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September 2013 • Volume 19 • Number 9

The Apartment Association of Tarrant County

AATC’s 2012-2013 Leadership Team

PRESIDENT-ELECT Lisa Clark, Olympus Property Management

AATC BOARD OF DIRECTORS Larry Duncan, Larry Duncan Consulting Rick Ellis, Ellis Consulting Carrie Gebhart, BG Staffing Nicole Graffis, NSpire Management Anita Hord, Pace Realty Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp Carolyn Marriott, PaySmart USA Tim Mathwig, Camp Construction Candy Maxey, Pinnacle Char McCurdy, KnightVest Pierre Rouly, Rasa Floors Preston Sams, FSI Construction Christy Sanchez, Alliance Communities Joe Smith, Coinmach Charles Stroud, Appliance Warehouse Gary Zelder, eSupply Systems

TREASURER Jodi Spurrell, Milestone Management

SECRETARY Patti Thomas-Shaw US Residential

Ambassadors of Fun Jackie Cagle, Rasa Floors & Rhonda Salicos, DeFord’s Maintenance Supply Budget Jodi Spurrell, Milestone Management Business Exchange Traci Hall, AMLI Residential Bylaws Mike Clark, Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Svcs. Care Team Jeff Duerstock, Reliant Energy

The Business Exchange Career Development Pillow Talk Close Ups PSC Nominating Committee IROC Advocacy Partner Trends Membership Update Legal Update AATC Calendar

Casino Party Michael Walker, Walker Holder Residential & Laura Williams, ALN Apartment Data Communications Christy Sanchez, Alliance Communities Community Service Chris Lee, Earthworks Education Foundation Cindi Scoggins, Westdale Asset

Golf Gary Zelder eSupply Systems Government Affairs Darnell Harris, Olympus Property Management IROC Priscilla Gamble, Micah Real Estate Solutions Lone Star Awards Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp Lyceum Lisa Rogers, Churchill Residential Maintenance Mania Jodi Spurrell, Milestone Management Membership Paul Brown, Maintenance Supply HQ & Jessica Vo, Comm-Fit Products & Services Carrie Gebhart, BG Staffing Resident Services Anita Hord, Pace Realty Strategic Planning Anthony Wonderly, Olympus Property Trade Show Angi Pusateri, RentDebt and Charles Stroud, Appliance Warehouse


PAST-PRESIDENT Michael Walker, WalkerHolder Residential

PSC ADVISORY BOARD Chair Carrie Gebhart, BG Staffing Chair-Elect & 2012 Trade Show Chair Angi Pusateri, RentDebt 2013 Trade Show Chair Charles Stroud, Appliance Warehouse Immediate Past Chair Michael Follis, Apartment Finder Advisory Board Members Paul Brown, Maintenance Supply HQ Jeff Duerstock, Reliant Energy Jessica Vo, Comm-Fit Laure Reese-Williams, CAS, ALN Data Gary Zelder, Wood General Contracting AATC STAFF Ed Blinn, Director of Communications Darla Doyle, Director of Member Services Valeria Thurwanger, Director of Career Development Perry Pillow, Director of Legislative Services Sheila Wiggin, General Manager John Mitchell, Executive Director iation of oc T ss

nt County ra ar


President’s Letter



Career Development Susan Goff, Milestone Management

4 6 8 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32

VICE-PRESIDENT PSC Michael Follis, Apartment Finder

artment A Ap

PRESIDENT Anthony Wonderly, Olympus Property Management

Advocate Educate Network Inspire

Vol. 19 Issue 9 DIMENSIONS (ISSN 1543-8996) is published monthly by the Apartment Association of Tarrant County, located at 6350 Baker Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76118. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Dimensions 6350 Baker Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76118. Periodicals postage paid at the Fort Worth, TX 76161 and additional entries. Statement of fact and opinions are the responsibility of the authors alone and do not imply an opinion on the part of the officers, members or staff of AATC. Copyright 1997-2012 by the Apartment Association of Tarrant County. The editors exercise only a general supervision of the materials and assume no responsibility of claims made in advertisements or for opinions and statements expressed in articles. Written consent must be obtained from AATC before reprinting articles. Subscription rate for members is $15 per year. Ad rates available by calling the AATC Office, (817) 284-1121 or metro (817) 589-0731.


BLING! Featuring the installation of our 2031-2014 president, Lisa Clark and new AATC Leadership

Event Details:

SEPTEMBER 19, 2013


Where innovation takes the floor.

San Antonio Denver


Proud member of NAA, TAA, AAGD & AATC

Who Will Take Home the Award? Community Team of the Year under 300 units, presented by Pavement Services Community Team of the Year over 300 units, presented by Comm-Fit Property of the Year prior to 2000, presented by Earthworks Property of the Year after 2000, presented by BG Staffing Property Supervisor of the Year, presented by Apartment Finder Property Manager of the Year under 300 units, presented by Arbor Carpet Property Manager of the Year over 300 units, presented by RSI, Texas Maintenance Supervisor of the Year over 300 units, presented by Maintenance Supply HQ Maintenance Supervisor of the Year under 300 units, presented by Redi Carpet Leasing Consultant of the Year, presented by Assistant Manager of the Year, presented Reliant Energy

register at

September 2013

Dear Members, I can’t believe we’re finally in the home stretch. It has been an honor to serve such an amazing organization. This past year has been a record-breaker in so many ways and it was fun to be a small part of such a hard working group. If you’d like to know more about breaking records, just ask Traci Hall… she’d be glad to explain! When I reflect back on the past year, the best part was working with so many wonderful people. So please excuse my Oscar moment while I thank a few folks. Since I’ve worked with them nearly every day, allow me to begin with our wonderful AATC staff. John – thank you for being such a consistent source of encouragement and support. Sheila, you’re such a happy person to be around. Your passion to help people is contagious. Perry, thank you for working tirelessly to protect the interests of our industry and thanks so much for teaching me about the people involved in politics. Val, Ed and Darla – all of your hard work and unparalleled dedication to the AATC family is noticed and truly appreciated. You guys make this association shine! I have to offer up a huge round of thanks to all of my directors and committee chairs and every single one of their committee members for all their hard work on a wide variety of outstanding, dare I say record-breaking programs and events this past year… did I mention that this was a record breaking year? GREAT job everyone! I also want to especially focus-in on our PSC members. Your generous support and hard work provides us with the resources we need to excel… and I know it! OK Traci, I’m done teasing. You’ve been a consistent friend, colleague and mentor and such a wonderful support to me this year. Even through I’ve given you a lot of grief at board meetings, my real message is that we grow better and better every year because of hard-working visionary leaders like you. AATCs game moves up a notch every single year because our family moves farther and faster together. AATCs future is so bright, especially in the hands of your incoming president, Lisa Clark. I know you’ll do great things with your new AATC leadership team – beat all my records and then you can give me a bad time at board meetings! From the bottom of my heart, thank you AATC family… you’re truly amazing people!

iation of oc T ss

nt County ra ar

artment A Ap

Anthony Wonderly President, AATC Principal, Olympus Property

Advocate Educate Network Inspire

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Dust of Your Boots...and Bling! by Sherry Jordan

multifamily industry. It is truly an honor just to be nominated. Like every year we appreciate the support of our sponsors that once again have joined forces to help us rally up everyone to Celebrate this year’s Lone Star Awards; and the categories are: Community Team of the Year under 300 units, presented by Pavement Services; Community Team of the Year over 300 units, presented by Comm-Fit; Property of the Year prior to 2000, presented by Earthworks; Property of the Year after 2000, presented by BG Staffing; Property Supervisor of the Year, presented by Apartment Finder; Property Manager of the Year under 300 units, presented by Arbor Carpet; Property Manager of the Year over 300 units, presented by RSI, Texas; Maintenance Supervisor of the Year over 300 units, presented by Maintenance Supply HQ; Maintenance Supervisor of the Year under 300 units, presented by Redi Carpet; Leasing Consultant of the Year, presented by; and Assistant Manager of the Year, presented Reliant Energy.

