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From the EDITOR’s Desk


Hello readers, I have to admit that taking up the role of VP Public Relations was slightly frightening as I was into Toastmasters for just less than a year, but I took it up none the less, as I love challenging myself. Creativity wasn’t the issue for me, implementing the ideas was a little overpowering. With absolutely no experience in making a newsletter what so ever, I have ended up browsing through and referring to more magazines than I could have imagined (both toastmasters and non toastmasters). Burj Bulletin was earlier christened as Bottom Line. But since Burj Toastmasters has completed 13 years, and has a lot to celebrate, I thought we could do with a little change in name. This newsletter issue is very special, not only because it is the very first issue for me, but also because it is going to be inaugurated on our 300th milestone meeting. With TM Sameera Khan, a member of Burj Toastmasters winning the DTAC this year and representing the district at the International Convention in Vancouver I thought it was apt to keep the theme of the first issue “Jubilant Moments”. This issue mainly comprises of insightful articles by two of our senior members, a spotlight article on the lady who made it to the International Convention, few other noteworthy achievements, photographs and an interesting crossword puzzle. I would like to thank DTM Ganesh Srinivasan, TM Divya Raj, TM Sameera Khan and TM Bijal Mehta for their contribution in the form of content to this issue. I would also like to thank our President TM Anuradha Kamath for all her guidance in the making of this Newsletter. My sincere thanks to each and every member who sent in their “happy” photograph. The cover page wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I would also like to thank all the readers in advance for your valuable comments. Happy Reading! Aarti Trikannad VP Public Relations

MEETING TIME 7:15 PM to 9:30 PM MEETING DATE 1st and 3rd Tuesday (every month)

BURJ EXCOM 2017-18 PRESIDENT TM Anuradha Kamath 050-5456760 VP EDUCATION TM Rizwana Buch 050-3562695 VP MEMBERSHIP TM Prashant Trikannad 055-5790630 VP PUBLIC RELATIONS TM Aarti Trikannad 055-8465031 SECRETARY TM Bijal Mehta 050-1174013 TREASURER TM Saravanan Saran 056-8667833 SERGEANT AT ARMS TM Shamsher Swar 050-3171476 IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT TM Divya Raj 050-8065787

2 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017

From the President’s Desk Fellow Burjites, Let me start by wishing you all a term of good health and happiness. It gives me immense pleasure to address you all through our first edition of “Burj Bulletin“ - the term’s first newsletter. Another chapter has just begun and it has unfurled a great beginning. We are currently in our 13th year of creating successful speakers and great leaders. Taking over as the president of this club, was the biggest challenge of my life. Challenge in terms of keeping the Burj flag flying high. I knew what I was heading for. Over the years, a lot has gone into the success of Burj and making what it is today and I would like to take a moment to thank all my predecessors from the bottom of my heart. Last year saw some young talents getting on board and broadening our horizons with their creativity and ideas. Our membership has grown considerably but we need to pin our focus on getting active participation from all the members. We have immense talents, opportunities and recognition. We have a lot more to achieve in the coming months and we are confident that with the joint efforts and skills of the members, mentors and the executive committee we will be able to achieve our goals. We encourage each of you to participate actively in every meeting and grab any role that is available - as a speaker, as an evaluator, or any other meeting role or just be present to support your fellow Toastmasters. We are already off to a great start with some very interesting sessions. This year Burj will be experiencing debates instead of the tall tales. Shortly we will be celebrating our 300th milestone meeting too and we are working to make it eventful and memorable. I believe that l eadership comes not with the strings but with a deep pride that derives from giving back and paying forward. Signing off with a quote from William Shakespeare -“The best is yet to come”. Wishing you all a Happy and Joyful reading. Good Luck! Anuradha Kamath Burj President Issue 1 | BURJ BULLETIN 3




An ex-president and a mentor of Burj Toastmasters who has been instrumental in shaping the foundation of Burj. He is a bundle of knowledge, a walking talking encyclopedia and a perfect rhyme master.



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4 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017


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Someone who wants to live life to the fullest, avid reader, sports enthusiast, travel lover. She calls herself “Jack of all trades and Master of Dermatology.” She is the current Secretary of the Burj Club.

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Mildly ambitious, cautiously optimistic mother of two, who hates puddings with a passion and loves to roast toastmaster. Super powers include: a strong stomach that can withstand food poisoning.

