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New Directions Volume 26, Number 1

Arkansas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Fall 2007 Published by the AASCD Publication/Technology Committee

Inside this Issue:

Educating the “Whole Child”

Welcome Board Members


Annual Meeting


2007 Conference Pics


Curriculum Scholarships


AASCD’s New Home


Your AASCD Board Executive Director: Dr. Mary B. Gunter ASCD Constituent Partner Director: Molly McCloskey President: Robert Davis President-Elect: Dr. Frank Holman Vice-President: Janice H. Warren Past President: Dr. Marsha Jones Secretary: Paula Rawls Newsletter Editor: Diana Peer Treasurer: Dr. D’Anne Barrow Journal Co-Editor: Dr. Rebecca Shopfner ADE Liaison: Janinne Riggs AACIA Representative: Dr. Angela Olsen At Large Members: Kenneth Muldrew Peggy Woosley Peggy Walter Dr. Matt McClure Karen Endel Debbie Miller John Calaway Dean Burbank Jim Garvey Phoebe Bailey Sheila Jacobs Jeanie Gorham

Robert Davis, AASCD President

Arkansas ASCD sends greeting to all. We are excited about the new school year. This past June the association hosted one of the most successful annual conferences that I have had the opportunity to attend. Over 400 fellow educators were in attendance; and the sentiment among the vast majority of attendees was “outstanding”. We, as educators, have recognized and embraced the challenge to educate all children. We have an obligation to meet the demands of an everchanging global economy. In order to meet these demands, we must change how we approach meeting the needs of all children. The recent focus of the national conversation regarding meeting the needs of all children has centered on educating the whole child. This dialogue supports the idea that our children deserve to be engaged and challenged in a safe environment and have their health needs met. These are times of considerable promise and challenge for all who work in education. Arkansas ASCD supports the whole child agenda and proposes to: (1) expand the conversation regarding the whole child initiative at the local and state level; (2) support the parent organization’s whole child initiative at the local and state levels; (3) continue to move the mission of Arkansas ASCD. Educating the whole child is a high calling and the schools working alone cannot achieve this goal. This initiative requires full participation by the larger community with collaboration that looks beyond differences and focuses on strategies that transcend the agendas of any individual or group. As we move forward, we must consider a broader definition of achievement and accountability that promotes the development of children who are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

For your calendar: 2008 AASCD Annual Conference On Curriculum and Instruction “The Whole Child” June 15-18, 2008 Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Arkansas ASCD New Directions

Arkansas ASCD Welcomes New Board Members

John Calaway Assistant Superintendent Mountain Home

Dean Burbank Director of Instruction and Professional Development Bryant

Jim Garvey Principal Kimmons Junior High School Fort Smith

Janice Warren Superintendent, Crossett AASCD 2nd Vice-President

Minutes: Arkansas ASCD Annual Business Meeting

Arlington Hotel June 25, 2007

Twenty-seven members were present at 3:20 p.m. when Dr. Marsha Jones, President, called the meeting to order. Minutes from the June 19, 2006, business meeting were presented by Secretary Paula Rawls. Jeanie Gorham made the motion to accept the minutes as presented. Arthur Tucker seconded the motion which passed. Dr. D’Anne Barrow presented the Treasurer’s report. She provided a handout to the membership. Dr. Barrow reported a beginning balance of $172,075.39 on October 1, 2006. The ending balance as of 6/24/07 was $234,713.19 with total assets of $287,860.46. The conference expenses are still to be paid. She also reported that the organization had received a clear audit. Dr. Randy Willison made the motion to accept the report. Peggy Walter seconded the motion. There was discussion and the motion passed. Dr. Gunter provided the membership a handout of the 2007 Annual Director’s Report. She reported that the Board of Directors had been very active during the year. The Board became more active in legislation, both state and nationally. AASCD affiliate sponsored an Advocacy Conference in Cabot. The AASCD Legislative Committee was present during the legislative session. Dr. Gunter is a member of the ASCD National Legislative Committee. Our AAASCD membership has grown to 936. Because of the growth, AASCD will have an office at the Lakehouse at Lake Point, which is now owned by Arkansas Tech University. Arkansas ASCD was active in the Regional Shareholders’ meetings, “A Call to Action: P-18 Curriculum Alignment.”

