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Wires and Stall-Spin; Death Traps

There’s a fine line between making a quick, efficient turn at the end of a spray run and making a turn on the edge of a self-induced accelerated stall.

A 6 |

Have you read the NAAA’s June 28 “Fly Safe Campaign” newsletter, “Fly Safe or Die?” If you haven’t, you should. Eight fatalities, all for the most part avoidable, is extreme. It appears that there are two primary causes, wire strikes and stall/spins. Oftentimes, wires will sneak up on a pilot. The same cannot be said about stall-spin accidents; they are self induced. Most stall-spin accidents occur in the turn and could be completely avoided. An exception could be overloaded in turbulent air. But, even that scenario can be avoided. So, what’s the pilot’s excuse for having a stall-spin accident? He can’t answer because in almost every case, a stallspin accident is fatal. The last paragraph of NAAA’s “Fly Safe Campaign” newsletter really drives the message home. The lead-in sentence begins by stating, “If you insist on flying unsafe, please make sure you have your affairs in order.” Other interesting sentences are: “Be sure your life insurance is paid up… Kiss your family goodbye in the morning… Be sure your customers have your competition’s contact info…” You get the gist of where the article is going with its browbeating. For those pilots that need browbeating, at least you are still alive to take action and start flying as a professional and not a “redneck cowboy” that is out to prove what, exactly? There’s a fine line between making a quick, efficient turn at the end of a spray run and making a turn on the edge of a self-induced accelerated stall. The time a pilot thinks he saves by doing so is arguably non-existent at the end of the day. I know. I’m speaking from firsthand experience. There was

a time I thought I was completely bulletproof. If I flew a field in sight of my competition, the more radical the turn. I was one of the lucky ones. I “grew up” before I killed myself, thanks to some prodding from fellow ag pilots. Wire strikes are a completely different matter. It could be said that they are avoidable. In some cases, maybe so, but not always. In the course of ag flying, it is often necessary to challenge the safety of going under or over a wire. I’m not implying that we should take unnecessary risks, but we have to admit that flying around wires is risky. Like all risks, they can be mitigated by only taking the least risk. That’s the case with flying around wires. If you believe it could be too tight, or too difficult to go over, then it probably is, don’t do it. Wire flying is a judgement decision. We all make mistakes (misjudge). At least a mistake in regard to flying around wires takes some of the onus off the pilot, but not all. There is no such thing as a risk-and-mistake-free flying environment. The least we can do is stack the deck in our favor, otherwise, “make sure your affairs are in order…” Until next month, Keep Turning… (safely)


“Hard Cased” cutter blades

Spacer blocks stabilize blade during strike

Adel clamps for trailing brake line

Inexpensive insurance against a wire strike




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Oxymoron Was just rereading the July issue of AgAir Update, and I totally concur that “safe and productive” is not an oxymoron. We stressed to our ag pilot students a very similar saying up here, in which before each flight, you need to ask yourself two questions. “Will it be safe?”, and “Will it be effective?”. If the answer to both questions isn’t an instant “Yes!” - i.e. if you have to hum and haw about it - then you’d best stay on the ground. Easy to do when things are calm, but much more difficult, particularly among newbie ag pilots, when the pressure to fly gets ratchetted up higher and higher as a pest of some sort is damaging the crop. Ted Delanghe Regina, SK Canada

Howdy Ted Of course I agree with you. And the more hectic the job becomes, the higher the risk, as you pointed out. Take care,—Bill

30 miles to a bigger airport with a wide runway for safety sake. Have a great day, Carlin Lawrence Carnegie, OK

Safe and Productive

Howdy Carlin I know what you are saying! I once had the aileron brackets on a 1200 Viper Thrush break. I limped back to the strip, praying the entire way the aileron would not leave the aircraft. Like you, I didn’t bend anything. We have both been lucky. I hope those that continue to push the envelope, will take heed. They may not be as fortunate. Take care,—Bill

Just read your article, very good! I just hope the ag pilots out there are reading and taking heed. Getting in the attitude of, “Hurry, Hurry, Hurry” very rarely, if ever, produces more work. I got in a hurry and forgot about the aileron locks being our 600 Thrush and took off with a load with those locks on the outboard part of the wing. I didn’t hurt anything, but had to fly



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1921 C.R. Nellie, an entomologist with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, came up with the idea of combating pests with an airplane. The concept was met with skepticism at first, but eventually a cooperative project was arranged to test Nellie’s idea from the Federal Aviation Experiment Station at McCook Field in Dayton, Ohio. An outbreak of a destructive moth known as the Catalpa Sphinx in nearby Troy, Ohio, would serve as the test case. The first crop dusting test flight targeted a catalpa grove infested by the moth. Catalpa trees were an important natural resource whose wood was used for building fence posts, telephone poles and railroad ties.

efficiency and overwhelming effectiveness of the aerial dusting experiment spawned the birth of the agricultural aviation industry. By the early 1900s boll weevils had become a scourge to American cotton fields. The boll weevil is a perfect cotton-killing machine. Boll weevils left little standing in their path and disrupted entire local economies throughout the South. Better technology was badly needed to combat the boll weevil, a resilient pest whose path of destruction extended across the Cotton Belt. Approximately 614,000 square miles had been infested by the boll weevil by the end of 1922, leaving only 91,000 square miles of cotton-producing territory not infested. After the successful McCook Field experimental crop dusting flight, many more crop dusting tests were conducted at the USDA’s Delta Lab in Tallulah, Louisiana. They conducted hundreds of dusting tests starting in 1922 at Scott Field, outside of Tallulah. The trials helped researchers fine-tune more effective insecticide mixes and improve ways of storing and releasing them.

Curtiss Jenny in flight, 1923

The plane used for the test was called a “Jenny,” the nickname for an ex-military biplane trainer (officially the Curtiss JN-6). Lt. John A. Macready piloted the Jenny while passenger Etienne Dormoy manually dispensed the lead arsenate. Dormoy designed a crude metal hopper with a hand crank that was bolted to the plane’s fuselage. The hopper’s capacity was 32 gallons. On Aug. 3, 1921, Lt. Macready flew from McCook Field to the nearby catalpa grove to conduct the crop dusting experiment. In all, the dusting plane passed the grove six times and distributed about 175 pounds of the insecticide. After the short amount of time it took to apply aerially, less than 1% of the insects remained alive on the catalpa trees after six days of observation of the targeted area. The speed, A 12 |

Illustration of a boll weevil on a cotton boll. It was the boll weevil that drove aerial application in its early days.

According to a 1929 report from the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, aerial crop dusting of calcium arsenate increased cotton yields an average of 117 pounds per acre from the average


untreated yield of 780 pounds per acre, a 15% increase in yield.

1924 Huff-Daland Dusters Inc.—the forerunner to Delta Air Lines—is the first known aerial application business established. It does the first commercial dusting of crops with its own specially built aircraft, the Puffer.

1930s In the first use of aircraft for forestry seeding, aircraft were used in Honolulu, Hawaii, to seed mountainous forests that had been severely damaged by fire.

time that agricultural flying companies could obtain dusting and liquid-spraying equipment for their newly acquired aircraft. This development contributed significantly to the growth of agricultural aviation and the term aerial applicator was later developed, better encapsulating the work conducted by the industry. Stearmans became a favorite of many aerial applicators because they were affordable and easy to fly. It wasn’t uncommon for aerial application operations to have several Stearman planes in their ag fleet.

Stearman dusting cotton Huff-Daland Dusters Inc.

Before and after World War II, planes used to spray crops were either civilian or military aircraft modified and equipped to apply liquid or dry materials. One of the most familiar was the open-cockpit Stearman biplane. In the mid-1930s, the Army Air Service adopted the Stearman aircraft as its primary trainer. More than 10,000 were built before production shut down around 1943. In 1946, after the end of WWII, thousands of Stearman biplanes became available on the surplus market. Many of the planes were in like-new condition. Crop dusting companies began snapping them up at prices ranging from $250 to $875 per plane. Modifications were required to convert the Stearman from a military trainer to a crop dusting plane, yet few commercial firms existed that could perform such work. Several companies stepped into the breach to specialize in such conversions. These firms also began to install liquid-dispensing equipment on a custom basis, which meant for the first

Late 1940s Helicopters begin to be used for various forestry operations. Helicopters were used for baiting in reforestation efforts. Baiting involved spreading wheat seeds soaked with a rodenticide (pesticide designed to kill rodents) in recently planted forests to give the tree seeds the opportunity to germinate and grow. This ensures the planted trees establish quickly, which in turn helps prevent soil erosion. Helicopters were used in various firefighting efforts, including dumping fire-retardant chemicals on fires, transporting people and equipment, and observing the fire from a high vantage point.

drought. They concluded that aerial seeding of burned-over timberland is economically feasible and provides rapid seed distribution.

1947 The first nighttime aerial application takes place in California when a Stearman is outfitted with two 450-watt lights.

1950 The first flight of the Ag-1, the first plane built specifically for agricultural aviation, takes place Dec. 1, 1950. It was built under the guidance of Fred Weick at the Texas A&M Aircraft Research Center. The Ag-1 had a 39-foot wingspan and was powered by a Continental E-225 engine. Typical operating speeds were 60 to 90 mph, but it could attain a maximum speed of 115 mph. During the summer of 1951, the Ag-1 embarked on a countrywide agricultural tour where about 650 pilots flew it to test its capabilities. Since it was a single-seat airplane, the pilots had no way to receive dual control instruction or be checked out by a pilot familiar with the aircraft. After going through so many test flights, Weick observed, “The mere fact that the Ag-1 survived this treatment and returned to College Station appears to be some vindication of both its handling characteristics and its ruggedness.”

Leland Snow and the Snow S-1 in Texas, 1953. Snow was 23 years old at the time and had

Late 1940s

numerous aviation achievements to his credit

Aerial seeding was particularly helpful on less-than hospitable terrain. Aerial seeding was used to assist reforestation efforts in Oregon following the Tillamook State Forest burn. The Massabesic Experimental Forest research station in Maine experimented with aerial seeding in forest destroyed by fire following a

which far exceeded his youth.

The Ag-1 was a one-of-a-kind aircraft, and that is how it remains today, as it was the only one ever built. Weick knew from the start the Ag-1 was never intended to be the final product. It was designed to be a learning instrument ➤ | A 13


as they developed and produced a finished commercial aircraft. Many of its features were later incorporated into nearly every new commercial ag airplane model built.

Early 1950s Aerial applications at night in the San Joaquin Valley of California expand in order to protect bees during applications of parathion. Bees were present during the few hours of working daylight when applications could be made. Equipping ag aircraft with lights and flying at night allowed applicators to protect the bees. Bee kills became almost nonexistent, which pleased growers. From there, night applications continued to expand in another part of California to keep up with the work demand during busy parts of the season.

Reproduced with permission from FLYING magazine.

1953–57 Howard Piper of Piper Aircraft approaches Fred Weick to see if Weick and Texas A&M would be interested in developing a new agricultural aircraft sponsored by Piper. Weick agreed and eventually joined Piper Aircraft as chief engineer of its development center. He produced his most famous model, the Ag-3, at Piper. Weick had envisioned the Ag-3 as being a smaller version of the Ag-1, but it became known by another name: the Piper PA-25 Pawnee. The Pawnee became the backbone of Piper’s ag aircraft production.

Leland Snow in 1956

1951 Leland Snow, the godfather of the modern ag aircraft, begins designing his first ag airplane, the S-1. The 23-year-old Snow completed test flights with the S-1 in 1953. Snow flew the S-1 on dusting and spraying jobs in the Texas Rio Grande Valley and in Nicaragua until 1957. He followed up the S-1 with the models S-2A and S-2B, which were built when Snow moved production facilities to Olney, Texas, in 1958.

1952 The Piper PA-18A Super Cub was introduced as a sub-model of the PA-18 Super Cub series of aircraft. The A stood for Agricultural and the model had been modified to allow a hopper. The original Super Cub from Piper Aircraft went into production in 1949. The Piper PA-18A Super Cub remains a popular aircraft to start new ag pilots in before moving them up to bigger, faster ag aircraft. A 14 |

Piper PA-25 Pawnee

1955 The first use of a fixed-wing ag aircraft for firefighting occurred when a Boeing Stearman was used to help contain a fire in the Mendocino National Forest in California. Willows Flying Service removed the spraying valves from the aircraft, and the pilot released the fire retardant from the 170-gallon tank using a hinged fire gate that was opened with rope.


1956 The Transland Company produces the Ag-2 ag airplane. The success of the Ag-1 plane from Texas A&M caught the attention of the Transland Company. Founded in 1945, the Torrance, California, company found success converting surplus World War II aircraft into crop dusters. Transland worked with Texas A&M on designing and building the Ag-2, which also became known as the Transland Ag-2. Construction began in 1954 and the first test flight was on Oct. 11, 1956, in Torrance, California. The idea behind the Ag-2 wasn’t just to create a much-improved ag plane. Transland also wanted a tanker plane that could assist with fighting and controlling fires. That required a much bigger storage tank, which meant it needed much more power than crop dusting planes typically had then. Transland incorporated a Pratt & Whitney R-985 450-horsepower engine, though that would later be upgraded to 600 horsepower. That increased the Ag-2’s payload to 3,000 pounds. It also boasted a wingspan of 42 feet, a length of 28.5 feet and a gross weight of 7,700 pounds.

The designers of Transland’s Ag-2 emphasized

ahead of the other crop dusting aircraft conversions at the time, but it was also expensive. The Ag-2 was priced at $25,000 new, far more than the investment cost of $5,000 for buying surplus military aircraft on the market. Despite several impressive feats of engineering, including several safety features, the Ag-2 never became a commercial success. Conrad Barlow, who had started with the company in the mid1950s and eventually became Transland’s owner until his death, felt the Ag-2 got crowded out of the market by the offerings of major aircraft manufacturers such as Grumman, Cessna and Snow, which were getting into the agricultural aircraft market in a big way.

1957 The Grumman G-164 Ag-Cat is the first aircraft specifically designed by a major aircraft company for agricultural aviation. The purpose-built ag aircraft represented a huge step up in safety and reliability from converted dusters. Grumman originally considered marketing the G-164 aircraft under the name “The Grasshopper.” However, an aerial applicator named Dick Reade in Missouri suggested “Ag-Cat,” following the naming convention Grumman used of adding the suffix “-Cat” to its other aircraft names, such as the F6F Hellcat. Grumman agreed and the Grumman G-164 became known thereafter as the Ag-Cat. During the years following the rugged biplane’s introduction in 1957, thousands of updated Ag-Cats were built. Schweizer Aircraft Corp. built more than 2,600 AgCats, including 1,730 G-164s and 165As for Grumman between 1959 and 1980.

greater payload and a design that could be produced in volume. Airframe construction began in 1954.

In 1956, an Ag-2 was used to help control a major brush fire near Malibu, California. During the blaze the Ag-2 dropped more than 25 tons of fire retardant on the fire. The Ag-2 was far

Early Grumman Ag-Cat spray demonstration

In 1980, Grumman management divested itself of its agricultural line and transferred all properties in inventories to Schweitzer Aircraft Corp. In 1995, Schweizer sold the designs to Ag-Cat Corp. of Malden, Missouri, which went bankrupt before producing any new Ag-Cats. The Ag-Cat designs went to Allied Ag-Cat Productions Inc. of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, in 2001. Allied Ag-Cat Productions has not produced any either. Today, while they are no longer manufactured, the Ag-Cat remains a staple of agricultural aviation. Many radial and turbine powered Ag-Cats are still in use. The Ag-Cat’s popularity is due to its 300-plus-gallon hopper and ease of flying.

Dick Reade always had a preference for cats— whether they be large animals or ag aircraft. Pilot Al Honeywell (left) and his pet lion visit Reade to promote the Ag-Cat. Reade would probably be more comfortable in the cockpit.

Pratt and Whitney Canada assembled a team of 12 talented young engineers after studies showed a market opportunity for 500 shp (shaft horsepower) class turboprop engines in the aircraft market then powered by piston engines. Pratt and Whitney Canada channeled some of the profits from its piston engine spare parts business toward the development of gas turbine engines smaller than those made by its U.S. parent. About a decade and a half later, ag aircraft embraced the technology. ➤ | A 15


Twelve key men aiding on the design of the first ag turboprop engine, the Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6: Gordon Hardy, Jim Rankin, Fernand Desrochers, Fred Glasspoole, Ken Elsworth, Allan Newland, Pete Peterson, Hugh Langshur, JeanPierre Beauregard, Elvie Smith, Dick Guthrie and Thor Stephenson. © Library and Archives Canada. Reproduced with the permission of Library and Archives Canada. Credit: Bruce Moss/Weekend Magazine collection/PA-167966.

1960s Cessna Aircraft entered the agricultural aviation sector in the mid1960s. Its first aircraft designed solely for agricultural aviation was the Ag Wagon, which quickly became popular with aerial applicators. Building upon the original 150-gallonhopper Piper Pawnee, future iterations in the 1960s brought more improvements and power. In 1964, the Pawnee B was upgraded to a 235-horsepower Lycoming O-540-B2B5 six-cylinder engine. The hopper increased in size to handle 1,200 more pounds. Three years later, the Pawnee C came out followed by the Pawnee D in 1974. Almost 5,200 Pawnees were built between 1959 and 1981, when production ended—32 years after Fred Weick started his Ag-1 project at Texas A&M.

Cessna 188 Ag Wagon

1964 The origin of what would become the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s A 16 |

Aerial Application Technology Research Unit begins work at College Station, Texas. The roots of ARS aerial application research can be traced to the beginnings of the United States’ involvement in the Vietnam conflict. Dense jungle vegetation, which provided cover for enemy forces, posed a serious challenge to air support for U.S. ground forces. The Department of Defense requested USDA-ARS assistance to find ways to defoliate jungle areas in Vietnam. This required research to find the most effective herbicides and spray methods to get effective spray doses into the canopy. As research continued, the USDA-ARS explored new methods for assessing spray penetration and movement. Early flight testing used an Ag-Cat. Wind tunnel testing of aerial technologies was part of these early research efforts, the first testing of this kind in the world. Throughout its existence, the USDA’s aerial application research arm has made aerial applications more efficient, effective and precise. The USDA-ARS Aerial Application Technology Research Unit (AATRU), as it is known today, conducts a variety of research projects related to aerial application. It is the largest aerial application research group in the country and has access to resources that no other research group has available. The work of the USDA’s aerial application research arm helps the aerial application industry improve technologies and best management practices. Information supplied by AATRU is used by aerial applicators to improve the quality of their applications. For example, aerial applicators consult with aerial spray nozzle decision support tools developed and updated by the Aerial Application Technology Research Unit to determine the right nozzle or settings for their nozzle of choice for the application job. The USDA’s AATRU also serves as an unbiased government source that regulatory agencies can use to assist them in developing reasonable regulations.

The data can be used to show that aerial applications are both extremely effective and safe.

The USDA Agricultural Research Service conducted an early research project on a bi-fluid spray system with M&M Air Service of Beaumont, Texas, using a circa 1964 Stearman.

1965 Leland Snow sells Snow Aeronautical Co. to Rockwell-Standard. The Model S-2R was developed during this time and named the Thrush.

Snow Aeronautical Co.’s S-2C

1966 The National Agricultural Aviation Association is founded to, among other things, be the “recognized public policy advocate for the agricultural aviation industry.” Before this period, much of the industry was organized via regional associations, as well as operators and pilots exchanging information at “flyins.” Some in the industry, such as a group in the Great Plains region, ➤


TURNING DATA INTO ACTION Our FAST™ solution helps you make informed decisions and optimize operations through full-flight data intelligence delivered wirelessly within minutes of engine shutdown. It helps you see the small details — as well as the bigger picture — so you can stay ahead of the game.



wanted to regulate themselves to better control the application of pesticides before the government would step in. However, 14 CFR, Part 137 was promulgated by the Federal Aviation Administration and put into effect Jan. 1, 1966, establishing new federal regulations for agricultural aircraft operations. The new rules and restrictions imposed in the original draft of the Part 137 regulations, coupled with farmland being converted to suburban neighborhoods whose inhabitants were unfamiliar with agricultural practices, plus the release of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, which was critical of pesticide use, rankled independent minded aerial applicators to such an extent that they decided to establish a national association to monitor and influence federal policies and legislation that could impact agricultural aviators. The National Aerial Applicators Association, as NAAA was originally known, was officially founded on Nov. 28, 1966.

First issue of NAAA newsletter with photo of NAAA Executive Director F. Farrell Higbee, 1967


NAAA’s current logo

Leland Snow resigns from Rockwell when the company moves its aircraft factory from Olney, Texas, to Albany, Georgia. Back on his own, Snow devotes the next two years to designing the first Air Tractor ag plane.

1972 NAAA’s first logo

Leland Snow founds Air Tractor Inc. in Olney, Texas. Construction begins on the Air Tractor AT300, which later became the AT-301.

March 1974 The World of Agricultural Aviation debuts as the official magazine of the National Agricultural Aviation Association. The publication, which is now named Agricultural Aviation, focuses on providing substantive information promoting aviation safety and environmental stewardship to the ag aviation industry and continues to publish to this day. Agricultural Aviation has a circulation of about 4,500 and is read by aerial application owner/ operators and pilots, allied suppliers, ag aviation supporters, educators and government officials.


First NAAA President Dick Reade, 1967 A 18 |

Turbine engines introduced. Turbine engines increased the speed of agricultural aircraft, boosting the speed of what was already the fastest way to treat crops. Turbine engine technology represented a quantum leap forward


for agricultural aviation, because in addition to being more powerful and able to hold more payload, turbines were more reliable than piston powered radial engines. Turbine engines increased the cruising speed of agricultural aircraft by 20 mph or greater and allowed the hopper capacity to increase 75% from the largest piston powered aircraft.

1977 Air Tractor’s first turbine model, the AT-302, is introduced.

the effectiveness of the wing, flaps and ailerons. They also reduce the stall speed and improve aircraft handling at low speeds. In essence, vortex generators make the wing work better which increases safety.


