditions.

business and general aviation aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to

While individual results may vary, even minor fuel savings over a long season will

support these offerings.

increase operational efficiency and add to the bottom line.


AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Education Sessions Several educational sessions will be available throughout the Ag Aviation Expo.

Speaker: Lai Nguyen, P.Eng. with the help of AG-NAV Staff

Educational Sessions are organized by NAAA with assistance from its Allied Industry

With continuous improvements in internet, computer and data communication

Committee to provide information of general interest to the aerial application industry.

technologies, besides accurate guidance for spraying, a navigation system

Sessions are also organized by individual companies to showcase their particular

developed for aerial agricultural application can do a lot more from auto spray

products and services. Watch the schedule as it develops and plan to attend as many

and variable flow control to wireless data transfer and real time application

Educational Sessions as possible (CEUs may be available for some states).

tracking on internet. Attend this session to see what your AgNav navigation system can do for you.

2017 Ag Aviation Expo Educational Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Lindsay for availability. All sessions will take place at the Savannah

Tuesday, December 5—7 - 8:30 a.m.

International Trade & Convention Center, unless otherwise noted.

Transland Breakfast & Seminar - Westin Savannah—Damon Reabe, Reabe Spraying Service and Dairyland Aviation in Waupun, Wis. will speak about Cover Crops and

Sunday, December 3 — 4:45 - 6:15 p.m. •

Compaass Rose—Attend this session if you’re new to the industry or interested in becoming an ag pilot. Compaass Rose provides professional support and direction

Wednesday, December 6 — 8 - 9:30 a.m.

for newbies and those who want to learn more. Additional details on Compaass

Helicopter Session—Presenter: Jeff Reabe, Reabe Aircraft Improvement

Rose. Please note: This session is for attendees with five years or less of experience.

The subjects for the helicopter session roundtable will be brought up by

AG-NAV Session: Improving Obstacle Awareness and Alert for Pilot Safety—

attendees! The person with the answer to your question may be sitting two

Speaker: Lai Nguyen, P.Eng. with the help of AG-NAV Staff

chairs away from you!

Monday, December 4 — 1 - 2:30 p.m. •

some new concepts and techniques in application technology.

GE Aviation Session—

Chem-Man Premier Billing and Mapping Software—Speakers: John Farris and

FAA/Security Session—Take advantage of this unique opportunity to ask

Regina Farmer. Chem-Man Online presentation of how our software will save

questions and speak directly with NAAA’s Washington, D.C. points-of-contact

you time and money with it’s unique synchronization of scheduling, mapping and

with federal agencies that have oversight over ag aviation operations in the U.S. • •

Radial Engines Session—Discussion of Pratt & Whitney R-985 and R-1340

billing. We will show you the latest updates and talk about future goals. •

USDA Aerial Image Processing Workshop (runs until 10 a.m.)

series of radial engines.

During the last few NAAA Convention & Expositions, USDA has presented both

SATLOC Session—IntelliFlow Advancements and Support, Speakers: Zach

single-camera and dual-camera imaging systems for use on agricultural aircraft

Jenkins, Ian McVay and Mike Thurman

and in 2016, we also offered an aerial image processing workshop. In the 2017 workshop, we will demonstrate some of the image systems we have assembled and

Monday, December 4 — 2:45 - 4:15 p.m.

provide up-to-date information on these systems. We will also demonstrate how

UAV / Low-Level Obstacles Session—Panelists: This session will discuss the

to use the commercial image processing software Pix4DMapper to process a set

efforts underway to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into the national airspace.

of geotagged red-green-blue (RGB) and near-infrared (NIR) images acquired with

It will also provide an update on the latest technologies being developed for UAS

a two-camera imaging system. The images will be converted into georeferenced

traffic management (UTM).

image mosaics, surface elevation models, normalized difference vegetation index

TPE331 Update & Discussion — Moderator: Bruce Hubler; Presenter: Griff

(NDVI) maps and prescription maps for precision aerial application. Any NAAA Ag

Kinsinger, Honeywell

Aviation Expo attendees are welcome to attend the workshop to see the camera

AgSync 2017 Updates and New Features & VeriFly GPS System: State of the Art

systems and/or the process to convert images into useful maps. For those who

Fully NetWorked GPS System—Speaker: Ryan Eby

are interested in gaining some hands-on experience on image processing, please

• •

AgSync: Come review recent updates and improvements in the AgSync system.

contact Chenghai Yang at to receive the download

If you’ve never seen AgSync before, see how this complete system can streamline

instructions for the software and sample images for the workshop.

ordering thru completion and invoicing. Highlights will include safety and compliance updates such as, real-time worker in field alerts, Driftwatch layer viewable on screen

Wednesday, December 6 — 9:45 - 10:15 a.m.

and printed maps, and ability to identify fields with crop trait annotations.

and Firefighting. Speaker: Casey Zimmerman

FliteTek/VeriFly: Experience the new way of spraying. We will review and demonstrate how the VeriFly system offers one step, apply now guidance in

Simplex Aerospace Session—Current and future Simplex systems in Agricultural

DowDuPont Crop Protection Unlocking the Value—Presenter: Shawn “Tater”

a seamless system. See how the VeriFly system will give you instant aircraft

Erickson. Dow/DuPont Crop Protection exciting merger of two of Americas great

tracking as the work is being done, including syncing as-applied data back into

corporations. Join us as we showcase the many of the air application friendly.

the AgSync system, or exportable for other systems.

Air Repair RX Gate System and Dry Flow Control Discussion—Presenters: Pete Jones, Dallas Bright, Ryan Cannon, Kelly Peeler. Discussion will include

Monday, December 4—4:30 - 6 p.m.

common misconceptions in dry flow control, prescription application, current

state of the art.

PT6 Session—An industry panel comprised of representatives from P&WC, P&WC designated overhaul facilities and FAA approved PT6 overhaul facilities.

New technical data will be provided, along with a Service Bulletin update and

Wednesday, December 6—4 - 5:30 p.m.

Best Operating Practices, as well as Q&A for attendees. Please come prepared to

becoming an ag pilot. Compaass Rose provides professional support and direction

Chemical Session—The Chemical Industry panel will provide company product

for newbies and those who want to learn more. Additional details on Compaass

innovations and updates. Several chemical companies have been invited to

Rose. Please note: This session is for attendees with five years or less of experience.

participate in this session. •


Compaass Rose—Attend this session if you’re new to the industry or interested in

ask questions and learn all you can.

AG-NAV Session: Applying New Technologies to Improve Aerial Application.—

APS Brakes Session – How to Get the Best Performance—Speaker: Ben McNamara, APS, Inc. This Session covers the design and performance of the APS ‘BlackSteel’

brakes and includes details on the PMA process with the FAA. Basic maintenance awareness is discussed along with the importance of the conditioning of new linings and discs upon their change. Ben is the domestic and international sales


manager for APS, Inc. which manufactures the APS ‘BlackSteel’ PMA aircraft brakes along with other PMA approved aircraft parts. He holds a BS in Aviation Maintenance Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and also holds a FAA A&P license. Ben currently resides in St. Louis, MO. •

Insero: GPS for Ag Pilots Session

Pratt & Whitney Canada Session—Your Engines are Talking, You Could be Listening. PT6A Engine Trend Monitoring. Speaker: Robert Winchcomb

Thursday, December 7—8:45 - 10:15 a.m. •

Thrush Aircraft Session

Thursday, December 7—10:15 - 11:45 a.m. •

Advancements at Air Tractor—Speakers: Jim Hirsch and Bob Salyers. This session will include an OEM update from Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch. The second half of the presentation will be an update on Air Tractors recent service letters.

Thursday, December 7—1:15 - 2:30 p.m. •

NAAREF Safety Session—No matter your skill level, every operator, pilot and operation employee should attend the NAAREF Safety Session. Brought to you by the people who present the PAASS Program. Listen to the presentation and bring your questions to this discussion on safety issues affecting ag pilots.

Thursday, December 7—2:45 - 4:15 p.m. •

“Ask the Expert” Speed Mentoring Session—If you’ve been in the industry less than five years, grab a seat at the table for the “Ask theExpert” Speed Mentoring Session, a fast-paced orientation session that provides new and prospective ag pilots with a quick 360-degree overview of what’s required and what it takes to work as a pilot in the agricultural aviation industry. A series of quick-hitting speed mentoring rounds will be led by experienced operators and pilots, insurance representatives and ag school representatives. This is your chance to pose questions to industry experts in a smaller group setting than Compaass Rose.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited Session: Expanded Capabilities and ROI of Night Vision Q & A—Please join ASU for a Q & A session from the ag operators flying night vision goggles on the expanded capabilities and return on investment of Night Vision. We’ll bring the beer—you bring the questions. Hear the first-hand experience from the pioneers of night vision for agricultural applications.

Aviation Safety Equipment, Myths and Reality—Presented by Michael Rutledge, current Ag pilot, Navy SEAL, Army Special Operations Aviator, former aviation safety officer and accident investigator. An in depth discussion of helmets and flight clothing. The session will point out the differences of various products and manufacturers, dispel myths on what safety equipment can and can’t do to protect you and conclude with a brief highlight of scenarios in which safety equipment enhanced survival.

Support Committee Events 1.

Monday, Dec. 4 from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.: Savannah Riverboat lunch and cruise. RSVP to Kathy Diehl at (Event is limited to 100 attendees). Sponsored by GarrCo Products.


Wednesday, Dec. 6 from 8 - 11 a.m.: Meet & Greet and Athena Presentation. No RSVP required. Sponsored by Chuck Holzwarth Flying Service 2017 Slots Available ....................................................................................................Call 2015 AT-802A, N804RA, approx. 1000 TT, -65AG, S/S Cam locks, elec. brake gr. adj., smoker, Hatfield single point, G4 w/flowcontrol, Gatebox, Wingman .......... $1,245,000 2012 AT-802A, N20607 Approx 3,100 TT, -65AG, LED Nose Lights, Smoker, Elec. Brake Gr. Adj, Wingman, 7 1/2 Manual Gate Box, Kawak Throttle Quadrant, Hatfield Single Point Fuel, 380 Fuel, Fresh Annual & Fresh Hot w/Vane Overhaul ........................... $800,000 2001 AT-602, N9145H, 5857.8 hrs TT, smoker, elec. brake gr. adj., dual bottom load, crophawk, Wingman ..................................................................................... $425,000 1998 AT-602, N5189R, approx. 8296.7 TT, -60 AG, fast start, Cascade inlet, fuel flow meter, single point fuel, 10 cane Transland spreader, 3” bottom load, Wingman ............ ...................................................................................................................... $400,000 1994 AT-502B, N6017E, -34AG, approx. 11,040 hrs TT, AFS check valves w/CP 11’s, Satloc G4 w/Intelliflow and smoker ............................................................... $400,000 1979 AT-301, N8764S, R-1340-AN1, approx. 9770 hrs TT, short tail w/good fabric, Ag Nav Guia w/flow control, new aluminum booms, CP-03, smoker and 126 gallon fuel ..$80,000 Complete Air Tractor Parts And Accessories Dealer For Every Major Ag Aviation Parts and Supplies Large Selection of PT6 Accessories New Turbine Props and Blades 0 SMOH 1340 Younkin S/S Pumps, Booms and Center Boom for Air Tractor

Jack Frost Frost Flying Inc Office 870-295-6213 Maintenance 870-295-3776 Fax 870-295-6674

Weath-Aero Compro

Target Spray Variable Rate Nozzles

Garrett Frost Parts 870-295-6218 Fax 870-295-6237

Large inventory of PT6 and Air Tractor parts • Financing Available Call for Wingman installation For AgAv Parts & Accessories Call Matt Ashburn

IA and A&P mechanics needed

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Kawak Aviation Technologies

Booth 657

Kawak Aviation Technologies – committed to customer success Every business must respond to changing conditions within the industry be it

customers you contribute to their success. How do you bring the best value to

regulatory, market, rising costs, competition, weather, or otherwise. The tendency in

your customers? Similarly, when you make decisions regarding the companies that

a lean year is to pull in your horns on capital investments and evaluate where you can

supply you with aircraft and equipment, you should be looking for those products

cut costs. In truth, this is precisely the time you should be investing in technology

and companies that bring the most value to your operation which in turn contributes

and infrastructure to make your operation more efficient. Attempting to accomplish

to your success.

a higher level of efficiency exclusively through cost cutting seldom yields a positive result. The more predictable way to improve your efficiency is investing in better

Kawak’s mission over the last 23 years is simple.

performing and more reliable equipment. The result is fewer headaches, higher

customer’s success and in turn they will contribute to Kawak’s success. Kawak

productivity, increased profitability, a better job for your customer and…you get to

provides solutions for ineffective and unreliable equipment, technological innovations

show up at the job looking polished and professional rather than the Keystone Cops

for precision application, improvements in safety and pilot comfort, and exceptional

of the crop dusting business.

customer support.

