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Dispatch The Anglo-American School of Moscow

February 2012

Invitational Kiev

PENGUIN January 13-14, 2012


St. Petersburg


From the Director JZ

AAS DISPATCH, February 2010



recru iting

There are many things happening at school right now, so bear with me while I unload a few thoughts about some of the key mid-year items that are keeping all of us busy and engaged.

One of the most important things we do each year is recruit new staff to replace those who have decided to move to new adventures. This is a culmination of months of work including compensation surveys, housing review, budget projections, binding letters of intent, and international travel to find, first-hand, the best teachers possible from an international community of educators. This year we attended the two largest fairs in the world in Bangkok, Thailand and were very successful in filling key roles. The administrative team gave up part of their winter break to attend this fair, which is the earliest of the recruiting cycle and gives us the best array of the most qualified candidates. With over 700 teachers in attendance, we were fully booked with interviews over the three-day schedule. Then, it was off to London for one of the most popular European fairs and, again, good success with attracting experienced and motivated teachers. Between the two fairs and some early hiring of direct applicants, we are all but finished and, as a result, canceled our usual trip to the U.S. fairs for this year. Now comes the important task of transition for the new staff. They are already getting connected with staff here and their connections will grow incrementally in the weeks ahead. In the next Dispatch, we will be more fully introducing them to the AAS community as well.

RE-ENROLMENT SURVEY Many of you have already filled out your re-enrolment survey and the results are pouring in. In fact, less than 24 hours into the electronic survey, we have over 50% of parents reporting and almost 90% confirming that they will be returning next year. The survey seems to be working well and we will follow up with phone calls and additional reminders in the days ahead. Our hope is to have all responses totaled by the end of the first week back from break. If you did not receive your survey by email or if you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact the Admissions Director, Nicolette Kirk Tel: +7 495 231 4486 e-mail:


Making the Grade Semester grades were out recently and overall we did well with average percentages above 89%. As we regularly encourage, grades are not the whole picture of a child’s education and they should be viewed with a holistic eye. Grades can be an indicator or success and they should help to start conversations about reinforcing progress and goal setting. The conversations might include questions like “What one thing would you like to change from the last semester?” or “What’s one thing you are really proud of from the last semester?”. And then, the critical “Why?” question to make sure we are getting a depth of understanding. If there is any degree of confusion over grades, you should seek contact with the teacher. Teachers are available to you to meet when needed and certainly when questions emerge. You should never feel shy about approaching a teacher for a meeting or seeking greater clarity through email. Principals and counselors are also ready to serve your needs in making sure that each child has a fulfilling experience.

RESULTS Colleges Calling! Calendar Survey We have completed our 2013-2014 calendar survey and the results will be presented to the board at their March meeting. You can review the statistics of the survey at the following link: I know that many students in our High School are hearing from colleges on their acceptances. This is always an exciting time as we begin to find out about the next adventure for many of our seniors. As Tina Quick pointed out earlier this year, this decision is likely one of the most critical in a young person’s life. We should all be ready to listen and offer support where we can while we watch these decisions take shape.

The general finding of the survey is that the majority liked the draft as presented. From the comments and votes, we will provide two options to the board for their consideration, but, in keeping with the general results, the second option will only be slight changes that may enhance our overall calendar without changing the core dates that received such positive support. Stay tuned and look for a final 2013-2014 calendar in April Dispatch. Remember, the 2012-2013 calendar is already set for next year and is available on our website.


dance theatre MUSIC



The collective staff members of the AAS “Performing and Visual Arts” are pleased to announce that on Thursday, February 16, we will once again be hosting our annual “Evening With the Arts” exhibition and program. The evening will feature a wide range of theatre performances, displays of visual art, musical performances and dance performances, all carried out by our own AAS elementary, middle school and high school students. Visual arts displays will be open for viewing starting at 17.30. Our music/theater/dance program will be held in the Bolshoi Theatre, beginning at 18.00. The Evening With the Arts is designed to showcase the rich diversity of cultural expression which is promoted and supported within our curriculum. Please consider joining us for this exciting evening celebrating the important role of the arts in our school community.


April 20, 2012 Volunteers Needed! Contact Yvette Risk:

from ECO-Green Committee!

Don't throw it away! Our Art Teachers reuse many household items for their class supplies.  Bring the following items to Mrs. Nelson's room.  This is not a one-time request.   Bring it all year long!

Egg cartons - all materials. In fact,

the plastic egg cartons are very useful for paint trays, and many times the paint may be stored for re-use in these cartons.

Yogurt containers, rinsed. All shapes and sizes.

Small appliances.   Some students like to disassemble such items for the parts.    

Newspapers and fashion magazines.

Colored glass bottles. Glass

jars with lids.

Styrofoam trays from vegi and fruits.  Meat trays may also be brought, but please thoroughly wash with soap and water.