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A Business Development Manager by profession, An Engineer by qualification, A Mother by designation and an avid lover of vacation. She is the current Area 23 Director and was the Burj President. for the 2016-2017 term.

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he Issue 1 | BURJ BULLETIN 5

Crux of the day - TMOD’s, Themes and Takeaways Best Prepared Speaker

4th July 2017 UNBOX Suraj Talreja The TMOD unboxed his theme in an unimaginable manner. He took us through his journey of unboxing his auto focus camera recieved as a gift on his 13th birthday to unboxing his love while scuba diving in Andaman. He shared a good message saying love is unboxed, in our comfort zone and outside ordinary circumstances.

3rd August 2017 DIGITAL DISTRACTION Meena Bakhshi She chose the theme as it is a budding problem in today’s age. It has decreased productivity and leads to poor income. She gave a few tips on how to manage digital distractions. And her key message was to slot your tasks into blocks of 50 minutes.

5th September 2017 NSUNG HEROS TEACHERS - THE U Shamsher Swar memories of our The TMOD refreshed e us remember our school days and mad aching is the only Teacher’s. He said Te ges lives and shared profession which chan e of sending his his personal experienc any heroes are daughter to school. M ilestone and they contributors in our m atleast once a year on need to be applauded Teacher’s Day.

Best Evaluator

Best Table Topic Speaker

18th July 2017 GLOCALIZATION Khushali Arya Glocalization= Globalization + Localization She spoke about how glocalization is affecting us in different walks of life; be it food, fashion, music, movies or language. She introduced the concept of Six Degrees of Seperation. She concluded with a strong message to retain our local culture and influences in this global world.

TM Rajiv Nayak

TM Sameera Khan TM Hanif Khatri

TM Hanif Khatri

DTM Vinod Raman Wariath

TM Ayesha

TM Sanal Pillai

TM Sharon Kuruvilla

Guest Tushar Mehta

TM Ali Irteza

17th August 2017 FRIENDSHIP Philip Nwosisi TMOD helped us celebrate friendship as it is an important part in life. Friends are the ones we get in touch both in good and bad times. He mentioned that great friendships happen only when we are friendly. He suggested we reach out and make atleast one friend in that week.

19th September 2017 FAITH Hanif Khatri He spoke about having faith in oneself. He spoke about how failure will come and go, success is a part of failure and how successful people bounce back from failure. He shared a personal story and emphasised on the fact how faith is invisible but has the power to connect. He ended by quoting Thomas Edision, “Build opportunity out of tragedy.”

TM Ali Irteza

TM Bijal Mehta

TM Ali Irteza

Guest Paul King

TM Rajiv Nayak 6 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017





Is it INTIMIDATION or CARE? For those who find that as INTIMIDATION, remember a MENTOR has to be anything BUT intimidating! Recently, I was at the TMI Convention at Vancouver, Canada and in the opening address by the TMI President, Mike Storkey, he said something that has become my mantra moving forward. He said “The highest recognition in Toastmasters – Distinguished Toastmaster Member (DTM) in reality should translate as Dedicated to Mentoring (DTM)”. Mentoring is the hallmark of success in the Toastmasters program. Members excel when helped by a more advanced member—and new and established members alike accomplish goals they might not otherwise reach on their own. Mentees benefit greatly when mentors pass on their own unique brand of knowledge, insight, perspective and wisdom. In turn, mentors get a chance to give back to their club by helping mentees improve their skills and grooming them for leadership roles. One of the core values of “Service” rests on the premise that each of its members, no matter where in their journey towards excellence, takes the time to look around and lend their hand to someone who needs it.

These are the 4 rules that I learned in my journey!

Rule 3: Reason it out with your MENTEE

Rule 1: Mentoring is not about “YOU”

Everything you say or ask your mentee to do should be with a sound basis. It makes it a lot easier for your mentee to appreciate the suggestion and incorporate the same in action. If not in action, it provokes his or her thought process, which is what you need.

We rise by lifting others by Robert Ingersoll perfectly sums it up. There is no greater reward for a mentor than to see his Mentee do well in his journey and the satisfaction it entails. When you mentor, you ensure that you spend time, nourish, make it your purpose to ensure that your budding caterpillar blooms into a beautiful butterfly. And that needs dedication! Rule 2: There is more to mentoring than editing speech drafts! Many new mentors that I see, construe mentoring as editing speech drafts for their mentees. Mentoring is a lot more than that. While that may be the first step of engaging, mentoring does not stop there. Mentoring has to extend eventually to fine tune what would transpire on stage. Why just speaking, mentoring should also entail coaching on leadership roles. A good mentor does not restrict himself/ herself to defined roles and goes much beyond to add value and eventually become a life long friend!