Brenda Carpenter, McMahan Flooring, Inc and Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp, stand in their Boots and Bling for the upcoming Lone Star Awards and Leadership Celebration

Most of the people reading this live in Texas. As Texans, there are many things that are just understood as a way of life. For one, we all either have a car or need a car. There are very few instances where public transportation gives us everything we need. Secondly, you either love the Dallas Cowboys or you really hate them; we forgive you if you are the latter—we won’t hold it against you. Also, we all love our air conditioning. If you are the sort of person who lives in Texas and has no air conditioning, you are either very unlucky or…okay so you are unlucky, our hearts go out to you. Above all, if you live in Texas, then you have either considered, or actually purchased, a pair of boots and probably a hat. I know not everyone participates in this Texas tradition, but we all know we’ve at least thought about it. If you are the type who has bought the boots and hat, then you may find a few occasions that warrant wearing such an outfit. Let’s face it, you don’t always go around wearing that…do you? In any case, we invite you to such an event. Break out your BOOTS and BLING!. Polish your belt buckles and iron those fancy western shirts and dresses. This year, our Lone Star Awards and Leadership Celebration, presented by McMahan Flooring, Inc, is going cowboy chic! Everyone likes to dress up so now’s your chance to show off your “BOOTS & BLING” attire and show the world what a red carpet, Cowboy chic event looks like! Join us as we celebrate the best of the best in our industry for our 13th straight year. The Lone Star Awards is a time honored classic of AATC and is the pinnacle of excellence in the Dallas/Fort Worth Page 6 // September 2013 // Check out the new!

Along with our Lone Star Awards presentation, we will also perform our yearly AATC Leadership Celebration in which we present the Installation ceremony that welcomes our new slate of Leaders, meaning our new appointed officers, directors and chairs and honors those that have served us this past year. This year, we will recognize our new Executive Committee: President – Lisa Clark, Olympus; President-elect – Jodi Spurrell, Milestone; Treasurer – Patti Thomas-Shaw, US Residential; Vice-president PSC – Carrie Gebhart; Secretary – Char McCurdy, Sunchase; Immediate Past-president – Anthony Wonderly, Olympus; and for Past-president – Traci Hall, Amli. Our new Board Members are: Mike Follis, Apartment Finder; Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp; Candy Maxey, Pinnacle; Lisa Rogers, Churchill; Pierre Rouly, Rasa Floors; Preston Sams, FSI; Charles Stroud, Appliance Warehouse; and Justin Walker, Walker-Holder. These fine people will be added to our current board of directors to create a great team of multifamily professionals that will continue to make AATC great! The end of the evening will give us an opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to Anthony Wonderly and his team for doing just a fine job this past year. Numerous records were broken and it goes to show you that you can take it up a notch! None of it could have been possible without Anthony’s remarkable leadership and the dedication of every AATC volunteer. So mark your calendars for September 19 at 6:00pm and come to the shindig of the year! The cost for this event is $75 if you pre-pay and $85 if you’d like to be billed. Walk-ins will be permitted as permitted by event space. All walk-ins will be billed $95. Remember, if you register, make sure you show up as all no shows will be billed. Table reservations can be made for $200 by contacting Sheila Wiggin at 817-616-0353. All table reservations can hold 10 people and requires each person sitting at the table to register for the event at the published price in addition to the $200 fee for the table reservation. Registration ends September 17th so register today! So dust off your boots and scoot on over to and register today while space is still available. This year we’ll bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Boots & Bling’. Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp, is AATC’s Lone Star Awards Committee Chair. For more information on the Lone Star Awards and Leadership Celebration, contact Sheila Wiggin at or Val Thurwanger at for more information.

ANNUAL REPORT Bring It Up a Notch! by Anthony Wonderly

About this time last year, I began teasing my colleague and mentor, AATCs esteemed immediate past-president Traci Hall that my goal for the year ahead was to – Bring it up a Notch; in other words – out preform all of her production numbers. Now doesn’t that sound just exactly like the stereo-typical property manager! To my surprise and delight, that tease is almost exactly what we’ve somehow managed to accomplish: with Traci’s help and encouragement I might add. As I look back at a simply amazing year, we’ve set records for attendance and fundraising at nearly every flip of the page. I’m so very proud of our leadership team, including AATCs executive officers, directors, committee chairs and members as well as our wonderful staff. I will never be able to thank you all enough. The summary that follows below and flows over onto pages 20 and 22 represents an abbreviated version of the past few months. I’d encourage you to read it through to the very end. If you’re an active member of the AATC family, at the very least this report will provide a big smile. And if you’re a fence-sitter, a member who doesn’t really take advantage of many programs or attend our events, these words should inspire you to get connected! AMBASSADORS OF FUN Jackie Cagle & Rhonda Salicos, Committee Co-chairs Darla Doyle, Staff Director The Ambassadors of Fun are responsible for fostering a spirit of community throughout the AATC family. Our AOFs made over 78 new member welcome calls as well as 370 appreciation calls to our vendor members since last fall. Ambassadors helped greet and register guests for most of the association’s programs and visited 550 properties during the alwayspopular AOF Road Shows. In addition, our Ambassadors hosted a new Poker Run event last October with 62 member contributing $6,690 dedicated to benefit UGM. THE BUSINESS EXHANGE Traci Hall, Committee Chair Perry Pillow, Staff Director The Business Exchange presented by Tangential Services is the single largest NAA PAC fundraiser in the nation and recently set another record on August 22 at the Arlington CC with 245 executives from 60 management companies as well as 281 vendors from 150 PSC member supplier companies. AATC and AAGD raised a total of $81,000 for the NAA PAC – Amazing! BYLAWS Mike Clark, Committee Chair John Mitchell, Staff Director AATCs Bylaws committee had no business agenda this past year but remain ready to convene at the direction of our board of directors when needed to consider any future amendment need. The Association’s foundational document – our Bylaws were last revised in Sep 2010.

Page 8 // September 2013 // Check out the new!

CAREER DEVELOPMENT Susan Goff, Committee Chair Val Thurwanger, Staff Director AATCs Career Development mission is designed to inspire our members to take One Step Forward in the pursuit of new ideas. Since last fall, our popular Fair Housing seminars registered 108 students; Leasing 101, the Presentation Skills Marathon & our Assistant Managers club had another 127 showup. Our Pool Schools were offered in English and Spanish with nearly 140 participating. AATC presented several HOT Topic seminars including Hoarding, Spanish for Apartment Personnel, Online Reputation, a Maintenance Series, Marketing Trends and Microsoft Tools – each was highly successful. Our premier education event, the ThinkLink Conference last Nov enjoyed 230 brainstorming guests. And our NAAEI designation programs had record-breaking attendance with 22 in our CAM class; 8 in CAS; and 16 enrolled in NALP. AATCs fall curricula is ready to go – set to kick-off on Aug 27 with TAAs always popular Lease with the Best program. CAPS also kicks-off in Aug and ThinkLink in November has expanded its curricula to include a morning learning session and top-notch inspirational key-note speaker coupled with the always popular afternoon brainstorming session. The catalogue of fall curricula is impressive and available online at CASINO PARTY Michael Walker & Laura ReeseWilliams, Committee Co-chairs Darla Doyle, Staff Director The AATC Casino Party presented by Camp Construction in May included an exciting new entertainment feature – the Professor-D band, as well as the usual variety of casino games and yummy Tex-Mex cuisine for more than 400 members attendance at the always popular JTGs in Cowtown.


COMMUNICATIONS Christy Sanchez, Committee Chair Ed Blinn, Staff Director AATCs Communications Committee focused on marketing adjustments and improvements to Dimensions magazine. Modifications were made to the calendar and marketing time-tables advanced. Magazine advertising is nearly sold-out. The committee resurrected a past discussion focused on moving the magazine to a digital-only version. A recent small survey sample strongly supports the concept. The committee also kicked-off an expanded vision for AATCs social media presence. Ongoing discussions regarding a new digital buyer’s guide initiative are pending.