Library News

As the semester changes, the AAS community is turning its eyes to its next big calendar event- the February Break! Whether you’re staying home of heading to warmer climes, don’t forget that the library collections are filled with what you need. We have history and travel books and magazines available for your holiday planning. We have the best fiction to while away those hours spent in airports or on lonely beaches. We have non-fiction and databases of journals to help use the time given to prepare for that next lesson when we all come back. Finally, we have medical books to help with the mysterious ailments we will develop, and diet and health books to help us get back on track and ready for the summer break to come….. As you make your plans for the break, don’t forget that the library can play a supportive, though silent role, in making your holidays a success. Stop by today.



The number one circulating book in the Djupedal library is a graphic novel in Korean.

We circulate almost as many DVDs as fiction books.

When you look at what has circulated this school year, the top three circulating titles are popular magazines.

Library catalog:


You Read


HOW MANY BOOKS After our long break, we are getting back into the swing of things! Students are writing down the titles of the books they have finished reading and are adding stickers of their choice. As they reach those milestones of 10, 25, 45, 70, 100, 150, and 200 books, they are sharing the good news with us and we are celebrating together.

200 150 100+

Viktor Choukchoukov 1DC

Emily Eun Soo Chi 1DC

Caiden Doyle PKTA Peter Zakharov PKTA Jiseong Hong KHF Keegan Kouznetsov KHF Eli Giesemann KRL Kyra Pope KNL Zach Hood KNL Aleksey Tyagacher 1FJ Michele Kasher 1HM Yazmin Geurkink 1DC Mathew Chekalkin 1DC Isabelle Murphy 1DC Fernanda Garcia 3MC Jin Yoon 3MC Michelle Bistransky 4WJ


It's i n g com

FEBRUARY 28! The "Tractor Fund" tractor will be on display at AAS on February 28! The tractor will make a one day stop at AAS on the way to Prozovoro village its new "home." Thanks will be given to all who made this great charity event a reality! Father Anatoliy from the village will be present at our dedication ceremony! Stayed tuned for more information!


From the HealthOffice

Tick-Borne Encephalitis In preparation for the grade 6 Discovery Week, all students are highly recommended to receive the vaccination for Tick-Borne Encephalitis (FSME-Immun). Time frame of the trips (May–June) and planned activities (hiking and camping) all warrant this preventative measure. The High School and Middle School 7th and 8th grade Discovery week takes place outside the time frame for required 1st and 2nd shots. However, the Middle and High School students, who received 2 shots last year, are highly recommended to receive the third dose, which completes basic immunization for Tick-Borne Encephalitis. Tick-Borne Encephalitis, also known as spring-summer encephalitis, is a viral infection of the central nervous system transmitted by bites of certain vector ticks. Human infections follow bites of infected Ixodes ricinus ticks, usually in persons who visit or work in forests, fields and pastures. In many European countries from Switzerland east through Russia, children and adults are routinely vaccinated against TBE. The peak incidence is from April through August. The incubation period is usually from one to two weeks, but may vary. The disease typically begins as a flu-like illness, including fever, headache, and vomiting, followed by the development of neurologic symptoms, including neck stiffness, dizziness, tremors, drowsiness, delirium and coma. Neurologic damage may be permanent, causing chronic headaches, difficulty concentrating, muscle weakness or loss of balance. A small percentage of cases are fatal. The disease is rarely severe in children less than four years old. Some Embassy medical units here in Moscow routinely vaccinate also. The vaccines effectiveness is approximately 80%, so staff and students will be encouraged to provide additional protection with clothing (long sleeve shirts, pants, socks) and using repellant. Vaccination for Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE) is a 3 shot series: 1st dose; 2nd dose, 1-3 months later; and 3rd dose, 9-12 months after 2nd dose. The completed series then provides approximately 3 years protection. The AAS Health Office staff will administer the 1st and 2nd doses, on Thursday, 15th March and Wednesday, 18th April. Students who received 2 shots last year and require the 3rd shot can receive this also on either of the two above dates. The cost will be 1,000 rubles for 1st and 2nd doses (combined) and 500 Rubles for the 3rd dose only. Click here to download the payment and consent form.

If you wish to contact your own private medical facilities to arrange vaccinations, we ask that you provide the AAS Health Office with documentation to confirm your son/ daughter obtained adequate immunization.

Eastern Europe & Russian Encephalitis

The health and safety of our staff and students is our main concern. Please do not hesitate to contact the AAS Health Office with any of your questions or concerns tel: 231-4488 ext.3911 email:


Silent Auction and Adult Social

Saturday, March 24 19.00

on sale 1500 per person PTO Shop

Tickets ...includes dinner, drinks, entertainment!