Dr. Jones reported that the goal for AASCD was to move from successful to significant (leave a legacy). The presence and visibility of AASCD at the legislative session was a move toward significance. The affiliate will continue to strive for the Excellence Affiliate Award under Robert Davis’ leadership. Arkansas has a high percentage of members signed up on the Educators Advocacy site from ASCD. We have connected as an association with the redesign of high schools. There was no old business. Under new business, Jim Dalton stated that 10-20 years ago there was talk about moving toward a full time executive director. Dr. Gunter responded that all affiliates but Texas have part-time directors. Most affiliates still operate under the old model of money, membership and conferences. What are we doing to prepare for the future? It was suggested that more of the conference agenda be shared on the website in advance of the conference. There was a discussion of bringing in younger members. Randy Willison made a motion to adjourn. Robert Davis seconded the motion which passed. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Paula Rawls, Secretary

Volume 26, Number 1

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2007 Annual AASCD Conference on Curriculum and Instruction

Closing the Achievement Gaps: Ethnic, Gender, Economics

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Arkansas ASCD New Directions

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Arkansas ASCD Phone : 479-365-6220 Fax: 479-356-6260

New Phone

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Annual Curriculum and Instruction Conference “The Whole Child” June 15-18, 2008

Arkansas ASCD Curriculum Leader Scholarship Recipients The Arkansas ASCD Curriculum Leader Scholarship is designed to encourage the development of Arkansas’ leaders of curriculum for the 21st century. The intent of the scholarship award is to support advanced degree work leading to licensure as a curriculum administrator. The following future curriculum leaders were awarded a $1000. scholarship check at the AASCD June Conference in Hot Springs: Jenny Gammill Science Specialist Northwest Arkansas Educational Cooperative Rachael Hays Teacher Russellville Public Schools Jamie Layes Teacher Cabot Public Schools Amy Richardson Curriculum Director Booneville Public Schools Look for presentations by these emerging leaders at the 2008 AASCD Annual Conference.

Volume 26, Number 1

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Arkansas ASCD moves office from TECH Campus to Lake Point Conference Center Arkansas Tech has hosted Arkansas ASCD on the TECH campus with the Center for Leadership and Learning since 1998. It is the desire of Arkansas ASCD to become more efficient in office operations while providing enhanced services to the membership. Arkansas ASCD and the Arkansas Center for Executive Leadership (ACEL) are now sharing office space at Lake Point Conference Center. The ACEL is a systemic

professional development program offered to superintendents who are interested in self-assessment, self-renewal and leadership skill enhancement in an effort to explore new views for moving education forward. We welcome Viki Martin who serves both organizations as secretary. New Arkansas ASCD Phone Number: 479-365-6220 Fax: 479-356-6260

Leave a legacy ! Sponsor an AASCD Legacy Membership for someone special today! A Legacy Membership allows you to honor someone in your professional life that would benefit from an AASCD membership. When you pay for their membership you are giving them a gift of professional connections that will last them through-out their career. Novice teachers that you have mentored, family members who have become teachers, pre-service teachers – all of these folks, and many others you can think of, will benefit from a gift of significance – an AASCD membership. Once you have designated a Legacy membership on the membership form (bottom right corner), a certificate will be sent to the recipient telling them of your gift.

Executive Director Dr. Gunter and Past President Dr. Jones enter the Lake Point House now providing office space to Arkansas ASCD.

The Arkansas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development office will be sending invoices to those who need to update their membership. Please check the month and date in the corner of your newsletter label for your membership expiration date.

Arkansas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Membership Application Name ___________________________________________ E-Mail ______________________________________ Name of School or Organization ____________________________________________________________________ Preferred Mailing Address (Check One)

Home _____

Office _____

Street ____________________________________ City ________________________ State ______ Zip ________ Annual Dues: $40.00 Make payable to: AASCD Mail to: Dr. Mary B. Gunter Executive Director Post Office Box 521 Russellville, AR 72811 Phone: (479) 968-0374 Fax: (479) 498-6075 New Member


Please indicate your most accurate position title: Dir. of Curriculum or Instruction Learning/Academic Coach District Level Admin. or Specialist Principal/Asst. Principal Superintendent/Asst. or Assoc. Supt. Supervisor Full-time Student Professor, Dean or other university position Teacher NBCT Teacher Other (please specify)

Optional (needed for affiliated report): Gender: Male Female Age: under 45 over 45 Ethnicity: Geographic Region: Asian NW Caucasian NE Native American SW African American SE Hispanic Central Other Recruiting Member ____________________ Legacy Gift from ______________________

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit #325 Russellville, Arkansas 72801

New Directions AASCD Newsletter Post Office Box 521 Russellville, AR 72811

We’re on the web! Phone : 479-365-6220 Fax: 479-356-6260

AASCD Mission Arkansas ASCD, a diverse group of educators, is dedicated to the development and support of leadership and best practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment and supervision that ensures success for all learners.

AASCD Goals 1. AASCD will lead the effort to influence teaching/learning policy development. 2. AASCD will provide programs, products and services that facilitate the development of visionary educational leaders. 3. AASCD will provide a broad-based system of communication that is effective and efficient. 4. AASCD will build a diverse, broad-based and involved membership reflective of the state. Robert Davis,

Dr. Mary B. Gunter,


Executive Director

Vol 26 (No 1) Fall 2007  

2008 AASCD Annual Conference On Curriculum and Instruction “The Whole Child” June 15-18, 2008 Hot Springs, Arkansas Your A ASCD Board Execut...

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