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No subject was left to explore after the tech exhibition in Barcelona, Spain (now Area-60D), which was powered by Google. Google did a quick follow up of the prototypes and many are seen in the market but here is a very peculiar piece. Developed by a Russian scientist and biologist, it is a product of the then ongoing discussion on how best to store life after death. The pods store a self-sustaining matrix from the brain tissues of the dead. Once the pods are inserted in the tray the memories and sub conscious can be accessed in a variety of forms.

FOR SALE Original prototype of the Google Afterlife in Barcelona, 2021. -your-loved-ones-into-trees/


While the world thought the dissolution of all ‘countries’ into smaller Areas - all under Trudeau’s Presidency – in 2025 would solve many problems for the galaxy, it also saw one of the biggest Civil Wars of the time in Area21. Post two tense weeks of mild expression of anger and discontentment with the Trans-human community, the Bots cultivated in the region participated in a mass, large scale riot on January 23,2027. What followed was a 3 week long war. As the bots faced the wrath of the joint forces of transhumans and humans, the war ended in considerable shedding of coolant.

FOR SALE Allegedly the only piece of Bot General AX3529 found after the war, rumoured to be a part of its arm.


While we humans have always been prone to seperation and geographical redrawing of boundaries, the only actual movement or shift of an entire country to a different location occured in 2027, with Area39 choosing to move out of the planet, becoming the first ‘transferred’ settlement on Mars.

FOR SALE Original documents sanctioning the exit, signed by World President Trudeau and the Martian president Dave Gates.


Nuca-Cola, created in 2029 behind the counters of the famous pub The Mars Bar in Mars, by bar-bot SM3244 was made solely of Mars harvest, including a leaf from the Chlor-A and the generative pigment secreted by test-tube animal Zar-T, also known as the ‘Flying Snail’ on Earth. Seeing it’s huge success among the Mars colonizers, and with a breakthrough in microgravity dispensers, the drink was sent to Earth in 2030. The drink, however, when served for the first and last time on February 2, 2030, turned toxic and lead to multiple deaths and illnessess across many bars on the planet. While not many answers have come out of NASA in the course on the whole controversy, it is believed the dispensers did not account for the aeratation created in the Zar-T pigment due to atmospheric changes.

FOR SALE A sample of the controversial drink. Stored away in The IFI Café Bar in Dublin after the very first rounds went bad, this is one of the first shipments from Mars. Toxic in nature. Caution is advised.


Amarnath was a holy ground for Hinduism- one the oldest religions on the planet, and one of the very few that still, however barely, still exist. While the pilgrim spot has long closed down, fanatics have been able to preserve twigs and in some cases branches, of the sacred trees in the area.

FOR SALE A small twig from Amarnath, preserved in a sustaining fluid. Still visible are sacred threads that pilgrims would tie to branches and stems when making a wish.


Angelique Bernadotte is a name not unknown to anyone. She is not just the first, but still the most famous and successful designer for sex robots and virtual reality sexual experiences. Her set of ‘perfect sexual partners’ that looked, felt and talked the way the partner desires, came at a time when humans still had sex mostly with other humans. In the past 3 years, she has come to be known for breaking bodily and mental stereotypes in her models.

FOR SALE Angelique’s own personal Cintiq, stolen from her Area22 office. Drawn on this tablet and stored inside are sketches, inspirations, and explorations for her series ‘Beast’ and ‘Woman2030’


The Blurred photography trend, we all know, was started by Cody Williams in 2026, with in infamous, reality sharing exhibition. Williams travelled all over the world, taking photographs of and at famous locations, albeit without the smog filter on his camera.

FOR SALE An original from the 2026 exhibition- a photograph of Yosemite valley in Area53.


Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy(BSE) commonly known as Mad-cow Disease, is a now common neurodegenerative disorder in cattle causing a spongy degeneration of brain and spinal cord, that started taking down cattle in large masses around the 2030s. Scientists believe the increase in insect breeding for food to be a likely cause. The is also easily transmittable to humans through contaminated food

FOR SALE A skull from the preserved carcass of one of the earliest victims of the brain disease. The death is said to have occurred around late 2033.


The past 50 years have seen the most drastic changes in the shortest time Earth has ever seen before. Technology has evolved, methods altered, preferences reoriented. Communities, societies, values have transformed. One thing however, that has come untouched through it all, is the comic book. While the platform and styles and themes might have changed, comic books are still as popular as ever.