Anglo-American School of Moscow presents

The 2012 Spring Gala ALL THAT JAZZ ! Saturday, May 5 Cocktail Reception 7pm Venue

*Friends & Family Tickets February 28, 8.30am-09.30am & 2.30pm-3.30pm February 29, 9.00am-10.00am & 2.30pm-3.30pm $2750/82,500 rubles for a table of 10

Individual Tickets

March 20, 8.30am-09.30am & 2.30pm-3.30pm March 21, 9.00am-10.00am & 2.30pm-3.30pm $250/7500 rubles per ticket


AAS Welcomes Back Musicians

March 13 to 16

Julie Wright Nick Foster

Musicians Julie Wright and Nick Foster will be back at AAS in March! They have visited AAS in 2010 and 2011 and their visits have always been a great success among students of all grades. Julie Wright is from the famous Needham flute and piccolo playing family of the Halle Orchestra. She was teacher of flute and piccolo at Trinity Music College in London, and has been performing in concerts and holding courses for players of all levels in a variety of international locations. Nick Foster is a graduate of the internationally renowned Chethams School of Music and the Royal Northern College of Music. He is an acclaimed clarinetist and musician, as well as an arranger and composer. He has appeared in concertos and recital soloist throughout Europe, recorded with orchestras such as the BBC Philharmonic and the Bolshoi Ballet, and even performed in concert with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Neil Sedaka and Shirley Bassey. During their visit at AAS, Julie Wright and Nick Foster will have working sessions with students across several grades and will perform in student assemblies.

Music Competition March 16

On the occasion of Julie and Nick’s visit, students from 5th to 12th grade sare invited to join in a small competition which will be held in the Malyy Theatre on Friday, 16 March, at 4pm, where Julie and Nick will be the judges. This competition is open for band instruments (woodwinds, brass and percussion) and strings (violin, viola, cello). Age groupings: advanced grade 9-12; intermediate grade 6-8; new on the scene (less than one school year of study but any grade 5 through 12). Interested students should register in the band room from March 1. Registration deadline: Monday, 12 March at 3:30pm. Awards will be given for excellence in several categories.


Alice in Wonderland

Calling All


Parent College Alumni Fair March 13, 08.30-11.00 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. On March 13, 08.30-11.00, AAS will hold its fifth annual alumni college fair. At this event, community members volunteer their time to speak to 10th and 11th graders about their former universities and colleges. This is a wonderful and invaluable experience for our students. The value of the parent, faculty, and community outreach cannot be measured. Please contact me via email as soon as possible if you would be willing to volunteer so that we may finalize the list of universities that will be represented. Thank you! Hilary Milne email:

Alumni from the following universities participated last year: LLN Belgium British Columbia, University of McGill University Thunder Bay, Canada University of Alberta, Edmonton Trinity College Dublin University College Dublin Netherlands Schools Yonsei University Newcastle University School of Oriental and African Studies Warwick University Albany, University of Arizona State University Arizona, University of Baylor University Berkeley, University of California Boston College Brandeis University Brown University Bucknell University

Chicago, University of Chicago, University of Colgate University Columbia University Drake University Duke University Georgetown University Georgetown University Harvard University Haverford College Hendrix College Indiana University John Hopkins University Kenyon College Miami of Ohio Michigan, University of Middlebury College Oberlin College Oklahoma, University of Pittsburgh, University of Rutgers University

San Diego State University Skidmore College State University of NY Swarthmore College Tampa, University of Texas A&M University of Southern California University of Texas Austin University of Texas Austin US Service Academies Virginia, University of Warren Wilson College Wellesley College West Point Westmont College Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Uni of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin, University of Yale University


Athletics W

e “rung� in 2012 will our first High School Boys' and Girls' Penguin Invitational Basketball Tournament on January 13 and 14 with teams from London, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow attending. The two day event featured both girls' and boys' Junior Varsity and Varsity tournaments, one hundred and eighty student-athletes and thirty names games played. The Junior Varsity tournaments were both won by local Russian schools. The older and larger boys from School 830 defeated our Junior Varsity Boys' Penguins in the final 38-23 and our Junior Varsity Girls lost a close back and forth game against the Moscow Military School for Girls 23-18. Our Varsity Girls rallied in the Varsity Girls' final from losing Senior Pinja Salmi with a bad ankle injury and an early morning defeat to the eventual winners ACS Cobham. The girls put in a spirited effort against the visiting team from the United Kingdom pushing them to the fourth quarter. However, it was ACS Cobham who claimed the championship with a 32-16 victory. The Varsity Boys' tournament was a 6 team round-robin with no finals. The Varsity Boys' Penguins went 3-2 over the two days and settled for a disappointing third place. However, the boys won a very competitive and spirited game against our Moscow neighbors, Hinkson Christian Academy and held the eventual tournament winners for the first two quarters. The tournament winners were the Cougars from ACS Cobham.

