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Dispatch The Anglo-American School of Moscow

September/October 2013

The Anglo-American School of Moscow


AAS empowers each student to: Respect Self & Others, Love Learning, and Contribute as a Globally Aware Citizen in order to achieve individual academic and holistic excellence.


We inspire student learning: • Through a dynamic and caring environment • With innovative and effective instructional strategies • In collaborative relationships, and • By using current, relevant technologies, and the rich resources of our diverse community.

core values AAS believes equally in the value of: • Making decisions based on the students’ best interests. • Developing the whole child. • Supporting student success through community partnerships. • Delivering a challenging and inquirybased curriculum in an engaging manner. • Reviewing curriculum via a reflective and dynamic process. • Respecting self and others. • Providing an emotionally and physically safe environment where people want to come each day. • Providing students with an international perspective in order to prepare them for future challenges and contributions.

DISPATCH SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER, 2013 f discovery concluded oh it sportsman.

Welcome to the Dispatch! The Dispatch is an all-school magazine that is published at the end of each month. The entire school community is welcome to submit articles, photos, and advertisements to this publication. Please send to:

As Mr. Zurfluh says in his article on page 1, it’s unbelievable how fast the year is already progressing. We had a very successful opening to the year, welcoming more than 300 new students and their families. We’re very happy to note our New Families’ Orientation is very popular with approximately 50 parents attending each Monday session. Our goal is to help families feel comfortable at AAS and in Moscow and to let them know our strong community is supporting them in every way needed. If you haven’t already done so, please reach out to a new family. We’ve all been there, and we page 29 know how important it is to feel welcomed! We hope you enjoy this edition of the Dispatch. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions! Happy reading! Rita

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Nurture positive relationships. Build connections to others. Our collective responsibility.


Dianna Goodwin, new Board member. Jon Zurfluh contract extension. Board Goals 2013-2014.

5 RESPECT SELF & OTHERS Learn about the different programs that center around the “Respect Self & Others.”


AAS Empowers Each Student To:


Our first in a series! 2009 graduate Stephan Crooijmans talks about life after AAS!

9 LIBRARY NEWS New audio books. Read the Library Blog! Thank you PTO....





11 FUN RUN, BBQ, WELLNESS FAIR Lots of great photos from a fantastic day!

13 MS DISCOVERY WEEK So much learned and great relationships built!


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Great new items in the PTO Store. Visiting author Tina Quick.

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17 MEET OUR NEW CHEF Peter’s focus is on healthy foods made from quality ingredients!

19 PARENT SURVEY 2012-2013 We appreciate your feedback!

21 ES PLAYGROUND A dream come true!

23 BITS & PIECES “No putting sand on people’s heads.”

29 PENGUIN LIFE MS Girls’ Soccer Tournament at AAS!

31 THANK YOU! page 17

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Generous sponsors and hard-working volunteers made the Fun Run, BBQ, Wellness Fair a success! 293,000 rubles were raised for Nastenka!

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director FROM THE

Happy October, everyone! What a pleasure to walk around school each day and marvel at the learning that is taking place. It is hard to comprehend how we were welcoming new families and returning from summer vacation such a short time ago. As the pace of the year quickens, it is prudent to take a moment to reflect on where we are and where we are going.

“each student we








UR PLEDGE THIS YEAR included a focus on a particular line in our mission statement:

“We empower each student to respect self and others…” At the

Opening Ceremony I donned Valenki boots and waded into the audience to make a point for students, staff and parents that it was time to stand up to the injustices that we often face when confronting those who have chosen to hurt others through their words and actions. We call this by many names, but most often refer to it as harassment or bullying.

AAS empowers each student to: Respect Self & Others, Love Learning, and Contribute as a Globally Aware Citizen in order to achieve individual academic and holistic excellence.