Rule 4: Evolve your mentee, so HE/SHE becomes a better HIM/HER Each individual has his/her own individuality and his/her style that is innate to him or her. We as Mentors sometime overlook that and in the process end up doing what we are not supposed to! That is to IMPOSE. What we as mentors must always remember is that while there is an objective behind the speech; our mentoring should not be at the cost of discomfort to the speaker. At the end of it, they are the ones who deliver and it is very important for them to own what they deliver. If for that, the steps to be taken are very small, so be it. Finally, for all the Mentees out there, you should feel free to choose your mentor in your journey. Someone you are comfortable with, someone who understands your style and lets you be! At the end of it “YOU ONLY NEED ONE”!!

One of my biggest gain in this journey of 3+ years is the revelation that “There is no greater happiness than to see your Mentee perform to the best of his/her abilities” 8 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017


MY JOURNEY IN TOASTMASTERS TM SAMEERA KHAN ACB, ALB Public speaking was not the reason I joined toastmasters. Simply speaking with meaningful words to my colleagues and customers was one reason. And the other, was something that shook me to reality. In an interview with the dean of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus for a Post Graduate program, he casually mentioned I will have to present my research report once every four months to a panel. I could not hear anything after that. The words in bold fell heavily on me like thunder. I was so uncomfortable inside that I decided not to pursue P.G.

surprised myself…Did I actually I felt miserable because of my make people LAUGH???? incapability to identify and understand each member’s needs. Needless to say I was a disaster in I should have been sensitive while table topics and evaluation! choosing evaluators, especially for speakers who were struggling with Now, that’s not right. How long I made it till the division and also self confidence. Being VPcould I run away from situations placed second with that speech education for a club struggling with that demand me to speak? in the humorous speech category. membership was an enriching Somewhere in the back of my mind At the next term, July 2011, I was experience for me. I represented Iremembered the words made the VP-education. Burj went Burj at the division contest in toastmasters. My friend in the through a rough phase and Humorous speech category, placing M.B.A class had mentioned it. membership was adversely affected. second that year. I made a lot of friends through joint In November 2009, I finally meetings with Burj and somehow My first DTAC experience was in mustered some courage and joined the year sailed through. Dubai 2013, held at the my current home club, Burj Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Toastmasters Club. DTM Ganesh I made some big blunders during Festival City. I was awe-inspired to Srinivasan was the Club President, my term as VP-education due to see Shurook Al Banna’s TM Vijay Mudaliar – VP-education which my club lost 2 members and International speech finals and was and DTM Shanmugha Sundaram some potential members. I was so in splits to see Rowena Niduaza’s was SAA then. DTM Uma much into just filling up the roles; I humorous speech finals. I told Radhakrishnan was the district 79 never bothered to do a back ground myself,” I want to speak on that Governor, our district comprising check of the evaluators. In my eyes, stage next year”. And so I did. of 8 countries including K.S.A. the speakers had progressed; but not in the eyes of evaluators, who The next DTAC 2014 Oman, I was My first contest was less than 2 were from other clubs. They did not a finalist in the humorous speech months after I joined and I gave a know the speakers, and evaluated category. My excitement had no lousy speech on the way people them based on a benchmark of bounds after I placed first in semidrive in India. To my shock, the expectations. Let’s just say, the scene finals. But the next day for finals, audience was laughing. DTM Sujit was not pretty and I never saw those my nerves got the best of me on Sukumaran was our contest chair. members again. stage seeing all the 500 plus people 10 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017

for the first time in my life. I simply could not calm myself on stage and it was very evident. My speech was dead. No matter how well I knew my speech, that day I realized how important the few minutes before going up on a big stage are to face a large audience. With regular participation and practice, slowly I was able to calm myself and that proved to be helpful after 3 years. Later that year July 2014, I took up club presidency of my home club, Burj Toastmasters club. Being the president was a very fulfilling experience, especially with a good team. We had very specific objectives – to add more women, to increase the number of nationalities, to handover at least AED 2000 to the next incoming excom. We succeeded to a good extent with the support of our members and club mentors. Being a club officer helped me practice delegation of responsibilities, manage a team, time management and motivate team members. This in turn helped me significantly at work. Being the president was a good exposure in understanding the success behind some clubs, as I was called for judging several contests. The answer was simple to understand but not so simple to follow. A successful club means happy members and the driving force behind is excom. The 7 officers are like a chain with 7 strong links, if one link is broken, things can turn difficult for the club; similar to a corporate scenario.