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CAREER DEVELOPMENT A September to Remember by Susan Goff

What is “Forward Thinking”?, Why have we named our Fall series “Forward Thinking? Did we just picked a name or do we have a purpose? At AATC we have a vision and a mission and understand that both of those mean nothing without acting on it. The Career Development Committee is thinking progressively and is able to look beyond the “now” and create innovative training programs for the future success of each member of our industry. In the upcoming Fall curricula we will offer programs for each audience, meaning for new staff or seasoned members, from leasing to supervisors and for either; our owner/ manager side or our supplier partners. What is important is to understand that while we can create and innovate every program that we have all day long! It will mean nothing if you do not take your next step and attend!. We want to invite you to continue your career success and be a part of our industry while attending a program where you will not only learn from the material and the instructor but also from the interactions and experiences of colleagues from different companies and areas of our very diverse county. We are bringing back must attend seminars like Fair Housing and will offer a session in Spanish. Be fair and send your staff to really understand the Law and the liabilities involved when there is not a good understanding of

Fair Housing. We have heard your comments and as requested we have created a unique and totally different Social Media session for on-site personnel and one for supplier partners. These sessions will help you be more accurate while trying to align your needs to a social media plan! Back by popular demand; get ready for another Presentation Skills Marathon with 4 different instructors in one day that will take your presentation skills to the next level!. We have saved a new program for last, we will end September in a high note with our Maintenance Wo[MAN]Up Seminar. If you are a maintenance supervisor, property manager and a regional supervisor you don’t want to miss out on this! We’ll start the morning off with, ‘The impact of Conversions Panel discussion’, in the morning and then finish with, ‘Budget Impacts and Leadership Needed to Succeed’, in the afternoon. In September we are just gearing up! so you can only imagine what we have for October and November. To register and check out our upcoming seminars go to Susan Goff, Milestone Management, is AATC’s Career Development Chair. For more information on any of AATC’s educational programs, contact Val Thruwanger, AATC’s Director of Career Development at, or call 817-616-0358.

SEPTEMBER CLASSES 9/10 - Fair Housing English; 9a to 12p, AATC Learning Center; $89 (CDS Subscribers pay $69); en Español; 1p to 4p , (CDS Subscribers FREE) • Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time! It’s a must KNOW • Reduce any possible liability due to a lack of knowledge of Fair Housing Law • Great for new staff or refresher for seasoned professionals. Always be on your TOES! • The class is interactive with case studies of real situations that could prevent violations when dealing with sticky situations. 9/12 - Presentation Skills Marathon; 9a to 4p, AATC Learning Center $99 (CDS Member pay nothing) • Your Presentation Skills are an important part of your success! • Whether you are on-site, at corporate level or a vendor. We ALL need it! • How to obtain buy in and support from our company, vendors and prospects in different situations. Does your presentation style needs tweaking? Have you been taught how to present and measure audiences? • Do you know the latest in regards to presenting your product on the Social Media platforms? And presenting your product in an outreach marketing campaign? 9/17 - Social Media for Onsite; 9a to noon, AATC Learning Center $89 (CDS Subscribers pay $69) In today’s world of technology and how people communicate it constantly changing. Social Media can be a good marketing tool when used correctly. Join us for this exciting and useful class! You will hear about the latest and greatest in social media. You will take away lots of great ideas and tools that can be implemented now! • Social media environment and trends • How to apply social media at work • Twitter, Instagram, FB, LinkedIn and so much more.. • How to put together a Social Media Plan and Policy

9/17 - Social Net [Worth]ing for Suppliers Only, AATC Learning Center (Suppliers Pay $89) We’ve developed a social media course directly from the requests and feedback of our supply partners, FKA “vendors”, with one thing in mind – YOU! The specially tailored curricula delivers action items and addresses questions like, “what’s that pound sign thing?”, “how do I connect with gate keepers?”, “which social media platform would work best for me?”, “when and why should I start a conversation?” and much more! We can’t tell you how to get your kids to “like” your posts, and although we will touch on managing basics for your business page, the Social Net[Worth]ing class is primarily focused on helping you realize your social value by: engaging your current clients, connecting with potential clients, and retaining those social partnerships. ***Bring your smart devices and laptops - this course is 100% interactive and you will be encouraged to participate in real time so you can get the hang of it before the class is over!*** 9/24 - Maintenance [WO]MAN UP!; 9a to 4p, AATC Learning Center $99 (CDS Subscribers pay nothing) Morning: Impact of Conversions - Expert Panel; Moderator: Paul Brown As the cost of R22 refrigerant continues to soar, many property management companies are now faced with the economic realities of the time and costs associated with converting their HVAC systems from R22 over to R410A. Taking short cuts will mean drastically shortening the life of the equipment and therefore reducing the return on the property owner’s investment. We will discuss taking best practices approach to guarantee success on each system conversion. Afternoon: Digging Deep with Maintenance, Jhone Mateo During the afternoon of this seminar join us to dig deep on the overall performance of the operation. Understanding the impacts of repairs and maintenance practices in budgets while delivering outstanding customer service driven by great Leadership!

REGISTER FOR CLASSES AT WWW.AATCNET.ORG! 2013 AATC Fall Curriculum Sponsors Page 10 // September 2013 // Check out the new!

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Waco 888.408.4445 Check out the new! // March 2012 // Page 11


Seven Ideas to Manage Change by Joel Zeff

My client conference calls always start the same. Everyone awkwardly says hello and then we wait in silence for the last person to jump on the call. The same conversation starts minutes later. “We are dealing with a lot of change,” someone says. “Change is very difficult for everyone right now,” another very important manager adds. I really don’t have to take notes. “There is constant change.” “Change is difficult.” “Our employees don’t like change.” Yep, I got it. Let me write all of that down. Was there ever a time when the CEO brought everyone into a room and said, “Good news. We are all done changing. We finished everything up on Friday.” Even when the economy improves, there will be change. There will always be change. In the future, when we all wear the same monochromatic clothes and live in peace and harmony and have our food provided by replicators, there will be change. It is time to accept constant change. We have to change how we react to change. It is time to give change a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Since 1993, improvisation has taught me all about change. It has given me the tools to succeed during constant change. Improvisation is an art form that teaches performers to ride change the same way a surfer rides a wave. Change is embraced, expected and experienced. Audience members always ask for the secret to performing improvisation. They see a concept with no script, no rehearsal and no plan. How can I be successful if I don’t know what comes next? Most of the time, I really don’t think about it. Everything just happens. I don’t really think, I just act and react. And then I examined what allowed me to succeed in a state of constant change. During my presentations, I invite three audience members on stage to play an improvisation exercise. I give them about a minute of instruction. What allows everyone to be successful and deal with constant change? Could I apply the tools toward other situations? I think change, more than anything, allows us to be at our best. We all have different job titles, but we all have the same job: We deal with change. We just have to change our attitude. Here are seven thoughts on change: 1. Be prepared for change. Sometimes I play a quick warm up game with audiences called “Zig, Zag, Zog.” I call out one of the words and the audience has to respond with the next word. They never know what word is coming next. The audience succeeds because they have prepared themselves that they don’t know. Once we stop being surprised by change and accept that change will happen each day, we will start to prepare. Our frame of mind and reaction will change when we are prepared and accept that we have no idea what comes next. Being prepared, heightens our senses and prompts us to stay focused and in the moment. 2. Be focused. During the same “Zig, Zag, Zog” game, I tell the audience it is a competition. The room quickly quiets. Each person ramps up their focus on the game. The next round is faster. The audience is more successful. The next elimination doesn’t happen for several minutes. Why the difference? The audience increases their focus. They listen more intently. Their body language changes. They are alert and ready. The focus allows them to be more flexible with the change and succeed. 3. Be relaxed. Most of the time change creates stress. We don’t know what comes next. We might have to learn something new; work differently or work harder. When I am on stage during an improvisation game, I am at my most relaxed state. I am confident in my skills and abilities. I understand that I might make a mistake and I accept it. Once you eliminate the fear of failure, you will naturally relax. Page 12 // September 2013 // Check out the new!