We understand in our work that the two aspects of respect - self and others- form an important balance that offers mutual support in complex relationships. Respect of self is the foundation of our ability to understand our interactions with others. We call this character and refer to concepts that include beliefs and values. Our curriculum at the earliest levels spends time considering the self and how we fit into family, community, country and world. We spend time helping students to build identity and confidence in this regard. In later years, the advisory program expands these concepts more deeply and provides a web of adult support to guide and nurture positive relationships.

When behavior emerges that seeks to ridicule or harm others, it is often an outgrowth of frustration or an extension of fear. In many cases, the most difficult behavior is hidden from our view and it is often particularly hurtful when delivered on a faceless computer screen. It sometimes stems from adult-oriented media that was not intended for young people. Almost always it is delivered without due consideration of the pain it will cause.

BUILDING CONNECTIONS TO OTHERS When we truly understand ourselves, we are more capable of building connections to others. If we’ve done our job in exploring the diversity that surrounds us, students are confidently willing to respect differences and build supportive relationships in a global way. We instill in children a sense of empathy for those around them and encourage the values that seek to ensure peace and safety for all.

The main message of the year is that we ALL have a responsibility to confront this behavior in the most aggressive way possible. We label it and forge a clear message about why it does not belong in our secure and welcoming environment. When we speak of peace on earth, we must constantly remind ourselves that peace begins with our individual resolve to establish it. This is the lesson we must teach and learn together.


board chair

Dear All, I hope that this letter finds you well and enjoying the new school year, now fully engaged at all levels. I know you join me in our appreciation of administration and staff for their diligence and expertise demonstrated in so many ways over recent weeks. As the new Board Chair, I’m reaching out to you with important governance information to start this school year and also sharing this welcome with new families that have joined us this year. There are a few items that are important for the AAS community’s awareness and the following is meant to highlight items that are otherwise posted in the minutes included in the School Board section of the AAS Website. First, as you know from publications in May and June, the Board was seeking a replacement for long-time board member Mark Pomar, who resigned in May due to the family’s relocation to the UK. After an extensive interview

process, the Executive Committee selected Dianna Goodwin. She accepted the role as a new Independent Board Member in early August. The Board’s first order of business at our recent board retreat was to ratify her selection as directed by Policy. Welcome, Dianna!! Second, but not least, past Board Chair, Paul Chatt, informed the board that the Personnel Committee, with the prior agreement of the three sponsoring Embassies, worked to secure the services of the current Director, Jon Zurfluh, beyond his three-year contract, which was set to expire at the end of the current school year. I am therefore pleased to let you know that this has borne fruit with an agreed two-year extension taking Mr. Zurfluh’s con-

tract through 30 June 2016.

Finally, at our Board Retreat in September, the board has adopted three goals to expand our governance practices and to continue our work on the strategic plan adopted just over two years ago. (Please click here to view Board Goals. Please click here to view Board Retreat minutes.) In collaboration with the school administration, we will seek to further refine our practices for assessing our performance through measures that are aligned with our mission and vision. We will also be looking for expanded opportunities to engage with the AAS community on policy and program going forward. We look forward to your continued support and collaboration!!

Kind regards, Holly Holly Higgins Board Chair


Opening Ceremony August 20, 2013


AAS Empowers Each Student To:


HAT’S GREAT ABOUT this school? Well.. the list goes on and on, but the core of our school’s strength is the Mission Statement. AAS empowers each student to: Respect Self & Others, Love Learning, and Contribute as a Globally Aware Citizen in order to achieve individual academic and holistic excellence.

T SELF and


his school year we are especially focusing on the “Respect Self & Others” strand of the Mission. The students are embracing this theme and organizing fantastic campaigns to teach, learn, and live this important message.


HE MIDDLE SCHOOL group “Be the Change” has begun a “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign. One of the goals of this campaign is to help the community be more respectful towards one another. The way the campaign works is that “ Be the Change” members, teachers, and anonymous students will be on the look out for acts of kindness they observe in others. If they see an act, they will hand out a ‘Kindness Certificate’. After a student accumulates five certifcates, they may turn them in to their advisory for an “I Am the Change” magnet or a pin. Advisories will compete to see which has the most certificates at the end of the year! Students have noticed already that they are more aware of finding opportunities at school to be kind. They are also carrying this campaign over into the home and the Moscow community! Be the Change you wish to see in the world!!


