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TISKITA N ature, Ad ve nture & We lln ess

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Tiskita Jungle Lodge


Surrounded by nature, with the sound of the ocean & forest close-by

Tiskita is a small family-owned ecolodge located in a still remote part of the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is surrounded by rainforest and wildlife and the constant sound of the surf below.


Tiskita has 16 rooms in 8 buildings which are nestled into the rainforest. Cabins were built using fallen trees from the property. Standard, Family and Suites. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, ceiling fans, screened in rooms, porch with views, outside showers and are all 5min walk from the main lodge and with plenty of privacy from each other. Standard cabins are larger multiple room cabins with large shared porch ideal for larger groups. Family cabins are thought especially for families with most being 2 room cabins with shared porch. And Suite cabins are larger one room cabins with King size beds ideal for couples who want the most privacy.

Kinkajou Family Cabin deck

JAGUARUNDI CABIN T his Suite has a k ing size bed and an enclosed bathroom. The room is larger and Jaguarundi is close to fruiting tre es with a par tial view of the ocean in - bet ween the trees!

IN NATURE All of our cabins are laid out in such a way as to offer the most privacy from each other. As the forest has grown they are immersed in nature and have fruit trees and wildlife trees around them. They also have partial views to the ocean. Suite cabin Agouti has a magnificent view of the surf below, and all wood deck and a partially outside bathroom (plenty of privacy!). It has a King size bed and ample room inside. A favorite of return guests.

Suite Agouti Cabin 7

Agouti Bathroom partially outisde

Jaguarundi Cabin

FAMILY CABINS T hese cabins are ideal for Families. Most are t wo room cabins with lot s of room for the k ids. Black Iguana has t wo large rooms each with a Queen bed and t wo Twin b e ds for large families or t wo families. T iti Cabin has t wo rooms one for parent s and one for the children, with a beatiful view! Black Iguana Cabin

All cabins have outside showers Black Iguana deck with view

K ink ajou has a Que en bed and t wo Twin be ds in a large room. The view is of the ocean out side and it is surrounde d by fruit tre es frequented by K ink ajous at night!

RAINFOREST INSPIRATION All our cabins are construc ted from fallen trees from the prop er t y and have a close connec tion to the surround ing rainforest and the ocean out side.

HOWLER CABIN Howler and Toucan Cabin are our t wo large cab ins with 3 & 4 rooms each, great for large family groups and yoga or birding groups! Both have su p erb views of the ocean and lot s of tre es around.

Toucan Cabin 12

Toucan Cabin deck

We believe in showing people the wonders of the tropical rainforest so we can all contribute to saving it.


The main lodge serves as our restaurant and as a gathering spot for guests before walks or to exchange stories about their days’ sightings.

Bar area next to pool

Tiskita serves authentic healthy Costa Rican meals family style. All our food is as local as we can get and all our staff is from the town of Punta Banco. Jams, dressings and frescos are all homemade and use lots of our own fruits. Tortillas, and the chips we serve are also freshly made every time. Always available throughout the day: freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee and fresh frescos from fruits.

More i n fo: w w w.tisk info@ tisk (50 6) 2296 - 8125 w w w.t is k it a .co m

Tiskita Main Lodge & Cabins