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_Traveling and experiencing different cultures is a crucial part about understanding the role of architecture in the 21st century. After being on two study abroad programs, I have around the world in places such as Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, and China. The role of the architect is becoming increasingly a global network. It is known that architecture is being done in the US, but a great amount is done over-seas in places around south western Asia. After being to many cities in Asia, it is incredibly true. The six months I spent in South Korea where some of the most influential times of my life. _Before going to Korea, I did not know what role I wanted to play in the architectural profession, but working in the global architecture sector is something I would like to pursue. Traveling and experiencing different cultures and ways of life is incredibly exciting and rewarding.


_1] Germany Berlin Hamburg Munich _2] Switzerland Zurich Lucernze Chur Vals Basel


_3] South Korea Seoul Jeonju -4] Japan Tokyo Kyoto Hiroshima Osaka _5] China Beijing

Aaron Rule | Architectural Portfolio  
Aaron Rule | Architectural Portfolio