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Keeping Your Family Safe With A Nanny Camera

How to protect your family

Protecting The Family And The Home With Nanny Camera Nanny cameras were originally introduced to allow parents to monitor the childcare that was being provided by nannies in the home. The term has since expanded to mean any video monitoring device that is installed discretely in the home by the homeowner. The devices are often hidden in locations like a bookshelf, a planter or even inside of a stuffed animal.

Protecting The Family And The Home With Nanny Camera The videos that the device produces are recorded on a digital drive or a traditional cassette recorder. This could require running cables from the camera to the recorder although there are an increasing number of wireless models available. The camera can be used to help keep a family safe and secure in a variety of ways.

Childcare The most popular use for nanny cameras is still the monitoring of children in the home. Parents who must work during the day or who need to be outside of the home for long periods of time can use the camera to record the actions of a childcare provider. Cameras can be placed in different locations to see exactly what the nanny is doing when not being directly supervised. The recordings that are made could show a person who does not watch the children correctly, who takes items from the home without permission or who brings strangers into the home. The footage can also detect cases of abuse. The recordings can be used to make hiring and firing decisions about childcare providers. The footage can also be used as evidence in legal proceedings when the actions that are recorded are criminal in nature.

Home Security Hidden cameras in the home can be used to monitor the premises throughout the day. The newest cameras are able to communicate wirelessly with a computer or other device. The footage can be streamed live to a remote website. This allows a homeowner to watch the footage live from work or on a capable mobile device. Certain types of cameras can be set to activate only when there is motion in the room.

Home Security These cameras sometimes have features that will send text messages or emails when motion is detected. This type of camera can be used to detect burglars or other unauthorized people who enter a home without the permission of the homeowner. Intruders who are caught on camera early enough can actually be intercepted in the home by the police.

Outdoor Property Most of the nanny cameras that are available will work in any location. This means the camera can be placed outside in a safe location to record what is going on in a yard or on a lawn. This will help homeowners to identify the source of different problems. Burrows or dens that hold problematic wildlife can be located. Neighbors who allow pets to use a lawn as a bathroom can be identified. The cameras have even been used to catch neighborhood vandals who regularly destroy property or spray paint fences. Homeowners who are using the camera in this way must be careful to limit the viewable area to primarily private property since there can be legal issues with recordings that involve individuals who are on public property.

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Keeping Your Family Safe With A Nanny Camera