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–—body building. |||||

AA Summer School: Après City 2012

The Olympics produce a global contagion of the benefits of sport and the need to put our bodies in shape. However, the role of architecture in these events is limited to be a spectacular but, at the same time, fat stage. More to be seen by a global audience than to be used by citizens who receive them. And not only that, but underneath its steriod image lies a future paralysis. The relationship between architecture and physical shape will drive the workshop reflection. How can we transform buildings into something extremely useful for their users? We will use the Olympic message - exercise as a social event -, to produce an intense encounter between architecture and the entire human body. Retrieving the physical part and the most intense function in architecture above the visual. The relationship between body cult and architecture took a leading role in Modernism. As Beatriz Colomina states “Modern Architecture was understood as a kind of medical equipment, a mechanism for protecting and enhancing the body”. One of his main characters, Hannes Meyer stated in 1926: “The stadium vanquishes the art museum, and bodily reality replaces beautiful illusion. Sport unifies the individual with the masses. Sport is becoming the advanced school of collective feeling”. Contemporary fitness also embodies new forms of interaction between the user and the space he inhabits. Farshid Moussavi finds in the new fitness machines the best reference of the buildings operability, “as machines (that) depend on the connections they make with other machines, including the human body… The body and the machine work together in a holistic manner... It is your own interaction with the machine that unfolds the different exercises, and triggers the different functions according to your own needs, whether they be getting fit or lean, healing, or relaxing”. Our exercise will aim to transform architecture, buildings, into machines that allow a heavy use by its users: SPORT ARTIFACTS that bring closer architecture to the citizen and his body. Machines that express the necessary role of architecture to build a healthy social body. Après City: The Body.

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Project: Teaching Proposal by Mi5 architects

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–—selection First, there will be a selection of some paradigmatic buildings of the recent history of architecture, including some classic Olympic master pieces. The aim is to analyze the functioning of these artifacts: how its structure works, how its enclosure performs, the appropiateness of the materials... The research will start from the AA library and the students will work with photocopies, sketches, schemes... Second, the unit will be split into 3/4 teams. Each team will work with around 10 buildings and then we will prepare an internal presentation.

–—transformation During this period, we´ll study what are the operations to adapt a building to the human scale. We will pay attention to how structure changes, what is the interaction with the body, what has happened with the enclosure, what is the expression of the former materials... We will define transformers : Buildings mutated body machines. The transformed building will work as an expanded suit, adding new physical properties to our anatomy trough its use, defining new Olympic superheroes. We will produce first small models (toy scale) made of paper or cardboard. 3 small models per team.

–—production We´ll select one model per team. Each team will produce 1 final mockup. A version of the former model at 1:1 scale. This artifact will be what we call a simulated machinery : a fake representation of a real body machine. The pieces will work as low-tech special effects, not demonstrating its real efficiency, but expressing all the information developed in the unit. The main materials of the mockups will be foam, cardboard, printed papers...

–—comunication The 3/4 final mockups will be presented during the final jury, staging a reduced gym. Each piece will be accompanied by a catalogue, a printed document (exercise chart) to explain its use, construction/assembly and image.

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MI5´s profile was conceived since the turn of the century as a suggestive and innovative practice midway between construction and research. Our work focuses on the search of alternative and not very explored public management strategies, exploiting fantasy as a powerful, dynamic motor of social processes. Interested in participating in the construction of the signs of our era, we conceive our projects as the erection of identities of collective recognition, capable of redefining and strengthening the geographical and human territory where they stand. We work with the efficiency of our projects´ communication strategies as a proposal which will intensify their social viability. Our work method is supported by proactive policies, with very personalized relationship protocols for each user and his environment. One of the missions of the projects, conferences, essays and teaching undertaken by the studio during the last years, has been rethinking concepts such as Public, Youth, Outskirts, Fashion, Technology...

–—cv Mi5 is a team of Manuel Collado and Nacho Martin since 1999 which focuses on researching unexplored projectual strategies, our work has been recognize, awarded and published on several ocassions. We have been invited to: VII Venice Architecture Biennale, Europe VI Burgos, Liege and MOPU, COAM Recent Work Foundation, FRESHMADRID COAM Foundation, Madrid Social Housing RIBA (London), 100% Crude COAM Foundation, Building Dwelling Thinking IVAM ... We have been teaching at the Architectural Association (Summer School London 2011), the Architectural Polytechnic Universities of Alicante, Alcalá de Henares, Camilo José Cela (Madrid) and Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design (IED Madrid), in addition to have participated in several workshops, juries and lectures.

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