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A Guide to Products and Services for Agricultural Aviation and the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo

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Accurate, Guided Aerial Application Track product as applied with a TracMap TML - A Aerial application using the TML Aviation unit, the kit consists of the tablet based system and either an internal or external light bar for easy alignment. Packaged together in a sleek tablet based design the TML-A will fit well in your aircraft, STC approval means you can rest assured knowing all the boxes have been ticked.

It’s the safest I've ever felt Ag flying in 18 years Helispecs

Real time coverage sharing

Sync all settings with pilot profiles

Lightbar hazard warnings

Satellite maps

Fully operate device from the stick

Contact Us Now Bill Thomas Vice President of Sales 239 336 4432

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A Revolution in Aerial Ag Technology “Precision Aerial Application” is a prominent buzzword in the industry today as just about every aerial practice has some reference to precision. Today’s pilots are adopting technology at an increasing rate because it provides them with real results in the form of greater efficiency, higher yields, and better returns.

The system has been put to the test by pilots in the agricultural aviation industry from the U.S., New Zealand and Australia, and was shown to provide excellent results with regards to accuracy, precision maps and safety. The team at Helispecs states, “It’s the safest I’ve ever felt Ag flying in 18 years.”

TracMap’s next-generation GPS unit, the TML-A, brings a new level of usability and functionality to the agricultural aviation industry. It has guidance patterns for every situation and state-of-the-art new safety features that operate in conjunction with the lightbar. At the heart of this product has been the pilot’s experience, which is where TracMap clearly stands above the crowd.

One of the most significant enhancements of the TML-A units in terms of safety is the ability to mark potential hazards and share critical updates with additional aircraft.

Precision aerial application using the TML-A, consists of a tabletbased system and either an internal or external light bar for easy alignment. The TML-A is advanced enough to meet the needs of the most demanding pilots but, at the same time, is easily used by both tech heads and seasoned industry veterans. Incorporating satellite and topographic imagery, enhanced safety features, and a slick touch screen interface, TracMap has created a product that represents a massive leap forward in technology for aerial ag pilots. Shared pilot profiles mean less time spent dialling in your preferred settings, and the ability to operate the device entirely off the stick means you're focused on the job at all times. The system seamlessly links to the cloud based job management platform called TracMap Online, with the data being automatically transferred and stored for proof of application and nutrient records.

Additionally, the TML-A addresses wire strikes, one of the leading causes of accidents in the industry, by having the ability to display the location of wires and warn pilots when they are approaching both onscreen and via the light bar. TracMap has the capability and technology to ensure the highest levels of accuracy possible, maximizing your investment. With years of experience in providing a safe and reliable service to farmers and ag pilots throughout the U.S., New Zealand and Australia, their experienced team of highly-trained pilots, developers, and ground staff are committed to delivering technology that is better for your budget, your productivity and your land. Compact and powerful, TracMap delivers superior performance, capability, and ease- of-use over competitive products. Talk to one of the team today to secure one of the most advanced systems ever built for aerial ag applications.

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Thrush Expansion Continues Just like that, another year has passed. It seems like we were just with you all in Savannah. The last 12 months have been exciting and busy at Thrush! Despite the continuation of the challenges of 2021, namely Covid, supply chain constraints, and significant inflation, we have adapted and continued our mission to improve our products and services while maintaining a focus on safety and performance. The entire Thrush team was proud to host over 100 friends at our Albany, Ga facility in December on the heels of the 2021 NAAA Expo. It was a great opportunity for us to show our Southern hospitality and showcase the continued improvements to our Plants, Facilities, Grounds and the overall work environment of our team. The visitors included customers, suppliers, dealers, and community supporters. Since our last update, we’ve increased the size of the Thrush team by over 25%. We are implementing new process and training initiatives as we continue to expand our manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand for our products.

In July, the Thrush family (including our dealers) celebrated the first new type certification at Thrush in over 10 years. The new 510 P2 and P2+ will be a key part of a new era for Thrush and the industry for many years to come. The sense of accomplishment and pride from all the hard work coming to fruition was felt by all. The initial feedback from operators and pilots has been fantastic. We already have specific plans to continue to improve product performance, safety, and reliability over the next couple of years. We want to thank all the Thrush supporters these last three years, especially our employees, dealers, and suppliers. We are both fortunate and grateful to be in an industry that is so cooperative and collaborative. We look forward to seeing everyone in Knoxville. The NAAA Ag Aviation Expo is another great opportunity for networking and collaboration to advance the shared goals of our industry. Stop by the booth to see the team and the new services we will be offering our customers. 2023 is going to be a great year for Thrush and Ag Aviation!


Type certificate


Thrush is proud to announce that the FAA has approved the Type Certificate for the new S2R-510. This 510P2 single cockpit with the PT6-34AG is the second of four new products to be approved. Visit us online today at

Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 5 Text "THRUSH" to 22828 to receive email updates fromAgAir Thrush.


Pilots Choosing Better LIFT's new innovative designs, a wide range of product offerings, a newly won USAF helmet contract, and the ability to deliver quality products you can trust are what allow pilots to choose better with LIFT Aviation. Over the last five years, LIFT Aviation has been working on designing and delivering the next level of product innovation for the aviation space. From agriculture to airshows, our team of designers is knowledgeable and dedicated to listening to what the pilot needs and wants when designing our product line. Some of the new and exciting things LIFT Aviation has to offer in 2022 are our AV-1 KOR Carbon Flight Helmet, the single lens Carbon Fiber Visor Shroud, and our new USAF Fixed Wing Helmet contract. The AV-1 KOR Carbon offers all-day comfort you can feel, especially during those long spray hours. Boasting the same space-age Koroyd Core technology and our vented airflow system, the AV-1 KOR Carbon stays true to the amazing features that make up our standard AV-1 KOR, just made from 100% real carbon fiber! When you think you can't get any lighter or stronger... think again! The AV-1 KOR Carbon, weighing about 50 grams lighter than our standard AV-1 KOR Shell, weighs in at 1,350 grams, or just under 3 pounds. Our entire line of AV-1KOR helmets is MILDTL-87174 approved and is currently undergoing ALSE/DOI testing for those who need it. Customers can select from their choice of top-of-the-line communications and work

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with our team to customize their helmet to your needs and wants for any line of work or leisure. Included in these customizations is our new single lens Carbon Fiber Visor Shroud. This 100% carbon fiber shroud can be selected with the purchase of any New AV-1 KOR or can be installed as a retrofit shroud for any AV-1 KOR helmets already in the field. Out of convenience, the Carbon Fiber Visor Shroud can be operated with a single hand and offers a protected visor housing operated without a knob or slide mechanism. After years of innovation, testing, and many extremely talented personnel, LIFT Airborne Technologies, a division of our LIFT Aviation company, is proud to announce that we have been selected as the final winner of the multi-year Next Generation Fixed Wing-Helmet (NGFWH) Competition to continue with prototype development of a new helmet for Air Force fixed-wing aircrew. This groundbreaking achievement for our LIFT Airborne Division leads to innovation and technology across the board. LIFT Airborne plans to start the initial rollout of these helmets through 2023 and 2024. Make sure to stop by the LIFT Aviation booth (618 and 519) or your Local LIFT Aviation dealer to see new products and catch a glimpse of the new USAF Next Generation Fixed-Wing Helmet.



Booths 618 and 519

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NAVIGATOR Inside2022 This Issue


Bill Lavender

International Convention Just Around the Corner Welcome to the 2022 Navigator, a comprehensive overview of the upcoming NAAA Ag Aviation Expo December 5-8, 2022, in Knoxville, Tennessee. NAAA will host its convention for ag pilots and ag aviation businesses worldwide. The 2022 Navigator will provide AgAir Update readers and exhibitors a platform that will assist each to benefit from NAAA’s Ag Aviation Expo. This is done by presenting the 2022 Navigator in printed and digital formats. The printed format is distributed to the entire known ag aviation industry, while the same is offered digitally and, in some cases, more in-depth. This two-step approach brings the 2022 Navigator to the forefront of information for existing and emerging vendors’ exposure to ag pilots and ag aviation businesses. As in the past, within the pages of the 2022 Navigator, readers will be provided with information that will undoubtedly make ag-flying safer and more profitable. It also will help with business decisions that will be made at NAAA’s Ag Aviation Expo. In the following pages of this edition of the 2022 Navigator, AgAir Update

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readers will know which of their chosen suppliers are operating and their availability. This is what the 2022 Navigator’s mission is, bringing together readers and advertisers. Also, within the pages of the 2022 Navigator, you will read comments from NAAA President Jim Perrin (WI) and NAAA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Moore (pages 10 and 11). Here Jim and Andrew give an excellent synopsis of what will be presented at the Expo. NAAA has done a fantastic job organizing an international trade show that represents ag-aviation worldwide. Additionally, in the 2022 Navigator, you will find valuable information about events planned at this year’s convention in Knoxville, December 5-8, hosted at the Knoxville Convention Center. Turn to pages 24-26 for a detailed schedule of events. Continue to pages 54-55 for a map of the convention floor and the list and location of exhibitors. While there, turn the page to read about Scott Kelly, who set the record for the longest mission in space with 340 days in 2015. And this was after traveling several times into space on other flights.

Aero Innovations......................................... 111 Aero Turbine Components.............................. 72 AeroFlow Inc................................................ 33 AeroLEDs..................................................... 77 Ag Container Recycling Council...................... 93 Ag-Nav Inc................................................... 19 AgAviation School......................................... 30 AgraSyst Inc................................................ 96 Agri Spray Drones....................................... 105 AgriData Inc................................................. 50 Agrinautics................................................... 30 AgriSmart Information Systems LLC............... 58 Air Tractor Inc.............................................. 17 Aircraft Spruce & Specialty............................ 89 Airwolf Aerospace......................................... 38 AssuredPartners Aerospace............................ 35 Auger Dan LLC............................................. 29 Auto-Cal Inc................................................. 29 Aviation Hose Shop....................................... 91 Aviation Products Systems............................. 91 Balmoral Engineering / SICAME................... 100 BrightPortal Resources LLC........................... 87 Bruces Flying Service Inc.............................. 40 Canadian Propeller....................................... 80 CapstanAG................................................. 101 Cascade Aircraft Conversions LLC.................. 97 CD Aviation Services..................................... 53 Chem-man by DataSmart.............................. 29 Corbet Scientific........................................... 48 Covington Aircraft....................................... 116 DART AEROSPACE....................................... 90 Desser Aerospace......................................... 38 Devils Lake Aero Service............................... 80 Dream First Bank......................................... 73 DynaNav Systems Inc................................... 85 Eagle Vistas................................................. 53 Electronics International Inc.......................... 94 Falcon Insurance Agency Inc......................... 46 Farm Air Inc............................................... 113 Forest Protection Limited............................... 69 Frost Flying Inc............................................ 95 Genuine Aircraft Hardware Company.............. 67 Insero.......................................................... 13 Intercontinental Jet Service Corporation.......... 82 Isolair........................................................ 104 Jetset Airmotive Co Inc................................. 95 Johnston Aircraft Service Inc......................... 65 Kawak Aviation Technologies......................... 79 Kimmel Aviation Insurance.......................... 109 Lane Aviation............................................... 61 Lift Aviation................................................... 7 Merit Apparel Company................................. 81 Micro AeroDynamics..................................... 59 Micron Sprayers........................................... 88 MidContinent A/C Corp........ 9, 40, 95, 105, 110 MORE......................................................... 39 Mosquito Products LLC................................. 50 NAAA ......................................................... 57 Neal Aircraft Inc........................................... 37 North Star Aviation Inc.................................. 28 Oceania Aviation........................................ 110 Paraclete Aviation Life Support...................... 51 Portage Aircraft Specialties LTD..................... 76 PowerLift Hydraulic Doors............................. 49 Pratt & Whitney Canada................................ 15 Praxidyn...................................................... 45 Preferred Airparts......................................... 19 Prime Turbines........................................... 104 PropWorks Propeller Systems Inc................. 105 R. T. Turbines Inc......................................... 51 Raven Industries.......................................... 86 Reabe Aircraft Improvement.......................... 39 Rocky Mountain Propellers.............................. 9 S & T Aircraft Accessories Inc........................ 82 Sanag / Sanitek.......................................... 105 Satloc.......................................................... 43 Sensenich Propeller Service Inc .................... 44 Sky Tractor LLC............................................ 72 Southeastern Aircraft Sales............................ 66 Souther Field Aviation..................................... 9 Southwest Airmotive Corporation.................... 40 Spidertracks Limited..................................... 41 StandardAero............................................... 99 Stor-Loc....................................................... 87 Storm Aeronautics........................................ 31 TAE Aerospace Inc...................................... 107 Tennessee Aircraft Co Inc.............................. 44 Thrush Aircraft............................................... 5 TIA Aeronautics............................................ 88 TracMap........................................................ 2 Transland LLC.............................................. 23 Turbine Conversions LTD............................. 103 Turbine Standard LTD................................... 19 Turbine Training Center................................. 83 Turbines Inc................................................. 21 Valley Air Crafts............................................ 27 VSE Aviation................................................ 75 Whelen Aerospace Technologies..................... 46 Yorkton Aircraft Service................................. 52 Zanoni Equipamentos.................................... 52 Zee Systems Inc........................................... 95


Further into 2022 Navigator, on pages 62 and 63, you will read about the NAAA General Session and the Axe Throwing Contest. The contest will be held the day prior (Sunday) to the opening of the Expo and benefits the PAASS program. You don’t want to miss it. For a welcome change, at this time, I do not see Covid-19 having any impact on this year’s Expo. Attendees will enjoy the city like at any other time. In closing, please use the 2022 Navigator to help you navigate the many choices of products and services available to ag-aviators. The NAAA staff, board members and AgAir Update advertisers need your support as much as you need theirs! As always, I look forward to seeing everyone in Knoxville, Tennessee, December 5-8, 2022! Until the Expo, Keep Turning...


PropellerS • Hartzell • McCauley • Dowty • Sensenich • MT Propeller • Rapco Distributor • Woodward • Piston • PT6A

2865 Airport Drive Erie, CO 80516

• Large Inventory • Same Day Shipping • Uncompromised Quality • Competitive Prices • World Class Warranty • Factory Trained Technicians FAA/EASA CRS FR6R545N Fax: 303-665-7164

GovernorS AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 9



Andrew Moore NAAA Chief Executive Officer Jim Perrin NAAA President

Join NAAA and Your Fellow Aerial Application Supporters at the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo in the Volunteer State On behalf of the National Agricultural Aviation Association, we invite all AgAir Update readers to the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo in Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 5-8.

they already knew were there. This course may very well save your life - don’t miss it. Advanced registration is required, and an additional fee applies at

This is the first time NAAA will host the Ag Aviation Expo in Knoxville, Tenn. The city is home to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the 1982 World’s Fair. It is the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains and is renowned for its moderate climate and walkability to distilleries, breweries, succulent Southern food restaurants, and country music venues. We know you’ll have a great time in Knoxville. Expect southern hospitality and a welcoming spirit in the Volunteer State.

Looking for a fun way to kick off the week? Grab a few friends to raise money for NAAREF and PAASS at AXEing for PAASS, a fundraising event where a participant throws axes at a giant dartboard-like target. Anyone can play and win! Join us for this friendly competition on Sunday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. This is a terrific social event with the added benefit of raising money for PAASS and the lifesaving, environmental stewardship benefits it provides. Advance registration is requested, and donation applies at

We have education sessions planned for new pilots, experienced pilots, spouses, and support staff. If you are looking to grow your business, find a job or sell a product or service in the aerial application industry, the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo is the place for you! Make the most of the enriching education sessions, valuable networking opportunities, a world-class trade show that will showcase Air Tractor and Thrush ag aircraft, and four helicopters. This year, a new Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Environment Course will be held on Sunday, Dec. 4, from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. The session is acclaimed by professional airplane and helicopter operators worldwide and gives low-altitude aviators the essential skills to safely operate an aircraft in wire and obstruction environments. This course is for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter pilots. Learn how to identify signs of wires and why ag aviators hit wires

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Monday morning’s Kickoff Breakfast speaker is Captain Scott Kelly, the history-making NASA astronaut who spent one year in space. Captain Kelly is a U.S. spaceflight record holder and an experienced test pilot, having logged more than 15,000 hours of flight time in more than 40 different aircraft and spacecraft. Kelly has traveled more than 200 million miles, more than twice the distance to the sun, and orbited Earth more than 8,300 times. Pre-register ahead of time to avoid missing out on hearing from Captain Kelly! Several education sessions are on tap throughout the week, including the Aerial Application Technology Research Session and programming focused on precision agriculture, an update from FAA, insurance, crop protection products, engine performance and maintenance, helicopters, airframe, and other ag aviation company sessions. Some states offer CEUs for education


sessions. Visit for a complete list of CEU opportunities at the expo. NAAA’s General Session on Tuesday, Dec. 7, will feature Dr. Stan Musick and the Farm Babe, Michelle Miller. Dr. Musick will cover several medical aspects pertinent to ag pilots. He’ll use real-life examples to describe how medicals can get messed up by pilots, doctors, and the bureaucratic system itself. Dr. Musick is a lifelong aviation enthusiast who has pursued simultaneous careers in medicine and aviation, including agricultural aviation. He fights fires from the air in an Air Tractor 802 and flies ag aviation in an Air Tractor 502. Miller, who authors the “Spreading the Facts” series in AgAir Update, is a published writer, columnist, and online influencer as a full-time advocate for agriculture. In a world where consumers are bombarded with misinformation and confusing marketing labels, she clears the air and helps people learn from true ag experts about how food is actually produced. She will speak about her experience myth-busting and positively ‘agvocating’ the aerial application industry to your local community and media. The General Session will be full of great information, regardless of your role in the aerial application industry. This year’s career-development programs are frontloaded to give new and low-time ag pilots increased opportunities to interact with experienced operators and pilots after the sessions. The Compaass Rose Session is being offered Sunday, Dec. 4; NAAREF’s “Ask the Expert” Speed Mentoring Session will take place Monday, Dec. 5; and the NAAREF Safety Session will take place Thursday, Dec. 8. Compaass Rose is an information-sharing session geared toward lowtime and prospective ag pilots. It is led by the PAASS presenters, our roving ag aviation safety instructors. Speed Mentoring is a fast-paced orientation session for new and prospective ag pilots where experienced industry experts meet with small groups of attendees in short mentoring rounds to answer questions in a more personal setting. The experts may represent operators, pilots, and ag insurance representatives. The Athena and PAASS presenters are coming together for the NAAREF Relationship Drift Session on Wednesday, Dec. 7, which will examine how personal relationships affect pilot decision-making and safety. Men and women should attend this session together, including couples and office crew. Relationship Drift is similar in format to the popular Compaass Rose program, but instead of facilitating

better relations between inexperienced pilots and more experienced operators, the new session is designed to foster ties between operators/pilots and their spouses or significant others and office crew. For specific solutions for your business, look no further than the NAAA Trade Show on Dec. 6–7. The world’s largest agricultural aviation trade show will feature nearly 150 exhibitors, showcasing crop protection products, parts and supplies, aircraft and engine manufacturers, maintenance, insurance services, GPS units and more. Don’t miss the fun of the Live Auction, which also happens to be our biggest fundraiser. Bid on a new PT6A-34AG engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada and many other great items donated by industry supporters. Visit www.agaviation. org/auctions for a list of all the auction items. The action gets underway on Dec. 6 at 5:30 p.m. on the trade show floor. Throughout the week, there will be no shortage of opportunities to network and make new acquaintances. From Monday’s Welcome Reception to the trade show floor to the Live Auction reception and concluding at Thursday’s Farewell Reception, you’ll be able to attend a different reception nearly every night. Finally, we encourage you to make plans to attend the Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet on Dec. 8, where we will honor distinguished awardees for their impressive contributions to the industry.

Join NAAA to Avoid Non-Member Registration Fees Please be aware that until Nov. 4, pre-registration fees for non-members to attend the Ag Aviation Expo are $1,005 and $1,080 for regular registration after that. To avoid the higher attendee fee, NAAA recommends becoming a 2022 NAAA member now to take advantage of membership perks between now and the end of the year, attend the show and save money (membership runs Jan. 1–Dec. 31). Register for the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo using the registration form found in the AAU Navigator or go to conventionregistration. Register by Nov. 4 for the preregistration prices listed on the registration form; all rates raise by $75 per person beginning Nov. 5. That’s just a small taste of what you will find at the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo. There is much more information within these pages and on NAAA’s website at www.agaviation. org/convention. Please join us for what promises to be an unforgettable week!

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What is AgPilotX?

One of the most appealing features of AgPilotX is the ease at which a pilot can learn to use it. Running as an Apple App makes it extremely user-friendly and can be learned in a matter of minutes. Pilots, young and old, say they learned to use the system on the way to the field. The background imagery is a standard part of the system, making the situational awareness that the AgPilotX app offers second to none. Insero introduced the AgPilotX Guidance System in the 2018 season. There are now over 800 systems in the field.

know that this is Insero’s biggest focus in 2022. Insero is pledging to reduce and eliminate communication interruptions between the Lightbar and Hub (which causes most “No Hub” messages). Significant progress has been made to minimize and potentially eliminate this issue as of September 2022. Deployment of instant, over-the-air updates are currently underway. And several Flow Control improvements have been made to ensure a more responsive Flow Control interaction. Current and prospective users are encouraged to contact Insero or any one of our worldwide Dealers to get the latest updates. Insero and its affiliates are excited to discuss the progress made with these specific issues. With the AgPilotX app on an iPad Pro, Insero can leverage all the advantages of new feature offerings from Apple. From background maps to the dependability of proven WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, Insero doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to receive the benefits of what companies like Apple offer. In 2023, Apple will be adding a weather layer and other additional mapping features that its partners, like Insero, can add to its platform. The ease of bringing on new Apple features is unique to Insero and AgPilotX. In 2022, Insero added its cloud-based features and continued developing its tracking system. In 2023, Insero will complete its architecture of a customer-facing, web-based platform to allow ground crews and office personnel to see exact aircraft locations and ETA/ETEs for all AgPilotX Systems logged into the network. This feature will be displayed at the 2022 NAAA Convention in Knoxville, TN. Insero also added web-based connectivity partners in 2022 to bring Jobs and polygons directly from more 3 rd party software platforms. Insero will continue to develop these relationships and work with these partners to create smooth transitions of data to its AgPilotX platform and to return As-Applied maps from AgPilotX to other platforms for automated job completion and verification.