1986 Mabry Anderson’s history of the agricultural aviation industry is published in his book Low & Slow: An Insider’s History of Agricultural Aviation. It is the first known history of the industry written and is beloved by those in the industry who have read it.

Operation S.A.F.E. (Self-regulating Application & Flight Efficiency) was designed by the National Agricultural Aviation Association to enhance aerial application efficacy and precision through the establishment of professional application analysis clinics to calibrate spray equipment technology on ag planes and helicopters.

1982 An AT-302 Air Tractor performing a demonstration spraying flight.

1977 Rockwell sells the production rights for its agricultural aircraft to Ayres Corp.

1980s Automatic flagman, GPS triangulation, vortex generators and pitch pump analysis are introduced. These technologies increased the accuracy of aerial applications and the safety of ag aviation crews by minimizing exposure to the agricultural products being applied. Automatic flagmen offered the first technological advance to remove the need for a human flagger in the field being treated. At the end of a pass, an ag aviator would dispense a biodegradable paper flag to mark the location of the pass. This allowed the pilot to determine where the next pass was to be located as they entered the field after the turn. GPS was a quantum leap forward in swath guidance technology. Instead of physically marking passes, GPS automatically calculates the location of the next pass and guides the ag aviator to that pass using a lightbar, which consists of a series of lights and numbers that direct the pilot to the pass with great precision. Vortex generators increase

NAAA’s Board of Directors establishes the National Agricultural Aviation Research and Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to foster research, technology transfer and advanced educational opportunities among aerial applicators, allied industries, government agencies and academic institutions.

1985 The first high speed wind tunnel used to measure the droplet size from aerial applications begins operation at the USDA-ARS aerial research facility in College Station, Texas. This wind tunnel provided accurate droplet size data for aerial applications, which allowed for agricultural aircraft to be better equipped with spray equipment that properly balanced efficacy and drift mitigation.

AgAir Update newsletter

1988 AgAir Update is converted from a newsletter of the Georgia Agricultural Aviation Association into a national newspaper published by former aerial applicator Bill Lavender. Today, AgAir Update, along with Agricultural Aviation magazine, provides industry news on safety and professionalism. AgAir Update is published in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has more than 4,000 subscribers worldwide.


Early Operation S.A.F.E. analysis using some state-of-the-art computer technology!

GPS becomes commercially available to aerial applicators. GPS provides a very accurate way to provide swath guidance that reduces overspray and results in a markedly more targeted application. It also provides a key tool needed to allow aerial applicators to begin practicing precision agriculture, allowing applied materials to be administered much more efficiently by treating only where ➤ | A 19


needed, and in specific doses, based on a plant’s health.

1998 The National Agricultural Aviation Research and Education Foundation introduces the Professional Aerial Applicators’ Support System (PAASS), a safety education program created to teach ag pilots the latest in aviation safety, security and environmental stewardship. The PAASS Program is offered at state and regional agricultural aviation conferences across the country each year. The PAASS Program has been successful in helping reduce both drift and agricultural aviation accidents. Data from two Association of American Pesticide Control Officials (AAPCO) surveys, conducted before and after the beginning of the PAASS Program, found a 25.8% reduction in the number of drift complaints. Agricultural aviation accident rates have decreased from an average of 9.64 incidents to an average of 7.22 incidents per 100,000 ag hours flown since the PAASS Program first hit the stage in 1998. This is a 25.1% reduction in the number of ag aviation accidents since the beginning of PAASS.

developed. It enhances aerial applicators’ ability to mitigate drift by measuring wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity in flight. Real-time weather data is transmitted to the Global Positioning System (GPS), which lines the aircraft up accordingly to account for the air movement. By checking the temperatures at different heights, AIMMS can also detect the presence of an inversion.

approximately 1,800 aerial application operators

2001 After the Federal Aviation Administration issues a complete ground stoppage for all U.S. aircraft following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, NAAA succeeds in obtaining government approval to fly again, making agricultural aviation the first sector of general aviation allowed back up in the air after the tragic terror attacks against the U.S. on 9/11. 9/11/2001 Aftermath: Academic, medical and government experts conclude that due to the size, air wake and nozzle type typically used in ag aircraft, it would be an ineffective bioterrorism instrument.

Stop and Go: 9/11 Ground Stop Timeline •

and pilots each year.

Late 1990s The Aircraft-Integrated Meteorological Measurement System (AIMMS), a tool that can be installed on ag aircraft and used by aerial applicators to monitor inflight weather conditions in real time, is A 20 |

Photo by Kelly Owen/Getty Images

NAAREF presents the PAASS Program to

Sept. 11, 2001—The U.S. government shuts down the airspace throughout the country after a rash of airline hijackings and the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. Sept. 14, 2001—The federal government allows aerial applicators to fly again.

Sept. 16, 2001—The government grounds agricultural aircraft again in response to information the FBI received about the arrest of a suspected terrorist who possessed information about ag aircraft. Sept. 17, 2001—Aerial applicators are allowed toresume operations again except in Enhanced Class B airspace, a 25-mile area around a dozen major metropolitan areas. Sept. 23, 2001—Citing “serious, credible threats,” the FAA grounds agricultural aircraft for the third time since 9/11. Sept. 25, 2001—The federal government reopens the airspace to agricultural aviation. Oct. 15, 2001—Ag operators are allowed back into the Enhanced Class BAirspace.

Early-to-mid 2000s Strobilurin fungicides, useful in controlling a broad spectrum of common plant pathogens on many different crops, are introduced to the market. Because of their ability to thwart crop diseases and increase crop yields, these fungicides soon became a game-changer for farmers and aerial applicators alike due to strobilurin fungicides’ terrific results and the fact that aerial application is the preferred method of application. Why? Three reasons: its speed, better efficacy and the fact agricultural aircraft can make applications to mature crops like corn and soybeans without causing any damage to the crop. Today, there are 10 major strobilurin fungicides on the market, which account for 23 to 25% of the global fungicide sales. Aerial application continues to be a prime delivery method for these fungicides because of the superior results aerial application achieves. Research has shown aerial applications of strobilurin fungicides on corn can increase yields by 21%. A 21% yield increase means that 4 treated acres will produce the same yield as 5 untreated acres, reducing the need to clear more land for agriculture. ➤



Late 2000s

Mid-to-Late 2010s

Precision application is embraced by the aerial application industry. This includes remote sensing, which uses geospatial images taken by satellites, manned aircraft or drones to pinpoint, via various types of imaging, pest problems and nutrient deficiencies in the crop. Prescription maps are made from these images, which, along with GPS and flow-control plumbing/application systems, provide specific doses of pest control products or nutrients depending on the needs of individual plants in a particular field. The use of precision agricultural technologies continues to increase each year.

Night vision goggles expand nighttime aerial applications. The 2019 NAAA Aerial Application Industry Survey shows that 7% of aerial applications are made after dark, and night vision goggles are used in 15% of those applications. The top two reasons for making nighttime aerial applications is to protect bees and protect field workers, who are not present at night.

2010 The National Agricultural Aviation Association launches a public outreach campaign to raise awareness about the worrisome effects of wind energy development on agriculture and aviation. Meteorological evaluation towers (METs) are used to measure an area’s suitability for a wind farm. These towers can be erected very quickly and often did not need to be marked, making them a major hazard for low-altitude aviators.

Mid-to-Late 2010s The aerial application of seeds for cover crops expands. Cover crops are grasses, legumes, small grains and other low-maintenance crops planted specifically to improve soil health and biodiversity. By sowing the seeds aerially with a preharvest cover crop application, cover crops control erosion, retain and recycle soil nutrients, build organic matter to improve soil health, improve water quality and moisture availability, and break disease and insect cycles. Census of Agriculture data indicates an increase in cover crop acreage from 10.3 million acres in 2012 to 15.4 million acres in 2017. While there are several methods of seeding cover crops, aerial application is the most effective means of applying cover crops successfully. The best time to apply many cover crops is when the harvestable cash crop is still standing. Aerial application offers the ability to spread the cover crop seed over the existing crop without any disruption to the standing crop. This means the cover crop can already be established when the cash crop is harvested allowing it more time to aerate, fertilize and establish more soil moisture.

A 22 |

2013–Present The FAA considers how best to safely integrate unmanned aircraft systems (a.k.a. drones) into the National Airspace System. Drones are a doubleedged sword for the aerial application industry. On one hand, drones have become a significant safety obstacle for agricultural pilots operating in the same low-altitude airspace. On the other hand, drones could become a complementary tool that aerial applicators adopt for certain smaller spray jobs or to perform aerial imaging for land and crop monitoring purposes. At present, drones’ ability to make safe and effective aerial applications has yet to be tested by the EPA. NAAA wants a safe and legal process for drones to enter the aerial application industry and has urged the EPA to begin field trials for drone spraying evaluation. Collecting UAV spray data is necessary so application instructions can be written specifically for drones on the labels of crop protection products.

2013–2014 During the summer of 2013 Walt Disney Animation Studios released the movie Planes followed by the sequel Planes: Fire & Rescue in 2014. Planes is about Dusty Crophopper, an ag plane that spreads fertilizer by day but practices aerobatic maneuvers and dreams of being a racing aircraft. It doesn’t help that he has a fear of heights. The sequel has Dusty training to get certified as a firefighting plane. He has water tanks installed and becomes a single engine air tanker firefighter. During its theatrical run, the two films combined earned almost $150 million domestically and over half a billion dollars ($535 million) worldwide. Although there are numerous instances of agricultural aviation intersecting with pop culture, the Planes franchise is arguably the pinnacle of the agricultural aviation industry’s appearances in pop culture.




The National Agricultural Aviation Association marks its 50th anniversary of representing the aerial application industry.

NAAA releases its 2019 Aerial Application Industry Survey of Part 137 operators and pilots. The survey documents an increase in the number of aerial application operations and agricultural aviation pilots in the U.S. since 2012 and an increase in acres treated compared to the 1960s. Today there are 1,560 aerial application businesses treating 127 million acres of cropland or 28% of the commercial cropland in the U.S. There are approximately 2.3 aircraft per agricultural aviation operation, or a total of 3,588 aircraft nationwide.

2016–2018 NAAA advocacy results in Congress enacting a federal statute requiring the FAA to develop and enforce the marking of meteorological evaluation towers (METs) between 50 and 200 feet in rural areas and to develop a database requiring these towers’ geographical coordinates be logged. Communication towers in rural areas within the same height range must be either marked or have their coordinates logged into the FAA’s tower database.

2020 With the coronavirus disrupting daily life globally, NAAA— through contact with the White House, Vice President Pence’s Coronavirus Task Force, the FAA, USDA and Department of Homeland Security—ensures crop input services, such as those provided by aerial applicators, are listed as essential. The Department of Homeland Security identified 16 “Essential Critical Infrastructures” that includes both the agriculture and chemical industries. The “essential” designation allows aerial application work safeguarding the nation’s food supply to continue uninterrupted during stay-at-home orders from state and local governments intended to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill




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Air Tractor, Inc. Taps Mathew Ickert as New Director of Production Company says farewell to Rick Turner Mathew Ickert

A 24 |

OLNEY, TEXAS — Air Tractor, Inc. President Jim Hirsch announced today the appointment of Mathew Ickert as Director of Production at the company, effective July 2, 2021. This follows the retirement of Vice President of Operations Rick Turner following a 34-year career during which the company grew to become the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural and firefighting aircraft. “I am delighted to have Mathew step into this important role,” said Jim Hirsch. ”In emerging agricultural markets around the world, the demand for Air Tractor airplanes is strong and growing. Our focus is to produce more quality airplanes and do it more efficiently. Mathew is the right person to help

us continue toward that objective.” Hirsch added. Mathew Ickert joined Air Tractor in May 2006. His first position was in parts sales—fulfilling parts orders for Air Tractor dealers around the world. In 2011 Ickert became Purchasing Manager, supervising the procurement of all the items that go into Air Tractor airplanes. Ickert became Senior Group Leader to manage the operations of the aircraft assembly lines in Plant 1. In his new role, Ickert will oversee the day-to-day manufacturing operations of the company. He will continue serving on the company’s Operational Excellence Initiative management team. “During my 15 years here, I’ve come to understand that everyone has a part to play and a task that truly matters in Air Tractor’s mission,” ➤


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Rick Turner

A 26 |

Ickert observed. “The product we provide would not be possible without all those involved in every step of the process. I’ve been fortunate to have the mentorship of Rick Turner for several years now. It will serve me well going forward. I am excited about where Air Tractor is headed.” Rick Turner began his career at Air Tractor in 1987 working in the wing assembly area. He then moved to production planning for eight years. In 1992 Turner was appointed Group Leader of the Sub-Assembly Department, and in 1994 became a Senior Group leader. In 1996 Turner was named Manager of New Product Development. In 2003, he was promoted to Vice President of Operations. In 2015, Turner oversaw the planning, construction and launch of Air Tractor’s inhouse electrocoat primer system for aluminum aircraft parts—the first of its kind for the U.S. aerospace industry. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Olney Industrial Development Corporation. As a member of the National Agricultural Aviation Association, Turner served as an NAAA Allied Airframe board member, Vice Chairman of the NAAA Safety & Federal Aviation Regulations Committee, and as a board member of the National Agricultural Aviation Research & Education Foundation. In 2019, he was awarded the NAAA Falcon Pin by NAAA President Perry Hofer. This is presented at the discretion of the NAAA president to persons who, through personal effort and

dedication, have made substantial contributions to the agricultural aviation industry and its national association. “Air Tractor has been my life for 34 years,” said Turner. “I am so appreciative of Leland and the Snow family for the opportunities that brought me on this journey. I’ve watched a new generation step up within our fabulous dealer network. The many friendships developed at the National Agricultural Aviation Association, the wonderful people of this industry, and our hardworking supplier representatives are all dear to me. I would not be where I am today without their support. “The men and women building the airplanes at Air Tractor are my family; they’re the soul of this company. I am so grateful for my wife Kim; she’s my best friend and cheerleader. Kim supported me during the late nights, the days away from home, the 50 and 60-hour work weeks, the ups and downs. I couldn’t have had the career I had without her.” He added, “I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family, especially my granddaughters. I’ll work on my ranch along with my bird dog Ace, maybe get back into golf, and do a bit of consultant work with Air Tractor.” Jim Hirsch added, “I want to thank Rick Turner for his many years of service and the dedication he has brought to Air Tractor and the ag aviation industry. Without his contribution we would not be where we are today. We wish him all the best.”


Transland | A 27


CD Aviation Services is Happy to Announce our Newest Team Members!

A 28 |

Jeff Clarke APU Technical Support Manager

Jordan Bussard Customer Support Manager

Jeff is a 59 years old aviation professional from Alloway Village located in Southern New Jersey. Jeff is married with two adult boys and four grandkids. Jeff is a 1981 Spartan Graduate with A&P License. He attended Rowan University where he earned his Degree in Aviation Maintenance. Jeff started his career at Georgetown Aircraft Service in Delaware, he worked there for two years working in corporate aviation as an A&P. He then went on to work for Airwork Corp as an A&P technician and advanced as a process engineer, then on to product Epengineer. Airwork was acquired by Dallas Airmotive Inc where he then advanced to national APU sales & service engineer, and later advanced to APU sales support manager. Jeff worked for Dallas Airmotive for 37 years. He now enjoys employment with CD Aviation Services as APU Technical Support Manager.

Jordan is a 22 Years old young aviation professional from Aurora, Missouri. Jordan began his career in aviation maintenance at 16 years old working on Cessna, Piper and Cirrus aircraft in the general aviation industry. He began working for CD Aviation Services in 2020 as an assistant mechanic while studying Business Administration and Spanish in college. Jordan Graduated from the Missouri Southern Honors Program with a BSBA and as the Outstanding Graduate in Finance, with a professional certificate in Spanish. During his undergraduate studies, he completed a thesis on the beneficial aspects of an aviation maintenance supervisor and error reporting. In 2021, Jordan received the Gold Aviation Maintenance Technician Award. Jordan enjoys spending time in the outdoors, playing music and Jiu Jitsu.


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National Agricultural Aviation Association

Putting Ag Aviation Industry into Perspective as it Turns 100 Years Young by Mark Kimmel, NAAA President

It has been 100 years since our industry began. Wow! That seems like a long, long time, right? Then it dawned on me that I just turned 58. I have been alive 58% of this time and I have been operating my flying service, Dixie Dusters, for 35%. As a preschooler, I watched my father fly Stearmans, using the cow pasture behind our house as a satellite strip. All in all, I have been witness to one-half of the innovations that have come—and gone—in our industry. No matter how old we are, when we think about how long it seems we have been alive, we realize our lives have gone by in a FLASH! Think about it: I am sure there are children of the first crop dusters alive today. Our industry is not old; we are 100 years young! We are just now hitting our stride in new technologies and equipment designs. It seems the first 40 to 45 years were spent modifying ex-military airplanes and using mass quantities of them to get the job done. THEN we became specific in our aircraft designs and spray equipment. We incorporated GPS guidance to replace human flaggers. In the last decade or so, we have been introducing computer technology into our cockpits with constant rate and variable rate technologies. I say all this to emphasize that it has not taken a long time to get to where we are today. It has happened FAST. We have had to adapt quickly to the changes in our country to remain viable in agriculture or something would have replaced us by now. B 2 |

Necessity is the mother of invention. Well, we have been so competent in our jobs that there was no need for anyone to look for a better way to protect America’s food source. We are small in numbers but huge in innovations and the ability to get the job done. I am proud to be one of the people in this great industry. The people who build the planes, the mechanics, insurance companies, pilots, our NAAA CEO and staff—we are all cut from the same cloth. I am honored to be your president during this centennial year. Work hard and be safe in your planes and helicopters so you can do the most important thing of the day: enjoy your friends and go home to your family.


While you are busy keeping America’s shelves stocked,

NAAA keeps your shelves stocked.

As an ag pilot, you’ve got your customers’ backs. NAAA has yours too. Where would aerial applicators be without a healthy inventory of products labeled for aerial use? That’s where the National Agricultural Aviation Association comes in. NAAA advocates—actively— to ensure that pesticide product labels are approved for aerial use without burdensome restrictions. When a product you apply, or should be able to apply, comes under EPA review, NAAA is there. NAAA has commented on over 150 active ingredient registrations with the EPA since 2017. How many acres would you be able to cover if those products were restricted from aerial use? If you value your livelihood, prove it. Join NAAA in its efforts to protect agricultural aviation and your way of life. Call (202) 546-5722 or visit to support the cause. | A 3



National Agricultural Aviation Museum’s Hall of Fame

Collett Everman (C.E.) Woolman •

INDUCTEE — Collett Everman (C.E.) Woolman (deceased), Bloomington, Indiana • YEAR INDUCTED — 1982 • NOTATION — First Commercial Ag Aviation Operator • ADDITIONAL — C.E. Woolman was an aviation pioneer whose career spanned the history of flight from Jennys to jets. As principal founder of Delta Air Lines, he led its steady growth from the world’s first crop dusting company to a firm place of leadership among the nation’s scheduled air lines. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS degree in agricultural engineering and subsequently became associated with the Extension Department of Louisiana State University. When the boll weevil threatened to destroy the South’s cotton economy in the early 1900s, the young district agent, who had learned to fly an OX5 Jenny, teamed up with Dr. B.R. Coad, a U.S. Department of Agriculture entomologist at Tallulah, LA, to combat the pest. Ground application of calcium arsenate was slow and unsatisfactory. So, they decided to fight from the air, working with two Army-furnished Jennys in designing effective dusting equipment and experimenting on a regular rate of dust flow regardless of how fast the plane flew. An airplane manufacturer named George Post observed the operations and convinced the management of Huff Daland Manufacturing Company of New York, to form a separate crop dusting division, Huff Daland Dusters. Woolman left the agricultural extension service on May 30, 1924, to take charge of the new company’s entomological work and was made Vice President and Field Manager. B 4 |

Huff Daland Dusters started operation in 1924 at Macon, Georgia. Dr. Coad, an interested observer from the government’s Delta laboratory, suggested the dusters move to Louisiana. In 1925 headquarters were established at Monroe, Louisiana. In additional to the Vice Presidency, Woolman assumed the post of General Manager, a position he retained throughout his long career with Delta Air Lines. Huff Daland’s 18-plane fleet became the largest privately-owned aircraft fleet in the world. Since the dusting company had an income only during summer months, Woolman conceived the idea of shifting operations during non-productive months to Peru where seasons are reversed. It was in Peru that Woolman first visualized the future ➤


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of passenger service by air, and with the cooperation of the Peruvian president, he successfully secured South American airmail rights over stiff competition from wealthy German interests to become the first American air line operator south of the equator in the western hemisphere. Service from Peru to Ecuador, a 1,500mile route, was inaugurated in 1927. The following year was significant in Delta’s history. Woolman sold his South American interests because of local revolutionary activities and encouraged a group of Monroe businessmen to buy the Monroe dusting division from the parent company which he found had been trying to sell it out from under him. The company name became Delta, from the Mississippi delta area which it served. The next year was even more significant. Woolman’s dream of expansion led to the purchase of three five-passenger, 90 mph Travel Air monoplanes, and on June 17, 1929, Delta operated its first passenger flight over an original route that stretched from Dallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi, with stops in Shreveport and Monroe. Today, following a 1934 airmail contract, a

is the s Air Blue ected to try n s n u o d well c viation in e can to ag a ll do all w ist your i s and wde and ass. l i a u g go

• • • • • •

succession of significant route awards and two mergers, Delta is the third largest air line in the free world. In a tribute to Woolman in 1968, Delta employees completely reconditioned a 1925 Huff Daland duster and presented it to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. as a treasured memorial to the early days of the ag aviation and air line industry and its dedicated leader, C.E. Woolman, who helped shape its development. NAAHOF Inductees is a series of articles featuring the inductees to the National Agricultural Aviation Museum’s Hall of Fame. Although some of the information is limited, including in some cases unknown induction years, it is the best compilation available from The National Agricultural Aviation Museum, the NAAHOF Nominations Board of Directors, the NAA Museum Board of Directors and Mabry Anderson’s book, Low and Slow. Each month Ag Air Update will feature one or more individuals honored in the National Agricultural Aviation’s Hall of Fame, how many, depending on the information available about the individual. Enjoy reading about the history and the history makers of ag aviation.