4. Be positive. There is nothing more powerful than positive support. No matter what happens a few words of encouragement and support will fortify anyone. Do you know what the best part is? Positive support doesn’t take a budget, plan, meeting, PowerPoint presentation or an act of Congress. It only takes a few moments of your time. Improvisation demands a positive environment to succeed. The positive support allows the players to create, build on each other’s ideas and work effectively as a team. And all of this happens in a state of constant change with blazing speed. 5. Be open and flexible. People don’t like change. Change involves moving stuff. Here’s an example: Ask someone to help you move to a new house. Watch their face crinkle up and eyes dart upward, as they search for an excuse to help you move. Change is going to happen every single day. You are going to have to move stuff, literally and figuratively. How you deal with change determines your success, productivity, creativity, passion and stress. Focus your energies on the changes that really affect your success and happiness. Don’t waste time on changes that really don’t matter. Be open. Be flexible. Live healthier. And always have a good excuse handy when someone asks you to help them move. 6. Be confident and without fear. The hardest part for new performers is the fear of making a mistake. It is impossible to perform improvisation with that fear. You start to edit and inhibit. If something goes wrong, you lose your confidence and start second guessing. Some change is awesome. Some change is difficult. Some change is hard at the beginning, but then becomes easy. Some change just doesn’t work. Some change is like awful tasting medicine. You don’t want to take it. You know you are going to hate it. But you also know it is for the best. Be confident in your skills and abilities. The person who hired you had confidence in you. Eliminate the fear of change and allow your confidence in your abilities to find success. 7. Be able to control your reaction to change. Most change is out of our control. We cannot control the economy, stock market, customer mood swings or anything else. Something will break. Something will happen that you were not expecting. I promise. You do have one very important power. You control how you react to change. You control your attitude. Too many times, we allow change to decide our attitude. Change will always choose frustration, impatience and stress. If you get to decide, choose a more patient, positive, energized attitude. This doesn’t mean you won’t have stress, challenges and difficult situations. It means you are dealing with change on your terms. If you are energized and passionate, you will have the right attitude to deal with any situation. A teacher once told me that you are either getting better or getting worse. You can’t stay the same. How do we get better? We change. We develop new ideas. We try different approaches. We push ourselves to work more effectively. Every change is not going to be embraced. Improvisation teaches us that every change can turn into something better, though. You just have to stay focused and in control. Joel Zeff ( is a national workplace expert, speaker and humorist. His spontaneous humor and vital messages have thrilled audiences for years. Corporations and organizations nationwide seek him out to motivate and energize their employees on such topics as work/life balance, passion at work, creativity, communication, teamwork, and leadership. His first book, “Make the Right Choice: Creating a Positive, Innovative and Productive Work Life” was published by John Wiley & Sons. For more information on his book, please visit Joel Zeff and Joel Zeff Creative retain the ownership and rights to this article. This article cannot be reprinted or published without the written consent of the author.

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PILLOW TALK Super Models by Perry Pillow

AATC members are super models. Not the Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum type, rather, you are superb examples of how multifamily industry owners/operators and vendors should be involved in advocacy initiatives. You may not think of yourself as a super model, but you are. If you served on the Government Affairs Committee, you exhibit the commitment it takes to take collect action to impact public policy that affects your bottom-line. Your colleagues know who you are. Those once a month conference calls matter. If you are on an advocacy team, you are model for your peers on how effective, local engagement works. You demonstrate that involvement in city government makes a difference. Our advocacy teams in Arlington, Euless, and Fort Worth changed city policies this year. If you have met with an elected official or candidate this past year, then you show your fellow association members how easy it is to make a personal connection with a city councilmember, state representative, or member of congress. If you attended the NAA Capitol Conference or TAA Legislative Conference you attest to the effectiveness of meeting elected officials on their turf. If you made a donation to AATC PAC, TAA PAC, or NAA PAC you show the importance of personal, financial investment in the multifamily industry. If you attended the TAA or NAA legislative committee meetings; read your NAA and TAA advocacy alerts; or participated in the NAA or TAA issues conference calls, you exemplify the importance of state and national participation. When you hosted a property tour for an elected officials; put a campaign sign in your yard; or attended a town hall meeting, you inform your colleagues that all politics is personal. The devil may wear Prada, but AATC members model advocacy. BUSINESS EXCHANGE SETS RECORD: $84,000 RAISED FOR NAA PAC –The 2013 AATC-AAGD Business Exchange NAA PAC fundraiser presented by Tangential Services set records for owner/management and vendor attendance. Most importantly, because of your efforts, we raised more than $84,000 for NAA PAC. Congressman Marc Veasey (D – TX33) was the guest of honor at the owner/management reception prior to the event. We were honored to have NAA PAC Chair Victoria Cowart, Vice President of Darby Development and Kathleen Gamble, NAA Director of Political Affairs attend. Special thanks to Business Exchange Committee: Co-Chairs Traci Hall and Barbara Middlebrook, as well as, Business Exchange Committee members Brenda Carpenter, Charles Stroud, Nicolle Block, Gina

Page 14 // September 2013 // Check out the new!

Schuler, Hugh Cobb, Ian Mattingly, Mike Clark, Michael Walker, and Tina White. Very special thanks to Dan Taylor and Tangential Service for being the presenting sponsor. More than 250 OM decisionmakers representing 60 companies and 284 vendor-partners from 156 product-service companies helped make this year’s event an overwhelming success. HURST CODE CCOMPLIANCE AND SMOKE ALARMS– Last month, AATC Past President Cindi Scoggins and senior Westdale staff along with AATC staff met with Hurst code compliance officials in an attempt to stop erroneous enforcement of smoke alarm requirements and overly zealous enforcement of code compliance issues. Hurst code officials are requiring that all smoke alarms be hard-wired and interconnected. State law prohibits this requirement. Based on this meeting, city officials are reviewing their smoke alarm ordinance in light of state statutes. Also, Hurst is empaneling a citizen’s ad hoc committee to address multifamily issues. Special Adam Langford and Michael Sotak with Westdale and David Prado and Al Dumois with The Windmark Group for bring this issue to AATC’s attention. MEETINGS WITH ELECTED OFFICIALS – Last month, AATC members and staff met with the new Tarrant County Justices of the Peace Marty Tom Curnutt (R – Precinct 3) and Sergio De Leon (D – Precinct 5), as well as, Fort Worth city council member Danny Scarth, Arlington city council members Jimmy Bennett and Charlie Parker, St. Sen. Kelly Hancock (R – SD9), and Congressman Kenny Marchant (R – TX24). Since October 2012, AATC has participated in more than a hundred discussions with community leaders including the entire Tarrant County state legislative and federal congressional delegations; every member of the Arlington and Fort Worth city councils as well as council members from Euless, Hurst, Keller, Haltom City and North Richland Hills; city managers from Arlington, Benbrook, Euless, Fort Worth and Hurst; the Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth and Hurst police departments; code compliance officials from Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth, Hurst and North Richland Hills; as well as every Tarrant County Justice of the Peace. CONGRESSMAN VEASEY PROPERTY TOUR – AATC Past President Robert Tinning and AATC Board of Directors member Lisa Rogers with Churchill Residential hosted a property tour for Congressman Marc Veasey (D – TX33) last month. Tinning and Rogers educated Congressman Veasey on the financial and operational aspects of the multifamily industry. Perry Pillow is AATC’s Director of Legislative Services. For more information about AATC advocacy initiatives or any of AATC’s legislative programs, contact Perry at 817-616-0354 or e-mail at

2013 Fall Golf Classic

presented by Woods General Contracting

October 8, 2013 Champion’s Circle 7005 Golf Club Dr. Arlington, TX 76017 AATC Scramble Only:

$200 per person includes golf, cart, lunch, contest entry, and 2 mulligans.

AATC Scramble & Championship Tournament Combined:

$300 per person includes golf, cart, lunch, contest entry, 2 mulligans and entry into both tournaments.

Register a Team Now! For more information, visit or call Perry Pillow at 817-616-0354.


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condimentum augue. Suspendisse vel eros nec nulla tristique tempus. Fusce et nisi at turpis feugiat suscipit. Cras egestas urna tincidunt metus. Vivamus id felis. Vestibulum eget est ac nunc bibendum faucibus. Proin ipsum augue, hendrerit sit amet, mattis sit amet, lobortis eget, lacus. Phasellus sit amet lacus. In venenatis. Donec vel nisi nec nisi imperdiet pretium. Nam tempus augue eu felis fringilla placerat. Sed tellus. Cras facilisis dui. Curabitur justo. Sed molestie venenatis velit. Curabitur adipiscing fermentum arcu. Suspendisse ornare. Nulla viverra. Mauris mi. Proin imperdiet condimentum augue. Suspendisse vel eros nec nulla tristique tempus. Fusce et nisi at turpis feugiat suscipit. Cras egestas urna tincidunt metus. Vivamus id felis. Vestibulum eget est ac nunc bibendum faucibus. Proin ipsum augue, hendrerit sit amet, mattis sit amet, lobortis eget, lacus. Phasellus sit amet lacus. In venenatis. Donec vel nisi nec nisi imperdiet pretium. Nam tempus augue eu felis fringilla placerat. Sed tellus. Cras facilisis dui. Curabitur justo. Sed molestie venenatis velit. Curabitur adipiscing fermentum arcu. Suspendisse ornare. Nulla viverra. Mauris mi. Proin imperdiet condimentum augue. Suspendisse vel eros nec nulla tristique tempus. Fusce et nisi at turpis feugiat suscipit.