FOR SALE Old sci-fi comic book from 2009, with stories of the galaxies and their inhabitants.


Turning into a cyborg, we know, wasn’t always as easy as the kids today believe. While the technology was out in 2022 and fully accessible by 2024, introducing robotic parts into your body was heavily looked down upon as ‘fake’ and even protested against. Cyborgs were attacked, and communally shunned until the Cyborg Rights Movement in 2030, started by Bob Shackleman and Rose Lynn. The cost for the much more inclusive community we have today was paid in a lot of hardwork, insults, suffering, and even blood.

FOR SALE A burnt poster from the movement, a reminder of the grave loss and immense bravery.


While music genres like house, funk, techno and rock are now close to obsolete, one cannot deny the immense popularity they have once enjoyed among humans. And so, infact, have the artists of these genres. Daft Punk was one such duo - a French electronic music duo formed in 1993 by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. They were also known for their visual stylization and disguises associated with their music. It is interesting to note today, that the music scene is dominated mainly by robots, that the duo wore ornate helmets and gloves to assume robot personas in most of their public appearances. Their albums, too, took names like Human After All and Random Access Memories.

FOR SALE Original helmets worn by the greatly successful duo for a peformance in Birmingham, UK ( Now Area19) in 1997.


Prior to the enormous leap the value of Indian currency - the Rupee - took 7 years ago, the country witnessed the short, 10 year long life of a 2000 rupee note. Introduced only in 2016 during a demonetization maneuver declaring the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes as invalid overnight, the note was never a popular one. By 2027, as a combined result of the soaring value of the Rupee, and the new digital economy age in the country, the 2000 rupee note was scrapped, and the 1000 rupee note brought back.

FOR SALE A pair of the same short-lived notes. Sold individually and together.


While today we cannot even begin to imagine a restaurant where we might have to actually meet humans in the process of ordering and eating food, it wasn’t always this convenient, or sensible. Humans would actually eat in groups or pairs and sit together instead of in closed, private cabins. Sometimes they would even order one dish to share. The ordering and paying too, infact, would be taken care of not by computers, but other humans called ‘waiters’. The first ever restaurant to eliminate human interaction and shape the restaurant experience into what it is now today, came surprisingly recently in 2015, when Genki Sushi came up with a fully automated sushi bar in Hong Kong ( part of Area 25) that delivered food through a network of miniature bullet trains!

FOR SALE Menu card of the revolutionary restaurant.


When personal cabinets and drawers in Steve Jobs’ Apple office were cleared, a battered, broken iPhone was probably not too interesting a find. Gary Johnson, an employee, definitely agreed, as he decided, and was able to, pocket the late CEO’s phone. Gary, however, met his death (caused by an accident) within 2 days of the incident, passing the possession on to his brother David who sold it to Henny Andrews, a friend. Henny lost her mother the next day. The haunted phone disappeared for a few years, only to resurface in 2030, when Lida Feymann in Area69, who kept it forgotten and locked in an old wardrobe at home took it out and lost an arm to an accident the following day. The phone owners have also been known to hear strange voices in their short acquaintance with the phone.

FOR SALE The very phone, said to have greatly lost it’s curse over time. Today. it only gives out strange sounds or receives unknown phone calls infrequently.


Henry Dietrich Wolf, torchbearer of the Plagiarist art movement, is no stranger to anyone. A recluse, however, his personal life still remains completely in the dark. While Wolf is on none of the existing social media or communication channels, he has chosen to be part of obsolete social media website Instagram, and share daily details of his wondrous, curious life.

FOR SALE A QR chip linked to Henry Wolf’s secret Instagram account.


Not many products in fashion have had a journey as inetersting as the invisibility coats and other gear. Developed in 2019 , it was released in markets only 2024, where it was sold only to licensed customers and police officials. Illegal production and sale, however, began almost immediately. Crime of all kinds came to be aided by the coats, so much so, that within an year they were banned and removed from the market. The laws spell very serious punishments to anyone detected wearing, or even in possession of one.

FOR SALE There are no more than 3 of these coats still circulating in the black market today. Here is one of the ‘stealing coats’, as they came to be called, stolen itself.“by-uc-berkeley-scientists-you-cant-wear-it.htm


The bamboos were a subfamily of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family Poaceae. Giant bamboos were, infact, the largest members of the grass family and included some of the fastest growing plants of the world. It was used extensively in everything from structural building to medicine to minute crafts. Bamboo became extinct , to the mass sorrow of architects, designers and craftspeople and death of many gorillas and pandas across the world, in 2021.