It was a great event on many levels for our athletes and community. Our teams benefited greatly from this early season tournament and many lessons were learnt that will help our teams later in the season and at the CEESA Championships in March. Our community can also take pride in the fact that we were able to pull this event off the week following the Winter Break, and once again our hospitality was outstanding and noted by all the visiting schools. It is hoped that this tournament will become an annual event not only our calendar, but also on the calendar of other international schools all over the world.

1st Annual


Invitational Kiev London St. Petersburg


TOURNAMENT ALL STARSurnaJunior Varsity Girls: Melene Wisur Junior Varsity Boys: Jules Kleitman Varsity Girls: Masha Nelson Varsity Boys: Anthony Carter



Model United Nations



Strolling Paris by Night

The relatively fresh group of “MUNers” were led off the Aeroflot plane to meet a rainy Paris by the fearless 'Paris-veteran' Ms. Robertson and Mr. Pickering, an MUN-veteran but a first timer to Paris Model United Nations (PAMUN). It was a mixed group with ranging MUN experience that was faced with the challenge of making an impact at the 1000 delegate sized conference hosted at UNESCO. Over the three coming days this group mingled, collaborated, debated and found solutions to the problems facing our world and coming generations. One of the topics addressed in the General Assembly was the restructuring of the United Nations peacekeeping troops. Here the delegations had to take a stance on if they (the country they represented) believed that the peacekeeping troops should have a new role in the future or keep the role that it presently has – something that led to great debate as opinions differed. Having lunch with the Eiffel tower just next to them, delegates met youngsters from all over the world. Even though the days were long, there was still some time and energy to have dinner by Galleries La Fayette one evening and another to have a walk down the Champs-Élysées to get a feel for the Parisian Christmas spirit. When asked what they thought about the conference, there is little doubt over the fact that they enjoyed it. As the AAS Delegations of Greece and Bangladesh put it “UNESCO was inspiring” and “I would love to return someday.”

UN Peacekeeping Troops

What Role?

Oscar Schafer, Grade 11



High School Girls Dasha Rozenfeld Elektra Sandarusi Emily Busvine Julia Monteith Katya Yamamoto Masha Vernik Tirza de Bruin Zofia Rozalska

High School Boys Alex Rakovshik Arda Cankat Filip Butula Kostya Shvedov Laurens Stijnen Mike Kouznetsov Reuben Hickox Vincent Chaglasyan

Middle School Girls: Anna Karavanova, Debora de Bruin,Kate Lait, Karina Stech Maiken, Bjorlin Hansen, Laura Butula Middle School Boys: Alex Thomas, Brendan McCoy, Kaan Cankat, Ivan Kartashov,

Matthew Degtyar, Stasik Van Genderen

The 10 High School and 10 Middle School “scoring swimmers� will be announced before the February break.

The above swimmers are invited to participate in the CEESA Championship Swim Meet held in Warsaw, Poland on March 1-4, 2012.




For the past 10 years the Anglo-American School has supported the Taganka Children’s Fund in many different ways from giving our children the opportunity to spend summer holidays in interesting places to organising parties and events.

However the best tradition that unites Taganka Children’s Fund and the Anglo-American School is the tradition of collecting Christmas and New Year presents to the children supported by the Fund. For many years our children have had the opportunity to receive individually prepared and packed New Year presents from the students of Anglo-American School. And every year they expect a new surprise by opening the present because they cannot guess what it will be this year. On behalf of all the families and children supported by the fund we would like to express our profound and warm-hearted gratitude to all the students and teachers of Anglo-American School especially Elementary School Student Council and Mr. Jesse Worley, and parents- especially PTO Community Service - as well as everyone who participated in the Christmas campaign 2011. This year we were able to distribute presents to 670 children and we truly hope that together we were able to bring a lot of joy to the children and create a special warm Christmas mood. Thank you very much for your generosity and continued support of Taganka Children's Fund. Gratefully yours, Tatiana Troitskaya Director of Taganka Children’s Fund


APARTMENT FOR RENT Next to the School

The AAS IT Team can help YOU with your computer problems! (After school, of course!) A team of Microsoft and Apple certified technicians can help you with your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Free diagnosis! Monday-Friday, from 16.00. Call +7-9099-44-22-03 or email: (Russian and English support)

-Located at Pokrovskii Bereg, a 5 minute walk from AAS -116 Square meters -3 bedrooms, 2 balconies, underground parking  Call Justin: +7 985 921 6475

PTO SHOP The PTO Shop soon will be placing orders for next school year. Do you have suggestions for merchanidise? If so, we'd love to hear them! Please contact Marina Tarasova:

American Citizen Services will be at AAS Friday, March 2 13.00-15.00 Hall of Flags For a schedule of services and fees, please see the ACS website:

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