See more photos at aatc.zenf

Close-Ups September 2013

Cras egestas urna tincidunt metus. Vivamus id felis. Vestibulum eget est ac nunc bibendum faucibus. Proin ipsum augue, hendrerit sit amet, mattis sit amet, lobortis eget, lacus. Phasellus sit amet lacus. In venenatis. Donec vel nisi nec nisi imperdiet pretium. Nam tempus Bill Coberly augue eu felis fringilla placerat. Sed tellus. Cras facilisis dui. Curabitur justo. Sed molestie venenatis velit. Curabitur adipiscing fermentum arcu. Suspendisse ornare. Nulla viverra. Mauris mi. Proin imperdiet

(972) 304-7900 VENDOR OF THE MONTH


How Good It Feels to Give by Elizabeth Pedroza and Jeff Duerstock

We’re lucky to have Chris Lee, Char McCurdy and Sheila Wiggin joining us to talk about how good they feel when they give something either by volunteering time or an item. Our lives are so busy because of family and work but we can easily find a way to give. It makes us feel good about it when we find a volunteer program that meshes well with our lifestyles. Many times, it seems our time is more valuable than money. If you can’t give your time, then you can simply give. No matter if you are volunteering your time or if you are committing your hard earned money, you feel great about what you’ve done; not to mention, whoever you are giving to feels happiness and appreciation towards you!

In case you didn’t know, Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth is AATC’s charity of choice. Over the years, our members have raised thousands of dollars to help the needy—for that, we are truly grateful. Unfortunately, the need never stops. There are always people in need of assistance and our sustained efforts are extremely beneficial. If you’d like to help, we recommend that each of you bring any of the following items to the next meeting. We will in turn, pass those on to UGM. The immediate needs are: ground coffee, men’s shoes (all sizes), new bath towels, paper towels, toilet paper, Windex glass cleaner, garbage bags (13 gallon & up).

Volunteering can benefit you in more ways than just feeling good about giving—while being a volunteer, you’ll meet new friends and contacts, increase your social and relationship skills, increase your self-confidence and stay physically healthy! It’s great for your mind and body!

We have no doubts that our PSC group will make us proud once again!

You can get the most out of volunteering by asking questions about what needs to be done; making sure you know what’s expected; not being afraid to make a change; enjoying yourself while you’re doing it! In the end you will feel so good for what you have given! Volunteering will make you happy and the happiness effect can have a great impact on everyone!

Page 18 // September 2013 // Check out the new!

So join us on Tuesday, October 1st @ 3pm at our usual spot, Love and War in Texas - Grapevine. Thanks and hope to see you at our meeting! Elizabeth Pedroza, Apartment Finder and Jeff Duerstock, Reliant are members of AATC’s Product and Services Council. For more information on any of AATC’s PSC programs and initiatives, contact Ed Blinn at or call him directly at 817-616-0351.

The Suster Law Group, PLLC Defending and prosecuting all types of suits involving owners and management Tenant disputes, problem evictions/appeals from JP courts, tenant deposit suits Housing discrimination complaints Code compliance consulting, code enforcement violations, suits filed by municipalities Premises liability, defense/premises injuries Construction and vendor litigation, Zoning Issues/ Structural Defects and Drainage Claims. .

Israel Suster

Metroplex Representation ~ Reasonable Fees

Principal Attorney

Visit us on the Web!

972.380.0130 George Bush & Preston Rd. - Plano Office


Representing Owners and Managers

ANNUAL REPORT COMMUNITY SERVCIE Chris Lee, Committee Chair John Mitchell, Staff Director

since last fall as well as $16,300 directed to Tarrant County congressional leaders from NAAs PAC account.

The AATC family is without a doubt committed to giving back. Our members generously pulled $24,600 out of their pockets to help support a record-setting $55,225 contribution to the annual DFW Toys for Tots campaign which included $19,600 from AAGD and $11,000 from the Marine Foundation. The annual AATC Bowling Tournament presented by Maintenance Supply HQ produced another record-setting sum of $28,900 in February to help benefit our community service partner – Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth. In addition, our amazing members shelled-out toys and back-to-school gift cards to help support UGMs youngest homeless residents. The newest AATC community service projects are focused on a series of initiatives to match-up member skills and resources with current Mission needs. AATCs CSC hosted a special UGM Work Day on June 25 to help address landscaping, HVAC and laundry room needs totaling $6,350 in value. A second and much larger UGM Work Day is currently in the planning stage for October 11. And if that’s not enough, AATC members and staff are collectively working to completely renovate one of the Mission’s family rooms.

GOLF TOURNAMENTS Gary Zelder, Committee Chair Perry Pillow, Staff Director

EDUCATION FOUNDATION Cindi Scoggins, Foundation Chair Sheila Wiggin & Val Thurwanger, Staff Directors The Divas Cup presented by Reliant Energy featured another day of fun in the sun at the Westdale Hills Golf Club in May. This year’s annual ladies golf tournament put another $21,500 into the foundation’s bank account. AATC is the University of North Texas RPM program’s largest annual scholarship contributor. We also provide scholarships for NAAs professional designation programs as well as program support for our annual ThinkLink conference. GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Darnell Harris, Committee Chair Perry Pillow, Staff Director The Government Affairs Committee stays focused on a variety of federal, state and local advocacy issues. Since last fall AATC has participated in more than a hundred discussions with community leaders including the entire Tarrant County state legislative and federal congressional delegations; every member of the Arlington and Fort Worth city councils as well as council members from Euless, Hurst, Keller, Haltom City and North Richland Hills; city managers from Arlington, Benbrook, Euless, Fort Worth and Hurst; the Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth and Hurst police departments; code compliance officials from Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth, Hurst and North Richland Hills; as well as every Tarrant County Justice of the Peace. AATCs Advocacy Teams actively participated in recent revisions to the Arlington, Euless and Grand Prairie multifamily inspection ordinances and helped defeat a potentially onerous urban forestry and laundry lint trap ordinance in Fort Worth. AATC assisted Fort Worth with the implementation of the city’s first multifamily recycling program and worked closely with cities throughout Tarrant County to implement new state mandated smoke alarm installations as well as municipal water restrictions. AATC published its 3rd annual online fee and tax survey for the region’s 10 largest cities and school districts and facilitated discussions on new JP Court rules with TAA. And our political action committee contributed $40,000 to local and state political campaigns Page 20 // July 2013 // Check out the new!

AATCs Fall Classic this past October at Champions Circle included our first-ever morning Champions Scramble yielding an impressive net profit of $29,200. Not to be outdistanced, the AATC Spring Fling Tournament presented by Woods General Contracting in April produced another $33,300; a record-setting total of $62,500 deposited directly into our PAC account. INDEPENDENT RENTAL OWNERS Priscilla Gamble, Committee Chair Perry Pillow, Staff Director AATCs IRO members met 8 times since last fall to discuss a variety of unique multi-housing concerns including: acquisitions & dispositions; legal challenges; insurance, accounting & financial management; tax appraisals; mortgage & finance; TAAs lease; and a best practices roundtable program on resident retention, maintenance, rent-setting & marketing. Without a doubt, AATCs independent rental owns share common interests and needs and create a high level of enthusiasm for professionalism. LEADERSHIP LYCEUM Lisa Rogers, Committee Chair John Mitchell, Staff Director AATCs 9th annual Lyceum class once again produced an outstanding group of newly empowered leaders. Since 2004, 52 DFW area multihousing leaders have completed our Lyceum program. With more than half of our grads currently engaged in a wide variety of association leadership roles in our own association as well as AAGD, SAAA, TAA & NAA, our influence developing leaders throughout the industry is unsurpassed. LONE STAR AWARDS Sherry Jordan, Committee Chair Val Thurwanger, Staff Director AATCs benchmark Lone Star Awards program has enjoyed a record 140 nominations for 11 different individual, property and team award recognitions. Nomination evaluations will conclude by the end of Aug. The 2013 Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration presented by McMahan Flooring is scheduled to begin at 6 pm on Thu September 19 at the Arlington CC. This year’s Boots & Bling Banquet will feature a salute to AATCs out-going as well as our incoming leadership teams and the always-popular celebration of Tarrant County’s best-of-the-best LSA nominees and most especially this year’s winners.