suggested presenting this for the international speech segment. Fast forward 5 months, 20 May 2017, I was speaker number 3 for DTAC Bahrain International Speech Finals. Until my last day, I will never forget how I was carried like a royalty from the back of the hall till the stage on a CHAIR, when the results were announced! Words cannot express my feelings at that moment. I never ever imagined myself to be a “district” champion in the International speech category. For a matter of fact, I never attempted to compete in that field for the six years, I was a toastmaster.

blessed being on that stage that I never thought I would be standing on, even on May 20, I swear. The convention was like a BIG family reunion from 140 plus different countries. My first convention ever, I felt proud to be part of such an organization. The journey doesn’t end here. I still have a lot to learn. The woods are lovely dark and deep…(no promises though), miles to go before I sleep.

The next 3 months until WCPS semifinals were the longest, shortest, most adventurous and stressful times for me. I met some gems who are probably going to be my lifelong friends and a mentor who will be my friend for as long as I hang around. More about my WCPS semi final journey later, but the point is “what you don’t dare to dream …can come true, so be well prepared to make the best out of it”. I presented a brand new speech which was prepared after DTAC. It was very well received by the audience, several of who came to me to share their positive thoughts, with past international champions giving me their heartfelt wishes. Though I didn’t place, I thoroughly enjoyed and felt

After 2014 DTAC fiasco, my next contest trial was 3 years later, in January 2017. I prepared a humorous speech, but while finalizing the draft I did not find it funny as the message behind was a serious one. My club president Issue 1 | BURJ BULLETIN 11

WHEN A GENERAL EVALUATOR - DTM GANESH SRINIVASAN people overcome weak habits and add power to good ones. Ensure the individual Speech Evaluators have the Speaker’s manual and understand the project objectives and how to evaluate them. Suggest they talk to their Speakers to discover any special evaluation requirements

The role of a General Evaluator improves critical thinking skills and feedback skills. It is important that the GE helps make the role players more confident and more effective leaders. The GE is responsible to the Toastmaster, whose objective is to plan and conduct an effective, enjoyable meeting.

Once the meeting starts, the GE should evaluate each and every role player (SAA and President are not role players, but still GE make his observation on how SAA opened the meeting and on the Presidential address). The main role of the GE is to evaluate the Evaluators, Education session if any and ensure that the meeting follows the TMI norms. Conclude your GE report by saying what were the 3 good things in the meeting which you would carry back with you. The GE is expected to give a written report When you are the GE try to be at to the club. the meeting venue 30 to 45 minutes prior to the meeting. This will give This role can add significant value for yourself and members alike: you a better insight on how each role player does his assigned duty. •Begin by reading the brief overview of General Evaluator by Before the meeting starts, greet all Toastmasters International. Evaluators who are present. If an •Read ‘Meeting Roles and Responsibilities’ in the Competent Evaluator is missing, consult the Communication manual (page 67). Vice President Education, and ar- •Their are useful suggestions for what General Evaluator should do range for a substitute. Brief the before, during and after the meeting. Evaluators that evaluation is a posi- •Understand how your meeting role contributes to the learning tive, helping act. Their goal must be experience for other members. to help fellow Toastmasters develop •Familiarize yourself with your Evaluation Team’s individual role their skills. Emphasize that evalua- responsibilities. tions should enhance or at least pre- •Read the Effective Evaluation manual available on serve the self-esteem of the speaker. •During the meeting, take notes on everything, including (but not Evaluation is a positive experience limited to) meeting preparation and execution, meeting participants, designed to help and the quality of evaluations. When you are the General Evaluator, you are also a Coach, Guide and Mentor of the club. When you give them a constructive feedback, you need to be like a good teacher or parent teaching their kids. You are not expected to do a post mortem on what all went wrong, but applaud, appreciate and comment the role players in a developmental and motivational way so that they grow and transform to better their roles. GE is not a formality, but a reality to elevate the standards of the meeting.