What’s Coming for 2023?

AgPilotX Technical Support

Stability. Insero has finalized its software foundation for AgPilotX. Now Insero is focused on perfecting the communication synching amongst its three components. Because three independent computers drive AgPilotX, synching communications is paramount to the system’s success. Communication synching is the greatest challenge of modern, multi- computer systems but something that makes them vastly superior in feature capabilities compared to traditional, one-computer systems. To existing customers experiencing “No Hub” messaging,

Insero continues to focus on technical support as a key to its success in the aerial application business. Insero has some of the most experienced individuals in the business with regard to GNSS/DGPS and Guidance Systems. The AgPilotX hotline at 602-610-1299 allows pilots to get quick answers to questions and has allowed Insero’s customers to address their concerns directly with Insero employees. AgPilotX will be at Booth 1017 at the upcoming 2022 NAAA Convention in Knoxville, TN. Insero has a product session at the show, so check your guide and plan to attend.

AgPilotX is a GPS/GNSS Guidance System that Insero designed with two goals: 1) simple installation, and 2) ease of use. With only three components – Lightbar, Hub and iPad, it can be installed in a few hours.

A few facts about AgPilotX: • • • • •

• • • • • •

Only three components GPS/GNSS Antenna integrated into the Lightbar Wireless – uses both Bluetooth 5 and WiFi technology Cables can be cut for custom fit – no excess/looped wiring GNSS receiver uses GPS and GLONASS, which doubles the number of satellites and reduces/eliminates Lightbar jumping Features integrated background imagery of the entire planet Lightweight Helicopter Lightbar reduces system weight from 12 lbs to under 8 lbs Email logs directly from the aircraft All software updates are done over the air Entire system is driven by any Apple device – App available at the Apple App store To add Flow Control to AgPilotX, simply plug any meter and valve directly into the Hub

AgPilotX’s Calling Card – Ease of Use

12 |



*Lightweight helicopter lightbar optio

AgPilotX has three wireless components, making it easy to install and simple to use. Reduce the clutter and remove the complexity.

Contact your Local dealer NOW!

Total Weight Under 10 lbs.

Hub: 1.8 lbs.

System cables: <1.8 lbs

IPad Mount: 1.2 lbs.; IPad: 1lbs.

Engineered for Control. Developed for Transparency. Certified Apple Distributor. Insero products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

Lightbar: Helicopter- 2.2 lbs. ; Fixed Wing- 6.2 lbs. AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 13


2022 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo

Knoxville, TN – Dec. 5-8, 2022 Register online at Pre-Registration must be received in the NAAA Office by Nov. 4, 2022. Beginning Nov. 5 and onsite, base registration will cost $75 more per person!

TO QUALIFY FOR MEMBER REGISTRATION: You must have the following membership types (or be the spouse of an NAAA member) to qualify for member rates: Operator, Affiliated Operator, Allied Industry (designated contact and spouse only), Affiliated Allied, Pilot, Organization, Associate, International, Support or Aerial Imaging. Base registration does not include Kickoff Breakfast & Excellence in Ag REGISTRANT: First: ____________________________ Aviation Banquet; purchase those meals separately. The base registration MI: ______ Last: ________________________________ includes Welcome & Farewell Receptions and access to the NAAA Trade Show (Please print name as you would like it to appear on your convention badge.) floor and all sessions.

Company: ______________________________________ Email: _________________________________________ Address, City, State/Country and Zip: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________ Cell: __________________________________________ Emergency Contact Name, Relationship & Phone: _______________________________________________ SPOUSE REGISTRANT: First: _____________________________ MI: _________ Last: __________________________________________ (Please print name as you would like it to appear on your convention badge.)

ADDITIONAL REGISTRANTS: First1: _____________________________ MI: ________ Last1: _________________________________________ First2: _____________________________ MI: ________ Last2: _________________________________________ First3: _____________________________ MI: ________ Last3: _________________________________________

2022/2023 NAAA MEMBERSHIP DUES Membership runs 1/1 – 12/31 Check appropriate box below. □ Operator: $615 (plus $130/ aircraft over one) □ Extra Aircraft: $130/ aircraft over one _____ □ Affiliated Operator: $260 □ Pilot: $260 □ Allied Industry (1–10 employees): $615 □ (11–50 employees): $905 □ (51–100 employees): $1,150 □ (101–500 employees): $1,330 □ (501+ employees): $2,285 □ Affiliated Allied: $260 □ Support: $260 □ International: $310 □ Associate: $125 □ Organization: $905 □ Aerial Imaging: $210 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo Attendee Cancellation Policy: No refund for registrations purchased between Nov. 5, 2022 and the start of the Ag Aviation Expo. Refunds provided if registration is purchased on or prior to Nov. 4.

14 |

Prices NAAA Member NAAA Member Spouse Non-Member Non-Member Spouse Child (Under 18 with Paid Adult Registration)

ADDITIONAL ITEMS Kickoff Breakfast & Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet discount to purchase both

Monday Kickoff Breakfast Thursday Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet Monday Welcome Reception Ticket (extra) Thursday Farewell Reception (extra) NAAREF Donation NAAA Member Dues

$270 (Base) $205 (Base) $1,005 (Base) $340 (Base) Free (Base)

Number of Items

My Costs


$50 $90 $50 $35 -------


Total Due

$ $ $

PAYMENT (U.S. Funds only, must accompany registration)  Credit Card  Check #________________ Card # _____________________________________________________ Exp. Date: _________________Security Code _____________________ Cardholder: _________________________________________________ Street Address _______________________________________________ Zip Code ___________________________________________________ Cardholder Signature __________________________________________ (Signature is permission to bill credit card) SIGN ME UP FOR AUTO RENEWAL. By checking here, I

authorize NAAA to charge my membership dues (increasing 3% each year, rounded up to the next $5 increment) and NAAREF donation on Sept. 1 of each year to the credit card show above. To change or opt-out, call NAAA.

Mail Payment & Form to: NAAA, 1440 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Fax: (202) 546-5726 Call: (202) 546-5722 Email:


TURNING DATA INTO ACTION Our FAST™ solution helps you make informed decisions and optimize operations through full-flight data intelligence delivered wirelessly within minutes of engine shutdown. It helps you see the small details — as well as the bigger picture — so you can stay ahead of the game.



Air Tractor® Is Building The Way Ahead In these final weeks of 2022, Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch says the Olney, Texas, aircraft manufacturing company is laser-focused on its objectives for 2022. “We’ve been leaning forward into our goals, and we’re not letting up. Whenever things get difficult, the more our employee-owners pushed to maintain our production schedule.” Hirsch expects Air Tractor will produce more than 180 airplanes by year’s end. “Despite continuing supply chain disruptions, our airplane production continues uninterrupted.”

Investing in Growth Hirsch says that investments in Air Tractor continue. “In 2020, Air Tractor embarked on several capital improvement projects and plant expansion plans to improve manufacturing flow and efficiency. We have made good progress on both fronts.” The company has begun a major expansion of its warehouse to support production, increasing floorspace for spare parts. “We are also expanding Plant 4, where the research and development department will move; and we’re adding a hangar door so that flight line activities and production have easier in/out access,” Hirsch adds.

A Milestone AT-802 In November, serial number AT-802-1000 comes off the production line. The ag plane is destined for GMS Agronegócios, located in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso, Brazil. More than 30 years ago, the AT-802 successfully completed its first test flight. The two-seat airplane was originally designed for aerial firefighting. But its 800-gallon hopper capacity drew keen interest from aerial spraying operators who saw the big productivity boost the AT-802 could provide. In 1992 the single-seat AT-802A arrived, and sales took off. Today the model 800 series is the second best-selling Air Tractor and remains the world’s biggest, most productive singleengine ag and firefighting airplane.

16 |

CapstanAG® SwathPRO® Aerial Spray System Now Available In late August, CapstanAG received its STC for the SwathPRO aerial spray system. The system is now available for sale as a factory-installed option on new Air Tractor aircraft and for retrofit installation on customer airplanes through the Air Tractor worldwide dealer network. “This is a really useful tool for helping pilots mitigate drift while increasing their productivity,” notes Hirsch. The SwathPRO team will be on hand at Booth 814 to explain how the aerial liquid spraying system helps ag pilots precisely apply crop protection products with better accuracy. “This will be a great opportunity to learn and ask questions,” Hirsch adds.

Air Tractor Custom Club Car Returns Another amazing Air Tractor club car returns for the NAAA 2022 Ag Aviation Expo Auction this year. Every yellow and blue vehicle is unique, commands attention, and draws high bids to benefit the NAAA. A second live auction item is an aluminum Air Tractor triangle logo sign, customized with the operator’s company name. A custom engraved firearm will be offered for the NAAA Silent Auction. Be sure to stop by Air Tractor booths 803 and 603 to visit with the Air Tractor team during the Ag Aviation Expo trade show.


FLY INTO BLUE SKY We’re building the way ahead. BOOTHS 603 & 803 AIRTRACTOR.COM

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 17


Make Sure You Stop by the Ag-Nav Booth #1222 and Get a Free Registration for Ag-Mission Software Come and see what Ag-Nav can do for you! For many years, Ag-Nav has worked hard during the season manufacturing and engineering new technologies to help you best with your aerial application. While at the 2022 NAAA convention, please stop by booth #1222 and look at the new OLED LIGHTBAR and the new Nav systems we offer.

What is OLED? OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) is a flat light emitting technology made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. ... OLEDs are emissive displays that do not require a backlight and are thinner and more efficient than LCDs (which do require a white backlight). The glass is transparent without blocking your line of sight and allowing you to mount the lightbar inside the cockpit. This prevents any damage due to the environment or issues due to exposure. Make sure you stop by the Ag-Mission booth and get a FREE registration for Ag-Mission software. Talk live with our technical support team.

What is Ag-Mission? This is the latest web application designed by AG-NAV Inc. for pilots, office staff, clients, suppliers, inspectors, ground personnel, GIS personnel, and anyone required to make work orders for aerial application. The web application allows you to generate an entire work order, including product description, application rate, swath

width, spray polygons, exclusion zones, buffer zones, flight lines, obstacle view, aircraft and ground crew tracking, application reports, and much more; so you can load the work order to your Ag-Nav systems or others that take the SHP file format. A new computer system has been developed for the third generation Guia Gold and Silver. The P153 model is identical to the P152 on the outside. But the inside has a more powerful computer and processing power than its predecessors. The new generation Guia and new software offer many powerful tools and options to make your application more efficient. The P153 has 3 USB Ports and an HDMI port to help you connect an external display if you so desire. Make sure you talk to our staff about the best Nav system in the industry when stopping by our booth. With 29 years in the industry and loads of experience, we have developed the Nav systems to suit all your needs, from a remarkably simple application to the most sophisticated. From manual to automatic spray. From manual to auto flow controllers, variable application rates, dry and wet materials, etc. The AgNav systems have been used for many applications, including agricultural spraying, forest protection, and mosquito control by private and government sectors. Come and see how Ag-Nav technology works for you! We look forward to seeing you at the NAAA 2022 BOOTH #1222

Based on proven navigation technololgy, Ag-Nav is a global leader in systems that keep pilots safer and more n control maximizing flight value. The new Platinum system offers pilot-friendly guidance with a simpl 18 while | interface for greater usability and ease of flying. Whether conducting precision agriculture, fighting fires,


A Higher Standard of Service Comprehensive Service for your PT6 and TPE331 Turbine Engines

• • • • •


Chosen for value and service

Overhaul and Hot Section Inspections Power Section Repair Global On-Wing Service and Troubleshooting Light Overhaul Extensive Inventory Toledo, OH (TOL) 10550 Industrial Road Holland, OH 43528 Ph: 419-865-0355 • Fx: 419-865-2460



FAA • EASA • INAC • DGAC Approved

of New Surplus and Used aircraft parts for nearly anything that flies!



Fabric Envelopes


Brakes Hardware Accessories Dispersal System Parts Free Inventory Search!


35% to 85% list pric off e!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FXE) 2895 West Prospect Road Tamarack, FL 33309 Ph: 954-580-0229 • Fx: 954-580-0746

The World’s Leading Supplier

Same Day Shipping - Worldwide!

Preferred Airparts, LLC Div. of JILCO Industries, Inc.

8:15am to 5:30pm EST

800-433-0814 Toll free, U.S. & Canada

Tel. 330-698-0280 - Fax. 330-698-3164

Based on proven navigation technololgy, Ag-Nav is a global leader in systems that keep pilots safer and more in control while maximizing flight value. The new Platinum system offers pilot-friendly guidance with a simple interface for greater usability and ease of flying. Whether conducting precision agriculture, fighting fires, controlling wildlife, surveying, or combaiting Zika mosquitos, Ag-Nav offers flexibility and performance in both the air and on the ground. FOR OUR COMPLETE PRODUCT LIST, VISIT AGNAV.COM/NAVIGATION-SYSTEMS/ Take your job to the next level – Take total control 1 (705) 734-0909

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 19


Turbines, Inc. - Flexibility in Products, Repairs and Pricing Turbines, Inc is the independent PT6A overhaul/repair shop in business since 1981. The FAA applies the same rigorous requirements to independent shops, like Turbines Inc., that they do to Pratt & Whitney “approved” shops. In fact, independent shops, like Turbines Inc., work from the same required manuals that “approved” Pratt & Whitney overhaul/ repair shops do. Independent overhaul/repair shops have more flexibility in products, repairs and pricing. Our customers get the same quality overhaul from our independent shop as you would from an “approved” Pratt & Whitney shop, for significantly less money. Products – Independent shops can use PMA parts (Parts Manufacturer Approval) A PMA part is a replacement part that has undergone an extensive review process and received approval from the FAA. Often times the FAA subjects these parts to even

20 |

more rigorous scrutiny than the OEM parts. PMA parts offer significant cost savings vs. OEM products. Of course, the customer will be consulted as to their preference to use OEM or PMA parts. Pricing – Independent shops have greater flexibility in pricing. The same overhauled parts that are used by a Pratt & Whitney shop and an independent shop normally are priced very differently. Pratt & Whitney approved shop usually charges list less a percentage. We normally charge cost plus. This can be a large difference in pricing for the same part resulting in savings from the independent shop. Service Bulletins can selectively be incorporated by an independent shop versus mandated installation in a Pratt & Whitney shop. Take a look behind the scenes on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Video link - watch?v=l72WtAWNzMI&t=105s


AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 21


Transland’s New Electric Product Line You’ll find Transland’s electric line enlightening! We’re expanding our legacy of gate box designs with an electric gate. Transland’s electric gate box brings the ruggedness and durability that our gates are known for, plus it meets modern-day electric actuation control. The electric gate box integrates an electric actuator with the Satloc controller, which means there only needs to be one screen in the cockpit. In addition, reducing the components reduces the total weight and complexity of the system. We’re de-lighted to share how our gate is significantly different than other electric gates in the market. For example, one performance improvement over other electric gates is using a gear system, which maintains constant torque to the door.


Total Electric — No Hydraulics

Available in 5” and 7 ½” gate boxes on Air Tractor and Thrush Aircraft

Totally operated by the Satloc controller through one screen in the cockpit

For dry applications, 1/32” door accuracy

Normal single-operation mechanical jettison (just push the jettison handle)

Jam detection (system can detect obstruction in door; pilot can jitter door to remove blockage)

22 |

Wet lock and dry lock door position settings

Door speed is adjustable

Manual clean out switch

Arm and security switches

Available as a kit to mount to TC 5” manual gate

Transland’s engineers are shockingly good at watt they do. Not only did they design an electric gate, but they also created an electric Wingmanô! The electric Wingman fits right into the total electric concept by working effortlessly with Transland’s electric gate box. Also, the electric Wingman works seamlessly with ALL Transland gates. Our engineers exceeded the goal of improving the performance of the electric Wingman over the current Wingman. How much of an improvement? There is a 30% increase in auger speed and a 60% higher torque in the electric Wingman over the current Wingman design.


Designed for the operator to reload faster and safer

With a simple flip of a switch, operators can actuate the hopper door and start the auger all from inside the cockpit

Satisfied Wingman users report landing, loading, and taking off all within 8 minutes

Wire you waiting? Drop by Transland’s booth while you are at the Ag Aviation Expo to view our electric products.


AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 23


Ag Aviation Expo Schedule 2022 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo

Monday, December 5, 2022

December 5–8, 2022 Knoxville, TN The schedule below is subject to change. All events will take place at the Knoxville Convention Center, unless otherwise noted. 7 a.m. -

Sunday, December 4, 2022 Flying in the Wire and Obstruction

12 - 6 p.m.

8 - 9:45 a.m.

Registration Kickoff Breakfast ​Sponsored by BASF


Environment Course This course is acclaimed by

6:30 p.m.

1:30 - 3 p.m.


1 - 5 p.m.

Canadian AAA Board Meeting

8 a.m. -

Exhibitor Setup 8-hour IA

8 p.m.


professional airplane and helicopter operators world-wide. It gives low-level aviators the essential Support Committee Meeting

skills needed to safely operate an aircraft in wire and obstruction 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

2:15 - 3:15 p.m.

environments. This course is for

asked to attend.

3:30 - 4 p.m.

12 p.m.

Aerial Application Technology Research Session

All NAAA Support members are

both aircraft and helicopter pilots. Learn how to identify signs of wires

10 a.m. -

NAAA Board Meeting

11 a.m. 2:30 p.m.

Support Committee Event - Lunch at the Sunsphere 8-hour IA Renewal

and why ag aviators hit wires they already knew were there. This course may very well save your life

4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Operation S.A.F.E. Analysts Meeting

NAAHOF Lunch (NAAHOF 12 - 1 p.m.

- don’t miss it. Fee is $100/person and registration is open.

Board Members Only) 8-hour IA Renewal

4:45 - 6:45 p.m.

Compaass Rose Session Education Sessions

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

CD Aviation TPE331 Seminar

8 a.m. -

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6

5:30 p.m.

Seminar: 8-hour IA Renewal

- Precision Agriculture 7-10 p.m.

NAAREF Fundraiser

1 - 2:30 p.m.


Craft Axe Throwing -

- Radial Engines Session

Registration is open.

- Thrush Class Session

Education Sessions - Low Altitude & FAA Update Session 2:45 -

- “Ask the Expert” Speed

4:15 p.m.

Mentoring Session - TPE331 Session​ - SATLOC Session Education Sessions - Insurance Session

4:30 - 6 p.m.

- PT6 Session - Insero Session - Storm Aeronautics Session

1 - 5 p.m.

24 |

Canadian AAA Board Meeting

6:30 -

Welcome Reception

7:30 p.m.

Sponsored by UPL


Tuesday, December 6, 2022 7 - 8:15 a.m.

7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Transland Seminar & Breakfast

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Education Sessions

Registration 8 - 9:30 a.m.

8 - 11:30 a.m.


- Helicopter Session - Relationship Drift Session​

Exhibitor Setup

- AG-NAV Session 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

NAAA Business Meeting 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

9:45 - 11:45 a.m.

NAAA General Session 9:45 - 11:45 a.m.

12 - 5:30 p.m.

Allied Industry Meeting

Support Committee Athena Presentation

NAAA Trade Show Education Sessions (30 minutes)

12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

PAASS Presenter’s Lunch Meeting (PAASS Presenters Only)

9:45 10:15 a.m.

- How to Conduct Your Own Operation S.A.F.E. Clinic & C-PAASS Informational Session - Turbine Conversions​Session

5:30 - 7 p.m.

Live Auction & Reception

- Phenix Solutions Session

​Reception sponsored by Syngenta 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Thursday, December 8, 2022 8 - 10 a.m.

NAAA Trade Show

12 - 1 p.m.

Past President’s Meeting

1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

NAAREF Board Meeting

2:30 p.m.

Final Aircraft and Exhibitor Freight Move Out

Silent Auction Closes Education Sessions - Chemical Session

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.


4 - 5:30 p.m.

- PerfectFlight App Session​ ​- Chem-Man Session

8:45 - 10:15 a.m.

Air Tractor Session 4 - 8 p.m.

10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Thrush Aircraft Session

1:15 - 2:45 p.m.

NAAREF Safety Session

3 - 4:30 p.m.

Education Sessions

5:15 p.m.

Farewell Reception

5:45 p.m.

Exhibitor Teardown


Excellence in Ag Aviation Banquet ​Sponsored by Corteva Agriscience

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 25


Look to Valley Air Crafts for All Things Air Tractor® in the Northwest U.S. Valley Air Crafts sells and supports the full line of Air Tractor aircraft from its facilities at Mefford Field Airport (TLR), just outside Tulare, California. At the company’s 8,000 square foot hangar/maintenance and parts facility, five maintenance technicians and a full-time parts specialist provide the expert knowledge and responsive support that customers count on to keep flying and earning. Says owner and president Mike Schoenau, “After more than 38 years helping ag operators, we like to think we’ve earned a reputation as the go-to-source for aerial applicators and aerial firefighting operators around these parts. One call is all it takes to tap into our aircraft maintenance experience and the biggest Air Tractor parts inventory in the Northwest United States. Valley Air Crafts maintains an expansive inventory of OEM parts and aerial application products, including Transland, CP Products, Agrinautics, Kawak, GPS guidance systems, spreaders, Lane brakes and Pratt & Whitney Canada parts.