“Be the Change” group.


ENGUIN PALS IN the Elementary School is also a new program that centers around the “Respect Self and Others” strand of the Mission Statement and the anti-harrassment message we’re focusing on this year.

Every student in grades 1-5 will be a member of Penguin Pals this school year. There are five sessions of the program and 3-5 students from each class take part in a session. Following are the goals of Penguin Pals:

• Welcomes newcomers by inviting them to join in, in class and at recess and lunch, with smiles and greetings. • Help those needing it by offering to explain, or lead them to the right place or person, politely reminding them of rules and schedules, standing up for them if others are unkind or unfair, assisting if someone is hurt or upset (for their grade level). • Help solve problems by acting as a HELPER and following the 3Ts plan. • Review the PYP Attitudes: Appreciation, Empathy, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Independence, Cooperation, Integrity, Creativity, Respect, Curiosity, Tolerance. Great job, Penguin Pals!!







HAT HAVE YOU done since graduating from AAS? Where did you go to university and what are you doing now? After graduating from AAS in 2009 I studied geological sciences at the University of Michigan for three years. Since 2012, I have started my masters - a two-year program in petrology - in my hometown, Amsterdam. In November, I will begin working as an intern for Shell.

HAT DID YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT YOUR UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE? I ENJOYED THE freedom that comes with living on campus. College life enables one to explore all the interests he/she has to the fullest. That freedom may come with ups and downs, but I have found out that the best way to learn is by making mistakes.


What made my time at AAS so enjoyable were small everyday things that come with being a high school student. In-class banter, discussions with teachers over grades, and social life beyond school hours were some of those things I remember fondly. I value past experiences and interactions with my peers and teachers well ahead of any personal achievements.




the valuable features of an international community. The diversity present at AAS allows for students and parents to be exposed to a wide variety of views and perspectives.



I would like current AAS students to know that for many former AAS students, their years at AAS were some of the better years of their lives. This will most likely also be the case for some of today’s AAS students. I enjoy what I do now, but if I had the option, I would instantly go back to my high school days at AAS.


for me because it got me a year’s worth of college credits. In terms of workload, or level of difficulty, it was fairly on par with some of my college courses. IB students have no reason to fear the classes they will face in university.


very big on extra-curricular activities. I played varsity soccer, joined NHS, and founded a chemistry club for a brief period. These activities gave me an idea of what I did and did not want to explore in college.

Thank you, Stefan, for being our first “Alum Portrait” this year. We wish you the best of luck in your masters program and internship!



E HAVE A lot going on in the Middle/High School library. The new

semester has brought us over 3000 new books at the library, and a more new titles are arriving every week. New ebooks and


HANKS TO THE PTO, the libraries

received a grant to begin a new collection of audio downloads. There are more than 700 new audiobooks available through the library catalog, and instructions for finding the app for your device can be found

LIBRARY audio book download titles have been added to the system, and circulation figures at the library are continuing to rise. We’ve already checked out over 500 books more this month than at the same time last year. It looks like we’re off to another great year. The library is bringing in a team to give us specialized software training, and the addition of a two new staff members will allow us to create more programming, process more materials, and provide better customer service than ever before. Read on for the highlights you should know about this year.

on the library website. Audiobooks are a great answer to those long car trips, sleepless nights, and long flights during breaks. Take a look at this great new collection.



Wednesday morning program series for those students who come in early on the late-start mornings. The series is called Library Bytes, and will consist of short informational programs on library or research related topics like: Banned Books Week; Book Review Writing; Teen Read Week; Fan Fiction; as well as genre-related topics. We will survey the students to see their interests, and tailor the programs to their needs.



begun a new blog. The link can be found on the front page of the school’s website, and contains book reviews, descriptions of new books added to the collections, and announcements about library programs and events. Take a look and perhaps even share a book review. Click here to view the blog.

