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CUNY Graduate Center ​company is energy revolutions corporation okay energy dash revolutions calm we're full green building company full turnkey operation so we're doing solar PV wind energy geothermal we're looking at energy efficiency energy audits will go into existing structures and help the owner try to get you know closer to a renewable energy stance or a more sustainable home whether that's insulation whether it's better windows there's a lot of two separate markets there one is new construction one its existing construction exactly maybe maybe hundredyear-old structures yeah they've been around awhile you really want to do this right until we need to play the move well this concept of a vertical wind turbine is a little different it has a number of benefits to it that are a little different than a horizontal design one is that it's silent the wind as its as its entering exits and a nice fashion horizontal design where you have blades that are out spinning are traveling at their tips faster than the wind speed so that's where you're going to get the whooshing sound okay at this point it's it's literally like an airfoil just like an airplane and it enters and exits without that kind of a wash it's the minimum wind speed rated right they cut in at four miles per hour which is about half of what a horizontal design needs so what happened I don't have to shut off they don't need to shut down yeah in fact just as a proof of product we're in a protic currently installing one of these students on top of Mount Washington just to give people a factor there's a picture in here there we go there's one of the units on top of Washington that's the same size now this to give you an idea of the severe conditions up here now Washington has had the highest recorded wind speed of anywhere in the planet of over 230 miles per hour they get a hundred days a year at hurricane category 1 which is 75 miles per hour they have an unusual situation if they're called rime ice where the the wind speed is so intense that ice grows horizontally into the wind very infusion but because this unit is spinning especially at that speed it's going to throw off anything that would try to attach to it so it's not really an issue up there well we're actually the second version that's going up here is going to have a top mount so it's even more stable that should be going up in the next two to three weeks this is a 1 kilowatt version now on top of Mount Washington that considerably more but at an average of the average wind speed the nameplate capacity is typically going to be reached about one killer when you can even see 13 minutos well it depends on how many square feet the house is too typically an average home say 2,500 square feet three thousand square feet is is about a three to four kilowatt usage and you know in terms of their depends on what's in the house though how are they heating the house are their energy star rated appliances in the house what kind of windows are in there what kind of insulation does house out how much of that heat is being blown out through the windows blown out through the walls also and they have all the insulated windows geothermal you know well retighten for talking full green buildings there's technology today that you could create a house that was so efficient you can keep the entire house with a space heater that card even already being done it sounds like ownership insulator yes yeah so it's family a highly efficient insulated home how many of these in what size would you need well from this one space heater theoretically you could do with one but it spends on your appliances so it depends on the washer and dryer and dishwasher and everything else is you need in the house so theoretically three it might be difficult free kilowatt however they can be over the food award egg installation whatever to see in my opinion the two should always go together okay because if the Sun is not shining at night you're going to get wind power in fact statistically we get more wind at night than during the day so this thing is going to be producing power anytime the wind is blowing so I mean tonight when solar is not doing anything in the daytime you got a beautiful day and there's no wind plenty of Sun this is going to be holding film but so your definitions is promoting what nature has to offer and will be the son of the wind as a so and how many sizes of these units we have three different sizes a 1 kilowatt the five kilowatt and a 10 kilowatt and where would you use this is a 1 kilowatt attack do you know what to the other sizes five and a 10 and where would you use a five kilowatt typically they're both all three would be residential typically would there be any applications for industrial say I've got a multiple of shopping center restore yeah yeah you could do multiple units across the top Ridge there you go this is a proposal we have in place this is another one at the Harvard Business School so essentially what you're telling me is that I could put enough to these up here to offset the entire electrical needs of this building possible it's possible yeah and at what sort of ready to return how long would it take me to make my money but it really depends on the location because you've got wind speed you've been considering yeah like at a manometer out there need to do a test of the area exactly invitations on for permitting yes cloud is what's another nice thing to their quiet there's no sound coming as the other down no do you have a decibel reading what kind of number can you give me probably we can carry a conversation on like this right in

front of it and you wouldn't really be hearing anything so in terms of relative one of you you basically you'll be hearing the wimp okay so that's amazing you have an idea of what class you take on the average of an average hall so many people want to do this they have no idea right yes but that I heard that you have to have some certain amount of land in the fermenting process that's a good question yeah well the cost and the return on investment is basically the bottom line everybody wants to know okay what'swhat's is this feasible and how long is it going to take me to return the investment that I've made the bottom line of that is currently we have a wonderful incentive package that just went through Congress which gives homeowners thirty percent tax credit yeah that's available now that's available now they said just be a little bit's good that's very good yeah that just happened in the last stimulus package yes I was out of the other federal I mean any other state or local their arms Massachusetts technological collaborative also has another one which I believe they have a table here at the event you know them good I would definitely bone up on what what they're doing because basically what they're saying is that the data loggers that a homeowner would put on this in other words their intent with with the Massachusetts technological collaborative is to try to help homeowners get a handle on what the units actually producing regardless of what the manufacturer says it produces and give a good handle on that and then also help fund the installation so the idea is that you put data loggers on this you send them the data they amass a database of the information to help the industry grow and mature in return for that at a one-year anniversary they cut you a check for about two dollars per watt with a thirty-five thousand dollar cap so there's actually quite a good incentive there yeah that's it above and in addition to the tax and other good questions yeah I really have to know that yes it's all different it's all different for example locally you can have to go to the Zoning Board and find out for the planning board or something especially