12 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017

Sergeant-At-ArmsWas the room set up and arranged in a professional manner on time? Were the General Evaluator’s, Timer’s, Grammarian’s and Ah-counter’s Report forms provided to the members who are conducting these roles? Were the agendas and feedback forms distributed to everyone? Were all guests greeted warmly and introduced to Officers and members? Did all guests sign the guest book and/or complete an information form? Were all guests given a brief orientation about what to expect? PresidentDid the meeting start on time? Did the Sergeant at arms start the meeting effectively? Were the changes to the agenda handled effectively? Were all the guests warmly welcomed by the Sergeant at Arms and members? Was the New Member Induction handled with good preparation, professionalism and dignity?(if any) Was the Presidential address crisp and effective SecretaryWas the Secretary called on to confirm quorum, read the minutes of the prior business meeting and take minutes? If the Secretary was not present, was a replacement appointed? Was the TMOD introduced creatively TMODWas the Theme well prepared and delivered? Did the Theme and the energy of the Toastmaster set a good tone for the meeting? Was the Theme delivered in the time allotted? Was the TMOD dressed for the occasion ? Introduction of Role playersDid the TMOD give an effective, summary of the responsibilities and the importance of silent role players ? Did the Timer clearly and effectively explain the purpose of their role? Did the Ah-counter clearly and effectively explain the purpose of their role? Did the Grammarian clearly and effectively explain the purpose of their role? Word masterWas the “Word of the Day” presented effectively with: A clear, understandable definition including alternative uses? Signs large enough for everyone to see, at the front and back of the room? An effective use of the word in a sentence as an example? A word that will expand the vocabulary of the audience members, being neither too difficult or too easy, and readily useable? Was Round Robin effectively conducted? With introduction Issue 1 | BURJ BULLETIN 13

Prepared SpeechesDid the TMOD provide a brief introduction and explanation of the purpose and importance of prepared speeches for the benefit of the guests? Did the TMOD call on the speech evaluator for the objectives of the speech project first? Did the TMOD call on the Timer to explain the timing procedure for this speech project? Did the TMOD provide the speaker with an effective and appropriate introduction? Did the TMOD clearly mention the speech title in the introduction? Did the TMOD enthusiastically invite the audience to welcome the speaker to the lectern? Did the TMOD request a minute of silence so the audience could write feedback? Did the TMOD ask for the Timer’s report on the speeches at the conclusion? Did the speaker conclude within the time allotted by the project objectives? Education SessionDid the TMOD provide an introductory remark about the education session and call on the Timer to explain the timing procedure? Did the TMOD provide an effective introduction for the presenter and their education topic? Was the educational topic presenter fully prepared and effective in their delivery by personalizing the content and making it relevant to the audience? Were visual aids used smoothly and effectively to enhance the presentation? Did the talk conclude within the allotted time? BreakWere snacks /drinks provided during break? Table Topic MasterDid the Table topics Master efficiently and smoothly greet and dismiss each speaker? Did each speaker wait for the Table Topics Master at the conclusion of their speech? Did the Table Topics Master provide smooth and effective transitions between speakers? Did the Table Topics Master call on the Timer for a timing report on Table Topics? Did the Table Topics Master ask everyone to vote for Best Table Topics Speaker excluding those speakers who went under/ over the time parameters? Did the Table Topics Master conduct the entire session with energy and enthusiasm? Did the Table Topics Master provide an effective explanation of the purpose of Table Topics? Did the Table Topics Master explain the rules of the session clearly? Did the Table Topics Master explain the timing procedure? Did the Table topics Master explain the timing rules clearly and that they would clap down any speaker who went overtime and explain why we do this? Did the Table Topics Master explain the theme and process clearly? Was the introduction succinct and no longer than 2 minutes?

EvaluationsDid the TMOD or GE briefly explain the purpose of this portion of the meeting and call on the the evaluators. Did the TMOD explain that all evaluations will be for 3 minutes, and the timing procedure Did the evaluator organize their evaluation with a clear opening, body and conclusion? Did the evaluator focus on the specific project objectives? Did the evaluator personalize their language? Did the evaluator provide an evaluation appropriate to the experience level of the speaker? Did the evaluator appear sincere, positive, motivating, enthusiastic and build self-esteem? Did the evaluator provide specific examples of what the speaker did well? Did the evaluator show the speaker how to improve? Overall would you say that this was an effective evaluation? Was the evaluation delivered within the allotted time? Grammarian’s ReportDid the report include how many times the Word of the Week was used correctly and by whom? Did the report include examples of effective and ineffective/incorrect uses of grammar? Was the report effectively edited and delivered within the allotted time? Ah-counter’s ReportDid the report include information specific to each meeting participant? Was the report effectively edited and delivered within the allotted time? Timer’s Final ReportDid the report include the timing for: Meeting start time, Toastmasters theme, Education Presentation, Speech Evaluations, Reports, special agenda items and the overall meeting? Did the Timer consistently and effectively clap down participants where necessary?