Celebrate TEEN WEEK in October!


Join the Djupedal Library in celebrating Teen Read Week from October 14 -18th. Teen Read week is an initiative created by the American Library Association to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. Stop by and seek the unknown @ your library.

We in the ES Library are so thankful for the generosity and hard work of our PTO. Last year we submitted an Enhancement Grant proposal for new mats for outside the library. It was approved and the wonderful bright and colourful mats just recently arrived. They are great as a place for laying down our library bags. More importantly, they are super for sitting on and sharing our library books with our friends at the end of our library classes after we have checked out. Thank you, PTO!!! 10


FUN RUN Wellness Fair

PTO Family BBQ

September 7, 2013 10

Discovery Altai Grade 8


Week 2013 Kaliningrad Grade 7



Or neglected agreeable of disc



Phoebe Taplin is a British freelance journalist and author specializing in Russian culture, history, and travel. Between 2007 and 2011 she wrote a weekly “walks” column for The Moscow News, as well as numerous features on Russian writers, artists, landmarks, and landscapes. The “walks” have now been published in four volumes - Autumn, Winter,

What’s the perfect gift? It’s always hard to know but you can’t go wrong by giving a gift card! The PTO is now selling gift cards in 100, 200, 500 and 1000 ruble denominations. Give cards to your child for a job well done, a teacher in thanks for going the extra mile, or a volunteer who has

Spring, and Summer - with four top routes recommended for each month: one city stroll, one rural ramble through a park, one day trip out of Moscow, and one themed tour. The routes are well illustrated and the information with them really intereresting.

helped you with a project.


The PTO Store now has Moscow Walks Autumn and Moscow Walks Winter volumnes for sale at 360 rubles each.

Stop by the PTO Store and pick up some great new items! Fantastic new clothing styles have just arrived, too!

Click here to view a video of Phoebe’s last visit to AAS.



1000, 500, 200, 100 ruble gift cards available!



The PTO Visiting Author Program presents author TINA QUICK October 14-16. Tina Quick is a crosscultural trainer and acclaimed international speaker. She is the author of “The Global Nomads Guide to University Transition” and founder of International Family Transitions. Tina is a well-seasoned traveler and mother of three college-aged daughters. She is an adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) who, having made 18 moves (9 of them before her 10th birthday) understands well the cycle of loss and grief involved in a crosscultural lifestyle. Tina will be speaking to high school students and faculty during her visit.


She will also be available CROSS-CULTURAL TRAINER, AUTHOR, to speak to parents for two ACCLAIMED INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER sessions and is available one afternoon for walk-in consultations. She will give you tips and resources on how we as parents can help our children to transition easily to a new country, how we can assist them when they go back “home” to university or boarding school and how we can make going back home easier for them (and for us). Tina will be introduced and speak briefly at the PTO General Meeting on Tuesday, October 15, beginning at 08.45 in the South Cafeteria. A walk-in consultation will be available in the library 14.10-15.30 on Tuesday. A parent meeting regarding “transitions” will be held Wednesday, October 16, 09.3011.30 in the Community Room. Tina will also speak at an evening session October 16, 18.00-19.30, in the South Cafeteria regarding High School/College Transitions. Copies of her book will be available for sale after the meetings.

Click here to view a video of Tina’s last visit to AAS.


peter ward CAFETERIA

Please welcome our new chef, Peter Ward! This is not Peter’s first time being a member of the AAS community...he was a student at AAS in grades 1-4 during the years 1995-2000.


Peter Ward, Grade 4

Welcome BACK to AAS, Peter!


I grew up cooking with my mother and was always interested in the idea of good food, but I didn’t think about it as a possible career until I started volunteering at a food cooperative in college at SUNY Binghamton. The cooperative was student-run and we made simple, healthy food. I started out making hummus and washing dishes three times a week, but I got more and more involved and then ran the co-op after a year and a half there. I came to Russia to volunteer on a farm for a month, and during that time I met Natalya Whelan from D & D Catering. Then I taught English in Russia for a year. When D & D was looking for a new chef at the end of last school year, Natalya reached out to me.

WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY AS CHEF? In my cooking, my philosophy is: simple is good, real is good, and it’s important to be candid and upfront about your food. Food should be affordable and made with quality ingredients. After you eat, you should feel energized for your day, not sleepy. I like to make people happy with my food. My dream is to work with small-time farmers to feed the nation affordably. My grandfather says it can’t be done, but that’s my goal.

HOW IS MENU PLANNING DIFFERENT IN THE ES AND MS/HS CAFETERIAS? The elementary school children are less forgiving. Texture and appearance are very important to them, and it can be hard to encourage them to try new things. That’s why it’s exciting that they’re exploring new foods with “Try Me Tuesdays.” Even when they don’t like something, the kids are giving great feedback. 1HM (Ms. Norris’ class) writes letters to me every week after surveying their class about what they liked and didn’t like. So far, we’re going to add three of the five “Try Me Tuesday” dishes to the regular ES menu.

WHAT DOES THE CAFETERIA HAVE PLANNED FOR THIS YEAR? “Try Me Tuesday” has been great so far. Mr. Dolesch gets a lot of credit for publicizing the program and helping create a dialogue around it. I suggested the idea to him one day while he was in the cafeteria, and he ran with it. We have a few other ideas. Natalya and I are working on a healthy corner for the cafeteria. Russia has delicious local honey, tvorok (curd cheese), and vegetables. We’d like to set up a corner where we sell these products from local farmers, along with fresh bread that we bake with the flour mill we have here. In general, I would like to introduce more options, including more choices without meat. We are going to work towards synchronizing our options with the seasons, so we can get locally available produce. There are lots of farms here in Russia, and we want to work with them as much as possible.

YOU WENT TO AAS UNTIL YOU WERE IN FOURTH GRADE. WHAT YEARS WERE YOU HERE? HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE GROWING UP IN AN INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT? I was here from 1st to 4th grade from 1995 to 2000, just before AAS moved to this campus. My family moved here from the Philippines and we lived in Rosinka. My father is Mark Ward, and he was one of the people who started the USAID mission in Moscow in the mid-1990s. We were here when the ruble collapsed. I remember going to a Georgian restaurant one time, and when we asked how much we owed for dinner, the waiter just said, “I have no idea how much I’m supposed to charge – just give me whatever you’d like.” I think growing up overseas gave me an invaluable perspective on different people. We can all identify with each other and be good to each other, regardless of language, culture, and background. The international perspective has definitely helped me be a happier person. Being at AAS was my longest stay at one school and growing up, Moscow was my favorite place that I’d lived. I have so many formative memories from Moscow.


At the end of each school year, we ask parents to complete help us collect data on how we’re doing so we can keep im become even better. Thanks to all who took part in this Total Responses 11 0 0 p a r e n t s the survey.


Elementary School: 574 Middle School: 242 High School: 284

Years at AAS

Leaving AAS?

1 year: 29% 2 years: 23% 3 years: 17% 4 years: 12% 5+ years:19%

Were parents planning to leave AAS at the end of the 2012-2013 school year? No: 81% Yes: 19%

Teachers communicate effectively on a regular basis.

I know what to expect in each step of the curriculum.

My child is sufficiently challenged in his/her class.

SAG: 32% AG: 52% DG: 14% SDG: 2%

SAG: 18% AG: 58% DG: 22% SDG: 2%

SAG: 29% AG: 58% DG: 11% SDG: 2%



84% The Director effectively articultates the mission and vision of the school. SAG: 40% AG: 56% DG: 4% SDG: 0% SAG+AG




Communication from the school on parent meetings and events is timely and informative. SAG: 44% AG: 54% DG: 3% SDG: 0%





If my child works hard, she/he can be successful at AAS and achieve good grades. SAG: 46% AG: 49% DG: 4% SDG: 0%




an online survey with their child/ren’s input. The answers mproving on those things that work and make changes to s survey! Please take a look at the survey results below. Languages

The survey was available in English, Russian and Korean. Submitted surveys were in:

Survey Results

Survey Key

Below are a few all-school survey results. If you would like to view the entire survey results, please click here.


