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In eight sessions the task is to script, produce, soundtrack and animate an original one-minute video. Those taking the course will be introduced to working with cameras and lighting, composition and animation with a view to creating hybrids of material using a range of video, audio and compositional techniques. Students will view and discuss the commonground between narrative and non-narrative forms of image-making.

We are hunting the invisible, the intangible and the elusive as we explore the hidden dynamics of site through active and obsessive field-recording. The product of our fieldwork will be the telling of a story through time-based drawing and motion graphics. This course explores the capture or recording of the complex and subtle aspects of site beyond the use of photographic images. We will use our recorded observations and information as raw material for mysterious, abstract and notational readings of place.

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Complementary Intermediate

Using the organizing structure of Tschumi’s Architectural Paradox, this course will convert what is an investigation into space into a way to think about drawing. By looking at examples and trying out our own techniques (including using different drawing tools, blind drawing, reconfiguring shapes and collage, and the trace left through action), we will work towards creating unique individual drawings that capture the magic of opposition.

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This is a freehand drawing course with sessions taking place in a series of exquisite national collections near the AA. The course is saturated with refining how we see, drawing and exercising a language aimed at improving both. Each session has a distinct theme, covering powerful approaches and techniques in drawing. Sessions begin with a short talk or demonstration, and the THE KNOWHOW SERIES – HOOKE PARK bulk of our time will be spent actively working Emmanuel Vercruysse through exercises proven to develop evocative This course is an optional, unassessed addition drawing. to your required Media Studies courses, and places will be allocated separately to the main STUFF course registration. The Knowhow Series is a Inigo Minns sequence of hands-on experimental workshops This course explores the fundamental qualities held in the forest out at the AA’s satellite cam- of everyday materials. Taking familiar materipus in Dorset. The ambition of these workshops als in their raw form through a series of tests, we is to provide an in-depth exploration of the will transform the cheap into the exquisite. The exciting facilities of Hooke Park, which act as end result will be a design that flips expected a laboratory for architectural research through fabrication processes and reconsiders over1:1 fabrication. We will investigate a diverse looked material qualities, seeing them instead as set of fabrication methods and technologies beautiful and surprising – developing 1:1 details to make components for a permanent feature that force new readings and interpretations at Hooke Park – including CNC, aluminium of often overlooked substances and products. casting, 3D scanning and even touch upon robotic machining. We will also venture out of the lab, immerse ourselves in the idyllic forest and learn about the different species that make up the forest ecosystem that forms both our material library and site.


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Undergraduates prospectus

AA Prospectus 2018-19 Undergraduates  

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