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Saying Goodbye to our Fellow Aviators

Isaac “Junior” Regier, Jr. November 09, 1955 - July 12, 2021 Isaac Stanley Regier (Junior) was born November 9, 1955 to Isaac (Ike) and Ruby Regier. He was the oldest of four children. Junior lived to be 65 years old. Junior was born in Enid, Oklahoma at Integris Bass Hospital. After five years in Enid, Ruby and Ike moved to their family farm along the Eagle Chief in Cleo Springs, Oklahoma. By the time Junior was nine, he had welcomed his sisters Cynthia and Lynette and brother Steve to the family. The family attended the Saron Mennonite Church while Junior was at home. Junior was saved at a young age and was baptized at the Cleo Sand Pit by Frank Huebert, Sr. Junior attended the first couple of years of elementary school in Fairview and completed in Cleo. Junior then went on to Oklahoma Bible Academy to finish his secondary education. During his summers throughout high school, Junior started his own small business hauling hay for various farmers. He graduated in 1974. After high school, Junior attended Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa for two years to complete his aviation mechanics certification. While working for Ronnie Decker, Junior learned to fly and got his license in 1978. After attaining his pilot’s license and mechanics certification, Junior started Regier Flying Service, his own aerial spraying business in Fairview, OK in 1982. Junior met his wife Teresa at a Mennonite Brethren single’s retreat in Kansas the summer of 1986. They connected instantly and were engaged by December of the same year. They got married on May 2, 1987. Junior and Teresa worked hard building the family business together. Two years later in 1989, their first child, Isaac Thomas Regier (Tommy) was born. They welcomed their second child, Matthew Alan Regier in 1991, and their third, Timothy James in 1994. The family of five B 8 |

lived in a quaint, three bedroom house one mile east of Orienta. In 2003, the family moved to their permanent home on a quarter of land four miles east of Fairview. The boys attended Fairview Public Schools in which Junior and Teresa were heavily involved in every aspect. Junior and Teresa were proud to open their home and to cook all the hamburgers and hotdogs after almost every home football game while the boys were in school. They even continued grilling the food at the church’s Fifth Quarter after the boys were out of school. Junior loved an adventure. He and Teresa took the boys across the United States throughout their summer and winter breaks. They attended MLB baseball games, NFL football games, went snowmobiling, cruised the Caribbean, and much more. For their tenth anniversary, Junior and Teresa took a ten-day trip to cruise the Hawaiian Islands. Junior and Teresa went to Israel with their son, Timothy, as part of the Tabor College Old Testament interterm in 2015. Recently, Junior and Teresa have been enjoying annual trips to various parts of Alaska where they fish for salmon and halibut. Junior would always come home refreshed with great stories from every trip and wonderful fish to share with family and friends. His ultimate goal was to beat the number of times his Uncle John went to Alaska (7 times). Unfortunately, he didn’t make that goal, but he did have four wonderful trips to Alaska. He truly got excited when it was time to go again. Junior and Teresa made it to the North shores of Alaska, so Junior’s bucket list trip was to travel to the South Pole just so he could say he made trips in both directions. Each boy got married while in college. Junior got to experience life with girls in and out of the house, and then he found a new love through his grandchildren. Tommy and Joyce have three, Matt and Allison have two, and Timothy and Kaitlyn have two children. He absolutely loved taking ➤


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the grandkids to check cattle, letting them drive the feed pick-up around the farm, and giving them scoops on scoops of ice cream. It was the highlight of the day when the grandkids would come to the airport to eat lunch and play. He was always very patient and allowed the kids to learn what was going on at the airport by following him to the planes, fuel truck, and offices. He was an incredible grandfather, and he was, without a doubt, loved fiercely by his grandchildren. Junior was very active in multiple organizations over the years. He was a long-time member of the National Agricultural Aviation Association and the Oklahoma Agricultural Aviation Association. He served many years on the local EMS board, church trustees board, and church council. On top of the business, Junior, Teresa, and the family took on the responsibility (from previous airport operators) to continue the World’s Oldest Free Fly-In and Airshow. The family worked tirelessly to provide the public with a show that required a year’s worth of effort for the second Saturday in November. Junior is survived by his wife Teresa Regier; son Tommy and his wife Joyce, granddaughter

Ellen, grandsons, Daniel and Jeremiah Regier; son Matthew and his wife Allison, grandson Rhett, and granddaughter Tessa Regier; son Timothy and wife Kaitlyn Regier, and grandsons Henry and Nolan Regier; his mother Ruby Regier; his mother-inlaw, Martha David; his sisters, Cynthia (Howard) Bartel, Lynette (Warren) Schoenhals, and brother, Steve (Rhonda) Regier; brother-in-law Larry David (Martyn Wingo); sister-in-law Patricia (John) Klick; along with many nieces, nephews, cousins, and other relatives. He was preceded in death by his father, Isaac (Ike) Regier and father-in-law, Donald David. Junior was a loving and devoted husband, father, and papa. He was considerably proud of the accomplishments and decisions his sons made as well as the strong and reliant men they have become. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) or Hesston College Aviation with the funeral home serving as custodian at P.O. Box 15, Fairview, OK 73737. Condolences may be made online at www.

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Regina Farmer

The Need for On-Site Connections The year 2020 and early 2021 was one for the record books. In my many years in the industry I do not remember any time where I didn’t go to conventions. It was just a given that each year I would get to hang out with my vendor friends and customers. With elderly parents and the scare of the pandemic, I was extra careful to be safe and pretty much worked from my Jonesboro or Wynne location. It was so strange not to travel around from the months of October to February during the convention season or pop in to visit customers during our travels. It was just a way of life. As a people person, I found it stressful, but of course you’ve got to adjust to the situation. Thank heavens our company was familiar with doing online presentations and that was pretty much my “social interaction” with my customers. In one way, it was quite easy, and everyone seemed to learn the online format fairly quickly. I even did several CE classes for state conventions via Zoom, and it seemed to work out fine. However, there’s something about that personal connection, seeing people face to face, telling a joke here and there, drinking a beer together and often talking about questions or suggestions that aren’t the same on Zoom. At most conventions you will have that exciting first night B 12 |

where everyone is just catching up with each other like old friends do. As a vendor I love to take pics to share on social media because I know that many other people in the industry enjoy seeing their friends. And of course the silent and live auctions are always exciting to see how many things were donated and how much they will raise. After a time of so many Zoom CE classes, some of us worried, “Will this be the new norm? Will the new younger generation prefer not to come to an on-site convention?” I know the world is changing but I can’t imagine a world without onsite social interaction. Meeting and greeting is not only good for the soul, networking is a huge way to expand your horizons and meet other people that can give you good advice. I love it when I see the older generation of pilots advising the younger ones. I hope they soak it in because their advice is from experience from the “been there done that” playbook. This just can’t be done on a Zoom call. As the height of the busy season comes to a close and the conventions are already in the planning stage, I’m getting excited about seeing my friends. If we ever need a backup plan, Zoom is great but I’m all in for the in person gatherings! See you soon!


BLUE STRIPE DISTRIBUTING International 559-925-5025 Toll Free 877-924-5025 Products for the Agricultural Aviation Industry

HOT STUFF AG AIRCRAFT CLEANER Triple Concentrate B0010 A triple concentrated ag aircraft cleaner that may be used in steam cleaners, hot or cold washers, foamed on, or applied with a mop or brush. Removes exhaust and chemical stains, even those with a vegetable oil base. Shipped in 5 gallon quantities. One gallon of the triple concentrate with 4 gallons of your water makes 5 gallons of concentrate, which can be further diluted. Used by more than 400 ag aircraft operators.

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Mabry I. Anderson An Insider’s History of Agricultural Aviation

The Move Westward — Chapter Three continued…

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Marsh Aviation N3Ns flying in formation circa 1940s. Photo courtesy of Jim Vedder. 420 HP Wasp Bull Stearman owned by Marsh Aviation applying DDT to cotton near Litchfield Park, Arizona, in 1944. Ken Onstott parlayed a life-long interest in ag aviation into ownership of Onstott Dusters. Ken appears in this photo from 1955. Photo courtesy of Ken Onstott.

B 14 |

The Pacific Northwest is a vast land of contrasts encompassing Washington, Oregon, and portions of the Idaho Panhandle. It is unbelievably beautiful and, from a farming standpoint, incredibly productive. Eastern Washington, with its rough topography, is almost “wall-to-wall” wheat, particularly in the areas around Lacrosse, Colfax, Othello, and Clarkson on the Idaho line. The fabulous valleys of this region, especially Washington’s incredibly fertile Yakima Valley, produce an abundance of almost anything that will grow. They are particularly renowned for the production of potatoes, fruits of every variety, edible beans and peas, com, and forage crops. There are also miles of grapes, especially the Concord variety favored in the production of jams and jellies. Hops, an essential ingredient in the making of beer, grows perfectly in this region. The bulk of the U.S.

production of this vital crop comes from here. From Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, clear across Washington, through the spectacular Chinook Pass, within rock throwing distance of magnificent Mount Rainier, and down into the lower lands that extend all the way to the Pacific, this country seems ideally adapted to agricultural flying; but it was not until the end of World War II that the industry really took hold in this fabulous portion of the United States.

Central Aircraft Research indicates that the first ag flying done in this area was sporadic ventures by early Californians and Arizonans, particularly by Marsh Aviation in Phoenix. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Marsh occasionally brought his aircraft into this region, particularly during heavy insect infestations in the vast potato fields. But it was ➤


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not until about 1943 that local interest in agricultural aviation began to develop. One of the real pioneer firms in this area was the well remembered Central Aircraft of Yakima, Washington. Central began as a small flight service in 1939, quickly expanding into a training school for Naval cadets during the early years of World War II. Then, in 1943, the conflict produced a critical shortage of farm labor and Central rather quietly entered the ag flying realm with the purchase of its first ag plane, a vintage Waco from Dockery Air Service at Stuttgart, Arkansas. The Waco arrived in time to dust the extensive potato acreage during the 1943 season. From that time on, Central expanded rapidly and began concentrating on agricultural aviation. This pioneer firm was headed up by A.L. Baxter and Richard Baxter. Their operations and sales were handled by Robert Ward and J.L. Mulcahy. Among Central’s first pilots were Les Mills (later to become well-known nationally in ag aviation circles), James McVey, and Harold Conner. These men became the nucleus that led to Central’s becoming a worldwide leader in the post-war agricultural flying field. All these men contributed heavily to the rapid expansion not only of Central Aircraft, but also to the formation of many other commercial firms in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Experimental Work

TOP TO BOTTOM: Aerial view of Central Aircraft fleet on flight line at Yakima Airport in Washington, late 1940s. Safety precautions were a major consideration at Central Aircraft in 1943. Al Baxter and Herm Poulin provide a demonstration for students with a J-5 Waco Straight-wing in the background. Photo courtesy of Les Mills.

B 16 |

Central Aircraft did much to develop acceptance of ag aviation in this region and, in 1944, did the first aerial application of hormones in the Yakima Valley. This was an experimental job where hormones were sprayed on apple and pear orchards to prevent the fruit from dropping prematurely. The experiment worked well and this became widely adopted cultural practice. Central Aircraft also pioneered forest spraying and probably did the first really commercial job of this kind in July 1945. An outbreak of hemlock looper threatened the timber stands near Seaside, Oregon and under the direction of USDA, Central sent pilots Bob Allison and Al Ausve to the area. With a UPF7 Waco, these two men sprayed 1,000 acres of timber with DDT. On August 26, 1945, the Sunday Oregonian reported in a feature story that the work was highly successful. Central Aircraft was a major contractor in 194 7 when 34 7 ,000 acres of Idaho timber were treated to control the tussock moth. This too was ➤


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The Central Aircraft crew responsible for the prototype “Air Tractor” poses in Yakima, Washington.

B 18 |

successful and fostered a huge forest­-spraying program that spread all over the Northwest in a few short years. Between 1947 and 1952, millions of acres were sprayed. In 1952, Central Aircraft was chosen to organize a 200,000 acre spraying program in New Brunswick. A record kill of almost 100 percent led to a 1953 New Brunswick contract to treat nearly two million acres. Central Aircraft supplied 57 of the 77 aircraft used on this job. This successful program led to the widespread use of aircraft all over Canada, the Pacific Northwest, and the Eastern Seaboard in controlling forest pests. Central Aircraft also engaged in the practice of leasing agricultural aircraft to firms and individuals on a percentage basis in a variety of areas and situations. Much of this work was done in the Deep South, in the Southwest on cotton, and, in seasonal ventures, in the Midwest applying 2,4-D on wheat. Central Aircraft was apparently also the first firm in the Northwest to go into aerial seeding and fertilizing of wheat, although this practice had been common for quite some time in Southern states. One of the firm’s more interesting ventures was the development and manufacture of an entirely new agricultural aircraft. This project began in the spring of 1953 and was, remarkably, completed in a period of only five months. The Air Tractor, as it was called, was a biplane with an unusual configuration, and was developed in cooperation with Lamson Aircraft Company of Seattle. The two

companies combined to form the Central-Lamson Corporation and produced the plane in Central’s hangar at Yakima. It was test flown successfully on December 10, 1953 at Yakima and immediately created a considerable amount of interest throughout the industry. Powered by a 450 horsepower P & W engine, it performed well and created something of a sensation due to its singular appearance, particularly for its lack of a “real” center section. What center section it had was actually a portion of each upper wing panel-a downward concave that formed a “V” that attached to the fuselage. The wings were squared off and presented a boxed­in appearance, with two sets of “N” struts on both sides. Although flight characteristics were good, the plane never succeeded commercially and was subsequently abandoned. Central Aircraft continued to dominate the agricultural flying field for some years before eventually phasing out of agricultural flying. During its lifetime, Central spawned many other firms, including those of Les Mills and Bob Allison, who became leaders in the field. Another pioneer from western Idaho was Ivan Gustin, who organized an ag flying firm known as Hillcrest Aircraft at Lewiston, Idaho, in 1946. Gustin’s firm flourished from the beginning and built its own dispensing equipment from scratch, installing it in Stearmans.




Celebrating 75 Years in Agricultural Aviation.



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View of the first aerial application and aerial crop dusting flight flown by Army test pilot Lt. John A. Macready on Aug. 3, 1921. The application was made upwind of a grove of catalpa trees infested by sphinx moth larvae. The arrow is pointed at the catalpa grove. Wind blowing in the direction indicated by the arrow carried the lead arsenate dust from the first crop dusting test flight over and through the catalpa grove, completely covering the trees. The Catalpa sphinx moths were successfully eradicated by the maiden aerial application.


Etienne Dormoy and Lt. John A. Macready (right) teamed up on the first crop dusting flight, with Macready piloting the plane while Dormoy dispensed the lead arsenate.


John Macready’s pioneering feats extended far beyond the first crop dusting flight. He is the only three-time recipient of the Air Force’s Mackay Trophy, starting in 1921, when he was at the controls for a simple but revolutionary low-flying crop dusting test flight.


Huff Daland Dusters was the world’s first commercial aerial crop dusting company and the precursor to Delta Air Lines.


Ag planes are designed with built-in crash protection features.


A prototype of an early Ag-Cat. The Grumman Ag-Cat was the first aircraft specifically designed by a major aircraft company for agricultural aviation.


An aerial applicator flying a radial-engine Ag-Cat sprays corn.


A pair of Ag-Cats “buddy-flying” on cotton.

10 Inclement weather conditions ground an Air Tractor AT-401 ag plane. Aerial applicators operate at the mercy of the weather. 11 A pair of Air Tractor AT-502 As make a preemergent application. 12 Two Air Tractor At-502A turbine ag planes spray a preemergent application. 13 An Air Tractor AT-502B sprays a rice field. Rice growers are extremely reliant on aerial applicators. 14 An Air Tractor AT-502B sprays a rice field. 15 A 600-gallon Air Tractor AT-602 sprays a field. 16 Small Single Engine Air Tankers are a key cog in suppressing wildfires both in the initial attack and large fire support arenas. 17 A Cessna A-188B Ag Truck sprays a field. 18 A Cessna A-188B Ag Truck with a 300-horsepower horizontallyopposed piston engine. Cessna ag aircraft were popular options for ag pilots in the mid-’60s and ‘70s. 19 Cessna’s line of ag planes. From front to back, a Cessna Ag Wagon, Cessna Ag Truck and Cessna Ag Carryall perform a demo flight across a field. 20 A Cessna Carryall sprays a field. 21 A Cessna ag plane sprays corn. B 22 |

22 A Dromader ag plane enters a field. 23 Rusty Lindeman flew the live action version of Dusty Crophopper at the Waterloo Air Show in Ontario in June 2013 to promote the Disney animated film Planes in theaters that summer. (Photo by Eric Dumigan Photography, 24 A live action version of Dusty Crophopper will get a new home in August 2021: the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. Rusty and Lea Lindeman of D’Hanis, Texas, donated the plane. Rusty Lindeman transformed his Air Tractor 301 into a turbine-powered AT-400A with the Dusty paint scheme to promote Disney’s movie Planes on the summer airshow circuit in 2013. (Photo by Eric Dumigan Photography, 25 An early version of Bell Helicopter’s spray helicopter. 26 Helicopters make up 16% of the ag aviation fleet in the United States. 27 For helicopter seeding services, the pilot incorporates a sling bucket or a grain hopper mounted on the aircraft. This is a helicopter seeding job from the 1960s. 28 A Bell 206 helicopter surveys a field. 29 A helicopter with spray boom attached to it makes a herbicide application. 30 A Piper PA-25 Pawnee with a spreader attached applying dry material to a field. 31 An ag pilot soars above a soybean field. 32 Crew members load dry material into a 450-horsepower Stearman ag plane. 33 A Canadian radial-engine ag plane sprays sunflowers. 34 The Thrush 510G Switchback can switch from a fire gate to a dry gate box used for fertilizer and seeding operations in less than a day. (Photo courtesy of Thrush Aircraft) 35 The Thrush 510G Switchback air tanker is designed for use in normal ag operations and as an initial attack air tanker for wildfire suppression. (Photo courtesy of Thrush Aircraft) 36 View from the cockpit of a state-of-the-art ag plane. Today’s ag aircraft can cost as much as $1.5 million, depending on hopper size, engine type and other add-ons. (Photo courtesy of Thrush Aircraft) 37 A Thrush Aircraft makes a spray pass across a field. (Photo courtesy of Thrush Aircraft) 38 An Ag-Cat with a PT6 turbine engine conversion. 39 The agricultural aviation industry treats 127 million acres of cropland aerially each year. Corn, small grains such as wheat and barley, soybeans, pastures and rangeland, and alfalfa are the five most commonly treated crops. 40 A Weatherly 620B ag plane with a Pratt & Whitney R-985 450-hp radial engine



Mefford Field TLR • Tulare, CA

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Faith in Jesus Christ and Personal Integrity

Don’t use your sinful nature as an excuse for not living a lifestyle of personal integrity—it’s important to God.

B 24 |

“O Lord, who may abide in Thy tent? Who may dwell on Thy holy hill? He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart” (Psalm 15:1-2). Jesus Christ is the only person who walked on this earth with perfect faith and integrity. As Christians, no matter how hard we try, we will fail in our faith and integrity. Why? Because Adam disobeyed God and became a sinner. All humans, with the exception of Jesus Christ, inherited Adam’s sin nature. All of us live in a human body that wants to sin. Paul wrote, “For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells” (Romans 7:18). But don’t use your sinful nature as an excuse for not living a lifestyle of personal integrity—it’s important to God. No sinful human on this earth lives a perfect life of faith and integrity; but we can do better than most of us do. Integrity seems to be a rare commodity in most politics, sports, businesses, and sadly, even in Jesus’ church. Christians are called to have an uncompromising lifestyle that reflects the faith and integrity of Jesus Christ. “The one who says he abides in [Christ] ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked” (1 John 2:6). Enoch was a man of faith and integrity—he walked with God and God took him (Genesis 5:24). “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God” (Genesis 6:8-9). Noah’s faith and integrity saved him from the Flood, but Noah’s faith and integrity wasn’t perfect—he got drunk on wine. God called Abraham to be the father of the nation of Israel, but he failed in his faith and integrity when he committed adultery with Sarah’s maid and lied about Sarah being his sister. God used Abraham, even though his faith

and integrity wasn’t perfect. God used Isaac even though his faith and integrity wasn’t perfect; he lied to Abimelech about his wife. Jacob was a deceiver and God used him for His purposes. But Jacob also suffered many consequences because of his deceptiveness (Genesis 25-50). Being deceptive is a serious sin. God used Joseph because of his faith in God and integrity. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and became Potiphar’s slave (Genesis 37, 39). Joseph rejected Potiphar’s wife’s advances toward him. Joseph said, “How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” (Genesis 39:9). Because of Potiphar’s wife’s lies, Joseph was put into prison. The Lord was with Joseph even in prison because of his faith in God and integrity. Because of Joseph’s faith in God and integrity the Pharaoh placed him as second in command over all Egypt (Genesis 38, 39-41). God used Moses to lead the Hebrew people out of their slavery to Egypt, even though Moses was guilty of murder and his faith and integrity wasn’t perfect. God told Moses to speak to the rock, but Moses was angry with the people and struck the rock two times. God didn’t allow Moses to go into the promise land because of his disobedience and lack of faith. God allowed the children of Israel to plunder Egypt in the (Exodus 11:3; 12:36), even though they were constant complainers against the Lord (read Exodus). God blesses us, even though our faith and integrity are not perfect. David was a man after God’s heart, but he failed in his faith and integrity when he committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband Uriah killed (2 Samuel chapters 11-12). The Lord told David: “Behold, I will raise up adversity


Jugs keeping you GROUNDED? against you from your own house; and I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun. For you did it secretly, but I will do this thing before all Israel, before the sun” (2 Samuel 12:11-12). God sometimes disciplines us because of our disobedience, and lack of faith and integrity (Hebrews 12:3-11). Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were chosen to serve in the king’s palace. Daniel demonstrated faith and integrity when he purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the King’s delicacies. Respectfully, Daniel sought permission for them not to eat of the king’s food that God had forbidden, and God blessed them. And God brought Daniel into the favor and goodwill of the chief of the eunuchs. As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams. And the king found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his realm (Daniel 1:1-21). These four men served God with faithfulness and integrity. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were ordered to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s idol or be thrown into the burning fiery furnace. They said, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we have no need to answer you in this matter. If that is the case, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king. But if not, let it be known to you, O king, that we do not serve your gods, nor will we worship the gold image which you have set up” (Daniel 3:16-18). They were thrown into the fire and not even the hair of their head was singed nor were their garments affected, and the smell of fire was not on them (Daniel 3:19-27). Daniel refused to stop praying to God even though he knew he would be put into the lion’s den (Daniel 6). God blessed these four men’s faith and integrity. The apostles were told not to speak nor teach in the name of Jesus, and Peter and John said, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:19-20). The apostles were men of faith and integrity. “The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him” (Proverbs 20:7). Integrity brings God’s blessings on our life.