English: 84% Russian: 12% Korean: 4%

Buttons below show sum of Strongly Agree and Agree.

My child feels safe from bullying or harrassment at school. SAG: 35% AG: 58% DG: 10% SDG: 2%



My child is engaged and interested in learning at school. SAG: 47% AG: 48% DG: 4% SDG: 0%

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree



There is a strong sense of community within the school.

The school caters to children who transition into AAS from different educational backgrounds. SAG: 30% AG: 60% DG: 8% SDG: 1%

SAG: 39% AG: 52% DG: 8% SDG: 1%




Progress reports adequately reflect my child’s goals and accomplishments.

My child’s learning style is considered and respected. SAG: 33% AG: 58% DG: 8% SDG: 1%




SAG: 29% AG: 67% DG: 8% SDG: 1%


91% 20


It’s a dream come true! Soft grass carpet, a rock climbing area, a tunnel with a ladder, gigantic fairytale chairs, an amphitheatre, and a pirate ship! Take a look at the new ES playground! ce


T WAS ALL SMILES ON SEPTEMBER 2 when the ES playground officially opened after its renovation. The work began this summer with hopes of completion before the students came back in August, but as happens, the work ran into a few delays. A bit of patience was needed at the beginning of school while the finishing touches were being applied, but it was well worth the wait!

Our since thanks goes to the PTO. Thanks to their additional funding last spring of $100,000, the school could go forward the original plan of what the students wanted in a playground.


W H AT ’ S N E W !

The High School LiteraryMagazine The High School Literary Magazine is run by a team of talented students who wish to share their passion for literature and the visual arts with the community. The purpose of the literary magazine is to reflect the exceptional talent and creativity at AAS. Every year, a theme is chosen for the two magazines published; this year’s theme is ‘chaos.’

We aspire to publish this year’s magazine with pieces created by the diverse international community that we are. However, this venture cannot be fulfilled without the community’s full support; we have provided the inspiration, but it will be your creation that is warmly welcomed and proudly published. Another way that we are inspiring our community is by launching our first competition in the spirit of Halloween. Send in your best horror story by Friday, October 18! All submissions should be sent to:


Over the summer we received a new extractor for our 3D Printer and we are now having a higher success rate with our print jobs. Our Middle School ‘3D Club’ kicked off Tuesday, September 17. The goal of this club is to create and download objects to print, build a good inventory, and sell our creations… to raise money for another printer.

Ready to design and print.

“Print you a Penguin I will.”

If you’re curious to know more, or have something you’d like us to print, please contact:


what’s happening There’s so much going on at AAS. Take a look at some of the events coming up! MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY On October 8, AAS will celebrate Mother Language Day. An exhibition will take place in the Hall of Flags to build awareness of the AAS Mother Tongue program as well as the rich and diverse linguistic and cultural traditions of our school. The Armenian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish languages will be represented. Come and join us in recognizing the importance of linguistic diversity! The exhibition will last from October 8 at 8:00 to October 11 at 11:00.


no school

MS FOOD DRIVE The Annual Middle School Food Drive begins October 1. Please bring in your canned and dried foods to the MS Office until October 18.

October 3 & 4

oct 16

Tina Quick, PTO Visiting Author. Parent Meetings. Transitions, Third Culture Kids: October 16, 09.30-11.30, Community Room College Transitions: October 16, 18.00-19.00, South Cafeteria. Tina will also briefly speak at the PTO General Meeting, October 15, 08.45. She will be available for walk-in consultations Tuesday, 14.10-15.30, in the MS/HS Library.


Bright Star Touring Theatre will be visiting AAS and presenting drama workshops for ES, MS and HS students October 2-8! Bright Star Touring Theatre is a troupe that specializes in literary, curriculum and character-educations based performances that are at home in any space!