Orders are fulfilled quickly with a computerized parts inventory and sourcing system. A full-time replacement parts specialist helps customers to find the right part and get it whenever and wherever they need it. Because Valley Air Crafts is located on the West coast, parts orders can be called-in and fulfilled after central and eastern time zone parts suppliers have closed. “Our Pacific time zone can really make a difference to customers who are in a bind and need replacement parts really quick,” says Schoenau. “Over the decades we’ve been here, Valley Air Crafts customers have really come to rely on us for a high level of working knowledge, expertise, and all-around professionalism. Whether it’s service, parts, or the purchase of a new Air Tractor, we will work to meet or exceed your expectations.” Visit Valley Air Crafts at booth #714 during the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo. For more information, go to

AIR TRACTOR® EXPERTS Maintenance, Repairs & Tech Support


Mefford Field TLR • Tulare, CA

26 |

Toll-Free 877-686-7401


TURNING DATA INTO ACTION Our FAST™ solution helps you make informed decisions and optimize operations through full-flight data intelligence delivered wirelessly within minutes of engine shutdown. It helps you see the small details — as well as the bigger picture — so you can stay ahead of the game.


AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 27


Follow North Star Aviation for All of Your Ag Aviation Needs Located conveniently at the Airport in Ulysses, Kansas, North Star Aviation is your full-service Ag Aviation facility offering the highest quality maintenance, service, parts, aircraft sales, and even emergency field repairs. We have made it our mission to provide the best, safest, and most reliable aircraft maintenance for you, our customers. North Star Aviation is owned and operated by Steve and Samantha Rice. We maintain a large fleet of turbinepowered Thrush and Air Tractor aircraft. We offer a wide variety of services on airframe and powerplant, including Annual Inspection, Eddy Current Inspection, Hot Section Inspection, Gear Box Inspection, 100 Hour, Nozzle Cleaning and Flowing, Aircraft Recovery, and Refurbishment. With a great reputation for dependability and expertise, when you leave North Star, you fly home with confidence. North Star Aviation is an Authorized Thrush Full-Service Dealer. Thrush Offers a range of aerial application aircraft to fit any size and type of operation. Thrush is known for

its structural durability and excellent performance. Let us handle your Thrush needs. Stop by our booth to discuss what a Thrush can do for you! We are a Satloc sales and service dealer capable of handling all your Satloc needs. Steve is one of the most knowledgeable Satloc Specialists in the industry, and North Star maintains a large inventory of loaner systems, so no issues with your guidance system should keep you from flying. Give us a call or stop by our booth for a new system quote or to discuss your repair needs. By maintaining a large inventory of Thrush, AirTractor, Satloc, and Transland parts, we are able to get our customers back in the air quickly. Our Parts Manager, Kelly, is ready to assist you with any parts or equipment you need, whether for Ag or even General Aviation. Do yourself a favor and follow North Star for all of your Ag Aircraft needs.

Providing Excellent Aircraft & Service for Ag Aviation

3 5



Chem-Man is Your All-inOne Software Solution There’s a reason why Chem-Man is the longest-running solution for aerial applicators for over 30 years. Whether you need billing and invoicing, GPS integration and mapping, chemical sales and inventory, or more, ChemMan has you covered. The program is packed full of cutting-edge features with a user-friendly interface. Leading the industry in the latest technology, Chem-Man is ever adapting to meet the growing needs of our customers. We integrate with all the major GPS systems and now offer our GPS Sync add-ons for Satloc and AgPilotX systems to make GPS as simple as pushing a button. Simplify your workflow from start to finish with Chem-Man’s all-in-one solution for aerial applicators everywhere. With price plans for every budget, it has never been a better time to find out how Chem-Man can save your business time and money. Visit for more information and to schedule a free webinar. Get a head start on the new year and ask about our startup discount!

uger Auger An’s s DAn Trucks rucks FOR ALL YOUR SPRAYING NEEDS:

Stainless steel auger systems for loading ag aircraft


In cab controlled height adjustable clear sock for dry material delivery


Anti-dribble valve





Phone: Home: 870-972-8056 • Cell: 870-919-2317

P.O. Box 19094 Jonesboro, AR 72403 View our video on YouTube:

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 29


Spray System Components Unsurpassed in Quality Since the founding of Agrinautics in 1958, our primary goal has been to produce spray system components unsurpassed in quality and engineering. All casting components of our spray pumps, valves, and strainers are still manufactured on-site at Agrinautics. This gives us absolute quality control of every component until it is assembled and sent out the door. The company also carries an FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (“PMA”). We know how your valuable time is spent cleaning and maintaining equipment. This is why we offer all our products protected with a hard anodized “Tuffcoating.” This combination process elevates the product’s surfaceto-tool steel hardness while the “PTFE” smooth outer coating adds the benefit of a quick and easy clean-up. We commit to providing ultimate customer satisfaction. We back up all of our assemblies with the industry’s best warranty of 2 years / 800 hours. If you have any questions or special application needs, please call us at 435-586-1200 or visit us at booth #515 in Knoxville.


Tuffcoat components are tool steel strong

Non-stick surface for quick clean-out ALL AIRCRAFT MAKES SPECIALTY APPLICATION AVAILABLE FAA/PMA approved 435-586-1200 • 1215 N. Airport Road • Cedar City, UT 84721

30 |

AgAviation School

The AgAviation School ag aviation program consists of 40 hours of flight time. The 40-hour flight course comprises 15 hours of flight training in a Cessna 170 and 25 hours in one of our six Pawnees. An experienced ag pilot does all flight training. There are three requirements before entering this program: you must have your private pilot’s license, your tailwheel endorsement, and a high-performance endorsement. While in the Ag Aviation School, you can stay in the free student dorm room, have local access to grocery stores, free Internet, and a restaurant on site. Our aviation program stands out from others because we offer training on a 3,000-acre working farm and crop dusting business. We now offer a continuing education program for those who want to own/operate their own business in ag spraying, which would include; selling you a plane, maintenance on the aircraft, and mentoring from Kiman Kinsgley while you build your business.

LEARN TO BE AN AG PILOT IN 4 TO 6 WEEKS! Call Now To Start Your Career Kiman Kingsley: 417-452-3831 email:


In Pursuit of the Safest Most Efficient Ag Plane Ever Built We at Storm Aeronautics would first like to thank everyone for a great 2022 and look forward to another great year. Our focus continues to be on safety modifications for ag aircraft and keeping the AgCat a viable option for operators worldwide.

Storm Cutters are available for every model of Air Tractor as they have proven to be a lifesaver on many occasions. Thrush continues to make the Storm Shield standard equipment on all new aircraft. To date, we still have not had a reported breakage of a Storm Shield caused by hitting a foreign object in flight.

We continue to work on a rather large STC to modify the AgCat fuselage and install a new PT6 powerplant. We will have more details and exciting updates Monday, December 5th at 4:30 during our session at the NAAA convention. We hope to have project engineers present to help answer questions. Storm Aeronautics is in pursuit of the safest, most efficient Ag Plane ever built, and we are getting closer to making this a reality. We will have booth #1034 and look forward to seeing all of you at Knoxville. Storm Aeronautics is dedicated to the ag aviation industry and keeping it great.











3370 MN Road, P.O. Box 148 • David City, NE 68632 • 402-367-3213 • • Follow us #4

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 31



AeroFlow Systems Expanding with Two New Products AeroFlow Systems, known for its innovative AFS Check Valve since 1996, is expanding its product line with two new quality products for aerial applicators. AFS Boom shut-off valve: Completely new design and made specifically for agricultural aircraft. The AFS boom shut-off valve is lightweight at only 6 lbs., is machined from aluminum, and treated with an AFS propriety coating which means a long maintenance-free life. The AFS boom shut-off valve can cycle from on to off in .47 sec., is available in 24 volts, and is controlled from a switch panel in the cockpit. Typically, installations can be from one to up to four valves per aircraft. Right or left outboard shut-off and/or right or left complete boom shut-off, or any combination. The AFS Boom shut-off valve can be permanently mounted on the AFS spray boom or can be purchased as a separate Cam-Loc mounted unit. AFS “Extended life” Spray booms: AeroFlow Systems is also introducing specially designed AFS “Extended Life” spray booms which are treated inside and outside with its proprietary coatings. Tired of struggling with unending corrosion from aluminum spray booms and cracking from heavy stainless steel booms? Check out the AFS “Extended Life” spray booms and start getting the return on your investment that you expect from spray booms. Better yet, have your booms custom-made by adding the AFS Boom shut-off valves welded into both the spray boom and center section. AFS Proprietary Coatings: Is it worth the investment?

32 |

AeroFlow Systems, Inc.


30688 County Road 36 Wakarusa, IN 46573 574-862-4392 Fax 574-889-7959

Right and/or Left Boom Shutoff AND Proprietary Coated “AFS Extended Life” Spray Booms

*Available in 2 inch & 1.5 inch *Welded or Camloc fittings *24 volt electric *.47 sec close *Proprietary Coatings *Lightweight only 6 lbs *Specifically designed for ag aircraft

Valve Shown: With Camloc

*Spray Booms are available in full length booms with 50% wingspan shut off valves

AFS Heavy Duty T-Boom Screen

AFS Check Valves The only Check Valve that will stop the leaking, dripping and plugging!

Call or Text Eric Miller for Details (717) 439-3200



AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 33


DeLanghe and Wright Bring New Expertise for Aerial Applicators at AssuredPartners Aerospace AssuredPartners Aerospace (APA) is excited to bring two additional expert resources to its brokerage force for Aerial Applicators. APA, and its brokers, have been arranging insurance coverage and providing risk management services for all facets of the Aerial Application industry for over 40 years. Joining us and serving clients predominantly in the Midwest states is Casey DeLanghe. Casey is a graduate of the University of North Dakota having majored in Aviation/ Airway Management and Operations. Following a brief period as a corporate pilot, Casey joined Appareo Systems, where he focused on sales development and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM). Casey’s experience has allowed him to interact with domestic and international customers, from government agencies to small commercial operators. A Commercial Pilot ASMEL-I, Casey flies a Piper Lance to best serve his clients. Casey brings his prior experience to AssuredPartners Aerospace clients and works as a trusted partner to find the best risk mitigation solutions for our client’s operations.

34 |

Also joining us is John Wright, who is expanding his work involving Aerial Applicators. John has been a practicing Aviation Attorney for over 20 years. Some of his work included defending and advising aerial application operations, manufacturers, and FBOs in regulatory, compliance, risk analysis and mitigation, and loss prevention. He is presently serving on the advisory Council for the NAAA and its members. He also serves as general counsel for the Colorado AAA, advising its leadership and members as well as assisting in legislative and lobbying efforts on behalf of the industry. John is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Denver Sturm College of Law and Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, where he earned his J.D. John holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate, ASMEL-I & Glider. John brings the full breadth of his experience to each client, from corporate jet owners/operators to FBOs and Aerial Applicators. VISIT CASEY, JOHN, AND OTHERS OF THE APA TEAM AT NAAA AG EXPO IN KNOXVILLE, BOOTH 523


Thank You from the Neal Aircraft team!

When my grandfather, Roy Neal started out on this journey, his goal was to provide the best quality service with the best team. Today, over 75 years later we still follow his business philosophy. We strive to bring value and our passion to what we do.

agricultural and firefighting aviation family and are honored so many have chosen our sales and service team to bring value to your ag business. Have a safe and prosperous 2023!!

Thank you! We are flattered that YOU; our friends, have chosen us to be your partner. We are proud of the 806-828-5892

36 |

Your friends-Robert, Lisa, Rusty, David and Rick


together we soar • 806.828.5892 Authorized Air Tractor Dealer AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 37


Desser Aerospace is Celebrating Over 100 Years! Desser Aerospace is celebrating over 100 years! Desser Aerospace truly appreciates your loyalty and aviation business through the years. We realize these are not normal times. We know your time is extremely limited. We offer you a new, unique, and time-saving online website experience for your direct Desser product purchases: You can now order all your purchases directly through the secure, easy-to-navigate, and password-encrypted Desser eCom website. Through your customized account, you can search, research, and order all your tires, tubes, brakes, hoses and batteries online, with same-day shipping from either our West Coast or Memphis warehouses. All within a few clicks and keystrokes. As always, our support team is a phone call or email away for personalized assistance. We sincerely thank you for your previous and continued business. We look forward to supporting your aviation needs in the upcoming decades.

Airwolf Aerospace and True Blue Power Partner for Lithium-ion Battery STC


Agricultural Spray Systems for R22 / R44 Helicopters

• Lightest R22 / R44 Spray Systems • Certified in the Normal Category (R44) • Rugged / Reliable • Always in Stock

“You never sprayed like this before” FAA, Canada, EASA, China, Brazil, Mexico STC • Looking forward to seeing you in Knoxville! Booth #312 38 |

True Blue Power’s Lithium-ion powerful, ultra-low weight main ship batteries offer up to 60% weight savings, faster, cooler-engine saving starts, extremely fast charging in the air and on the ground, and an 8-year life. These benefits add up to costs savings. The Airwolf STC kits include the battery, installation hardware and Airwolf’s proprietary smart annunciator/controller. The batteries use Advanced NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion cell chemistry, which is not susceptible to damaging thermal runaway. Airwolf and True Blue Power are the solution to all of your battery problems. See us at Booth 312- NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Knoxville airwolfaerospace. com


Do You Know MORE?

The Reabe Smart Gate

Most of us know how expensive the PT6A engines can be when it comes to maintenance, overhauls, etc.; especially the older or higher-time engines that are used on aircraft that no longer have an appraisal value to justify the expense of the required overhaul at 3600 hours (or 4100 hours on some engines). Many of these engines are still in great condition, making it even harder to justify the expense of an overhaul. Since 1993, MORE Company, Inc. has more than 3000 engines using the FAA-approved MORE Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) in the US and over 68 foreign countries. Commonly known as the “MORE Program,” the MORE Instructions For Continued Airworthiness are a set of directions for maintaining the engine by using an aggressive inspection system; periodic borescope inspection of the hot section, inspection of the compressor and exhaust duct areas, Power Plant-Adjustment Test, spectrometric oil and filter debris analysis, engine vibrational analysis and preventative maintenance. The purpose of this system is to find problems in their early stages and then, having found those problems, to correct them promptly. For all of you that know MORE, thank you for your recognition, support, and continued efforts in keeping the PT6A engines alive!

The STC’d Smart Gates perform constant rate, variable rate, and auto on-off application with ALL major GPS providers. The systems are proven reliable and durable even for high out-put dry work of 16 million pounds annually. Key features include: • Mechanical redundancy- dump lever is fully functional to open and close the gate • Computer learning- dispersal quantity becomes more accurate with each load • 1-day install with minimal maintenance • Interfaces with Reabe Hopper Gauge to display lbs. of product • Lightweight and compact • 5” Gate- 30 lbs. with 3.1-inch opening • 7.5” Gate- 35 lbs. with a 6-inch opening Reabe Aircraft Improvement strives to offer exceptional customer service and intuitive and dependably safe products. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve the Ag industry! Offering products that keep on working, so you can too! Visit us at NAAA in Knoxville, TN, at booth #1123

Innovative and Reliable Products.... designed with the pilot and mechanic in mind.


✦ Hopper Quantity Gauge STC ✦Clear View Canopy STC ✦ 5-inch Smart Gate STC ✦ 7.5-inch Smart Gate STC Visit us in Knoxville at Booth #1123

STCARD_4-1/4x6.indd 1 OSTCARD_4-1/4x6.indd 1

04-17 ba 04-17 ba • 775-782-3346

STCARD_4-1/4x6.indd 1 04-17 ba

4/10/13 12:21 PM 4/10/13 12:21 PM

Email: (715)498 -1157 Products and support videos at:

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Bruce’s Flying Service

Offers Spraying Sales & Service to Your S2R Built Aircraft We have a Full Parts Shop and Refurbish S2R Aircraft Replace Spar Caps Have Serviceable Spare Parts Call or Email

Bruce Andrews

Ph. 229-725-4150 Cell. 229-308-3017 Fax. 229-725-5135

5561 Hwy 216 South Arlington, Ga 39813

Acquisition of Southwest Airmotive by TAE Aerospace, Inc. We are pleased to announce that TAE Aerospace has recently completed the purchase of Southwest Airmotive Corporation to expand its PT6 MRO capability in the United States. Importantly, with the purchase, SWA’s management, staff, tooling, test equipment, and inventory will remain in the business in Eloy, delivering the same great PT6 MRO services you get from SWA today. It is also important to note that SWA will retain the Southwest Airmotive company name and branding. SWA’s founder Dwight Cox will continue to have overall responsibility for managing the SWA business with support from Tara Determan and his current management team. The SWA team is committed to providing the same great level of service to customers it has delivered during its proud history.


WE DO IT RIGHT! We’re the small shop that’s huge on service - unsurpassed in workmanship. We’re your experts for complete service to the full line of Pratt & Whitney PT6A & PT6T Engines.

Overhaul Repair Test Cell Capabilities

TAE Aerospace is an aerospace maintenance, engineering, and logistics company with offices and customers around the world. The main focus of TAE Aerospace is the MRO of turbine engines and controls for commercial, BGA, and defense customers, which means the SWA operation is a great fit for the business in the US. For more details about TAE Aerospace and the range of services offered today, visit All addresses and all phone numbers for the SWA team will remain the same. Dwight Cox’s contact details are listed below. O: 520-466-7274 E: Thank you for your continued business. We look forward to the future as we continue to exceed your expectations. 4801 North Tumbleweed Road • Eloy, Arizona 85131

520-466-7274 40 |


Increased Safety and Operational Efficiencies Spidertracks and their Virtual FDR™ release, ‘Insights,’ enables the visibility of key flight information that can be used for proactive safety improvements in operations, and delivers tangible value for fixed and rotary-wing aviators around the world.

teams can analyze, measure, and interpret information, including the location of safety events, percentage of flights with safety events, or trends of safety events by type of event.

Insights is made possible through Spidertracks’ latest innovative hardware, the Spider X. The device collects critical data such as roll, pitch, yaw, speed, and altitude and delivers this wirelessly to the Spidertracks platform. Virtual FDR™ Insights feeds both operational and safety insights into an operator’s FOQA program allows teams to see where their aircraft are flying — and, more importantly, know how they’re flying. With Insights, operators can define and set specific parameters about an aircraft that they want to measure, such as excessive roll, a high rate of descent, maximum altitude, and/or a heading change, to name a few. Insights also come with powerful reporting tools, so

“It’s easy. I can run a report that captures all flights from the night before and see exactly where these safety events happened during the flight and which flight they happened on. We can see known spots where pilots trigger these and can now tell them to not go so low in that area, for example.” John Mandernach, Regional Partner of Maverick Helicopters. Spidertracks is leveraging more than 15 years of expertise to offer aircraft owners and operators an easy entry into FDM. They are helping improve the safety of their operations in nearly every sector, from aerial firefighting and agriculture to wildlife rescue and flight schools. Their goal is to make it simple for the operator, both from an install perspective and getting immediate value from the data, resulting in increased safety and operational efficiencies.

Simple flight data today, for a safer tomorrow. Know exactly where your team are flying, and how your aircraft are being flown. Put your trust in a provider who helps thousands of teams around the world get home safely every day.

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The Next Generation GPS System is Here Satloc® Falcon GPS Guidance System Pilot safety and easy navigation played a big part when developing the Satloc® Falcon GPS system. So, the engineers made an ADS-B In receiver standard (no unlock fee) in all Satloc Falcons. Another result is the buttons on the touchscreen. This makes navigation simple and intuitive for the pilot, allowing users to access almost every setting within one to three taps. What’s more, WiFi integration in the Falcon allows Satloc Cloud connectivity and remote tech support. With the pilot’s permission, Satloc tech support can log into a Falcon remotely and assist in troubleshooting. Falcons are fast. Really fast. From the processors to memory to communications to system architecture, the Satloc Falcon speeds are unprecedented. What’s great about the Falcon’s speed is that it communicates well with other Satloc and Transland products such as the L8 Lightbar, IntelliFlow 2 & 3 flow control systems, Transland Hydraulic Ag Gates, Transland Boom Shut-Off kits and Transland Meterate (in development). Falcons are straightforward. The streamlined and modernized user interface clearly presents information using modern app buttons, drop-down menus, and a multi-functional navigation knob. This straightforward user interface enables easier navigation for the pilot when in flight and on the ground. Falcon’s vision is unparalleled by its competitors. To give the Falcon a vision that is unparalleled by its competitors, the designers programmed and installed numerous processors. Each performs a specific job, keeping the system from getting bogged down.

42 |

Falcons endure miles of rough flying. Durability in flight through rugged conditions is a trademark of Satloc GPS systems. The Satloc Falcon does not disappoint when it comes to reliability for pilots in miles flown in the plane and rough conditions outside the plane. To continue the legacy of Satloc GPS system reliability and durability, the engineers added new technology to improve GPS capabilities for the Falcon, which decreases signal loss while increasing passto-pass accuracy. Falcons never drop their prey. Unique to the industry, the new Satloc Falcon GPS keeps steady track of the aircraft’s location, no matter the flight parameters or conditions. In addition, the new internal database structure, the Falcon relates information between job input and applied log. This allows the user to search by job or log to find all associated data and log output. If you look at the log, you know which job(s) it is on and vice versa for the job to the log(s). Falcons represent a long legacy of tradition. Satloc GPS systems are known worldwide as reliable, durable, and using the latest technology to meet the present-day demands of aerial applicators. The Satloc Falcon stays true to its Satloc heritage. Look for the Satloc® Falcon to be available in Winter 2022.

Satloc Cloud Using cutting-edge technology, Satloc Cloud is a webbased system that manages aircraft tracking, and wireless data transfer. With Satloc Cloud, pilots can spend more time flying and less time dealing with reports and timeconsuming paperwork. This web-based software works exclusively with the Satloc G4 and Satloc Falcon.


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 Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport 1245 Palmour Place Ste A Gainesville, GA 30501 770-538-0444 FAA Certified Repair Station # S46R346N EASA Certified Repair Station EASA.145.6252

Lancaster Airport 519 East Airport Road Lititz, Pa. 17543 717-560-3711 FAA Certified Repair Station # QV9R194N

Sensenich Propeller Service Brings Over 60 Years of Experience Sensenich Propeller Service, Inc. has two locations with over 60 years of experience to help with all your propeller and governor needs. Our services include propeller, governor and composite blade overhaul and repair, Level II NDT inspections and dynamic propeller balancing. We also offer a convenient pickup and delivery service. Give us a call today for a fast and friendly quote.