in New England we have a lot of historical convening boards and tuck it is one of the places that we've installed we're actually one of our corporate offices is and we have a national historic commission that anything has to go through well currently they're operating on a 20 year old statute that says if you have a wind turbine you need two acres of land okay any kind they had never even seen this and they didn't realize that these don't have to be at 100 feet well again it depends on the wind depends on the location but if you're because these are more efficient we can actually lower them to maybe half that height or even lower and the lower you go the less energy you're going to create of the unit because of laminar flow you get a turbulence happens at the surface as you get above you know the tree line you definitely have to get above tree line you want at least 10 feet above tree line this is what that's what we want to see as a minimum so you do a roof man you might be at that height that really depends on where you live on the in tuk at the tree line is about 30 feet so if we were at 40 feet now you're looking at a safe zone that's only 40 feet around that at all instead of a hundred feet in which their their concept is they're trying to mitigate your Tower blowing over into your neighbor's yard that's why they need that two acres okay so you're saying every region it's different yes so you really have to find out a lot of times what we're doing is getting variances on existing statutes that might be outdated because new technology is changing things yes but the design of this is so different though instead of a propeller based system what is the couple of the cost this the one kilowatt is about 4,500 dollars for the turbine 50 4,500 dollars well you're getting up into the five and the 10 kilowatt the five kilowatts about 27 the tens about 37 so you can have two of these and never semiofficial you better fishing palace well run everything yeah if you look at the tolit structure you do an energy audit you say okay I'm going to have better windows I can have better insulation I'm going to get energy star rated appliances that's the first step to reduce your need then you do multiple sources of renewable energy you put PB on the roof and sit in whim and you need a smaller winter by in a smaller array of solar panels because they're both back feeding is a negative load into the net metered solution he's pretty good in the city all of these exactly triple take whatever he lied roofs in the city two men of course if your home is insulated with a sufficient installation product and i happen to be a dealer for the icing foam insulation we just happen to some funny and when you we do for insulating the homes with a truly effective leading product that's going to bring your energy costs down substantially now then you take all the other energy start and if you say to the points on top of it right add this on top of that and now you have a machine which is self-fulfilling is going to recycle Excel nazanin to pay for yourself contribute to the room now another really good question the actual design the double helix design is probably over 20 years old it's bending it in spin in Europe be Bettina new Japan yes someone television video of the japan-china England's Finland number places that it's been in Europe more than it's been anywhere else what do you think is holding it back because so many people are interested in is want to do it I'm get enough to be queen well first of all it's new so it's not that PB has been around for 30 years and the main reason that hasn't been adopted is because of the upfront cost it takes a lot of forward thinking so a lot of times you have a front costs you have two amateur eyes out over a period of time many homeowners aren't willing to do that especially in hard economic times so the real issue becomes thinking forward thinking if I spend a little money now how much money am I going to save in the future and then what is my return on investment how

many years is it going to take for me to actualize my investment and then recognize that after that point it's almost free energy about 10 years or so offering people formulas with it can be the missing they're sitting in houses they can figure it out they were staying having a formula baby breathing configured yourselves well let me let me answer it further because what you're saying is this so appropriate because well well technology is great if it's not explained in an emotional compassionate way it actually gets people motivated but you get somebody with a brand new product it's all so excited you get all the data you get all the numbers you're getting your eyes gloss over it's like too much data not what you really want to know is how does it feel what's the emotional response could could I actually mitigate my costs of the rising cost of the fuel for my house where I'm seeing my maybe my retirement start to be dwindled away because the energy costs are going up and up and up wouldn't it be smart to say if i invest this much now i'm going to have i won't have any rise and cost of my energy if it's related in that way then it makes sense all of a sudden it goes the light bulb go off but if it's just if it's how many quilt kilowatts am I going to produce what's the return on investment what's the tax it's like ah which is exactly why people are finally now paying attention if one the oil prices got so high that people started going wait a minute maybe I should give my SUV back but then the real switch that was thrown was when the stock market went south and now people are taking what little money they have left they're saying this is now precious to me and I'm going to make the very best use of what little money I still have so now even though the gas prices went down that hasn't had the attack what has had the effect is the fact that people now say treasure what little they have so now they're looking at ways to super insulate their phones now they're looking their ways oh you mean I can actually contribute back to the grid well yes and you've been able to do it for 20 years but now the data doesn't bother me what bothers me is my pocketbook and now I'm interested there was a large education yes clearly the town yeah the people in charge here did you see the article was in the Northeast sustainable energy associations a newsletter that was just this last the last edition there's a great study group basically there was a fordable housing project about 20 homes they gave the homeowners the new investors are coming in their own these homes they gave him a choice would you rather have conventional building methods meaning of you know regular insulated home normal windows an hva system or what if we built your house with super insulation triple-glazed windows and made the system so tight so efficient that you if we can take out the hva system you wouldn't you wouldn't even need an eating system what happened was if you looked at the cost of the building it was going up like this because of all the extra costs for the super insulation super better windows and went up and up enough as soon as they took the HVAC system out it dropped right back down to the same class as all the other buildings now here's here's the kicker they went before all these people and the builders told them the people that were considering it they told the people they were nuts said you can't be in New England and have a structure without a heating system the architects told them they were not so they were like so out of the 20 homes only nine people gave it a try they went back in interview of those people a year later they were overjoyed four bucks a month is what caused them to heat the house they paid as much as everybody else step further yeah College of Mount Saint Vincent.