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MEDIA STUDIES AA MEDIA SATURDAY SCHOOL The Media Studies department offers a range of extra-curricular, weekend workshops and courses for students to develop new skills in working methods to support their studio work.

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OPEN WORKSHOPS In addition, a range of one-off events, short introductions, tasters or demonstrations which explore a wide array of media are scheduled throughout the year. These are open to any student keen to explore working processes across the school.

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Media Studies is a testing ground for exploring the processes and methods involved in making architecture. Operating a diverse multidisciplinary programme where unexpected collisions and obsessive attention to detail expose rich seams of creative potential. It encourages students to interrogate the tools with which we speculate and play; compute and test; communicate, seduce, and provoke. By actively testing modes of production through focused acts of doing and making, Media Studies presents a range of opportunities for students to develop an experimental practice and hone dexterity with both established and progressive media. As techniques and concepts in fabrication, computation, and representation continue to undergo radical change, the course deploys a range of tools, aimed at both reinforcing and reinventing the methods with which students approach design and architecture.

LAB COURSES Working with the AA Computer Lab, Media Studies offers a range of one-day software courses that allow students to quickly grasp fundamental techniques in major digital applications for architecture.

AA MEDIA STUDIO First and Second Year students are required to enrol in studio-based courses, while Intermediate Media Studies courses are open to any Third Year or Diploma School student. The department staff possess a breadth of expertise encompassing architecture, the arts and technology and this year’s courses address a wide range of creative media including hand drawing, digital modelling, video, photography, analogue and digital fabrication, code, immersive and interactive media and 3D scanning.

Department Head Kate Davies Department Staff Miraj Ahmed, Sebastian Andia, Charles Arsène-Henry, Sue Barr, Frederique Barchelard,

Eleonor Dodman, Shin Egashira, Marko Gligorov, Raluca Grada-Emandi, Juliet Haysom, Anderson Inge, Alex Kaiser, Harry Kay,

Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu, Antoni Malinowski, Inigo Minns, Alison Moffett, Nicholas Mortimer, Joel Newman, Thomas Parker, Caroline Rabourdin,

Thomas Randall-Page, Mattia Santi, Francesca Silvi, Paula Strunden, Nathan Su, Emmanuel Vercruysse


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AA Prospectus 2018-19 Undergraduates  

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