Competitive Pricing Same Day Turntime

Exchange Available


EASA Approved


5005 Market Place Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122 (615) 758-5005 Fax (615) 758-5501 Se Habla Español CRS QTFR-573L Envienos un Correo Electronico

44 |

Tennessee Aircraft Co., Inc. Tennessee Aircraft Co processes all the PT6A simplex fuel nozzles and TPE331-1 through -12 fuel nozzles to the overhaul standard and at a competitive price to shops that work the nozzles to just the maintenance manual standards. For example, on competitive prices, overhauling a set of PT6A Simplex Nozzles is a true flat rate price on “as removed” nozzles, including tip replacements. If you send in the shields, the replacement would be additional, along with gaskets and O-rings. We feel the overhaul standard gives you the smallest fuel droplets you can attain versus working a nozzle to the lesser maintenance manual standards, which leave minor streaking and voids in the spray pattern. You want the most complete burn of the fuel droplets before entering the turbine section, which produces the least amount of sooting and carbon. This carbon traveling through the turbine section near the speed of sound erodes the stators and wheels, which are the big ticket items in turbine engine maintenance.


Mixmate Lets You Keep Your Focus The photo in our ad is intense and powerful. It is spray season, and that is the way it is. Everyone pushes to the limit. Give your ground crew a little love, too, and help them out with a Mixmate automated blending system. There are many reasons to add the automated mixing system, but one of the most important reasons is operator safety. Aerial applicators are very family oriented and a close-knit group. Your health is priceless, and Mixmate can lower your exposure. Speed is also important to keep the aircraft in the air. One of our customers is supporting nine aircraft with one mixing system. Blends are mixed on demand while the fuel is being pumped onto the airplane. Many bulk connections are used to keep the inventory straight between different suppliers. Mixmate wins in the speed department. Another customer

reports loading twice as fast as another company using a competitive system. Speed without accuracy does not win the race. If your inventory does not match the usage, it can get expensive fast. Mixmate has proven to be extremely accurate. We just heard about a customer who emptied a large bulk tank of chemical after three years of partially draining and refilling. When it ran empty they were able to compare the usage records versus the inventory. Let’s just say the customer was very happy and that makes us happy, too! Visit us at the NAAA Expo in Knoxville, Booth 1011, to see Mixmate’s unique features for jugs, dry and bulk products.

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WAT is the Global Leader in Lighting Products

Falcon Insurance Offering Life and AD&D Insurance

Our experienced staff designs, engineers and manufactures high-quality products that provide safety, visibility and recognition for aircraft across all platforms. Our design engineers work closely with OEM and service provider networks to design high-performance products that enhance the pilot experience, as well as provide safety of flight. WAT is honored to be a trusted OEM lighting supplier for Air Tractor and Thrush today. Our products designed for these workhorse airplanes not only increase safety but a tremendous increase in reliability over older filament and incandescent lamps. Our advanced LED products are also available for retrofit on older Thrush and Air Tractor platforms with outdated technology. Our LED offerings come with a 5-year warranty and can be purchased directly through Thrush and Air Tractor with applicable FAA approvals. As an FAA-approved production holder, Whelen Aerospace Technologies owns hundreds of STCs for aircraft landing, taxi, anti-collision, and position lights. Our in-house composite shop produces a wide variety of STC and PMA-approved speed modifications for a number of general aviation aircraft. Our expansive product line will surely provide a solution for pilots and owners based on their individual needs.

Falcon Insurance Agency is pleased to announce that we are offering Life Insurance for pilots as well as AD&D and Loss of License coverage. You can fill out an online application at https://falconinsurance. com/products/#life_insurance_for_pilots or contact us at 800880-4545 to learn more. With one of the finest teams of aviation insurance professionals in the marketplace, Falcon Insurance Agency has the capability, commitment, and resources to handle any and all of your aviation insurance requirements. Falcon is fully licensed in all 50 states, with a client base that exceeds 25,000 individual aviation clients, making us one of the largest aviation insurance agencies in the country. Call on us for all your aviation insurance needs! Austin: 800-370-0557 Dallas: 800-880-0801 Houston: 800-880-8822 Kerrville (Home Office): 800-880-4545 Lakeland: 800-881-9688 Scottsdale: 800-880-3597 St. Louis: 800-880-8644 Spreading The Wings of Insurance Protection to Ag Aircraft Owners and Pilots

Aviation Insurance Coverage Customized for Ag Aircraft Owners and Operators

For over 40 years Falcon Insurance Agency has provided Aviation Insurance to the Aerial Application community. Our professional staff has decades of experience in aviation insurance, and we are uniquely qualified to provide insurance protection for agricultural aircraft owners and pilots. We are dedicated to providing you with insurance coverage and service that sets the standard for the industry.


46 |

Call for same day quotes and coverage or visit our website. Austin: 800-370-0557

Dallas: 800-880-0801 Houston: 800-880-8822 Kerrville: 800-880-4545 Lakeland: 800-881-9688 Scottsdale: 800-880-3597 St. Louis: 800-880-8644

PO Box 291388, Kerrville, TX


Support Committee Events Attention, ladies (and gentlemen) attending the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo! Join the Support Committee for a slate of events that are fun, educational and filled with chances to meet many other women, whether spouses or staff, who support the ag aviation industry.

Monday, Dec. 5: Lunch and Tour of the Sunsphere: 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Join us for Monday’s lunch and tour of the Sunsphere, which was built for the 1982 World’s Fair and is a one-of-a-kind structure. The Observation Deck offers a breathtaking 360-degree view stretching from downtown to the Great Smoky Mountains including World’s Fair Park, the Tennessee River and the University of Tennessee Campus. The Sunsphere offers a 1982 World’s Fair timeline, gallery, memorabilia and gift shop. RSVP required for event to Cathy Ellett at Monday event sponsored by GarrCo Products.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: 8–9:30 a.m.: NAAREF Relationship Drit (no RSVP required) The Relationship Drift Session will look at how personal relationships affect pilot decision making and safety. Men and women should attend this session together, including couples and office crew. This is similar in format to the popular Compaass Rose program, but instead of better facilitating relations between inexperienced pilots and more experienced operators, the new session is designed to facilitate relations between operators/pilots and their spouses or significant others and office crew. All are invited!

Wednesday, Dec. 7: 9:45 - 11:45 a.m.: Athena Project Presentation (no RSVP required) Attend the Wednesday Athena Project presentation, The Importance & Challenges of Balancing Work and Home. The program is written by the Athena presenters and committee for the office bookkeepers, the working loaders, operators, pilots and family members. The program covers information that is beneficial to anyone in the industry and family members. Attend this session, whether you’re a spouse, office crew or family member, to gain inspiration, encouragement and advice on better ways to serve our industry. All are invited and no RSVP is required. Wednesday’s Athena Project sponsored by Chuck Holzwarth Flying Service.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction opens on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 12 p.m. ET and closes on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 2:30 p.m. ET. There is no electronic bidding this year; please visit the Support Fundraising booth on the NAAA Trade Show Floor to view and bid on items.

Knoxville Information Knoxville is located at the intersection of I-75 and I-40, just a day’s drive from more than half of the U.S., McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) offers more than 20 direct flights. Flying your own aircraft? Check out Knoxville Downtown Island Airport (DKX).

Historic Old City Downtown Knoxville Trolley: the While Knoxville is very walkable, the city offers a free trolley service downtown and to the nearby University of Tennessee campus. Stops include hotels, the Knoxville Convention Center and area attractions. Trolleys run until 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and offer late-night service on weekends.

Pre & Post Vacation Ideas •

Great Smoky Mountains - Click here (1 hour drive from Knoxville, just beyond Gatlinburg)

​Pigeon Forge, TN (45 minute drive from Knoxville)

​Dollywood Smoky Mountain Christmas Event

Knox-Smokies Shuttle (day trip shuttle from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge)

Gatlinburg, TN (1 hour drive from Knoxville)

Asheville, NC (2 hour drive from Knoxville)

Nashville, TN (2.5 hour drive from Knoxville)

Family Room If you plan to bring your family to the Ag Aviation Expo, we’ll have a room available for them to take a break. Let your little ones run around and allow your spouse and children to meet other families at the convention. Check the NAAA Expo App or printed program on site for more details. Please note that you are responsible for your own children; no childcare will be provided.

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New Game-Changing Adjuvant Born from a water-based polymer binding technology used in the medical field, Hydrovant is the first in a new category of adjuvant called “activator stickers.” Growers can now achieve optimal spray results using the minimum label rate of crop protection inputs, no matter the weather conditions. “With the high cost of inputs this season, it’s going to be critical for growers to maximize their efficacy. Hydrovant allows growers to amplify the performance of their inputs, including herbicides and starter fertilizers, said Tom Zangrillo, Vice

President for Corbet Scientific. “For example, when Hydrovant is added to leading commercial formulations of glyphosate, the percentage of weeds controlled is superior.” These replicated third-party research trials conducted by AgroCientifica in Argentina demonstrated that when Hydrovant is added to the glyphosate formulations, the treatments provided greater than 95% control against key grass and broadleaf weeds compared to 68% control for glyphosate alone at 40 days following application.

inputs. Combining Hydrovant with a spray mixture ensures that crop protection chemicals and fertilizers stick without burning or suffocating the crop while still nurturing plant growth. Hydrovant has never caused phytotoxicity in any trial on any crop in any climate. In fact, Cornell University research shows that when applied with bifenthrin on corn leaves, Hydrovant increased the retention of bifenthrin by 35% to 45% following a series of artificial rainfall events, compared to leaves sprayed with bifenthrin only.

Hydrovant is a water-based adjuvant that protects plants and crop

For more information about Hydrovant, visit

Amplify Your Crop Protection. Hydrovant is a water-based polymer solution with unique activator and super sticker properties never seen before in an adjuvant. This advanced technology enhances efficacy by ensuring that pesticides stick around long enough (even through wetting events) to do their job. Hydrovant is proudly developed and manufactured in the USA.

1 866 964 7148 | © Corbet Scientific, LLC. All rights reserved. The star brandmark and Hydrovant are registered trademarks of Corbet Scientific, LLC.

48 |


PowerLift Hydraulic Doors - 25 Years of Professionalism For over 25 years, Powerlift Hydraulic Doors has held quality, professionalism, reliability, and service at the forefront of our efforts. With many industry patents to our credit and over 15,000 door systems installed, we continue to lead the industry in the technology and development of the best door and hydraulic systems for enclosures of virtually any size. Continuously developing and building these products since 1992 is a claim that only PowerLift can make. Our highly trained family of fabrication and support centers are strategically located across the continent and have extensive experience with a wide range of aviation enclosures.

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Surety® Online Mapping AgriData, Inc. continues to add to its already feature-rich Surety® Online Mapping Software. This year AgriData, Inc. has worked with the AgPilotX team to integrate the AgPilotX Wireless file transfer into Surety® and Surety® Pro. With this feature, you can ditch the emails and USB drives and directly send your boundary file to the AgHippo cloud system. Then grab the boundaries right within the iPad running AgPilotX software. Completed job files can also be imported directly into the Surety or Surety® Pro account to view and assign as-applied data to a completed work order. The wireless file transfers from AgPilotX or Satloc Cloud paired with last year’s field-level weather data integration in Surety® Pro make the entire process of making and sending job boundaries, creating work orders, and adding as-applied data and weather information to completed work orders easier than ever! AgriData, Inc. is forever committed to expanding the functionality and value of your Surety and Surety Pro mapping software while always keeping a price point that is affordable to any operation! Visit or call 701-746-8580 to create a free account and try all of the features Surety® and Surety® Pro have to offer!




Designed to Create Large, White, Puffy Smoke Engineered to “Hang Around” in many Atmospheric Conditions No more Stopped Up Nozzles - Very Clean Burning Available in 55 Gallon Drums and 250 Gallon Totes 15 Gallon Baby Barrels Products Shipped Daily from our Warehouse in Newport Arkansas


50 |

Mosquito Products Provide Clean Burning Smoker Oil Aircraft Smoker Oil / Mosquito Products, LLC has provided the agricultural aviation community with clean-burning, water-white, thick cloud-producing Smoker Oil since 2007. Designed and formulated especially for agricultural aircraft but recently discovered by the airshow circuit, our smoker oil is in demand for all aircraft, including RC, flat, radial, turbine, or jet engines. We ship daily from our warehouses in Newport, Arkansas, to professional operators, pilots, and GA enthusiasts across the country. Shipped in 15-gallon “Baby Barrels,” 55-gallon drums, or 250-gallon totes. A part of Grady Auctions & Realty, Inc., the premier Agricultural Aviation Auctioneers in the United States. Visit us at Booth #915 in Knoxville, TN


Mission Work is Tough


When you’re flying an agricultural mission, you need a comfortable helmet. Enter Paraclete’s core tenets: Comfort, Safety and Innovation. When you don a Paraclete helmet, you get all three. Plus, you get the added assurance that each helmet meets the Department of Interior (DOI) - U.S. Forest Services (USFS) Aviation Helmet Standard. Paraclete is the only manufacturer to offer DOI-certified helmets in every size, S-XXL. The Aspida-D is a carbon fiber composite helmet that includes the Kairos system. With the Kairos, just dial it to the right fit. For more information about Paraclete products and Aviation Life Support Equipment [ALSE] training, contact, 931.274.7947,

When you’re flying an agricultural mission, you need a helmet that DIALS in the COMFORT. The CARBON-D is our lightest helmet made with modern composites.



For more info about Paraclete helmets visit or contact 931.274.7947 /

R.T. TuRbines, inc.

Pratt & Whitney PT6A Engine Repair and Overhaul FAA Approved Overhaul Station MW9R610J

Complete Engine Overhaul and Repair Service Power Section Inspection Hot Section Inspection Dynamometer Test Cell Phone


FAA CRS # MW9R610J 3397 Hwy 121 West •Marianna, AR 72360 Danny Thompson • Cell: 870-821-2840

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Yorkton Aircraft Helps Canadian Operators Grow For over 30 years, Yorkton Aircraft, Canada’s largest and most innovative aerial application support company, has had a large focus on helping the Canadian aerial application grow. “We are now selling our products and knowledge worldwide,” explains business owner Cheryl Denesowych. “We are innovative in both our delivery channels and our product enhancements.” Being a Thrush dealer, we’ve taken Canada from less than 10 turbo-props in 2013 to over 43, including 25 factory-new planes.

Zanoni Equipamentos Expands its Foreign Operations SPRAYING TECHNOLOGY SINCE 1997


52 |

+55 44 99864 6200


Zanoni Equipamentos, the leading manufacturer of aerial application technologies in Latin America, has increased its contribution to global agricultural aviation in recent years. For three decades, the company has stood out for offering personalized and attentive customer service to almost 2300 Brazilian agricultural aircraft. The main highlights of its product lines are the high-quality and longlasting spraying systems (including spray pumps, valves, booms, and filters), fire gates with great versatility, rotary atomizer nozzles with an agronomic standard excellence, and corrosion-resistant transfer pumps for handling agrochemicals. In recent years, these devices have received very positive acceptance in several other countries. Working with dealers and partner companies in Argentina, Colombia, Central America, USA, Canada, Africa and Australia, the South American manufacturer has contributed to agricultural pilots and operators by offering parts with long useful life, great accessibility and distinctive performance. A small family business that started to support a few Embraer Ipanemas in Brazil, now contributes more and more to many Air Tractors, Thrushes, Cessnas and Pawnees around the world.


Eagle Vistas Provides Minimum Ag Flight Standards Minimum Ag Flight Standards established by Eagle Vistas for Agricultural Pilot Training attracts students to Eagle Vistas from the US & globally, including many Ag Operator families, for a good foundation in Ag Training. Experienced Commercial & Military Pilots value our established progression to teach safe Agricultural Pilot techniques. We prep to understand & pass State Aerial Pesticide License Exams & Part 137 Req. Our Private Pilot license is all in Tailwheel aircraft. Our Tailwheel Proficiency requirements are not just a TW endorsement but geared toward flying Ag Planes and preventing of loss of control! Our Ag Training is all-in HighPerformance AC! See how we gradually transition Ag Pilots! Citabria - Cessna 305E-L19- Pawnee PA-25-235 for actual spraying-Dual Ag Cat- Dual Turbine Ag Planes-Multiple GPS. Multiple options for Turbine transitions! Helicopter Ag Pilot Training in Bell 206B Options: Com Pilot, Instrument rating, Aerobatics, Ag Biennial Flight reviews. Ask our graduates about us! We train YEAR-ROUND in Florida! We are an Oasis Aviation Network Dealer for Avionics. Booth 1012

CD Aviation Services - Serving Ag Aviation for Over 20 Years CD Aviation Services has been a U.S.-owned Part 145 Repair Station, serving the agricultural community for 20-plus years. CD Aviation provides the utmost value through quality, integrity and service. CD Aviation’s customer base includes corporate, private, military, cargo, agriculture, fire fighting, and commercial operators worldwide. CD Aviation’s product lines include the TPE331 turboprop engine and the GTCP 36-100 / -150 APU. CD Aviation provides everything from field service to overhaul, including 24/7 AOG support. As an independent FAA, EASA authorized and ISO certified service center, CD Aviation maintains a vast inventory of new, overhauled, serviceable parts and engine rentals. This allows CD Aviation to keep turn time, customer cost, and downtime to a minimum.

Visit us at NAAA booth #1417 TPE331 Services • •

• •

Complete Overhaul


Hot Section Inspections

Gearbox Inspections

Complete Test Cell Service 24 AOG Service & Support

Field Service including Engine R&R

Follow Us on Social Media!

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Ag Aviation Expo Exhibitor Name



Aero Innovations....................................................1305 AeroFlow Systems..................................................1013 AeroLEDs, LLC......................................................1512 Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC)....................1212 AG-NAV Inc.................................................1223, 1323 AgAir Update...........................................................911 Ag Aviation School...................................................837 AgraSyst Inc............................................................533 AgriData, Inc.........................................................1016 Agrinautics..............................................................515 AgriSmart Information Systems, LLC..........................508 Agri Spray Drones..................................................1226 Air Tractor Inc..................................................603, 803 Aircraft Spruce & Specialty........................................302 Airwolf Aerospace....................................................312 Assured Partners Aerospace......................................523 Aviation Hose Shop..................................................408 Aviation Products Systems........................................410 BrightPortal Resources LLC.....................................1424 Capstan Ag Systems, Inc...........................................814 Cascade Aircraft Conversions, LLC.............................417 CD Aviation Services..............................................1417 Chem-Man by DataSmart........................................1119 Corbet Scientific LLC................................................304 Covington Aircraft Engines Inc...................................723 Desser Aerospace...................................................1129 Dream First Bank.....................................................834 DynaNav Systems Inc.......................................631, 730 Eagle Vistas LLC....................................................1012 Electronics International Inc......................................426 Falcon Insurance Agency...........................................218 Farm Air Inc............................................................604 Frost Flying Inc........................................................612 Insero...................................................................1017 Isolair Helicopter Systems.......................................1211 Kawak Aviation Technologies...................................1423 Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency, Inc.......................912 Lane Aviation, Inc....................................................905 LIFT Aviation...........................................................519 Merit Apparel Co. Inc..............................................1422 Micron Sprayers Ltd.................................................903 Mid-Continent Aircraft Corporation.............................919 54 |





426 423






616 515


313 410 408

508 409

304 203



Mosquito Products LLC.............................................915 NAAA - National Agricultural Aviation Association......1103 Neal Aircraft, Inc......................................................813 North Star Aviation, Inc............................................819 Oceania Aviation....................................................1214 Paraclete Aviation Life Support..................................TBA Portage Aircraft Specialties Ltd..........................615, 617 PowerLift Hydraulic Doors.........................................327 Pratt & Whitney Canada...........................................623 Praxidyn.....................................................1010, 1011 Prime Turbines.......................................................1522 R. T. Turbines Inc.....................................................616 Raven Industries......................................................409





838 837 834






1031 1129 823




919 1016

715 814

615 714


1225 1223

1125 1023




912 813

915 911









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1413 1512


1008 603 803









Reabe Aircraft Improvement, Inc..............................1123 Rocky Mountain Propellers Inc...................................313 S & T Aircraft Accessories Inc..................................1031 Satloc.........................................................1002, 1003 Sensenich Propeller Service, Inc................................734 SICAME / Balmoral Eng............................................528 Sky-Tractor LLC......................................................1125 Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service.........................715 Souther Field Aviation.............................................1211 Spidertracks North America Limited...........................835 StandardAero..........................................................423 Stor-Loc Corp........................................................1225 Storm Aeronautics..................................................1034

TAE Aerospace.........................................................223 Tennessee Aircraft Co., Inc......................................1008 Thrush Aircraft LLC..................................................823 TracMap Aviation.....................................................317 Transland....................................................1002, 1003 Turbine Conversions, Ltd.........................................1203 Turbine Standard LTD...............................................203 Turbine Training Center Inc......................................1507 Turbines Inc..........................................................1305 Valley Air Crafts.......................................................714 VSE Aviation............................................................838 Whelen Aerospace Technologies..............................1027 Yorkton Aircraft Service...........................................1023 AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 55


Kickoff Breakfast Captain Scott Kelly to Speak at the Ag Aviation Expo Kickoff Breakfast History-Making NASA Astronaut; First to Complete a Year-in-Space Mission Captain Scott Kelly, a former NASA astronaut and retired U.S. Navy Captain will speak at the 2022 Ag Aviation Expo Kickoff Breakfast on Monday, Dec. 5. Kelly is also a U.S. spaceflight record holder and an experienced test pilot having logged more than 15,000 hours of flight time in more than 40 different aircraft and spacecraft. A former fighter pilot, Kelly flew the F-14 Tomcat aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. Kelly was selected by NASA as an astronaut in 1996. A veteran of four space flights, he piloted Space Shuttle Discovery to the Hubble space telescope in 1999 and subsequently commanded Space Shuttle Endeavour on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2007. Kelly’s long-duration space flight experience includes two flights on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, launching and landing from Kazakhstan, and two stays aboard the International Space Station as commander: the first a 159day mission in 2010-2011 followed by his record-breaking 340-day mission to the ISS in 2015. During his yearlong mission, known worldwide as the “Year in Space,” he conducted three spacewalks before returning home in March 2016. His Year in Space Mission was chronicled in a TIME magazine documentary series and an Emmy award-winning PBS special.

