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ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES DEPARTMENT The Baccalaureate Minor Program Minor Program: The Asian American Studies Department offers a minor for students who wish to pursue a coherent course of study of the Asian American experience while completing majors in other fields. The minor program is designed to provide a wide range of course selections while ensuring specific knowledge on a broad range of different Asian American groups. The minor is of particular value for those students whose chosen careers may bring them into regular professional contact with Asian American groups and communities. Admission to the Minor Program: Students interested in the minor should seek program advising from designated Asian American Studies faculty members who serve as AAS minor advisors. The department chair must approve all applications for minors. General Education and Other Graduation Requirements: Many AAS courses also satisfy statutory, GE, AERM, CESD, and LLD graduation requirements. There is no limit to double-counting GE and AAS courses required for the AAS minor. View “GE and Other Graduation Requirements” section for more information. Required Courses and Units: A minor in Asian American Studies consists of 24 units, 18 of which must be from core courses and 6 from AAS electives on advisement. Required Courses for the Minor: A. Core Courses (18 units) 1. Introductory Courses (3 units; select one course) AAS 210 History of Asians in the United States (3 units) – statutory AAS 211 Contemporary Asian Americans (3 units) – GE/AERM AAS 218 Asian American Culture (3 units) – GE/AERM 2. Asian American Ethnic Group Courses (9 units; the 3 courses to be selected must be taken from 3 different ethnic groups) a. Chinese American Group AAS 320 Chinese in the United States (3 units) – GE/CESD AAS 322 Chinese American Language and Literature (3 units) – GE AAS 323 Chinese American Identities (3 units) – GE/LLD b. Filipina/o American Group AAS 350 Filipina/os in the United States (3 units) – GE/CESD AAS 352 Filipina/o American Literature, Art, and Culture (3 units) – GE AAS 353 Filipina/o American Identities (3 units) – GE/LLD c. Japanese American Group AAS 330 Nikkei in the United States (3 units) – GE/CESD AAS 332 Japanese American Art and Literature (3 units) – GE AAS 333 Japanese American Identities (3 units) – GE/LLD d. Vietnamese American Group AAS 370 Vietnamese in the United States (3 units) – GE/CESD 3. Cross-Group Courses (3 units; select one course) AAS 213 Asian Americans and American Ideals and Institutions (3 units) – statutory AAS 216 Introduction to Asian American Literature (3 units) – GE AAS 516 Asian American Photographic Explorations (3 units) – GE AAS 518 Asian Americans and Mass Media (3 units) – GE AAS 581 Asian American Women (3 units) – GE/CESD 4. Concluding Community Course (3 units) AAS 681 Asian American Community Changes and Development (3 units) – GE B. Electives (6 units) Two AAS courses on advisement, with at least one being an upper division AAS course numbered 300 or above. TOTAL: 24 units (minimum) SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY | ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES DEPARTMENT | 415.338.2698 |


The Baccalaureate Minor Program in Asian American Studies