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INTRODUCTION: With the partnership of the Reading Rockets and Thames Valley University a truly unique opportunity has been created.

TVU is located in the heart of the country and sits neatly along the M4 corridor. The Reading campus, home of the basketball academy, is situated just 30 miles to the west of London and near all the major routes to the North, South and West of England. With major train and bus routes running through Reading the possibilities to get to and from the academic sites are plentiful. At Crescent road campus (the home of the basketball academy) we are fortunate enough to have a single, wooden sprung basketball court with Perspex backboards and side baskets for practice. We also have an adjoining fitness testing suite with facilities for video analysis and individual training sessions/re-habilitation. The partnership of the Reading Rockets gives TVU the infrastructure that we are very proud of. Through their burgeoning development programme and production of elite athletes the Rockets are able to be a vital link and also help to form the steady stream of basketball players to TVU wishing to take their sport to a higher level of performance. The work of the community development team of the Rockets organisation is a vital cog in the wheel of the sports success as a whole. Run in conjunction with the Berkshire Basketball coordinator, grass roots competition is at a high for all young basketball players in the county. With 10 satellite clubs up and running and the potential for even more to come over the next year the pathway from community basketball to TVU is a safe and effective one. TVU basketball academy now forms the top of a very well structured basketball tree, taking in primary and secondary schools, colleges, 6th forms, youth clubs and local programmes too. We truly are the epicentre of the elite basketball route in this area. The Reading Rockets have a very good reputation for producing elite players and are one of the few clubs that can boast a junior programme that has developed the last two England Basketball u18 Junior Male players of the year.( Dan Carter in 06/07 season and Dan McKay in 07/08 season.) The senior men’s programme is overseen by Coach Titmuss (cv attached) and is widely regarded as one of the premier teams in Division 1 each year. With a strong reputation for playing young players in the top flight of English basketball and a record of recent trophies in the National Cup and trophy competitions the Rockets programme has started to become a place where young players know they will get the chance to develop their game. With such a comprehensive view of basketball development the Rockets club and TVU become the very best allies and are seen as symbiotic within their respective roles for the performance pathway.

SUPPORTING LETTER FROM ROSE TURNER Thames Valley University has been involved in the Apprenticeship programme for many years and currently specialises in the vocational areas of Hospitality and Catering, Hair and Beauty, Construction and Engineering. In 2007-8 the Average in Learning across all these programmes was 148 Learners and our expected framework timely success rate for 2007-8 is 61%. We are anticipating 5 players to join the Academy next year that will be able to perform at the appropriate level for this program. Approximately 25 hours of time relating to basketball is already embedded within their existing timetables. This satisfies the required contact time for level 3 NVQ’s. There are a small number of elite basketball athletes that will be studying mainstream 16-18 programmes that would qualify for the AASE scheme under the eligibility criteria of ‘talented young people in the ‘academy environment’ not yet offered full time term’. The students will be studying on National Diplomas in Sport Performance and Sport and Exercise Science. The AASE scheme will benefit these elite athletes as the NVQ Level 3 will provide a framework for them to work on technical, tactical, physical and psychological improvements to their performance as well as equipping them for supplementary careers. The University has a wealth of experience in delivering full frameworks to apprentices and would welcome the opportunity of broadening this opportunity to the elite of the Basketball Academy in Reading. Rose Turner Executive Director of Further Education Thames Valley University

PLAYER ROUTE TO TVU: READING COLLEGE As a part of the club’s major philosophies, we have always believed that a pathway towards excellence cannot have gaps or guess work in it!

The Rockets organisation has spent many hours developing the programme of elite basketball in order to give each of our junior athletes the very best opportunities to succeed. Our performance programme starts at 6 years old in the community and continues to gather momentum for the very best players until they reach Academy age (Year 11). During the players’ u.16 year, they are identified as a potential candidate for our Academy programme and given the opportunity to apply to the college if that is their chosen performance pathway. Our Rockets players have been the backbone of our TVU Academy for the last 3 years and will continue to feed into the Academy programme in the seasons to come. The only other route to TVU Academy is through National identification by one of our coaches/ network of coaches. Each year we can accommodate one or two players, if they show an active interest in our academy, whom we feel will fit the clubs philosophy and ethics and standards of play. Currently we have 4 players (2 in first year and 2 in second year) that have been hosted with Rockets families and have moved into the area.

TESTING PROGRAMME: At TVU we believe strongly in quantifiable, evidenced based development. In line with our philosophy all athletes on the Academy programme are tested every 6 weeks with the following structure:

Strength and Conditioning tests: Lead by James Kalinowski (BSc, MSc) Testing basketball specific strength and creation of an individual, long-term physical fitness plan for each athlete. This plan incorporates short-term, interim and long-term fitness goals.