Books Available at AgAir Update’s Booth, #911 During the Ag Aviation Expo

Kelly has traveled more than 200 million miles, which is more than twice the distance to the Sun and has orbited the Earth more than 8,300 times. Kelly has received many awards and honors, including the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of Merit and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was on the cover of TIME Magazine in December 2014 and was named one of its 100 Most Influential People in 2015.

of Discovery. More recently he published Infinite Wonder: An Astronaut’s Photographs from a Year in Space, a collection of extraordinary images he photographed aboard the International Space Station, also a New York Times bestseller. He is also the author of two children’s books, My Journey to the Stars and Goodnight, Astronaut. His next book, Ready for Launch: An Astronaut’s Lessons for Success on Earth will be published in 2022.

Kelly is a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and a member of the Association of Space Explorers. In 2016 Scott Kelly published the New York Times bestselling memoir Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime

In 2021, he was inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Kelly’s identical twin brother, Mark, is also a former NASA astronaut and the current junior U.S. Senator from Arizona.

56 |


268 pages • 5 eras • 10 decades • 34 Spotlight pieces • One heck of a story!




9 780578 940069


Based on a collective history of the agricultural aviation industry sourced from Agricultural Aviation magazine, AgAir Update, Low & Slow and other materials, Agriculture’s Air Force chronicles the agricultural aviation industry’s growth from its infancy in 1921 through the boom times after World War II, and on to today’s modern era of high-tech aerial application.


ISBN 978-0-578-94006-9


hirty-five years after the first great historical account of the industry—Mabry Anderson’s Low & Slow: An Insider’s History of Agricultural Aviation—comes a new, updated account of aerial application’s history from the National Agricultural Aviation Association: Agriculture’s Air Force: 100 Years of Aerial Application.

Whether you are an aviation enthusiast, have an appreciation for agriculture or are simply awed by the aerial ballet of these low-flying aviators, pull up a seat and tag along with Agriculture’s Air Force! (Available in hardback.)

A collective history of the agricultural aviation industry sourced from the National Agricultural Aviation Association’s Agricultural Aviation magazine, AgAir Update, Mabry Anderson’s Low & Slow and other materials

6/30/21 9:22 AM

Order your copy at

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 57


Win the Race, with Flight Plan Online® Some seasons are a sprint. For many, this season was a sprint that became a marathon. Aerial applicators tell us they had more jobs and more acres to spray than ever before. As the days flew by, the jobs just kept coming. It’s a good challenge to have, and you need a good tool to make the most of it for yourself and your customers. Flight Plan Online® is one of the most powerful tools you can use. With Flight Plan Online, you can offer your customers an easy way to create jobs. The user-friendly design will have them making maps and work orders, fast. They can even include adjacent crops and hazards near the field. Email alerts let them track jobs without calling you for updates. Whether you have a few jobs, or a few hundred, our Master Map gives you a clear overview to create manageable batches and schedule them for spraying. It’s easy to upload

58 |

field boundaries into your guidance system. Our Mobile View lets pilots open batches on the fly, select a job, and automatically record completion information. Flight Plan Online helps you reduce risk. It flags sensitive areas on pilot maps. The maps give a clear view of fields and nearby landmarks, so you spray the right field. All work orders are kept online, so they can’t get lost. Creating as-applied maps is quick and easy, and you can run application reports and invoices the same day you spray! All of this is backed up with unmatched customer service. When you need us, we’re ready to help. Aerial applicators tell us when things got busy in 2022, Flight Plan Online kept them on track. Give yourself the best tool to give your customers the best service. While you’re here, stop by booth 508 and see what we can do for you.


Micro AeroDynamics VG Kit Installed on Newly FAA Approved Thrush Model S2R-510 Vortex Generator Specialist Micro AeroDynamics is proud to announce that their VG kit was installed on the factory’s first serial number of model S2R-510. The engineering department at Thrush worked with Micro AeroDynamics and the FAA to obtain this approval, said Anni Brogan, President of Micro AeroDynamics. In addition to lowered Stall speeds, Micro VG-equipped Ag aircraft operators most mention the noticeable benefits of shorter turn time and reduction in drift.

Micro AeroDynamics was founded in November of 1989 and is located at the Anacortes Airport, Washington state. They have flight tested and earned 80+ FAA STC approvals for General Aviation Aircraft. This unusual company does it all - develops, tests, certifies, manufactures and markets their Micro VG modifications kits. The STC-approved kits are very complete and can be installed in one day. Ag Aircraft kit prices range from $1450 - $1750. More details can be found at their

Micro VGs are currently STC approved for installation on many Ag Aircraft models. When new models are approved, they will be announced loudly.



Website, or email


• Reduced Turning Time • Shorter Takeoff Rolls

• Improved Aileron Authority • Lower Stall Speed

Micro VG Kits Available for:

Air Tractor: AT-300, AT-301, AT-302,

AT-400, AT-400A, AT-401, AT-401A, AT-401B, AT-402, AT-402A, AT-402B, AT-501, AT-502, AT-502A, AT-502B, AT-504 Thrush: S2R, S2R-T11, S2R-T15, S2R-T34, S2RHG-T34, S2R-T45, S2R-T65, S2RHG-T65, S2R-R1340, S2R-R1820, S2R-R3S, S2R-G1, S2R-G5, S2R-G6, S2R-G10, S2R-H80 (510G) Cessna Models: 188B, A188B, T188C Dromader : PZL M18, M18A, M18B Piper Brave: PA-36-285, PA-36-300, PA-36-375 Weatherly: 201, 201A, 201B, 201C, 620, 620A, 620B

(800) 677-2370

4000 Airport Road, Suite D Anacortes, Washington 98221 (360) 293-8082 FAX (360) 293-5499

Vortex Generator Technology

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 59


Over 77 Years of Flying Excellence Lane Aviation, Inc. is excited to be celebrating its 77th year in business. Our company prides itself on maintaining ethical business practices that translate into integrity for every facet of Lane Aviation. We believe this honesty is what has gained the trust of so many valued customers and allowed us to become the leading Air Tractor distributor for sales, service and support. Without you, the customers, we would not be here today. For that, we want to say “Thank you” to everyone here! Lane Aviation’s association with agricultural aircraft sales began with George Lane and Leland Snow in College Station, Texas in 1957; Leland was demonstrating the S-2A. George gave Leland a deposit on one of the first five built! Shortly thereafter, Lane Aviation became a dealer for Snow Aircraft. Therefore, when Leland Snow developed Air Tractor, Lane Aviation’s business relationship with Snow was already well established. In 1974, Lane Aviation was selected as the first Air Tractor dealer and has since sold more than anyone else in the world. Lane Aviation has always been a family-run company. George’s sons are both still actively involved in the company. Grant Lane serves as president of Lane Aviation and Mark Lane as a pilot, both repositioning aircraft and as a relief pilot during the season for nearby operators. Grant’s son and Vice President, Logan Lane, represents the third generation in this family business. In 2013, Logan graduated from Texas A&M University and began learning the ropes at Lane Aviation. In addition to being an Instrument and Multi-engine, Commerciallyrated pilot, with experience ranging from Air Tractors to cabin-class aircraft, Logan manages much of the daily operations at the airport. While Logan’s fresh perspective lends itself to innovation, he is also continuously learning from Grant’s life-long experience in the agricultural aviation business. In particular, Grant’s highly personalized customer service has become a cornerstone that customers count on and value. Whether an operator 60 |

is making a transition to Air Tractors, moving from radials to turbine-powered aircraft, or updating their current fleet, Grant and Logan will be there to offer help and advice along the way. Lane Aviation operates from its airport in Rosenberg, Texas (T54), Lane Air Park. The maintenance facility is capable of handling nearly every type of Air Tractor maintenance. This includes annual and periodic inspections, major airframe repairs and engine exchanges. The ability to perform up to and including hot section inspections, as well as great business relationships with dedicated engine shops, keeps the customer well taken care of. With Air Tractor factory training and multiple FAA-certified A&P and IA mechanics, the highest quality work can always be expected. Also located at Lane Air Park is the fully stocked parts department of Lane Aviation, the largest stock of Air Tractor spares outside of the factory. Not only is it essential to have parts on hand to facilitate repairs made in the maintenance shop, but it’s paramount to have an extensive inventory readily available to ship to our customers. Lane Aviation maintained a Part 137 aerial application operation for 70 years. That taught us how to best respond to ag operators’ needs, it also helped us understand what it means to be AOG. Lane Aviation works diligently to make sure our customers get their required parts as quickly as possible. Whether a customer is two towns over or on another continent, Lane Aviation has the experience and expertise to get them back in the air. Lane Aviation, Inc. will be proudly exhibiting at NAAA’s Ag Aviation Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee, December 5-8. We invite everyone to stop by booth #905/907 for a drink on us and good Texas conversation. Be sure to ask about our special convention sale prices for our industry-leading Lane brakes and fans. The Lane brake and fan combination for spray pumps have been proven to be as rugged and reliable as they come. See y’all in Knoxville!



Flying Excellence Since 1945


AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 61


General Session NAAA Ag Aviation Expo General Session will Feature Dr. Stan Musick and Michelle Miller, the Farm Babe The NAAA General Session will be held in Knoxville, Tenn. on Tuesday, Dec. 6 in conjunction with the Ag Aviation Expo. The Healthy Public Relations session will feature Dr. Stan Musick and the Farm Babe, Michelle Miller. This session will be full of great information, no matter what your role is in the aerial application industry. Sponsored by AIG. Dr. Stan Musick is a man who fills many seats in life! Dr. Musick will cover several medical aspects that are pertinent to ag pilots. He will use real life examples from three pilots, including two agricultural aviators, to describe how medicals can get messed up by pilots, doctors and the system itself. In terms of over-thecounter (OTC) medications, Dr. Musick will describe the halflives of certain more potent OTC medications, which can be looked up by aviators themselves to determine the length of time a pilot needs to wait after taking the medication before flying. He will also discuss CACIs – Conditions an AME (or aviation medical examiner) Can Issue as well as what pilots can do to help their AMEs ensure they get their medical. He will also discuss fatigue and how to obtain a Special Issuance from a medical appeal. Dr. Musick has indicated that he will be available on the convention floor for further discussions with attendees. Dr. Musick is a lifelong aviation enthusiast who has pursued simultaneous careers in both medicine and aviation. He received his MD degree from Baylor College of Medicine and is board certified in Anesthesiology, Pediatric Anesthesiology and was trained by the U.S. Air Force as a Flight Surgeon. He has been an Aviation Medical Examiner for more than 20 years and is a Senior AME.

62 |

Dr. Musick has also pursued his aviation career, receiving his CFII and commercial ratings in the 1970s and has added the ATP, A&P/IA ratings to his “ticket”. He fights fires from the air in an Air Tractor 802 and he also flies agricultural aviation in an Air Tractor 502. Active in the warbirds, he flies the P-51 Mustang and the Corsair for the Commemorative Air Force and owns a T6 in which he performs at airshows. With more than 13,500 hours, he remains active in flying for hire and more importantly, understands the significance of a “trouble-free” medical. One of his talents is working through the “maze” of Special Issuance and helping airmen obtain flying status when they were convinced they would never be PIC again. Michelle Miller, better known as the Farm Babe, is an internationally recognized speaker, published writer and columnist, and an online influencer as a full-time advocate for agriculture. In a world where consumers are bombarded with misinformation and confusing marketing labels, Michelle clears the air and helps people learn from true ag experts with how food is actually produced. She started her social media outreach over seven years ago as a way to better bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, making a name for herself as a dedicated “mythbuster” in food and farming. Farm Babe has nearly 210,000 followers; an average social media reach of 2-3 million monthly, been featured in Forbes, a guest on Dr, Drew, has influenced corporations such as Burger King, and has proudly spoken alongside some of the biggest names in food and farming today. Michelle will speak about her experience mythbusting and positively ‘agvocating’ the aerial application industry to your local community and media.


AXEing for PAASS Fundraiser AXEing for PAASS is a fundraising event for NAAREF’s PAASS program where axes are thrown by a participant at a giant dartboard-like target. Anyone can play and win! Join us for this friendly competition on Sunday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. This is a terrific social event with the added benefit of raising money for PAASS and the lifesaving, environmental stewardship benefits it provides. All players will begin with eleven points and the amount you score is deducted from the total. The circles of the ‘dartboard’ are different point values and the first to count down from 11 to zero wins (ties will be broken with additional throws).

Teams are four people each and the donation to participate is $110/per person. Cash bar will be available, as well as light snacks (you can bring your own food, you cannot bring your own alcoholic beverages). Per the facility: Onsite, participants will be required to sign a waiver and receive a short training before the event begins. Throwers MUST wear closed-toed shoes; avoid wearing loose/baggy clothing and accessories. Transportation will be provided from the Knoxville Convention Center. If you’d like to use your own transportation to the event:

Thank You, Sponsors • • • • • • • •

• • • •

AeroGuard Insurance AgAir Update Air Tractor AssuredPartners Aerospace Covington Aircraft Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency Lane Aviation Mid-Continent Aircraft Corporation Insurance Division Old Republic Aerospace Starr Aviation Agency Thrush Aircraft USAIG

Craft Axe Throwing

Scoring for Game

119 W. 5th Avenue- Suite 150

All players will begin with eleven points and the amount you score is

Knoxville, TN 37917

deducted from the total.

Phone: (865) 213-9494

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 63


Johnston Aircraft Service Helping You Do Better Since 1947 Johnston Aircraft Service has been working with you to support and improve your Ag Aircraft for 3/4 of a century. Callairs, Pawnees, Braves, and Thrush - all have come in and out of our doors for modifications, service, repairs, complete rebuilds, and support afterward.

gallon loads up to 106 degrees F., and is a pleasure to fly. We have finished getting the approval for the 4 Blade High-Performance Hartzell Prop for this aircraft, and the plane is now flying in Arkansas.

We support the Brave, Pawnee, and Thrush and help operators worldwide with AgCats, Cessnas, and Air Tractors. In addition, we help support the PT6 Turbine Brave and work with Cascade Conversions 850 SHP PT6 Conversions for the Thrush and Air Tractor.

Let’s not overlook our Parts Department, one of the best in the world in support of Ag. Our people are knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. We have what you need in the way of Props, Engines, Wings, Landing Gear, Spray Equipment, GPS Hardware, and Fabric. YOU NAME IT.

Our heavily modified and rebuilt” 850 SHP Ultra Thrush” is an excellent example of what we can do for you. This aircraft is a frontline contender in the 500-gallon category. It is powerful, fast, very nimble, easily handles 500-plus

Having been in the Ag Aviation Support Business for over 75 years, we have a great deal of knowledge and expertise to provide you with unparalleled support. We are here To Help YOU be your Best!!

64 |


Clutch Performance Since 1947

J ohn o hnston ston A ircrAf t s er ervice vice  Ag-Cat Parts  Agrinautics  Aircraft Hardware  Air Tractor Parts  APS - Black Steel  Cascade  Cessna Parts  Cleveland Products  Concord / Gill Batteries

 CP Products  DynaNav (Vector Max GPS)  EMCO / Wheaton (Buckeye)  Hartzell Propellers  Kawak Products  Lane Fan / Electric Brake  Lycoming Engine Overhaul (incl. VO435)  Micronair Nozzles

 MPV 50  Piper Brave / Pawnee Parts  Poly Fiber Products  Satloc GPS  Superior Parts  Teejet Nozzles  Thrush Parts & Service  Tires  Transland


We rebuild and STOCK THRUSH WINGS and LANDING GEAR We can rebuild your broken Thrush or Brave fuselage We rebuild Brave wings including new Spar Caps 24 HR. PHONES: 559-686-1794 or 686-2161 | FAX: 559-686-9360 | P.O. Box 1457, Tulare, CA 93275 | Se Habla Español | | AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 65 CHECK OUT OUR AG AIRCRAFT FOR SALE SECTION ON OUR WEBSITE.


Serving Agricultural Aviation for 69 Years

Authorized distributor for Air Tractor, Southeastern Aircraft Sales offers new and used aircraft, parts and service. Now in our 69th year, our reputation has been built on honesty and integrity. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your company.


Our 69th Year Serving Agricultural Aviation

66 |

Looking forward to seeing you in Knoxville! Booth #715


Genuine Aircraft Hardware Company is a Distribution Company that Specializes in New, Traceable Hardware Have some odd hardware you’re looking for? Our sales team will try their hardest to source your hardware and get them to you in a very timely fashion. If you are looking for Nuts, Screws, Bolts, Washers, Hydraulic fittings, Pop-rivets, or anything else to help hold your plane together, give us a shot here at GAHCo. Our customer service is top-notch, our quality department is better than most of the larger companies we deal with, and our salespeople’s drive to find those parts is above and beyond. Not sure what part you need? That is fine; call us and order a Genuine Aircraft Hardware reference book and let our sales ladies help you figure out what that interesting part you are looking for is. This book is great not only for the veterans of the industry but also for those learning. Taking classes to become an Airplane

mechanic? Trust us when we say that you will want one of these books. Many Aviation Maintenance schools already order and require that their students pick up a copy of our reference book. We are a family-operated and driven business established in 1984 by Thomas William Brink. The company is now run and owned by his daughter Tamara and his wife, Pamela. Our GAHCo family works tirelessly to keep his legacy alive through great customer service and a fanatical sense of quality. Our Billings, Montana warehouse gets orders out on time, even with a small crew and a relentless sales team that will find the hardware that you need. So, give our GAHCo. family a call at 805-239-3169 and let us help you keep those planes in the sky where they belong.

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 67


Forest Protection Limited is a Global Leader in Aerial Application Forest Protection Limited is looking forward to attending the Ag Aviation Expo and meeting with other leaders in the aviation industry.

SERG-I, which includes partner organizations from the USA. FPL remains on the Board and has a significant role in the Group’s management.

About Us

FPL is a pioneer in the use of offset spraying. Using precision GPS tracking with aircraft-based meteorology and an advanced predictive AG-NAV® guidance system, FPL’s Accuair® Aerial Management System (AMS) automatically determines flight path offset to ensure a minimal off-target spray drift. The Accuair® system is designed to exceed aerial application guidance and control requirements.

Forest Protection Limited (FPL) is a global leader in fullspectrum forest health management and a center of excellence in aerial work. We champion strong, healthy forests and climate change mitigation through fire fighting, research and development, and pest management. Our unique set of specializations helps forest practitioners to preserve and promote forest health. When our forests are healthy, they play a vital role in sustaining our ecosystems, communities, and economies. As a result, our stakeholders trust us to preserve and promote the sustainability of this important natural resource.

Did You Know? FPL has a rich history. Over 70 years, FPL has demonstrated excellence in aerial application, forest fire response and quick attack while being a Transport Canada licensed 702 Aerial Work Operator and Approved Maintenance Organization. We are a vanguard of safe pesticide technology. FPL was a founding member of the Spray Efficiency Research Group

68 |

FPL provides turnkey aerial application services. Since our inception, we have been a leader in aerial forest pest management, leveraging technology we helped pioneer. Our team collaborates with customers in project planning, and we manage large-scale operations from multiple bases. In the air, our fleet of eight AT802s can be configured for ultra-low volume applications while using drift reduction technology to ensure cost-effectiveness and accuracy. We can provide Aerial Firefighting services to jurisdictions across North America. Our Air Tractor AT-802s can be used for a variety of forest firefighting requirements. Our aerial fire teams, consisting of tankers and support aircraft, carry loading staff, equipment, and licensed maintenance staff to minimize downtime. Learn more at our website,


AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 69


Live and Silent Auctions The Live Auction at the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo continues to be one of the most popular and successful fundraisers for the Association. When it comes to high-stakes entertainment, the intrigue, drama and excitement of NAAA’s Live Auction is hard to beat, which is why it has become one of the signature events at each convention. The Live Auction on “Convention Tuesday” is very important to NAAA from a fundraising standpoint, so enjoy the reception food and beverages and bring your checkbooks. NAAA also holds a Silent Auction each year. Bidding opens on Tuesday and closes on Wednesday afternoon. The Live Auction continues to be one of the most popular and financially successful fundraisers for the Association. But NAAA could not accomplish this without the support of our many friends and allies. We are grateful to our Allied Industry, State Associations and aerial applicator supporters. All auction donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated, and NAAA recognizes all donations in Association publications and on the NAAA website. The earlier you come forward, the more exposure you'll get.

2022 Auction Donation Thank you for your consideration of a 2022 auction donation. Please fill out this form to submit your 2022 Auction Donation. Please note: Once all items are received onsite, the NAAA Convention Committee will make final determinations for the items that will appear in the Live or Silent Auction.

70 |

2022 Auction Payment Information Auction Payment Arrangements for PT6A-34AG Engine: Potential buyers must provide a letter of credit from a financial institution to NAAA. The value of the engine will be available in Fall 2022. Send letter of credit to Lindsay Barber. The winner is required to pay a nonrefundable deposit of $20,000 onsite at the Ag Aviation Expo and the balance is required to be paid in 30 days. Auction Payment Arrangements for all other items: NAAA items selling for $3,000 or more require either payment in full or a 10% deposit at the time of purchase. The balance must be paid within 30 days of the auction. Item will be transferred upon receipt of payment in full. Payment must be made via cash, certified check, credit card or wire transfer. All items selling for less than $3,000 must be paid in full at the time of the auction. Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express). Auction Shipping Arrangements: Purchasers of auction items are responsible for collecting or shipping their auction items. You can make arrangements with T3 Expo to pack and ship your auction purchases for you. To speak with them about pricing, visit the T3 Expo Service Desk at the back of the NAAA Trade Show Floor.