FOR SALE The last existing piece of bamboo, though unreproductive, on the entire face of Earth.


While 2 years ago, Michaels’s body was transported to be cremated on the moon in honour of his legendary ‘moonwalk’ style, he is almost as far from being forgotten too. Today, even while dance is a concept that needs to be defined in schoolbooks as bodily movements to rhythm, Michael’s legend remains.

FOR SALE An original CD of his last concert This Is It, in 2009.


The RC buggy was a step taken towards the universal drones by Modelart. They developed an amphibian drone, which runs on a special mixture of nitromethane and methanol. This drone was used by Rick Kent in World Future Sports Games was unveiled as Dubai announced Future Sports as a new innovation driven economic sector supported by a new global entity, World Federation of Future Sports based in Dubai.

FOR SALE Rick Kent’s own personal drone that helped him win The World Future Sports Games in Dubai 2028.


Galalympics began in 2029, as an interstellar sporting league. Every year since, two planets watch teams from Earth and Mars unite to shed metaphorical sweat over balls and bats. But all talk of the Galalympics is incomplete without mentioning Z Bones, who with a net score of 5093 beta-points and 32 Galalates in merely 2 seasons, is easily one the most popular, and the most talented player the League has seen.

FOR SALE A Galalympic football , autographed by Z Bones himself.


At the age of 21, Indian film actor Hrithik Roshan was diagnosed with Scoliosis, a medical condition where the spine gets C-shape dor S-shaped. Told by doctors that he could never dance again or be ian actor, the family took unbelievable measures. Unbelievable, because the technology used, revealed only in the post-mortem after his death in 2026, was created only in 2025. Speculations followed, around whether ‘Jadoo’ was just a character, or much closer to reality than the Roshans led us to believe.

FOR SALE Spine-X is a bodily intervention that, when inserted into the spinal arrangement, can fix all known problems and deformities. Additional features include lending an adjustable height to the person and posthumanistic flexibility, in addition to great levels of permanence and portability.


While Tsunamis still remain a rare phenomenon, the damage caused is never as less as their frequency. When a megatsunami measuring 9.6 on the scale hit Area56 in 2023, one of the biggest losses was the Statue of Liberty. The colossal neoclassical sculpture was made of copper, designed by FrĂŠdĂŠric Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor,and was built by Gustave Eiffel.A gift to the United States (Area56) from the people of France( Area22) , a worldwide landmark and a pride of the citizens, the loss was a hard one. Parts of the broken statue have been found and sold for insane prices ever since.

FOR SALE A part of the very crown of Statue of Liberty, found in town close to the Canadian( Area55) soon after.


Following the disastrous Presidential Election in America ( Now Area56) in 2016, when the nation elected Donald Trump to lead them, the president fulfilled his promise of building an impenetrable wall between America and Mexico ( Now Area61). Strongly against discrimination and seperation of this kind, President Trudeau, after coming into power led a full scale demolition of the wall. Pieces were auctioned as tokens of celebration.

FOR SALE One of the biggest pieces from the demolition of the Trump Wall, with a visible part of the Trump initials on the wall intact.


Underwater performances were already a popular form of social expression by 2021, when Thai performance designer Nina Bunyasarn conducted a performance with underwater animals. Held in the Mariana Trench, the performance talked of plastic wastes in the ocean and the harm it causes to the animals that call it home. With tickets selling for over a year, the show became the hugest success the deep blue has ever seen yet, and also a powerful trigger for the massive cleaning drive by Tesla in 2022.

FOR SALE A ticket to Nina’s underwater festival, still redeemable for her now annual repetition of the show in her 3 day festival.


Vesco Track-R was an early tracker-cum-dampener that used a multi-faceted signalling system to reach or block frequencies. Waves from 5 sides of the cube came together in a variety of combinations in order to project sound into or track sound projected into desired frequencies. The sixth side acted as a dampener to keep unwanted frequencies from being heard or tracked. With every object or person now ‘hearable’ or ‘trackable’ or the opposite, Track-R was a popular solution to finding lost objects, but also enabled kidnappers and thievyes to go completely off the map by dampening audiosignatures.

FOR SALE An original Vesco Track-R, manufactured 2021

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