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My Family Album AndrĂŠ Asturias Gary C5E

It comes from Asturiano, from the royal house of that principality. Specifically of the infant OrdoĂąo, son of Fruela II, King of Asturias and LeĂłn. It connects with a big part of the Spanish nobility. This last name does not have a meaning.

It is a british name or last name, that comes from the hebrew. The mean of this last name is: "Who has the power of God".

Javier Francisco Asturias Solares (Great grandfather) Before he died.

This is a picture of Javier Asturias at his First Communion, when he was 13 years old.

Milagro Estela Toca Custodio (Great grandmother) She was at a family meeting.

Fernando Javier Asturias Toca (Grandfather) At his house when he was alive.

Fernando’s military Cedula, because he was a military commissioner.

His other Cedula, because he also was an auxiliary mayor.

Delia Argentina Ortiz Peralta (Grandmother) In one of her birthdays.

Ricardo Asturias Ortiz (Father) At Cesar’s Palace fountain in Las Vegas.

My father’s civil engineer title from the “Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala”.

My father’s cedula.

Ana Lucia Gary Ayala (Mother) In a hotel from Las Vegas.

My mother’s cedula.

My mother’s marketing title from the “Universidad Rafael Landivar”.

AndrĂŠ Asturias Gary (me) School photo, year 2018.

Rafael Jesús Leonardo Gary Vales (Grandfather) At Puerto San José’s beach.

My grandfather’s science degree in administration.

Janeth Magaly Ayala Navas (Grandmother) At Puerto San José’s beach.

Carlos Ramiro Ayala Recinos (Great Grandfather) At a meeting with friends.

Irma Gladys Navas Cienfuegos (Great Grandmother) At my parent’s wedding.

A poem book written by my great grandmother.

Maria Amanda Ceballos Cienfuegos At one of her birthdays.

Maria’s cedula, when she was young.

JosĂŠ Victor Navas Paiz At his house.

Rafael Gary Soberanes (Great grandfather)

MarĂ­a Antonieta Vales Gutierrez (Great grandmother)

The parents of my grandfather the day of her marriage.

My Great grandfather’s title of doctor and surgeon.

The Mexican cedula of my Great grandfather.

André Asturias Gary

Ana Lucia Gary Ayala

Ricardo Asturias Ortiz

Fernando Javier Asturias Toca

Delia Argentina Ortiz Peralta

Irma Gradys Navas Cienfuegos

Raúl Ortiz Ponce

Consuelo Peralta Rivera

Javier Francisco Asturias Solares

Rafael Jesús Leonardo Gary Vales

Janeth Magaly Ayala Navas

Carlos Ramiro Ayala Recinos

María Antonieta Vales Gutiérrez

Rafael Gary Soberanes

Milagro Estela Toca Custodio

María Amanda Cienfuegos Ceballos

José Victor Navas Paiz

No Photo No Photo Rafael Garí Artal

Oralia Soberanes Romero

No Photo No Photo Froylan Vales

Eulalia Gutierrez

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This is the best family album you could read.


This is the best family album you could read.