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ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES DEPARTMENT The Baccalaureate Major Program Major Program: The Asian American Studies Department offers a baccalaureate major for students who wish to pursue a comprehensive program of study of the Asian American experience. The major program is designed, through disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiries and analyses, to provide students with a broad range of knowledge of the diverse Asian American communities. Under advisement, students may use two specific courses to fulfill the history and government requirements, and may use up to twelve units in Asian American Studies courses towards General Education requirements. Students majoring in Asian American Studies are encouraged to study a modern Asian language other than English. Career Options for Graduates: A baccalaureate major in Asian American Studies can be used to: (1) enhance work in the Asian American communities; (2) enhance career opportunities in the Pacific Rim areas; (3) prepare for a teaching career; and (4) prepare for graduate studies or other professional degrees (e.g., MA, MFA, MSW, MPH, JD, and PhD). Admission to the Major Program: Students interested in the major should seek program advising from designated Asian American Studies faculty members who serve as major advisors to plan a course of matriculation. The department chair must approve all applications for majors. General Education and Other Graduation Requirements: Many AAS courses also satisfy statutory, GE, AERM, CESD, and LLD graduation requirements. A maximum of 12 GE units can double-count to satisfy both AAS major and GE requirements. View “GE & Other Requirements” section for more information. AAS majors are to complete ETHS 300 (Writing in Ethnic Studies) to fulfill their CSU Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). Required Courses and Units: A baccalaureate in Asian American Studies consists of 39 units in 5 modules. No more than 9 units can be taken for CR/NC. Program of Instruction: The baccalaureate major in Asian American Studies consists of 39 units in 5 modules of instruction:

Introduction to Asian American Studies Module (6 units): Entry-level courses; basic, broad (cross group or interdisciplinary) training in both writing and critical thinking skills on Asian American Studies as a discipline of inquiry through an introductory study of Asian American history, law, social science, literature, and culture.

Asian American Ethnic Group Module (18 units): Group-specific courses on ethnic perspectives/issues from, and specific to, an ethnic group. AAS majors may take courses from this module to have an emphasis on one ethnic Asian American group or on one disciplinary (history, literature, etc.) or interdisciplinary (history-literature-philosophy) focus on any Asian American ethnic group(s).

Asian American Community Module (3 units): An interdisciplinary knowledge of the Asian American communities. Cross-Group Module (9 units): Thematic pan Asian American classes to prepare students interested in various disciplinary and interdisciplinary subject matters, i.e., public policy, children’s/adolescent literature (for those interested in teaching), Asian American women/gender studies, creative writing, literature, the arts, etc.

Senior Culminating Module (3 units): To be taken after 24 upper division units in Asian American Studies courses; a culminating

experience course in a seminar-style setting where students review and critique representative scholarship in Asian American Studies, as well as research, write, and present a formal senior research thesis under faculty supervision.



The Baccalaureate Major Program in Asian American Studies  

Full Description

The Baccalaureate Major Program in Asian American Studies  

Full Description