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ÅRSTIDERNE ARCHITECTS From the day Årstiderne Architects produced its first drawing more than 20 years ago we have been challenging ourselves and our clients with a simple question: What constitutes good architecture? It is our belief that unique design is shaped by curiosity. By an eternal search for new ways of doing things. For new methods and new forms of expression.




At the same time, our solutions are based on some of the values, which for generations have shaped Scandinavia’s unique architectural traditions. Such as sustainable design that will outlast the next change in fashion. Such as light, used to generate space and vitality. And then there’s aesthetics and functionality, which in well thought-out symbiosis result in buildings that are pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to use. In addition to this comes our sharp focus on the financial, technical, legal and social aspects of each individual assignment. Awareness that guarantees holistic solutions. Value for money.


Odense Our office in Stockholm

Innovation is one of the most important incentives at Årstiderne Architects. Innovation in our processes. Innovation in design. Innovation in our choice of materials. One result of this is that we are now among the Nordic leaders in digital construction and 3D design. And what you will probably find even more interesting, we can offer our clients quality buildings up to ten per cent quicker and less expensive. Our palette of expertise includes building architecture, design, graphic design, urban planning, landscape planning and sustainability. Our approach to assignments is conceptual and wherever possible, we explore the cross field between the areas in which the process will be most dynamic – and the result most unique. Today, Årstiderne Architects is one of Denmark’s largest firms of architects. We have 170 staff at six divisions in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

DIALOGUE At Årstiderne Architects we are strong believers in co-operation and in involving our clients throughout the process. This is why we spend a lot of time listening, gathering data and generally acquainting ourselves with our clients’ universe and their requirements. We also organise the course of events so that it is actually possible in practice to involve all the parties concerned when necessary. The basic procedure is the same for major and minor projects alike; at least as far as continuous dialogue and exposing requirements and objectives are concerned. We also employ dynamic interplay between programming and outlining.

In addition to involving constructors and users in the ongoing process, we also rely on researchdriven knowledge and make extensive use of our own as well as external interdisciplinary experts who are able to contribute to the project.

ACCOUNTABILITY We live in a fragile world, and as architects we feel a tremendous responsibility to build with forethought. In other words, every project must add the greatest possible value; not just for the constructors and users – but to the world around us. For the same reason, social responsibility and the environment are two important parameters to be considered when tackling a new assignment. Indeed, it is ambition to demonstrate ever-increasing accountability in our choices and actions. For this reason we are continuously launching new initiatives to strengthen our

Buskerud shopping centre

expertise, particularly as far as the environment is concerned. Another crucial aspect of the way we work is that we investigate operation and maintenance and the resulting predicted overall economy of the project at an early stage in the proceedings. This practice may in the short term appear to increase costs, but in the long run it always contributes positively to both the environment and the economics of the project.

The benefits of sustainable building and design – Buildings with an improved indoor climate that provides better health, well-being and productivity. – Reduction of CO2 emissions, thus proactively combating the greenhouse effect and global climate change. – Potential aggregate economic savings, which provide climate and financial benefits for the individual constructor and society as a whole.

SUSTAINABILITY Over the next few years we will fundamentally change the way we live. For example, the need to minimise our use of resources to an ever-increasing degree will set the agenda for a number of important choices. This will greatly influence architecture and the materials used in buildings in the future. At Årstiderne Architects we have a keen desire to assume an active role when it comes to creating energy-neutral growth in design, building and planning. On this count our objective is unambiguous: We intend to be among the best in the Nordic region when it comes to consultancy related to resource-saving architectural comprehensive solutions. Period.

In order to strengthen our position as one of the best firms of architects in the future-oriented building business we have developed a strategy we call »sustainable building«. This will, among other things, simplify complicated solutions and make abstract objectives specific, so that together with our clients we can engender a rational building process as well as harvesting tangible climate benefits. An important element of this strategy is to continually develop new solutions and engender innovation in energy optimisation and sustainable building. This will all be achieved in close co-operation with our strong network of external specialists and consultants.