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Graduates from Turbine Training Center

Austin Hill - Will be flying an AT-502 in Arkansas.

Blake Lumpkin - Going into an

Jefferson Morales - Going into an

Jim Allmon - Flying an AT-402 in

Shriraj Navarre - Flying an AT-502

AT-502 in Arkansas.

AT-502 in Guatemala.


for Olan Rice in Nigeria.

Henry Plett - Going from an Ag Cat

Jesse “Jed” Hennis - Flying an

Jose Fernando Pellecer - Going into

Sutton Page - Going from an Ag Cat

to an AT-502 in Belize.

AT-802 in Idaho (Crop Jet).

an AT-502 in Guatemala.

into his new AT-502 in Texas.

Jeremy Williams - Going into an

Liam Zahm - Going into an AT-502

Neil Wicke - Owner/operator of Crop

Riley George - Getting into an

AT-502 in Texas; Cade Sallee -

in Michigan; Preston Warrington-

Air in Colorado. He’s got a new

AT-502 in Arkansas.

Going into an AT-402 in Colorado.

Flying an AT-502 In Mississippi.


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SIMPLE - SAFETY - CONFIDENCE Safety Through Simulation


The best way to “Get back in the Saddle” after the off season! Get Your Recurrent and Refresher Courses Today!

Turbine Transition Training •Initial and Recurrent Air Tractor Training (402-802 series) •Controlled Airspace Operations •Inadvertent IMC •Controlled Airspace Communications •Per Hour Sim Rental •Collision Avoidance (Obstacle/UAV) •Customized Courses Designed For the Individual’s Needs WE OFFER DUAL INSTRUCTION TIME BUILDING PACKAGES IN A DUAL CONTROLLED AT-802.




SoutheaStern aircraft SaleS



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The Most Important Service You Can Do For Your Turbine Engine by Bill Lavender

MT. JULIET, TN - Almost anything you do to a turbine engine can be very expensive. So, any time you can avoid unnecessary maintenance on a turbine engine you are ahead of the game. One of the easiest, most cost effective preventive maintenance measures an ag aviation operator can

take is to be sure that his fuel nozzles are routinely overhauled. Although many turbine overhaul or repair shops clean nozzles, a surprising number of them outsource their nozzle cleaning chores to a shop that specializes in turbine fuel nozzle ➤

The offices of Tennessee Aircraft Company, Inc. in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, specifically designed for turbine engine fuel nozzle overhauls. Dean Dhom at his desk in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

B 28 |


C U LT I VAT I N G MISSISSIPPI Explore the History of Agricultural Aviation National Agricultural Aviation Museum Monday-Saturday 9a-5p 800-844-TOUR Exit 98B • Lakeland Drive • Jackson


2015-MSAG-PlaneAd.indd 1

7/21/15 8:32 PM

TRUST • 806.828.5892 | B 29


Top: Curt Ramon inspects the flow rate and spray pattern of a fuel nozzle before it is packaged and returned to its owner. The nozzle arrived earlier that day. Bottom Left: David Murray is inspecting a set of PT6 nozzles for the right number and matched set of primary and secondary nozzles. Bottom Right: Joey Bowman prepares a set of TPE331 nozzles for shipping. Each nozzle is individually protected with plastic covers and mounted securely for shipping.

B 30 |

overhauling. One of the leaders in this type of work is Tennessee Aircraft Company, Inc. of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, 15 miles east of Nashville. Partners Dean Dhom and Gene Burris can provide ag operators record turnaround times for fuel nozzle overhauls. With more than 13 different style fuel nozzles for TPE-331 (2) and PT6 (11) turbine engines, as a matter of company standard operating practices, Tennessee Aircraft can overhaul any set of these type nozzles in one day! If that is not fast enough, an exchange program will place a set of fresh overhauled nozzles on the operator’s shop bench waiting for him to take out the old nozzles; virtually zero down time. Keep in mind, this service is for a flat rate of $365, or $405 exchange, plus shipping. The exception is the Garrett Duplex nozzle for the TPE-331-10 engine (1,000 shp). For this particular engine the flat rate is $561.00 for overhaul and $661.00 for exchange of the nozzle set. There is an additional billing for duplex nozzles that can’t be repaired. Dean Dhom was quick to explain that Tennessee Aircraft’s pricing for overhauled PT-6 and Garrett Simplex nozzles was a true flat rate, no extra charges, even if it means replacing a nozzle. The only requirement is the nozzles to be overhauled are removed from an operative engine. Imagine, a flat rate where an operator knows, in advance, no matter the condition of the nozzle, cracked, reached its life limit or couldn’t be polished to specs, his only expense is $365 plus shipping. When it comes to turbine ➤


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Aviation Insurance Coverage Customized for Ag Aircraft Owners and Operators

For over 40 years Falcon Insurance Agency has provided Aviation Insurance to the Aerial Application community. Our professional staff has decades of experience in aviation insurance, and we are uniquely qualified to provide insurance protection for agricultural aircraft owners and pilots. We are dedicated to providing you with insurance coverage and service that sets the standard for the industry.


Call for same day quotes and coverage or visit our website. Austin: 800-370-0557 Dallas: 800-880-0801 Houston: 800-880-8822 Kerrville: 800-880-4545 Lakeland: 800-881-9688 Scottsdale: 800-880-3597 St. Louis: 800-880-8644

PO Box 291388, Kerrville, TX | B 31


The crew at Tennessee Aircraft Company, with eight dedicated employees. Mr. Dean Dhom on the far right. Partner Gene Burris not present.

B 32 |

engine maintenance, that’s a bargain by anyone’s standards; especially when one considers the consequences of improper fuel nozzle maintenance. Tennessee Aircraft recommends the operator follow a 250-hour overhaul program. However, if the engine is operated in a hot environment with multiple shut downs, the time interval should be shortened. Under hot conditions (summer time) and multiple engine shut downs during the day, this results in “soak back” heating. This is when the temperature in the hot section of the turbine engine rises with cooling air no longer flowing through it. The light film of Jet A on the nozzles’ surface “cokes”; a cooking of the fuel on the nozzle tip, leaving a microscopic residue that eventually leads to streaking or nozzle tip deterioration. The price a turbine engine operator can pay for neglecting his fuel nozzles can be expensive. Streaking nozzles, the most common problem with nozzles, literally can burn a hole through the hot section. Financially, this can be disastrous; $365 is a small price to pay every 250 hours of operation to know the fuel nozzles are performing as designed. Fuel nozzle condition is critical to the power and performance of a turbine engine. Periodic cleaning and testing is necessary to allow full life of the engine’s hot section. Proper fuel atomization into the combustor is essential. Any streaks or voids may cause raw flame to come in contact with metal

parts causing severe damage. Cleaning, both chemically and pyrolytically, while maintaining integrity of the matched sets, is a must. Tennessee Aircraft uses heated chemical baths, an ultrasonic process, a digitally controlled oven and other state-of-the-art methods to insure removal of all hydrocarbons and other contaminants.

Fuel nozzle condition is critical to the power and performance of a turbine engine. Each detailed part of the nozzle is analyzed for cracks, dimensions and conical surface distortion or deformation and material loss, making sure of compliance with all the manufacturer’s requirements. Each nozzle’s flow rate is measured with a digital computer on a fuel atomizer test stand. The test stand is also used to check for spray pattern quality and cone concentricity. A written report of these findings is provided to the owner of the nozzles. ➤


S & T Aircraft Accessories Full Engine Accessory Line Large stock of overhauled/certified engine accessories for radial and turbine engines.

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We can exchange same day, or overhaul your accessory in a short turn-around time. Generators Wobble Pumps Vacuum Pumps Magnetos Hydraulic Pumps Carburetors Motors Reverse Current Relays Starters Fuel Pumps Tach Generators Prop Governors Voltage Regulators Boost Pumps Starter-Generators


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310 FM 483, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 Email: Web: Phone: 830-625-7923 Fax: 830-625-4138

FAA Approved Repair Station No. CC2R737K



The “dirty room” is where the nozzles are disassembled and placed in either/ and a chemical, heat or ultrasonic cleaner. Rust is stripped, contaminates are removed. Afterwards, the stainless steel bodies of the nozzles are polished to their factorynew look.

B 34 |

At Tennessee Aircraft all repairs to the nozzles are made in-house. Some of these FAA-approved repairs are made with an argon shielded cyber tig welder and precision tooling equipment. If a nozzle has a crack, or has reached a time limiting factor, the nozzle can be rebuilt to the manufacturer’s specifications by FAA-approved methods, extending the life of the nozzle. Tennessee Aircraft Company was formed in 1992, after Dean Dhom sold Nashville Jet Center and his MU-2 salvage operation. Five years later, the company moved from its Hermitage, Tennessee location to its new, state-of-the-art facility in Mt. Juliet. Here, the building is designed specifically to handle quick turnarounds of fuel nozzle overhauls. Tennessee Aircraft overhauls fuel nozzles exclusively, that is their only business. With a growth rate of approximately 30% a year since 1992, and customers in every state of the Union with the exception of Hawaii, ag aviation is a very important part of the company’s business. The company understands the cost of down time and the importance of operating a turbine engine as efficiently as possible. That is why Tennessee Aircraft’s turnaround program of one day, or zero turn around time with the exchange program, is

so successful. Also, an operator knows from the beginning there will be no surprises after he sends his nozzles to Tennessee Aircraft with the total cost flat rated. When asked what an operator should do to be sure his fuel nozzles are giving him the best all around performance, besides timely overhauls, Dean Dhom recommended that extra special care should be given to the shipping of the nozzles. “We see more damage from shipping, or the nozzle being handled improperly out of the engine, than we do from normal operation.” Timely overhauls of fuel nozzles adds immensely to the life of the turbine engine. If an operator extends this time period, he is exposing himself to unknown costs, not knowing if the nozzles are streaking or presenting the proper fuel spray pattern and amount of fuel into the hot section of the engine. “We can do anything that anybody can do to a fuel nozzle, whether it be disassembling it down to its last component, welding on it to build up the body or polishing the tip, as well as testing it in every possible manner,” says Dean Dhom.



NTSB REPORTS Accident Synopses

NTSB Identification: WPR21LA200 Date: May 12, 2021 Location: Glenn, CA Aircraft: Grumman Schweizer G-164C Injuries: Serious On May 12, 2021 a Grumman ACFT ENG CORSchweizer G-164C was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Glenn, California. The pilot was seriously injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137 agricultural flight. The pilot reported that during takeoff, there was a total loss of power. He subsequently initiated a forced landing to a narrow dirt road. The airplane landed hard and came to rest upright on an embankment.

NTSB Identification: CEN21LA225 Date: May 18, 2021 Location: Ulysses, KS Aircraft: Bell OH58A Injuries: Fatal On May 18, 2021 a Bell OH-58A helicopter was destroyed when it was involved in an accident near Ulysses, Kansas. The pilot initially survived the accident but succumbed to his injuries on May 20, 2021. The helicopter was operated as an aerial application flight. According to preliminary information, the pilot was flying the helicopter for an aerial application flight. During his turn to reverse course, the helicopter collided with a transmission wire that ran along the side of the field. The helicopter subsequently descended and impacted terrain and was destroyed. The accident occurred on the pilot’s 21st pass spraying the field. The helicopter was transported to a secure facility for further examination.

NTSB Identification: CEN21LA254 Date: June 4, 2021 Location: Drew, MS Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT-602 Injuries: Minor On June 4, 2021 an Air Tractor AT-602 sustained substantial damage when it was involved in an B 36 |

accident near Drew, Mississippi. The pilot and sole occupant sustained minor injuries. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137 aerial application flight. The pilot stated that the airplane had just been loaded with about 4,000 lbs of dry fertilizer for the application flight and had about ¾ tanks of fuel (150 gal). The last memory he had of the event was the start of the takeoff roll. A ground scar was present along the runway with the left navigation light embedded in the scar. The airplane came to rest upright off the left side the runway and sustained substantial damage to wings, ailerons, and rudder. A detailed wreckage examination is pending.

NTSB Identification: ERA21FA257 Date: June 17, 2021 Location: Kinston, NC Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT-402B Injuries: Fatal On June 17, 2021 an Air Tractor AT-402B airplane was destroyed when it impacted terrain in Kinston, North Carolina. The pilot was fatally injured. The airplane was operated by the pilot as a positioning flight conducted under the provisions of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. According to a friend of the pilot, she spoke with the pilot via mobile telephone for the majority of the flight. She reported that the total call time was about seven minutes long and that the pilot was utilizing a hands-free wireless (Bluetooth) device. During the call, the pilot informed her that he had just finished a full day of agriculture spraying and was departing the Mount Olive Airport (W40), Mount Olive, North Carolina to return to his home in Dover, North Carolina. The pilot also stated that during the flight he was going to perform a “flyover at the [Kinston] drag strip.” She heard the takeoff and about 3-4 minutes prior to the end of the call, the pilot described having an issue with a “light on the wing.” She reported that at this time, she noticed that the engine noise increased and became “higher in pitch.” Just before the end of the call, she heard an impact at which time the call dropped. She ➤


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reported that the engine noise was constant until the call abruptly ended, which according to her call records, was at 2022.According to the owner of the Kinston Drag Strip, he was unaware that the pilot planned to perform a flyover during the drag race event. According to a witness at the Kinston Drag Strip, the airplane came into his view while he was assisting cars preparing to race. He reported that the airplane “dove down” over the pond northwest of the track, and then “went vertical.” He believed he observed the airplane up-side-down during the maneuver, and when the airplane reached the top of the climb, he could tell “the propeller was changing speeds when it went upside down.” He then saw the airplane rapidly descend and immediately catch fire upon impact. Several additional witnesses provided similar accounts. Video captured by a personal electronic device showed the airplane approach the drag strip from the north at a low altitude and then enter a steep climb from an inverted attitude. As the airplane reached the top of the climb, it rolled to the right, momentarily became upright,then rapidly descended in a nose down attitude. The airplane impacted terrain in a near vertical attitude and exploded. The airplane impacted a 5-ft-tall chain link fence and open grass about 60 ft from the drag strip track. The airplane was destroyed upon impact, and an explosion and post-crash fire consumed a majority of the left wing; however, the remainder of the airplane sustained minimal fire damage. The right fuel tank was breached on the bottom of the wing in several areas. A small amount of fuel was observed in the tank. All flight control surfaces were located. Several flight control push pull rods were bent or had separated. All of the observed separations displayed fracture features that were consistent with overload separation. Control cable continuity was traced from the cockpit to the control surface for all flight controls. The fuel selector valve was found in the ON position. The flap actuator extension jack screw measured approximately 3 inches, which corresponded to 22.5° of flaps extended (maximum flap travel was 26°).The five-point seat belt harness, with deployable airbag shoulder restraints, was found secured to its attach points, and the airbags deployed. The engine and all three propeller blades were located below the forward portion of the fuselage completely submerged in terrain. All three propeller blades remained intact and had separated from the propeller hub. One blade exhibited significant torsional bending. Each blade exhibited B 38 |

leading-edge gouges, and the gouges in one blade were consistent with an impact with the chain length fence. The engine sustained significant impact damage and had fractured into two pieces aft of the air inlet screen area. Internal examination of the power section of the engine revealed leading edge gouging to several compressor rotor blades. Signs of significant amounts of ingestion of dirt and debris were observed. The fuel heater and associated fuel line remained partially attached; about 3 ounces of clear liquid that smelled of fuel drained from the line. The engine-driven low pressure fuel pump remained installed to the accessory gear box. A residual amount of clear fuel was present in the pump and it functioned normally when rotated by hand.

NTSB Identification: CEN21LA286 Date: June 21, 2021 Location: Leoti, KS Aircraft: AYRES CORPORATION S2R-T34 Injuries: Minor On June 21, 2021 an Ayres S2R-T34 airplane was involved in an accident near Leoti, Kansas. The pilot sustained minor injuries, and the airplane sustained substantial damage. The airplane was being operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137 aerial application flight. According to the pilot, prior to the flight, the 510-gallon hopper was loaded with 10 ounces of Foam Buster Max, 62.5 gallons of Buccaneer 5 Extra herbicide, 300 gallons of Kugler KQ-XRN fertilizer, and 87.5 gallons of water (450 gallons total mixture). While on his second spray pass, the pilot noticed the chemical mixture was reacting and foaming over and through the hooper vent. He pulled the airplane out of his second pass and also noticed chemical foaming out of the overflow vent. He then looked forward and observed the chemical reacting violently, and it began to emit from the hopper lid. The windshield became fully obscured with foam, and the pilot was unable to see anything outside the airplane. The pilot opened the window in attempt to determine his altitude when the airplane impacted terrain in a wings-level attitude. The airplane skidded on the terrain and came to rest upright


In the spirit of the NAAA’s Ag Aviation Expo in Savannah, GA and good Southern hospitality, AgAir Update is hosting its

5th Open House and Hangar Party Friday, December 3rd, 2021


A V I A T I O N ’ S


Enjoy Southern barbecue and ag-pilot fellowship before the Ag Aviation Expo. Live music, great food, ag-aircraft display and demos, along with good ole’ Southern hospitality.

Fly-in to KPXE (Perry-Houston County Airport) and taxi up to the AgAir Update hangar. Drive-in to Perry, GA (on Interstate 75, 90 miles south of Atlanta) and park at the AgAir Update hangar. Motorhome space available (no power). Register at | B 39

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Wearing Safety - Flight Suits by Ryan Mason

Emily Daniel (Center) started the “Ag Aviation Flight Suit Initiative” to get more pilots in the ag aviation industry to wear flight suits while flying.

A 30 |

While the majority of pilots in the ag industry have moved away from using a headset while flying; seeing the benefits of wearing a protective helmet and often spending thousands of dollars to purchase one, there is another area of safe operation that doesn’t get the same consideration wearing a flight suit. The first organization to wear flight suits in their current form was the U.S Army Air Corps, which developed the AN-S-31 flight suit, initially developed for fighter jets. While many advancements have been made since their introduction in World War II, the most important have factored around safety, and the introduction of Nomex material, developed by DuPont in 1964 after a horrific crash in the Indianapolis 500 took the lives of three drivers.

Within the year after the accident, Nomex was introduced into race suits, and shortly after that into flight suits as the flame-resistant properties were proven to the military. Military and civilian flight suits are now made of 92% Nomex and have been proven to withstand fires up to 370 degrees celsius.

Why Flight Suits? In the ag flying, there are numerous compelling reasons to wear a flight suit —the first is cockpit safety. The cockpit of an ag plane is a cramped environment, one where clothing items can get caught on flight controls, quickly causing an emergency if a shirt sleeve or something in a pocket knocked a fuel lever or primary flight control in the wrong direction.


While the majority of pilots in the ag industry have moved away from using a headset while flying; seeing the benefits of wearing a protective helmet and often spending thousands of dollars to purchase one, there is another area of safe operation that doesn’t get the same consideration - wearing a flight suit. The first organization to wear flight suits in their current form was the U.S Army Air Corps, which developed the AN-S31 flight suit, initially developed for fighter jets. While many advancements have been made since their introduction in World War II, the most important have factored around safety, and the introduction of Nomex material, developed by DuPont in 1964 after a horrific crash in the Indianapolis 500 took the lives of three drivers. Within the year after the accident, Nomex was introduced into race suits, and shortly after that into flight suits as the flame-resistant properties were proven to the military. Military and civilian flight suits are now made of 92% Nomex and have been proven to withstand fires up to 370 degrees celsius.

Why Flight Suits? In the ag flying, there are numerous compelling reasons to wear a flight suit —the first is cockpit safety. The cockpit of an ag plane is a cramped environment, one where clothing items can get caught on flight controls, quickly causing an emergency if a shirt sleeve or something in a pocket knocked a fuel lever or primary flight control in the wrong direction. The second reason is the more obvious yet uncomfortable safety piece to mention: fires. Sadly, some ag aviation crashes that have occurred in the past have been survivable. Yet, the incident still resulted in the tragic loss of an ag pilot due to a post-crash fire and the thermal injuries sustained by the pilot in the post-crash fire. While flight suits may have in the past had a negative connotation and be seen as worn by “fighter jocks,” the reason for wearing one today has nothing to do with wanting to be seen as a wannabe fighter pilot. The safety provided by a flight suit in the event of an accident now far surpasses any negative stigma, along with the broader adoption of another life-saving device that goes alongside flight gloves and that shiny new helmet. It doesn’t matter if the message comes from a large professional organization like the NAAA, HAI for the helicopter world, or your best buddy that wears one; the message is clear and backed by endless statistics through decades of military use in addition to civil aviation; wearing a flight suit will likely save your life in a survivable crash that results in a post-crash fire. That is the fact that no one can deny. The list of lives saved is likely a long one, although there are no easy reference numbers without substantial research, unlike ejection seats. Emily Daniel, an ag-pilot from New Jersey, is passionate about flying, having won several awards outside of the ag industry as a commercial flight instructor in Texas and ➤

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Flight suits are worn in both fixed wing and rotary aviation in ag flying.

recently winning the NAAA’s 2020 John Robert Horne Memorial award, reserved for a pilot with less than five years experience with an exemplary safety record. Emily’s focus on safety at her company, Wings Aerial Applicators, which she runs with her husband Austin and father-in-law Jeff have led to multiple safety-focused initiatives into the company’s day-to-day operations. This includes supplying Nomex flight suits for all pilots in the company. For Emily Daniel, pushing for people in the industry to ditch the “flying in jeans and a t-shirt” mentality and switching to flight suits has become a passion. So much so that she started the ag aviation flight suit initiative, a Facebook group that has gained notoriety recently as more and more pilots move toward safer practices in the cockpit, some crediting Daniel and her efforts directly as their reason for making the switch.

