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By Kevin Joey - Going with a gas water heater instead of an electric is a choice more and more homeowners are making now because of today's rising fuel costs. It is estimated that using a gas unit costs the homeowner about half of what it would cost him to use an electric unit. What Is Best Gas Water Heater

But what is the best gas water heater for you? Here's what you should look for before purchasing. Natural gas over liquid propane. There are debates about which fuel source is better but most believe that it is natural gas. It burns cleaner and is slightly less expensive. However, you must guard against carbon monoxide leaks with either version, as you should do with any gas burning appliances. Tank capacity and flow rate. The best gas water heater for you is the one that has the lowest tank capacity to fit your needs and the best flow rate. A 40 gallon unit costs more than a thirty and a fifty gallon unit costs more than a forty.

You shouldn't buy a unit bigger than your needs. However, even more important than tank capacity is the amount of hot water the heater is able to put out in an hour. Look for the best value by finding the smallest possible tank capacity with the best flow rate.

Safety. The best water heaters on the market today will have built in safety precautions to prevent the pilot light from igniting any flammable vapors that might get into the room. Do not purchase one without them. The feature is not expensive and it can save lives.

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Best gas water heater  
Best gas water heater  

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