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About Us The company was formed in the year of 2010 by the non member of the company.L1-Anas Ghyas started the movement with L2 L3 and L4 Faisal Nomani, Raheel Tehseen and Salim respectively.It was believed that it was formed in rescue for the dignity of L5 Saif Ahmad Siddique. Later on another members joined.L6 Saad who now terminated himself beacuse he thought he would not be loyal for two simultaneously (he loves one).L7 came in existence but non active member of the company.In June,L8 Aatif Ali khan,entered with full throttle and make the company more stronger and company become a non separable and BC Adda.L9 and L10 Atif Masood and Salahuddin are the non city member,familiar for their Thursday Talent.For more Information Join Over page on Facebook company.

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