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9/11/13 Editing And GFX

Editing and GFX, two of my most favorite things. Both of them are super useful skills that are great to know, GFX or graphic design is useful for ads, montages, projects and more. GFX Is usually used when some one wants to send a message. GFX Is really about being creative and messing around with art, effects and other design. When using GFX, and when I’m editing I like to use clips from video games with a high Frame per second. Editing is a long process, it can range from 1 hour to more than 24 hours, it really depends on what your doing. Most times I’ll edit for fun or for a client, sometimes I’ll do it without even realizing. Even though editing may be very fun that’s not the best part! The best part is when you’re finished, it’s always rewarding when you finished and you can show people what you’ve worked on and how impressive it looks. The overall experience is very fun, choosing the effects, picking the music, and my favorite part adding the slow motion!

Editing is great because it can be done by anyone any age any time, for GFX you don’t even need a computer!

Letter gfx  
Letter gfx