Is there anything but a clean conscience in it for you as a client? For example, what would you say to not seeing the heating bill for the next 30 years?

FROM Å TO A As a full-service company, Årstiderne Architects offer you a broad palette of expertise. In other words, we have both what it takes and the desire to get involved as early as possible during the conception and development phases. Here for example we can help to develop visionary aggregate concepts that reach far beyond the architecture – while at the same time supplementing it.

Bench from Plus, Veksø

Examples of this type of assignments include layout, chain concepts, visual identity and branding. This involves supplementing other architectural parameters with e.g. ambience, experience and identity – both in the architecture and all the “extras”.

Svendborg city centre






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IT ALL STARTED WITH A PLOT OF LAND Example of a case prepared for the Lake Lagan Golf Resort. A 260-plus hectare project site on which some 500 holiday homes were to be built in the form of 6 different package-deal houses, 8 blocks of flats, 18 private detached houses and a clubhouse. To help the sales effort we have prepared a graphic identity for the scheme, opened an on-site sales pavilion where potential buyers can see the scheme in its entirety, printed sales material and a website.


Lake plot Apartments Golf plot Resort plot Footpath Road Territory border

Club house Yachting harbour

Sea front

Resort house

Sales pavilion


Tennis court




Sales brochures




BROCHURES Årstiderne Architects’ graphic designers have tremendous experience in drawing up targeted sales brochures. An important tool for the promotion of a scheme.

WEBSITES A website is flexible and allows for potential clients to be constantly kept up to date on how the scheme is developing.


CARL F Door handle design for Carl F. Design year 2005

GLOBE Wing chair for Globe Design year 2005

VEKSĂ˜ Plus urban furniture for Veksø. The Plus collection consists of a bench, bollard lamp, park lamp and a litter bin. Design year 2004



UND Shop layout Construction period 2008 Copenhagen | Denmark

HOUSE Family house Construction period 2008 Solrød Strand | Denmark Winner of BoBedre prize 2008



Family house Construction period 2003 Risskov | Denmark

Family house Construction period 2007 Denmark



Office layout Construction period 2002 Silkeborg | Denmark

Parish Community Centre Construction period 2003-04 Silkeborg | Denmark

HOTEL TWENTYSEVEN Hotel layout Construction period 2007 Copenhagen | Denmark

ICEBAR Foyer-indretning Udført 2007 København K | Danmark



JYSKE BANK New building and extension of Jyske Bank’s head office. Construction period 1999 – 2002 Silkeborg | Denmark

KVIK Administration buildings and showroom Constsruction period 2004 Vildbjerg | Denmark

CREATIVE SCHOOL Culture centre Construction period 2008 Silkeborg | Denmark

LÜBKER SQUARE Wellness centre Construction period 2007 – 2008 Nimtofte | Denmark

FINANSCENTER Office and trade Construction period 2006 Herning | Denmark



Sustainable office building Construction period 2009-10 Silkeborg | Denmark

Shopping centre Expected rebuilt before 2012 Stovner | Norway

SVENDBORG CITY CENTRE Rebuilding of centre In progress 2008 Svendborg | Denmark



BUSKERUD SHOPPING CENTRE Expansion and rebuilding of shopping centre In progress 2007 Krokstadelva | Norway

PAPIRFABRIKKEN Industry, culture and residences Construction period 2002 Silkeborg | Denmark

ODENSE HARBOUR Patioes and promenade In progress 2007 Odense | Denmark

ODENSE SHOPPING CENTRE Construction of a new shopping centre in Odense for opus In progress 2008 Odense | Denmark

SAS ARENA Football stadium In progress 2004 Herning | Denmark

March 2009 Graphic work | Ă…rstiderne Arkitekter Photo | Ă…rstiderne Arkitekter

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