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Dear Friend, All your dreams, hopes and goals are yours for the taking. You just need to discover the secrets of getting what you want! You see, I bet you’re like 99% of the people I meet. That means you get all excited about a goal. You work on it like crazy. You can hardly wait to enjoy success! You start off strong. Fired up. Ready to conquer the world. You tear into your goal like a hungry wolf tearing into red meat… You’re motivated… hoo boy are you motivated! You feel like an unstoppable freight train chugging quickly and steadily towards your goals. You feel like this time, finally, you’re going to enjoy that success you’ve been dreaming about all this time! But then one day you slip a little. The next day you slip a little more. Days turn into weeks… and you’re stalling. Pretty soon you’ve tossed your goal to the wayside like a litterer throwing trash out the car window. That feeling of failure is like a punch in the gut. You get that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve tossed your dreams aside… again! You get disappointed when you realize you’re not going to achieve your dreams… again! You feel stuck, like you’re never going to move forward and get what you want. So you start looking around for motivation tips. And all you hear about is this hoodoo voodoo stuff where you have to wish your dreams into reality. Really? I mean you’re all for positive thinking, but you know damn well the little fairies aren’t going to make your dreams come true while you’re sleeping! No, you need to create your own magic. You need to… Uncover the motivation secrets that have propelled the world’s richest and happiest people to success for ages… You can only imagine what kind of magic these secrets can unlock for you, once you experience them FIRST HAND at the “TRANSFORMERZ WEEKEND EVENT” I hope you will join us in the 4 most valuable days that you can invest for creating and living the life of your dreams. Regards, Aaron Salian & Vikhram Kotian

Day 1 : TAKE CHARGE “Be The Person You Were Meant To Be” Imagine yourself in a situation where…  You exactly know what you want out of your life.  You know your true strengths and always make sure that you play the game of life using your strengths.  You are also equally aware of your weaknesses and you work on them, polish them, and eventually transform them into your strengths.  You let no external circumstance divert you from your chosen life path. In other words…. You are handed a paint brush, and asked to paint the life that you would want to live. How would that be??? We are not talking about some wishful thinking or magic to happen, but Day 1 is none the less. The exercises and tools you will be handed in “Day 1” will help you to understand your life in its true form and “TAKE CONTROL” – NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PRESENT SITUATION!

Day 2 : THE SUCCESS BLUEPRINT “Develop The Qualities Of an Alphapreneur” To truly become a success in your career, you need the blueprint of an “Alpha” imprinted in the very core of your being. An Alphapreneur is the person who…  Has developed his vision to spot opportunities. even in the worst situation.  Knows that Success comes from “Doing The Right Thing, At The Right Time, With The Right Set Of People”.  Has the understanding, and knows the value of people around him.  Knows the “Unbreakable Laws Of Success” and lives by it “EVERY MOMENT” of “EVERYDAY”. Day 2 will carve out the Alphapreneur in you. You will be exposed to the “Unbreakable Laws Of Success” in a way that each and every principle will become a part of every cell of your being, making you the Ultimate Alphapreneur.

Day 3 : BREAKTHROUGH “Never Be Limited To External Factors – EVER!” Do you know the Secret To Ultimate success in all aspects of Your life? --- It is “FAILURE” Look at any successful person from John. D. Rockefeller to Bill Gates or Walt Disney to Donald Trump. All these people had failed in various areas of their life before achieving ultimate success. The “BREAKTHROUGH” Sessions will…  Give you the KICKSTART you need to make the changes you desire in your life.  Help you understand the equation of Success & Failure, and give you the tools and Blueprint needed to turn Failures into success.  Help you eliminate any Limiting Belief or Pattern that affect your growth.  Create “STATES” for different purposes, that help you create and maintain Peak Performance at will. So by the end of “Day 3”, you will feel a positive TRANSFORMATION in the very core of your personality. You will feel the kind of momentum in yourself that will lead you to creating the “Success In Life That You Truly Deserve”.

Day 4 : PEAK ENERGY “Allow Your Body To Do What It does Best FUEL” Now that in the previous 3 days of the program you were exposed to the programming of your beliefs, action patterns and habits forming the software of your being, it is now time to tune up your Hardware. --- Your Physical Body Our body is designed by nature, to help us break free of all limitations, and live the best quality of life on this planet possible. But with years of abuse and mishandling, it is now in the state our body itself has become a limiting factor in our path to success. In this final day you will learn…  The “Fundamentals Of Peak Health”  The Secret to creating the Energy and Drive you need to achieve your Life objectives  The “routine To follow” to turn your Body into a Fortress that helps you conquer any goal you desire. So, by the end of “Day 4” you will be well on the way to committing to living the Life you always Desired and Truly Deserved.

3 Month Personal Mentoring Once you complete the initial 4 Days of the workshop, we will provide you with an additional 6 sessions of personal mentoring. This will make sure that you implement the core values and behaviour patterns taught in the workshop at the very core level of your being. This mentoring will also help in assisting you with any limitations or challenges that are holding you back from achieving your goals. The sessions will be distributed periodically i.e. Once Every 2 weeks until the next 12 weeks.

Personal Lifetime Access to Recorded Exercises The biggest concern for most of the people attending workshops is when they have to refer back to the concepts taught in the program. Most of the times, with our busy lifestyle, we tend to forget the activities taught in the program and thus miss out on the reinforcing aspect of the program. To address this issue we at Transformerz have come up with an innovative solution. All the exercises will be video recorded and you will be provided with access to a password protected members area, where you can have lifetime access to all the exercises.

Program Details Date: 06th, 07th (First Weekend) & 13th, 14th (Second Weekend) of October 2012 Total Days: 04 Time: 10:00 Am to 6:00 Pm Venue: “J.W Marriott”, Juhu Tara Road · Mumbai, 400049. Investment:  Module 1 – Rs. 8750  Module 2 – Rs. 8750  Module 3 – Rs. 8750  Module 4 – Rs. 8750  Personal Mentoring – Rs. 30,000 (@ Rs. 10,000/Month)  Lifetime Video Access To All Exercises – Rs. 10,000 Total Standard Investment – Rs. 75,000 Special Offer – Rs. 35,000/Person (Program Investment Includes : All 4 Modules, Personal Mentoring, Life Time Access to Recordings, 2 Snacks and 1 Lunch for all 4 Days, Pre/In/Post Training Materials)

Ways to Enroll For the Program Contact the person who sent you this brochure. You can also directly register for the program at – Http:// You Can Pay Through the following Options – 1. Cash 2. Cheque:  Favouring : “Transformerz Associates” 3. Fund Transfer:  Bank Name – AXIS BANK  Account Name – TRANSFORMERZ ASSOCIATES  Account Number – 910020029289163  Branch – Goregaon-Malad Link Road Branch  IFSC CODE – UTIB0000219  MICR CODE – 400211024 4. Credit Card:  To Pay by Credit Card Online click on the link below Http://

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Transformerz Weekend Event  

Transformerz Weekend Event