The Ag Aviation Flight Suit Initiative The movement started by Emily Daniel does not simply seek to encourage others to make the switch. At the same time, that is the group’s core mission; Daniel has gone above and beyond to make the switch easier for pilots, negotiating discounts on both flight suits and name tags to help move the needle in the right direction. A 32 |

The group displays success stories of pilots that made the switch, along with helpful information for those looking to make the transition, recommending vendors that provide quality Nomex flight suits and even detailing the different products available, such as the recently added twopiece flight suit for those that are not comfortable with the single piece flight suit. One of the most important things about a flight suit is fit. You don’t want a flight suit to be too tight; room to move is paramount. There are two types of flight suit sizings—long and short, which are self-explanatory as far as leg size. The sizing of a flight suit is akin to that of the sizing of a suit jacket somewhat. Still, for correct fitting, if you can attend a trade show like the NAAA show in Savannah, the best way to get a proper fit is to be measured on-site by one of the many vendors that provide flight suits at the show. In addition to the safety aspect of wearing a flight suit, the functionality of wearing one is also essential. Pockets are placed in ergonomic locations and fitted with zipper closures to prevent items from compromising flight operations. However you fly, wearing a flight suit will give you a fighting chance, should the worst happen. A small investment on the front end could mean a life saved on the back.






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Safety of flight in helicopters

In-flight is no place to train

Investing in simulator-based training

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for hazardous conditions.

enhances safety. Our master instructors

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Be prepared for virtually any

help you to develop an effective safety

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response is correct and safe.

and controlled environment.

decision-making and increases proficiency.

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Want to see more photos of the airplane? Quickly view ads online by scanning the QR code with your phone! Open the Camera app on iOS and Android and focus on code. Aircraft - Ag Cat

1989 Super B Fat Cat, super 6 engine, 500 gallon, 11,166 TT, 1189 since hot, 188 IRAN, hydraulic spray system, air conditioning and heat, wing extensions, servos, night lights, E/I digital gauges. $250K out of annual or $280K with annual. Call 509-5208267

1974 Ag Cat G164A with 8829.9 total time, 2800.9 since Hershey rebuild. Pratt and Whitney Geared 1340 1241.9 SMOH. Hamilton Standard 23D40 3 blade hydrostatic propeller. Aircraft features sealed cockpit, metal wings with Hershey tips, 335 gallon hopper, 115 gallon fuel system with bottom load port, stainless steel belly and booms, and aluminum spreader. Equipped with a SATLOC M3 touch screen, smoker and flagger. $75,000 Aircraft is located at KHSG, Thermopolis, WY. Please call Steve at 307-277-3822 or Nathan at 307-9218579 1982 Grumman G164B Turbo Ag Cat, Serial No. 679B, Registration No. N8388K, Pratt & Whitney PT6A-20, TTSN 20335.2, SMOH 4160.7. Copy of Appraisal done 06/09/2021. Available Call 405-262-6566 $300,000

1978 B Model 600. 7425 TT. 29 hrs SMOH 4hrs SPOH. Aircraft completely refurbished by Hershey Flying Service in 2004 at 7302 TT. SATLOC M3. New 330 gal Hershey Hopper. Aircraft is like new. $125,000. Phone 701-430-0215. Arvid

A 36 |

1974 Ag Cat G-164A, Low Engine, Prop Time, 426 SMOH 985-14B & AG 100 Prop. B Model Canopy, Hershey Wings, Extended tail wheel, heavy gear Dual Com & ADS-B compliant. Set up for banner/glider tow with letters, pickups etc. Add a spray boom and you are in the crop business. $75K 727-452-5271

Your choice out of three 400 Gallon Super B Ag Cats. Only looking to sell one at the moment but all are well maintained and always hangared northern airplanes. They aren’t exactly alike though, so look at each photo for better details. All Garrett powered (2 have Super 1’s & one is a -1), 400 Gallon Hoppers, SS Booms, Swathmaster Spreaders, All Metal Wings, Cockpit Heat, Bottom Load Fuel, Automatic Flagman. These airplanes are all working, so the times are subject to change. $284,500 Message for more info or call 541-9692062.

1974 Turbine Ag Cat, N9853, Super One TPE331. Call Boyd at 406388-4497 for more details.

1992 Turbine Factory Super B, Air Conditioned, SS booms and spreader, Ducks feet Aileron boost, M3 SATLOC keypad entry, Big fuel. $365K for more info.

1975 Grumman Ag Cat G164A, AFTT 5678, Engine & Prop TT 302. $100,000 Call Boyd at 406-388-4497 or 406-580-9909

1976 Grumman Ag Cat G164A, TTAF 8689, Engine & Prop TT 0. $115,000 Call Boyd at 406-3884497 or 406-580-9909

Ag Cats In Progress - S/N 526B S&R TPE331-Turbo FatCat 500-gal. 126fuel, Hi&Heavy, TST, 41” TL DAF, your engine, $265K. S/N 566B AgJet TPE331-Turbo SB+ 400-gal, 120-fuel, Hi&Heavy, TST, 38” TL DAF, your engine, $335K. S/N 349B Mills PT6Turbo Std B 350-gal, 115-fuel, your engine, $255K All Look/Perform Like New! 870-886-2418/2489F 870-7591692 Cell AgCat Sales/Service since 1971

Order your B Model Ag Cat Pen and Ink Drawing From our DeSpain Collection today for $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478987-2250

Better’n NEW 450 Ag Cat! Total “Ground-up” Restoration! Loads of Up-Grades. “B” Cabin, hopper, 67 fuel, TL Gate, Fly Tips, More. Best “450” performer EVER! Ready for another 50-years of Reliable, Profitable, Safe Service. $215K + invested, Worth $179K, fair offer considered. 870-886-2418/2489F 870-7591692 Cell. Ag cat Sales/Service since 1971. PS - Would make a fantastic 2-holer. Export Special: G164A+, Fresh AmAg repair w/factory jigged fuselage, New 335-Hopper, Ext’d/Metal Wings, 80fuel, 24V w/Strobes, E-Servo, TWL, Hybrid Combo, Ready for 1000 hr. service-run. Your R985/R1340 E&P. $69K Includes CofaW4E, your container or flyaway. AgCat Sales/Services since 1971, 870-886-2418/2489 Fax, 870-759-1692 Cell. frank.kelley@ Special “Pair” Pricing for (2) Fresh Super A+600 Queen Cats. 350 Hopper, H-V TLand Combos, 80-Fuel, B-Cabins, TST, Zero AF & E&P! Be smart, fly safe, do better work! Bank on 4-wings! $225 + invested, reduced to $199K each. Ag Cat Sales and Service since 1971. 870-2418/2489F frank. Order your Turbine Ag Cat Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Air Tractor AT-301 1983 Turbine AT-301 Project, Carl Bailey Garrett Conversion, 11700 TTAF, Prop strike on Engine and Prop, Minor Airframe Damage, 890 hrs spar life remaining $15,000. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091

1988 AT-301, N69WN, TTAF 8900.0, P&W R-1340 SMOH 370.0, Overhaul by Younkin, Hamilton Standard Prop SPOH 530, 320 Gal Hopper, AgPilot X GPS, Flow Control, Smoker, SS Boom, A/C, VG’s, Lane Electric Brake, Bottom Load Fuel, 25 inch gate, 2 each spreaders. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.

1983 AT-301A, Montana airplane, 7484 TT, PW 1340-AN2 Geared 48 SMOH, 23D40 Prop 48 SMOH, Dyna Nav GPS w/flow control, New Seat Cushion w/pneumatic lumbar, A/C, Spar cap, leading edge skins & nose ribs 26 hrs, Always Hangared, Fresh Annual with sale. Photos available, $110,000 406-262-3826 Phone or Text



1977 AT-301, Bought new and been in Montana all its life. Always hangared. TT5065, PW 1340-AN1 275 SMOH Tulsa, Prop 22D40 494 SMOH, Wing spar cap 320 HR since replacement, Ag Tips, Dyna Nav GPS w/flow control, VG’s, Speed Ring, Fresh Annual w/sale. Photos Available. $75K 406-262-3826 Phone or Text

1977 AT-301, Bought new and been in Montana all its life. Always hangared. TT 5301, PW 1340-AN1 373 SMOH Tulsa, Prop 22D40 “0” SMOH, Wing spar cap 385 Hr since replacement, Ag Tips, Dyna Nav GPS w/flow control, VG’s, Fresh Annual with sale. Photos Available. $75,000 406262-3826 Phone or Text

1983 AT-301, N31580, TTAF 9679.2, P&W R-1340 Geared TTE 550.0, 350 Gallon Hopper, Bantam GPS w/G4 Light Bar, IntelliFlow, SS Boom, CP03 Nozzles, Smoker, A/C, Bottom Load Fuel, New Side Windows. Call Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 1986 AT-301, R-1340 geared engine, 600 hrs since Covington OH, Bantam GPS, CP’s, $75K no trade. Farm Air Inc. Call 877-715-8476


1990 AT-402 -34, N4540F, TTAF 7,500, Wings redone in 2013, MVP50T Glass cockpit, AgPilotX GPS, iPad display, Fresh paint, Fresh annual. $375K Call Mike at Woodley Aerial Spray 815-5030257 or email woody911miller@

1993 Geared AT-401 S/N 0920 TTAF:6648, SMOH:755-Covington, SIRAN:199-Covington, SNECam:5.0-Younkin, Hydromatic 23D40 SOH:1778, Annual done 4/2021, Turbine paint scheme, heavy landing gear with 402 wheels and brakes, Eddy Current due in 503 hours, has the 10,757 hour wings, Bantam/IntelliFlow, A/C, Smoker, windshield washer, Trans/mode C, oil filter, nice flying plane currently working. Asking $140K Call Jack Olds at 812-599-1533 or 812-2654232


1987 AT-501, N7314Q, Walter conversion, 500 gals, side fuel, MVP 50 engine monitor, 7416 TTAF, 521 TTE, Lots of extras. Minnesota plane. Call Jon at 320-760-5075

2008 AT-602, TTAF 10,066, 0 Time on major overhaul PT6-65 motor from Prime Turbines, 178 hours since Prop IRAN, G4 Hemisphere, Hydraulic gate and spray valve, quick start, 3” loading valve, fuel connects both sides, ADSB-OUT, Altimeter laser, Booms, Spreader, ready to sell at end of season. Listing price $710,000 Contact Kevin Jones, Tunica Air, Inc. 662-3631461

2010 AT-602, PT6-60, 6100 TT, IRAN prop, replaced PT starter and governor number 6 bearing October 2019 and HSI, new CT blades and segments and bleed air valve 700 hrs (clean). Wings scheduled to be done 12/21. Price reduced to $390K Call 662-645-8790

Parting Out 1990 AT-502 -34 Engine & Prop. Call Mike at Valley Air Crafts 559.686-7401

1997 AT-602, N602LA, PT6A45A, 9,370 total aircraft time, air conditioner, smoker, Lane fan and brake, Bantam w/Intelliflow. 3,500 hours since Light Engine Overhaul, 1650 Since Prop Overhaul, 3,500 hours remaining on spars. Stainless booms, Reabe Hopper and Pressure Gauge. No damage history. $275,000 Larry 956-330-7119

Order your AT-502 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-9872250

Order your AT-602 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-9872250


AT-602 2016 AT-602 -65AG, N116KP, 3190 Hrs TTAE, 117.6 hrs since H.S.I., new prop blades & reseal, P&W engine monitoring system, SATLOC Bantam w/ Intelliflow and G4 screen, Fast Start, Lane electric brake & fan, hopper rinse, Reabe hopper system, Wingman and much more. See spec sheet for details. $665,000 Contact Rick Stone at Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 or mail@ AT-602, Complete solid airframe less engine/prop. -65 engine mount, 11,000 AFTT, 1600 remaining on spar. $85,000 For more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@


2000 AT-802A, N804DG, TTAF 8400, PT6A-67AG TTE 9030, TSOH 123, TSHSI “0”, Hartzell HC-B5MA-3D/11691N w/ new long blades, 158 hrs. SPOH, New Garmin radio package, New paint, Extensive rebuild in Sept. 2018 w/8236 hrs. TT. New annual Date-of-Sale. See spec sheet for complete rebuild list. $720K Call 409-656-5998

1997 AT-802AF PT667AG, TT 6677, -67AG w/ Fresh Hot Section 27960 SNEW, Prop 7591 SNEW, Hydromax Fire Gate, Fresh Annual, USFS/DOI Carded, ADSB, BK KMA 24H, BK KY196, Garmin GTX 327, TDFM 136, Sky Connect AFF. $750K 575-763-4300 or email cameron@

2001 AT-802 -67AG, TT 4990, Engine SMOH 1369 Fresh Hot Section, Prop 148 SNEW, TDFM 138, KY196A, KY 196A, Garmin 345 ADSB, Fresh Paint in 2019, Hatfield Fire Gate or available with 10” Transland and booms. $925K Call 575-763-4300 or email cameron@

2016 AT-802A -65, 2490TT, N80250, Available Nov 2021, 10” Hydraulic Gate w/ Air Repair Controller, Wingman, 10” Transland Spreader, G4 w/Flow Control, CP11 Nozzle’s with Swivels, Smoker, Electric Fan Brake, Hatfield single point fuel, Kawak Throttle Quadrant, Fast Start, Trig ADS-B out, S/S Camlocks, LED Pulse Lights, HSI and Annual in December 2020, 400hrs since new Vein Ring, CT Blades, and Segments, Inner and Outer Liners were Overhauled. $950,000 OBO call 870-261-2601 for more info.

2012 AT-802A, N805ET, Available Oct. 1st, 5300 hrs. airframe and power plant, Factory Heat/Air, SATLOC G4, Wingman, Smoker, Lane brake, Trans lane spreader, CP09’s, Vondran gate controller, Duplex nozzles. Call David at 870-5011136 | A 37


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A 38 | 16285 5th St. NE, Hillsboro. ND 58045 | 701-636-5880 | fax 701-636-5881 |


2017 AT-802, N869SS **WORKING NOW** Available December 2021. Approximately 3000 hrs. Hot-Section completed 2500 hrs., all in tolerance. Prop IRAN at 2500 hrs. Hatfield fuel system, single point. Manual gate & wingman system. SATLOC Bantam GPS/Flow Control. MVP Engine Display Monitor. 308 gallon tanks. Lane Fan Brake. LED front end head lights. Dual cockpit. Comms and transponder. $900,000, OBO. 318-437-8908

2004 AT-802A, N8522Q, 2,133 TT, Pratt & Whitney 67-AG, 380 Gallon Fuel, Trotter Gen III FRD, Aspen EFD, FM Comm-NPX 136D, Drift Finder Smoker & New Fire Paint in 2019. $850,000 Call Frost Flying at 870295-6213

2007 AT-802A -67AG, Vondran Controller & Fire Door, Smoker, 3350 hrs TTAE, 308 Gallon Fuel Tank, Time Continued with Covington, Light Overhaul 1000 hrs ago, CT Disk Blades, Fuel Controller, Prop Governor Replaced, Pac 24 Audio Panel, S140 Com, NAT 136D FM, GTX345 Transponder ADSB In/Out. Willing to change over to Ag, take fire equipment off. $850,000 Call Tracy Wooten 501517-6896

2006 AT-802 -67 Total Time: 6800, Available November or December, New Paint, Annual In Jan. 2021, New Stage 2 PT Blades, SATLOC G4, Smoker, Wingman, Side Load Fuel, 10” Deep Throat Spreader, Vondran Controller, Hydraulic 10” Door, Flow Control, ADSB In and Out. $750,000 Call 501-517-6896

2016 AT-802A, N805KP, PT6A-65AG Available September 2021. Approx. 3600 Hours TT, 10” Hydraulic Gate, SATLOC G4 W/Flow Control, Wingman, LED Pulse Lights, PS Engineering PAR 200B Audio Panel/Com, Garmin GTX345 ADSB in/ out, Garmin 796 for displaying traffic and weather, New CT Blades at 2390 Hours TT, New Landing Gear at 3000 Hours TT. Will be sold with Extensive Fresh Annual and Hot Section. $980K Contact Steve at Ag Air Aircraft 870236-0146 steve.agairaircraft@gmail. com

1998 AT-802A, N5094H, TTAE 12152.6, PT6A65AG, Hartzell Propeller 2000.0 SPOH, Reabe digital hopper quantity & spray boom pressure, E-TEC Inc. fast start system, Comm radio, Hemisphere G4 GPS, Right side boom shut off, Smoker, Hydraulic gate A/C, Wipaire vortex generators, Wingman, Annual 1/10/21. See spec sheet for details. MidContinent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-3250885

Your new Air Tractor is ready! YOUR #1 AIR TRACTOR DISTRIBUTOR IN SALES AND SERVICE AIRCRAFT 2021 AIR TRACTORS , RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW ........................$CALL$ ENGINES R-1340, ZERO TIME SINCE OVERHAUL BY COVINGTON ......................$67,500 NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 OUTRIGHT OR EXCHANGE ................ $CALL$ PROPELLERS

2002 Red/White AT-802A, N802MA, s/n 802A-0136 with 4048 TTSN, PT6A-65AG s/n PCE-PN0050, 4048 TTSN 0-since Covington hot, new CT blades, new segments, fresh liner, current FCU/pump, Hartzell propeller model HC-B5MP-3F s/n EVA2699 1450 S-IRAN, smoker, electric brake/ fan, steam gauges, 308 fuel, STC single point fuel, Kawak, G-4 GPS/flow, CP’s, Transland 7-1/2” hyd gate, Transland wingman, new annual. $725K Call 309-759-4646


2010 AT-802A PT6A65AG, N389LA 802A0389, 3,526 TT, 10” Hydraulic Gate w/Vondran Controller, Wingman, G4 w/Flowcontrol, CP 11 Nozzle, Smoker, Electric Brake Gr Adj, Single Point Fuel & 308 Fuel, Fresh Annual. $725K Call David at 870-501-1136




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281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX e-mail: • P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas 77471 | A 39

CLASSIFIEDS 2022 AT-802A, FTO, -65AG, LOADED, BOTTOM LOAD FUEL. $1,532,500 Call Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 2006 AT-802A, PT6A-65AG, 7700 TTSN, new wing spars, new hoppers, 308 fuel, fresh FCU/pump, CP’s, com radio, transponder/ ADSB-out, G4 GPS/ flow, S.P fuel, Kawak. $750K For more information call 309-759-4646 or email

Fire Boss, Single & Dual Cockpit. PT6A67F Engine (1600hp), Full avionics and instrumentation. Computerized FRDS Gen II Fire gate. Aircraft with very low use and flight hours. Call or email: +34 667 102 184, sales@airtractoreurope. com Order your AT-802 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Cessna

2019 AT-802 FireBoss Equipped as a FireBoss, Equipped with PT6A-67F engine, dual cockpit/ full dual controls. Air Tractor FRDS fire gates, rear seat instruments and avionics, 380 gallon fuel, and a very unique paint scheme. Aircraft is additionally equipped as a FireBoss with amphibious floats, ground fill option, and a WipAire rear seat redundancy control package. Available for immediate delivery. Call Mike at Valley Air Crafts 559-686-7401

2004 AT-802 -67AG USFS/ DOI CARDED, -67AG Fresh Hot Section, TT3932, STOH 2205, Prop 73 SPOH, KY 196A, KY 196A, TDFM 136A, GTX-345 Transponder, Smoker, Hydromax Fire Gate USFS/DOI Carded Fresh Annual. $800K Call 575-7634300 or Email cameron@aerotechteam. com for further details. 2005 AT-802A, 6975 TTSN, PT6A67AG, 6975 TTSN, 220 since Covington hot, 0-SIRAN prop, electric brake, smoker, CP’s, G-4 w/flow, Kawak, MVP50T, wingman, 10” gate, new wing spars, new hopper, Farm Air referb, Sept. 2018 annual, NO TRADES. Call 309-303-5161

AT-802 Single & Dual Cockpit. PT6A-67F Engine (1600hp), Full avionics and instrumentation. Computerized FRDS Gen II Fire gate. Aircraft with very low use and flight hours. Call or email: +34 667 102 184,

A 40 |

1978 Cessna A188B, N731YD, S/N: 18803254, 7565 TT, Continental I0-520-D 541.8 SMOH, McCauley D2A34C98-0, 541 SMOH, Bantam GPS, Spray Booms, Intelliflow Control, Complete Logs. $76,000 Call Vector Transportation 662-231-2459

1975 Ag Wagon, 7310 TTAF. IO-520D 1315 SMOH. Approx. 300 STOH, 570 SPOH, 86” McCauley, Winglets, Robertson STOL. Weathero Fan, Lite Star II, Smoker. $75,000 785623-3480

1969 Cessna A188 Ag Truck, C-GZNI, AF 5882 TTSN, Continental IO520-D Engine 185 SMOH, 1200 Hr. TBO, Hartzell 3 Blade Prop 152 Hrs. SPOH, Overhauled 3/17, IC A200 Com, GTX 320 Transponder Mode C, Ag-Nav GPS system, Dry & Liquid Application Spray Gear, Flagger, Smoker. $64,000 OBO Call Martin at 905-853-5965

1978 Cessna Ag Truck, 5832 TTAF, 625 TTE, 550 TT on prop, 8.50X10 Clevelands, GPS, field ready. Price reduced to $112,000. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. Call 850-336-0552