Contribute positively to our

Kawak products provide the technology to help build your

businesses infrastructure for the future. What changing conditions do you have to While some growers tend to fixate on what is the cheapest, the successful ones focus on where their best value is. Cheaper seldom equates to being the best value as one generally gets what one pays for. The same can be said for the decisions you as the aerial applicator make in choosing and equipping an aircraft. A modern well outfitted and maintained aircraft will be more efficient and ultimately profitable than those aircraft that are lagging behind in technology and performance. Better equipment will also produce a better application. By bringing good value to your


adapt to this season or in preparation for next season?

Turbine Installation

Booth 434

Fuel efficiency, maintenance savings and higher hourly production

Turbine Installation, LLC

Turbine Installation received final FAA STC approval for the installation of the Honeywell TPE331-14GR engine in the Air Tractor AT-802 airframe in June 2014 bringing AT-802 operators the ability to optimize the efficiency of this aircraft. This efficiency is coming in the form of lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and the ability to haul a full hopper in all conditions.

5017 Aviation Way Caldwell, ID 83605


The prototype AT-802-14 has been in service with the national S.E.A.T. program

providing unparalleled performance in the 800-gallon class. With the addition of the second TPE331-14GR powered aircraft to the firefighting fleet it continues to prove the benefits and performance of this powerplant. All agricultural operators can realize the fuel efficiency, maintenance savings and higher hourly production this engine combination has to offer as well as our other Honeywell TPE331 engine installations. We would be glad to discuss all your options available if you would like to stop by our booth 434 in Savannah.

Air Tractor AT-802 Powered by Honeywell TPE331-14GR 1650 SHP 4500 HSI/9000 CAM

WE DO IT RIGHT! We’re the small shop that’s huge on service - unsurpassed in workmanship. We’re your experts for complete service to the full line of Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engines.

• Overhaul • Repair • On-site Capabilities • Hot sections in the Field 4801 North Tumbleweed Road • Eloy, Arizona 85131

520-466-7274 AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Johnston Aircraft Service

Booth 524

Enhancing your ag aircraft experience since 1947 We have been around awhile in the ag aviation business, and we owe our success

Having been in the ag aviation support business for over 70 years, we have

to your support. From our early days of modifying Stearmans, to selling and

accumulated a great deal of knowledge and expertise to provide you with

modifying Call Airs, Pawnees, Braves and Thrushes, we have worked closely

unparalleled support. We are here for you!

with you to furnish what you need to make your business’s more profitable, easier, and enjoyable. Currently we are working with Souther Field Aviation on the Turbine Brave conversion and with Cascade Aircraft Conversions on the Pratt & Whitney 850 SHP conversion for the Thrush and Air Tractor. We are also supporting the Pawnee, Brave, Thrush, Air Tractor and Ag Cat aircraft throughout the world, as well as modifying, repairing, and rebuilding them. Our heavily modified and rebuilt “Reborn 850 SHP Ultra Thrush” is a good example of what we can do for you, the operator. This aircraft is a very serious contender in the 500 plus gallon category. It is powerful, fast, very nimble, easily handles 500 gallon loads, and is a pleasure to fly. Additionally our parts department is one of the best in the North American continent. Our people are knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. We are distributors or dealers for almost all ag aviation products. We have recently become a dealer for the DYNA NAV GPS product line featuring the VEKTOR MAX and DYNA NAV GPS, flow controllers, digital pressure indicators, and radar altimeters.

Long mount Thrush PT6A-41/42 850 SHP Cascade Conversion installation with high performance 108” four blade Hartzell prop.

EVERYTHING THRUSH & BRAVE We sell and install Cascade Engine and Inlet Conversions / Brave Turbine Conversions We can completely rebuild / repair /modify YOUR Thrush or Brave


We stock rebuilt Thrush wings

Brave Turbine Conversion

Thrush Wing spar Cap Sales and Installation Thrush Reinforced Wing Leading Edge Sales and Installation Thrush Fuel Capacity Increase. Thrush Landing Gear Repair/Rebuild and Sales. Thrush Fuselage Repair and Modification.

GPS and Flow Control by

Most advanced GPS technology on the market Call JAS for details

Parts Catalog 56E Available

We stock rebuilt Thrush landing gear

Brave Wing Spar Cap Sales and Installation. Brave Fuselage and Wing Repair and Modification. Distributor / Rebuilder of Emco Wheaton Dry Breaks Distributor for CP Nozzles & Transland Complete part / service for all ag equipment.

Distributor for APS ” Brake discs and linings

PH: 559-686-1794 or 686-2161 | FAX: 559-686-9360 | Tulare, CA 93275 •

CP Nozzle Headquarters


Booths 301, 400, 402

“If you can run a smartphone, you can run Mixmate.” We have been incredibly blessed by our customers.

When you look at what you pay for those (other

“It’s accurate. It’s easy to learn. If you can run a

Our customers tell their story:

systems) and what you pay for Mixmate, you get a lot

smartphone, you can run Mixmate.”

better investment out of Mixmate. It pays in so many “I wouldn’t spray with anything else to be honest

ways, you’re measuring chemical right, you’re cutting

“Get the job done. Don’t worry about the paperwork

with you. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anything

your chemical cost, it’s cutting your paperwork down,

or the math. With Mixmate being able to calculate

else.” If you had to do it by hand? “I wouldn’t be

it’s getting information back and forth, it just pays

the acres and the gallons you don’t have to worry

spraying on the farm. We would have failed. If we

in a lot of ways. It was a good investment. It was a

about that. You have enough to worry about between

wouldn’t have found Mixmate, we would have failed

good decision.”

wind, being on the right field, right chemical for

this year by trying to own our own sprayer, spray

the right crop, you are driving an oversize load at

as many acres as we did, and be accurate, and not

“How are we going to measure drys? How are we

3 o’clock in the morning. The last thing I need to

have a mistake.”

going to measure small quantities of liquids? I mean,

worry about is did I get it right. To eliminate that

the other systems could measure out of totes, which

problem is huge.”

“I would recommend it. I drive by some of the other

we do a lot of, but that doesn’t really save anything.

farmers and I see their old systems, I say they need a

To have a system that really works, you have to


Mixmate, they flat need it. It’s just where they need

handle everything. And so we went to Mixmate and

will enjoy it, too!

to be. How are they measuring those chemicals?

asked those questions and you guys had answers. And

Accurately? They’re not. They would be much

it just clicked at that point, this was the direction that

happier with a Mixmate. It’s a great investment.

we needed to go.”






Practical Ideas

Powerful Solutions

Chemical Mixing Simplified Fast loading times are the easiest way to improve productivity. Priced comparably to leading manual systems.

Automated mixing and records

Jugs processed in seconds

Bulk chemicals mixed simultaneously

“Our customers recommend Mixmate!” Mixmate is a product of Praxidyn

712.587.9720 |

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Air Repair

Booth 607

A hydraulic gate solution for all gates and all controls Preparing for the future.

Reduce pilot fatigue - go home feeling better and avoid


Compatible with SATLOC G4 and IntelliFlow 2.

career ending arm and shoulder surgeries. Expandable

FAA-PMA approved kits in stock. Spares in stock,

Software is being developed to interface with TracMap,

to include hydraulic flaps and spray valve. Proven for

installation and service dealers worldwide: Mid-

DynaNav and Verifly systems.

over 11 seasons; Over 100 units sold worldwide

Continent, AeroFlow Systems, Orsmond Aviation, Field Air, CCM Guidance. Dedicated staff of service

With prescription accuracy, take advantage of the

Air Repair Inc has Precision Hydraulic Solutions for

highest level of operation to take work ground

technicians that respond.

The 5” gate - our kit has an extra inch of opening to give the same rates as a 7-1/2” or 10” gates.

Still skeptical?

Use what you have.

Come see us at the NAAA Convention in Savannah,

The 7 1/2” gate - our precision hydraulic system

Georgia and talk to pilots Kelley Peeler from Producers

coupled to the 7 1/2” gate makes for a win/

Flying Service in Yazoo City, Mississippi and Ryan

win combination.

Cannon with North Delta Aviation in Enid, Mississippi.

The 10” gate - If you want to control the 10” gate

Forget the sales pitch, talk to pilots who have operated

How can it help me now? Constant rate applications

like it should be, our precision hydraulic system

at the highest level for years. 5” and 7 1/2” units will be

that adjust for ground speed changes provide a better

puts you there.

there to give a demo of prescription applications maps.

machines are doing. No variable rate in your future? Be prepared. Position

yourself to be a viable part of the conversation with your growers. •

application on every job that equals happy customers.

“GREATLY REDUCES MY WORKLOAD” We have Air Repair’s Variable Rate Gate system on all three of our 510 Thrushes. I am convinced we are doing better work because of them. Pilot workload is greatly reduced. Any aircraft we purchase in the future will have them. We apply seed and fertilizer in excess of 10,000,000 lbs. per year and the ability to digitally adjust your rate via the controller is essential to our work. Tommy Anderson, Tommy’s Flying Service, Arkansas

“WELL THOUGHT OUT AND ALL BASES COVERED” The first dry gate we installed worked for over 300 hours without a single hitch. The installation is simple and it’s getting quicker as we are gaining experience. The wiring diagrams and drawings are sufficient. The tech support is brilliant. Air Repair is quick to respond and knows the system backwards and forward. They even made a video on how to set up the dump gate positions. In general it is a really good system, well thought out and all the basics covered. Mike Posthumus - Orsmond Aviation, South Africa


“WHAT A DREAM” The Air Repair hydraulic gate is a dream to use. I have found it very accurate applying urea and fertilizer at the required rate regardless of the upwind/downwind component. To get the best out of the gate, you must take time to calibrate it correctly with various products. Keep a book with settings recorded in plane and from that day forward just enter settings for product being applied with the unit; set your swath in the GPS and start sowing. The unit removes all doubts - Is application light? Too heavy? Have I got enough to cover this block? Will I have too much left over? Those questions don’t come up. Wish I had one years ago David Vick - Australia

USER FRIENDLY AND WORKS WELL We are currently operating Air Repair’s hydraulic gate and controller on two of our AT-802’s. One for three seasons, the other for two. We have had zero problems with the systems. The controller is user friendly, and works very well in the constant or variable rate mode. We do a lot of prescription applications both wet and dry, and have had no issues. The hydraulic spray valve and flaps are also great features available with this system. With Danny, Pete, and Dallas only a phone call away for support, the Air Repair system has been a great choice for us. Jim Uselton, Chief Pilot - Heinen Brothers Agra Service