• SPARQ (Strength, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness): We use the USA based SPARQ rating as a guide to all our athletes. Every 6 weeks they are tested and given a rating that is comparable to their age, position and size. SPARQ is an online, multi-media tool.

This creates healthy competition within the academy and clearly demonstrates relevance to elite-level basketball.

• Shooting/Skill tests:

Every 6 weeks all athletes will repeat a battery of tests that measure:

o o o o o o o

Repetition skill Shooting breakdown Free throw percentages Creating a shot with cuts Shooting off the move Shooting off a screen Shot preparation and balance

All results are collated from all the tests and each athlete has an individual meeting the week after testing to analyse their development and performance. NB: A full scheme of work outlining the testing timetable and procedures is attached.

GAME PLAY: The Academy programme covers all aspects of player development and responsibility.

For development to truly take place there must be plenty of opportunity for each athlete to have access to game play. The structure we currently have in place caters to the very best athletes to be pushed and improved. All students will compete in the TVU Academy Team playing on Wednesday afternoons. Additionally all players will be part of the Rockets u18 Premier National League squad competing every weekend. Each Academy athlete also gets the opportunity to play with the Rockets Senior Men’s programme in either Div 4 for the developing players or Div 1 for the players identified as elite. With the ascending levels of competition that the club competes in we are able to create a specific programme of games for each player that will always be testing, structured and relevant. The TVU Academy team currently plays in the British Colleges Competition and SESSA league. This provides: BCS: SESSA:

10 Games per year. 12 Games per year approx.

Rockets u18s: (From September to April) Average of 32 Games per year Rockets Div 4: (EB South Division) Average 30 Games per year Rockets Div 1: (EB National Division 1) Average 35 Games per year Through this complex and thorough system of league play we are able to offer a complete range of competition to every Academy player at their specific level of development.

COACH EDUCATION: Coach education is of primary importance to us as an Academy and to the Rockets club as a whole.

We take the responsibility of the next generation of Coaches very seriously and blend the academic, athletic and coaching facets of every athlete into a complete programme of education. Every academy athlete is put on the EB level 1 Coaching award in the first term at TVU and is also expected to become an assistant coach at either club or community level. This leads to the provision for the development of a level 2 qualification in the 2nd year. Over the last 3 seasons we have developed a number of good young coaches who are more than capable of delivering organised, relevant and enjoyable sessions to other younger athletes. Through the coaching journey each academy athlete has the opportunity (often for the first time) to experience the game from a teaching point of view. This valuable lesson gives perspective and reality to the students and allows a more mature flow of conversation to be enabled between elite coaches and academy athletes. Last season our TVU academy athletes were instrumental in the Coaching programme: • Dan Carter: Level 1 and 2 awards. Coached community sessions, worked with younger inside players, Berkshire county head coach at u13s. Lead coach on camps and other sessions through the week • Luke Rogers: Level 1 and 2 awards. Coached a number of community sessions as an assistant and a lead coach. Berkshire Assistant coach at u14s. Working with a number of players outside practice time on specifics. • Luke Gilder: Level 1 and 2 awards. Full-time community coach and player at u18s Premier League. Lead Coach at Rockets u13s. • Dan Headland: Level 1 and 2 awards. Community coach with Rockets and Cookham Comets. Dan has been instrumental in developing a brand new community club within his local village. • Arnoldus Alabauskas: Level 1 and 2 awards. Arnie set up Whitley Wizards community club and works with a number of teenagers from deprived areas. • Kirsten Davidson: Level 1 Coach and assistant to u14 girls Rockets team. Coach at Rockets camps and various community sessions around Berkshire.

OFF COURT MENTORING/SUPPORT: At TVU we understand how difficult making changes can be and therefore have a strong support system in place.

It is important to us that the new athletes coming into our system get a fellow athlete to help them become integrated with the way things work. Our mentoring system means that each athlete is assigned a Head Coach to be working with on goal setting, psychological techniques and needs assessments. They will also have a peer mentor to help them on the non-basketball aspects of becoming an elite athlete. Each athlete will have a meeting a minimum of every 6 weeks within a structured framework with his or her Head Coach. All results will be looked at and all off court concerns will be discussed if necessary. This year we have also brought in the help of our Rockets welfare officer Liz Edwards to look at the way our academy athletes are cared and provided for. Through the Rockets programme each athlete identified from the Senior Men’s team also will be assigned a mentor in his/her specific position. Professional players that can help them develop in their national League journey. Finally we have also been using the Head of local Youth provision Dave Aldred to help us set up a system of outside care and provision for any athletes that we feel need extra support and professional guidance in their lifestyle and choices. Dave has been a real help to the programme and has helped us link the athletic balance of each athlete with the cognitive and emotional states that need also need supporting. The system has proved to be invaluable all of our junior players trying to transition from being an elite young athlete to becoming a true senior basketball player.