1972 Cessna 188 Ag Wagon, N21883, TT6350, 1740 SMOH, Prop165, stainless steel booms, SATLOC Lite 2, new leading edges, refurbished hopper, CP nozzles, owner flown since new. Good flying and fast! Current annual with sale. Call Kevin at 785-386-8875

1972 Cessna A188 Ag Truck, C-GZBN, AF 4214 TTSN, Continental IO520-D Engine 658 SMOH, 1200 Hr. TBO, Hartzell 3 Blade Prop 219 Hrs. SPOH, Overhauled 4/17, IC A200 Com, GTX 320 Transponder -Mode C, Ag-Nav 2 GPS system, Nav Lights, Ag Kit Provision. $79,000 OBO Call Martin at 905-853-5965

1964 Cessna 310I, TT 5253, Continental IO470U engines TSMOH LH 573 RH 249, McCauley props TSPOH LH 573 RH 670. Nice twin, true 6 seater & heavy hauler. It’s a clean northern airplane with no corrosion, new tires, new heater & fresh annual. Paint and interior are both prob a 5 out of 10. Basic radios. Would be interested in trade for Piper Cherokee 6, Saratoga, or Lance. $55,000 Call Tanner Sotvik at 701-520-0229 or 701-662-4416

1974  Cessna C188 - For sale or trade, TTAF 7462, TTE 1000, new factory landing gears, both wings rebuilt, low booms, side step, new hyd engine driven pump, a spare chemical pump, new alternator, fuel pump, flow divider and throttle body bench tested and calibrated together, smoker, 98 SATLOC AirStar, all new glasses two years ago, SS split exhaust, also the adapter for a remote oil cooler, a new cooler not installed, remote oil filter. Asking $85,000 out right or would trade for a Bonanza or Skylab of equal value. I am retiring after 59 years. Call Ben Kirk at 662803-5102 1975 Cessna Ag Truck, TTAF 4802, SFR 1240, SPIRAN 1240, S/S Dual Exhaust, Smoker, Wag, Crophawk 7B, Hyd/MAN SS spray system (except pump), 30 CP03, 4 Rotary Nozzles, A/C, No Heat, Landing, Inst. Lights, Hopper Light, Wing Tip Strobe, VG’s Hardwired ANR, Locking Tailwheel. $97,500 478-285-3731

Aircraft - Dromader

1995 M18A Turbine Dromader, 4500 TTAF, wings and tail section 2900, 400 TT SPOH, Engine TPE-331-11u-6116, 874 TSO, 400 since Teledo repair compressor housing, diffuser vane accessory drive housing, 2nd stage rotor replaced. Fresh annual w/sale. 2nd Dromader airframe less engine has new prop, only needs engine. Lots of spare parts. Asking $225,000. Very negotiable. Call 229-524-1134 or 229-220-6343 Order your Flying Dromader or M18 Dromader Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Piper 1977 Cessna AgTruck, N731GD, S/N 18802877T, TT: 6002, SMOH: 2.0, Prop: 297 Mag-Truck Conversion Lycoming IO-540-K1J5, Ag-Tips, Super Booms, Hydraulic Spray System, SATLOC 99.5, CropHawk, 8.50x10 Mains, Big 5.00x5 Tailwheel, Smoker/Flagger Good Flying and Working Aircraft. $125K Call Lance at 308-325-2095 with questions or offers or Nathan at 308-324-8770

1974 Piper Brave PA 36-400 IO-720 (400 HP) 3975 TT, 1875 SMOH, Wing Spar AD Complete, SATLOC Litestar III, Dyna Nav Flow Control, Superbooms with Davidon Rotary Atomizers. Price reduced to $75,000. Call 701-400-1113


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1981 Piper PA-36-375 Turbine Brave, PT6A-20 662 SMOH, 232 SHS, Prop TSO 542, TTAF 5722, 2382 remaining on wing spar, fresh annual, new SATLOC Bantam w/ IntelliFlow, Lane adjustable fan & brake, smoker, CP check valve nozzles, Nav/ Strobe Instrument/Landing and taxi lights. Very clean, great flying, great transition airplane. $290K OBO For more information call 318-339-4747 or email 1982 Piper Super Cub. Lowest time Piper built Cub on the planet, 650 hours TTSN, 0 SMOH, Stits Fabric, beautiful paint, Com Radio, L3 Lynx transponder with ADSB in-out with touchscreen weather, traffic. $150,000 Call Sun Valley Aviation 956-421-4545

1976 PA 36 Turbine Brave 550SHP - 6450TT, 3097 since P&W factory O/H PT6A-20A engine with 0 since HSI and compliance with A.D.2014-11-05, 0 SOH 3 Blade Hartzell Prop, 275 gallon hopper, JAS gate, Agrinautics pump, electric brake, dropped streamlined booms with CP nozzles, 2” left side load, improved hopper lid, JAS High Lift Wing Leading Edges, 90 gal fuel, CommRadio, Crophawk, electric turn and bank, clock, nav/strobe/instrument/landing and taxi lights, Del Norte GPS, pistol grip, left entry step, good tires/glass and paint, 1739 hours remaining on wing spar caps. Aircraft is in very good condition and needs to go to work! Call and let’s make a deal! 559-686-1794, Email or visit our website at Order your Piper Pawnee Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today Call 478-987-2250

1967 Piper PA-25-235, N4562Y, TTAF 5764, Lycoming 0-540-B2C5, TTE 1463 SMOH, McCauley 1A200 Propeller, SATLOC GPS Lite Star 4, New Lane Electric Fan and Brake, Spray Booms, Pawnee Spreader, Excellent Paint and Interior, Annual 3/23/21. $99,000 MidContinent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-3250885

1976 PA 36 SUPER BRAVE 400 HP - 3965 Total Time, 66 since Overhaul engine, 66 since IRAN Prop, 4040 hours remaining on wing spar caps, 275 gal hopper, Agrinautics pump and fan, dropped streamlined booms with CP nozzles and check valves, 2” left side load, extended wings, 90 gal fuel with new fuel cells, crop hawk, automatic flagger, pistol grip, nav/ strobe/instrument/landing/taxi and night working lights, left entry step, good paint, tires and glass. Price reduced to $185K or OBO. Contact Johnston Aircraft Service at 559-686-1794, or visit our website at Order your Clipped J3 Cub Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today Call 478-987-2250

A 42 |

Aircraft - Thrush

2006 550 Thrush, 4100 TTAF, TPE331-10, Completely loaded - G4 SATLOC, flow control, A/C & heat, booms, spreader, brand new 3 blade Hartzell STC, lots of airframe upgrades. Just completed 270k repairs/ upgrades including new prop, engine prop strike inspection, engine now new power section gearbox parts, all fuel control etc O/H. by Arkansas turbine, fresh hot, new tailwheel spring and accessories. It’s a real work horse. Ready to work, will deliver. $435K Call 217-556-6220 1992 Thrush S2R-G6, N449AT serial #G6-105, TTAF 6185, TTE since IRAN at CD Aviation 945 hrs., VG’s, night lights, 510 gal. hopper, A/C & heat, cool seat, Garmin GPS, smoker, right boom shut off, long range fuel tanks, comm radio, new spar caps installed 35 hrs. ago, recent prop overhaul by Maxwell Aircraft. Aircraft is in great condition, side load fuel, concord batteries, SATLOC M3 GPS, Intelliflow control, SS boom hangers, booms and center section, CP11 TT nozzles, Lane fan on the pump, Reabe hopper gauge w/side display. $500K Serious inquiries only! Call 701-489-3558

2019 Thrush 510P with P&W PT6A-34AG, Smoker, Bantam GPS, Intelliflow, Lane Electric Brake, Single Point Fuel, Vortex Generator and Leading Edge Lights. 264 TT. $875,000 Please contact Dennis or Tim at 319-266-0474.

1996 S2R-G1, S#G104, TPE331-6 Super 6, 9688 TTAF, 3222 on Spar Caps (Fresh Eddie current) 6200 hr. life, 0 SPOH by Northwest Propeller, TPE331-Super 6, TSCAM-4928, TSHSI-0, TSGBI-0, All engine work done by TAE (AG AIR Turbines) Hatfield bottom load fuel, A/C, Vortex Generators, New SATLOC Bantam w/flow control, Stainless Spray system, AFS check valves w/CP nozzles, Agrinautics pump w/Lane brake, Aircraft radio, March of 2021 annual, $360K OBO 509-750-2309

2004 Thrush 550, TTAF 8093, with PT6-60AG 0 shot, 0 time fuel control, Bleed valve, and High pressure pump, 0 SMOH prop, Hyd. gate box, SATLOC G4, booms and spreader. Sale with fresh annual. $420,000 Call 979-257-6695 Get Serious About Selling 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.

1977 Thrush S2R Radial, Airframe: 7500 TT, Engine: P&W 1340-2, 384 SMOH, Prop: 23D40/384 hr., Spring Tail Wheel, 20 inch main wheels, LightStar 5 GPS, 2-12V Dry cell battery, Full retractable lights and turn lights on tips. $74,800 OBO Call 760-996-2032 Order your 510 Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today Call 478-987-2250

1995 Thrush S2R, TT 11,195.4, PT6A-34 TSO 0.0, Wings 24,000 hrs remaining, New 4 blade propeller, Power intake w/ quick change filter, SATLOC w/G4 screen, L7 Light bar, Extended mount, Intelliflow, A/C, Smoker, Load Hawg, Lane Electric Brake, Fan, Spring Tail Wheel w/ 2” extension, Metal tail, Emergency hopper shut off, Booms & spray system, Bottom load fuel, Bottom load feed, New Paint, Fresh annual. Currently under lease but will be available mid August. $575K Call Turbines Inc at 812-877-2587 or email

2013 Thrush S2R-H80, N3046N, TTAE 3600, Load Hawg, VG’s, Bottom Fuel/ Dual Load, IntelliFlow w/ Smart Pump, Leading Edge Lights, SS Booms, Hopper Rinse, Bantam, Smoker Spreader w/Kicker Plate, CP’s, G4 Intelliflow, MVP 50T Glass Panel. See spec sheet for details. Make offer, very motivated! Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.

1989 Turbine Thrush, N3097K, TTAF 16500, TTE 16500, OH Fuel Control 2020, SHSI 200, 2016 Century Wing Spars, Vortex generators 2018, Fuel pump OH 2021, AC, Giua Gold new, New Vane Ring segment blades, New Paint. $350,000 Office: 229-524-1134 Cell: 229-2206343

1974 400 Gal Turbine Thrush, N5543X, Airframe only no engine. 8900 TT, new Century wings, 0 time prop, A/C, cool seat, 29” tires, spring tail, fabric tail, paint in 2016. Asking $150K OBO Call Kent at 229-2206343 or 229-524-1134




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For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the helicopter equipment, ISOLAIR has the system to fit your company’s needs. From agricultural spray firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom systems andequipment, bucket spreaders firefighting grapples torches, ISOLAIR can helicopter ISOLAIRtohas the systemsystems, to fit yourforestry company’s needs.and From agricultural spray and will do it forestry all! systems and bucket spreaders to firefighting systems, grapples and torches, ISOLAIR can With competitive pricing, quality assurance, to itinstall andeasy will do all! products, and an ongoing commitment to customer service, we welcome you to contact us.toOur friendly and and knowledgeable staff is ready to With competitive pricing, quality assurance, easy install products, an ongoing commitment answer your questions help you the ISOLAIR best meet your to customer service, weand welcome youfind to contact us. Oursystem friendlythat and will knowledgeable staff isoperational ready to answer your questions and help you find requirements. the ISOLAIR system that will best meet your operational requirements.


Single Point Fueling System STC SA01323CH AG Cats - Air Tractor - Thrush

Approved in US, Australia, Canada & Brazil

27600 SE HIGHWAY 212

GRESHAM, OR 97030 U.S.A. BORING, OR 97009 U.S.A. PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 FAX:FAX: +1 (503) 492-2756 +1 (503) 492-2756 EMAEmail:



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Original Hatfield Hydraulic Fire Gate

STC SA00961CH Available for all models of Air Tractor


Variable Rate Rotary Gate


North American Distributor QUALITY Stainless Steel Spray Systems Inventory in stock in US , Hundreds of Kits Available 2 Duplication Program Second to None 3 Custom Built, TSO-Certified Stratoflex Hose Assemblies Phone: 866.413.2780 ext. 293 Fax: 618.931.1102 E-mail: Website:

SEND HOSES TO: 3701 Highway 162 Granite City, IL 62040


TEL 616-837-9428 | A 43


1996 Ayres S2R G6-510, TTAF:5690, TTE: 10,907, Engine TSMO: 364, Prop TT: 513, C.A.M.’d 400 hrs ago, SATLOC M3 w/small screen, Hartzell 3 Blade, Lane Fan & Brake, VGs, SPFS, Smoker, A/C, Smoker, Fast Start, Battery Mod, EI FP-5 Fuel Flow Indicator, EI Torque Gauge. $375K Call North Star today at 620-356-4528

1974 Rockwell S2R-600, TT: 7756, Engine TSMO: 513, Prop TSOH: 0, Geared 1340, SST Booms, Bantam w/G4 Screen, KY 964 Comm, Hartzell 3 blade, Flow Control, Smoker, SPFS, Collins A/C, Extended Wings, Spring tailwheel, Chip Light, Aileron Servo Kit, 24V Electrical System, Flagger, Digital Tach, CropHawk, SS Pump and Electric Brake. New: Battery, A/C compressor, Fuel pump, Spark plugs, Air, Fuel, & Oil filters, Seatbelt/Harness. $145K Call North Star today at 620-356-4528

2021 510P-34AG, 2” SST Spray System, 3” Side Loader, SST Reinforced 510 Gallon Fiberglass Hopper, 228 Gallon Fuel Capacity, Aluminum Booms, 250 amp Starter/Generator, A/C & Cabin Heat, Hi-Vis LED Wingtip, Navigation, & Strobe Lights, 41” SST Gatebox, Garmin G5 Attitude Indicator, MVP-50 Glass Cockpit, SST Belly Skin, Hartzell Prop, Dual-Caliper Cleveland Brakes, 21” Floatation Tires, Storm Shield, Main Landing Gear Wire Cutters. North Star 620-356-4528 to get quote.

1977 Thrush S2R, CFXMG, 2366R 13-40PW, 50 hrs. Prop TT, 50 hrs. TTE, 7778 hrs. TTAF. Lots of spare parts to go with it - Rudder, Finn, Stabilizer, Extra cylinder jugs, Magneto carburetor, tire tubes and many other extras. $100K Canadian. Call Ron at 306-861-0177

A 44 |

2021 710P-65AG, 2” SST Spray System, 3” Side Loader, SST Reinforced 710 Gallon Fiberglass Hopper, 228 Gallon Fuel Capacity, 250 amp Starter/Generator, A/C & Cabin Heat, Hi-Vis LED Wingtip, Navigation, & Strobe Lights, 41” SST Gatebox, Garmin G5 Attitude Indicator, MVP-50 Glass Cockpit, SST Belly Skin, Hartzell Prop, Dual-Caliper Cleveland Brakes, 21” Floatation Tires, Storm Shield , Main Landing Gear Wire Cutters. Call North Star today at 620-356-4528 to get your quote.

1996 S2R-G1 Thrush, N2237D, TTAF 9688.0, Super-6 TPE331-6, TSCAM-4928, TSHSI-0, All engine work done by TAE (Ag Air Turbines), Hatfield bottom load fuel, A/C Vortex generators, New SATLOC Bantam, Flow Control, SS Spray System, AFS check vales, CP nozzles, Agrinautics pump, Lane electric brake, Aircraft radios, Fresh Eddie Current. Very clean aircraft! Mid-Continent Aircraft, 800-325-0885

2009 AT-802A, Serial # 802A-0333, TTAE: 2588 hrs, Fresh Annual, 10” Hydraulic Gate, Dual Loading Valve, Smoker,Single Point Fuel, Bendix King Audio Panel, Garmin SL 40 Com, Garmin 345 Transponder, Garmin 496 GPS. $710,000 Call or text Michael 870-672-2089

2013 Thrush S2R-T34, N3043V, TTAF 3398, PT61-34AG TTE 3398, 365 Since Hot Section, Concord Battery, CP Nozzles, Am-Safe Seat Belts, GPS, Bird Lights, SS Spray Valve, Prop 365 Since Iran, Fresh Annual. See spec sheet for details. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885

1999 Thrush S2R-T34, N4061H, Frame off restoration. Like new. TTAF 5,350. Engine PT6A -34AG. TSO 0.0. Century Wings with 115 gal fuel per side, extensions and winglets. New 4 Blade Propeller STC SA04302CH. New 510 gal Hopper. New tires, brakes and rotors. ZEE A/C w/heat. Single point fueling system. Fuel Quantity Indicator. Hopper quantity gauge. New pump and stainless steel booms. Heavy duty landing gear. Cool seat. New paint. Current annual. Call Turbines Inc 812-877-2587 peg@

Super nice, super clean, super low time Thrush 660P -67AG, DUAL COCKPIT-DUAL CONTROL, PT-6 powered work horse for sale! ONLY DUAL COCKPIT MODEL CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ON THE PLANET! Outstanding machine for crop spraying, fire suppression, and even patrolling purposes. How about FLIGHT TRAINING for any of the three? Can outfit for each purpose! Only 428 hours since new! Only 150 hrs. since hot section by Covington, and only 2 hrs. on Hartzell 115” 5 blade prop since overhaul! Get started now! Outfit and spray, firefight, patrol, or instruct, before the season begins! Call Kirby at 615-972-7423 or email k.totty@

Excellent condition 1974 Thrush S2R, TT 4913, Pratt & Whitney R1340 geared engine, TSMO 229. Only 378 hours since complete rebuild! Always hangared. Contact Brent at 308-289-3534 for more information. CK-AG-29 Wing Splice, Extended Wings, Aileron Servos, 29” Wheels, Spring Tail Wheel, Cold Air Intake, M3 SATLOC, Crop Hawk, Smoker, New Stainless-Steel Booms, Cool Seat, Bottom Load Fuel. $185K 308-8893481 Visit TnhBxI5b#uPRTR4blbIBcMm90Y6a-Q for more pictures.

1998 S2R-G10/510 Thrush, N2146S, TTAF 4909.0, TPE-331-10, 825.0 TT SCAM, Hartzell propeller 0.0 SPOH, New fuel spline, Bantam GPS, Intelliflow, Lane electric brake, Smoker, Fast start, A/C, no heat, SS Boom, CP09 Nozzle, Comm radio, TRAC TXP w/ADS-B OUT, Installed new wing spar May 2016. Annual 2/21. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.

2012 Thrush S2R-T34, N986MM, TTAE:5100, PT6S-34AG, 400 hrs. SHI, Hartzell 4 blade prop, 900 hrs.SNEW, Cascade, MVT-50 glass panel, Load Hawg, Bantam GPS, IntelliFlow, Leading Edge lights, Vortex generators, Smoker, Bottom load fuel. Very clean aircraft, well maintained and no damage history. See spec sheet for more details. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.

1977 Thrush S2R Turbine - 11,063 hours TTAF, Johnson Conversion and rebuild in 2007 (ME601E-11 with Avia Prop), Walters ME601E-11 engine with 3 hours Since IRAN (1560 SMOH), 400 gallon Hopper, AG Pilot X GPS with Flow Control (or Satloc Bantam if you prefer), MVP-50 Engine display, Electric Fan Brake, Bottom load fuel, Smoker, A/C, Metal Tail, KAWAK Throttle quadrant, Fiberglass belly, Winglets, Nav lights, Polished Spinner. Fresh Thrush Service Center Annual! Primed and Repainted Engine cowl, leading edges, vertical stab, and winglets. Rebuilt the tailwheel and primed and painted. She’s very clean and ready to go! Bring offers and trades! All specifications are subject to verification upon inspection by buyer. ASI JET is a Factory Authorized Thrush Dealer, Service center, and Parts distributor. Specializing in New and Used aircraft sales, Please Call ASI Jet Sales at 952-941-6255 for more information!