DRY FLOW CONTROL Precision Application Starts with a Precision System


858 ton(US) 90.82 lb/ac

THIS IS Dry Flow Control Gate System Field Proven Since 2006

The Air Repair Rx Hydraulic Dispersal System gives precise gate control on all levels from a gate positioner to a high level, hands off, GPS interfaced multi-rate prescription dry application. And don’t forget you can add on hydraulic flaps, hydraulic spray valve and power your hopper door system. System is FAA - STC approved and fully supported by our tech and parts staff. Call for a demo or operator reference. Year : 2015 Product - Name : Potash Area : 71.88 ac Total Amount : 6.858 ton(US) Average Rate : 190.82 lb/ac Sales 662-843-0803 Danny Lowery

Target Rate(Mass)

Target Rate(Mass)

Target Rate(Mass)


275.0 (23.16 250.0 (11.20 200.0 ( 5.80 175.0 ( 5.39 150.0 ( 6.84 125.0 ( 9.88 100.0 ( 1.10 75.0 ( 1.10 0.0 ( 7.46

ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac)


275.0(23.16 250.0(11.20 200.0( 5.80 175.0( 5.39 150.0( 6.84 125.0( 9.88 100.0( 1.10 75.0( 1.10 0.0( 7.46

ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac)

Target Rate(Mass) (lb/ac)

275.0 (23.16 250.0 (11.20 200.0 ( 5.80 175.0 ( 5.39 150.0 ( 6.84 125.0 ( 9.88 100.0 ( 1.10 75.0 ( 1.10 0.0 ( 7.46

ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac)


275.0(23.16 250.0(11.20 200.0( 5.80 175.0( 5.39 150.0( 6.84 125.0( 9.88 100.0( 1.10 75.0( 1.10 0.0( 7.46

ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac)

Satloc Service 662-846-0229 Dallas Bright Target Rate(Mass)

Year : 2015 275.0(23.16 ac) 920 Airport Service Road - Cleveland MS 38732 - 250.0(11.20 ac) Product - Name : Potash Located at the Cleveland Municipal Airport 200.0( 5.80 ac) We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express • 37 years of continuous service to ag aviation (1979-2016)175.0( 5.39 ac) Area : 71.88 ac 150.0( 6.84 ac) 125.0( 9.88 ac) 100.0( 1.10 Guide ac) Total Amount : 6.858 ton(US) AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show 75.0( 1.10 ac) 0.0( 7.46 ac) Average Rate : 190.82 lb/ac Target Rate(Mass) (lb/ac)

275.0 (23.16 250.0 (11.20 200.0 ( 5.80 175.0 ( 5.39 150.0 ( 6.84 125.0 ( 9.88 100.0 ( 1.10 75.0 ( 1.10 0.0 ( 7.46

ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac) ac)



AERO Innovations

Booth 633

Impressive results at AERO Innovations Aero Innovations has been installing the “LoadMaster” 4 blade propeller since 2015.

A different plane...

With over 40 installations the results have been nothing short of impressive. The

This prop made my N5680X a completely different airplane.

propeller provides an additional increase of up to 233.6 equivalent shaft horsepower, up to 584 ft lbs increase in thrust, shorter takeoff distance and increased climb rate.

If you operate a PT6 up to -42 Thrush or Air Tractor, you should really consider upgrading to Aero Innovations LLC Loadmaster Propeller System, and get the

Our propellers are now flying in New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Guatemala.

“DAWG” out of your Ag plane! Patrick Andrews, Coleman, GA

We recently received approval for installation in Canada. Aero Innovations has acquired the STC for the Record Intake for the Thrush

Do it again...

installation. A new filter system has been developed to make filter change and cleaning

After putting the prop on I have to say I would recommend it to anyone thinking about

much easier. You will be able to change the filter on your plane as easily as changing

trying it out. I gained every bit of the 500 foot takeoff difference promised and also cut

your furnace filter! Come by the booth so we can give you a demonstration.

down my turn time while heavy. The plane fly’s like a whole different animal now, I am extremely pleased with the turn out and would do it again in a heartbeat.

All pros...

Tommy Deterding, Carrier, OK

All pros, no cons - better take off performance, more pull in the turns, smoother, quieter, better ground handling, moves aircraft CG forward, Hartzell reliability and service. Great prop! Adam Meyerkorth, Meyerkorth Aviation, Rock Port, MO

4-blade Propeller Installation in


• • • •

“GIVEN THE RESULTS of a fair comparison the Aero Innovations propeller on this aircraft configuration gives overwhelming benefits to the aircraft performance.” - Nick Whyte Makandi Aviation Malawi, Africa Thrush S2R-T34

• Strong “pull” through the turn with the load on board Shortened takeoff distance by 475 feet Considerably quieter on the ground (from outside) • Noticeably lighter rudder • Flights taken at 5,250 foot elevation Considerably quieter in the air (from outside) Smooth in flight

Additional increase of up to 233.6 Equivalent Shaft Horsepower | Up to 584 ft lbs increase in Thrust Shorter Takeoff Distance | Increased Climb Rate | Improves Aircraft Empty Weight CG MADE IN THE U.S.A. /AeroInnovationsllc | | 812.233.0384 | | 7750 E SR 42 | Terre Haute, IN 47803


Turbines, Inc

Booth 633

No red tape at “Turbines Inc.”, just service Turbines Inc. was started in 1981 by Jim Mills in Terre Haute, Indiana. He saw a need

our General Manager who has full authority to utilize all our resources to solve your

in the turbine ag world for a quality turbine shop. Our company runs on our three

engine problems.

founding pillars: 

knowledgeable people

Turbines Inc. is FAA approved to perform all work scopes on a PT6 engine from Hot

 fast turn times

Section repair to full Overhaul on all PT6 models, and “yes” we are the experts on the

fair prices

PT6A-20. We perform all work in house to overhaul your engine not only saving you

time but also money. All cleaning, NDT, inspection, balancing, and testing is done at Turbines Inc. has grown over the years, but its values remain the same. Many of our

our Terre Haute facility. On-site work translates into a high-quality product and a turn

employees have been here 25+ years. The depth of our experience and knowledge

time that is second to none in the industry.

is unequalled in any turbine shop. Turbines Inc. is privately owned, so there are no committees or red tape to go through.

Turbines Inc. understands that your hard-earned dollar demands reliability, and downtime costs money. Every engine in our shop receives the highest level of

When you have a technical question or just want to explore some options, you will

attention and service to ensure quality and safety with a turn time that exceeds our

not find a more experienced group to talk to. When you call Turbines Inc., you will

customer’s expectations.

speak to someone who has worked on PT6 engines for over 30 years and can advise and troubleshoot your PT6 right over the phone. There is no administrative assistant who takes your message and promises to get back to you. You will speak directly to





812.877.2587 | |


AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide



Booth 712

Mapping done right AgriData, Inc. does mapping right. With the beloved Surety® & Surety® Pro customized online mapping software, AgriData, Inc. provides the fastest, most accurate and functional maps on the market. With two separate software packages, we cater to your business’s needs. The original Surety® Customized Online Mapping package offers high quality aerial photography across the continental US and two Canadian provinces. Use our application work orders to document your jobs or have us customize your company’s own work order template. Surety’s easy- to-use interface requires minimal training and very little technical knowledge so you can get in, out, and back to what you do best! AgriData’s other option is to let Surety® Pro be the center of your operations. Plan, monitor, document, and finalize all of your jobs within the mapping interface in one, all-inclusive subscription. No endless account setup, confusing menus, or tedious data backups to slow down your operation time. See how Surety® Pro can help organize your operation to increase your bottom line. Stop by our booth #712 for a demonstration of the existing features, a preview of upcoming releases and to let us know what you would like to see next within the

Surety® & Surety® Pro software.

701-746-8580 |

Aviation Restraint Technology Seatbelt airbag systems for your ag aircraft

Competitive Pricing same Day Turntime

Exchange Available

We Overhaul

EAsA Approved

TPE331 & PT-6A FuEl NozzlEs

AmSafe, Inc. • 1043 N. 47th Avenue • Phoenix, AZ 85043


Tel: Email:


5005 Market Place Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122 (615) 758-5005 Fax (615) 758-5501 Se habla español CrS QTFr-573l envienos un Correo electronico


Booth 356

Put “Off Target Movement” back in its place! We have all seen the effects of drift and off target

application go out by Air or Ground without Drift-fiant”

movement this year. Needless to say it has been a

Andy Taylor—Taylor Aviation, Ft. Benton, MT

with an AMS replacement adjuvant such as Load UP™, Full Load™, or Load Out™.

disaster. As applicators, you are on the front line of the battle and you face the challenges of making sure the

“Drift-fiant is our go to adjuvant for when we need Drift

Full Load Complete™ is a brand new adjuvant

herbicide applications work correctly by getting great

reduction, especially when doing an aerial application.”

technology system and the first true “all in one jug”

weed control all while keeping it on target. And now

Jerry McPherson—Yuma Ag Service, Yuma, CO

spray adjuvant system. Designed to be the only adjuvant

with the introduction of new phenoxy herbicides, these

needed in the spray tank. Full Load Complete contains

Drift Reduction Technology + Volatility Reduction Technology

a better water conditioner than AMS, and a better NIS

Introducing three new products from AgraSyst Inc.

PHT Vapor Lock™ from Simplot Grower Solutions

Surfactant and now the world’s first drift plus volatility

for your arsenal that will help you put “Off Target

and Cado Max™ from AgraSyst are the first adjuvants

reduction technology. It will reduce phenoxy volatility

Movement” back in its place”.

to provide both Drift Reduction and Volatility

by 30-50%. Full Load Complete is a new, unique and

Reduction Technology. This is “critical technology”

effective adjuvant technology system that is perfect for

Drift-fiant™ is a tremendous spray drift reduction

due to the increasing use of phenoxy herbicides to

our new resistant weed fighting tank mix environments.

agent. It is both cost effective and a favorite of many

help manage herbicide resistant weeds. However, with

aerial applicators. It is easy to use with a use rate of 1

Vapor Lock and Cado Max, you don’t have to wait

“Full Load Complete has been our one stop shop for our

pint/100 gallon spray solution. Drift-fiant is compatible

for new low volatility reduction formulations. Use it

spray adjuvants. It is convenient and easy to use. It’s

with all tank mixes and requires no special mixing.

with any existing 2,4-D, DMA, Dicamba or glyphosate

nice to have everything in one jug. We can really see the

It is excellent at reducing fines, improving deposition

formulation alone or tank mixed. According to scientific

difference in drift reduction out of the back of the plane”.

and droplet retention on the leaf, increasing herbicide

studies, Vapor Lock and Cado Max will reduce 2,4-D,

Fred Meise—North West Ag, Moses Lake, WA

uptake and performance.

DMA, Dicamba volatility injury in the range of 60% to

challenges are even harder.

70%. It does this magic at a use rate of 1qt/100 gallons “I have been using Drift-fiant for years and it has

of spray solution. For maximum weed control, the spray

always performed really well. Now I don’t let a herbicide

solution of Vapor Lock or Cado Max should be applied

Surfactant blend. It also contains Glyphosate’s Favorite

For more information visit

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Tulsa Aircraft Engines

Booth 740

Maintaining quality and integrity Tulsa Aircraft Engines has been in business since 1973, and our goal is to produce the best quality engines available, our reputation speaks for itself. Tulsa Aircraft Engines overhauls Pratt & Whitney radial engines only, the R-985, R-1340 AN1, R-1340 AN-2 and the Super 600s. We take pride in our work and customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Kickoff Breakfast

Shannon Huffman Polson: U.S. Army Apache helicopter captain and pilot & author, the Grit Project

For any potential customers, call and check our competitive prices and availability of After nearly a decade as an Army

engines. We have the best warranty available and we will stand behind our product!

officer and attack aviation leader, and later, as a leader and manager in the corporate sector at Guidant and Microsoft, Shannon turned her

Specializing in

attention to storytelling, sharing the stories of remarkable female leaders

Repair and Overhaul of

and trailblazers through her “Grit

Pratt & Whitney

Project” and other writing endeavors.