8-9 Girl Scouts Pumpkin Sale! Hall of Flags October 14 and 15! 08:00-09:00, 11:00-12:30 and 15:00-16:00. 400 rubles for a small or medium pumpkin and 500 rubles for a large pumpkin.

Flu Vaccination

The AAS Health Office medical staff will administer flu shots on Tuesday, October 8 and Wednesday, October 9, 08:0016:00 at the Health Office (Room 1011). Vaccinations will be available to everyone. Please Note: The consent forms and payment must be to the AAS Cashier (Administrative Offices) by Monday, October 7. Parents of PreK and Kindergarten students will need to be in attendance during their child’s flu shot. 26 Click here for consent and payment forms.

bits and pieces announcements, ads, and other things.... CAFETERIA đ?&#x;™ PRE-PAYMENT MACHINE A cafeteria payment machine is available for your convenience. You can make cash payments to your family’s account, check the balance, control card users, and more. The machine is located in the Student Lounge near the South Cafeteria. Your school ID badge is the machine card.

APARTMENT FOR RENT đ?&#x;™ Pokrovski Bereg across the street from the Anglo-American School. 116 m2: 5th floor; 3 bedrooms (24m2, 14m2, 11m2), living room 36m2, 2 bathrooms; hardwood floors; 2 balconies; underground garage; internet, telephone, TV. Call Justin at +7 985-921-6475

PTO UPDATES USED BOOK SWAP đ?&#x;™ The Used Book Fair sched-

QUIZ NIGHT đ?&#x;™ The Quiz Night date has

SILENT AUCTION đ?&#x;™ The Silent Auction scheduled

uled for October 8-9 has been postponed. The new date will be given soon! Thank you to Michelle Robson for volunteering to be the Swap Coordinator!

been chosen! Quiz Night will take place Saturday evening, November 30. Stayed tuned for ticket information!

for March 22 has been canceled.

VOLUNTEER! đ?&#x;™ The PTO is always looking for volunteers! We’ll help you choose a position that is just right for you! Please contact Lucy Reynolds if you’d like to get involved!

CRAFT FAIR đ?&#x;™ Needs volunteers! Contact Olga:

ELECTIONS đ?&#x;™ Current PTO President, Teresa Kohut, will be leaving Moscow soon. Thank you for your great contribution to AAS, Teresa! The position of PTO President is open. Two candidates are running to fill the position: Hilary Milne and Rebecca Meurer. Online voting will take place beginning October 8. You will receive an email. Please click here to read about the candidates and the election proces.

pretty darn cute

The Elementary School students had input in the rules for the new playground. Take a look at some of the rules Grade 1LK came up with for their first draft. We think “no putting sand on people’s headsâ€? is a good life rule in general! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

No climbing on top. No climbing on the slide. No dogs. No cats. Be careful. One person at a time on the ladder. No climbing on the roof of the house. No putting sand on people’s heads. No crawling under the stairs of the big house. No running up the slides. Do not push people in the house. No going on the stairs and jumping. Do not break sand castles. No spitting. Never push people off. No jumping off the house. No banging on the house. When a kid is on the ladder, no pulling the ladder. No tearing down the house. Do not push people. No going under the stage. No pushing down the stairs on the big house.

JOB AVAILABLE đ?&#x;™ Want to make a difference while staying in Russia? An exciting opportunity for you - open a whole world of English language and culture to Russian kids. Only couple days a week with you may provide them with an enriching international experience, help develop better curriculum and careers. Click here to learn more.

POLISH LANGUAGE LESSSONS đ?&#x;™ Nauka jÄ™zyka polskiego, pomoc w odrabianiu lekcji, opieka nad dziećmi Polish language lessons, Babysitting, Homework help MAGDALENA ZIELIĹƒSKA tel. +7-915-456-19-49 Polish nationality, Legally residing in Moscow, University degree. Languages spoken: Polish, Italian, Russian and English.