MetroPlex Staffing “Staffing Made Easy”

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Since our beginning in , Anderson Paving’s experience and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has set the standard for paving construction and maintenance in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. “Paving The Metroplex Since 1960”

Fax# (817) 590-9731 • Leasing • Porters • Housekeepers • Bilingual Candidates

No Permanent Placement Fees On call 24/7 Free Background checks Compliance Depot Approved Vendors Members of HEB chamber of Commerce & AATC members

A Texas Tradition For 50 Years Dallas: 972/444-8225 Ft. Worth: 817/870-1247 Fax: 972/444-8729

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12/22/09 10:06 AM

ANNUAL REPORT MAINTENANCE MANIA Jodi Spurrell, Committee Chair Ed Blinn, Staff Director Maintenance Mania presented by HD Supply has become NAAs largest multihousing maintenance competition with 811 members in attendance last March including 303 competitors, 420 spectators and 88 game hosts. Milestone’s Mario Martin was crowned the overall winner in Region 6 and represented AATC and AAGD at the recent Maintenance Mania National Championships in San Diego.

cacy; market trends; a peers-to-peers roundtable; social media; and a social networking event. RESIDENT SERVICES Anita Hord, Committee Chair Sheila Wiggin, Staff Director AATCs new Resident Services Committee assumed responsibility for expanding the scope of the association’s unique Community Resource Expo. The 2nd annual Expo was held in May at a new venue in N Richland Hills and featured 38 community service providers with specialized products and services designed to directly benefit a broad cross-section of apartment property residents. Over 134 property managers were in attendance. STRATEGIC PLANNING Anthony Wonderly, Committee Chair John Mitchell, Staff Director Long-range planning discussions this past year has focused on advocacy, career development, membership services and AATCs fiscal assets. The apartment association currently has no long-term debt and approximately $277,000 in our restricted reserve fund. TRADE SHOW Angi Pusateri (2012) & Charles Stroud (2013), Committee Chairs Ed Blinn, Staff Director

MEGAN’S CARE TEAM Jeff Duerstock, Committee Chair Sheila Wiggin, Staff Director AATCs most unique family-focused initiative is Megan’s Care Team; a benevolence initiative focused primarily on the association’s leadership team. The Care Team uses social media to share significant life events with our members. Our Facebook page currently boasts 331 friends and reaches over 5,500 people each week with its inspirational posts. The Care Team supported national Pat-it-Forward Day last April and plans to do it again on September 15. We hosted our 1st ever Angel Wing Social last March with $3,100 generously donated by our members. Proceeds from the AWS have been earmarked for AATCs newest Care Team initiative, a holiday blessings program being designed to help support member employees. MEMBERSHIP Paul Brown & Jessica Vo, Committee Co-chairs Darla Doyle, Staff Director AATCs path to membership growth continues on a positive note. Year to date membership accounts are somewhat flat at approximately a 1% growth rate, but our unit count has jumped by 3% from this time last year, reflecting a net gain of more than 5,200 apartment units. AATC currently represents the interests of 1,503 members who own, manage, develop and provide products and or services for 178,974 apartment homes. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Carrie Gebhart, Council Chair Ed Blinn, Staff Director AATCs vendor partners provide amazing support for nearly every aspect of the association’s business agenda. During the past few months, an impressive turn-out of our dedicated PSC Advisory Board enjoyed 8 presentations on a wide variety of topics including: AATCs programs & events; community service; NAAEIs CAS designation; advo-

Page 22 // August 2013 // Check out the new!

The 2012 Trade Show, AATCs premier networking event featured 133 companies showcasing their expertise at the Arlington CC in 168 booths last November. Over 600 vendors managed displays for 850 apartment property owners and managers in attendance. Coming up on Nov 19, the 2013 Get Connected Trade Show will feature an even more robust marketing initiative designed to attract the interests of management company decision-makers. With 3 months left to go, this year’s show footprint has been expanded and we’re nearly sold-out! So what are we really all about… it’s simply really: AATC EDUCATES, ADVOCATES, NETWORKS and INSPIRES! Anthony Wonderly, Olympus Property, is AATC’s current President. For more information on any of AATC’s events, committees or programs, contact Ed Blinn at or call 817-616-0351.


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“All levels of the Lincoln organization have embraced Community Sherpa as a means to engage both current and prospective residents online. As a result, our content is extremely relevant and we are seeing increased traffic to our corporate and community websites. We look forward to expanding this digital asset to more of our communities.” – Scott Wilder, SR Vice President, Residential Management, Lincoln Property Company

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Michael Follis, Publisher 469-241-9743

Take your Community to a whole new level of GREEN GO GREEN with Trashbusters’ proven Blue Bag Program, the total package in apartment community recycling. Unlimited free blue bags, educational and marketing support. Free office, poolside, mailroom recycling and more! Mark Fief, President CAS MA Environmental Ethics 817-929-4665

A Fort Worth APPROVED Recycling Program

CONGRATULATIONS! Lone Star Award Nominees! by Sherry Jordan

Every year, we celebrate the successes of our best and brightest in the industry. It’s true when they say it’s an honor to even get nominated. What an amazing award and what an incredible way to show your employees how great they are. Join us on September 19 as we call out the judges’ selections for each category. Don’t miss out on this exciting, and honored, event.

See you on the 19th! Leasing Consultant of the Year, presented by Melissa Johnson, MAA/Copper Ridge Mark White, Milestone Haley Dorman, Venterra Realty- Riverstone Apartments Maria Faram, Copper Ridge Vicki Carrizales, UDR/ Mandolin Apartments Stacy Snyder, Meadows of Bedford Regina Ramos, Sutter Creek Evelyn Crespo, Arbors of Euless Rachel Christopher, LumaCorp/Hulen Oaks Victoria Pauken, Pace Realty - Vue Du Musee Darilyn Williams, The Lodge At River Park/ Greystar Cheryl Trombley, Regency on the Green Apartments/ Winthrop Assistant Manager of the Year, presented Reliant Energy Gracie Colmenero, Landry Hill/Madera Residential Kristin Ballard, Fofelman/ St. Laurent Erica Clary, Venterra Realty- Riverstone Apartments Marti Williams, AMLI Upper West Side Wanda Mollett, Milestone Alexandra Brackett, Meadows of Bedford Ensenada Gonzales, Walker Holder Residential Ashley Daniels, UDR/ Mandolin Kirsten Hall, Sutter Creek Katrina Johonson, Colonial Grant at Bear Creek Rebecca Carpenter, Evergreen at Keller - Churchill Residential Victoria Hains, Ascension Point Condominiums Hollie Fults, LumaCorp/Hulen Oaks Adrianne Brock, AMLI Lacy Tanner, Pace - Vue Du Musee Brad Carter, Woods of Bedford/ Milestone Lacey Metcalf, Regency on the Green Apartments/ Winthrop Community Team of the Year under 300 units, presented by Pavement Services Copper Ridge Apartments, MAA Terrawood, Greystar Arbors of Euless, Milestone Management Villas at Le Blanc Park, Olympus Property Evergreen @ Keller, Churchill Residential Belterra Apartments, Colonial North Greenbriar Apartments, Pace Realty Corporation

Community Team of the Year over 300 units, presented by Comm-Fit Desert Sands Apartments, The Lighthouse Group Sutter Creek Apartment Homes, Gables Residential The Pavilion Apartment Homes, Westdale Asset The Lodge at River Park Apartments, Greystar Foundations by the Vineyards, Winthrop Woods of Bedford, Milestone Havenwood Apartments, Price Realty Maintenance Supervisor of the Year under 300 units, presented by Redi Carpet John Presti, Copper Ridge Trey Terrazas, Cinnamon Park Kramner Rios, The Villas at LeBlanc Park Shane Forrester, Milestone Management Mario Garcia, WRH Horizons at Sunridge Jose Mendez, The Club at Springlake Apartments Juan Diaz de Leon, Providence Marine Creek Kyle Lucia, Evergreen at Keller Jose Acosta, Bardin Oaks Randy Beverly, Pace Realty Corporation Bryan Finney, AMLI Eduardo Garcia, The Windmark Group Maintenance Supervisor of the Year over 300 units, presented by Maintenance Supply HQ Mauricio Morales, Milestone Gustavo Robles, Bellagio at North Beach Andy Titone, Colonial Grand at Bear Creek Jeanette Aponte, Havenwood Apartments Michael Sotak, Westdale Hills Carl Storey, The Lodge At River Park Brian Peterson, Foundations by Vineyard Apts Property Manager of the Year under 300 units, presented by Arbor Carpet Dawn Lackey, MAA Yolanda Torres, Milestone Cayce Coon, Madera Residential Jackie Hagan, Woodcreek Apartments Julia Lawhorne, Olympus Property Cindy Mullen, Arbors of Euless Victoria Clayton, The Palisades at Bear Creek Tesa Powell, WRH REALTY Charlie Kinnard, Pace Realty Corporation Heather Robles, Atlantic Housing Management Martha Johnson, LumaCorp