Drawing on a distinguished military and

Engines since 1973

corporate career, she reveals her lessons learned and leadership strategies to

9311 East 44th St. North Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115



help you harness your own inner strength, move beyond resistance, and attain your goals. With an emphasis on

Shannon Huffman Polson

grit – which she describes as “a dogged determination in the face of difficult From the cockpit to the boardroom,

circumstances” – she demonstrates



how to tap into that passion and resolve

stories of grit and leadership to



so you can face your limitations, own

help others overcome fear, break

your sense of purpose, and become a

through uncertainty, and reach their

leader of greatness.

full potential. Thank you to BASF for sponsoring the Shannon is a woman of many firsts.

2017 Kickoff Breakfast.

Among those high points: She is the first woman to fly Apache combat helicopters


in the U.S. Armed Forces, where she served on three continents and led two flight platoons and a line company.


985-868-1477 64E

Booth #331 & #333 • 800-325-0885

Genuine Aircraft Hardwar

Booth 757

Genuine Aircraft Hardware Company strives for customer satisfaction Our mission is to provide our customers with High Quality New Traceable Aircraft Fasteners. We will also supply other items that may not require certification such as Non-structural Commercial Fasteners, Tools, or Non-Critical Rubber Goods. Customers, nationwide and internationally, can expect to be treated with high levels of service whether placing a Stock, Repair, or A.O.G. order, without prejudice or indifference. We will help you with your requirements for fasteners from our extensive in-house inventory, and our efficient outsourcing when needed. We value every customer, individual or business, and will deal with you professionally, while holding our employees and agents to the highest standards of obtainable excellence. The first 500 people to stop by Booth # 757 will get a FREE Aircraft Hardware Reference Book! This Book contains of all of the new information regarding part numbers, supersedures, and specifications. There is also detailed information on the assortment kits that only Genuine Aircraft Hardware sells. So be sure to stop by Booth # 757 and get your FREE Aircraft Hardware Reference Book. See you in Savannah!

HEY, WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK FOR AD 2016-05-13 COMPLIANCE NOW STOCKING FCU P/N 8063-646 IGS, International Governor Services, LLC, is a world-class FAA/EASA repair station (#IGOR976N) specializing in overhaul and repair of small turbine engine controls including; fuel controls, propeller governors, overspeed governors, torque limiters, fuel flow dividers, fuel pumps, and power turbine governors. Engine applicability includes PT6A, PT6T, TPE-331 and RR250. IGS is a Honeywell and Woodward authorized repair station. Give us a try on your FCU, Governor, or Pump and we’ll test your FF divider for free!

Best Prices, Best Qualitv, Guaranteed!

Tires & Tubes • Tailwheels • Name Brands • Retreads

we carrv tires and tubes tor everv Au aircraft ever producedl GOOD/YEAII .,�itd:i-i!11'I �DUNLOP AERO CLASSIC • Free Shipping on Most Orders (USA) • Hard to Find Sizes • Los Angeles & Memphis Offices • Heavy Duty Retreading, In-House • Low Prices • Worldwide Shipping • Fast Online Ordering Available

Sales and service support is offered 24/7. Industry leading warranty of three years or 1000 hours. To learn about all of our capabilities, or for more information, visit us at or give us a call at 1-888-808-5297

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Hardy Aviation Insurance

Booths 706, 708

Specializing in aviation insurance Hardy Aviation Insurance, located in Wichita, KS was established in 1995 and we’re

experience. Hardy is dedicated to the support of agricultural aviation, dedicating their

closing in on our 22nd season. Hardy has seen tremendous growth over these past 22

time traveling to meet applicators to review and renew their aviation insurance needs.

years especially this year where we’ve introduced expanded property and causality

Supporting the industry is just what we do and we couldn’t do it without our support

insurance, more enhanced work comp and now life insurance. The addition of these

staff consisting of Melinda Greene, Joyce Winn, Mona Rathmel, Rebecca Burns, Keziah

lines and new people enable Hardy to offer a turn key type of insurance plan for your

Hill, and our newest additions Kassidi Strunk and Matt Younkin. These dedicated

business. Hardy has always been known for its aviation insurance and special emphasis

folks are well versed in all areas of aviation insurance, including aerial application but

in aerial application. The addition of carriers like Nationwide and Progressive will

also, personal aircraft, business aircraft, fixed base operation, air show insurance, with

further enhance our capabilities truly now for all your insurance needs.

specialist now in the support lines of your business including hangars, contents, work comp and life insurance. Mona Rathmel works from our Dallas facility with a special

Within our agency, Randy Hardy, Angie Banz, Kim Manring, Mandi Hill and Tim Wiebe

emphasis in higher performance aircraft like the Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, Matrix,

will be at the booth in Savannah, bringing years of agricultural aviation insurance

Jetprops, Pilatus PC-12s and TBM 700/850s. Matt Younkin is working from Silom Springs Arkansas and will work in all facets of our aviation business. Hardy Aviation Insurance is dedicated to service the old fashion way with hard work, communication skills and the willingness to negotiate your needs as though we were an extension of your business. We represent all the major insurance companies who offer aviation insurance or alternate needs. Aerial application is a very specialized business and when seeking coverage you need to work with and through an agency that understands your needs and knows the insurance company’s policy well enough to match their policy to your expectations. Good policies and good service are not only good business, but also necessary to insure you have the coverage you need at the price you can afford. At this years NAAA in Savannah a guest appearance from Flat Randy will welcome your visit.

CONTAINMENT/LOADING PAD -Portable/Permanent Containment Solutions -Aluminum and Fiberglass Construction -Standard or Custom Sizes -Visually Inspectable -Easy on / Easy off

Ask about our newest solution

“Trailer Pad” 605-865-3400-office 605-865-3481-plant

Over 34-years in aerial application and over 20-years in the containment business.


Isolair Helicopter Systems

Booth 545


Celebrating 20 years


Founded in the early 1980s by Bob Mosmeier, Isolair, Inc. was created to satisfy customers’ needs for helicopter equipment superior to those that were found on the market. After retiring from the Air Force, Mr. Mosmeier worked for Simplex Manufacturing until he broke away and founded Isolair, Inc. In 1998, current owner Michael Powell purchased the company, and Isolair, Inc. has continued to see consistent growth. Michael and his wife Terry have guided Isolair, Inc. to sales that are in the millions of dollars yearly. With the increasing reliance upon helicopters throughout the world, Isolair, Inc. is well positioned to propel the helicopter application industry throughout the next decade, and beyond, with one goal in mind: design and manufacture equipment to fulfill the customer’s needs. Isolair, Inc. has been manufacturing quality helicopter systems for the fire fighting, agricultural, and forest industry for the past 30 years. With a broad line of certified and custom helicopter equipment, Isolair, Inc. has the system to fit your company’s needs. From agricultural spray systems, to seeders, torches, buckets, forestry grapples and fire-fighting equipment, Isolair, Inc. can do it all!

For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the helicopter equipment, ISOLAIR has the system to fit your company’s needs. From agricultural spray firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom systems andequipment, bucket spreaders firefighting grapples torches, ISOLAIR can helicopter ISOLAIRtohas the systemsystems, to fit yourforestry company’s needs.and From agricultural spray and will do it forestry all! systems and bucket spreaders to firefighting systems, grapples and torches, ISOLAIR can With competitive pricing, quality assurance, easy to install products, and an ongoing commitment and will do it all! to customer service, we welcome you to contact us.toOur friendly and and knowledgeable staff is ready to With competitive pricing, quality assurance, easy install products, an ongoing commitment answer your questions help you the ISOLAIR best meet your to customer service, weand welcome youfind to contact us. Oursystem friendlythat and will knowledgeable staff isoperational ready to answer your questions and help you find requirements. the ISOLAIR system that will best meet your operational




27600 SE HIGHWAY 212

Stop by our booth 545 in Savannah and join the celebration.

GRESHAM, OR 97030 U.S.A. BORING, OR 97009 U.S.A. PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 FAX:FAX: +1 (503) 492-2756 +1 (503) 492-2756 EMAIL: EMAIL:



R.T. TuRbines, inc.

In business since 1994, with over 40 years of experience.

Pratt & Whitney PT6A Engine Repair and Overhaul FAA Approved Overhaul Station MW9R610J

Complete Engine Overhaul and Repair Service Power Section Inspection Hot Section Inspection In-house Welding of Hot Zone Components New P&WC Correlated Dynamometer Test Cell



FAA CRS # MW9R610J 3397 Hwy 121 West •Marianna, AR 72360 Rex Thompson, Jr. • Cell 501-412-3208



AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Lightspeed Aviation

Lightspeed Aviation creates an Active Noise Reduction (ANR) system for helmets Aviation provides the perfect noise environment for the

company’s popular Zulu family of headsets, it boasts

With acoustic technology at their core, the Lightspeed

benefits of Active Noise Reduction (ANR). Excellent

many of the features of the headsets while adding

engineering team takes great pride in how the system

at reducing sound in the lower frequencies, ANR is

specific features unique to helmet installations.

sounds. Your intercom transmissions will be very clear,

a great match to the noise environment of both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.

and if you choose to use the Bluetooth feature for music, In addition to top caliber ANR, the installation is

you will be amazed at how good your tunes sound.

designed for comfort. Lightspeed uses conformal foam Over the past 20+ years this technology has exploded

in the ear seals that provide both a great seal and a

The Zulu H-Mod system is backed by a three year

in the aviation headset market, but for those aviators

personally comfortable fit. The shape of the ear seals

factory warranty from Lightspeed, and can be added

that wear helmets while they fly, the options have been

is also designed to add comfort to pilots (and their

to an existing helmet or included with the purchase

limited. Enter Lightspeed, a company that introduced

passengers) while wearing glasses or sunglasses.

of a new one. The system is available from select

its first ANR aviation headset at AirVenture in

installers that have been trained and certified by

1996, and quickly became one of the leading brands

The Zulu H-Mod helmet installation puts a priority

Lightspeed to perform the perfect installation

in the category.

on durability and incorporates a Kevlar centered cable

and handle any after sale service that may be

system for both the internal wiring and the external

required. A list of certified installers are available

After hearing many requests from pilots for a

cable that interfaces with the aircraft. Anticipating

at, and a few of them

Lightspeed system designed for helmets, the company

that many pilots will have multiple egresses per day,

will have the product on display at the upcoming NAAA

decided to take on the challenge. Their new product

the system includes a detachment coupler that allows

show in Savannah, GA.

dubbed “Zulu H-Mod” is a ground-up project designed

for a simple disconnect from the aircraft without

specifically for helmets. Based on the legacy of the

removing the helmet.