Table Topic SpeakerDid the Speakers appropriately and genuinely acknowledge the Table Topics Master, guests and fellow members? Did the speeches have a clear and effective opening, body and conclusion? Did the speakers have an effective closing to their presentations? Did the speakers speak within the 1 – 2:30 minutes allotted? 14 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017

Issue 1 | BURJ BULLETIN 15

BURJ STARS 2016-2017 TALL TALES Winner: TM Sameera Khan 1st Runner Up: TM Karthikeyan M. 2nd Runner Up: TM Rajiv Nayak

ANNUAL CONTEST INTERNATIONAL Winner: TM Sameera Khan 1st Runner Up: TM Karthikeyan M.


HUMOROUS Winner: TM Karthikeyan M. 1st Runner Up: TM Aarti Trikannad 2nd Runner Up: TM Ameya Deshmukh

CONGRATULATIONS DTM Karthikeyan on achieving the highest title in toastmasters. & TM Rizwana Buch and TM Rajiv Nayak on completion of your CC, CL & ALB and achieving a Triple Crown this quarter.

TABLE TOPICS Winner: TM Sameera Khan 1st Runner Up: TM Ameya Deshmukh 2nd Runner Up: TM Rajiv Nayak EVALUATION Winner: TM Ameya Deshmukh 1st Runner Up: TM Sameera Khan 2nd Runner Up: TM Anuradha Kamath


16 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017

DOWN: 1. Promotes innovative development 2. Harden or Bone like 3. Long meandering journey 4. Passionate 5. False step 8. Audacity 10. Astonishing 11. Brilliance or Luminous 13. Accomplish quicker or sooner

ACROSS: 6. Move away from 7. Editorial advertisement in a newspaper 9. Constant questions or complaints 12. Contradictory ideas 14. Remedy for disease 15. Unexpected Appearance of someone or something 16. Meaningless talks

ANSWERS: DOWN: 1. Interpreneur 2. Osseous 3. Peregrinate 4. Ardent 5. Fauxpas 8. Temerity 10. Amazing 11. Radiance 13. Expedite ACROSS: 6. Froward 7. Advertorial 9. Barrage 12. Ambivalent 14. Panacea 15. Apparition 16. Arglebargle

TM TOUFIQUE Work :HDS Galestate Hobbies : Travel and Exploring New Things . Recently started Gyming and Learning Salsa Favourite Movie : The Last Samurai Sports : Football Reason for joining Burj: 1) More proTM SHARON KURUVILLA A happy homemaker now, after taking fessionalism in the group 2) I feel more a sabbatical from the corporate world. connected with group members Joined toastmasters 1 1/2 yrs back. Enjoying the journey thoroughly. I had TM ALEX PRABHU heard about Burj toastmasters through Been in Dubai for less than two years. many sources and because of its Work in a PR & Events company. Love proximity to my house, 2 months biking, jogging, playing the guitar and back finally decided to attend one of making movies in my free time. The the meetings. I just felt at home here. reason I joined Burj was to be around Everyone was very encouraging and like minded people and improve my open. Really happy to be a burjite!! speaking and communication skill

TM AJAY AGARWAL A Banker by profession. Hobbies include reading, running and yoga. Joined Burj to meet new people while learning and understanding techniques of public speaking.

Issue 1 | BURJ BULLETIN 17



TM Sameera Khan and TM Divya Raj at the International Convention at Vancouver

TM Rizwana Buch with Mt. Fuji in Japan 18 BURJ BULLETIN | September 2017

TM Rajiv Nayak, TM Anuradha Kamath and TM Mohan Kamath in Georgia Issue 1 | BURJ BULLETIN 19

“Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.” And BURJ helps in creating you ... the new you!

Burj Newsletter Issue 1  
Burj Newsletter Issue 1