This past year we have provided opportunities for all academy members to participate in at least one National League team. As the Reading Rockets are the 2nd largest club in England, there are opportunities for each athlete to play in a system appropriate for his particular skill level.

o o o o o o o o

Charles Brading(U-18, Div 4) Dan Carter (Div 1) Jack Vaughan (U-18’s, Div 4) Luke Rogers (U-18’s, Div 4) Dan Headland (U-18’s) Alvin Moros (U-18’s) Sean Porter (U-18’s, Div 4) Sam Saggers (U18’s, Div 4, Div 1)

Our program has an established track record of success in terms of developing individual performance. This extends to players of all abilities, from elite to novice. The Academy has developed a player that had limited experience in basketball at age 16 to the Under 18’s player of the year. This development within the Academy continued and he became the leading scorer on highly successful Division 1 Men’s Team. The Academy also took one athlete with severe learning and physical difficulties stemming from dyspraxia and developed him into a competent player with a significant role on the Under 18’s national team. There are also examples of players that have started at a young age and developed within the Rockets’ program for up to 10 years. This demonstrates the club’s ability to develop players of all abilities through a range of age groups.

Below is a list of our Academy athletes and the national team(s) each played for.

• Attached are the records of all data relating to strength and conditioning, shooting tests and SPARQ testing, compiled for all Academy players.

Coaching: • Collaboration with junior and national league teams at the elite level. o MJ and AH connected intimately with Rockets (Assistant Coach Div 1, Head of Rockets Junior Program, Player on Rockets Div 1) o Close Collaboration with Gary Johnson, owner and chairman of Reading Rockets • The Academy is committed to providing individual support for all of our athletes and this includes scheduled meetings every six weeks with one of our Academy directors. Attached is a copy of the meeting template that we record and file for every meeting. •

As this academy is committed providing our athletes with pathways for professional involvement within the sport, we provide level one EB Coaching qualifications for all members in their first year. In addition, they will have the opportunity to immediately use this qualification as assistant coaches within one of the Rockets’ junior teams. To continue the professional development in the second year, one of our directors is qualified to deliver the level 2 EB coaching award as well. This is an invaluable resource for the academy as our athletes will be level 2 qualified and have two years of experience in the field when they finish.

Study: • List academic partners (TVU) with details of examples of expertise in areas related to basketball and NVQ. Give examples of good practice of college in learning and teaching in other areas that can be applied to AASE. o o o o o

TVU will be the only academic partner, initially. National Diploma in Sport and National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences are both offered on-site for convenience. Matt Johnson, Head of TVU Basketball Academy and EB level 3 basketball coach. Andy Harper, Assistant Director of TVU Basketball Academy and EB level 2 basketball coach. Tutor in both Nat Dip in Sport and Nat Dip in Sport and Exercise Sciences. Chris Donald, Personal Tutor for Sport Department at TVU and A1 assessor’s award holder. TVU Crescent road is the location for NVQ’s in several areas for support and guidance with NVQ process.

• Evidence of educational institution’s ability to deliver all aspects of NVQ- including profiles of coaches and/or deliverers in terms of academic qualifications. o o o o o o

Andy Harper- Head of AASE program at TVU. Level 2 EB basketball coach. Exercise Physiology, Training and Fitness, Nutrition and Sports Injuries Tutor in Nat Dip in Sport and Nat Dip in Sport and Exercise Sciences. Matt Johnson- Director of TVU basketball academy and assistant director of AASE program at TVU. Level 3 EB basketball coach. England Basketball Coach Tutor. Gill Wood- Nutrition and Fitness Testing tutor in Nat Dip in Sport and Nat Dip in Sport and Exercise Sciences Will Bratt- Sport Psychology, Training and Fitness and Human Anatomy Tutor in Nat Dip in Sport and Nat Dip in Sport and Exercise Sciences. Chris Donald- Personal Tutor and Research Project Tutor in Nat Dip in Sport and Nat Dip in Sport and Exercise Sciences. Suzie Harvey- Biomechanics Tutor in Nat Dip in Sport and Nat Dip in Sport and Exercise Sciences.

• Evidence of a variety of academic and professional pathways for AASE athletes to follow o

Thames Valley University, and specifically the basketball academy, provide a variety of opportunities to continue within several areas of provision in the sport. Below is a list of our academy players that completed this year and what they are doing next year. In addition, each member listed completed the National Diploma in Sport Performance.