Cascade Aircraft Conversions

Booth 528

P&WC 850SHP STC “The Sweet Spot” The golf ball goes the farthest when it is hit in the sweet spot. Cascade hits the “sweet spot” with the P&WC PT6A-41/42 850SHP STC kits to upgrade the 500 gallon Thrush and Air Tractor AT-502/502B aircraft. This STC upgrade increases your acres per hour and the profitability of your business. Operating ag aircraft at higher elevations or higher temperatures is where this upgrade will really increase productivity. The PT6A-41/42 turbine from P&WC has been the foundation that has made the King Air B200 the most successful business aircraft in the world. The prolific success of the King Air has made the PT6A-41/42 engines, parts, pricing readily available. The increase in performance for Cascade’s earlier STC for the Air Tractor AT-502/502B and now the 500-gallon Thrush models is significant. The PT6A-41/42 maintains continuous 850 SHP

been proven to deliver more clean air and protects the

have for the owner/operator to protect their operational

up to 106° OAT which increases safety margins and

turbine in harsh environments, reducing ITT temps

investment. Cascade Aircraft Conversions continues to

eliminates downloading on high temperature days.

and fuel consumption. The Pressure Cowl also delivers

offer products to benefit the ag market. Give Cascade

The 850 SHP turbine is the power “sweet” spot for

on maintenance with easy access to service both the

a call for these or other performance products to make

the 500-gallon ag aircraft. This conversion kit is

air filtration and the fuel nozzles with no FOD history.

your business more profitable.

complete with the Cascade Pressure Cowl which has

The Cascade Pressure Cowl continues to be a must-

CLEAN IT’S ALL ABOUT \/ AIR! 800-716-2550

PH: 509-635-1212 • FAX: 509-635-1477 ATTENTION: NEW STC for AT-502/502B Owners

850SHP THRUSH Kit Available Now Proven Performance Increase

Pressure Cowls

PT6A-41/42 850 SHP POWER Upgrade for AT-502/502B aircraft Complete bolt on FWF kit.

all models of Air Tractor & Thrush • Reduce ITT • Reduce Fuel Consumption • Protect Your Investment - No FOD History

Call Cascade Aircraft Conversions for NEW PT6A -15AG & -34AG Engines. Financing available (OAC). New engines in combination with the Cascade Pressure Cowl for unmatched performance, excellent filtration, class leading ease of filter and fuel nozzle maintenance.

Johnston Aircraft Service David Johnston 559-686-1794

DISTRIBUTOR NETWORK Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Dennis Davis 800-325-0885

Orsmond Aerial Spray (PTY) Ltd. George Orsmond or Tom Bezuidenhout +27- (0)-58-303-5261

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


TPE-331 • PT6


Propellers & Accessories

Intercontinental Jet Service

Booth 430

Intercontinental Jet Service Corp (IJSC) is a Honeywell Authorized TPE 331 Agricultural Service Center centrally located in Tulsa, OK, with over 25 years in


business and some of the most knowledgeable TPE331 technicians in the industry. In addition to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements, IJSC can also provide engine upgrades and rental engines. IJSC offers propeller overhaul and repair of Hartzell and McCauley reciprocating and turbine engine propellers. In addition to the propeller service capability, IJSC is an excellent source for new and overhauled propeller assemblies for outright or exchange.


With a dedicated group of propeller professionals, IJSC offers the highest level of


quality for a competitive price.

• ACCESSORY REPAIR AND OVERHAUL IJSC also offers 24/7 technical assistance and will provide on-site assistance when the

• PROPELLER SERVICE AND OVERHAUL (Hartzell, McCauley, & MT Propeller)

need arises. We take pride in our work and our reputation, and will always work to

Intercontinental Jet Service Corp. is a Honeywell Authorized TPE331 Service Center, as well as, an Authorized Hartzell, McCauley, and MT Propeller Service Center.

accommodate the business schedules and financial budgets of our customers. In addition to complete TPE331 service, we have an inventory of new, overhauled and inspected parts and components for both aircraft and engines, everything from consumables, such as S.O.A.P kits and filters, to major components, such as fuel valves and igniter boxes. Additionally, IJSC has an accessory shop that can repair or overhaul your

3322 N. 74th E. Ave. • Tulsa, OK 74115


aircraft components such as starter/generators, fuel boost pumps and tach generators. For more information about IJSC’s capabilities, request a quote, or technical assistance please contact Neil James at or 1-800-349-6827

Bright Portal

“Lighting Up the World”

Booth 361

Thank You! BrightPortal say’s “THANK YOU” to the good folks in the agricultural aviation industry for the opportunity and business since forming in 2009! The folks in this Industry embraced BrightPortal, a new business with a very new and unique product, and allowed me to present myself and my company at the various conferences around this great country. To say the very least, these folks brought me to the dance and continue to spin me around. My family and I are very grateful and blessed and want y’all to know that you are in our prayers as we continue this most awesome adventure!—Tim Cowert Runway or Taxiway at a Time.

BrightPortal Resources, LLC 1410 Country Road, Blanco, TX 78606 Tim Cowsert

Solar LED Markers from BrightPortal



Sky Tractor

Booths 901-905

Welcome to your new office


Your friends at Sky Tractor look forward to the upcoming 51st annual “Ag Aviation Expo”. Our annual event may have a brand new name, but be assured you will find the professional representation you’ve come to expect from us at the national level. We will have our knowledgeable staff on hand to visit with you. Our exhibit booth will be packed full of items for you to browse, with hands on access. Try on your new helmet in our booth! We are very excited to invite you to stop by and look at our beauty, Ag Cat serial number lB. She will be a long ways from home, but she can’t wait to meet you! This aircraft has been completely rebuilt, and is ready to fly away. Hop in the cockpit, and imagine treating your acres at home. This could be your new office! Of course, we will also have for you the 2017 edition of our commemorative coffee mug. Keep your collection current!

Same day shipping. Your complete ag aircraft dealer

See you in Savannah!

Machida Borescopes

Booth 707

State-of-the art visual inspection equipment Manufactured in America, Machida Borescopes offer engine manufacturer approved state-of-the art visual inspection equipment with a competitive price point. With years of industry knowledge, our scopes have been used by aviation professionals for 40 years and continue to be one of the leading inspection scopes in the market today. Our product catalog includes engine approved kits which come in your choice of stunning HD video or our high quality fiber borescope. Our most popular model, the 3mm Engine Manufacture Approved Video Borescope VSC-3-140-NL, comes equipped with over 12 programmable standard features including our newest feature video recording and zoom control. Some of our other features include HD Image Quality, picture-in-picture, portable image archiving, brightness control, and SD Card for image storage. The VSC-3-140-NL high tech video features listed can be programed for use with a push of a button on our scientifically and ergonomically designed handle. Stop by Booth 707 at NAAA to experience our VSC-3-140-NL, the new high tech 7-7070 Digital Processor, and other engine approved borescopes. Be sure to visit our



PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA APPROVED KITS PWC34910-109 - PWC34910-106 - PWC34910-101


1-845-365-0600 / 1-800-431-5420

website, to learn more about our other products and offerings. We look forward to meeting you and finding you the right scope for your inspection.


AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Pratt and Whitney Canada

Booth 531

More than Just an Engine:

Smart, Digitally Driven PT6A Engine Your Silent Co-Pilot on Every Flight Aerial application can sometimes be a lonely business and while the engineers at Pratt & Whitney Canada haven’t yet taught the PT6A engine to speak, they have given it the digital smarts and data-analytics support system to serve as a trusted co-pilot on every flight.

Agricultural Operators to Get FAST P&WC’s latest agricultural engine is the PT6A-140AG. Operators of -140AG-powered aircraft will soon have the option to include P&WC’s diagnostic and prognostic solution called FAST™ (Flight, Acquisition, Storage and Transmission). The FAST system automates the capture, transmission and analysis of a wide range of engine and aircraft data parameters. In other aviation segments where it is already certified, it is helping customers move toward fully planned and predictive maintenance environments. Unlike many avionics systems, which still require

of experience and new technologies to deliver intuitive

of concern and deliver customized maintenance

engine data to match that of the pilot. Working together,

recommendations. We can also use the technology to

these two elements form an unbeatable duo.”

help our customers better plan shop visits and move

manual intervention to off-load data from the aircraft,

toward a fully planned maintenance environment.”

the FAST system enables wireless transmission after

To learn more about FAST benefits, join us during

each flight. Data is rapidly analysed and vital powerplant

the P&WC Educational Session on Wednesday,

Agricultural operators interested in participating in the

information and trend monitoring is sent to operators

December 6 - 4:00 pm during the AG Aviation Expo

trial can obtain more information from their local Field

within 15 minutes of the pilot shutting down the engine.

in Savannah, GA.

Support Representative (FSR) or by visiting the Oil Analysis Technology section of P&WC’s website.

Decisions Driven by Data

The Power of a Drop of Oil

Armed with this intelligence, operators are able to

Another innovative technology that continues to build

Anytime Access

make rapid data-driven decisions, which can help them

momentum as a next-generation on-wing monitoring

P&WC continues to make investments in digital

lower costs and troubleshoot potential issues before

solution for preventive maintenance is P&WC’s Oil

solutions that make it easier to do business with the

they happen. In addition, analytical insights on the

Analysis Technology. With more than 5,000 engines

company. P&WC’s new web portal MyP&WC Power,

engine’s condition allows the operator to make a well

participating in a customer trial as it nears the final

which launched last year, continues to evolve with

informed decision on whether that end-of-season hot

stages of development, P&WC’s Oil Analysis Technology

new capabilities and works on any mobile device. The

section inspection is really necessary.

provides high visibility into the health and proficient

portal has some 16,000 customers accessing nearly

operation of the engine without intrusive inspections.

500 technical publications each week online. Users can

The growing demand for solutions like FAST by the

also order some 40,000 new and refurbished engine

agricultural industry as well as across all aviation



parts via the portal, which can be shipped anywhere in

segments has led to a host of recent solution

within the engine oil enabling the identification of

the world as well as initiate engine rentals and returns,

enhancements tailored to the various segments. New

deterioration of specific oil-wetted components such as

register warranties, submit claims and more.

FAST features include on-board event detection and

gears, bearings and seals, well before a potential event

crew alerts, turbine blade creep counting, automated

occurs. It is substantially more sensitive than other

Operators are also invited to attend the full-day PT6



oil monitoring solutions in its ability to analyze each

Seminar on Sunday, December 3rd – 8 am at the

introduced to regional airline customers and automated

particle of metal individually, the alloy and chemical

Savannah Convention Center. Participants can earn

power assurance checks for helicopter operators.

element concentration, and the interaction between

credits toward their IA certificate renewal.








particles, to isolate and identify specific parts earlier “We are bringing the broad-based power of digital

and more accurately.

P&WC looks forward to meeting operators at the 2017 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo. Attendees who are interested

technologies to our engines,” says Nicholas Kanellias, Vice President, General Aviation, P&WC. “The best

“Our oil analysis technology allows us to identify

in meeting with P&WC representatives are invited to

aerial application pilots fly with an intuition that’s based

potential issues early to help minimize or avert them

contact Yves Houde at or Ryan

on many years of experience. We are using our depth

entirely,” says Kanellias. “We can target any area

Densham at




INSIDE OUT P&WC’s turnkey FAST™ solution captures, analyzes and sends engine and aircraft parameters electronically to customers. By providing actionable preventative alerts and prognostics, we empower operators to make informed decisions, reduce costs and troubleshoot issues before they happen. With the FAST™ solution we take the words rapid response to a new level. It’s that easy. It’s that powerful.

FAST™ Solution: • Move toward a more fully planned maintenance environment • Helps reduce operating costs and maintenance workload • Supports increased aircraft residual value

Visit us at the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo December 4–7, 2017 | Savannah, GA

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Professional Fibreglass

Guaranteed quality products At Professional Fibreglass Repair, we understand the need for a guaranteed quality Retrofitted for the 301 & 401!

product. Your jobs in the ag industry are a crucial piece to the safety and well being of our nation and Professional Fibreglass Repair thanks you for all that you do. We specialize in the repair and refinish of all ag hoppers and fiberglass aircraft components. We also create a substantial number of custom designs and projects. In January 2000, AgAir Update published a focused article on owner Jon Herr and our 330 hopper conversion—The Herr Hopper. Jon founded his business in 1981 and began working out of his father’s airplane hangar. Jon grew his business with integrity through dedication, customer satisfaction, quality work, and

Retrofit 502/602 Hopper Door now available for installation. Shop: Fax:

personal relationships. In April 2014 we lost our beloved owner, father, husband and friend. Jon Herr’s

530-735-6264 530-735-6265

business legacy and traditions are carried on with pride by his wife Mary Herr, sons Daniel

For customer service

and Tim, daughter Annabelle Lewis and long


time friend and foreman Randy Kaylor. We sincerely appreciate your trusted business and referrals. We look forward to many more years

422 Monte Vista • Woodland, CA 95695

of servicing the ag air industry. • e-mail:

Delta Airline Ticket Special Rates Book Your NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Tickets on Delta


If you’re using Delta Air Lines to fly to Savannah (SAV), Atlanta (ATL) or Charleston (CHS) for the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo, please book through our new NAAA Delta booking code. Discounts are possible from certain locations. Book your ticket today at: 1.