Thank You, 2022 Auction Contributors PT6A-34AG Brand-New Engine. Potential buyers need to supply a letter of credit to NAAA. The value of the engine is $584,835. The engine build specification (BS) is 1334, used on the Air Tractor, Thrush and Turbine Conversions STC. The winning bidder is required to pay $20,000 down onsite and remainder of payment is due within 30 days. AeroLEDs 1 (one) SunSpot 4000 Series LED Landing or Taxi Light Air Tractor Air Tractor Golf Cart. Further details will be available in Fall 2022 Aircraft Spruce & Specialty The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls Yoke & Switch Panel is the most advanced flight simulation system available to simmers, flight students and pilots. The yoke has a realistic full 180° yoke rotation and a solid steel shaft with dual linear ball bearings that provide smooth control with a dampened, self-centering mechanism and no center detent or dead zone. The base includes a Switch Panel with master, alternator, avionics and light switches as well as a 5-position ignition switch. The left and right handles feature one 8-way hat switch, two vertical and two horizontal 2-way rocker switches, three buttons and a push to talk button. The Dual Mounting Solution allows for full use with or without clamps. Two heavy duty clamps made of steel, attach firmly and secure the yoke. For thicker tabletops, a large 3M® Micro-Suction Pad that produces 40lbs of tensile strength can be used for a clamp free solution. The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls Yoke & Switch Panel was designed and developed in California by pilots and aerospace engineers to ensure the most realistic flight simulation experience possible. Airforce Turbine Service (2) $250 Visa Gift Cards Yeti Backpack Cooler

Chem-Man by DataSmart Wooden piece with engravement of artwork. Concorde Battery Corporation Concorde Battery Model RG220 with accompanying STC for installation on Air Tractor Models, includes STC with accompanying Parts Manufacturing Approval. Good for 2 RG220 batteries for: Air Tractor Models AT-402, AT-402A, AT402B, AT-502, AT-502B, AT-504 OR Good for 3 RG-220 batteries for Air Tractor Models AT-502A, AT-602, AT-802, AT-802A Gibson & Barnes Gibson and Barnes MA-1/A Flight Satin Jacket sized for winner Hartzell Propeller Hartzell 2-Blade Wood Propeller: Decorative wood propeller to be displayed in office or home. Bill & Nancy Hatfield and Ann & Mark Grahek (Turbine Conversions) Turbine Conversions,Ltd - Single Point Fueling System: A complete Single Point Fueling STC SA01323CH approved on all models of Air Tractor, Thrush, Ag Cat and M18 Dromader. Approved for installation in US, Canada, Brazil & Australia. Includes Emco Wheaten 1” male adapter installed. And a guaranteed ship date in January of 2023 Andrew D. & Benjamin Moore Framed AgCat Illustration Old Republic Aerospace Aerial Applicator package with metal sign and pilot mugs. Mary Beth Schwaegel Larimar Caribbean Gemstone & Solid Sterling Silver Earrings Storm Aeronautics Storm Shield for Air Tractor or Thrush (winners choice)

Tennessee Aircraft Company, Inc. Union Army 1862 Springfield 3 Ring Muzzle Loading Rifle. This is a genuine Civil War relic, which is quite the addition for any gun owners collection. This gun should have been utilized throughout the Civil War. Turbine Training Center (each item below is separate) Two-Day Turbine Transition Course: Turbine Training Center courses are comprised of 2, full days of classroom and Air Tractor simulator time. The courses are taught one on one and are tailored to meet the individual pilot/operator’s needs. Courses cover all aspects of the PT6 and Air Tractor models (402-802), systems and operational procedures both normal and emergency. Other aspects that are covered in the courses include inadvertent IMC avoidance/survival, radio communication procedures, operations in controlled airspace and collision avoidance (obstacle and UAV). Air Tractor 802, 5651 Type Rating Exemption Course: The course covers the AT-802 tip to tail and covers all of the pertinent topics that allow the pilot to receive the type exception for the 802. It’s comprised of simulator and classroom, as well. Two-Day Rotorcraft Turbine Transition: These two day courses are comprised of classroom and Bell 206 simulator time. The course is designed to familiarize pilots with the turbine engine and it’s operation as well as aircraft systems. Pilots receive 6-8 hours in the simulator covering all normal operating procedures as well as emergency procedures. We also offer custom rotorcraft courses based off the individual operator’s needs. These courses can focus on emergency procedures, flight into IMC, collision avoidance and low level ops, or any areas of operation that are requested. Operators utilizing aircraft other than the Bell 206B/L series also benefit from the time in the simulator covering rotorcraft specific emergencies and procedures as well. UPL North America Rifle: More details coming Fall 2022. AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 71


Sky Tractor LLC Hillsboro, ND 1-800-437-5319

Your Complete Ag Aircraft Dealer

We stock the PARTS you need

Sky Tractor’s 53rd Year Serving Ag Aviation 2023 will mark the 53rd year we have served Red River Valley farmers in North Dakota! When Deck Flying Service acquired Sky Tractor in 1970 (the parts side of the business), we were able to diversify and grow our company nationwide and year-round. When one starts to consider the many changes in these past five decades, it is amazing how far this industry has come, and with a guarantee to thrive with continuing enhancements for all ag aircraft. We are humbled by the path that we’ve been able to travel. We are grateful to you, our valuable customers, that have given us these many opportunities over the years. You are our business, and for that, we are grateful. Without you, we cannot do what we love for even one day. Thank you. We look forward to serving you again in the coming year.

Aero Turbine Components Inc. Offers Repair and Overhaul Options for your PT-6 Hot Section Parts



Combustion liners C.T. Shroud Housings Large Exit Ducts Bearing Covers

Exhaust Ducts P.T. Stator Housings Small Exit Ducts

993 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA 01607 PH: 508-755-2121 | Fax: 508-755-2295 EASA 145.6212 | FAA CRS UMUR731X

72 |

Aero Turbine Components Inc. (Aero) has established a series of unique options for PT-6 operators and maintenance facilities. Utilizing either standard overhaul manual or DER “Specialized Repairs,” Aero offers Repair, Overhaul, or Exchange options for your PT-6 Hot Section Components. When needed using DER “Specialized Repairs” on components that may have been deemed unrepairable using standard overhaul manual operations, these parts may now be repaired with considerable savings in time and money. “Repair” We will repair your component to serviceable condition (HSI limits). This is typically done in two to five days for most repairs. “Overhaul” We will overhaul your component using overhaul technical data. This is typically done in five to ten days. “Exchange” We will Exchange your component after yours is received and inspected. You will get your part back quickly, and there is no upcharge for the exchange. You will be charged only for the Overhaul cost of your core. Aero Overview: Aero Turbine is FAA and EASA certified and has been in business since 2004, focusing on cost-saving repairs, overhauls, and exchanges on PT6 hot section components. Aero’s staff has extensive experience, including Engine overhaul and build an experience which shows evident in their PT-6 component repair business. They have designed and accomplished thousands of high-quality repairs since 1989.


Dream First Bank

Agricultural Aircraft Financing

Key highlights/services • • • • •

Phone: (620)276-6971

Quick loan approval and funding thoughout the U.S. Flexible repayment terms Loans to fund new business start up or transition to new ownership Accounts Receivable Financing Profitability / Efficiency Analysis

Visit to start your application today

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Raising the Bar for 30 Years VSE Aviation Services is proud to have been supporting the ag aviation industry since 1992. Founded as Kansas Aviation of Independence, VSE Aviation Services is viewed today as a leader in engine accessory overhaul and repair. We have grown to become one of the largest global facilities by volume of its kind; however, we have never forgotten our humble family roots. When our customers send their accessories to VSE Aviation Services, they are treated just as they were in 1992 with professionalism, kindness, caring and incomparable support, whatever the need may be. VSE Aviation Services’ facility in Independence, KS, is an FAA/EASA/CAAC Part 145 Repair Station specializing in the overhaul and repair of oil, air, fuel and electrical related engine accessories; from Fuel Control Units to Ignition Exciters and everything in between, for a variety of turbine engines used in Business / General Aviation and Rotorcraft with a primary focus on supporting PT6A, PT6B, PT6T, JT15D, PW100, PW150, PW200, PW300, PW500, PW600, PW901, PW2000, CF34, HW1319A/B and RR250 engines. With 2,400+ unique part numbers on our capabilities list, VSE completes over 11,000 work orders annually. We also carry a large inventory of rotable accessories to support our customers and fulfill industry demand. Same-day shipping is available for exchanges. 74 |

Our future continues to look bright as we keep adding to our capabilities list, often at the request of our customers. Now, as part of a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: VSEC), VSE is in the unique position to offer our customers not only repairs and exchanges but factory-new OEM parts as well. VSE Aviation is an authorized distributor of OEM turbine engine parts, avionics, and actuation components representing some of the most recognized brands in aviation – often on an exclusive basis – including Pratt & Whitney, Triumph, Honeywell, Eaton, Ontic, Norwich, Skurka, Champion Aerospace, and BendixKing. Over the past 30 years, a lot may have changed, but one thing remains a constant: serving our customers is our #1 priority. Our focus on providing friendly, fast, and flexible service of the highest quality has never wavered – and never will!



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Your Exclusive Canadian Air Tractor Dealership Portage Aircraft Specialties can supply Canadian aerial applicators with new and used Air Tractor aircraft, including 400, 500, 600, and 800-gallon capacity. All these Air Tractor aircraft are powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6-AG turboprop engines. Portage Aircraft Maintenance has become North America’s first designated engine & maintenance facility (DMF) for Pratt & Whitney and is certified to represent the PT6AG family. Portage Aircraft Maintenance has the tooling/ equipment to perform work on all the agricultural engine models, along with providing the most dependable support in the industry for line maintenance, hot section inspections, on-site repair, and mobile repair.

76 |

Portage Aircraft Specialties helping you get your Air Tractor back in the air. Our new 2500 sq ft Stores are stocked with a wide range of Air Tractor parts, ready to ship to aerial applicators across the country. Being our central location in Canada, Stores has the capability to provide next-day delivery, helping you get your Air Tractor back in the air.


New Technology LED Lighting Replacements – Making Your Job Easier AeroLEDs’ SunSpot™ Series LED Landing and Taxi lights can be seen from up to 30 miles away. They can be left on in all phases of flight as they draw 40% less power - significantly reducing the electrical load on the aircraft battery and alternator/generator system. SunSpot LEDs are designed to provide a wider beam pattern at a higher intensity with full-scale color rendering, providing a crisp edge-to-edge view of the flight path. They also maintain their full light output even at low engine RPM, which is critical for landing configuration. SunSpot is available with AeroLEDs’ signature Integrated Pulse, creating an alternating wig-wag flash pattern. This feature enhances in-flight visibility for air-to-air and air-to-ground collision avoidance, significantly increasing recognition in broad daylight and night operations to help avoid midair collisions and bird strikes. AeroLEDs’ SunSpot™ Series paired with Pulsar™ Series LEDs – offer minimalist design with maximum performance.

AeroLEDs’ Pulsar™ NSP serves as a three-in-one light— NAVIGATION for directional red and green positioning, ANTI-COLLISON STROBE, which increases visibility in both daylight and night, and a rear-facing white POSITION light. Pulsar NSP is a solid-state-mounted device with a built-in power supply and no requirement for external pulse light boxes. 10x more efficient than incandescent lighting – Pulsar NSP draws far less current and is vibration/shock resistant, making them virtually unaffected by adverse environmental conditions. Pulsar NSP also boasts an extremely aerodynamic profile that eliminates drag and is specifically designed to synchronize with all other installed AeroLEDs strobes. Ideal for use in experimental or certified agricultural aircraft - AeroLEDs SunSpot Series and Pulsar Series LEDs offer unprecedented performance that will truly transform your nighttime flying experience and provide unmatched daytime recognition for added safety.





SHOW SPECIAL 10% OFF 208.850.3294


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A Look Back At 2021 Highlights

78 |


Kawak Aviation Technologies is Celebrating 30 Years in 2023! In the 2023 season, Kawak Aviation Technologies will be celebrating our 30th anniversary of supporting the aerial application industry with products that improve productivity, safety, and profitability. Kawak now offers a high output electric powered spray pump. Prototype electric powered spray pumps have been in service for the last four years and have demonstrated exceptional performance and reliability. Kawak has incorporated a variable speed feature that allows the pilot to control the output of the pump manually or be integrated with a GPS/flow control system to automatically modulate spray pump output. With the ability to vary the spray pump output via speed control, the need for additional flow control devices is eliminated.

The popularity of Kawak throttle quadrants in the industry continues and so does Kawak’s efforts to add new models and features. In conjunction with Andrew Davey, a highly experienced Australian ag and fire pilot, Kawak developed the “Powerstop” quadrant and now the “Powerstop+”. Powerstop features a stop set to correspond with maximum engine limits given the ambient conditions, so pilots can keep eyes outside when working in situations demanding a pilot’s full attention. Powerstop+ incorporates a retractable stop that prevents accidental forward movement of the power lever eliminating an immediate over torque of the engine. The aerial application industry has been and will continue to be at the core of Kawak’s portfolio and as such, Kawak will continue to do what they have done for the last 30 years in producing innovative and effective solutions for ag aviation.

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 79


Devils Lake Aero Canadian Propeller Going Further to Take Brings 30 Years Care of Customers of Experience Hello, this is Tanner Sotvik with DEVILS LAKE AERO. We are an ag aviation shop in the upper Midwest. We maintain a large number of ag aircraft, turbines and radials as well as doing major repairs and alterations. We have a large selection of “need to have” parts on hand and are on call 24/7 to ag customers. We travel all over North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, sometimes even further, to take care of a customer. Downtime costs money, so we are able to fly right to you with the parts and know-how to get you back in the air fast. We are an AG Pilot X dealer and systems on hand. Devils Lake Aero is looking forward to serving you in the 2023 season.

80 |

Canadian Propeller is a propeller and aircraft component MRO company with over 30 years of experience. Canadian Propeller is currently Western Canada’s only Hartzell Propeller Factory Approved Repair Station and an MT Propeller Factory Trained & Authorized Facility. Canadian Propeller is central Canada’s McCauley Propeller Factory Authorized Service Station. In addition to propeller MRO services, we also offer governor overhauls, in-house NDT services, and 24/7 AOG customer support. We are centrally located in Canada and can also help coordinate the logistics of shipping.


Merit Helmet Updates Merit is celebrating its 27th year in business and 25th anniversary supplying the MSA Gallet Aviation Helmet to the world market. Merit is the oldest and largest distributor for these helmets. Merit inventories hundreds of helmets and parts so we can deliver new helmets very quickly and support our current customers with parts needed immediately, so they are not grounded.

available. Most of our customers fly for a living and can spend up to 13 hours a day wearing their helmets, so comfort is very important. Merit custom fits every helmet we sell. This, coupled with our service and all the helmet features, make it the helmet of choice for comfort and minimizing fatigue.

Our family-owned and operated business has had the pleasure of servicing the agricultural sprayers, firefighters, linemen, sling operators, air medical, airborne law enforcement, Coast Guard, FBI, and many private pilots around the world-flying fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters.

Merit offers many options for our helmets, including FIDLOCK chinstraps, custom communications packages, Active Noise Reduction (ANR), including the BOSE A20 system, CEP, Blu-Link II, Night Vision Goggles (NVG) ready components and more. We custom build and FIT every helmet to meet customer needs; hence HAPPY HEADS is our motto.

Merit MSA Gallet Helmets are the lightest weight, smallest profile, best peripheral vision, DOI Certified helmets

Please call us today to design and build the most comfortable aviation helmet in the world.

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S & T Aircraft Provides Flying in the Wire Top Quality Accessories and Obstruction Environment Course S & T Aircraft would like to thank all of our customers for allowing us the opportunity to serve your engine accessory needs. For nearly 40 years, we have strived to provide the best support and service to our customers and their accessories. We continue to stock a wide variety of accessories for radial and turbine engines in the warbird, agricultural and special aviation industries. We aren’t limited to those accessories either. We can handle all your accessory needs with an Unlimited Class 1 and Class 2 Accessory rating. Visit our website at or call us at 830-625- 7923 for troubleshooting support or to get a quote on the overhaul, repair, or exchange of your accessory today.

S & T Aircraft Accessories Full Engine Accessory Line Large stock of overhauled/certified engine accessories for radial and turbine engines. We can exchange same day, or overhaul your accessory in a short turn-around time. Generators Wobble Pumps Vacuum Pumps Magnetos Hydraulic Pumps Carburetors Motors Reverse Current Relays Starters Fuel Pumps Tach Generators Prop Governors Voltage Regulators Boost Pumps Starter-Generators

Attend the Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Environment Course, acclaimed by professional airplane and helicopter operators world-wide. It gives low-altitude aviators the essential skills needed to safely operate an aircraft in wire and obstruction environments. This course is for both aircraft and helicopter pilots. Learn how to identify signs of wires and why ag aviators hit wires they already knew were there. This course may very well save your life - don’t miss it. The course will be taught by Utilities / Aviation Specialist’s Inc. (UAS), a unique group of aviation safety practitioners who provide safety auditing, specialized training, installation of safety management systems, and technical aviation consulting. They provide mission-specific expertise in specialized applications which require skill sets above those found in most routine transport operations. Learn more about Utilities / Aviation Specialist’s Inc. (UAS) at

TPE-331 • PT6


Propellers & Accessories


CALL US TODAY FOR ALL YOUR ACCESSORY NEEDS OVERHAUL OR EXCHANGE 310 FM 483, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 Email: Web: Phone: 830-625-7923 Fax: 830-625-4138 FAA Approved Repair Station No. CC2R737K

82 |

3322 N. 74th E. Ave. • Tulsa, OK 74115



Turbine Training Center Announces New Location Located in the newly renovated and Historic Community House in Downtown Manhattan, KS All new! Turbine Training Center also houses new Bell 206 and Fire Boss simulators. We are excited to announce the addition of our new Bell 206B/L simulator. We now offer initial training courses for the 206 as well as turbine transition, recurrent and emergency procedure courses as well. Turbine Training Center has also added Fire Boss capabilities to our current AT-802 simulator. The sim contains all of the necessary components and programming to simulate Fire Boss functionality and also the ability to simulate fires in any location and condition.

and fire operations. More to come on this sim and additional courses that we will be offering.

About Turbine Training Center For over 20 years, Turbine Training Center has offered a turbine transition training course for ag pilots moving from piston and into turbine-powered aircraft. In addition to our classroom curriculum, we offer an added training dimension with the 502/802 Air Tractor simulator. By incorporating Air Tractor simulator time with the classroom familiarization of the PT6 and its operation, we are able to significantly enhance the knowledge and skills gained through the course. We can give the pilot repetition with normal operating procedures of the turbine engine but also have the ability to cover any and all emergency procedures which would not be possible in the actual aircraft in a controlled environment.

Coming soon…Dual seat/Control AT-802 Simulator In winter 2023, we will add a dual seat, dual control AT-802 simulator to our current fleet! As with our current AT-802 simulator, the new sim will also be equipped for Ag

Whether you are pursuing a career in agricultural aviation or a seasoned, high-time pilot, you can benefit from the safety and knowledge that is gained through initial or recurrent training.

SAFETY THROUGH SIMULATION Excited to announce our new


Bell 206 Simulator Training Other training offered: Air Tractor Simulator Training Turbine Transition Courses Customized Courses ….and more! In partnership with: WE OFFER DUAL INSTRUCTION TIME BUILDING PACKAGES IN A DUAL CONTROLLED AT-802 AND AT-504.



AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 83


Simplicity at Its Best Our customers have discovered the real DynaNav Secret: our products have advanced technology that is simple to operate yet has highly productive solutions for the Aerial Applicator. “Simple by Design – Flexible in Application” – this corporate statement sets the path for Dynanav System’s unique capabilities, making operations for the pilots simple, easy and reliable. Simplicity = Productivity. Starting with the basic design of the Vektor MAX that has only two components: the HMI – Touchscreen computer with built-in Flow Control Electronics, WiFi & Skynet communications, etc., and the field-proven robust Vektor Lightbar. This design makes for an extremely easy installation, and for flow control, you only need to add the flow valve and flow meter. Next, the DynaFlight 3 system drives DynaNav’s unique DynaViz display that sits up on the dash, in the field of view of the outside the cockpit. With its “Roadway” guidance display, the pilot intuitively follows the “Roadway” for an accurate and even application of his products. There are many advantages to the DynaViz display, such as; 1) All controls for the input of his jobs are done through the tophat and enter buttons on his pilot control grip or cyclic/collective in a helicopter. 2) In standalone mode, the DynaViz display has a live-moving map for spraying headlands and curved lines. 3) The “Roadway” gives true “Free Form” navigation along with an as-applied Score Bar so the pilot can accomplish any pattern or non-pattern as the pilot needs to complete his application without touching any button. Just as important as GPS systems with superior guidance solutions, DynaNav also has a suite of products and technology for flow control of liquids and dry materials. As mentioned above, the Vektor MAX includes flow control electronics to drive flow valves and electric and hydraulicdriven pumps. Then there are DynaNav’s DynaFlow flow control systems. For the DynaFlight 3 system, we add the DynaFlow ECU

84 |

“Simple by Design – Flexible in Application” – this corporate statement sets the path for Dynanav System’s unique capabilities, making operations for the pilots simple, easy and reliable. Simplicity = Productivity. (Electronic Control Unit) to control electric valves and electric and hydraulic-driven pumps. Further, our DynaFlow systems include a boom pressure sensor so we can digitally display the boom pressure and use the digital boom pressure to activate GPS marking output. Simply set the pressure you want the GPS to start and stop marking. Using the DynaFlow ECU, we also manufacture standalone flow control systems with an integrated GPS receiver. Just as important, these standalone flow control systems can be controlled by any other GPS manufacturer, as we have an open architecture communications protocol they can use. The original system is the DynaFlow Flow Control has a compact HMI-Touchscreen for full pilot interface. This system also has many options of Flow Valves and Flow Meters to suit the need of any aircraft or helicopter. It also includes the digital boom pressure sensor, including a relay switch output for marking of spray on any GPS. More recently, DynaNav released the DynaFlow 2 system, which also controls hydraulic and electric motor-driven pumps. It has a little larger HMI-Touchscreen for more information and control inputs for its wide range of controls. Go to to learn about our products as well as SHOP online.