If you want to prevent this, look into the new Storm Shield™ The Storm Shield™ is the latest advancement in bird/drone strike protection technology for general aviation. The Storm Shield™ is: • 8 Times Stronger than Factory (OEM) Air Tractor Windshield. Impact tested at National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) lab at Wichita State University • Scratch Resistant with Greater Clarity

• Advancing Safety for the Aviation Industry • Available for all Air Tractor and Thrush models (Center Windshield)

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2022 Slots Available ............................................................Call

FAA approved repair station No. MU2RO18L • 3370 MN Road, David City, NE 68632 • 402-367-3213


Our patented Load Hawg is

2004 Air Tractor 802A N8522Q ~2,133 TT, Pratt & Whitney 67-AG, 380 Gallon Fuel, Trotter Gen III FRD, Aspen EFD, FM Comm-NPX 136D, Drift Finder Smoker & New Fire Paint in 2019 ............Call

Complete Air Tractor Parts And Accessories Dealer For Every Major Ag Aviation Parts and Supplies Large Selection of PT6 Accessories New Turbine Props and Blades S/S Pumps, Booms and Center Boom for Air Tractor

a safer, more efficient option for loading dry materials into an aircraft hopper


Hydraulically-operated hopper door and product leveler both controlled by the pilot eliminates the need for an onwing loader

Stainless Steel Auger with

P r o v en a f t e r m o r e t h a n 1 5 years and hundreds of installations

Contact us today and schedule your Load Hawg installation

Target Spray Variable Rate Nozzles


sealed bearings


573-359-0500 800-325-0885 P.O. BOX 540 HAYTI, MO 63851 WWW.MIDCONT.COM

Jack Frost Frost Flying Inc Office 870-295-6213 Maintenance 870-295-3776 Fax 870-295-6674

Garrett Frost Parts 870-295-6218 Fax 870-295-6237

Large inventory of PT6 and Air Tractor parts • Financing Available Call for Wingman installation For AgAv Parts & Accessories Call Matt Ashburn

IA and A&P mechanics needed | A 45


PT6A-41 850 SHP Thrush. N2249U, has been completely rebuilt from the spinner to the end of the rudder. We put the fuselage in our jig and replaced all the tubing from the cockpit back and upgraded to the later stronger longeron sizes. We installed all the factory beef up kits to the forward fuselage. We rebuilt the wings and installed new spar caps, rebuilt the factory metal tail, made new fuselage side panels and installed with crosspoint s.s. fasteners, we painted the aircraft with high solids Alumigrip polyurethane paint, we replaced windows, we installed a dropped stainless spray system we installed a cool seat with new covers and a Hooker harness, We installed the Cascade front end conversion kit with the 14” longer mount, we installed the MVP50T glass panel in the new upper center instrument panel, we installed a new Dyna Nav Vektor Max GPS, we installed a new KAWAK throttle quadrant, it has a radio and Harbour air conditioning, it has vortex generators, 192 gallon fuel capacity with bottom loading, it has nav/strobe/landing and taxi lights, and a 525 gal hopper. The engine is a King Air takeoff with approximately 4000 hours since P&W factory overhaul and 10 hours since hot section and test cell run. The High Performance 4 bladed Hartzell prop has 10 hours since new. The aircraft is fast, hauls a full hopper load, gets off the ground quickly, turns extremely well, and is a delight to fly. Aircraft needs to be working. Let’s make a deal! Call 559-686-1794, Email or visit our website

1997 Ayres S2R-G10, N773CC, AFTT 6500, Engine: 1813.0 SHOT/ CAM1813, Propeller O/H Conrad Maxwell on 4/5/12, Cool start system, Hatfield single point fueling, ATS-VG’s, AG-TIPS-MARBURGER, Kawak hydraulic system, SATLOC G4, Load hawg, Max weight 7900, Empty weight 4718, Useful load 3182. MidContinent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-3250885 Order your Radial Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

A 46 |

1999 Thrush S2R-T34, N23034, AFTT 11,048 hrs., Current Annual, Avenger Wing Spar 38,391 hrs. remaining, Extensions and Winglets, PT6A-34AG TSO: 0.0, Four Blade Hartzell Propeller STC SA04302CH, HC-B4TN-3C/T10702NS TSN: 0.0, New Tires, New Brakes and Rotors, Zee A/C System w/Heat, Single Point Fueling System, Fuel Quantity Indicator, Refurbished Hopper with new gate box, New Booms. See spec sheet for details. Turbines Inc. 812-877-2587

B1-A Callair Manufacturing Rights. Available now is the type certificate, drawings, jigs, tooling, aircraft parts, and property associated with this 300 gal Pratt and Whitney 985 powered sprayer. Start your own aircraft company or expand your line. Call for details. Airplane Services Inc. 850-675-1252, 850-380-7268, 850-380-6091.

Order your Thrush 660 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Order your In-Formation Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S &H. Call 478-987-2250

Order your Dual Cockpit Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Order your Stearman Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Weatherly

Order your The AgOp Collage Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Helicopters 2 Huey helicopter buckets for sale. Call Guy at 803-645-8230

Midwest based 1989 Weatherly 620A. 5390 TT, Low time engine R985, 474 SMOH by Tulsa 1/19/2017, SATLOC M3, 1512 SPOH. Good condition but subject to wing attach AD. Will entertain all offers. Contact Devin Conley 785-342-2184. Selling parts off aircraft starting with the engine and prop. 1977 201C Weatherly, In annual, prop Iran as needed. TTAF 4700, Engine SMOH 325, 99 1/2 SATLOC AirStar, new tail wheel assembly block, new tires, new ignition switch, Lane electric break system, paint fair (6), windshield replaced 2 years ago, ads are complied with. Call Ben Kirk at 662-803-5102 Order your Weatherly Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S &H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Other 2006 Beech G-36 Bonanza, 880 Hours since new, Garmin 1000/WAAS, Factory Air, Leather. This airplane is like new. Price reduced to $475,000 Call Sun Valley Aviation, 956-421-4545

1982 Hiller UH 12-E, 3112 TT, 100 hrs. on new engine. Two spray trucks also for sale. Call Guy at 803-6458230 Order your Bell 206 Helicopter Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Engine - Piston Geared 1340, R-1340-S3H1-G, 670 SMOH, 23D40-303 Hamilton Standard Propeller. All accessories, less exhaust system, as removed from damaged Thrush. $10,000 Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 Pratt Whitney R1340-AN1 “0” SMOH Tulsa $45,000 406-262-3826 Phone or Text Pratt & Whitney R-985 & R-1340 Engines in stock. All with new pistons installed. Overhauled by Aero Recip, Covington, Tulsa and Younkin. For more information call Sun Air Parts 661-2577708, Fax 661-257-7710 or email R985-AN1-14B Tulsa Overhaul, New Pistons, Bosch mags. Ignition harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805

R-985 & R-1340 Complete OHC Cylinder Assemblies OHC in stock, all with new pistons installed and all gaskets and seals to install. We also stock new and overhauled magnetos, OHC carbs, starters fuel pumps, etc. Top overhaul tool kits $250 each. Sun Air Parts 661-257-7708, Fax 661-2577710 or email R1340-AN2 Airmotive Overhaul, New Pistons, mags, harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 R1340 Engine Overhaul, New Pistons, New bearings, mags, ignition harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 Pratt and Whitney overhauled 1340 cylinders, carburetor, Ag cat spreader call Terry at 870-536-1348 or David at 870-550-1664 R-1340, Zero Time Since Overhaul By Covington, $67,500.00 Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE / 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401

Engine - Turbine PT6A-27/28 PCE-52074, TSO 2375. For pricing call Paul at 305-825-2001 or email Zero TSO PT6A-34AG. Overhauled by EOS. Please call us at (561) 745-6150 for more infomation. PT6A-34 PCE-RB0905, TSN 45. For pricing call Paul at 305-825-2001 or email PT6A-27/28 PCE-40613, TSO 1649. For pricing call Paul at 305-825-2001 or email PT6A-41 Engine For Sale, SN: PCE81159, TT: 10889.1 Hrs TC: 10510 TS0: 1094.0 CS0:567 See spec sheet for details. Call Turbines Inc. at 812877-2587 PT6A-41 Engine For Sale. SN: PCE80472, TT: 11739.2 Hrs TC: 10843 TS0: 1081.1 CS0:609. See spec sheet for details. Call Turbines Inc. at 812877-2587 PT6-15AG For Sale, Fresh gear box, overhaul, 0 since hot section. Call Bill Kingrey for cycle times and price. 979257-6695 Complete Engine Package! TPE331-6 Engine, 537 Since Cam, CD Aviation Hartzell Propeller HC-B3TN-5M/ 537 Since New, Starter Generator 23047007, 25 Hours Since Overhaul, Beta Tube Included. $177,000 Call Lynn Johnson at 701-360-5966 or 701352-3700




Southeastern Aircraft Sales

Trade with members of NAAA

2016 AT602-1282 N116KP PT6A-65AG 3190.1 Hrs. TTAE. Satloc Bantam with Intelliflow, G4 screen, Fast Start, P & W data monitoring, Wingman and more............................................................................................. $650,000

2022 Air Tractors all models available

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AIRCRAFT SALES & SERVICE | A 47 Office: 772-461-8924 • Fax: 772-461-9050 • •


Turbo Cat Kit ready for installation this winter. Kit includes new firewall forward, Hartzell propeller, EI-MVP, custom built fiberglass cowlings and much more. We can supply a new PT6A-15AG or -34AG for a great price with the kit. Includes a “Fly Safe Transition Program” Contact ann@ for pricing and additional details. (3) PT6A-34AG Engines For Sale, TSO’s 0.0 PT6A-45R TSO 1259.9. Visit our website for spec sheets. Or call or email Jay Streb at 812-877-2587, jay@ PT6A-60AG, 6500 hours TT, Fresh Hot Section, O/H Fuel Control Unit, O/H Bleed Valve, O/H Starter Generator. $295,000 For more information call Bill Kingrey at 979-257-6695

Equipment - Booms Tsla Center Boom 59105 (AT401-402) $1200. Please call Peg at Sky Tractor 1-800-437-5319 For Sale - High quality Stainless Steel booms, pumps and nozzles! On the shelf and ready to ship. Contact mark@ SUPERBOOMS, Thrush Servos; Maintenance on Ag & G.A. Aircraft Including Heavy Structural Repairs; Robinson Helicopter Service Center; Machining, Fabricating & Sheet Metal Gurus; Tri-State Aviation, ND 800642-5777 or

Equipment - Nozzles New Zanoni Equipment Atomizers in stock and ready to ship at Turbine Conversions, Ltd. High quality, all stainless steel, tested, proven and US operators are loving these atomizers. Contact for more info. www.turbineconversions. com CP09-3P nozzles (59) $50 each, CP04 Poly Check valve (68) $26 each, CP02 SS check valve (76) $80 each, CP09-3E (67) $80 each, 7” SS drops (30) $5.50 each. Please call Peg at Sky Tractor 1-800-437-5319 Newberg Electrostatic Spraying LLC is the exclusive distributor for Spectrum Electrostatic Spray Systems. Do more acres with better performance. Call Ed Newberg 320-848-2745. Serving northern US and Canada. Now STC’d for all 400 and 500 series Air Tractors.

Equipment - Parts Transland Grip Steps for AT aircraft. Call Billy Maxwell at Transland 940-6871100 or email for more information.

A 48 |

Hatfield hydraulic drop door. USFS / BLM approved. Fits Thrush, Dromader, can be adapted to Air Tractor 502 or 802. Excellent condition, with streamline fairings, all controls included. $15,000 S.E.A.T. program is expanding. Pilot / contractor training available. Call 530-345-9919 Transland 4” Delrin Hopper Vents. Call Billy Maxwell at Transland 940-6871100 or email for more information. 3 Hatfield Fire Gates. Air Tractor, vented lids for a 502, Transland quick attach. Make a Reasonable offer. Call 204856-9422 AT-802 Hatfield Fire Gate - New Production ready to ship! Original Hydraulic Clam Shell Design, STC, BLM & IATB Approved. Proven reliable design, currently fighting fires in North & South America. Built tough, lighter weight and affordable pricing available options. Other aircraft models available - STC on All models of AT, Thrush and M18 Dromader with short lead time. Contact

Equipment - Pumps New and overhauled Air Tractor and Thrush boost pumps in stock. Delco A4949 motor with 400 GPH AN4101 fuel pump attached. Outright and exchange. We supply these direct to both factories. Call Sun Air Parts 661-257-7708, Fax 661-257-7710 or email 502B spray pump Agrinautics 38” Gate Strut Assembly and complete bottom installation ready to go (Electric brake) second 502B spray pump with all bottom installations (electric motor for fam feather) see pictures of both pumps. Note: they are used pumps. You have to pick it up. $3,900 870-930-5729

Equipment - Spreaders 25” Stainless Steel Spreader, Like new, 9 Vanes for low volume applications. List price is $9225, asking $4200 Call Bill at 863-467-4000 Ayres Thrush Transland Spreader. All stainless, like new, fits 41” Transland gate box. $1,500 OBO Will deliver anywhere USA for expenses, or will crate and ship for materials and labor. Call 530-345-9919 TRANSLAND SS SWATHMASTER 25in, has brackets for 402B, Spreader Quick attach 23507, comes w/2 more center sections & 4 wings. $3000 OBO plus shipping. 620-525-6712 Transland 10 vane spreader for 38” gate, new, $9,900; Lane Aviation 281342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401

(2)Transland SS 22274 38” to 25” gate box adapters & 21966 Gate Boxes. $2500 Eachor $4000 for both plus shipping. Call 620-525-6712

Equipment - Support Like new portable load pad suitable for an 802. Very little use. $20K For more information call 309-759-4826 3” load, mix tank, fully contained and lockable, air compressor and storage complete ready to go. $19,600 For more information call 309-759-4826

GPS - AgPilotX Helicopter light bar now available with the new iPad based guidance system AgPilotX. Entire system with helicopter light bar is 13 lbs. Call Anthony Fay with Insero for details 480-285-4367

GPS - DynaNav Brand New Vektor LITE GPS systems. Ultimate navigation system at an affordable price. $7,500 View details on our website

GPS - SATLOC SATLOC G4 Complete System, Includes: CPU, 9-inch touch screen 16:9 ratio, A21™ antenna, External L7 Lightbar, SATLOC IntelliTrac aerial guidance software. Features: Intel Dual-Core i7 processor, 2 powered USB ports (optional USB Hub with 3 ports), 4 GB RAM, 32 GB optional storage space on Mini SATA drive, SATLOC G4 IntelliTrac Software for unlimited waypoints, polygon points, maps and jobs, Convert .shp files to .job files inside IntelliTrac Software, Data sharing with 3rd Party Software, Supports AgLaser altimeter. $17,995 plus shipping. Call North Star today at 620-356-4528 2 Year Old SATLOC G4 GPS System for sale, like new. Also have various used GPS systems. AG PILOTX DEALER. $13,000 Call Tanner J. Sotvik at DEVILS LAKE AERO SERVICE 701520-0229 or 701-662-4416 (2) SATLOC G4 GPS w/IntelliFlow. $14,000 each. Call Ed at 361-9477891 or 361-387-9090

Help Wanted Reputable company looking for an experienced AT-502 Pilot for Midwest Corn Run. Must have Midwest license. Seat also available for an experienced AT-802 pilot, July through September, Indiana, Nebraska & Iowa and, could include aerial application of both liquid and cover crop. Please email resume and references to blindads@agairupdate. com, Subject: ID#3324 Please specify which seat you are applying for and include all contact information.

Midwest AT-602 seat on corn run! Pilot had to leave for some family issues. There is all the work you want. Pays $1.80/acre. G4, Reabe, -60. Not looking to poach from another operation. Slobs and princesses need not apply. Please include all your relevant information in your email to blindads@ Subject: ID#3343 Looking for pilot to fly Thrush 510. We need somebody that can fill in during corn and cotton runs. We have other flying coming in daily. You would also be able to take plane somewhere if you have a connection looking for help. A lot of possibilities to discuss. Call 806930-4966 Wanted - Experienced Bell 206 Ag Pilot for Midwest Corn and Soybean Run. Must be licensed IA & NE. Please email resume and references to blindads@ Subject: ID#3325 Ag Air Aircraft in Corning, Arkansas is hiring aircraft maintenance technicians. Excellent working environment, competitive pay and plenty of work. Turbine and/or electrical experience is a plus. Must have a positive attitude to be considered. Please email resume and references to or call 870-857-3744 if interested. Established South Central operation looking for a full time 802 pilot to begin immediately. Brand new planes! Must have a great work ethic! Email resume and references to blindads@ Subject: ID#3298. Well established agriculture business is looking for a full time, long term ag pilot in West Texas for 502 Air Tractor. Must have turbine experience, SATLOC experience helpful. Housing available. Contact: Office 806-946-3399, Mobile 806-946-7309. Resume may be emailed to SO experienced / licensed aircraft technician, mainly specializing in agriculture aircraft (Air Tractor & PT6A turbine engines). We have a strong growing business here, if you are interested in a long term career. Starting $20 to $30 per hour and that is negotiable. Must pass drug test. If interested call Steve at 870-919-3625 Large Midwest operation looking for 2 pilots - June 15th through August 15th. (1) AT-502 and (1) -42 510 Thrush. Pilots must have 500 hours of Turbine Ag time. Also Multi-engine turbo prob experience would be a bonus to fly our Piper Cheyenne for business trips throughout the year. Email resume and references to blindads@agairupdate. com Subject: ID#3289 IA and A&P mechanics needed. Call 870-295-6213 Salary depending on qualifications and experience.








/AeroInnovationsllc | | 812.233.0384 | A 49

CLASSIFIEDS R44 Raven II Ag Pilot Needed: The position is for 5-6 weeks, Corn Run in Iowa, early July to mid-August. Ag PilotX, GPS, Flow Control. We will provide a $2,000 sign on bonus, all lodging, operate in one location. Pay based on experience. Send resume/ inquiries to

Open Seat for the Corn Run in July and August flying an Air Tractor 602 or Turbine Thrush. Turbine Ag Time is required for this position. If you have any turbine ag time and are interested in an Illinois seat this summer please contact Travis Hermann 217-6076383.

G-10 Thrush pilot for corn. We only operate out of 2 locations. SATLOC with shape files. Usually lasts about 4 weeks. Contact Frank Ousley at fousley@citlink. net or call 815-631-3113

CDL drivers needed to support helicopter spray operations. Full time positions available with several work schedules to choose from to include 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off and a seasonal schedule. Also, candidates can earn a pilots license or rated pilots can receive aerial application training. Call or email to discuss your future. 561-723-1911 or email

Bell 206 Spray Pilot Needed - Are you a helicopter pilot looking to make a difference in the world of public health? Are you looking to join an amazing organization that values people, the planet, and doing the right thing? Then keep reading to learn more about Clarke’s Lead Pilot opportunity! Working out of our office in Roselle, Illinois, the Lead Pilot will provide contract mosquito and aquatic herbicide control services to Clarke’s customers in the Midwest via targeted aerial application from April to October each year. Aerial applications will be made in high traffic areas while safely working around controlled and uncontrolled airports. Schedule will be flexible, and similar to a two week on, two week off so you’ll still have some time for summer at home! Travel expenses will be covered by Clarke. We’re seeking an independent, self-motivated, detail oriented, and safety conscious individual with a passion for the outdoors and previous experience to join us in our mission to make communities around the world more livable, safe and comfortable. Qualifications and expectations can be found on AgAir Update’s website http://classifieds. Interested candidates should visit Clarke’s website, click on careers and submit resume online Established CO Operation seeking insurable 402/502 pilot with minimum 500 AT hours. Must have herbicide experience & willing to work in controlled airspace. Interview will include a test flight & water application. Nice on-site RV park. Qualified applicants please send resume to: Hello folks! VersaAir Services is looking for a Class A truck drivers to support helicopter operations in Kansas and surrounding states. This position will require a class A and tanker endorsement. Great job with good people in a fast paced atmosphere. If your a pilot wanting to fly then don’t be afraid to apply as a driver as we are rapidly growing and will need folks to make that transition. If your interested please let me know via email jsutton@ Thanks!

A 50 |

IKindersley Air-Spray Ltd. requires 1 professional agricultural turbine spray pilot to pilot Turbine Thrush 510s for the 2021 spray season. Anticipated start date: May 10, 2021 thru September 7th 2021. Education: Commercial pilots license, Pesticide applicators license. Applicant must have a minimum 1500 hours of agricultural spray experience of which 1000 hours must be on a Turbine Thrush or Air Tractor, up to date medical, be proficient in speaking, reading and writing English, be capable of operating SATLOC GPS systems or the equivalence, perform basic maintenance and servicing on aircraft, maintain journey logs following transport Canada guidelines, have a clean flight record, be insurable through our insurance company. Wage/Salary: $75/hr based on 40hr/week. Benefits: Benefits package available, Workers Compensation provided, possibility of a seasonal bonus. Email resumes including references to advanced. Only successful applicants meeting all requirements will be contacted. Kindersley Air Spray Ltd. Box 2005 Kindersley Sask. S0I 1S0 Office: 306-463-4600 Two Helicopter Ag Pilots Needed. At least 1 year ag experienced preferred. Must be dependable with good work ethic. Call 641-821-0015 or email CAMM Air is looking for energetic A&P candidates for our Spencer, Iowa location. Candidates shall possess A&P certificate. Will train right individual. All turbine Air Tractors serviced. Also service corporate aircraft including King Air, Beechjet and Citation aircraft. Please send resume with salary requirements to Helicopter Pilot - Position available spraying in South Texas. April thru November. Room and Board provided with excellent pay. Call Cameron Hendrickson at 815-739-6813 or 815384-5151

Midwest operator seeking experienced 502 pilot for 2021 fungicide run. Idea opportunity for motivated individual who would like to become an operator. Email resume and references to cadyaerial@ Pilot needed for the season. Needs to have at least 1000 hr. turbine time doing herbicide, fungicide and insecticide. Position can possibly turn into a full time seat. Located in ND. Call 701-489-3558 VersaAir Services in Kansas is looking for a fixed wing Thrush S2R turbine pilot for the 2021 season. VersaAir Services is a successful helicopter operator diversifying into the fixed wing market and seeking an individual that we can grow the fixed wing division with. We are placed in a great location in eastern Kansas with private asphalt runway. Please email and/ or for more info. Experienced Rotary-Wing AG Pilot Needed - Pilot with experience wanted for 2021 and beyond. At least three full seasons of Forestry experience is and row crop experience is preferred. Our season runs from first of March through beginning of November throughout the South and Midwest. B&S Air, Inc. operates some of the cleanest and well equipped OH-58’s, 206B’s, and Long Rangers in the industry, and we spare no expense on our maintenance program. We run two batch trucks and a turnkey with all crews to maximize productivity. Percentage based pay system with no limits to earning potential. Call 229-838-6733 or visit us at Ag pilot wanted - Gravity Ag Services of Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada is an expanding company looking for an 500hr experienced, insurable, Canadian Commercial licensed aerial applicator to join our team. Our team utilizes the Thrush 510p to service our customers. The successful applicant will be required to safely and efficiently fly on both irrigation and dry land from May to September. We are looking for a strong work ethic to professionally work with customers and crew. Email resume to Due to expansion opportunities we are looking for experienced 502 and 802 pilots. Must have knowledge of the latest GPS units. This is a full time turbine position in the Upper Midwest. Historically from May to October. We spray a large variety of row crops. Mostly fungicides, insecticides and micro nutrients no herbicide work. We also do dry fertilizer and cover crops. We are looking for team players willing to grow with us. A pilot with a strong work ethic is desired. Please reply with a resume to

North Dakota aviation operation looking for an Experienced and “PASSIONATE” A&P/IA and pilot to fly/maintain/rebuild turbine Thrush and North American AT6 aircraft. Flying season runs from June through August. TPE-331 and sheet metal experience preferred. If you do not love aviation, and enjoy maintaining and flying airplanes, please do not apply. Email resume and references to Luke at Looking for Ag & King Air Simulator Instructors. Instructors are 1099 contractors. Work is on a per student basis. 1-3 day courses and paid by the day. Work one on one with the students. Classroom and simulator instruction. Days are 9-5 with no weekends. Lodging fees are covered for instructors that travel in to our location to teach. Flight instructor certificate not needed. Looking for someone who has an Ag pilot background/ experience. Turbine experience is a must. Could be active or retired. Must have an interest in teaching and passing on their knowledge to others in the industry. Email resume and references to Subject: ID#2710 Looking for the right pilot. Wilbur-Ellis is looking for a Bell 47 Pilot with row crop spray experience to work in King City California. King City is located in the south end of the Salinas Valley, 150 miles south of San Francisco, 60 miles south east of Monterey. I have a full-time position available for the right applicant. You must be stable and accident/violation free. WilburEllis has excellent benefits, including company provided transportation. The season runs from the middle of March through the middle of November. The work is difficult and challenging but rewarding. Pilots are expected to be in the office in the afternoon to prepare for the following days work. This is a full time position for an experienced Bell 47 pilot with row crop experience. If this is something you are interested in, please send me a resume. Mark Plaskett 831-594-2430mplaskett@wilburellis. com Large midwest aerial application business looking for A&P and IA mechanics. Must have Air Tractor and PT6A experience. Starting salary is 7080K if qualified. Must supply a resume and three references. Send resume and references to blindads@agairupdate. com, Subject: ID#2234 or fax to 478352-0025

Miscellaneous Christmas Trump Shirt - Short and Long Sleeve. Youth small through 4XL. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402367-3213 or send email to parts@ to place an order.