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Hazel Roberts, Pace Realty Corporation Ginger Schmidt, Milestone Connie Southers, Westdale Jenniffer Norris, AMLI Diana Shipman, Carol Oaks Apartments Property Manager of the Year over 300 units, presented by RSI, Texas Stacy Lambert, Autumnwood Apartments Veanessa Honeycutt, Walker Holder Residential Molly Hernandez, Mandolin Apartment Homes Rhonda Sims, Colonial Village Willow Creek Shannon Tennison, Winthrop Management Susan McKown, Havenwood Apartments Kathleen Child, The Lodge At River Park Christine Stephens, Walker Holder Residential Property Supervisor of the Year, presented by Apartment Finder Lisa Rogers, Churchill Residential Ellen Laymon, Madera Residential Beverly Haber, Tonti Properties Janie Savage, Lighthouse Property Management Kelly Miller, The Tipton Asset Group Mary Harrington, Milestone Sherry Trevino, Gables Residential Keri Terrell, Atlantic Housing Management Kylee Lambert, Colonial Properties Trust Nicole McQuarry, Winthrop Management Malissa Minucci, LumaCorp Property of the Year prior to 2000, presented by Earthworks The Gardens of Bedford, The Windmark Group Marine Creek Apartments, Marine Creek Apartments Landry Hill Apartments, Landry Hill Madera Residential Villas at Le Blanc Park, Olympus Property Colonial Grant at Bear Creek, Colonial Copper Hill, LumaCorp Harwood Hills Apartments, Pinnacle Havenwood Apartments, Price Realty Corp Property of the Year after 2000, presented by BG Staffing The Depot Apartments, JMG Realty Copper Ridge Apartments, MAA Terrawood, Greystar Real Estate Partners Evergreen at Hulen Bend, Churchill Residential

SympoSium TopicS

main Topic: overview of the requirements of the new mandatory city of Fort Worth apartment recycling ordinance. city staff will present best practices for energy savings, water conservation and stormwater runoff protection. Local apartment managers will present case studies of sustainability initiatives in their complexes.

June 18, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Summerglen Library, 4205 Basswood Blvd. 76137 September 12, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Hazel Harvey Peace Center, 818 Missouri Ave. 76104 December 12, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Hazel Harvey Peace Center, 818 Missouri Ave. 76104

“Grow a Green multifamily Development” SympoSium Sponsored by the city of Fort Worth Business Smart program Business Smart • 1000 Throckmorton Street Fort Worth, TX 76102 • 817-392-1234 www.FortWorthTexas.Gov/BusinessSmart


(888) 314-5091



Market Conditions by Wayne Williams



Ft. Worth Market Jul Annual 2013 Annual Change Overview General Fort Worth Market July Worth Market Annual Ft. General Overview 2013 Jul Change 2013 Change General Overview Occupancy: 92.6 +0.1% Occupancy: 92.6 Units Added: 1,756 +0.1% Occupancy: 92.6 +0.1% Units Absorbed Units Added: 1,756 (Annual): 1,766 Units Added: 1,7661,756 Units Absorbed (Annual): Average Size (SF): 843 -0.1% Absorbed (Annual): Units Average Size (SF): 843 1,766 -0.1% Asking Rent: $780 +4.4% Asking Rent: Average Size (SF): $780 843 +4.4% -0.1% Asking Rent Rent per per SF: SF: $0.92 $0.92 +4.4% +4.4% Asking Asking Rent: $780 +4.4% EffectiveRent: Rent: $766 $766 +4.8% +4.8% Effective Asking Rent per SF: $0.92 +4.4% Effective Rent per SF: $0.91 +4.8% +4.8% Effective SF: $0.91 Effective Rent: $766 +4.8% %% Offering OfferingConcessions: Concessions: 43% 43% -12.5% -12.5% Effective Rent per SF: 4.2% $0.91 -4.3% +4.8% Ave. Concession Package: Ave. Concession Package: 4.2% -4.3% % Offering Concessions: 43% -12.5% Ave. Fort Worth Market July Jul Package: 4.2% Annual -4.3% Ft.Concession Worth Market Annual Stabilized “Same Store” Statistics 2013 Change 2013 Change Properties Ft. Worth Market Jul Annual Occupancy: 93.1 2013 Change Stabilized Properties Occupancy: 93.1 +0.5% +0.5% Units UnitsAdded: Added: -191 -191 Units AbsorbedOccupancy: (Annual): 583 93.1 +0.5% Units Absorbed (Annual): 583 Average SizeAdded: (SF): 841 -191 -0.3% Units SizeRent: (SF): 841 -0.3% Units Average Asking Absorbed (Annual): $770 583 +3.5% Asking Rent: +3.5% Asking Rent per SF: $0.91 $770 +3.7% Average Size (SF): 841 -0.3% Effective Rent: Asking Rent per SF: $756 $0.91 +3.7% +3.7% Asking Rent: $770 +3.9% +3.5% Effective Rent per SF: $0.90 $756 Effective Rent: +3.7% Asking Rent per SF: 43% $0.91 -12.1% +3.7% % Offering Concessions: Effective Rent per SF: $0.90 +3.9% Effective Rent: 4.3% $756 -1.2% +3.7% Ave. Concession Package: % Offering Concessions: 43% -12.1% Effective Rent per SF: $0.90 +3.9% Ave. Concession Package: 4.3% -1.2% % Offering Concessions: 43% -12.1% FLOOR PLAN BREAKDOWN - FORT WORTH AREA Ave. Concession Package: 4.3% -1.2% FLOOR PlanPLAN Type BREAKDOWN-FORT % of Mkt WORTH Average Sq. Ft.

Occupancy Rate Fort Worth Area

Market vs. Effective Rents Fort Worth Area

Avg. Market Rent/Mo. $532 $673 $840 $857 $1,127 $1,065 $1,734

Eff 2.5% 90 FLOOR 1 BR 45.5% 685 PLAN BREAKDOWN-FORT WORTH Ave 2.6% Ave Ave 884 1 DEN Market Eff. % 987 Plan % of Ave 2 BR 39.4% Ave0.9% Rent/Mo Ave Ave1,208 Rent/Mo Disc Type Mkt 2 DEN SqFt Market Eff. % 1,226 Plan % 3ofBR Ave 7.5% Eff 2.5% 490 $532 $523 1.7% Rent/Mo Disc1,387 Type Mkt >3 BR SqFt 1.6% Rent/Mo

1 BR 45.5% Eff 2.5% 1 DEN 2.6% 1 BR 45.5% 2 BR 39.4% 1 DEN 2.6% 2 DEN 0.9% 2 BR 39.4% 3 BR 7.5% 2 DEN 0.9% >3 BR 1.6% 3 BR 7.5%

685 490 884 685 987 884 1,208 987 1,226 1,208 1,387 1,226

$673 $662 1.7% $532 $523 1.7% $840 $828 1.3% $673 $662 1.7% $857 $843 1.7% $840 $828 1.3% $1,127 $1,104 2.1% $857 $843 AUSTIN 1.7% DALLAS $1,065Annual $1,047July 1.7% July Annual $1,127 $1,104 2.1% 2013 2013 0.5% Change $1,734Change$1,726 $1,065 $1,047 1.7%



July 2013

Annual Change

Avg. Eff. Rent/Mo. Avg % Discount $523 1.7% $662 1.7% $828 1.3% $843 1.7% $1,104 2.1% $1,047 1.7% $1,726 0.5%