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Sync Your Workflow With 20% More Efficiency Just like any business, successful farming comes down to effective data management — ensuring that every acre of land, every machine hour, and every individual crop is maximized for the biggest possible return. Raven’s connectivity & logistics technology centralizes all this data and more, helping you make informed real-time decisions to increase profit and productivity. Slingshot® is a suite of services that syncs the farm operations from the field to the office. Slingshot’s connectivity and logistics features increase accuracy and visibility across all your machines, fields, and jobs. This connectivity provides a large range of real-time dispatch, information sharing, monitoring, and reporting analytics to increase accuracy and efficiency — right from your computer, tablet, or cell phone. The aerial applicator’s Connected Workflow™ with Slingshot ensures a simple process from planning and

work order generation to field application and invoice creation. You can place orders, create boundaries, manage product inventory, and dispatch fields to the appropriate applicators or navigation devices. With Raven Fleet Tracking, you can see work order status in real-time using GPS, cellular, and Wi-Fi connectivity over the air. Slingshot finishes the job with immediate and accurate digitalized reports of all completed jobs and fields, providing thoroughly detailed invoicing. Learn more at


Advancing Farming with


SYNC YOUR WORKFLOW WITH 20% MORE EFFICIENCY • Quickly map fields and create orders • Access work orders in the air • One click start and stop job completion • Instantly send completion back into AgSync • Track your products • Invoice before the plane returns

010003-00004 9/22

86 |


Looking Forward to Seeing Everyone in Knoxville! BrightPortal Resources LLC is sincerely looking forward to seeing you all in person at this year’s NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Knoxville, TN. Please stop by and put an eye on our SOLAR Powered LED markers that will light up your runway! We offer a safety-enhanced and cost-effective lighting solution with a proven track record. We are grateful for our Ag customers! Blessings and Safe Travels. Sincerely, Tim & Patti Cowsert BrightPortal Resources, LLC 979/270-1655

Solar Powered LED Markers

“Lighting Up The World”

Light up runways, helicopter landing pads, and more!

979-270-1655 Tim and Patti Cowsert 1410 Country Road • Blanco, TX 78606

Stor-Loc Modular Drawer System Build to Last STOR-LOC, Originally designed in 1982, the initial design was a composite of all the best features available in the market at that time. They built their product to last! Today, Stor-Loc is the only manufacturer that adheres to its original design characteristics, such as mig-welded corners and full-with, 11 gauge fork channels. Stor-Loc is one of a few companies that do not use nylon rollers in their support system but rather steel ball bearings and heat-treated steel rollers that provide consistent, lifetime drawer performance. Our product line consists of workstations, cabinets, and complete systems for keeping your tools organized. You can find Stor-Loc at dozens of trade shows throughout the U.S. and Canada. Along with their display of the most popular drawers, cabinets and workstations, they also feature new products. AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 87



Precision with every drop

USA: Lane Aviation T + 1 281 3425451 E

Canada: Yorkton Aircraft Service T +1 306 786 7007 E

Argentina: ArAvia T + 54 3263 433540 E

UK: Micron Sprayers Ltd T +44 1885 482397 E

Brasil: Agrotec T +55 (53) 3026 2903 E




956-230-3000 3306 HERITAGE WAY HARLINGEN, TX 78550

88 |

Micron Sprayers Ltd are the World’s Leading Authority on Low Volume and ULV Aerial Application Micron Sprayers Ltd are the world’s leading authority on low volume and ULV aerial application. Pioneers of Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) using rotary atomizers for precise droplet size control, the company has been manufacturing specialist aerial application equipment for over 60 years. The company regularly exports to over 100 countries and has a global distribution network of aerial application specialists covering the Americas, Europe, Australasia, Africa, Central Asia, Middle, and Far East. Our sales and technical team have extensive experience within the aerial application industry and are available to provide support and assistance together with our specialist distribution network. Our website includes full details on our product range, technical manuals, and product selection guides. We also offer users access to online droplet size calculation tools to assist in correct setup.

TIA Aeronautics Provides Excellent Quality and Customer Service TIA AERONAUTICS is an FAA Certified Repair Station with authorization on all PT6A model engines. TIA is a shop that provides excellent quality and superior customer service that is unmatched. At TIA, we are rated for avionics, airframe and specialize in Pratt and Whitney PT6A engines. From hot section inspections to overhauls, we have you covered. Using TIA, you’ll get an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our knowledgeable technicians take pride in their work, and our customer service will assist your every need. As an independent PT6A shop, TIA’s goal is to deliver exceptional quality at a competitive price. To accomplish this goal, we have stocked our inventory with overhauled parts that meet OEM standards and well-trusted PMA parts. We are located on the Valley International Airport. Contact: Jesse Mendoza O: 956-230-3000 C: 956-240-3559


Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. is the Leading Supplier for Ag Aviation Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. has been a leading supplier to the general aviation industry since 1965. The company carries a full line of aircraft parts, avionics, and pilot supplies and ships from regional distribution centers in California, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania and Canada. They also operate Eaton engine hose shops in Chandler, AZ and Omaha, NE. Products for AG aircraft include batteries, tires, RAPCO and APS wheel and brake parts, custom hose assemblies, starters, alternators, fuel pumps, carburetors, Tanis heaters, pistol grips, engine parts, and Garmin GPS. Aircraft Spruce provides competitive pricing and same-day shipments to thousands of customers worldwide. For more information call 1-877-4SPRUCE or (951)372- 9555 or email

Aircraft Spruce Everything For Planes and Pilots









…the heart of your aircraft®

Special Annou

877-4-SPRUCE 7






IMPORTANT: The following information is confidential and shouldPARTS only be distributed to personnel within your company as necessary. CATALOG

Over 1,100+ Pages of Full Color Aviation Products


November Dear valued Lightspeed dealer,

With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to reach out and make sure you are up to date on all of the exciting thing happening at Lightspeed. As it turns out, the highly successful launch of our Zulu PFX headset this summer was just the be Please read below for the following topics: • CES Innovation Awards Honoree • Lightspeed online training available • Holiday gift with purchase promotion • Lightspeed Aviation Adventure Flight Bag Launch

AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 89


DART is the Industry Leader In Design, Manufacturing, and Certifications of Aerial Application Systems From aerial agricultural applications to today’s most advanced aircraft firefighting equipment, DART Aerospace is an industry leader serving thousands of operators worldwide. With the acquisition of Simplex in 2019, DART has inherited its reputation as the world leader in the design, manufacturing, and certification of aerial application systems, which has been built over a 73- year history of supplying innovative designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and reliable customer support. DART now specializes in multi-mission rapid on-off tank systems requiring minimum aircraft modifications. As an industry pioneer, Simplex introduced the first aluminum centrifugal pump designed for aerial applications in 1946. Today, DART maintains its industry leadership by incorporating the latest technology in design and manufacturing systems from high-strength, low-weight composite materials to produce the highest performance and most cost-effective airborne systems available. With an impressive line-up of over 1,500 STCs, DART offers a

comprehensive portfolio of mission equipment and related services, replacement parts, and tooling for civil and military operators, completion centers, MR&O facilities, and all major rotorcraft OEMs. DART’s key products include agricultural spray systems, aerial firefighting systems, flotation systems, ground support equipment, environmental control systems, landing gear, interior and exterior accessories, cargo expansion, cable cutters. All of DART’s fast-time-to-market solutions are delivered with superior customer support in over 120 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Montreal, QC, Dart Aerospace has worldwide manufacturing and engineering facilities in Canada (Hawkesbury, ON and Calgary, AB), the United States (Broussard, LA, Fort Collins, CO, Portland, OR, and Vista, CA), Mexico (Chihuahua, MX), and Europe (Amsterdam, NL). Learn more about DART’s extensive portfolio of products and services at

The RIGHT Agricultural Spray Systems for your Mission


90 |

OR CONTACT 1-800-556-4166


AERO Aviation Co. Hose Shop Returns to NAAA

APS® “Black Steel®” The Proven Original

The AERO Aviation Company Hose Shop is returning to NAAA again this year. In addition to being the industryleading aircraft supplier for fuel, oil, and hydraulic hoses, they also offer hundreds of kits for most aircraft makes and models, a hose duplication program matched by no other, bulk hose and fittings, AOG service, and large warbird and helicopter hoses. Make sure to add the AERO Aviation Company Hose Shop (Booth #408) to your list of must-see vendors at the 2022 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo this year, as a show special will be available. Be sure to ask the AERO Hose Shop representative about that special! For detailed information, visit our website at www. or contact an AERO Aviation Company Hose Shop representative at: 1.866.413.2780 ext. 293 3701 Highway 162 Granite City, IL 62040

High performance starts with the right parts, and APS® has been manufacturing “BlackSteel®” brake discs and metallic and semi-metallic brake linings for more than two decades to achieve this high standard. APS® offers the ultimate braking performance. They have designed a high-quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. These discs are CNC machined from a rigid one-piece forging and are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give it the “BlackSteel®” appearance, corrosion resistance, and longer life, these brake discs also proudly display the “BlackSteel®” name engraved on the side. Manufacturing APS® “BlackSteel®” brake discs are their passion… Perfection is their standard. Stop by to speak with the “BlackSteel®” experts at Booth #410 to learn more. APS® brake products are truly innovative products at a cost-effective price and worth your time to explore. Check it out at


HIGH PERFORMANCE STARTS WITH THE RIGHT PARTS APS has designed a high quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. A true blend of strength and durability. CNC machined from a rigid one piece design these brakes are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give it the appearance, with our name proudly engraved on the side; APS offers the ultimate in braking performance.

, Hundreds of Kits Available 2 Duplication Program Second to None 3 Custom Built, TSO-Certified Stratoflex Hose Assemblies Phone: 866.413.2780 ext. 293 Fax: 618.931.1102 E-mail: Website:

Contact us for a list of our distributors SEND HOSES TO: 3701 Highway 162 Granite City, IL 62040



APSBRAKES.COM AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 91


What Do You See?

Ag Container Recycling Council Unveils New Branding The Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) has recently unveiled new branding as it launched its new website and a new logo. ACRC Executive Director, Mark Hudson, states “The new web domain is which is easier for customers and industry stakeholders to remember and clearly reflects what we do. The new ACRC logo is an image that represents both our industry and our purpose. The green leaf is the most common

representation of the agricultural community that we serve. The leaf also depicts an ag chemical container, with the single line above it being the cap of the container. Stewardship of the ag chemical container has been our purpose since day one of the ACRC!” The ACRC looks forward to sharing this new branding with ag pilots at the Ag Aviation Expo in Knoxville, TN, December 5 – 8, 2022.

Come Visit us at Booth 1212 92 |


You kill the bugs.

AG Container Recycling Council

We recycle the jugs. Visit us at the 2022 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo

Booth 1212

Contact Us 1-877-952-2272 - AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 93


Electronics International Digital Aircraft Instruments Electronics International Inc., of Bend, Oregon, has been designing a comprehensive line of digital aircraft instruments since 1979. Their FAA-certified primary replacement, programmable Turboprop Engine Monitor, model MVP-50T, displays functions such as N1, N2, ITT, Torque, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Volts/Amps, Fuel Level, Fuel Flow, Time to Empty, and more. EI’s Engine Data Converter (EDC) accepts all inputs from probes & transducers, with only two wires running from the EDC to the back of the MVP50T. EI’s MVP-50T also provides custom interactive checklists, information

screens, programmable temp limits, data recording capabilities, external annunciators, and more. The MVP50T’s colorful display provides all information in easy-to-read digital, arc, and strip gauge formats. The MVP-50T records all engine parameters three times per second up to 1,000 flight hours, all easily downloaded through the USB port on the front panel of the instrument. For more information, you can visit Electronics International Inc. online at, email them at, or call them at (541) 318-6060.

Rugged FAA TSO’d Replacements

TR-1-ITT 2” Mount

TR-1-TQ 2” Mount

Additional TR-1 Models: • Fuel Flow • Fuel Level • Fuel Press • Oil Press • Oil Temp • EPR

94 |

• Diff Air Press • Cabin Press • O2 Press • Bleed Air Temp • Hydraulic Press • Volts

• Amps • OAT • TAT • AOA • Plus Others!

TR-1-NG 2” Mount

TR-1-NP 2” Mount

Call (541) 318-6060 or Visit




➤ PT6A Engine Sales and Service ➤ PT6A Parts Sales ➤ PT6A Engine MRO Services

AOG 24 hr Field Service: ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤

Engine Removal and Installation Troubleshooting Hot Section Maintenance Borescope Inspection ITT, Torque Calibration • 305-825-2001

Call for Availability



406 W. Rhapsody San Antonio, TX 78216 USA AIRCRAFT AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING FAA Approved Part 21 Manufacturer FAA-PMA PQ0490SW 800-988-2665(COOL) - 210-342-9761 MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Since 1972



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The Low Down on Drift Reduction Agents Drift Reduction Agents (DRAs) come as polymers, invert emulsions, vegetable polymers, and emulsifiers. Polymer types are thickeners and are susceptible to pump shear. Invert emulsions are tricky and can be unreliable. Vegetable polymers are thickeners but not as thick as other polymers and are more resistant to pump shear. Emulsion types are the newest technology and function over the broadest range of applications. Drift-fiant™ is a hybrid technology with a patented twist—a vegetable polymer synergized with an emulsification system. The results are a supreme drift-reduction agent that reduces fines without increasing large “bounce off” droplets, which increases deposition on the leaf by about 15% over the best competitor. AgraSyst has combined Drift-fiant’s™ technology with other products for increased convenience, including:

96 |

*AgraSyst Lo-Drift 90™: Our blended NIS, with Drift-fiant™ inside the formulation. *Full Load Complete™: Our do everything adjuvant— Premium surfactants, water conditioning, Drift reduction and Volatility reduction. “Full Load Complete™ has been our one-stop shop for our spray adjuvants. It is convenient and easy to use. It’s nice to have everything in one jug. We can really see the difference in drift reduction out of the back of the plane”. Fred Meise North West Ag Moses Lake, WA


Cascade Receives Thrush “Beast” Certification Cascade Aircraft Conversions has received the FAA STC certifications to install Pratt & Whitney’s 867 SHP PT6140AG on the THRUSH 510P and 510G model aircraft. As an owner of a THRUSH 510P or 510G model, this STC upgrade increases your acres per hour and the profitability of your business. This upgrade substantially increases productivity for owners/operators operating AG aircraft at higher elevations or higher temperatures. The Cascade Aircraft Conversion’s “BEAST” STC complete includes the following: firewall-forward bolt-on kit, zero-time PT6-140AG (w/full warranty), zero-time Avia 108” 3-blade prop, new engine mount, and Cascade Pressure Cowl system - providing longer service life for the new turbine. Also included is the engine Boost Start System that provides 140-degree cooler starts in under 15 seconds with no maintenance batteries. The conversion features the industry-leading Cascade Pressure Cowl - proven to deliver more clean air to protect the turbine in all environments. The pressure cowl performs exceptionally in dusty/sooty, dry/arid, and FOD-heavy

locations while reducing ITT temps and fuel consumption. While maintaining a no-FOD history, this critical system delivers on maintenance allowing easy access to service both the air-filtration system and fuel nozzles. A higher volume of clean air maximizes the longevity of heat-critical components and the engine. The 4000-hour P&W TBO 140AG turbine produces 867SHP up to 111 degrees OAT. The integrated Cascade Pressure Cowl will make your Thrush 510P or 510G a true 500-gallon aircraft every day of the year at TRUE 10,500 gross weight. At higher altitudes or rising OAT, the Cascade conversion eliminates the need to download, which in turn maximizes your efficiency and profitability all day long while extending the powerplant lifetime and minimizing maintenance overhead. Call Cascade to secure your 140AG “Beast” STC Kit or other performance products and power up your business. Visit us at booth #417 in Knoxville.



Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140AG Firewall Forward Bolt on Kit (w/new engine mount) AVIA 108” Propeller Boost Start System (w/external Power Port) MVP Upgrade

• • • • •

Cascade Pressure Cowl (quick change filter) Engine Mounts Wiring Harness and 19K-Lumen Pulsing Nose Lights Aerodynamic Mods (increased maneuvering/safety) Able to TRULY fly the 10500 lb. Certified weight.

Contact us to learn more about all of our Conversions for Air Tractor and Thrush


PH: 509.635.1212 • FAX : 509.635.1477 •

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StandardAero: Your Trusted Service Partner for PT6A Engine Support

At StandardAero, we retain simple core values that set us apart: we put our customers first, and focus on keeping them flying by delivering reliable, value-for-money PT6A engine support. We support the agricultural aviation community from nine locations across North and South America: • • • • • • • • •

Summerside, PE (PT6A Designated Overhaul Facility) Belo Horizonte, MG (PT6A Service Center) Calgary, AB (PT6A Service Center) Dallas, TX (PT6A Service Center w/ test) New London, NC (PT6A Service Center w/ test) Phoenix, AZ (PT6A Service Center) Pittsburgh, PA (PT6A Service Center) St. Louis, MO (PT6A Service Center) West Palm Beach, FL (PT6A Service Center)

PT6A services provided include: • Hot Section Inspection (HSI) & repair - Foreign Object Damage (FOD) repair - Power section repair • Engine overhaul • Engine pass-off testing • Low-cycle fatigue replacement • Engine investigation • Metal-in-Oil (MIO) inspection & repair - Borescope inspections • Accessory gearbox (AGB) repair • Failure analysis • Accessory repair & overhaul • 24/7 field service support • Material supply • Lease, rental & storage solutions for spares - Engine condition trend monitoring (ECTM) - Complete hot section kit exchanges • Fuel nozzle testing and overhaul 98 |

PT6A applications supported include: • Air Tractor AT-402A/402B (PT6A-11AG or -15AG) Air Tractor AT-502B (PT6A-15AG or -34AG) • Air Tractor AT-504 (PT6A-34AG) • Air Tractor AT-602 (PT6A-60AG or -65AG) • Air Tractor AT-802/802A (PT6A-65AG, -67AG or -67F) • Schweizer G-164B AG-Cat Turbine (PT6A-11AG, -15AG or -34AG) Schweizer G-164D AG-Cat Turbine (PT6A-34AG) • Thrush 510P & 510P2 (PT6A-34AG) • Thrush 550P (PT6A-60AG) • Thrush 660 (PT6A-60AG or -65AG) • Thrush 710P (PT6A-65AG or -67AG) • Thrush S2R-T15 (PT6A-15AG or -27) • Thrush S2R-T34 & S2RHG-T34 (PT6A-34, -36, -41, -41AG or -42) • Thrush S2R-T65 & S2RHG-T65 (PT6A-60AG or -65AG) • Thrush S2R-T660 (PT6A-45A, -45B, -45R, -65AG, -65AR, -65B or -67AG) WWW.STANDARDAERO.COM Contact us at




Complete PT6A-AG Repair & Overhaul Capabilities • OEM-authorized for seven PT6A-AG engine models • Light overhaul with test • Hot section inspections

• Foreign object damage (FOD) repair • Power section inspection & repair • Accessory gearbox inspection & repair • Fuel nozzle kits

• Engine modules & accessories • Industry-leading warranty • Supported from nine locations across North & South America

Plus parts sales as a P&WC PT6A DOF with Distribution rights


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ROTAMARKA™ “Makes Powerlines Visible” to Pilots and Machinery Operators ROTAMARKA is a multipurpose aerial marker designed with science to stimulate the senses by rotating in low wind with high internal contrast and large reflectors. ROTAMARKA™ is an effective practical solution that is simple to install to help mitigate the risk of powerline strikes in the agricultural, construction & blue-chip industries. ROTAMARKA™ can be installed on longer spans between markers and used as an effective bird diverter to mitigate risk from avian powerline strikes. Many electrical utilities now use ROTAMARKA™ for multipurpose applications in the UK, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia. ROTAMARKA™ is supported by the AAAA and is now available in the US and supported by NAAA to help reduce our incidents and fatalities. Where our ROTAMARKA™ has been installed, we are proud to say there has not been a repeat incident. They are a costeffective solution in helping mitigate risk in costly outages, repairs, and, above all, fatalities.

ROTAMARKA™ is a visual warning against hard-to-see power wires, not only for pilots but for trucks, headers, pickers, and augers that result in too many accidents and fatalities across our industry. Features: Red / White can be seen by the pilot’s excess of 3600ft, Unique 3D, high internal contrast rotating design, Low-cost installation to land or utility asset owners, It can be installed by Link stick from the ground, Bucket truck, or UAV by qualified operators. ROTAMARKA™ is manufactured in Nylon 6 using stainless steel and brass anti-corrosive components. It has been extensively tested for high wind endurance, snow, ice loading, extreme heat, UV, and corona with withstand voltage of 173kv. Comprehensive test data, FAQs and science sheets, and videos are available for all utility asset engineers on request or can be downloaded on our web portal. Come and see us at the AgAviation Expo Booth #528!

Making Powerlines Visible 3D Rotating Powerline Marker For Agricultural Pilots & Machinery Operators • • •

High visibility 3D rotating design Large internal contrast Seen from all angles of approach

WINNER 2018 AAAA Australia Innovation to pilot safecty award Call us for additional information T: 866-457-4830 E:

100 |


Can be installed from the ground with a link stick or EWP bucket truck. Discuss your installation needs with your local electrical utility, asset owner.