• Dan Carter- NCAA Div I full scholarship to Stonybrook University • Luke Gilder- Community Coaching for Reading Rockets and full-time work at a fitness centre. • Charles Brading- High school in the US • Jack Vaughn- High school in the US • Arnoldaus Alubauskas- Continuing to HE and developed new basketball club in Whitley (Whitley Wizards). • Evidence of FE College’s collaboration with elite club(s). o Matt Johnson- Head of Reading Rockets Junior Program o Gary Johnson- Owner and chairperson of Reading Rockets Men’s Program o Reading Rockets can and will provide opportunities for AASE participants to play at the U16, U18, Men’s Div 4 and Men’s Div 1 levels


(LEAD STAFF MEMBER OF AASE PROGRAMME) CV: Born: Sept. 4, 1981 Citizenship: U.S. Passport Holder Education: •

Post Graduate Current: Diploma for Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (1 yr of 2 year course) - Passed Post - Graduate level modules in Research Methods and Statistical Analysis using SPSS (MSPO4001). University of Worcester.

• Under Graduate - Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology, Albertson College of Idaho (U.S.) 2002-2005 - Associate of Arts, Columbia Basin Community College, 2000-2002 Honors • Graduated Magna Cum Laude (top 10% of class) from Albertson College of Idaho • 3.83 GPA (grade point average. 4.0 for all A’s, 3.0 for all B’s) Albertson College • 2-Time Academic All-American Current Post • Full-time Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, Thames Valley University (2007- Current) • • • • • • •

Duties include: Lead Lecturer in First and National Diploma Sport and Exercise Science modules. Writing and planning modules Co-Development of foundation degree in Sport Coaching (writing, marketing, planning) Developing presentations, assessments, workshops and personal tutorial Marking assignments in a variety of sport modules, including: Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Sports Coaching, Training and Fitness, Skill Learning and work experience Evaluating and assessing practical examinations Planning and developing a Conditioning module for personal fitness development of athletes

Work Experience Visiting Lecturer in School of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Worcester (2005- 2007) Duties include: • • • • ➢ • • •

Lead lecturer in HND Assistant lecturer for 1st and 2nd Years in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Worcester Writing and planning modules Developing power point presentations, workshops and personal tutorials Modules include: Coaching Practice, Fitness and Nutrition, Work Placement Marking written exams in HND and 1st year students Marking presentations and practical exams for HND and 1st year undergraduates Double-marking written and practical exams for HND and 1st year undergraduates.

Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Worcester (won BUSA championship) • • • • • • •

Duties included Recruitment of student/athletes for University of Worcester Organisation of preseason tryouts Planning and development of 1 year coaching plan Principal delivery of individual coaching sessions Development of Individual workout programs Development of nutrition plan Individual consultation with student/athletes

Community Youth Basketball Coach, Worcester City Council (2005-2006) Duties included: • Planning and delivery of 6-week sessions in city of Worcester Youth Basketball Coach, Worcester Wolves. • • • •

Duties included: Marketing, Promoting and Planning of individual and group coaching sessions Head coach and organizer of Autumn ’05, Easter ‘06/’07, Christmas ’06 and summer ’06 Worcester Wolves basketball camps Head Men’s Coach Worcester Sixth Form College -Duties included Planning and Delivery of 2hr basketball coaching sessions

Playing Experience: • •

England 2005-2006 EBL Div. 1(27 pts, 3.6 rebs, 2.2 as); MVP National Trophy (39 pts, 6 rebs, 4 as, 3 st.) 2006-2007 BBL (16 pts, 3 rebs, 2 as)

• •

US 2000-2002 Columbia Basin Community College (19.6 pts, 4.1 rebs, 3.0 as) 2002-2004 Albertson College of Idaho (2-time Conference Champions. 15.4 pts, 3.7 rebs, 2.4 as)

Additional Qualifications • • • • • •

CRB check Level II Basketball Coach Manual Handling (2006) Coaching Disabilities (2006) First Aid (2006) Equity in Coaching (2006)

SAMPLE PLAYER MEETING FORM Player Name: Meeting 2 (Week commencing 10th November.) Groups allocated: Review of Aims:

(Performance indicators. Any changes of targets/goals from previous meeting etc)

Physical Condition:

(Adjustment to sleep, physical pressures, testing, strength and conditioning)

Academic assessment: (Work deadlines met. Personal system in place for assignments.)

Shooting Assessment:

(Athletes perspective of form and target for this block)

Noticed improvements: On court.

Noticed improvements: Off court.

Noticed areas to focus on in next block: On or off court.

Any other comments: Player:


Next meeting: week of 12th Jan.

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS Please continue the presentation by reading the following documents: TVU Scheme of work sheet Strength and conditioning sheet Shooting test sheets SPARQ results sheet (with table on it) Nat Dip Sport Timetable

AASE doc  

Elite basketball programme

AASE doc  

Elite basketball programme