Select Book Your Flight


On the page to enter your flight details, please enter NMQX4 in the Meeting Code box.


Reservations may also be made by calling Delta Meeting reservations at (800) 328-1111, Mon. - Fri. from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT and mention meeting code NMQX4.


Contact Eugene Shanks, Sr. for more info: 979-533-1720 or 979-532-1718


Pickett Equipment

Booths 623,625,627

A company of Davids by Bailey Everett

I like to think we fix our messes better than most.

This is my second draft. When I started writing this, it

But why is that?

was a braggadocious piece, full of fire.

quick sale and move on; we want the whole enchilada. We’d like to support not only your business, but

It was a piece written by someone who would probably

Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re fairly small, but

that same business when it’s passed down to your

good at what we do.

kids and grandkids.

We’re David, in a world full of Goliaths. Those we step

We’re here to cultivate the types of relationships that

catch fire, if only he could stand still long enough for the flames to catch.

into the ring with don’t intimidate us. Our quick shipping,

span decades. We even keep order history from back in

But, if I’ve ever learned anything about fire and swagger,

large inventory, and even broader product knowledge is

the 1980s, so we know what you have.

it’s that those things have their place, but only to get

our sling; our quality products are our stone.

you off the starting line. No one likes a braggart.

So, if you’ve never dealt with us, please let us have Like David, we’re all heart. That’s one of the unsung

an opportunity to earn your business. If we’ve done

And yet, that’s the whole point of this piece: to sway

benefits of a family business. When we walk through

something in the past that cost us your business, please

those of you out there who have never heard of us, or

the door each morning, we’re not punching a clock for

let us have the opportunity to make it right.

ordered from us. To humanize us so we’re not just a

someone else. I’m doing it for me and mine. When you’re

logo on a page.

the one making the decisions, knowing your actions

I’m 32 years old and have a whole working career ahead

affect not only you, but those who depend on you for

of me. I intend to make the most of it by being there

their livelihood, you carry an awesome responsibility.

when needed, innovating continually, and making sure

To ask you to give us a shot.

that when I lock the door at the end of the day, I know I won’t say we’ve never goofed. Of course we have.

Since almost all aerial applicators are family businesses,

I’ve done my best to support our friends in the aerial

Find me someone who’s never screwed up and I’ll put

I know you can relate.

application industry.

hard enough. We all fail, fall, stumble. Screw up. But

We won’t ask for your business. We’re firm believers

From our family to yours, thank you for your business.

what matters is how we get up and move forward.

that business must be earned. We’re not here to make a

You’re here for us, so we’re here for you.

money on the fact they’re either a deity, or not trying

You don’t alwaYs need to be off the ground quicklY.

but isn’t it nice to have the option? Empty and rinse a jug in as little as 3 seconds.

Up to 390 GPM!

Load an 802: as little as 2-1/2 minutes. Load a helicopter: as little as 20 seconds.

order online!

800-238-9095 Olive Branch, MS




AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Farm Brothers Flying Services

Booth 1048

Exploring possibilities countrywide Farm Brothers Flying Services is a full service aerial application company based in Southeast Arkansas. Formed in 2011, our local operations consist of 10 Air Tractor aircraft working from seven locations. We specialize in row crop applications to rice, corn, soybeans and cotton. In addition to our local business we also have performed contract work in several states ranging from corn fungicide to timber fertilizer. We are seeking to expand this portion of our business and are interested in exploring possibilities. Our goal is to combine the best equipment and technology with our highly experienced pilots to provide timely, reliable and quality service. Farm Brothers Flying Services proudly supports the NAAA. Come see us at Booth #1048 in Savannah!!


AVA I L A B L E S ERV IC ES Contract Services Fungicide Herbicide Insecticide Liquid Fertilizer Dry Fertilizer Aerial Seeding Aerial Mapping Cover Crop Seeding Call for Additional Services

AVA I L A B L E F O R N AT I O N W I D E C O N T R A C T F LY I N G 10 New Air Tractor Planes Satloc GPS and Flow Control Technology Chem-Man Aerial Mapping Software 10 Pilots with 250 Years of Combined Experience Equipped with Automatic Controller for Timber


Telephone: 870-263-1300 PO Box 639 Gould, Arkansas 71643 Email: Connect with us on Google Business, visit our website, or like us on Facebook for company updates AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide



Booths 753, 755

The most reliable night flying system available today TracMap is simple to use so you can focus on flying

GPS system during night flying. After speaking with

“It lets me focus on what’s going on outside the aircraft.”

Mike Schoenau at Valley Air Crafts in  Tulare  about TracMap, he decided to give  it  a try. He bought a

“Trying a new GPS system has been very good for us.

Tom Cooke is the Owner/Operator of his family run

Flight3 system from Mike, installed it, found it simple

I am extremely happy with the decision to go with

business Pacific Ag Services Inc, Firebaugh, CA that

to use and loved it so much, he purchased a second

TracMap,” Tom concludes.

has been operating since 1997. He has two AT-802 Air

Flight3 system within six weeks.

Tractors, a Garrett Thrush he mainly uses for sulfur, and 70% of his work is night flying.

Watch a live TracMap demo at STAND #753 When night flying, TracMap allows Tom to keep his hands on the controls by using the three position

Before installing TracMap, Tom was frustrated with

switch to activate all the functions of his Flight3 system

the ongoing issues of trying to operate his existing

while in the air, which is crucial for his focus and safety,

Tom Cooke, Owner/Operator Pacific Ag Services CA


Tom Cooke Owner/Operator Pacific Ag Services

Contact Mark Hornback 888 656 6135 or 253 315 1435



AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


SureFire Ag Systems

Booth 451

QuickDraw loading system provides immediate payback The QuickDraw loading and mixing system from SureFire Ag Systems has a long list

QuickDraw uses a Micro-Motion Mass Flow Meter to measure all chemicals as they

of benefits. Most importantly, it has an immediate return on investment.

are loaded directly into the airplane. Mass Flow Measurement technology measures the density of the material in addition to the velocity. This allows it to measure, with

“The efficiency that QuickDraw has gained us in loading airplanes has paid for itself

extreme accuracy, any material regardless of physical properties.

this year”, said Kyle Scott, owner and pilot at Scott Aviation in Fort Morgan, CO. “The easiest place to make up time in this business is on the load pad. The airplane can only

Preston Johnson, owner and pilot of Ascend Ag in Wall, SD, has been using QuickDraw

go so fast, you can only push so much fuel to it, you can only turn so fast, you can only

since spring of 2016. “The QuickDraw is accurate every time. On one of our high use

go so fast across the field. Loading is the easiest place to make up time.”

products we were less than 1% off compared to our inventory.”

The loading efficiency of QuickDraw shines when multiple airplanes are being

In Johnson’s operation they do not typically utilize a dedicated person for loading. The

managed through a single load system. QuickDraw measures, mixes, and loads the

QuickDraw has allowed the pilots to load themselves without ever having to touch any

airplane in real-time. Premixing and prebatching are eliminated.

chemicals. “Once the recipe has been created any of my pilots, no matter what their computer expertise, can go up to the system pick their recipe and load their airplane

“It’s a huge advantage when you are running multiple aircraft because your mix setup

with no help whatsoever. It’s done accurately every time.”

is never tied up with a load for a single airplane. It is always ready for the next airplane that comes in. If one guy gets delayed on a particular field; he has a long ferry or he

See QuickDraw in Booth #451 at NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Savannah.

has a cut-up field that takes him longer to where he gets out of line, so to speak, and the next guy beats him in, it’s no big deal. The mix system is ready to go for whoever shows up,” said Kyle Scott.


What Operators Are Saying.... Kyle Scott, Scott Aviation - Fort Morgan, CO

Automated Loading System for Aerial Applicators

Minimize Load Time Eliminate Premixing back 1 Year Pay Reduce Labor ent on Investm Eliminate Chemical Exposure Record of Every Batch Loaded Mass Flow Meter Chemical Measurement

“It’s really sped up our loading process, especially when we are running multiple aircraft. We’ve reduced our average load time by at least half. We can load our 402 in under 3 minutes. Our mix system is never tied up with a load for a specific airplane. The pilots love it because they are not wasting time on the load pad and it gets us going way faster in the mornings. The efficiency QuickDraw has gained us has paid for itself in the first year.”

Preston Johnson, Ascend Ag - Wall, SD “We don’t have a designated loader in our operation. With QuickDraw any of my pilots can load themselves and never touch any chemicals. They select their recipe and batch size. The QuickDraw calculates the exact amount of each product needed. We are loading our 500 gallon airplanes in four to four and a half minutes. The Mass Flow Meter is accurate every time. On one of our high use products, we were less than 1% off compared to inventory. ”


FMC Corp

Booth 439

Your key to successful crop protection FMC Agricultural Solutions has served growers long enough to know there are always new challenges in crop management on the horizon. Crop by crop, geography by geography, we help growers meet those challenges head-on with innovative technologies that add value to their operations and increase their yield potential. That’s how we help you put your growers in the pilot’s seat. Because we proudly support the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA), our products help take your business to new heights too. Together, FMC and NAAA have enhanced the efficacy of aerial-applied protection. Innovative FMC herbicides, insecticides and fungicides deliver broad-spectrum control

PUT YOUR GROWER IN THE PILOT’S SEAT. Offer your growers superior chemistry that delivers when and where it matters: at harvest. Innovative FMC herbicides and insecticides provide more effective control of pests for better yields and higher quality. They can help grow your business too. • Anthem® MAXX herbicide • Authority® Elite herbicide

• Hero® Insecticide • Stallion® Brand Insecticide

• Carbine® 50WG insecticide • Preemptor® SC fungicide

• Topguard® EQ fungicide

Learn more and pick up your free 2017 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo keepsake pin at BOOTH 439.

and long-lasting activity to minimize the challenges faced by your grower customers. Our products help you deliver more effective control of weeds, insects and diseases growers are up against where you operate. Bottom line: We’re in this together, helping growers get more out of every acre.

Pest control best practices begin with us. To maximize their yields, growers must be smart about pest management. Aerialapplied products can often save growers time, which can be critical throughout the growing season when they’re busy with other priorities. Working together, agricultural aviation and FMC can encourage best practices in pest management. A key factor in overall agricultural industry success, your services are a critical component of many high-yield strategies. Aerial application allows growers to be more efficient and effective with their resources. It’s up to all of us to be sure growers value the benefits of aerial application. It’s also up to us to help growers choose the most effective aerial protection products for their geographies and crops. FMC has served agricultural, industrial, environmental and consumer markets across the globe for more than a century. Our innovative solutions, applications and quality products put smart, successful chemistry to work at every stage of the growing season to ensure growers are more successful at harvest. To learn more about what’s new and what’s next at FMC, visit us at booth #439 or go online to Hero Insecticide and Stallion Brand Insecticide are Restricted Use Pesticides. Always read and follow label directions. Anthem MAXX herbicide, Authority brand herbicides, Preemptor SC and Topguard EQ fungicides and Hero Insecticide are not registered for sale or use in California. Stallion Brand Insecticide is not for use on horses. FMC, Anthem, Authority, Hero, Stallion Brand, Topguard and Preemptor are trademarks and Investing in farming’s future is a service mark of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. Carbine is a trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd. ©2017 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-FMC-0478 10/17

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


Live and Silent Auctions The Live Auction, December 5th at 5:30, at the NAAA

Marie Stone. King size 90 X 100 inches. Purchased

Ag Aviation Expo continues to be one of the most

at NAAA auction 2007 by Agri-Tech Aviation.

popular and successful fund-raisers for the association.