Annual Change


92.9 -0.1% 94.1 -0.5% 92.2 +1.7% 91.9 -0.9% $1,734 $1,726 0.5% 9,463 2,550 4,380 3,428 Units AbsorbedMARKETS (Annual): 8,582 Dallas 1,741 11,774 1,974 OTHER Austin Houston San ALN Antonio Since 1991, Apartment Data has Average Size (SF): 868 +0.1% 852 +0.4% 872 +0.3% 834 +0.5% provided detailed apartment informaAsking Rent: $903 +4.6% $994 $873 +5.2% $819 +4.0% Annual +5.7% Austin Annual Annual tion forSan Annual OTHER MARKETS Dallas Houston Antonio the Dallas and Fort Worth Asking Rent per SF: $1.04 +4.5% $1.16 +5.0% Jul$0.98 Jul 2013 Change +5.2% Jul 2013$1.00 Change 2013 +3.4% Change markets. Jul 2013 Changein 18 marALN is currently Effective Rent: $892 +4.8% $990 $804 +4.3% Annual +5.9% $860 +6.0% Annual Annual kets throughout theAnnual south, including Effective Rent per SF: Occupancy: $1.03 +4.8% $0.99 Change +5.8% $0.96 Jul 2013 Change Jul 2013 Change Jul 2013 Change 92.9 $1.16 -0.1%+5.3% Jul 2013 94.1 -0.5% 92.2 +3.6% +1.7%the Texas 91.9 -0.9% Austin, markets of Houston, % Offering Concessions: 35% -16.1% 15% -18.7% 36% -24.6% 41% -8.8% Units Added: 9,463 2,550 4,380 3,428 San Antonio and Corpus Christi. ALN Ave. Concession Package: 4.2% -6.2% 92.9 3.4% -0.1% -0.7% 4.7% -10.4% 4.5% 92.2 -3.2% +1.7% Occupancy: 94.1 -0.5% 91.9 -0.9%

>3 BR 1.6% Units Added:


Units Absorbed (Annual): 8,582 Units Added: 9,463 Average Size (SF): 868 Units Absorbed (Annual): 8,582 Asking Rent: $903 Size out (SF): 868 Page 26 // SeptemberAverage 2013 // Check the new! Asking Rent per SF: $1.04 Asking Rent: $903 Effective Rent: $892

+0.1% +4.6% +0.1% +4.5% +4.6% +4.8%

1,741 2,550 852 1,741 $994 852 $1.16 $994 $990

+0.4% +5.7% +0.4% +5.2% +5.7% +5.9%

11,774 4,380 872 11,774 $873 872 $1.00 $873 $860

updates1,974 over 2.6 million apartment units per3,428 month. +0.3% 834 +0.5% 1,974 +5.2% $819 +4.0% +0.3% 834 +0.5% +5.0% $0.98 +3.4% +5.2% $819 +4.0% +6.0% $804 +4.3%



Over 18 years of staffing experience.

Evelyn Touchette Owner/Principal

Scott Young President

Family Operated, Customer Focused Since 1974

Alicia Speer Business Development

Reasons to choose Certified ss 

Customer Satisfaction- Our #1 goal for almost 40 Years

Free Bed Bug Inspections- including all Vacant Units

Follow Up- all infestations require follow ups

Full Service- Termites, Rodents, Wildlife, Bees, Mosquitos

Better Business Bureau- we have an A+ Rating

+ Property Managers

+ Housekeepers

Insurance-$3,000,000 GL $1,000,000 Workers Comp

+ Assistant Managers

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Fax (866) 528-2023 Compliance Depot Approved

Member: AATC / AAGD

17311 Dallas Pkwy, Ste 200, Dallas, TX 75248

972-852-BUGS (2847)


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Paul Brown and Jessica Vo are serving this year as AATCs Co-Chairs of the Membership Committee. For more information on AATCs membership activities and or services, contact For information regarding this, or any other, AATC event, contact AATC at or call 817-284-1121.

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REDBOOK Unauthorized Perry Pillow

I recently spoke with a Tarrant County law enforcement official concerned about parolees using invalid apartment addresses. The parolees are claiming to live in a specific apartment, but when law enforcement contacts the apartment community to verify this information, the parolee’s name is not on the rent roll. When parolees are confronted with the prospect of returning to prison for providing false information, they vehemently respond they are living in that unit at that specific apartment community--they are living with family or friends. Legally, the parolee has done nothing wrong; they have broken no laws nor violated their probation. While this is not a criminal matter, it is a serious civil matter. From the landlord’s perspective, the parolee is an unauthorized occupant and the leaseholder(s) (not the guest) has breached the lease. You’ve heard the phrase it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. For most of us, this line is a humorous aside. Unfortunately, for some residents, it is a way of life. From friends to family, residents who fail to get written permission for additional occupants are in violation of the TAA lease. Whether it is a child, cousin, boyfriend/girlfriend, longlost college roommate, residents must seek your written consent. In matters not if it is Christmas, summer vacation, witness protection, or benevolence, they still have get you to sign-off. Paragraph 2 of the TAA Lease Contract states that the apartment will only be occupied by residents and occupants listed in that paragraph. In addition, Paragraph 2 states “No one else may occupy the apartment. Persons not listed above must not stay in the apartment for more than ___ consecutive days without our prior written consent and no more than twice that many days in any one month. If the previous space isn’t filled in, two days per month is the limit.” The key words in Paragraph 2 are “prior written consent.” You must give the resident permission in writing before they can allow anyone (regardless of age) to occupy the rental unit who is not listed as a leaseholder(s) in Paragraph 1 or as an occupant in Paragraph 2.

This provision exists to prevent residents from harboring criminals, sex offenders, illegal aliens, dead beats, lovers, etc. More importantly, this lease provision protects owners, r onsite staff, and other residents from potential harmful actions or dangerous situations that occur when a resident hides someone in their unit. When you find-out you have an unauthorized occupant, you have two options. You can require the leaseholder(s) to have them leave the unit. If the leaseholder(s) fail to comply, they (the leaseholder) is subject to eviction. You cannot “evict” the unauthorized occupant. They are not in possession of the rental unit. Or, you can allow the person to stay, but only if they complete a rental application and successfully meet your rental criteria. To minimize potential risk, TAA general counsel recommends that owners or managers should require all adults who will be occupying the dwelling to at least fill out a rental application--even if they are going to only be listed as an “occupant” who will not be signing the lease as a resident. Having the unauthorized individual complete a rental application may give you a clue as to the reasons why they are not on the lease. Those reasons include the following: • They skipped on a previous owner; • They trashed out the previous owner’s dwelling; • They have a serious criminal record, • It provides you information about their vehicles; • It lists their telephone numbers; • Work information; and • Emergency contact names and addresses. TAA general counsel adds “the mere fact that you require the occupants to fill out the rental application will have some “preventive medicine” effect to turn away applicants who know that their occupants have serious or dangerous “skeletons in their closet” which may be discovered if you check out occupants as well as residents. Also, Paragraph 19 of the TAA Lease Contract givers owners/ managers the ability to exclude anyone from the apartment community who is violating the lease contract or any policies or rules of the community. Therefore, you have the right also to prevent the unauthorized occupant from remaining on the premises. You may or may not forgive them, but they absolutely must get your permission. Bottom line, it is the responsibility of the leaseholder(s) to make sure that his or her occupants and guests comply with all rules and policies of the community. Perry Pillow is AATC’s Director of Legislative Services. For more information about AATC advocacy initiatives or any of AATC’s legislative programs, contact Perry at 817-616-0354 or e-mail at

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November 19, 2013

Arlington Convention Center


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SEP13 6




Fair Housing Spanish; 1:00p

CAPS; Financial Management 9:00a

19 THU

Lone Star Awards and Leadership Celebration; 6:00p

Fair Housing English; 9:00a


12 THU

UGM Service Day;


New Eviction Court Rules; 6:00p

CAPS; Property Evaluation 9:00a Executive Committee; 11:00a

17 TUE

Board of Directors; 12:00p

Social Media for Onsite 9:00a Social Media for Supplier Partners 1:00p

CAPS; Property Performance and Leadership 9:00a





Presentation Skills Marathon; 9:00a




Career Dev Committee 9:30a


Maintenance [Wo]Man Up!; 9:00a

Leasing Boot Camp 9:00a






5 LABOR DAY; AATC Offices Closed


OCT13 10



Book Club Leadership Development I 9:00a



Career Dev Committee 9:30a

18 FRI

Assistant Managers Club II; 9:00a



Executive Committee; 11:00a

Fall Golf Tournament 11:00a

22 TUE

Board of Directors; 12:00p

31 THU

Book Club Executive Leadership I 9:00a

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Fair Housing English 9:00a


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