YOUR CHILD’S ART đ?&#x;™ Can be put together in a memorable book, printed on an iPhone or iPAD cover, made into t-shirts, pillowcases, bags, whatever you’d like! This is a great gift for grandparents! đ?&#x;š Click here for more information. English and Russian spoken. 28


F YOU CAN remember ...there WAS sun and good weather in September! The student athletes participating in the Fall season of Penguin Athletics have been able to get some great practices in and play some local games to prep them for the upcoming tournaments. Our first home tournament will be held October 4 & 5. The Middle School Girls’ Soccer Team will host 6 international schools this weekend. CEESA MS GIRS’ SOCCER TOURNAMENT

The participating teams at this soccer tournament are: International School of Prague American School of Warsaw American Int’l School of Budapest American Int’l School of Bucharest Kiev International School Istanbul International Community Come on out and support all the teams this weekend! There’s no school on Friday October 4 - we hope you can spend the day supporting our student athletes! Click here for schedule.

Penguin Host Program

is always looking for families to host traveling team members 2-3 nights when tournaments are held at AAS. Contact Rich McLeod if you’re able to help this year!


thank A HUGE THANK YOU to our generous and loyal sponsors of our annual Fun Run, PTO BBQ and Wellness Fair!


293,000 rubles RAISED

PROCEEDS DONATED TO NASTENKA - a charity fund dedicated to helping children with cancer. 31

Dear AAS Community, It was wonderful to see so many of you join us for the annual Fun Run, Wellness Fair, and PTO Family BBQ on September 7! We had a wonderful turnout on the day and the sun even managed to show its face for us! Thank you to all who helped volunteer for the event and for all of your generous donations. We are happy to announce that we raised 293,000 rubles for Nastenka, which will go to help provide cancer care to children here in Russia! In particular, this year we are helping a young girl named Noziya Kenzhayeva. A special note of thanks to: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Our dedicated group of Nastenka volunteers (Ali Whyte, Viv Mottershead, Isabelle Sarrailh, Chantal Duvieusart, Meg Walters & Ellen de Boer Eckrich) who helped to promote Nastenka & distribute t-shirts prior to the event; Ludmila Ozerov and the Boy Scouts, who helped distribute t-shirts at the Fun Run; Jo-el Nasr, Claire Walsh and the Girl Scouts, who helped cut and serve the cake from NY Bakery; Our volunteer coordinator - Donna Rogers, Sue Anabith and her team of BBQ Grillers, Food-line Coordinators - Hülya Tardell & Sharon Ramsey, together with all the Food Servers, and those who helped with set-up & cleanup; Our green-top/gym supervisors: Kristen Lovett, Shawna Kousnetsov, Lynne Tognet, & Ellen deBoer Eckridge; Masha Sumina & the Eco-green team for providing recycling games; Alexander Solovyov, Olga Miram & the green guys; Dmitri Dementyev of 4Squares & the red ladies; Kari and his team from the cafeteria; The Security team; Rita Ehrman and Bogdan Mihai for their roles in publicity & photography; and Members of the PTO Exec committee who helped with the event.

Our BBQ Sponsors were:

Ararat Park Hyatt Australian Trade House BoFrost Coca-Cola Le Pain Quotidien Marriott Grand Metro (provided goods at a discount) New York Bakery PepsiCo M’Art Candy Starbucks Coffee Sweet Life

Our Wellness Fair participants were:

GMS GDC US Dental Cross - Fit Oriflame EMC Metro Cash & Carry GEMC AMC Troika SOS Intl Rosgosstrakh-Life Counselling Brian Kooyman, Ed. S. Counselling Christine-Currie RIA Novosti Corstjens Moving Co. AAS Libraries AAS Health office Call of the Wild Student charity Integrated Financial Planning Services Green Committee/Eco-Club

The Fun Run, Wellness Fair and PTO Family Barbecue is the first big event of the school year. Its success relies on cooperation between the School Administration, Teachers, Parents and Children. It was a great day for everyone!!! BBQ Coordinators Liz Maudsley, Angie Vaaler, and Anastasia Sazonova


Dispatch September-October 2013  
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