MyLifeUNIT Biplane Model Flip Clock, Airplane Flip Down Clock for Desktop Home Decor

AIG & Mary Beth Schwaegel

Medina Flying Service

Michael Kors purse and wallet

“Planes” Quilt - 45” x 60”; Machine pieced and

When it comes to high-stakes entertainment, the

Air Tractor

intrigue, drama and excitement of NAAA’s Live Auction

Hartzell Three-Blade Propeller with Spinner Dome

NAAA Museum Committee

is hard to beat, which is why it has become one of the

NOMEX Flight Suit

signature events at each convention. The Live Auction

His and her leather jackets

National Flight Services, Inc.

on “Convention Tuesday” is very important to NAAA

Arysta LifeScience

from a fund-raising standpoint, so enjoy the reception

appliqued. Handquilted by Elly Rau

5 hours of Dual Flight Instruction in the T-6

Harold Miller Helmet TPE 331 Engine Inspection Discount: $2,000 certificate off an operator’s next hot section, CAM

food and beverages and bring your checkbooks. Shhhh!

or 5 hours of ride flights for your employees or

NAAA also holds a Silent Auction each year. Bidding

customers at your location (within 500 miles

Old Republic Aerospace

of Wichita, KS)

opens on Tuesday and closes on Wednesday afternoon.

or overhaul. Must be a Honeywell TPE331 Engine.

BrightPortal Resources The Live Auction continues to be one of the most






with NAAA logo

BrightPortal’s white SOLAR Powered LED runway


popular and financially successful fund-raisers for

LED Lights. BrightPortal white SOLAR Powered

the association. But NAAA could not accomplish this

LED runway Markers with10 fixtures and10

takes to properly mix and load. With the Handler

without the support of our many friends and allies. We

adhesive pads for securing the fixtures, bottle of

safety, speed and effectiveness are combined into a

Crown Royal and gift bag filled with Texas snacks.

single unit that will quickly become the lifeblood

are grateful to our Allied Industry, State Associations

Handler IV: The Handler reduces the time that it

and aerial applicator supporters. All auction donations,

Covington Aircraft Engines

big or small, are greatly appreciated and NAAA

recognizes all donations in association publications and

DuPont Crop Protection - For NAAREF

on the NAAA website. The earlier you come forward,

Progressive bottle of Queen’s Commemorative

Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Services

Crown Royal in custom built trophy case. Winner

the more exposure you’ll get. Live Auction reception sponsored by Syngenta.

of your spraying operation.

$15,000 Covington Gift Certificate

Seaglass Fine Art Photography

receives name engraved on box

Select a 12-inch limited edition fine art print. Garmin aera 660GPS with GA 23 MCX remote GPS antenna

David Kirk


Auction Donation Details

To make a donation, please fill out the form on NAAA

GarrCo Products & WRK of Arkansas

website or email all of the details to Lindsay Barber.

You can also print and fax it to (202) 546-5726.

Crown Royal Ag Plane Lamp

$1000 credit towards the purchase of any $2,500+ START PAC Product

One Day Operation S.A.F.E. Fly-In Clinic with two

Storm Aeronautics

Operation S.A.F.E. Analysts (Dennis Gardisser and

John Garr) who come to your location. Plus the

Storm Cutters for Air Tractor 301 through 802 (winners choice)

Thank You, 2017 Auction Contributors

winner will have the opportunity for analysts to do

Pratt & Whitney Canada

an educational seminar on aerial application for

Tennessee Aircraft Co.

PT6A-34AG Brand New Engine. Potential buyers

their customers and the option for a second day

need to supply a letter of credit to NAAA.

Operation S.A.F.E. Clinic at hte same location for

response device with screen for hands free

three-quarters of the price of the winning bid.

information and video calls.


(5) $500 Gift Certificates for AG-NAV Products

Agri-Tech Aviation (re-donated from an auction

Storm Shield for Air Tractor or Thrush Echo Show by Amazon: Hands free Alexa voice

Lane Aviation

Thomas Fallon Photography

Lane Brake and Lane Fan. Standard Size Pump

One hour portrait planning consultation, portrait

previously won in 2007. Originally donated by

Brake and 4 Blade Fan. Can fit on an Agrinautics,

session at scheduled location

Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service)

Transland, or a Root pump (Specify pump

Randy Thompson Photography

after purchase)

Air Tractor 502 quilt: design and hand applique by Kay Alexander; hand quilted by Kay Alexander and


Framed photo of Tower House on Ossabaw Island, GA from NAAA Ag Aviation Expo

NAAA Expo App Download the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo App to your smartphone and tablet today! Our mobile app brings your onsite and post-Expo experience to a new level and allows

IOS or Android. 2.

attendees who don’t want to carry a paper program guide, with the opportunity to have all of the Ag Aviation Expo information stored directly on their devices. Users of

Once the AttendeeHub App is downloaded, search NAAA (not our full name) in the App, when you see our Expo, click the download button.


the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo App will be able to receive updates and have the most

When opening our event in the future, you’ll always go to the AttendeeHub App, but you will not have to re-download the NAAA event; it will automatically open for you.

up-to-date information right on their mobile devices. You can also view the App online

Features of the app include:


The full event schedule.

A list of exhibitors with an interactive floor map.

Please note the new download instructions, even if you’ve previously downloaded the

A full list of the CEUs that will be offered this year.

app. Apple has changed the process of how their event apps work; please follow the

A list of auction items and companies that are supporting NAAA and the aerial

directions for IOS/Apple and Android, to download the Ag Aviation App. Once it is downloaded, you won’t have to download it again. 1.


Download the App called CrowdCompass AttendeeHub in your App store on

application industry. •

Notifications about networking opportunities and other breaking event news pushed directly to your device via our Push Notifications

photographer Randy Thompson. 16x20 white

line of clothing in limited edition prints. There will

matte with wooden frame.

be pieces and a $250 Gift Certificate in the basket

Thrush Aircaft & Transland - For NAAREF •

control strategies

Disney Planes Gift Basket: Basket filled with

Advanced stalls, traffic pattern stalls, and all attitude maneuvering

Georgia Bobwhite Quail Hunt (donated by Thrush


Aircraft) and Rifle (donated by Transland). Quail

CropHopper and friends. Books, Toys & more!

Hunt located in the very heart of Classic South –

USAIG—APS-USAIG Upset Prevention & Recovery

where birds must be hunted and not merely shot.

Training (UPRT) Course

2017 Auction Payment Information

Experience genuine southern charm and hospitality





Diverse airplane upset events, wake turbulence encounters, and alternate control strategies

A two-day course for one jet pilot that addresses

Auction Payment Arrangements for PT6A-34AG

including two hunts of fast flying quail–meals,

the fundamentals of UPRT and embeds core skills

Engine: Potential buyers must provide a letter of credit

lodging, cocktails, guide, dogs, jeep, bird cleaning

and knowledge to recognize and solve all stall

from a financial institution to NAAA and place 10%

and soft sided coolers. You’ll feel right at home in

and airplane upset conditions. Academic and in-

down as an initial deposit. The value of the engine is

well-appointed cabins that are equipped with all

flight training concepts and methods are directly

$499,563. Send letter of credit to Lindsay Barber.

the comforts of home. $1000.00 airfare credit and

applicable to high performance jet airplanes. This

ground transportation included in the package.

customized course can be scheduled at APS’s

Auction Payment Arrangements for all other items:


Phoenix, AZ or Dallas, TX locations. Training

NAAA items selling for $3,000 or more require

Set of 50 CP-11TT Triple Tip Nozzles

includes 8 hours of classroom instruction covering:

either payment in full or a 10% deposit at the time of

Set of 50 CP-06 Swivels

Stall and airplane upset aerodynamics

purchase. The balance must be paid within 30 days

Upset precursors; recognition, prevention

of the auction. Item will be transferred upon receipt

and recovery techniques

of payment in full. Payment must be made via cash,

Instrument upset recognition, prevention and

certified check, credit card or wire transfer. All items

recovery techniques

selling for less than $3,000 must be paid in full at the

Turbine Conversions •







Conversions, Ltd: The Turbine Conversions

Single Point Fueling System is the only FAA STC approved system available. It is available for all

models of Ag Aircraft - Thrush, Ag Cat and Air Tractors. Several experienced approved installation





time of the auction. Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card.

recovery techniques Interspersed at appropriate points in the academics

centers throughout out the US, also can be self-

are three flights conducted in an Extra-300L

Auction Shipping Arrangements: NAAA is not

installed. The gift certificate is for a new system

aircraft with an expert APS UPRT instructor

responsible for shipping auction items. You can make

for your choice of aircraft, FOB Nunica, MI

pilot covering:

arrangements with T3 Expo, the exhibitor service’s

LuLaRoe Gift Basket: Basket filled with everything

Familiarization, foundational Loss of Control

company, to ship your auction purchases for you. The

In-flight mitigation concepts, and primary

company can pack and ship anything you purchase.

LuLaRoe! LuLaRoe is an extremely comfortable



406 W. Rhapsody San Antonio, TX 78216 USA AIRCRAFT AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING FAA Approved Part 21 Manufacturer FAA-PMA PQ0490SW 800-988-2665(COOL) - 210-342-9761 MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Since 1972


Zee Systems, Inc

Zee Systems working for you All of us at the ZEE FAMILY want to thank everyone who has helped us reach our 51st year of continuous operation. We look forward for the opportunity to be of service to you in 2018. ZEE Systems, Inc. supplies air conditioning components and systems for turbine and jet fixed wing and rotorcraft. We have air conditioning systems in over 30 models from single seat Crop Dusters to Russian MI-8 Helicopters to 40 passenger deHavilland (Viking) Dash 8 commuters to Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawks. Add some turbine DC-3’s and the 4 engine BAe-146 fire-fighting jet and you get the idea of our versatility. We offer 28 VDC and 208 VAC/3 Phase/400 Hz Motor Compressor units and


coming soon our next generation 28 VDC hermetic style Z38 Motor Compressor and Controller. The Z38-series MC is lightweight, low current (35A) and has no scheduled service intervals. ZEE Systems, Inc. is a FAA-PMA approved Part 21 manufacturer (PQ0470SW). The Zee Company, Inc. is an FAA (EA2R787K) and EASA (145.5097) approved Part 145 Unlimited Class I, II and III repair station. We provide repair, overhaul and exchange services for military, corporate and airline customers worldwide. We service fuel, pneumatic, electrical/electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and electromechanical components.

