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The First Year is characterised by a studio-based environment of learning through making. The works we make are constantly shared, discussed, pushed forward and explored alongside those of architects, artists, writers, philosophers and thinkers that constantly question and challenge how we live. The studio environment allows each student to study with specific tutors for a given brief in a highly focused manner while simultaneously being in close contact with other takes and approaches. Learning at the AA is encapsulated in thinking through making, by being exposed to multiplicities of methods and experimentation.


Our focus is learning and discovering by paying attention to our immediate context and the world at large and by taking forward the richness of our discipline. Architects have the responsibility to see beyond what exists. Translating complex forces and information into new spatial constructs, architects constantly nurture and refresh their skills, tools and methods towards the development of a project and agenda.

independently, they learn to constructively engage with different audiences by sharing their discoveries in the development of a year-long portfolio, informed by various modes of writing, making and arguing.

Do you know how to capture the future? This year we pay close attention to particular shifts that characterise our current world, and study and expose how they enable certain spatial characteristics and qualities. The present already encapsulates futures. Are changes really occurring too fast or are we too slow to imaginatively embrace alternatives in spatial constructs, novel skills and expertise? Technologies, forms of making, global communities and modes of communication have been reshaping modes of life. This multiplicity has been rapidly moving in our foreground: countercultures have made their presence felt by constructing ad-hoc spatial alternatives, while extensive technologies have been homogenizing spaces.


First Year at the AA is a student's initial exposure to the five-year study of architecture which ends with the AA Diploma. Architecture affects and is affected by a wide temporal context. In the First Year Studio we engage with the present, study the past, and challenge what is yet to come.

The First Year Studio is constructed around six common explorations where current questions are studied in relation to specific architectural topics.

Over the course of the year, we approach studying architecture as a way of thinking projectively: we are challenged to look beyond what is apparent and to be adaptive in our thinking. Students sharpen an affinity for thinking Head of First Year Programme Monia De Marchi Studio Masters Monia De Marchi, Pol Esteve CastellĂł, Costandis Kizis,

Nacho MartĂ­, John Ng, Alexandra Vougia (on maternity leave), Simon Withers, Erika Suzuki

Studio Tutors Argyris Angeli, Delfina Bocca, Patricia Mato-Mora, Anna Muzychak, Sara Saleh, Amelia Vilaplana 37

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AA Prospectus 2018-19 Undergraduates  

Undergraduates prospectus

AA Prospectus 2018-19 Undergraduates  

Undergraduates prospectus

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