SwathPRO® Spray System at NAAA Ag Aviation Expo CapstanAG National Account Sales Manager Jeff Hemeyer reports that an Air Tractor airplane equipped with the SwathPRO spray boom system will be on display at Air Tractor booth 603 during the Ag Aviation Expo trade show. The SwathPRO team will also be on hand to explain how the aerial liquid spraying system helps ag pilots mitigate drift, increase productivity, and precisely apply crop protection products with better accuracy. “This is a great opportunity to learn how this system can revolutionize how ag pilots get their job done.” Air Tractor and CapstanAG entered into an agreement in early 2022 to market the SwathPRO system through the Air Tractor worldwide dealer network. The patented individually optimized nozzle spray system will be available as a factory-installed option on new Air Tractor aircraft models and installed on customer airplanes by Air Tractor dealers. The SwathPRO system spray boom has an electronic solenoid at each nozzle station that controls both flow and pressure to adjust for pattern disturbances during flight. “Utilizing the CapView in-cockpit controller, the pilot can push a button to select from as many as seven different nozzle pattern profiles to adjust deposition characteristics as conditions change while spraying a field,” reports Hemeyer. “All of this is done ‘on the fly.’ There is no need to land and adjust spray nozzle settings.” Since its debut at the 2018 NAAA convention, several SwathPRO aerial spray systems have been installed onto Air Tractor test aircraft, collectively covering more than 1.5 million acres during the past four seasons. Reports from the field are positive. As described by one SwathPRO pilot, “I now have an ‘automatic spray nozzle tip changer’ as I fly across the field.” Another pilot reports, “I am more accurate, with less drift. The SwathPRO system makes my job safer and easier.”

SwathPRO® revolutionizes how you get the job done.

No need for landing to adjust spray nozzles. Aerial application is optimized, in flight, with the push of a button.

See Us At Booth 814 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo

For more information about the SwathPRO system, go to, or contact your Air Tractor dealer. AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 101


In 2022 Turbine Conversions, Ltd Achieved a Milestone - Producing the 1,000th Single-Point Fueling System! Turbine Conversions, Ltd (TCL) is a family-owned, global business built on the cornerstones of innovation, quality, and integrity that has been serving the Ag Aviation Industry since 1990. Our customers and business partners become family and are treated accordingly. TCL founder Bill Hatfield has been flying Ag for almost 60 years and knows the challenges you face. He has built a foundation with TCL of developing solutions that increase profitability and safety for you and your aircraft. In 2022 TCL achieved a big milestone by producing the 1,000 Single Point Fueling System! This accomplishment would not have been possible without the support of our worldwide network of Single Point Fueling Systems dealers. This network has been instrumental in making our SPF the #1 fueling system by providing its customers with quality installation and service. If you have SPF in your aircraft and would like to share your experiences, please visit us during the NAAA Expo we would love to speak with you or email ann@turbineconversions. com. If you are new to SPF, we have a system in our booth to demonstrate the benefits and added safety it offers. In April, TCL traveled to Utah to participate in calibration workshops on the Zanoni Atomizer for use in mosquito control. Again, the results were great. The feedback from customers using the Zanoni atomizers on forestry and 102 |

mosquito contracts in the US & Canada have also been very positive. TCL offers a full range of quality stainless steel Zanoni Equipment spray systems that would be a great investment for your business. Make sure you stop by and visit the TCL Trailer and speak with Mark and Lucas about how TCL and Zanoni can assist you in your dispersal system needs. TCL will host an educational session on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at 9:45am. The 30 minutes session will talk about expanding the use of atomizers in your business - status, challenges and perspectives of atomizers in aerial pesticide applications. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from an experienced international agronomist & North American applicators that are using atomizers in applications on row crops and forestry work. Everyone at Turbine Conversions, Ltd thanks all of our customers. We never stop thinking about what we can do to benefit you and your businesses! With TCL’s current portfolio offering 40+ STCs for the agricultural aviation market and the full line of Zanoni Equipment, we know we have something that can propel your business forward. We look forward to serving you in 2023. Bill & Nancy Hatfield Ann Hatfield - Grahek & Mark Grahek


2022 AG EXPO Knoxville

Visit us in BOOTH 1203

Turbine Conversions, Ltd The Aviation Innovation Specialists ~ Since 1990

North America

18155 120th Nunica, MI 49448 Ph# 616-837-9428

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Prime Turbines Offers YOU More: PT6A & PT6T Engine Overhauls! Prime Turbines (Prime) offers a revolutionary brand of PT6A & PT6T engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. Engine MRO compliments Prime’s strong list of capabilities, allowing them to offer operators a comprehensive assortment of services for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A & PT6T Engine Series.

environment. In challenging economic times like these, aircraft operators turn to experienced, proven shops they can count on to provide top-quality service at a fair and affordable price. And with tighter budgetary constraints and greater demands for justification placed on aircraft and engine maintenance, operators need creative ideas to control cost while maintaining quality and reliability.

Prime’s leading brand of PT6A & PT6T engine MRO offers operators a variety of options and build specifications to customize the Repair & Overhaul (R&O) process. Being an independent FAA-authorized overhaul facility allows Prime the freedom and opportunity to remain aligned with the interests and objectives most important to the operator. Prime Turbines offers engine service operators need for today’s ever-changing

Prime Turbines is FAA & EASA certified, specializing in PWC PT6A Engine R&O services, along with hot section recertification, engine performance testing, power section and gas generator repair, fuel nozzle overhaul/ exchange and bleed valve overhaul/exchange service. The company is also an authorized distributor of FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (“PMA”) parts for PT6A hot sections. Learn more at



PT6A & PT6T Repair & Overhaul A global network serving you

Dallas | Pittsburgh | Phoenix | Miami | Brisbane | Sydney | 972.406.2100

For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the helicopter equipment, ISOLAIR has the system to fit your company’s needs. From agricultural spray firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom systems andequipment, bucket spreaders firefighting grapples torches, ISOLAIR can helicopter ISOLAIRtohas the systemsystems, to fit yourforestry company’s needs.and From agricultural spray and will do it forestry all! systems and bucket spreaders to firefighting systems, grapples and torches, ISOLAIR can With competitive pricing, quality assurance, to itinstall andeasy will do all! products, and an ongoing commitment to customer service, we welcome you to contact us.toOur friendly and and knowledgeable staff is ready to With competitive pricing, quality assurance, easy install products, an ongoing commitment answer your questions help you the ISOLAIR best meet your to customer service, weand welcome youfind to contact us. Oursystem friendlythat and will knowledgeable staff isoperational ready to answer your questions and help you find requirements. the ISOLAIR system that will best meet your operational


2410 NW BURNSIDE CT. 27600 SE HIGHWAY 212 GRESHAM, OR 97030 U.S.A. BORING, OR 97009 U.S.A. PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 FAX:FAX: +1 (503) 492-2756 +1 (503) 492-2756 EMAEmail:

104 |




Our Services Include...

Scan and check us out on our social media platforms! Sections

Engine Overhauls Hot Sections


Fuel Nozzles

M.O.R.E. Program

Bleed Valves

Engine Exchanges

Gas Generators

and More!


AgriSpray Drones Offer Comprehensive Solutions for Ag Pilots As an emerging solution to many agricultural needs, drones offer a flexible and comprehensive solution for ag pilots in many regions of the country. Small fields that are difficult to navigate present safety and efficiency challenges for traditional aircraft. The DJI Agras T-30 and Agras T-40 are Agri Spray Drones’ solutions to managing acreages of any size with safety and efficacy. Agricultural drones are a complimentary addition to any aerial application business, allowing coverage of every acre for complete management. The drones are easy to transport, and the current technology is user-friendly. Additionally, drones add opportunities for the next generation of aviators to engage and begin to learn the business of aerial application. At Agri Spray Drones, we combine a deep knowledge of agriculture, a history of understanding farmers’ needs, and a realistic approach to drone technology. To learn more, visit


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Understanding Maintenance and Picking the Right MRO for Your Business Post the COVID-19 pandemic; it’s critical for operators to keep up their maintenance schedules and chose an engine and component MRO who is ready to fly with you as the skies re-open. With more than 30 years of engineering and turbine engine experience, TAE Aerospace is perfectly positioned to assist aircraft operators across the globe with a broad range of engine maintenance services, as well as component servicing and parts supply. Adhering to engine maintenance intervals keeps an engine running efficiently during operating seasons by ensuring consistent engine performance. It also reduces the likelihood of an AOG event and can lower the cost at a scheduled maintenance interval. Performing scheduled routine maintenance is a critical factor in keeping your engine healthy and minimizing maintenance costs – even with the reduced flying hours, many operators are experiencing during the pandemic. Authorized by numerous OEMs, including Honeywell, Woodward, and GE, TAE Aerospace offers its full engine MRO capability and a wide range of aircraft parts and engine components, from new to overhauled or exchange. We are also known for our heavy and light maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled engine, and component repair for the Pratt and Whitney PT6A. With one of the industry’s largest inventory of engine parts and accessories, TAE will either have a required part in stock or be able to access it via its global supply network. The company also offers one of the largest field service networks in the industry and can dispatch technicians to service your aircraft in any location - 24/7. According to CEO Andrew Sanderson, TAE Aerospace has been trusted by aircraft operators in both the commercial and defense sectors around the world for more than three decades. “We have a very successful model which offers a combination of OEM authorizations, parts supply, engine rentals, on-the-ground technical support, unique repair capabilities, and other innovations that have seen us grow rapidly across the globe,” Mr. Sanderson said. “It means we deliver faster and more cost-effective turnarounds, reduced downtime, and over the phone service that combines to deliver an excellent customer experience.

106 |

“We also pride ourselves in understanding the industries in which our customers operate, whether agriculture, tourism, skydiving, firefighting, or transport. It means we can often anticipate customer needs as they arise.” Why choose TAE Aerospace as your preferred engine and component MRO? Fixed Wing Partner with the world’s largest TPE331 engine service provider for quality maintenance, repairs, and training across engines, LRU components, fuel controls, and engine component machining. Our expertise also covers the PT6A and H80 engines. Rotary Wing When you choose us for Honeywell-authorized FCU and PTG repair and overhaul services, you get the highest industry standards and peace of mind. We’ve worked on the M250, LTS101, and PT6T engines for more than 30 years as a dual AWARS and triple licensee for fuel systems. Air Platforms Support your military gas-turbine engine with our worldleading repair, overhaul, and test capability services for F404/F414, TPE331, and F135 engines. Our aerospace engine services help defense forces to reduce asset maintenance costs and increase time-on-wing. Land Platforms You can rely on our proven repair, overhaul, and test services for AGT1500 engines and our innovative HUMS solution. We’ve delivered turn-key engine solutions for the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank since 2014 and provide fire protection services for a range of military ground vehicles. Overall We offer a cost-effective range of solutions, such as our Power by the Hour program, which is an agreement where an operator will pay a fee per fight hour to better manage and understand their costs. There are also fixed cost maintenance agreements, so regardless of whether you manage a large fleet operator or are a single aircraft operator; we have a solution to suit your budget, without compromising our standards. Talk to one of our global sales teams about how we can be your MRO partner. Stop by our booth, #223, in Knoxville!


Unmatched pricing for OEM parts As the largest Honeywell TPE Channel Partner globally, TAE Aerospace can provide the lowest pricing on OEM parts for our customers. Why TAE Aerospace is the largest authorized Honeywell MRO in world • Unmatched pricing on OEM parts • Largest OEM parts holding to assist with quicker turnaround times • LRUs, component and fuel nozzle sales and support • Consignment stock • In-house repair capability • Lease and exchange engines • AOG support • Global sales, field service and technical team ready to support your next engine or component event. *USD pricing correct at time of publishing.

Other authorized MRO providers and non-authorized facilities are being forced to pass on the significant price increases we see in the economy today. As the only globally-licensed TPE MRO provider, TAE Aerospace can continue to deliver the lowest pricing to our customers. Our global capability also means you will benefit from our large stock holdings, in-house LRU capability and the only Honeywell Authorized Rental engine pool. For example, the current Honeywell 1st stage wheel (P/N 3108164-4) list price is $174,831.* As a TAE Aerospace customer, you will pay $53,000. That’s a difference of almost $122,000! Talk to us today about how we can offer a cost-effective solution for your next engine or component event. Contact Bruce Hubler on +1 (208) 229 8340 or email AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator |



Kimmel Has You Covered Since 1972 Small Town Service and the Best Rates Kimmel Aviation Insurance arose in 1972 from a need to write hard-to-find and much-needed insurance on cropdusters. The insurance side of the business started very pragmatically as customers were coming to the Kimmel Aviation Ag Aircraft dealership to trade in their $500 converted Super Cubs and Stearmans for the more productive and shiny new Cessna Ag Wagons and Ag Trucks. The $20,000 price tag and the ever-evolving regulatory environment in the early 1970s mandated that all certified applicators must carry a minimum liability insurance policy or a bond of $10,000. Cessna Finance also wanted to make sure their loans were protected. Very few companies would insure ag aircraft back in the early 1970s. So Dorothy Kimmel (1932-2021) made 108 |

it her mission to find that coverage for their customers. From its humble beginnings, the insurance part of the business grew and in 1972 formally incorporated Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency, Inc.. Over the years, Dorothy Kimmel received numerous industry awards including, but not limited to MAAA Outstanding Service Award – 1975, MAAA President’s Award – 1985, WMAAA President, 15 years WMAAA Director to the WNAAA, WNAAA Vice Pres. 1991, WNAAA President 1992, Lee Abide Award – 1998, Arkansas (AAAA) Distinguished service award 2006, MAAA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award – 2006. In addition, Dorothy also served on numerous committees and served both the NAAA and MAAA for each of her 45+ years as a member of both organizations. Her most


outstanding achievement was to raise a family of four boys, all who entered the ag aviation field and chose career paths closely related to ag aviation. Although Dorothy passed away in 2021, her youngest son, Frank Kimmel, took over the day-to-day operations of Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency in 2004. Frank brought with him 14,000 hours of flying experience including 8000+ as an ag pilot. Frank also has his own pedigree of accomplishments including, the 1992 John Horne Memorial Safety award (NAAA), Novartis Leadership training delegate – 1998, NAAA Related Service Award – 2008, Arkansas (AAAA) Outstanding Service Award 2008, and the MAAA Allied Industry Associate of the year 2010. In addition to the ag association awards, Frank was elected by his aviation insurance peers to serve on the Aviation Insurance Association (AIA) Board of Directors in 2005. He served as the Director of the Domestic Agents and Brokers Division until he was elected Vice President of the AIA in 2009 and then AIA President for 2011 – 2012. As you can see, it is true when their ads say, “When you need a respected voice to work for you, “The Kimmel’s Have You Covered”!”

Leave your insurance worries on the ground. Trust Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency to find the best rates and customized coverage for your agricultural aviation operation. We have nationwide reach with small town service...when you call, we answer. So don’t worry when you’re in the air; Kimmel has you covered.

800-647-9397 442 Airport Road, Greenwood, MS 38930 •

Visit us in booth 912 in Knoxville, Tennessee. AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 109


Oceania Aviation Gains STC for AS350 Spray System Role equipment has been a unique strength of Oceania Aviation since 1996 when our Pt148 manufacturing division first opened its doors. Today, our Airborne team works closely with operators, designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment that is cost-effective, reliable, and aligned with industry demand - that is increased mission capability, all the while boosting revenue. Supporting the Australasia region with NZCAA STC certification on our AS350 role equipment, the time has come to expand into the US market, gaining FAA approval for our AS350 spray system, along with even more reach for our AS350 cargo pods - holding STC validations for the USA, Canadian, Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian Civil Aviation Authorities. Whatever the scope and requirement, our gear sets the bar high when it comes to functionality – our team has designed over 500 mods to date! Visit us at booth 1214 and talk to our experts about whether we’ve got the right product for your fleet.

Mid-Continent Aircraft is a Multi-faceted Corporation Serving Both General and Agricultural Aviation Mid-Continent Aircraft Corporation was founded in 1949 by Richard “Dick” Reade. Mid-Continent began serving aerial applications to farmers and ranchers in the U.S. and Canada. Over the years, with our professional service, we evolved into a multi-faceted corporation serving both general and agricultural aviation. Mid-Continent is involved in all aspects of aviation, including aircraft maintenance, sales, insurance, and parts. Of course, we are still providing aerial application services to growers, large paper companies, and various government agencies. Our seal of quality says it all: service, knowledge, integrity, experience. Contact us by phone at (800) 325-0885 or on the web at


110 |


Soaring Installations of the LoadMaster 4-Blade Propeller Aero Innovations is soaring with the installations of its LoadMaster 4-blade propeller. Since the release of the LoadMaster propeller in 2015, more than 140 have been installed. The customer feedback has been impressive. The propeller provides an additional increase of up to 233.6 equivalent shaft horsepower, an increase in thrust, shorter takeoff distance, and an increased climb rate. “After working with PT6 engines for over five decades, I thought there had to be a way to carry heavier loads but still have good turn capabilities. I went to work designing a solution, and we now have a highly efficient prop with many satisfied customers,” Aero Innovations Founder and Innovator Jim Mills said.


Our 4-blade LoadMaster propellers are proudly flying in New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and Guatemala. However, the majority are flying in the United States. The LoadMaster is also approved in Canada and Brazil. Additionally, Aero Innovations has an STC for the Record Intake for Thrush PT6A installation. Furthermore, Aero Innovations has developed a filter system that makes changing and cleaning the filter as easy as changing a furnace filter at home. For more information, visit: or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.






/AeroInnovationsllc | | 812.233.0384 AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator |



Parts & Service in the Heart of the Midwest From Nebraska to Minnesota to Ohio, Farm Air has the parts and the maintenance capabilities to keep Midwest Air Tractors flying. Located in the heart of farm country, Farm Air’s ¾-mile grass runway and highway proximity make it easy to access for fly or drive-in service. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of spray season and having your air conditioner go out, your navigation light busted from an overzealous bird, or, worst of all, striking a wire or obstacle and being hundreds of miles away from home. Luckily, pilots in the central United States have a nearby option for fixing all these issues and more in one place so that they can get back to work safely. Our parts department features an extensive inventory from minuscule hardware to three-blade and five-blade propellers. Beyond an ample supply of Air Tractor parts, Farm Air carries several other supplies for agricultural aircraft necessities. Our Transland and Agrinautics inventory includes spreaders, booms, spray pumps, valves, and all associated rebuild kits. CP Products spray nozzles are on hand to complete your spray system and are custom assembled for your preferred application. We are also a factory-authorized Satloc/Transland GPS dealer and have systems available for purchase and installation. Other essentials include but are not limited

112 |

to tires, tubes, brake supplies, batteries, hardware, lighting, and electrical parts. Anyone involved in aerial application knows that maintenance is essential to the longevity of aircraft efficiency. Over 40 years of business experience here, Farm Air has developed a unique understanding of the demands placed on operators and their equipment. Using these 40 years to their advantage, Farm Air employees have created a facility where pilots and operators can come to find the necessities required to keep their businesses going. Our facility offers year-round maintenance with full-time A&P-certified mechanics. Farm Air’s technicians routinely perform 100-hour, annual, and eddy current inspections. Other services include single-point fuel installation, AmSafe airbag installation, and installation of GPS systems. Our mechanics are also Air Tractor certified for wing removal and installation. Most notably, Farm Air is a dealer for Air Tractor. Therefore, if your current aircraft is not doing the job, please contact us to see what new or used Air Tractor we can get you into! Stop by booth 604 at the NAAA Convention in Knoxville, TN, to learn more about how Farm Air can help keep you flying safely and effectively!

PRESIDENT: Graham Lavender - VICE-PRESIDENT: Bill Lavender - SECRETARY: Sandy Lavender -

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Dwight Kessel Garage

AVE. Blount Mansion



Hill Ave. Lot Women’s

Outdoor Knoxville Adventure Center


E. HILL AVE. Basketball Hall of Fame

TO Gov. Ned McWherter Park & Boat Launch Jog) lk, and e, Wa


Volunteer Landing

Tennessee Riverboat Company

Volunteer Princess


Volunteer Landing Marina








James White’s Fort

MAIN ST. County Courthouse

City County Building




Mary Costa Plaza

Bijou AVE.Theatre



Sk ybridg



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Coliseum Garages


Knoxville Area Transit Station


Public Parking





Play Fountain


Tennessee Theatre





Main Avenue Garage





Cal Johnson Park & Rec. Ctr.

Hyatt Place

State Supreme Court & Post Office


Neyland Stadium

Splash Pad Krutch KRUTCH Park PARK

E.Tennessee History Ctr.


Hilton Knoxville











Petsafe Petsafe Dog Park

Regal State Street Movie Theater Garage




University of Tennessee

Poplar Lot

Promenade Garage


L.M. Public Library Lawson McGhee Library


D AV E .



World’s Fair Park

11th Street U.T. Garage

Mast General Store


Locust St. Garage

Skybridge U.T. Conference Center

Amphi- Sunsphere Performance theater Lawn Knoxville Convention Center


Market Square

Langley Garage


The Tennessean




Marriott Knoxville Downtown



Market Square Garage

Festival Lawn

Fort Sanders CLINCH


Knoxville Museum of Art

E. TN Veterans Mem.

Visitors Center

M I T H I L L DR . UM .S W

North Lot Fort Kid





The Foundry Foundry


Emporium Ctr. for the Arts


Blackstock Lot



The Old City ) Block (100

E. N AV CKSO W. JA The TheStandard Standard



Jackson Jackson Terminal Terminal

Jackson Avenue Lot






IA NO L M AG Regas







Suttree Landing Park


Covington Aircraft Celebrates 50 Years For a half-century, Covington Aircraft has provided the ag aviation industry with exceptional engine repair, maintenance, and overhaul services. We’re honored to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary. It’s the longevity that would not be possible without you, our customers, and the trust you place in us daily. We deeply appreciate your patronage, your friendship, and your confidence in the work we do. It is a privilege to serve and to do so without compromising our faith or our belief in our fellow man. Thank you again from all of us. And here’s to the next 50 years. Visit our booth 723 in Knoxville.


Pratt & Whitney Canada Designated Overhaul Facility (DOF)

Specializing in the Maintenance and Overhaul of the PT6A, R985 & R-1340 Engine Series. (918) 756-8320

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Ag Aviation’s Magazine | 2022 Navigator Volume 31 AgAir Update’s 31st Annual Navigator | 117