Alternators, Carburetors, Fuel Boost Pumps, Fuel Systems, Generators, Hydraulic Pumps, Magnetos, Propellers (Hamilton Standard & Hartzell), Prop Governors (Turbine & Radial), Reverse Current Relays, Starters, Starter Generators, Tach Generators, and Voltage Regulators.

HIGH PERFORMANCE STARTS WITH THE RIGHT PARTS APS has designed a high quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. A true blend of strength and durability. CNC machined from a rigid one piece design these brakes are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give it the appearance, with our name proudly engraved on the side; APS offers the ultimate in braking performance.

Contact us for a list of our distributors 618.797.3140


2740 N Sheridan Road | Tulsa, OK 74115 Tel: 918-835-9924 | Fax: 918-835-3681

A comprehensive range of specialist CDA rotary atomiser systems for ULV and Low Volume aerial spraying.

Public Health Forestry Migrant Pest Control Plantations General Agriculture

Head Office (UK) Micron Group Tel: +(44) 1885 482397 Email: USA Micronair Sales & Service Tel: +(1) 512 266 9044 Email: | A 51



Dallas Pittsburgh Phoenix

PT6A Repair & Overhaul

Air Repair is a Cash Buyer for late model Air Tractor 802

Explore the alternatives… call Prime Turbines.

• Less than 3000 Total Time • Manual Gate Preferred Send Photos and Spec Sheet to Pete Jones


1.972.406.2100 PTB Group Brisbane Australia

920 Airport Service Rd. Cleveland, MS 38732 Phone: 662-846-0228 | Fax: 662-843-0811 |




Chosen for value and service

Over 14 million New Surplus parts in stock & ready to ship!



Fabric Envelopes


Brakes Hardware Accessories Dispersal System Parts

Preferred Airparts, LLC Div. of JILCO Industries, Inc.

8:15am to 5:30pm EST

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35% to 85% of list price!



802 Spray Plane For Sale


Free Inventory Search! Same Day Shipping - Worldwide!





Call Us Today:


2000 AT-802A | N804DG • • • • •

125 hours SMOH P&W PT6A-67AG Hartzell HC-B5MA-3D/11691N New Garmin Radio Package Extensive Rebuild September 2018


Go to for complete descriptions

M&M Air Service

George Mitchell - 409-656-5998 | FAX: 409-794-2958

CLASSIFIEDS Used Items In Stock at Sky Tractor Agrinautics: 66450 Fan $250, 65113 Hyd. Pump $600, 65217 Pump $700. Transland: 21066 Hyd. Pump $800, Hub Assy Weath Aero $500, 21992 Pump & Lane Brake $1200. Lane: 111XLA Brake $700, 111FA Fan $550. Weath Aero: 5 Blade Fan, Transland $700. Call Peg at Sky Tractor 1-800-437-5319 AV-KOR1 Helmets Available Now! The AV-KOR1 helmet is made out of a fiberglass composite, utilizing Koroyd and an anti-microbial comfort liner making it the lightest aviation helmet on the market. Features Fire Retardant trim and a FIDLOCK buckle system. Works with any aftermarket in-helmet communications devices. North Star Aviation is the First Lift Aviation Dealer. Call today at 620-356-4528 and ask for Kyle. Hot Shot transistorized 3 foot cattle prod. $50 Call 402-841-5144 David Clark Headset, Model number H10-13S, stereo headset in excellent shape $250. Call 402-841-5144 Ag Cat tail spring A1590-1 $1200. Please call Peg at Sky Tractor 1-800437-5319 Trump Shirts “Keeping Ag Aviation Great”. Three different designs featuring an Ag Cat, Air Tractor and Thrush. Colors are Gray, Black, and Red. Sizes Range from Youth medium through 4XL. Shirts cost $25. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-367-3213 or send email to to place an order. Toy plastic model Air Tractor. 12” wingspan, removable stand. Great toy for the kids or desktop model. $15 + s/h order online at or e-mail

Operations For Sale or Wanted Get in on the corn run! Established Midwest 2 plane, turn key, 137 operation for sale. Use the equipment as collateral. Possibly 1 pilot willing to stay with the operation if needed. Email all inquiries to, Subject: ID#3292 All inquiries must include full name, phone number and city where you reside.

Parts - Airframe AT-602 Wings, as removed from wind damaged 602, 3435 hrs remaining on spar caps, repairs being made, will be ready for annual season. $40,000. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091

B-Model Ag Cat Wings. Long range fuel. Good paint. $10k each, $35k for the set. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091

-34 Cascade Inlet System. Firewall FWD for S2R Thrush. $35,000 Call Bruce’s Flying Service at 229-7254150

AT-502 sheet metal. Some new, some used, all airworthy. Mostly fwd. lower fuselage. $500 for all OBO. Will box and ship for materials and labor. Call 530-345-9919

1960 Piper Comanche Wings Complete with Gear, Paint Fair, No Hail damage. Also have fuselage. $9,000 Call Tanner J. Sotvik at DEVILS LAKE AERO SERVICE 701-520-0229 or 701-6624416

Ground Support Engine Driven Transfer Pump, Zanoni Equipment’s all stainless steel construction paired with a Honda 13 HP motor. Special introductory pricing orders received by January 31, 2020. Contact Mark@ for more info.

Ayres Thrush ‘Hoerner’ wing tips. Left and right, no damage. $500 for the pair. Call Gary at 530-345-9919

Super “B” Ag-Cat Wings, fresh paint, metalized, big fuel. $50,000 Call Bill Kingrey at TURBINE YELLOWJACKET PARTNERS LLC. 979-257-6695

Used set of AT-502 wings with 170 fuel, 4600 hrs remaining on spars, all control surfaces and hardware. $42K Call Farm Air Inc. 877-715-8476

AT-402 airframe sandblasted, primed and painted. Comes with belly skin and Turtle deck. Also includes tail spring and tires. Includes tail but needs left elevator. $35,000 Call Bill Kingrey at TURBINE YELLOWJACKET PARTNERS LLC. 979-257-6695

AT-502B Wings, as removed from 2005 AT-502B, Long Spars, 2660 hrs remaining on spar caps, $25,000. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091

Blue anodized aluminum windshield washer replacement cap with handle. $65 Available online only at www. Questions Air Tractor Bolt In Step Extension - CNC cut anodized aluminum step extension that bolts into existing step for more footing and traction. $125 Available online only at www.ambericandesigns. com Questions - ambericandesignsllc@ CNC cut anodized aluminum spray mirrors. $275 with mirror online only. $275 Questions - ambericandesignsllc@ Titanium Full Swivel Tail Wheel Now approved and available for S2R 660 Thrush - full swivel tailwheel with Titanium Tail Spring. Durable, long life span, lighter weight option for Thrush owners. Contact ann@ for information and to reserve your production slot for this winter. www.turbineconversions. com Reinforced Thrush Leading Edges - Send your leading edges to us and we will reinforce them with durable custom extruded aluminum reinforcements. Available directly from Turbine Conversions,Ltd ann@ or contact our favorite Thrush dealer for more information. www.turbineconversions. com Ag Cat Factory Frames - All Models, 4130 weld assys, fixture per­fect, ready to install. Upgrades, hoppers, long fuel, hi-wings, struts/wires, all components, special hardware and much more. AgCat Sales & Service since 1971. 870-886-2418/2489F, 870-759-1692 Cell,

Front seat for a Citabria 7 series and a Maule tail wheel, tire size 8x3.00x4 single arm in fair condition with good bearings and race. Both for $175 Call Don at 402-841-5144 or email Smokers/Driftfinders - Minimize your off target drift risk. FAA/PMA’d and STC’d for installation on most Agricultural aircraft. 44 years in business and over 6,200 units in service. For more information Please call Compro Aviation, Inc. 785-899-2294 or visit us on the web at REBUILT 29” THRUSH LANDING GEAR IN STOCK & we can REPAIR / REBUILD yours to LIKE NEW STATUS. Johnston Aircraft Service, INC. 559-686-1794 / Email parts@ or visit our website at Tools for reaming attach bolts Wing Main (Centerwing to Outboard wing) attachment joints for Dromader M-18 per repair service bulletin #e/02.170/2000 Available for rent. Contact Ann at Turbine Conversions 616-837-9428 or email ann@

Parts - Engine AgJet TPE331 SB+/SC+/FC+ Conversions - Installed or assembled Kits with heavy rings. Allied/AmAg Ag Cat Center 870-886-2418/2489F, 870-759-1692 Cell frank.kelley@ Radial Parts: 2 Fiberglass AT Speed Rings, 1 THRUSH Speed Ring, 1 Radial engine mount with ring. Make offer. Cascade Aircraft Conversions. 509-6351212.

Parts - Other Complete stock of all P&W R-985 & R-1340 engine parts. Also P&W tools, Top OH tool kits, Time Rite kits, engine mounts, Champion & Tempest spark plugs, parts books, OH and maintenance manuals, Mags, carbs, starters, fuel pumps boost pumps. Also, R-1830, R-200, R-2800 engines and parts. Call Sun Air Parts 661-2577708, Fax 661-257-7710 or email 602 Wingman System. Call for Price: 870-672-2089 Air Tractor Gen 2 Firegate, Complete system, Fairings, wire-harness. Call For Price: 870-672-2089 2013 AT-502B Firewall forward parts: Engine mount, cowling and Ram Air filter system. All parts with less than 1400 hours total time. Very clean and well maintained AT-502B. Call Cascade Aircraft Conversions for more details 1-509-635-1212 Cockpit adjustable flow control kit. Manual control or GPS variable rate ready. Integrates into existing hydraulic systems. More info at Kawak Aviation Technologies 541-385-5051 www. Thrush S2R STC battery retrofit kit. 300% longer battery service life.  200% faster starts. Battery replacement cost 25% of original.  For more information call Kawak Aviation Technologies at 541-385-5051 or visit www.

Position Wanted We have an open seat for an Air Tractor 400/402 pilot for the 2021 Corn Run and future seasons. We’ve been in business for 23 years and added 4 Air Tractors since last season. We fly the majority of our acres in Illinois and Iowa. If interested please send a brief pilot history to Craig at 815-499-4704 or email Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Classifieds Starting at $19.99 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025. | A 53


StandardAero | Engine Services

Completed seat 1,2, & 3 courses including hazmat courses. Looking for Aerial Fire sponsorship and long lasting relationship with company. Please call or text Hale 678-779-4726

Propellers AT-402/AT-502 3 Blade Propeller, new in box NOS. $39,900 FOB Ft. Pierce, FL. Contact Rick Stone at Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 or Hamilton Standard 12D-40-6167-12 Propeller. 102” diameter, FAA approved for R-1340. $5,000 also Hamilton Standard 2D-30-6167-12 100” diameter. $4,500 Call 530-345-9919


23D40 with New Blades 6511A-9 installed. Completely Overhauled Propeller. With 8130-3 form. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 AT-402 3-blade Prop, Model #HCB3TN-3D, blade serial numbers K78110, 78108, 78111. New blades and fresh hub overhaul, zero time has been put on it since overhaul, 1680 hrs since new. Comes with excellent prop stand. Call Patrick at 970-571-0871

Hamilton Standard 22D40 Hydromatic Propeller 6533 blades overhauled complete with distributor valve and prop, Governor. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 QUALITY Propellers For Sale 33D50-6601A18 OHC........$29,000 23D40-6601A19 OHO........$28,000 22D40-6533A12 OHO........$25,000 12D40-AG100-4S 375-SOH...$19,500 12D40-AG100-2 828-SOH....$17,500 2D30-AG100-2 OHC.........$23,000 HC-B3TN-5M/102” OHC......$17,000 Call AmAg, 870-886-2418/2489F Hartzell Prop HC-B3T10-3D, Blades T10282N +4, Prop Assy, Buckhead, Spinner, OSTMOH Prop. $28,000 Call Bruce’s Flying Service at 229-725-4150 12D40-6101-12 Propeller, Overhauled with 8130 Form. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 Hamilton Standard Propeller 23D40 with 6511-12S Blades Overhauled Completely includes 8130-3 form. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805



Export Experts • GE Service Center

As an independent, OEM-authorized MRO provider, we offer the most comprehensive and flexible MRO solutions for your P&WC PT6A engine, including tailored 'inspect and repair as necessary' workscopes. With over 25 years of reliable turboprop experience, StandardAero is your best choice for your maintenance needs.

StandardAero is a Designated Overhaul Facility for Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PT6A engine family. To learn more, visit us at

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• Transland • Covington Engines • Ag Nav • Turbine Conversions

• Agrinautics Pumps & Valves • Cascade Conversions • TracMap • SATLOC

And So Much More… Stephanie Williams - President John Lott - Parts & Maintenance

223 Frankie Williams Road, Americus, GA 31709 Phone: 229-924-2813 Fax: 229-924-4356



Seat Wanted Ag Pilot seeking work with a reputable operation. 1093 TT, 779 Ag, 85 Turbine. Extensive background in agriculture. A&P mechanic with ag aircraft experience. Resume and references available. Please Email: Seeking a winter seat or ferry jobs. I am a very ambitious and determined pilot that is looking to grow. I am a dual rated commercial pilot going into my second season as a helicopter applicator. I am nearly ALL turbine time, around 1400 hours currently, mostly rotor wing in UH60M BlackHawk, Bell 206, and OH58A/C. I have roughly 120 hours fixed wing tail wheel time, to include the Turbine Training Centers Air Tractor 502 course, as well as 6 hours of dual turbine Thrush time and instruction. My times are growing every day. I am a NAAA member and I am also licensed in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kentucky. I have limited herbicide experience, but that is also growing. I am interested in ferrying fixed wing aircraft and ideally I would like the opportunity to have a seat doing fertilizer in timber this winter. I am committed to my helicopter season through August at minimum, November at latest. I would love the opportunity to continue flying for the rest of the year, no preference on turbine or piston. Willing to temporarily relocate. I realize I do not meet most “open pilot” insurance policies, but after speaking to my agent and providing my experience I am indeed insurable for you! If anyone is interested in reaching out to me, I will do my best to make it worth your time. Thank you for reading. Fly safe. Zachary 225-718-6190 Pilot looking for corn run. Experienced flying an Ag Truck, Ag Cat and Thrush round engine. Over 9,000 TT hrs., 5,000 in ag, 600 TT hrs. on twin engine turbine. Please call Donnie at 229-457-1769 or 229-424-5343

Looking for long term seat in the US. I have an interesting combination of Aviation Engineering, Flight Training and Flight Experience, both Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing. Currently flying Thrush 510, Robinson 44, Robinson 66 and King Air C90. Experience in liquid application, aerial seeding and aerial fertilization. I am also URT (Upset Recovery Training) and aerobatics flight instructor giving instruction for more than 80 pilots already including AG pilots on how to recover airplanes form upset attitudes. Pilot Licenses: ATP, IFR Helicopter, CFI, TT Rotary Wing 1,500 hours. Resume and references are attached. For more information email South African pilot, 56 year old, experienced on radial and turbine engines. Holder of South African commercial license, single and multi engine, IF and Ag ratings. AG Aircraft types PA 25, PA36, G164B, Air Tractor 301/401/402 B, Thrush 510 S2R-34T. Willing to relocate anywhere in the US or Canada, kindly email:

Service North Star Aviation in Ulysses Kansas has openings available for 100 Hr Inspections. Call today and ask for Nancy to Schedule your inspection. 620-356-4528

AG Pilot Minimum Standards at Eagle Vistas. From 0 time or pilots only needing Ag Pilot training. Planes in our Ag Program: Dual Ag Cat GR164A , Dual Cessna 305/L19, & Pawnee PA-25/235 Single for Solo/Dump/ Spray. Private all in Tailwheel, Tailwheel Proficiency, and UpSet/Spin recovery. Commercial Pilot and Instrument rating available. SATLOC Bantam, TracMap, & AgNav GPS. Ag Aviation Consultants for Ag Operation Certificate part 137. See videos at Eagle Vistas LLC 772-285-5506


We build loader trucks to your specifications. Stainless Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Hopper w/ Stainless Steel Tube. Been in loader truck business since 1980. Call Pat Ballard Office:870-697-2004 Fax:870697-3568 185 Hwy. 42 West, Hickory Ridge, AR Fertilizer Loader Truck - F350 fertilizer loader truck, steel bin and 10” tube. Cab rusted but dependable $5000 Call Dave at 509-520-8267

North Star Aviation in Ulysses Kansas has openings available for Hot Section Inspections. Call today and ask for Nancy to Schedule your inspection. 620-356-4528 North Star Aviation in Ulysses, Kansas wants to sell your airplane. Call North Star today at 620-356-4528. Our Brokerage Services include: Our unique, hassle-free process that keeps more money in your pocket at closing! Aircraft Expertise, Pre-Buy Inspections, Export Assistance, Insurance & Financing Referrals, Aircraft Evaluation & Pricing Assistance. Experts in AG Aviation.

AG pilot (25+ years experience) seeks winter work in Jan/Feb/March and possibly April. A definite team player with excellent references. Looking for a professional operation with wellmaintained equipment. 8,800 hrs total time, 7,800 AG, most in AT-502. No accidents, no claims. Will consider other opportunities as well. Thank you for your consideration. Please email all inquiries to or call 386-963-5717, Cell 386-8540761.

Jeffries Airworks Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Chadwick Helmuth engine printout equipment. Jeffries Airworks, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis. Much more than just a balance. Call Jim Jeffries, A&P/IA, 985-507-9981, Nationwide service on your location.

Pilot Looking For Heli Seat - Bell 212, UH, Rangers, 500s, 133, 137, 135 AG. OAS Cardable, Extensive experience with mosquito Vector control. 40 years of ag pilot experience. Call Andy at 850686-2020

Riggin Flight Service, flight school offering private, commercial, instrument, Ag, multi-engine, tailwheel, etc. We tailor our courses to meet your needs. (605)256-9774.

Get Serious About Selling 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.


1984 GMC Black Tank Truck, 4 compartment units for fuel in tank with pumps. Formerly Texaco engine 454, five speed transmission, 2 speed axle. $2,700. Buyer pick up item after sale. 979 219-9351

Wanted to Buy Pratt & Whitney Engine Cores, Engine Parts Inventories, Cylinders, Starters, Fuel Pumps and Boost Pumps. Call Sun Air Parts 661-257-7708, Fax 661-2577710 or email Wanted to Buy - All models of Cessna 206, does not need to have an engine. If you have one sitting in your back field turn it into cash by emailing ann@

International Advertising Index Aero Innovations....................... 49A Ag Air Aircraft.......................... 34A Ag-Nav, Inc.................................3A Agrinautics................................35A Air Repair, Inc.................... 31, 52A Air Tractor Inc.............................2A Aircraft Accessories of OK..........51A Airplane Services.......................34A American AgViation...................34A ASI Jet Sales, LLC.................... 35A Auto Control..............................47A Aviation Hose Shop....................43A Aviation Products Systems..........51A Cascade Aircraft Conversions .... 10A CD Aviation.................................7A Covington Aircraft......................56A Desser Tire and Rubber Co. .......47A Dyna Nav Systems, Inc. ............21A Electrode..................................34A Flight Grip, LLC.........................34A Flight Safety..............................33A Frost Flying...............................45A Insero.........................................9A Isolair, Inc.................................43A Jetset Airmotive Co., Inc........... 34A Johnston Aircraft Service............35A Kawak Aviation Technologies..... 49A Lane Aviation Inc.................39, 39A M&M Air Service Inc..................52A Micro AeroDynamics .................23A Micron Sprayers Limited.............51A Mid - Continent Aircraft Corp..... 45A Orsmond Aerial Spray................34A Portage Aircraft Specialties ........41A Pratt & Whitney Canada.............17A Preferred Airparts......................52A Prime Turbines..........................52A Prop Works...............................51A SATLOC....................................11A Sky Tractor LLC.........................38A Southeastern Aircraft Sales.........47A Souther Field Aviation, Inc.........54A Spidertracks Lmt.......................38A Standard Aero...........................54A Storm Aeronautics.....................45A TAE Aerospace..........................25A Thrush Aircraft............................5A TracMap...................................41A Transland .................................27A Turbine Conversions LTD............43A Turbines, Inc.............................29A Zanoni Equipamentos.................17A | A 55

Pratt & Whitney Canada Designated Overhaul Facility (DOF)

Specializing in the Maintenance and Overhaul of the PT6A, R985 & R-1340 Engine Series. (918) 756-8320

Profile for AgAir Update

August 2021 - U.S. Edition in English  

The digital version of the August 2021 issue of AgAir Update, Ag Aviation's Best Read Publication.

August 2021 - U.S. Edition in English  

The digital version of the August 2021 issue of AgAir Update, Ag Aviation's Best Read Publication.

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