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Floor Plan

A.E.R.O. Aviation Hose Shop...........................530 Aero Innovations..............................................633 AeroFlow, Inc ....................................................738 AgAir Update.....................................................445 Ag Air Turbines, Inc.................................. 357, 456 Ag-Nav, Inc. ...............................................952-959 AgAviation School ............................................335 AgraSyst Inc......................................................356 AgriData Inc...................................................... 712 Agrinautics........................................................427 AgriSmart Information Systems LLC.... 406-410 AgSync................................................................546 Air Repair, Inc........................................... 607-611 Air Tractor Inc............................. 401,725,823,911 ASI Jet Sales, LLC...................................... 205, 304 Auger Dan, LLC.................................................103 Aviation Products Systems (APS) ..................429 Aviation Specialties Unlimited .............. 257-261 BASF...................................................................423 Battlefords Airspray....................................... 802 Bayer CropScience..................................845, 944 BrightPortal Resources, LLC........................... 361 Cascade Aircraft Conversions LLC.................528


CD Aviation Services........................................435 Covington Aircraft............................................539 Dallas Airmotive, Inc........................................805 DataSmart Software............945-947,1044-1046 Davidon..............................................................459 Davidson Solid Rock Ins..................................639 Desser Tire and Rubber Co. ....................659-661 Dyna Nav Systems, Inc. ...........................527, 626 Eagle Vistas LLC................................................455 EGE Products.....................................................852 Electronics International, Inc. .......................950 Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc. ....................... 300 Farm Air, Inc......................................................832 Farm Brothers Flying Service.......................1048 Fire Boss ............................................................ 951 FliteTek International Inc...............................548 FMC Corp............................................................439 Frost Flying Inc. .......................................726-728 Garrco Products, Inc....................................... 806 GE Aviation .......................................................325 Genuine Aircraft Hardware............................ 757 Gulf Coast Ag Aircraft Sales & Service.........1050 Hardy Aviation Ins Inc. .......................... 706-708

IMS New Zealand Ltd.......................................536 Insero.........................................................733, 735 Intercontinental Jet Service Corp................. 430 Isolair, Inc..........................................................545 Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc.................524-526 Kansas Aviation of Independence..................554 Kawak Aviation Technologies.........................657 Kimmel Aviation Insurance............................ 613 Lane Aviation Inc...................................... 816-818 Machida Borescopes........................................707 Micro AeroDynamics .......................................534 Mid - Continent......................................... 331-333 North Star Aviation, Inc............................ 311-313 Pickett Equipment Co., Inc.....................623-627 Pratt & Whitney Canada PWC........................ 531 Praxidyn.............................................301,400-402 Prime Turbines................................................ 946 Queen Bee Air Specialties............................... 808 R. T. Turbines, Inc.............................................724 Reabe Spraying Service...................................461 RebTech..............................................................801 Riggin Flight Service........................................760 Rocky Mountain Propellers............................855

Satloc.................................................................. 317 S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc........................337 Serv Aero Engineering, Inc..............................859 Sky Tractor LLC.........................................901-905 Southeastern Aircraft Sales................... 834-836 Souther Field Aviation, Inc..............................339 Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc............ 412 Storm Aeronautics...........................................441 SureFire Ag Systems, Inc......................... 451-453 TAE Aviation North America...........................432 Tennessee Aircraft Co Inc................................847 Thrush Aircraft Inc.................................... 125, 111 TracMap NZ LTD.........................................753-755 Transland .................................. 523-525,622-624 Trotter................................................................ 719 Tulsa Aircraft Engines.....................................740 Turbine Conversions LTD.........................411, 617 Turbine Installations LLC................................434 Turbines, Inc.....................................................633 United Turbine.................................................. 761 Universal Turbine Parts .......................... 810-814 USA Borescopes................................................ 747 Valley Air Crafts................................................907

Covington Aircraft

Booth 539

Covington Aircraft’s Tunica, Mississippi division expands, again! Since 1972, Covington Aircraft has worked very

have the same dependable Covington service closer to

Team, one of our Mobile Response Team trucks, or

hard maintaining their four core values of integrity,

home. Over the past four years, Covington has been

our Tunica fly-in facility, we are only minutes away

dependability, affordability and quality service. Quality

able to respond quickly to the needs of their customers

from supporting a customer that needs assistance. We

service is one attribute that Covington is constantly

limiting downtime. Because of the success and the

also inventory the accessories, parts and products that

monitoring and has always taken very serious.

growing demand on this facility, Covington’s Tunica

our customers need. Whether you fly into our Tunica

facility has expanded once again. Recently they have

facility or we come to yours, you will be able to depend

Aaron Abbott, Covington’s Executive Vice President,

moved into a 5000 square foot shop space to go along

on our Tunica crew and you can expect the same great

says, “Just because we think we’re serving the customers’

with their 20,000 square foot hangar; all located at

service you have received from Covington Aircraft over

needs doesn’t always make it true. We depend on our

the Tunica, Mississippi airport. By adding balancing

the past 40 years. We are serious about working and

customers to tell us whether we’re making the grade

equipment, lathes, and enhanced NDT capabilities in

living here in the Delta, close to our customers.”

or not. As we’ve traveled to the many AG shows, a

the new shop space, Covington Tunica is able to perform

repeated comment has surfaced over the last few years.

complete hot sections and power sections on-site.

‘We wish you were more accessible and closer to us along the Mississippi River Delta.’ ”

The Tunica location is capable of taking care of your needs whether it’s an older PT6A-20 or the new PT6A-

“Our intentions in Tunica are to support our customers

140AG or even a radial engine. With Covington’s

with rental power sections, engines and props,” says

extensive rental pool, Pratt & Whitney Canada

In response to the requests of our customers, in 2012

Luke Abbott, Covington Aircraft Engines President and

warranty support, and new or overhauled parts and

Covington Aircraft opened a facility in Tunica, MS.

Operations Manager of the Tunica location. “Whether

engines; Covington is proud to be a part of what’s going

This was done so that ag operators in the Delta could

a job requires the use of our airborne Mobile Response

on in the Mississippi Delta. For more information about Covington Aircraft Tunica or to find out more about what Covington Aircraft has to offer, visit us on the web at or follow us on social media.

AgAir Update’s 25th Annual NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide


AgJunction - SATLOC

Booth 317

Go from liquid to dry using a single controller IntelliFlow2

Additional IntelliFlow2 features include an option to


Satloc is pleased to announce the full release of the

interface with a pressure transducer to display boom

Satloc has released a new 7-inch display to replace

IntelliFlow2 liquid controller. IntelliFlow2 replaces the

pressure on the G4 display and log this information.

the Type 3 display. This new display is brighter than

current IntelliFlow which has been in service for over

Pilots can also bump the rate up or down in small

the previous. We have also added optical bonding to

10 years worldwide.

increments utilizing a mechanical switch and have

both the 7 and 9 inch screens which reduces glare

those rate adjustments apply for the remaining portion

from sunlight. The new display will have the same

of the field including prescription maps.

hole patterns and cabling as the Type 3 for an easy

IntelliFlow2 has a number of noticeable advancements including a much smaller size than its predecessor and

transition away from the current display.

a more robust enclosure capable of better withstanding

Satloc is working with the dry gate leaders of the

the harsh environment of an agricultural aircraft.

industry to provide the best hydraulic dry gate

Manager Satloc Business

An industry first, IntelliFlow2 has the capability to

control possible. The IntelliFlow2 will be the only

In April 2017, AgJunction appointed Mike Thurman

control both liquid and dry gate systems using a single

single controller on the market for both liquid and

to Manager of Satloc. Mike has been with AgJunction

ECU, enabling pilots to switch between liquid and

dry applications.

for 12 years and in Satloc for nine of those years.

dry with the press of a button.

Mike brings along knowledge of both the GNSS and

One less controller

box means one less thing to worry about breaking


down, minimizing the potential for down time. Since

Along with the release of IntelliFlow2, Satloc has

IntelliFlow2 is integrated with the G4, all functions can

new software updates for both the Bantam and G4

be accessed from within the user interface alleviating

guidance systems. This software adds new features for

the need for a second display in the cockpit. Satloc is

IntelliFlow2. In the Bantam software, we have added

working with industry leading dry gate providers on

Ag Laser functionality which will require an unlock

interfacing to their systems.

code from Satloc.


agricultural markets. Stop by booth 317 to meet with the Satloc team.



USING A SINGLE CONTROLLER “GLOBALLY, 80% OF AG PILOTS RELY ON SATLOC” The all-new IntelliFlow 2 from Satloc has the ability to control both liquid and dry gate systems using a single controller unit, enabling pilots to switch between liquid and dry application with the push of a button.


2207 Iowa Street Hiawatha, Kansas 66434 USA

SAT-127.indd 1

(785) 742-2976 Toll Free US 800-247-3808

AERO Aviation Hose Shop.................................26E Aero Innovations...............................................60E AeroFlow, Inc ......................................................9E Ag Air Aircraft....................................................28E Ag Air Turbines, Inc...........................................11E Ag-Nav, Inc..................................................40-41E AgAviation School.............................................35E AgraSyst Inc......................................................63E AgriData Inc......................................................62E Agrinautics........................................................29E AgriSmart Information Systems LLC.................42E AgSync..............................................................45E Air Repair, Inc..............................................58-59E Air South Insurance..........................................21E Air Tractor Inc................................................. 4-5E Amsafe Aviation ...............................................62E Apollo Spray Systems.......................................46E ASI Jet Sales, LLC..............................................32E Auger Dan, LLC................................................27E Auto-Cal, Inc......................................................64E Aviation Products Systems...............................26E Aviation Specialties Unlimited.............................8E Battlefords Airspray..........................................28E Bayer CropScience...........................................37E BrightPortal Resources, LLC.............................70E Cascade Aircraft Conversions LLC....................69E CD Aviation Services.........................................34E Covington Aircraft...................................... 85, 88E Dallas Airmotive, Inc.........................................10E DataSmart Software..........................................30E Davidon.............................................................21E Desser Tire and Rubber Co. .............................65E Dyna Nav Systems, Inc. .............................46-47E Eagle Vistas LLC................................................27E Electronics International, Inc. ..........................38E Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc. ..........................46E Farm Brothers Flying Service.....................76-77E Fire Boss...........................................................34E Flight Grip, LLC..................................................11E FliteTek International Inc...................................44E FMC Corp...........................................................81E Frost Flying Inc. ...............................................53E Garrco Products, Inc.........................................48E GE Aviation .................................................50-51E Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co. ........................65E Gulf Coast Ag Aircraft S&S................................74E Hardy Aviation Ins Inc. .....................................66E Intercontinental Jet Service Corp......................70E International Governor Service.........................65E Isolair, Inc..........................................................67E Jetset Airmotive Co., Inc....................................43E Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc...........................56E Junge Control, Inc.............................................33E Kansas Aviation of Independence....................36E Kawak Aviation Technologies............................54E Kimmel Aviation Insurance................................16E Lane Aviation Inc.........................................12-13E Lightspeed Aviation..........................................68E Machida Borescopes........................................71E Micro AeroDynamics ........................................33E Mid - Continent........................11, 21,24, 43, 64E NAAA.................................................................14E North Star Aviation, Inc....................................20E OctaFlex............................................................66E Pickett Equipment Co., Inc...............................75E Pratt & Whitney Canada..............................72-73E Praxidyn............................................................57E Preferred Airparts............................................32E Prime Turbines..................................................36E Professional Fibreglass Repair.........................74E PropWorks Propeller Systems, Inc....................55E Queen Bee Air Specialties.................................43E R. T. Turbines, Inc..............................................67E Rocky Mountain Propellers...............................43E S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc..........................35E Sanag................................................................74E Satloc..........................................................86-87E Sky Tractor LLC.................................................71E Southeastern Aircraft Sales..............................23E Souther Field Aviation, Inc..................................9E Southwest Airmotive Corp.................................55E Storm Aeronautics............................................39E SureFire Ag Systems, Inc..................................80E TAE Aviation North America..............................29E Tennessee Aircraft Co Inc.................................62E Thrush Aircraft Inc.......................................... 2-3E TracMap NZ LTD.........................................78-79E Transland ...................................................24-25E Tulsa Aircraft Engines.......................................64E Turbine Conversions LTD..................................31E Turbine Installations LLC...................................55E Turbines, Inc.....................................................61E United Turbine...................................................19E Universal Turbine Parts ...................................38E Valley Air Crafts.................................................17E Zee Systems Inc................................................83E

7/12/17 NAAA 9:07 AM Ag Aviation Expo Show Guide AgAir Update’s 25th Annual


AgAir Update 2017 Show Guide  
AgAir Update 2017 Show Guide  

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